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Date Posted:07/28/2005 10:41:08Copy HTML

Any thong wearers in Baltimore County or southern PA ? Just nice to know that I'm not alone. I've been wearing thong underwear for about eight years now and I could notgo back to tighty whities, briefs, or boxers. I wore a thong swimsuit once down on Assateague Island and that was so comfortable. Can't wait to go again! Thongjockey
sailhoopsbare #1

Re:Maryland North, South PA

Date Posted:07/30/2005 09:09:06Copy HTML

I live in VA, and have been trying to set aside enough time to get over to Assateague, have yet to make it htough.  HOpefully, withing the next week or two.  Have been very busy at home, with projects!!!!
shaved_thong_lover #2

Re:Maryland North, South PA

Date Posted:10/31/2005 12:02:15Copy HTML

I am in Towson, MD... wear thong underwear, swimwear.. just moved here... anywhere to go around here?
Ex_Member #3

Re:Maryland North, South PA

Date Posted:01/18/2006 11:07:17Copy HTML

The only place around this area i know is Assateaque. Although there is the backyard for some sunning in the summer. Let me know if you find anything closer.
thonginthesun #4

Re:Maryland North, South PA

Date Posted:01/19/2006 07:07:12Copy HTML

You can wear thongs at Sandy Point State Park beach near the Bay Bridge. It's not the ocean, but it's not that far away. Hope to see more people there this year, both male and female.
Ex_Member #5

Re:Maryland North, South PA

Date Posted:02/17/2006 09:33:00Copy HTML

I have driven by Sandy Point but have never stopped there. Is the beach longer than what you see from the road? I would not want to be a loner or feel really out of place if thonging were not comfortable there.
TJ-22 #6

Re:Maryland North, South PA

Date Posted:03/01/2006 02:18:51Copy HTML

At Sandy Point, you can't see the thonger's part of the beach from the road.  From Route 50, coming off of the Bay Bridge, you can see the length of South Beach, the main beach (though too far away to see anything in detail).  You can also see part of that beach without getting out of your car when you drive to the big South Beach parking lots.  But thongers tend to use East Beach, which is out of sight of all roads except for the one that goes to the East Beach pavilions, but you can't drive down that road unless you have actually reserved a pavilion.  Hence the thongers are as isolated as one can get in that park -- yet still convenient to the South Beach parking lots.  Just park in one of the big lots and walk to the left (eastward) along the beach until you reach the point (which is very distinct), then turn left and follow a narrower beach (sheltered partly by forest, then by tall reeds) until you come to the fishing jetty.  Thongers tend to gather on either side of the jetty.  The far side of the jetty puts you within view of one of the pavilions.  East Beach is always much less used than South Beach -- and, as a bonus, it has much better sand.  


thonginthesun #7

Re:Maryland North, South PA

Date Posted:03/02/2006 01:40:09Copy HTML

I would only add to TJ's informative report on Sandy Point beach that thongers are beginning to be seen at the beach near the wooded area mentioned as well as at the end of South Beach toward those trees. Where people locate may be (at least for me) somewhat a function of the number of families with small children at each location. I also must add that the thongers are mostly men. I have seen very few women in anything resembling skimpy swimwear. I suspect most people in the area (Annapolis to D.C.) do not even know about the possibility of thonging at Sandy Point.
Ex_Member #8

Re:Maryland North, South PA

Date Posted:06/01/2006 09:17:15Copy HTML

Does anyone know of maybe some park areas in northern Maryland that might be private enough to catch some sun on the buns. I sometimes get to do some thonging in the backyard but we're having work done on the house. I want to work on my tanline.
JM_Runs #9

Re:Maryland North, South PA

Date Posted:05/22/2012 12:07:51Copy HTML

I've been wanting to check out gunpowder falls park.
Has anyone been there?
Do we know if thongs are tolerated?

There are a bunch of other swimming holes mentioned in this article

More listed here:

There are few places in the above list that seem to suggest some clothing optional areas.
Anyone have any experience with this?

Has anyone been to any parks in the area that tolerate thongs and/or nudity?
I know about sandy point and assateague.

Maybe I'll take a trip up to Gunpowder Falls and report back what I see there.
JM_Runs #10

Re:Maryland North, South PA

Date Posted:05/22/2012 04:05:47Copy HTML

 Great articles killamozilla! I have been to Hobo beach, Bunker Hill, Loch Raven and Hammerman. Most of these areas are wooded and do not have alot of sun exposure. Bunker Hill is fairly sparse of people where the others are full of people and families. Loch Raven is large so you probably could find someplaces to thong but you can not swim legally there because it is one of the water supplies for Baltimore. They have rangers that look for people swimming. As far as thonging legally in these areas I am not sure. I would look a little deeper into it. I have thonged at Bunker Hill and Loch Raven. I'm sure nude sunbathing is not an option. If you get more info pass it on.
JM_Runs #11

Re:Maryland North, South PA

Date Posted:06/06/2012 10:03:31Copy HTML

So over memorial day weekend, I had tried going to Sandy Point state park, only to be turned away as the park was filled to capacity.

I had been wanting to check out Gunpowder falls since I had read that there was a beach there.
So I turned the car around North and headed in that direction:

There is a beach. Quite a bit smaller than the one at sandy point. There were tons of families and small children.
So I didn't strip down to my g-string. Instead I wore this:

Maybe some other time I will go again and see if there will be fewer children and families there.

This weekend I am headed to sandy point though if the weather holds!

JM_Runs #12

Re:Maryland North, South PA

Date Posted:07/02/2012 11:12:30Copy HTML

This weekend I tried to go to Sandy Point State Park, but it wound up being closed due to a power outage.
There was a big storm on Friday night that knocked out power all over Anne Arundel county and Baltimore city.

I got to the entrance to sandy point and there were a bunch of park people with cones set up. They were waiving
people away. I guess power is required in order to swim at the beach.

So, I turned the car around and decided to have a go at Gunpowder Falls instead.

There were lots of traffic lights out and the drive back up college parkway was slow moving since every single traffic light was now being treated as a 4 way stop. Most lights on Ritchie Highway were out too, but the police had barricaded all the intersections to stop cars from crossing the highway.
Finally, I made it out of the big traffic jam and got onto Arundel Expressway headed north.

About 45 minutes later I arrived at Gunpowder Falls Hammerman area:

The lady at the front who collected the entrance fee warned me that power was out here too.
And that the bathrooms and some other facilities were not operational, but
that swimming at the beach was still permitted.
I guess Hammerman beach does not require power to swim in.

So I drove around the big circle and parked nearish to the beach.
There were portable toilets set up and I used one of them to change in.
I wore my JS Bulge thong with some shortish cover ups.

Made my way down the big hill to the little beach and set up
in one of the beach areas where swimming was not allowed.
There were no families or little kids there.
I set up not to far from some ladies in somewhat conservative bikinis.
Eventually I got up the courage to strip down to my skivvies and lie out
on the blanket.

I received no trouble or attention from anyone for the rest of the day.

I feel like maybe more caution is warranted at this beach than at Sandy Point,
but I think thonging here may be a viable option for when SP is closed.
Next time I visit I want to try renting a kayak here and take it out for a dip in the Chesapeake.

thonginthesun #13

Re:Maryland North, South PA

Date Posted:07/03/2012 01:49:52Copy HTML

Killa, Thanks for all the info on traffic, lights, etc. I guess we'd better be sure to be out of the water when then they turn the power back on at SP! Shocking!!
Ally0423 #14

Re:Maryland North, South PA

Date Posted:06/16/2013 01:23:01Copy HTML

 I'm new to thonging, do all thongers actually buy a thong bikini or just wear thong underwear? If so where is a cheap place to get one ? And where are the thong spots located at sandy point?
seohioguy #15

Re:Maryland North, South PA

Date Posted:06/16/2013 03:44:01Copy HTML

From what I've seen here, and my preference, is to buy a thong swimsuit. They hold up better, keep their shape, are a little thicker fabric; also most threads tend to show it is more appropriate than underwear. There are threads of "swimwear companies and styles" and "thong underwear" - However, there are plenty of underwear  styles that look almost identical to a swimsuit.
JM_Runs #16

Re:Maryland North, South PA

Date Posted:06/16/2013 10:52:29Copy HTML

 I've bought thongs for girlfriends made by wicked weasel.
They are not cheap, but they are extremely sexy and very well made.

There are some inexpensive thongs on amazon.com that receive good reviews

This bodyglove thong is pretty sexy:

At sandy point state park the thong wearers tend to be in this area:
Where the green arrow is on the map.
This is the north beach.

I go to sandy point several times a month.
Send me a message if you want a thong buddy to go with.
Ally0423 #17

Re:Maryland North, South PA

Date Posted:06/17/2013 02:28:45Copy HTML

Do you know of any job opening at sandy point? I would love to go to work and be able to just thong afterwards.
JM_Runs #18

Re:Maryland North, South PA

Date Posted:04/07/2014 05:42:35Copy HTML

 Ally, I go to Sandy point nearly every weekend in May.  Let me know next time you go so I don't have to be the only girl out there wearing one.  I also have about two dozen thong bikinis if you wanna borrow one or two.  I'm trying to get other girls to thong there so that there's strength in numbers and people won't just think it's one girl acting like a whore as some of the hispanic guys that walk by seem to call me in their language.
thonghound #19

Re:Maryland North, South PA

Date Posted:04/16/2014 06:55:00Copy HTML

Thank you for all your posts, Thongbikinigirl.  I can't believe anyone would call you a whore just for wearing a lovely thong from your collection.  It actually makes me quite angry - if I walked by and saw you laying out in a beautiful thong, I would thank my lucky stars!  You are clearly an extremely intelligent, well-spoken, and confident woman who is proud to show off the fine assets that God gave her.  That confidence and intelligence is maybe even sexier than your smoking-hot bod and gorgeous thong-worthy ass!  Thank you for leading the way in getting more women to thong - it takes courage to be the first and you are obviously a trend-setter. 
Akshun #20

Re:Maryland North, South PA

Date Posted:04/28/2014 05:44:25Copy HTML

Thongbikinigirl, where is Sandy point? I am in the area, but never heard of it.
JM_Runs #21

Re:Maryland North, South PA

Date Posted:04/28/2014 06:35:52Copy HTML

Sandy Point is the last exit before you get on the Bay Bridge going east.  It's right at the base of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and it's totally legal to thong there as well as any state park or public beach in Maryland for that matter.
Akshun #22

Re:Maryland North, South PA

Date Posted:04/28/2014 07:24:40Copy HTML

thanks. I read that this place is full of men. I like mixed gender situations so that its fairly balanced for the most part. I find that most thong friendly beaches and nudist resorts are teeming with men. I appreciate and like women to look at so I usually don't stay very long. Also, I am a little uncomfortable with guys hitting on me or leering at my package since I am pretty big down there. I guess I'll just keep looking for a more diverse location. Let me know if anyone knows of a place that tends to attract a decent amount of women as well.
JM_Runs #23

Re:Maryland North, South PA

Date Posted:04/29/2014 03:23:21Copy HTML

 Uhhhh, it's not teeming with men.  Most of the few people that thong at Sandy Point on any given day are men, but that's usually only 2-4 of them at the most.  Sandy Point has families and LOTS of women, just less women in thongs.  This is not like some sort of clothing-optional beach or something.
ThongFetish1 #24

Re:Maryland North, South PA

Date Posted:05/27/2018 10:53:32Copy HTML

 Hello looking for a thong buddy near Reading PA, tan and hang out in thongs .

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