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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Date Posted:03/22/2014 03:08:54Copy HTML

I'm going to Marco Island in June, but I'm not sure just how thong-friendly it is there.  Every time I've been to Florida, it's been to Ft. Lauderdale or Miami and I have absolutely no problem bouncing around in micro bikinis there, but I worry that there will be more families and older folks with less of an open mind for practically naked female body.  Has anyone else thonged at Marco Island?
sarasotajt #1

Re:Marco Island, Florida

Date Posted:03/22/2014 03:51:39Copy HTML

Yes. Perhaps 20 years ago. I'm male. At that time I went out to TigerTail beach, cross the tidal pool, and found a remote spot on the island. Today I know that things have changed and the parking lot at TigerTail beach park is now gate access. I'm not sure if it is simply pay parking (used to be free) or if use of this park is now restricted to local residents possessing their beach pass cards. My hunch is you would have easier beach access in Naples; though even that will be nothing like southeast Florida.
sol_y_mar #2

Re:Marco Island, Florida

Date Posted:03/22/2014 02:04:15Copy HTML

 I haven't been there in many years. Judging from its proximity to Naples I would think it is an older, conservative crowd. I would be interested in finding out. Might make a nice change from Miami Beach. 
sailor250 #3

Re:Marco Island, Florida

Date Posted:03/22/2014 11:29:05Copy HTML

Maybe five years ago had no problem out at the end of Tigertail beach- a bit more room out there, a long walk however.
1Monte #4

Re:Marco Island, Florida

Date Posted:03/23/2014 01:29:55Copy HTML

Was  also there about 5 years ago.  The crowd was mostly old and fat, probably 80% female. I wore my thong everyday at beach and pool and didn't have any problems as a man--I doubt you will have any problems now either.  Just be aware it's a very old and wealthy group of lazy retired people there.
Ex_Member #5

Re:Marco Island, Florida

Date Posted:03/23/2014 05:06:42Copy HTML

 Well that's reassuring.  I know thonging is legal in south florida, but I haven't really been far away from South Beach so I didn't know how out of place or judged I'll feel wearing something scandalous.  I thong in Maryland at a state park every year and it's legal here too though I do get stares and whispers.  I guess I'll judge the scene when I get down there.  Certainly won't let the demographic stop me from laying out in my micro bikinis, but it may change how much walking around I'll do in them.  I'll bring a cover-up just in case.
funtom22 #6

Re:Marco Island, Florida

Date Posted:04/06/2014 04:38:58Copy HTML

 thongbikinigirl  i live in ft myers if u want another thonger with u i can join you when u goto marco
Chris28j #7

Re:Marco Island, Florida

Date Posted:10/02/2018 09:31:05Copy HTML

I was on Marco Island last week and wore my thongs on the beach almost everyday. Walked the entire beach in them almost everyday as well.And noone really seemed to care I'm male wouldn't think females would have anything to worrie about either. Wish I could get my wife to wear them also. Didn't pack my g strings or I would have wore those some also.
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