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Date Posted:06/24/2005 02:23:44Copy HTML

Hi everybody,In the last week of july, me and my wife are going to Mallorca, Hotel Gran Fiesta in playa de palma.I was wondering where the nicest beach is fora) undisturbed thongingb) being in the thonging crowdc) what about going out at night. Are there nice places there?d) are there places to wear "extravagant" evening wear for man and women?Thank you for your info.Nanothong from Belgium
matchingthongs #1

Re:Mallorca: vacation

Date Posted:06/26/2005 10:12:31Copy HTML

Hi Nanothong,

Not sure where you're going on Mallorca. I was there about 6 years ago and there were loads of thongs on women; beach, pool. Many were topless too. That was near Alcudia, but I think most beaches were fine for women. Fashions and trends change, so there may be people who can give you more up to date information.

There was even a couple of girls in thongs at the water park - which was unusual back then.
nanothong #2

Re:Mallorca: vacation

Date Posted:06/29/2005 04:42:14Copy HTML

Thanks for the info matching thong.

We are going to playa de palma, which is in the south.

It seems to be a quit busy place with relatively young people. we hope to have a good time there.

Unfortunately, it seems nobody has been to mallorca on this board.

nicthong #3

Re:Mallorca: vacation

Date Posted:06/29/2005 07:12:26Copy HTML

Hi - I went to Mallorca several years ago but didn't reply because I wasn't sure of the specific area you were asking about. I stayed in Santa Ponsa (South West coast), which has a beautiful beach and plenty of nice place to eat out etc. It was the first time I'd thonged in public but I felt fine doing so; the atmosphere was very relaxed and there were several others (girls and a couple of guys) also in thongs. I can't answer your specifics but you should be fine for thonging. I travelled around the island and there were thongs and toplessness at almost every beach. I hope to go back to Mallorca some time soon. Enjoy your holiday!
afry #4

Re:Mallorca: vacation

Date Posted:08/02/2005 08:28:54Copy HTML


I recently came back from a trip to Palme De Mallorca and I wore a thong most days on the beach, though generally more so in the late afternoon. While I love wearing thongs as normal underwear, i was concious of getting too much of a thong tan line so I generally wore a tanga bikini during the day. The good thing was that it was actually a women's tanga bikini, and even though it wasnt exactly what you would call manly with it's half back coverage, it didnt really raise many eyebrows (though I did find that it would ride up a bit while walking the streets so I had to be careful there)

This year I was much more relaxed wearing my Hom thong's and even did a 2 mile stretch down the beach. I think so long as you are near other thongers (which tend to be women), it is ok. The island is mostly populated with Germans and I think they are a little more liberal that the English though not knowing a word of what they say, you do wonder if their laughter is directed at you sometimes. lol.  I think the women in particualr were quite admirable that a young man was thonging it on the beach. Throughout the whole holiday I saw about 3 or 4 other male thongers so there is still a minority.

I would say go for it. It can be a little nerve racking but so long as you look and feel good in your thong and have a bit of confidence, there wont be any problems


luvmyrio #5

Re:Mallorca: vacation

Date Posted:08/02/2005 12:00:11Copy HTML

Hi everybody....My girlfriend and I are planning on going to Mallorca at the end of August/beginning of September.  Problem is that we have no clue as to where on the island we should go.  Ideally we'd like to go to the "big" beach there with cool people watching and a lot of beachgoers (i.e. the Mallorcan equivalent of Playa den Bossa on Ibiza).  Does anyone know what this big beach on Mallorca is called?  Also, are there any hotels right on this big beach...if so what are they called?  Finally, would it be suitable for me to wear my Rio bikinis there?


Thanks for all your help.

nicthong #6

Re:Mallorca: vacation

Date Posted:08/03/2005 07:50:25Copy HTML

Hi - I would think that Magaluf would be your best bet: large beach, popular town, club-oriented and very popular with the younger crowd. I'm not sure about hotels in this area but a quick search on the net for 'Magaluf Hotels' should help you. I'm sure a rio would be fine there as thongs are generally accepted everywhere so larger coverage won't cause you a problem! Have a great vacation!
lauren1 #7

Re:Mallorca: vacation

Date Posted:08/03/2005 10:39:07Copy HTML

I think I'd disagree Nick (sorree). Magaluf is a bit 'kiss me kwik' and any guy in a thong runs the risk of being taunted by lager louts. Try Es Trenc which is the most liberal beach I have ever visited
JM_Runs #8

Re:Mallorca: vacation

Date Posted:08/04/2005 06:37:36Copy HTML

I agree, Magaluf is larger lout land, and the beachs are very crowded in summer.   Try some where more layed back.

nicthong #9

Re:Mallorca: vacation

Date Posted:08/04/2005 06:57:33Copy HTML

Sorry - I may have misunderstood; if you're looking for something laid back, then Lauren is right: Es Trenc is your best bet. My suggestion of Magaluf was based on the request for a large beach, cool people watching and lots of beachgoers. I'm not familiar with Playa d'en Bossa so I don't know how that compares but Lauren and JM are right in that Magaluf is lager-lout land and very busy(especially during the summer). Apologies if I wasn't clear originally.
lf1 #10

Re:Mallorca: vacation

Date Posted:08/25/2006 07:38:04Copy HTML

I had a good holiday in Palma Nova (which neighbours Magaluf) earlier this year. Overall, despite one incident, the people on the beach weren't bothered by me in a thong, and although I didn't see any other men in thongs, there were plenty of women. I always put my shorts on to go into the sea as there were plenty of children playing on the waters edge there but to be honest I don't think they would have cared. We were always early to the beach and families didn't seem bothered about setting up next to us even if they'd clearly seen me.

The only problem we had was when a group of lads slowly grouped together about 20 yards from us. I thought I'd been lucky enough to avoid a reaction from them but I was not so lucky. There must have been at least 8 of them there for about an hour who must have seen me, since I was in their line of sight of the girls playing volleyball. But as their numbers grew, I suddenly a felt something move near my hand. But there was nothing there. Then I felt something land near our heads and realised that the lads were throwing stones or shells at me.  I couldn't believe it! Then I heard one say "It's bad enough on fat girls, but on a bloke...!" and then my personal favourite as I turned over... "and he's got his nipple pierced!" Clearly I am a freak!! In a thong AND a pierced nipple. Wow - crazy stuff.

I wasn't the only one they had abused. A local fella who was a bit out of shape took a bit of stick as well, and by his reaction I could tell he understood English perfectly. These lads were typical beer boys and whilst I was worried for a few minutes that they'd do more than throw stuff and say a few things, we just gathered our stuff and moved on to another beach without any hassle. Made me mad at the time but it's very funny to look back on.

Whilst this part of Mallorca is a fun place - if you want to experience anything remotely Spanish, you need to hire a car or stay in a resort in the north part of the Island. If you fancy a week in Blackpool but with cleaner water and a bit more sun, then Magaluf and Palma Nova are perfect!

Happy holidays!


JM_Runs #11

Re:Mallorca: vacation

Date Posted:08/26/2006 05:29:43Copy HTML

I have thonged at Palma Nova & Magaluf without a problem, but it does tend to be the land of the larger lout. 
bogbody12 #12

Re:Mallorca: vacation

Date Posted:08/04/2017 06:26:38Copy HTML

 we are of to pollensa in a few weeks has anyone had any experience of thongs or peedos onthe beaches
there. only ever worn a thong on the beach once at that was only about an hour and it was quiet. i normally
wear speedos which i have no problem with but the wife and i would love to thong together on the beach.
turkishboy #13

Re:Mallorca: vacation

Date Posted:08/04/2017 06:57:56Copy HTML

 I stayed in Pollensa a few years ago. It was no problem thonging. It will be busy, because it's peak holiday time, but if you just act normally nobody will bother, or notice. Enjoy your thong times there together. It's easier if there are 2 of you thonging, you won't feel so self conscious. I think a busy beach is better with no see through, bulge or baggie gear. I don't think you will be the only thongers there anyway.
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