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Date Posted:12/22/2018 07:14:16Copy HTML

Last summer, I had four different people at Ohio parks say this to me.  One was at the Marina/Camp Store.  Another was a female Ranger.  Another is a guy mowing the grass, and the last was a naturalist.  In each case, Randy and I were wearing thongs, and in all but the grass mowing incident, I was topfree also.  In each case we ran into these people or they ran into us.  The people were all friendly and talkative, and none seemed the least bit bothereed by our thongs or me being topfree.  The female ranger acutally was quite pissed by someone letting a dog run around the beach area,, and said something about the dog being a "real" problem but our swimwear was not.

As we talked, I would casually ask if our swimsuits were appropriate for the park we were visiting.  In each case, we got the exact same words "Wear whatever you want" or "Wear whatever you like".  We didn't push the issue by wearing just a belt or going totally nude, but one time I did switch to a mini-skirt length tanktop with nothing under it.  I wonder if this specific term was being pushed by the state park managers this year and all park employees were directed to say this or use a version of this line if someone were to complain, such as "At state parks, people can wear whatever they like at the beach".

In the past we would get "thongs are okay" or "your swimsuit is fine" but these uniform new terms seem to create a more open attitude towards minimal swimwear users that could someday be extended to permit nudity as well.  We also seem to be better and better accepted by the park management and employees each year.

The Swan #1

Re:Management -- "Wear whatever you want"

Date Posted:12/23/2018 02:50:15Copy HTML

Sheriffs patrol one of the state parks I go  to and I have never had a pleasant conversation with a sheriff while wearing a thong. That being said, the rangers have definitely seen me in some very skimpy suits and have never said anything negative about wearing a skimpy swimsuit and will usually wave back if I wave to them.   

This summer at one marina at a state park I had slipped on a sheer bikini over a skimpy gstring to go to the store to get some ice cream and water. I asked the clerk if this was too revealing  the clerk said "You're fine, you can wear whatever you want." I like the idea of wearing what I want but I'm not sure what to make of it.

NudeNArizona #2

Re:Management -- "Wear whatever you want"

Date Posted:12/28/2018 02:03:00Copy HTML

I stay at hotel pretty often for work, and most of the places I stay aren't really tourist destinations more business travelers.  So the other night after check-in I went and checked out the pool and I noticed there weren't any pool towels in the pool area I also noticed their signage didn't mention anything about swimsuit policy. So I went back to the from desk to ask for a pool towel, and while we were talking I decided to ask if they had any rules pertaining to swimwear.  

Gina the girl working the desk made it clear that the hotel was pretty empty and she said "wear what you want I really don't care" with a laugh as she handed me the towels. Then as I was walking away she ask "why do you ask anyway?" 

I said I just wanted to make sure since I didn't see anything on the pool rules. 

Then she ask what are you planning on wearing that you have to ask? a thong? 

I think I shocked her when I replied, no a G-string! 

She said "I think I might have to see it before I can say it's ok. So I opened my backpack and pulled it out and showed it to her. She smiled and said "it's kinda small, but you should be fine." 

So I went to my room to drop my things off before going out to dinner. When I returned to the hotel after dinner Gina was still at the front desk. As I walked thru the lobby she said hello and ask if I enjoyed my swim earlier, I said no I haven't made it to the pool yet. As I walked away "the pool is open until 10PM you still have 30 minutes." 

So I went back to my room and changed. Since the pool was only two doors down from my room I just grabbed my towel and went to the pool. As I unlocked the pool door I heard a voice behind me. It was Gina saying "Can you check if the hot tub jets are working?" I turned around and she said "cute suit!" 

I said "I will let you know."

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