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Date Posted:06/09/2009 11:17:03Copy HTML

Anyone hear about a man arrested wearing a bathing suit? Link to news site..hxxp://www.whiotv.com/news/19702434/detail.html

He may have bothered people on the beach to get attention but headlines say, public indecency was the main reason for being charged. Many people have spoken about the man's actions and wanted to know, is it illegal to wear a woman's one piece swimsuit. Most comments in the press said at least he wasn't wearing a thong..

SUGARCREEK TWP, Ohio -- Police have arrested a man they say was harrassing people along the Little Miami River while wearing a woman's bathing suit.Kevin Miller, 41, was wearing a woman's one-piece bathing suit when Sugarcreek Township police took him into custody at his home on Washington Mill Road. Officers said he had several other bathing suits stuffed in his bra.Miller was charged with five counts of public indecency and three counts of menancing. The judge set Miller’s bond at $10,000.James McNamee of Mechanicsburg said, "Harrassing people and being indecent. That's a little much. But if you're wearing a bathing suit, oh well, just keep it to yourself like everyone else."But police said that was the problem. Witnesses said Miller exposed himself on several occasions and approached many walkers and canoers prompting calls to 9-1-1. One caller said, "This guy wearing a blue bathing suit is following the girls. He came up and beat on his chest and then started following them."Miller is currently in the Greene County jail.
143741 #1

Re:Man in bathing suit arrested

Date Posted:06/10/2009 10:32:57Copy HTML

I have never been arrested, but on one beach in my city, the cops came, and said I cannot wear a speedo anymore. I asked who orders that was from, and he said talk to the chief of police, I am just passing that along. Well another example of the big cheese telling the subordinates to do the dirty work. 
JM_Runs #2

Re:Man in bathing suit arrested

Date Posted:06/10/2009 01:03:54Copy HTML

I think the problem was not that he was wearing a bathing suit, or even a women's bathing suit, it was that he was flashing, (exposing his sexual organ) and menacing people.  
beachfolks #3

Re:Man in bathing suit arrested

Date Posted:06/10/2009 05:35:20Copy HTML

 There are lots of police who want to make up their own rules to suit their own opinions. These bad apples make supporting the many good professional police very difficult/
JM_Runs #4

Re:Man in bathing suit arrested

Date Posted:06/10/2009 06:31:41Copy HTML

 The police did not arrest him for wearing a bathing suit. They arrested him for flashing his willy and menacing people.  That he was wearing a women's bathing suit is just a wearied twist on the story, but not the cause of his arrest.  If you want news stories with a wearied twist checkout FARK.com
kai028 #5

Re:Man in bathing suit arrested

Date Posted:06/11/2009 04:08:22Copy HTML

 143741, where do you live? And why can't you wear a speedo? Was it a regular racing speedo or a speedo thong?

Because that's just WEIRD, man.
143741 #6

Re:Man in bathing suit arrested

Date Posted:06/11/2009 05:04:26Copy HTML

Kai All I am going to say , that  it is in the state of michigan, and it is a regular speedo, not a thong. Why I cannot wear it is the line it is a public beach.
modelnude4u #7

Re:Man in bathing suit arrested

Date Posted:06/12/2009 02:14:47Copy HTML

 I don't know of any state (or city) where a regular speedo would be against the law.  I would write or call your local police, and ask them what exactly the law is regarding such things.  You could probably dig it up on the internet somewhere too.  I'm in Tennessee, and they're pretty strict (no exposing the buttocks) which rules out thongs, but certainly not speedos.  Don't let them just get away with it!
143741 #8

Re:Man in bathing suit arrested

Date Posted:06/12/2009 11:10:09Copy HTML

modelnude. Yes they should not get away with that, but the lifeguards do not care, but they are hired by the chief of police, so he has power, plus I work in education, so this gets a little complicated for me, The town and surronding area, is only 35000 in the county, and it is old mine towns, with many croonies. I have lived here 47 years, so I am well known, and with the economy, I do not need any excuse for them to lay me off, despite having seniority, it doesnt take long for a child of mother father grandparents to complain.  
modelnude4u #9

Re:Man in bathing suit arrested

Date Posted:06/12/2009 12:26:41Copy HTML

 I hear you, but man, that's just wrong!
armand_galleon #10

Re:Man in bathing suit arrested

Date Posted:06/12/2009 02:54:47Copy HTML

 The chief of police does not make the rules/law/ordinances, he enforces them. The governing body (the mayor, the board, etc.) makes the law. If the swimwear in question is not in the books, then it's legal to wear, which is why in most American communities the ordinance reads that this or that or the other body part cannot be exposed or showing through.

I would make an appointment to speak with the chief of police. If you were to be dismissed because of "questionable character" and not because of poor work performance, then you could sue, win, and never worry about working ever again!
kai028 #11

Re:Man in bathing suit arrested

Date Posted:06/12/2009 06:35:04Copy HTML

 143741, I sympathize with your employment situation. But I also agree with modelnude4u and armand. If they outlaw speedos, then they've gone too far. The chief of police may not like them, or like you wearing them, but it isn't his call to make. And if people complain, it isn't their call to make either. If the police chief can't cite a specific local law that says speedos aren't allowed, then he, and the public, have to tolerate them. You can take a stand. I know it won't be fun, and it might be a real hassle for you to assert your rights, but you HAVE those rights! Speedos were very common on public beaches and at public pools 25 or 30 years ago; when did they suddenly become unacceptable?
143741 #12

Re:Man in bathing suit arrested

Date Posted:06/13/2009 09:53:10Copy HTML

I appreciate the concern from the members of this board. We are not talking in this situation, about wearing a thong to the city beach, a speedo to swim with, and to get the maximum tan, without exposing the exposed areas. We have another county beach, that I do wear a speedo, but like to go to others, this city beach, is almost private, people have to walk from the parking lot1000 yards actually going uphill, then there is the concession stand bathrooms, where even before people come around 11am the lifeguards tan in regular bikinis, and when people come change, and I even help them carry there equipment. So whoever is complaining they are jelaous in the fact that I am in decent shape. Well yesterday was finally warm enough to go lay, but at the other place, so I need to investigate . I will tell you that other than a few campers at the other beach, I am the only speedo wearer. I do tan on ocassion in my yard in my thong, but with school done, limited.  Happy Thonging
sailor250 #13

Re:Man in bathing suit arrested

Date Posted:09/22/2009 12:20:29Copy HTML

Well the dentist got in trouble for wearing just a thong!  He brought a new meaning to "her ass meant" to his nurse!

Ex_Member #14

Re:Man in bathing suit arrested

Date Posted:09/22/2009 08:08:33Copy HTML

Well they didn't rag on him for his choice of underwear, but really it's irrelavent. Obviously his behaviour wouldn't be any different if he wore something else. People like this annoy me
FLMan001 #15

Re:Man in bathing suit arrested

Date Posted:12/01/2009 05:30:48Copy HTML

If speedos were truly against the law in 143741's locale, that would be insane! A women's bikini bottom covers up the same amount, but they are ok? Sounds like 143741 got a bum deal!
RandiP #16

Re:Man in bathing suit arrested

Date Posted:02/26/2010 01:23:12Copy HTML

                    I got in trouble by the small-town police in North Vernon,IN USA   by wearing a women's
swimsuit and using the women's locker room.     And I'm a pre-op transsexual.   The only person
that said anything was one of the young girls when you check in to swim and then you had to write
your name down that you were using the pool.     I didn't go back after that and never will.
sailor250 #17

Re:Man in bathing suit arrested

Date Posted:06/20/2010 07:16:03Copy HTML

Figures! arrested in Ohio, in England someone raises 1000 pounds washing cars in his thong for an ailing friend.

Chelmsford UK event benefiting Testicular Cancer encourages thong wearing

Port Huron thong wearing guys may cause legal "crack" down

Most searched for swimwear is "thong"- good news I guess but it just means they're not everywhere- yet
JM_Runs #18

Re:Man in bathing suit arrested

Date Posted:06/20/2010 11:11:57Copy HTML

Sailor250 wrote:  "Figures! arrested in Ohio, in England someone raises 1000 pounds washing cars in his thong for an ailing friend. http://www.hounslowchronicle.co.uk/west-london-news/local-hounslow-news/2010/06/17/heads-turn-as-man-in-thong-washes-cars-109642-26674709/"

Sailor, the guy mentioned in the first post was allegedly exposing himself and menacing people.  If that's true, he should have been arrested.

sailor250 #19

Re:Man in bathing suit arrested

Date Posted:06/20/2018 01:35:58Copy HTML

 Found this piece about a guy arrested and convicted in Boston wearing a thong- because it shocked and alarmed someone.  They just changed the law so now it can't be someone testifying they're offended it has to be a reasonable person who was offended.  That would have probably meant this case would have been thrown out.  This guy was in a tourist area park in the city.   The old law from 230 years ago could have applied to anything!  "your honor I was shocked and alarmed at the ugly pantsuit she wore"


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