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thongsallthetime #51

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:03/14/2007 06:39:19Copy HTML

Does anybody know if it makes much difference (as far as potentially attracting negative attention from the authorities) if you wear a g-string at Sandy Point? I've gone sunning in a thong before on my own, but I've never gone thonging (or stringing, which I'd prefer) actually on a beach. I'm hoping to finally do so this summer, but I don't want to do anything that might tick off the wrong cop or redneck (or maybe fred-neck)?
NoVAThonger #52

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:03/15/2007 08:40:18Copy HTML

Everyone's definition of a g-string varies, but I have worn a Prevail Sport Med thong to Sandy point which is fairly skimpy. You can see pics of it here: http://www.prevailsport.com/medthon.html

I have seen similar suits on other men at the beach and it has never been a problem. Rangers always mind their own business.

This past week it was in the 70s for a few days -- what a tease. Spring is comin'!
thonginthesun #53

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:03/16/2007 10:09:12Copy HTML

I usually wear a rather modest thong at Sandy Point, but have seen others with more gstring-type "swimwear." I have worn a HESwimwear gstring (very skimpy) beneath my thong in case the opportunity for more scanty wear appears (no kids around, sparce crowd, other thongers around). I did take the opportunity to strip down to the gstring once late last summer. Here's to an early summer!
sailhoopsbare #54

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:03/17/2007 03:22:13Copy HTML

I'm in Northern VA also, the weather today and yesterday seems like a far cry from summer.  Man oh man, when will it be warm?  I haven't been thonging at Sandy Point yet, I hope to make it this summer though.
TJ-22 #55

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:03/22/2007 06:18:06Copy HTML

You can certainly wear a g-string at Sandy Point.  I've done so several times.  Once, on a weekday two summers ago, I wore a g-string and found two other men there ahead of me who were wearing smaller g-strings.  The park rangers and the fishermen who use the nearby fishing jetty never even seem to notice thongers.  Occasionally some people walking along the shore (from the big beach on the south side) will react mildly, but that's it.  So go for it.  
whitebull #56

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:04/21/2007 10:36:48Copy HTML

Has the weather been warm enough for sunning at Sandy Point ?  Anything new there?
thonginthesun #57

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:04/22/2007 11:48:33Copy HTML

It surely will be warm enough tomorrow--84 degrees predicted! Unfortunatly, I probably will not be able to get away. I hope others venture out.
whitebull #58

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:05/09/2007 09:02:55Copy HTML

Has anyone been to Sandy Point  this year? 
NoVAThonger #59

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:05/10/2007 09:53:41Copy HTML

I was at Sandy Point today. Did a little cycling around the park before lunch. Then I headed to the small beach between the jetties. I set up under a shade tree, with a couple and their toddler daughter as my company just a few dozen feet away. Stripped down and enjoyed two hassle-free hours in the shade and some in the sun.

I moved to East beach for a little bit as well, and it was completely empty, which was quite nice. I even strolled to the look out point on the grass in just my thong. There was a nice breeze and it was quite liberating to feel the air and the sun on my entire body. While I was enjoying this moment, one of the park trucks pulled into the shelter area, but the driver seemed indifferent to my existence.

Another nice day at the bay. Just wish it (or something similar) was closer to Virginia...
NoVAThonger #60

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:05/26/2007 09:06:37Copy HTML

Spent a couple hours at Sandy Point on Friday. It was busier due to the impending holiday weekend. It looked like there were at least two other guys on the beach in skimpy swimwear but I didn't get close enough to see if they were thongs.

I left earlier in the afternoon than usual in order to avoid the Memorial Day traffic on the Beltway.
whitebull #61

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:05/30/2007 11:58:26Copy HTML

I was at Sandy Point on Tuesday.  It was great !!!  Hard to believe this park exists in MD.  Was on both beaches small and East.  Also seen others in thongs-g-strings.  Looks like a great summer at Sandy Point
DavyJ #62

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/25/2007 09:11:02Copy HTML

I finally made it to Sandy Point last Wednesday.  It was a great day.  I got there early before it was crowded and set up in the main beach area.  When the lifeguard came on duty I did ask him if thongs were ok and he said yes.  By mid-afternoon the beach was quite crowded, but I never had any problems or hassles.  I did pretty much stick to myself.  I was definitely the only one (that I saw) in a thong, and I did attract a good bit of attention, but no one complained.

Sandy Point is definitely a good place to thong.  There are lots of relatively unpopulated areas up and down the beach if you want to be by yourself, but there seems to be no problem if you thong right along with everybody else (which I prefer).  There were plenty of rangers around, but no one said a word to me all day.

JM_Runs #63

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/25/2007 09:21:20Copy HTML

I think you have the right approch.  It has been my experance that if you get the ok from the Life Guard, the best place to lay out is right near the life guard tower, in their line of vew.   That way it is ovious to others that the life guard does not have a problem.  You are therefore imunized from other people who may have thaught about making an issue about it.
JM_Runs #64

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/26/2007 02:07:01Copy HTML

DavyJ, congratulations on bringing credit to our tribe!  Your example makes me want to try the same and ask if it's okay in Norwalk, CT, come July 7th, if its a nice sunny day after the triathlon I'm racing in.  Though the town's website defined nudity as including uncovered buttocks, as I recall, it doesn't hurt to ask.  Given the places I've comfortably worn my blue/orange harlequin thong from HE Swimwear, it's worth a try and may help our cause, especially if the lifeguards are fuzzy on the regs and don't care themselves.  I, too, prefer to be among the regular folks, though it's rarely been in a crowded sitation.  Should be interesting.   
DavyJ #65

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/26/2007 04:27:30Copy HTML

Go for it, SlidingG!  I always ask when in a questionable situation, because all they can do is say no.  Which means you aren't any worse off than if you had never asked in the first place and just assumed it was not ok.

Good luck as I have heard thongs are not ok in Connecticut, but it never hurts to ask.

thonginthesun #66

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/28/2007 06:38:09Copy HTML

I finally made it out to Sandy Point today. A beautiful day for sunning and thonging. It was not very crowded. I set up on the East Beach. There was one other thonger in the area, soon another came along. Both were wearing brief gstrings, so I eventually slipped off my rather modest thong and got down to my Dore Spider gstring.
thonginthesun #67

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:07/11/2007 05:57:18Copy HTML

Another delightful lunch time at Sandy Point today. Wore my Dore Spider bright yellow gstring.  Nice breeze off the Bay made for very comfortable couple of hours. Noted two other thongers near where I was, both male.
Quinton 123 #68

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:07/22/2007 05:27:18Copy HTML

I am thinking about going to Sandy Point this Saturday. Is there a Gay section?
NoVAThonger #69

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:08/10/2007 10:06:06Copy HTML

I arrived at Sandy Point around 9:30 this morning. I parked in the lot closest to the bridge. I stripped down to t-shirt, blue Speedo thong, and my 2" Skinz NFS shorts. The shorts made me feel comfortable enough to stand in the parking lot, but they were pretty much painted onto my lower half so not much was left to the imagination.

I gathered up my stuff and walked out to South beach, between a family on one side and the bridge on the other side. It was already *really* hot and humid (been a record week in the DC area). I peeled off the shorts and t-shirt, and laid out buns up for about 30 minutes. The father of the family near me walked past with his younger kids and gave me a wave.

Got real warm so I walked in the direction of the bridge. I got to the jetty and turned around. If there weren't boats passing by in the channel, I would've been tempted to walk out on the jetty just in my thong, but I was afraid of a redneck boater yelling something or perhaps meeting a fisherman on my way back. I'm guessing that the cars passing on the bridge could probably see me, though.

I wandered back to my towel. A couple teenage girls showed up and setup about 20 feet away, followed by their parents. They seemed indifferent to my half naked body. I relaxed and read my book for a while. I started to get hunger pangs, so I pulled on my Skinz shorts and t-shirt and went back to the car to get my cooler. Brought it back to the beach and ate my lunch in my thong.

Shortly after lunch, another couple arrived and laid out their towel even closer to me. Didn't get any weird stares or comments. I got up and took another walk towards the bridge, because the bugs were bothering me. After returning to my towel, I decided to relocate because I'd had enough of those particular bugs.

I gathered all my crap and took it back to the car. Drove to the parking lot at the point on the opposite end of South Beach. I surveyed the area near the small craft launch area and there was only one person - a younger looking woman in what appeared to be a rio bikini. I grabbed my stuff and set up about 50 feet from her.

It was a rio, and a small one. After I had been there a while, she stood up to put sun tan lotion on. She proceeded to turn her rio into a thong, and laid out buns up! That's the first time I've seen a woman in a thong at Sandy Point, although I guess it's not really officially a thong.

I gave up finally around 2:30pm because the bugs had found me again. But overall, it was a great day at the Point!
thonginthesun #70

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:08/11/2007 06:34:26Copy HTML

Thanks for the report, NoVa...Good to hear that a female thonger was at Sandy Point. I hope she tells her friends what a great place it is to get some sun. I just got back from a week at Chincoteague (where I did some thonging), but hope to get out to Sandy Point next week.

dewj #71

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:08/11/2007 07:01:42Copy HTML

Thanks for the post nova. Hoping to hit Sandy Point on Thursday of this coming week. Hopefully it won't be too crowded.


TJ-22 #72

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:08/16/2007 01:10:12Copy HTML

I've seen four or five women wearing thongs at Sandy Point during the past two years, though I've only seen one of them more than once -- a Latino woman who brought her young children.  Most of these women were on the east-facing beach next to the point, close to the small boat launch ramp. 

I recently made it to Sandy Point for only the third time this year.  Interestingly, both this summer and last summer, just about all of the thonging men I've seen have been wearing G-strings.  And still, I have yet to hear a negative remark from anyone else.  What a great environment for thonging this is.  

thonginthesun #73

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:08/27/2007 06:37:01Copy HTML

I agree that sandy point is great place for thonging...hope to get over there tomorrow. I've also seen that most male thongers wear gstring type swimwear. I have not seen any female thongers, but once did see a lovely young lady in a brief bikini in the area where I usually thong...i guess called east beach...the side toward the group picnic area. Has anyone seen a slingshot thong being worn at Sandy Point? Do I dare? A few weeks ago, I did wear a Dore spider gstring thong under my usual more modest thong and when i saw others were wearing brief gstrings, i did strip down to my Dore. Felt great! Is there thonging in other sections of the beach...like toward the bay bridge?
thonginthesun #74

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:08/28/2007 09:49:49Copy HTML

Made it to Sandy Point today...beautiful day for sunning in a thong! Saw 3 other thongers there. Wore my HESwimwear gstring thong, then for the last hour switched into a slingshot thong just for kicks (using a towel for cover for change). It felt great.. I may must make it back another time this week with season drawing to an end.
nycthong1970 #75

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:08/28/2007 11:37:59Copy HTML

What part of the beach is the best part to thong? The side by the bridge? or the other side? just wondering.
thonginthesun #76

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:08/29/2007 01:57:56Copy HTML


Sandy Point State Park can be reached just off Rt. 50 before you get to the Bay Bridge going east (the last exit before toll booths). Follow the signs to the park. The place where people (usually guys) thong at Sandy Point is called East Beach...you drive into the entrance (a $3 or $4 fee unless you're my age) and then before you get to the main beach which is straight ahead (called South Beach) you drive around a parking lot that is on the left to get to a smaller parking lot near a boat launching ramp. There are two rock jetties going out into the bay to your left...you walk up to the second jetty (just this side of group picnic area) and that's where you will sometimes find a few thongers. The walk is about 1/4 mile. Once in awhile you'll see a thonger near the end of the main beach toward that boat launching site, but often families with young children will be there. I've also read someplace on this board I believe that there has been thonging on the far end of the main beach toward the bay bridge, but I've never seen that.

NoVAThonger #77

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:09/01/2007 08:31:49Copy HTML

When I first started going to Sandy Point a few years ago, I spent most visits on the small beach between South and East Beach. Based on the reports here, it seemed like the most popular thonging spot. It also has a few shade trees which are an added bonus. But it felt like I was hiding, and a few times other men set-up uncomfortably close - not something I was interested in.

So this past summer I have spent 90% of my time on the main beach. I have two preferred locations:

1) I park in the last spot by the bathrooms closest to the Bridge. Following the sidewalk out to the beach, I set-up right right by the water.
2) I park at the point near the small craft launch area and walk back towards the bathrooms and the tree w/ the fence around it. Then I'll setup between the tree and the first lifeguard stand.

In both cases, I have never had any rude comments, and people often set-up right near me, as close as 15 feet. In fact, on Friday, two women in their mid 30s arrived with their parade of 5-6 young children and plunked down their stuff about 30 feet away. I was already buns up in a fairly skimpy Prevail sport thong so there was no ambiguity about my attire. As it got closer to noon, the beach filled in fairly well. There were plenty of people walking by etc.

I've found that I feel more accepted by setting up in the crowd. If I was going to wear a *really* skimpy suit, I can understand being in a more secluded area - but as JM always points out, it can sometimes send the wrong message. Then again everyone has different comfort levels
thonginthesun #78

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:09/23/2007 12:06:19Copy HTML

My wife and I were at Sandy Point last Friday, enjoying these last warm days of the summer. I wore a thong. There were 4 or 5 other thongers (all male) in the area where we set up (on the beach in front of the trees, just to the left of the small parking lot). I hope to make it out there again before it turns cold.
thonginthesun #79

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:09/24/2007 10:26:38Copy HTML

Monday was another good day for thonging at Sandy Point. I believe I counted 5 other thongers near the second jetty, Hope to make it there again today.
seemythong02 #80

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:01/19/2008 10:30:52Copy HTML

what is the address for sandy point?  i mapquested it to see the distance from shippensburg, pennsylvania and got several results.  The closest being about 2 hours  http://www.mapquest.com/directions/main.adp?do=nw&go=1&r=&aoh=&aot=&aof=&1a=&1c=Chambersburg&1s=PA&1z=17201&1y=US&1l=%2blUom%2biw9eYIsk3vEAfZ0g%3d%3d&1g=yeSZdIIzTgL2wQXMctibgQ%3d%3d&1pn=&1pl=&1v=ZIP&1ffi=&1n=Franklin%20County&1qn=&2a=&2c=&2s=MD&2z=&2y=US&2l=shxgK4EpcGm2qYYpzyyK2Q%3d%3d&2g=w99PjhLwmYAum%2f5J2HvUCQ%3d%3d&2pl=&2v=STATE&2ffi=&2n=&2qn=sandy%20point&panelbtn=2&1qc=&q=sandy%20point&2pn=sandy%20point&2sb=Sandy%20Point%20State%20Park%20Marina%7c1100%20E%20College%20Pkwy%7cAnnapolis%7cMD%7c21409%7c39023773%7c%2d76428016%7c410%2d974%2d2149%7cUS&2qc=Parks is this the right one?  I am trying to find out how long of a drive it will be for me this summer.  i want to try to thong on this beach. 
NoVAThonger #81

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:01/21/2008 01:40:12Copy HTML

Sandy Point State Park 1100 East College Parkway Annapolis, MD 21401
dewj #82

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:05/31/2008 12:24:46Copy HTML

Hey fellow thongers! Anyone made it out to Sandy Point yet? Hope to get some sun time soon but work has been busy and the weather hasn't been that great.
TJ-22 #83

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/23/2008 12:23:40Copy HTML

Visited Sandy Point for a little while on Saturday afternoon (without thonging), for the first time this year.  Plenty of people there, but no thongers.  Has anyone been thonging there on weekdays this summer?
NoVAThonger #84

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/24/2008 01:11:55Copy HTML

I made it out to Sandy Point back in early May, and spent a good part of the day sunning my buns on the grassy point at the far end of East beach.

Unfortunately, the cost of driving to Annapolis from Northern Virginia has become prohibitively expensive. If it was a really great beach with pristine water, it might be worth the cost, but with all the pollutants in the Bay (and thus not very pleasant swimming), I may as well just lay out at home.

If anyone finds another good public thonging spot in the DC area, please post it.. :)
thonginthesun #85

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:07/21/2008 10:08:12Copy HTML

I went to Sandy Point today for a couple of hours. Very pleasant sunning in a thong, light breeze off the Bay. I was by the first jetty. Saw no other thongers--where have all the thongers gone? It's about a 40 mile drive for me, so a couple gallons of gas or so. I did save some money, though, since I filled the tank at the exxon on US50 just before getting to the sandy point exit...paid $3.93/gal. Price is $4.09 where I live.
TJ-22 #86

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:07/22/2008 03:19:32Copy HTML

I got out there on a weekday not long ago, and was also the only thonger that day.  If thongers are getting harder to find here (which I'm not sure of, since this was my first visit in '08), I think gas prices are the most likely reason.  But I expect to get out a couple more times over the next month or so.
thongguy99 #87

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:08/06/2008 12:43:07Copy HTML

Was at Sandy Point Sunday. As expected it was mobbed. The parking lots were full as were the beaches. Went to the East beach and saw one thonger in a yellow thong. Beside him were families and no one seemed bothered. 
Went Monday and did not setup. The flys were bad and eating me alive so I turned around and left.
Went today about 11am and two more came. It was somewhat overcast. Stayed about an hour.  Went back around 4pm and set up . The flys were back so I left.
thongguy99 #88

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:08/06/2008 01:05:31Copy HTML

I checked with the Beach Patrol about where I could wear thongs. They said everwhere. (I am not sure about "everwhere" so next time I go I am going to ask for clairification.) I then asked if I could wear them from where I park on the edge of the big lot near the dirt road that leads to the East Beach. He said it was OK. I been doing that wearing a Speedo Thong and a shirt. I am not going to push it wearing something too skimpy. On crowded days with lots of childred it might be a good idea to limit thong wearing to the beach area.
thonginthesun #89

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:08/11/2008 05:37:03Copy HTML

Was out at Sandy Point last week (Tuesday) over the lunch hour. Two other thongers. Wore a rather skimpy thong for awhile, but then slipped on a less skimpy thong as the families moved in. Stayed a couple of hours. Weather great. I do note that I saw a news report yesterday that "no swimming" signs have been posted until further notice due to high levels of bacteria in the water (sad face). On the bright side this may keep the kids away and allow more relaxed thonging.(smile face).
BaltoBob #90

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:01/14/2009 01:30:25Copy HTML

Thongs are legal most places in MD. When the Beach Patrol told you EVERYWHERE they weren't kidding. You CAN walk from your car in a G-string(maybe not mesh). Whether you want to is up to you. I haven't been to SP in several years.  
BaltoBob #91

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:01/17/2009 06:42:41Copy HTML

Some day when the temps get ABOVE 10 (like this morning) I could join anyone interested. I just ordered a couple thong/g-strings from www.skinz.com. I really don't like thongs (the string up my ass).  Don't think MD will ever let me go to a public beach NUDE. I'll wear a g-string/ www.bananapeelz.com anywhere, anytime.
BaltoBob #92

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:02/03/2009 11:22:21Copy HTML

My 4 new "swimsiuts" have arrived(1-M25U,1-M44U,2-M1R2U). Having spent $93.95 at www.skinz.com I, (being  cheap SOB) will HAVE to wear them somewhere public. I must get back on my diet,though. People seem to think old FAT guys don't look good in thongs. I'm not very far from Sandy Point.   
tanandtaut #93

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:05/13/2009 03:27:27Copy HTML

 Laid out at Sandy Point for the first time this afternoon.   Temps in the low 60's, mid-week, so not much of a crowd.  No other thongers, in fact no one else in a swimsuit, but the sun was warm between the clouds.  Gave up after about an hour of intermittent sun.  Not a fly in sight, breeze was from off the water.  Maybe next time . . .
NoVAThonger #94

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:05/16/2009 12:46:24Copy HTML

I was going to be at Sandy Point today, but the weather wasn't as I had hoped, and there is a Blues Festival happening on the grounds. Hopefully I will get to try again when it warms up even more.
NoTanLinesToo #95

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/22/2009 12:53:25Copy HTML

I heard that some of the beaches in the bay have been closed again due to high bacteria counts.  Does anyone know if this has affected Sandy Point?
tanandtaut #96

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/25/2009 11:56:37Copy HTML

Went to Sandy Point today.  No flies, so-so sun, one other thonger.  Beach was open with swimmers in the water.  Laid out in my new Body Aware teardrop mesh thong:
http://www.bodyaware.com/MZ-showdetail?itemid=T134&returnurl=MI-DA&returncap=Return+to+the+gallery&returnpro=default&cid=9C35.0J4F&dtind=39989.8395304282.   Wore it to walk a few hundred feet up past the fishing jetty and laid out again in the cove.

Some surprised looks - their problem.  An abundance of children, and then the clouds moved in, so I decided it was time to leave.

Good feeling to be almost totally bare and feel the sun's rays on my ass, as well as to try out my mesh thong.  Next will be a fishnet.  Will post a picture as soon as I can.
George2007 #97

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/26/2009 02:27:13Copy HTML

T&T was also at Sandy Point today.  Did not see you, probably because I was not far from the bay bridge and you were at the other end.  Sandy Point is such a great place, I've worn several thongs there, but tried out a new Male Power posing strap today - http://www.mensunderwearstore.com/prod/male-power/CC-PAK806-RED.html.  With only a 3/8 inch elastic waistband and center back strap, it's the skimpiest I've worn there and I was not sure if it was going to be OK.  I ended up talking to two rangers while wearing it and they told me to have a great day at the park.  It's really fantastic to have such a place to go to where you can wear minimal swimwear and not have to worry about legal hassles. 
String_guy #98

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:08/21/2009 02:32:20Copy HTML

Went to Sandy Pt. on Wednesday the 19th, no fellow thongers,flies were terrible! tried the citroguard, they laughed at it. More clouds then sun. So I packed up and went for a bike ride all over the park. Saw a photographer and hot female model. They were on the south beach jetty near the bridge. It was nice just to get out...
tanandtaut #99

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:08/22/2009 02:24:26Copy HTML

I watch the weather report on Weather.com.  The have a listing for Sandy Point State Park.  Under details, you will find the wind direction listed.  When it is from the west, look out.  The flies will eat you.  Out of the east (off the water), you should be ok.  Saves a trip and $5 (non Marylander) admission.  I think they should have a fly advisory and not collect or refund admission charges when the beach is not fit to be used as a beach.  But Maryland is so desperate for money, they don't care about being fair.
String_guy #100

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:08/22/2009 11:07:53Copy HTML

I do watch the weather reports, but I don't let that stop me from doing the things I like to do.... As I recall the report was for winds out of the east. It was dead calm and muggy. No matter I enjoyed myself anyway.
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