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Date Posted:03/17/2019 05:17:05Copy HTML

Ran across this article and not sure it was because he was wearing a thong or if he exposed his genitals.


big daddy thong #1

Re:Man Arrested for Indecent Exposure Wearing a Red Thong

Date Posted:03/17/2019 08:40:11Copy HTML

This guy is the reason we regular thonger get a bad reputation from nonsense like this, if he is guilty for his perverted act I hope the throw him in the BIG House!
ohiothonger #2

Re:Man Arrested for Indecent Exposure Wearing a Red Thong

Date Posted:03/18/2019 03:56:41Copy HTML

This news is depressing, both for what has happened but also for the message it can send to others about thong wearers in general and male thong wearers in particular. The story said the man dropped his pants and then his thong and then exposed his buttocks and genitals. While I don't condone the man's actions, I do wonder why the mother did not turn away, or at least shield her daughter from this man. There were warning signs that something was about to happen. Men do not normally drop their pants in a strip mall, with or without a thong. I have stripped at a beach, but never in public at a shopping center. With the pants dropped, the guy exposed his thong. Again this seems to be an oddity since dropping one's pants to expose his underwear/swimwear in a shopping center should have set off bells and whistles that something weird was happening. Then if the order of events as explained in the story are correct, he pulled down his thong to expose his buttocks. Wait a second. Is this normal behavior? Was it worse because he wore a thong instead of boxers or no underwear before showing his genitals? There would seem to be at least a few seconds required to do all these things -- plenty of time for the lady to turn away, start pulling the child away, and scream at the top of her lungs. Screaming may not have stopped the man from doing what he was doing, of course, but it might have interrupted the man's thought process long enough for the lady to have taken evasive actions or left, or may have scared the man away. However, this does not negate the intentions of the pervert, and without actually being there or having a video of the incident (was there a surveillance camera?) it is impossible to know exactly how fast things happened. Even if the mother did not have time to turn and get the kid out of there, a serious screaming episode could have been started. I am not trying to blame the woman, only pointing out that the population is so casual that many do not know what to do when an incident occurs. There is a perception that the best thing to do is not react in any way to threatening situations. This is what bank and store employees are trained to do if someone comes in armed and demands money. A logical analysis would probably show that the man's main interest was in exposure, and that it would be unlikely that he would do more if he had not succeeded. What this incident should do is wake us up to the fact that incidents like this unfortunately do occur. In the old days, men who exposed themselves were portrayed as wearing rain coats. However, nobody thought of making rain coats illegal. Thongs on men are unusual -- so is exposing oneself. The story implies a connection between the two. Logically, this man did not have to wear a thong, but probably did to enhance whatever pleasures he had in doing what he was doing. Keep an eye on those around you everywhere, and never NEVER let a pervert get away with showing his stuff simply because he might be a fellow thong wearer. There are times and places where nudity and striping are more acceptable like a private setting, at a nude beach, or even at a more public place where nudity is common and where ALL other people agree nudity would not bother them. Remember, any form of public nudity, especially sudden and unexpected public nudity might result in legal issues arising, even if it is showing your buns in a thong. The fact the man checked for arrest warrants in itself is not illegal nor does it indicate that he was worried about getting caught for this exposure or that he had done this before. It is just more unusual behavior. There are other reasons a person might check this, some innocent, some not. So wearing a thong or checking his status for a potential arrest warrant while unusual should not be an issue. Exposing himself -- especially to a child -- is the issue. The title should say "Man Exposes Himself" and no mention made of the thong.
Alfresco10 #3

Re:Man Arrested for Indecent Exposure Wearing a Red Thong

Date Posted:03/19/2019 03:08:32Copy HTML

This man is a flasher and the fact that he wears a thong is incidental. He apparently had some suspicion that his behavior was criminal. Those of us who wear thongs at beaches and pools where it's allowed should not feel threatened that we are somehow associated with this. I run into the same thing as a nudist. Nude is not lewd, neither is wearing a thong.Too bad the media hypes it the way they do.
Mary0826 #4

Re:Man Arrested for Indecent Exposure Wearing a Red Thong

Date Posted:03/20/2019 04:49:34Copy HTML

I will try to not get into Media Hyping too much, but unfortunately, it is a real part of our lives, and can negatively affect our happiness or even stop some things we like to do. You do not have to feel what you are doing is wrong to be affected. Remember, most media outlets are for-profit and as such, will do things to increase newspaper or magazine sales or TV viewership. The greater the number of people who read, listen to, or watch a media presentation from one outlet, the more likely it will result in both higher advertising costs and bragging rights for the media outlet. A single story is not likely to do much, but a constant bombardment of stories which causes a general increase in audience participation will often result in increased revenues. As such, creating vague negative associations which make stories more likely to be followed is to their benefit. Often these statements are exaggerations or misinterpretations at best. Drawing on the public's sympathies also does not hurt the media outlets. A story "elephants to leave zoo" may cause many to think of the times they went to see these animals. The headline may not indicate that the elephants are being put on "loan" for breading purposes, that a new facility is being built and the elephants are being moved during construction, or even to isolate them due to some elephant diseases. Any way to associate a story with issues of child abuse, neglect, diseases of similar things will just cause that many more people get interested in the story. Stories associated with the elderly are another way of getting into peoples minds. One of my favorite examples of an inappropriately marketed story is the one told to TV viewers in a large town which was a major player in the auto industry. "GM Cars Recalled, details at 11" ran over and over throughout the evening's TV viewing. People, concerned about how this would hurt the industry, and especially the local economy, tuned in and saw that there would be a special antique car show locally to highlight the history of GM cars. Several people tell brief stories about experiences with cars similar to those on display. So it should not surprise us that thongs -- something not that common especially on men -- are brought up in stories that have nothing to do with thongs. "Man in thong robs gas station", "Topless woman arrested for drug violations", the examples go on and on. Even what I call non-news stories like "Local Minister says swimwear is getting to skimpy" are regularly promoted as major news when in reality, the message is probably of interest only to members of that particular church. What is sad, and should be especially of concern to those of us who enjoy wearing minimal swimwear or even going nude where it is legal, is that by associating criminal or even just inappropriate behavior with our swimwear or nudist lifestyle makes it easier for people to assume that the cause or at least part of the cause of the "bad" behavior was because of what we wore or chose not to wear. We are not alone. Others who live on the edges of traditional society are also affected. Adult entertainers like strippers get their share of illogical associations. Even tourists can have strange associations simply because they don't live in the area,. Again, what is scary is when people in general start to accept these associations and use them as a way to dictate the behavior of others and perhaps even influence the writing and passing of laws to stop those who innocently choose to do things differently.
Mary0826 #5

Re:Man Arrested for Indecent Exposure Wearing a Red Thong

Date Posted:03/20/2019 04:52:00Copy HTML

I wonder what the significance of "Red" is to the story or it's lopsided message. Would it be okay if the man wore a green thong?
TennStud #6

Re:Man Arrested for Indecent Exposure Wearing a Red Thong

Date Posted:05/02/2019 03:26:33Copy HTML

This guy is the reason we who wear thongs, speedos, or go naked in proper areas get a horrible reputation. It is very important that we police "our own" and help the police clean up this type of behavior in hopes it will create good will and makes us non-threatening and "acceptable"
JM_Runs #7

Re:Man Arrested for Indecent Exposure Wearing a Red Thong

Date Posted:05/02/2019 05:24:28Copy HTML

The fact that he was wearing a red thong is incidental to the story, he deliberately exposed his genitals, in a way that was intended to cause affront. This incident should not make you afraid to wear a thong.
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