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Date Posted:05/12/2004 09:04:19Copy HTML

If you live near Washington, Annapolis or Baltimore, and don't have the time to make it all the way to Assateague Island, consider Sandy Point State Park. It is located on the Chesapeake Bay near Annapolis, right next to the Bay Bridge (Routes 50 & 301). Thonging is legal and accepted here, and in years past I've seen thongers as early as mid-May. Both men and women thong here, though the men actually outnumber the women.The entrance road takes you to the big parking lots by South Beach, which is the main beach. The few women who thong generally use South Beach. The men who thong will use East Beach, which is smaller. The road to East Beach is only available to those who have rented pavilions in that section of the park, but luckily you can walk to East Beach in only 5-6 minutes from South Beach. From the big parking lots, just walk out to the beach area, and turn left. Walk toward the point, then turn left and walk for two more minutes along that narrower stretch of beach. Soon you'll reach a fishing jetty. Male thongers will lay on either side of the jetty, which leaves them a little bit apart from the wider central part of East Beach. Both the fishermen and the rangers are used to thongers and will ignore you.One warning: on summer Saturdays, the huge crowd from the cities making the three-hour drive to the ocean beaches can cause huge backups before the Bay Bridge tollbooths on Route 50. But you can easily avoid getting stuck. After passing Route 2, get off at either the Bay Dale or Cape St. Claire exits. Take either road back across Route 50 (to the north side) and turn right on College Parkway. This road closes up right next to Route 50 (where it is known as East College Parkway) and runs parallel to Route 50 all the way to the the last exit before the tollbooths (Sandy Point exit) and continues straight into the park as the entrance road.
dewj #1

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/06/2004 06:08:22Copy HTML

Hi TJ-22,

New to the board and was wondering about Sandy Point. I have never been there but think I passed the exit you mentioned when I was lost coming from BWI.

What is the group like that frequents this place? I am usually kind of shy but would like to check it out. One thing that draws me back though, is I don't have the perfect body. I have read some of the other posts, and while I usually thong at home by my own pool, it would be nice to meet others who enjoyed thongs and didn't care if I wasn't in perfect shape.

Any info you can give would be greatly appreciated!


rogerp #2

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/08/2004 06:31:21Copy HTML

I've been to Sandy Point, not the best water in the world, but closer to DC. Is the section that the men with thongs go to a gay section of the beach or just away from the the noisy kids?

TJ-22 #3

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/17/2004 01:47:52Copy HTML

Reply to : rogerp

The men who thong at Sandy Point appear to be a combination of gay and straight.  Most just stick to themselves (as I do), and seem content that there are other thongers nearby, but don't seem too interested in talking to each other.  (I'll admit it's possible that some others might be talkative, if someone seemed interested in talking, but I generally haven't tried to find out.)  They just hang out near each other, without a lot of checking-out by the gays going on.  The rest of East Beach is pretty conventional: straight couples and the occasional family, but never a big crowd, and there is always room.  

A great body is by no means necessary.  Some have nice bodies, and some don't; no one seems to care.  I've only gotten out there once this year (on a Saturday a few weeks ago), and there were five of us in thongs - four together on East Beach, and the other by himself on South Beach.  Incidentally, don't let the gritty, pebbly sand on South Beach turn you off - the sand on East Beach is much better, like real ocean-beach sand.  (Don't tell all the people on South Beach...).


miaswim #4

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/17/2004 02:46:45Copy HTML

Reply to : TJ-22

Glad to hear that there's something closer than the Atlantic.  I'll be up in Easton mid/late-August and was hoping to check out a beach or two...  As for chatting, I wouldn't mind hitting the beach with another thonger.  Makes the day a little more enjoyable.


showtime20042005 #5

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:08/30/2004 03:18:42Copy HTML

Reply to : miaswim

I finally made it over to Sandy Point beach this morning...45 minutes away. I'm afraid there were no thongers to be seen anywhere, east or south beach. I wandered around in shorts, saw several families, fishermen, that's about it, no thongers, male or female.  Maybe it was just a bad day?

JM_Runs #6

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:08/30/2004 11:16:46Copy HTML

Reply to ShowTime:

You have a handle that says ShowTime, but you are too scared to thong unless other people are doing it first.  Maybe others were walking around in thongs, with shorts over the top like you. 

Go to the beach, put out a towel, take off your shorts and laydown.  Take a sunscreen, water, a book, a hat and sunglasses.  The book gives you something to do, other than look nervously around.  The hat and sunglass will make you anonymous, if you would prefer not to be recognized. 

Take the first step, one small step in the sand, one giant leap for MANkind.

thongguy99 #7

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:08/31/2004 01:13:45Copy HTML

Reply to ShowTime

I was at Sandy Point  on 8/30/04 in the afternoon. I am usually there between 2 PM and 4 PM at the East Beach. Sometimes I am the only one, other times there are one or more other thongers. Since school started this week, there are very few people there. It is a good place to thong, and as had been stated elsewhere the fishermen, lifeguards and others are not a problem. Try Sandy Point again.

NoVAThonger #8

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:09/19/2004 06:03:55Copy HTML

Well, today ended up being very nice (low 70s, sunny) so I went to Sandy Point. It was *really* windy, so the temperature wasn't all that nice, but what an exhilarating experience to be thonging in public for the first time!

I setup on the side of the jetty closer to South Beach, and I was the only one on the sand. There were a lot of fully clothed people walking past, and a whole family even stopped and went in the water for about 15 minutes -- only 10 feet from me. That was pretty cool. No rude comments or anything. It was very encouraging.

The section of beach I was on was only about ~200 feet long; do you Sandy Pointer frequenters usually go past the jetty to the bigger part of East beach, where it says "Shelter with permit only"? The sand over there was definitely nicer, but I didn't have the guts to venture into such an open space just yet.

If it's nice next weekend I'll *definitely* be going again!!

Thanks to JM_Runs for running such a great board, and to TJ-22 for good directions to Sandy point.
showtime20042005 #9

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:09/22/2004 03:16:32Copy HTML

Reply to : TJ-22

Finally made it over to Sandy Point. Nice place to lay on the beach and have lunch. When I arrived just before noon there was one guy with a string thong and one gal with a very nice bikini. I felt comfortable stripping down to my string thong and laying out for a couple of hours. Another thonger came to the beach shortly after I got there. He was wearing what I would call a gstring. There were other people around, a few fishermen out on the jetty, an older lady in a chair, others wandered by but nobody seemed to mind the thongers enjoying themselves. Hooray! If I can get away I'm back there tomorrow.

showtime20042005 #10

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:09/26/2004 01:07:38Copy HTML

Reply to : showtime20042005

Made it out to Sandy Point again on Friday. I mentioned the beach to my wife (without mention of the thonging aspect) and she said she'd like to go there, too. The day was, once again, beautiful. We went to the same place (near the first jetty) and noone was there. We spread our beach sheet and towels and got down to swim suits. I told my wife that I was going to wear my Olympics style suit, so she wasn't suprised when I stripped down to that. When, in a few moments, I stripped down to a string thong, she was a bit suprised, but didn't object. She had on a one piece suit, with nice open back. We stayed a couple of hours. A couple of women wandered by, there were people up the beach a way, but I couldn't really tell what they were wearing. I put my fuller coverage suit on when we walked out on the jetty across the rocks, but then when we lay on the beach to read and sun I stripped down to the thong. As we were leaving, I noticed one guy on the beach wearing a thong, a couple more wearing very brief shorts type suits (I overheard some consersation as we walked by and they sounded European). My wife said, as we drove away.."next time I'm going to wear a bikini." I hope there is some more warm weather ahead, because I sure would like to get back there. Here's to global warming!

showtime20042005 #11

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:10/01/2004 10:15:35Copy HTML

My wife and I made it out to Sandy Point beach today, a lovely, sunny day. She wore a bikini, I wore a thong with strings at side and 2/3 of rear. There were a few other thongers on the beach (men) and a couple of women in bikinis. This may have been the last warm day for awhile.
NoVAThonger #12

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:10/03/2004 01:16:34Copy HTML

I was at Sandy Point two weeks ago, on Friday September 24. Forgot to post about my experiences. I was there from around noon until 6pm. The weather was beautiful. I wore my sapphire blue Speedo thong, size medium, which was pretty tight. My next purchase from them will be a large.

I started out on the small section between East Beach and South Beach, and was there by myself for a while. Then a large family (around 7 people) showed up and sat at the other end of the small beach. Eventually I wanted to go swimming so I picked up all my stuff and moved onto South Beach. The family gawked/smiled as I walked past them towards South Beach. I saw one other male thonger who was extremely tan, almost too much (ouch!). I went swimming several times from South Beach, and laid out for a while. Then I walked to East Beach and went in the water; as I was coming out, 3 girls were walking fully clothed out onto the fishing jetty. They did a double take when they spotted me. What a hoot! I walked back to South Beach and wandered the entire length in just my thong/hat/sunglasses. It was great!

Why do the male thongers cluster on East Beach? Spread the fun
showtime20042005 #13

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:10/07/2004 12:20:38Copy HTML

It appears from weather forecasts that this Friday may again be a great day for thonging at Sandy Point. I hope to get over there (if i can get away). I was wondering if women thongers ever appear at Sandy Point. I recall reading on some site a story from a female who went topless at Sandy Point near the bridge end of South Beach. Is this common? Do thongers use that end of the beach? Where are the women thongers?

NoVAThonger #14

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:10/07/2004 12:32:49Copy HTML

I will be at Sandy Point tomorrow (Friday). When I was there the past 2 times, there were no women thongers, let alone topless.. and almost nobody at the bridge end of South Beach.

Cheers to good weather in October!
showtime20042005 #15

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:10/09/2004 06:51:08Copy HTML

I was there Friday, the 8th for another very enjoyable thonging day. Noticed a thonger on the South Beach area and a thonger (VoVA?) in the area between the two main beaches. I continued down to the East Beach area where I find the sand to be much nicer. I leaned up against a driftwood log and enjoyed thonging in the sun. A mid-aged couple were laying near the jetty, he in a gstring, she in a one-piece swimsuit. I enjoyed watching them stand and kiss after they had been in for a swim. An older lady was beach-combing and wandered down toward where I was laying (to get a better look?). A couple of younger women walked by also.  I wonder why more people in DC area don't frequent Sandy Point. I wonder if they know that thongs are acceptable. Also wonder if more people knew about it, would the County officials clamp down on the practice.


Reply to : NoVAThonger

I will be at Sandy Point tomorrow (Friday). When I was there the past 2 times, there were no women thongers, let alone topless.. and almost nobody at the bridge end of South Beach.Cheers to good weather in October!
NoVAThonger #16

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:10/09/2004 07:52:59Copy HTML

I was indeed there on Friday, in my blue Speedo thong, on South Beach by the lone fenced-in tree. Having been to Sandy Point only a few times, I was caught off guard by the automated gate and only had a $20 bill to pay for my entry (the machine takes $5 and $1 I think). Fortunately a couple in a mini-van pulled up behind me at the gate, and she offered me a $5 bill so I could get in! When I tried to figure out a way to pay her back with my 20, she said just forget about it. I know they saw me a little while later, when I was thongin'.. I wonder what they thought about their donation then?

My other experience from the day was near the end, when some high school kids showed up on the beach. Two teenage girls walked past and even said hi to me and asked what book I was reading. They were very friendly and I'm sure entertained by my skimpy attire.

As to why people may or may not frequent Sandy Point.. one reason is probably because the beach kinda sucks. The sand on South Beach can barely be called that. East Beach is better, but it's still littered with washed up debris. Maybe it's more maintained during the summer? And a couple weeks ago, I couldn't even go in the water in some places because there was so much crap floating. I guess that's what you get with the Bay..
JM_Runs #17

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:10/09/2004 12:15:42Copy HTML

Replys to : ShowTime & NoVAThonger,

ShowTime, Glad to see you are becoming more comfortable getting out on the beach. Sorry for my rather harsh statements earlyer in the thread.

NoVAThonger, you said:

...one reason is probably because the beach kinda sucks. The sand on South Beach can barely be called that. East Beach is better, but it's still littered with washed up debris....

Try taking a trash bag and rake to the beach. It's what my dad does. He always cleans the beach by him. He makes a lot of friends that way. A lot of people will come up and tell you they approve of what you are doing.

On my beach we have automated beach rakes that are pulled behind enormous tractors. They get the weed and most of the big trash but still stop and pickup any glass or big rocks I see.

This also gives you a good reason to move around in your thong with out feeling self conscious. It also gives you something to look at with out seaming rude.

If you take a rake and rake a section of beach maybe 100' long, clearing it of weed and making it really nice then pretty young women will come and plonk down right by you. You have to make the raked section big enough so they don't fell they are invading your space. Some times women will just come to watch you work, people love watching others do somthing physical.

By laying the rake out by your towel it will show even the late comers who cleared that section of beach and you will be blessed.

Every one who ventures out on a beach is looking for the choice spot that meets their needs: Best shade, best view or, for most people, clean section that looks inviting to stretch out a towel on. They will want to come and sit by you. On the other hand the red-necks will still stay clear if they see you in your thong. So you get the best of both all worlds, clean section of beach, good reason to be moving around in your thong, good company, lots of thanks.

You just need the LARGE size garden leaf rake from the home store. Just make sure you are not on a national park or park section where there is a policy against raking the trash and weed of the beach. Check with the guard going in. Explain that you want to pickup the trash and rake the section of beach you are going to sit out on. There is normally no objections to people who help pickup trash, but some parks insist that the weed be left in a ?natural? state and disturbing it can be against regulations. So do ask first!

Normally only takes about 15 to 20 minutes to pickup the trash and clean 100' foot section of beach. You may find it fun to make it a little larger, or rake it in patterns like a Japanese zen garden.

Don?t worry no one will think you are nuts. Now for nuts, you should see the guy who walks out on Fort Lauderdale beach with a spade and digs a six foot deep hole. By the time he gets to the wet stuff all we can see is the shovel throwing out the sand. Then he takes a break, and then fills it in again. Having finished he shoulders his shovel and walks off. The locals sitting at the coffee shop have passed judgement, they said "Guess it?s cheaper than a gym."
Ex_Member #18

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:10/10/2004 07:40:23Copy HTML

I'll second the idea JM

On a stretch of local beach that is 22kms long (around 12 1/2 miles) and is used by 1000's of 4WD (RV's) every week, an annual beach clean-up day is organised. You can spend as long or little time as you like participating, and it's one small way to give a little back to the area's natural surrounds.

Happens once a year at the local njde beach too, around the time of the Nude Olympics!

TJ-22 #19

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:10/19/2004 11:39:34Copy HTML

I hadn't checked in for a while, so it was a pleasant surprise to see this much recent traffic about Sandy Point.  I'm glad to see that several new thongers have tried it out.

A few comments on your respective comments.  I did not know that there was an automated gate, but I presume that this is simply for out-of-season use (probably starts after Labor Day).  I have thonged at Sandy Point between early May and Labor Day, and always had a gate attendant to change my $20.  Also, East Beach has always been clean, so I presume the trash that was there in early October is also the result of post-Labor Day cutback in services.   Admittedly I have not gone swimming, so I cannot speak for the quality of the water.

Female thongers are rarer than male thongers here, but the two female thongers I did see this summer were both on East Beach near the men (and accompanied by men), so perhaps the women are slowly coming on to the virtues of our East Beach location.  Certainly East Beach has better sand.  In my experience, male thongers only rarely visit South Beach (the main beach), but this is probably because I have been there mostly on crowded Saturdays, and have been content to thong among few others and not tempt the possible reactions of hundreds of non-thongers.  Going there in Sept. or Oct. when the crowds are very thin would make South Beach more tempting. 

Anyway, beach season is now over but I look more forward than ever to next year.



TJ-22 #20

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:10/19/2004 12:07:32Copy HTML

Reply to : NoVAThonger

Thank you for the compliment.  The answer to your question is:  Yes, we do typically use the East Beach side of the jetty, but stay fairly close to the jetty.  Even in high summer, there are seldom more than a few people within 40 yards or so, and the people using the shelters are too far away to see closely.


jordonl_1999 #21

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:01/03/2005 06:26:48Copy HTML

Sounds like an interesting place. I may make it out there this year (giving me even more incentive to get in better shape). If I find a girlfriend by then, too, her attitude will make a difference. Hopefully she'll be as into it as I might be.
TJ-22 #22

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:01/07/2005 09:56:56Copy HTML

You definitely should make it out.  Sandy Point is just too convenient to the entire Baltimore/Washington/Annapolis area not to take advantage of, especially on those days when you only have a few hours to spare.  Remember that East Beach has much better sand than the (much bigger) South Beach.  When you do go there, please be sure to re-read the directions in the first message at the top, so that you can bail out of the heavy traffic headed for the Bay Bridge.  Good luck!


showtime20042005 #23

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:04/18/2005 10:57:04Copy HTML

Temperature is supposed to climb to about 80 degrees today, and expected tomorrow. Sounds like good days to break in my new HESwimwear thong. Have any thongers been over to Sandy Point yet this year?
thonginthesun #24

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:04/20/2005 01:52:21Copy HTML

I visited Sandy Point yesterday (Tuesday). Got a sandwich and drink and had late lunch at the beach. The weather was glorious and the beach was clean. Must be that quite a few others had the same idea I had, because the beach was pretty crowded for Sandy Point. I had hoped to get down to my thong, but since there was a family with small children in the area where thongers usually hang out, I didn't. (I believe the family might have been named Mr. and Mrs. Dorkshorts and the little Dorkshorts. I shudder to think what kind of tans they will have). Anyway, I didn't observe any thongers over the 1pm-3pm time period. I'll return next time I get a chance and the weather cooperates. Hope to see other thongers there.
dewj #25

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:04/20/2005 03:57:34Copy HTML

Going to try and head out to Sandy Point either tomorrow (Thursday  - if the weather holds) or maybe Sat. or Sun. Will report back if I make it out there. Kind of afraid to show my fat white self right now, but oh well... lol
TJ-22 #26

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:04/21/2005 08:37:03Copy HTML

Did anyone get out to Sandy Point this week, while the weather was still warm enough?  I think yesterday was the last hot day we may have for a while.  I can't wait for a really nice, sunny Saturday to arrive.


NoVAThonger #27

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:05/27/2005 10:38:38Copy HTML

Made it out to Sandy Point yesterday with my girlfriend and her roommate, for the last "off-season" day at the Park. Nice weather, and we were able to beat the Memorial Day crowds + traffic. Saw one other thonger walking, and a guy sitting in a chair - couldn't tell if he had a thong or a bikini on.

Looking forward to many Fridays at Sandy Point this summer -- hopefully the water will warm up, though!
thonginthesun #28

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:05/30/2005 12:02:14Copy HTML

Thanks for the report nova. Some missing ingredients, however. What were you, girlfriend, and roommate wearing? Will gf and roommate be there on future Fridays?
NoVAThonger #29

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:05/31/2005 12:58:34Copy HTML

Unfortunately my companions are not usually available on Fridays to join me. The holiday weekend made for an exception. I am lucky enough to have every Friday off.

I was sporting my saphire blue Speedo thong. Until I increase my swimwear inventory, I will always be wearing my saphire Speedo thong or my Prevail g-string with a white strap and U.S. flag on the front.

My girlfriend wears only thong underwear, but she is not yet confident enough to wear a swim thong, although I know she would if I bought her one [thus my reply to the post, "Best places to buy women's thongs and g-strings", under the Swimwear forum]. And her roommate isn't into swim thongs, but thought it was great that I was doing it!

I plan on being at Sandy Point again this Friday, equipped with a new beach chair.
thonginthesun #30

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/07/2005 11:41:57Copy HTML

What a beautiful day on the Chesapeake! I drove over to Sandy Point for lunch today. Weather quite beautiful, 90 degrees and sunny. Was able to stay about an hour and a half, soaking in the sun in my HESwimwear thong. Put out my lounge chair near the south end of "East beach." A few people passed by, but most of beach activity was in the South beach area or in the group picnic facility area. Noticed one other thonger. Hope to get back many times this summer.


TJ-22 #31

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:05/03/2006 09:53:25Copy HTML

Has anyone made it out to Sandy Point yet?  We've had some gloriously clear sunny days these past two weeks, though temperatures have not quite gotten warm enough for some people.  I had hoped to get one good visit in this week but have been too busy.  Certainly May has been a very good time (in recent years) to get an early start on summer sunning at Sandy Point.  I do expect to make it sometime during the next two weeks.  If you haven't been there before, remember to check out the east-facing beach, not the big main beach that faces south; just walk leftward and follow the beach's left turn from the point and continue toward the fishing jetty. 
dewj #32

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:05/04/2006 03:24:23Copy HTML

Hello everyone. Was going to try and make it out to Sandy Point today (Thursday) but got hung up at work. Thinking I might be able to make it tomorrow though so keeping my fingers crossed. Hope the weather is as nice as today.
thonginthesun #33

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:05/04/2006 08:40:22Copy HTML

I drove over to Sandy Point today. Weather was beautiful, many sailboats out on the Bay. Only one other thonger was to be seen when I was there. To Kernix, Sandy Point is near the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, a good 3 hours drive from Assateague Island.
bmicro #34

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:05/04/2006 09:48:23Copy HTML

I will be in Baltimore the week of the 15th and from these posts it sounds like Sandy Point is the best place to lay out in a thong. How long should it take to drive there from Baltimore? Anything I should be aware of (I live in Miami where the attitude about thongs is casual, to say the least)?

TJ-22 #35

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:05/05/2006 10:01:24Copy HTML

Sandy Point is about a 30-minute drive from the Baltimore Beltway, if traffic is running well.  Take I-97 south to Route 50/301 east and get off just before the Bay Bridge.  One note: If you go there on a Saturday morning in summer, traffic at the Bay Bridge toll booths can back up for miles with people heading to the ocean resorts.  You can avoid this by getting off 50/301 a few miles early at Cape St. Claire Rd.  Cross over 50/301 to the north side and make the first right onto East College Parkway.  This runs right next to 50 and ends as the entrance road to Sandy Point.  There is a similar parallel road on the other side of 50 (Whitehall Rd.) but this usually draws drivers frustrated with the traffic jam, who end up all piled together on the re-entry ramp at the Sandy Point exit.

As for your other question, here are a few pointers.  Ignore the crowd at South Beach (the big beach, facing the Bay Bridge) and walk leftward around the point and up the east side to East Beach.  it's a lot smaller but the sand is better.  Most thongers hang out at the south end of East Beach, on either side of the fishing jetty.  You can walk around a little bit here without any problems (which might not be true at South Beach) and go in and out of the water.  Most East Beach people are there because of the rented pavilions more than the beach, and parking is only accessible at East Beach if you have rented a pavilion (there is a check-in booth).  I have never had any problem with the rangers, the fisherman using the jetty, or passers-by.  You can relax here.  So have fun.

NoVAThonger #36

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:05/06/2006 08:02:10Copy HTML

I was at Sandy Point on Cinco de Mayo, sporting my new Prevail torso thong (black). Spent the later part of the morning on the beach between East & South beaches, then moved to South beach near the bridge end for the afternoon. The weather was perfect; not too hot, and a slight breeze.

The beach was fairly quiet, maybe 15-20 visitors, lots of fishermen. But I got plenty of cheek time!
NoVAThonger #37

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:05/27/2006 09:26:39Copy HTML

Spent a good part of Friday at Sandy Point. The last day at the $3/car entrance fee. When I arrived, it was drizzling on and off, but it didn't take long for the rain to give way to some sunshine. The humidity was quite high.

I wore my light blue Mediterranean thong from Prevail. Spent most of my afternoon at the bridge end of South beach, due to the volumes of children on field trips / picnics at East beach and the main part of South beach.

Two macho fishermen yelled a comment to me when they were walking back to their car, but I couldn't hear them over my headphones. Sounded like something to the effect of, "put some clothes on." They were probably just jealous

Didn't see any other thongers. I still have yet to see a woman in a thong at this beach. In general there were not many people even sporting swimwear -- probably too early in the season. Especially given the chilly temperature of the water.
TJ-22 #38

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:05/29/2006 05:58:05Copy HTML

I did see one woman yesterday wearing a skimpy string bikini tucked up (from the bottom) and rolled down (from the top) to create a string-thong look, and she was standing up at the time.  Overall, I occasionally do see women thonging here, but in very small numbers, and usually only one at a time.  The past year or two, I have seen, several times, a Latino woman who thongs with her husband and young children on East Beach.

I did go thonging at Sandy Point a few weeks ago, on a weekend.  There were very few people at all on either beach (one of those days when the temperature peaks at around 77 or so, but feels warmer because there were no clouds), but there were three men in thongs - two on East Beach and one in the middle of South Beach.  I didn't see any men thonging yesterday, but that might be because of the holiday crowds, and because there were more people on East Beach than usual.  Now that the hot weather has fully arrived, I expect to get out there thonging a couple of times soon.  

dewj #39

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:05/30/2006 08:02:44Copy HTML

Hi all! Thanks for the reports on Sandy Point. I still haven't made it up there this year. Hopefully I can get up there wed. or thur. of this week. That is, if the weather holds.

thanks again and happy thongin,


thongguy99 #40

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:05/30/2006 10:07:27Copy HTML

Was at east beach today, 5/30, about 4 PM. there was two other men. One was a regular in a g-string, the other  was sitting with a beach towel covering his back and from what I could see appeared to be wearing a bikini. Will try to get there tomorrow. 
thonginthesun #41

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

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Was at Sandy Point today, mid-afternoon. The beach was quite crowded, with many families enjoying the beautiful weather. After surveying the east beach location where thongers tend to be (and seeing no thongers), I ended moving my car up to the other end of the beach and walking up toward the bridge where there were fewer people. I wore my short shorts for awhile, then stripped down to my thong and laid out for an hour or so. No other thongers. If I can get away may try Assateague sometime next week.
NoVAThonger #42

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

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Was at Sandy Point today for about 4 hours. Snagged a nice sunning location on the small beach between South and East beaches. Sporting my blue speedo thong, I was quickly surrounded on all sides by Moms with children, and a few older couples. Guess they didn't mind the view! Got plenty of sun on the buns, and one swim in the (toxic) water. It's unfortunate that the Bay is so dirty.

Saw a few guys in bikinis but no other thongs which is fairly standard on my Friday visits. All in all, a good day!
TJ-22 #43

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:07/19/2006 11:49:57Copy HTML

I paid a short visit to Sandy Point this past Sunday.  I saw four thongers - two men and two women.  Both women did some walking around on the main beach, and one was wearing only a side-tie string thong.  It's good to see both sexes wearing thongs confidently here. 
royal thong #44

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

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Any issues with thonging at Sandy Point of late?  It's become an issue at Assateague with rangers quoting  indecency laws of (1) local ordinance, (2) state law (3) federal law and/or (4) park regulations.  If Rangers are not hassling thongers at Sandy point state park, it would give credence to the thought that the rangers are interested in quietly intimidating thongers not to return or thong @ Assateague.

Is SP a reasonably cool, laid back place to thong? (in other words, no hassles from the rednecks, hicks, etc?)

TJ-22 #45

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:08/18/2006 04:57:41Copy HTML

Yes, it is certainly laid back.  I have never seen anyone get hassled there.  Even when fishermen are using the jetty right next to East Beach, I have never seen one act as if he had even noticed a thonger.
NoVAThonger #46

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

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Keep up the thonging, but steer clear of the water:

Annapolis (August 17, 2006) - The Anne Arundel County Department of Health, in consultation with the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) and Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR), has issued health advisories against direct water contact for the East and South Beaches of Sandy Point State Park for an indefinite time.

Routine monitoring has detected short periods of unexplained high bacterial levels at both beaches. The advisories will remain in effect while County and State agencies work together to investigate beach and water conditions in order to identify factors causing the sudden changes and spikes in bacterial levels reported since July 27, 2006.

More info at.. http://www.aahealth.org/news.asp?id=145
thonginthesun #47

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

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Maybe I'll have the beach to myself when I head over there today!

thonginthesun #48

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:08/26/2006 06:59:50Copy HTML

The swimming ban has been lifted, although I didn't see a lot of people venturing into the water.

thonginthesun #49

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

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I visited Sandy Point yesterday, as well as one day last week, to enjoy the waning days of summer weather in a thong. Both days were very enjoyable. Watching the boats, eating my lunch, and laying out in my thong. After all but one of the fishermen left the jetty, I stripped down to my HESwimwear gstring (very narrow, to invisible, strap). This was a first time I wore an extreme thong at a public beach. It felt great! There were a couple other thongers there, both male.
whitebull #50

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:12/17/2006 02:18:00Copy HTML

Sandy Point is such a nice place.  I have been there a few times and thonged.  I hope that the State of Maryland does not ruin it.  I hope this continues to be a thong friendly place.  Come on Spring!!
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