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car57 #201

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:04/16/2012 04:10:08Copy HTML

 Killamozilla, why do you have to make it political?  I've been a conservative for years but have enjoyed many days at Sandy Point in a thong, in fact I just spent several hours today in a thong on Ponte Vedra Beach in FL.  The jerks you're referring to are just that, narrow minded jerks!
JM_Runs #202

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:04/16/2012 11:53:19Copy HTML

Not saying that liberals or apolitical people can't be jerks, but in this case it tends to be
right wing christian conservatives that want to make sure everyone is following their standard
of conduct (e.g. not being scantily clad in public). They try and shut down nude beaches all
over the country whenever they can in the name of their version of morality.

A good example of this recently in the news would be statements made by
Rick Santorum, who wants to push his private morality on to the rest of the
country. He wants to ban pornography and control woman's reproductive rights
and access to contraception and make sure gay people can't get married.

car57, I am guessing you are one of those economic conservatives, who just doesn't want to
pay any taxes, but aside from that maybe you have a "live and let live" attitude
- not one of the conservative christian crazies that want to shove their bible down our throats.
I think you are probably in the minority with this attitude as far as east coast / bible belt republicans
are concerned. Part of the reason Ron Paul has done so poorly in the republican primary.
barebayboater #203

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:04/16/2012 12:27:10Copy HTML

I dont think that thonging or nude beaches has anything to do with political affiliation.  I happen to be a Repuplican and one who wishes that both sides would get down to govening and stop preaching and/or pandering.  If thonging and nude beaches had anything to do with politics then why didnt Harry, Nancy and Barrack do anything when they had a chance.  It is easy to think that Liberals are the only people in favor of nude beaches but that is simply stereo typing based on the fact that there are more nude beaches and speedos in Europe.  I dont like the people that Killa is referring to and I wish everyone would put their own agendas aside and come together as Americans.  There is plenty of beach for everyone.  In the meantime, I will stick with Assateague, much more peacefull out there.
JM_Runs #204

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:04/16/2012 12:42:53Copy HTML

What is it exactly that you want "Harry, Nancy and Barrack" to have done?

When you say,
" I wish everyone would put their own agendas aside and come together as Americans."
What is it that you mean by this? Please be specific.

There is not "plenty of beach for everyone" when prude people want to
tell you what you can or can't wear to the beach and ask you to cover up or leave.
String_guy #205

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:05/01/2012 01:58:09Copy HTML

When did this thread become an outlet for our politcal views??? No wonder I couldnt find it. Everyone is avoiding it like the plague!!! I thought this thread was about Sandy Point State Park in Annapolis, MD. 
The first nice enough day on one of my days off..... I will be there. I will also post on here when that will be. I would to love meet some of you there.
thonginthesun #206

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:05/02/2012 03:12:18Copy HTML

Agree, let's keep this board for thong-related discussions...Hoping to get away to spsp for awhile this thursday, midday, assuming cooperative weather---we'll see
String_guy #207

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:05/03/2012 08:38:00Copy HTML

Sounds nice Thong, Let us know how it goes..
String_guy #208

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:05/16/2012 09:41:34Copy HTML

Trying to go tomorrow... I know they are setting up for the Blues fest, so I'm not sure how nice it will be. Updates to follow....
JM_Runs #209

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:05/18/2012 07:44:53Copy HTML

 I am going Tomorrow (Saturday).
Hopefully things are not too crowded due to the blues festival.
Does anyone know if the beaches will be open?
Will there be more people at the beach than usual?
String_guy #210

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:05/19/2012 11:13:40Copy HTML

It will be crazy there. Good luck....
JM_Runs #211

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:05/20/2012 10:53:32Copy HTML

 So I went to Sandy Point. Two days in a row. Saturday and Sunday.
I did not have anything important to do this weekend and I wanted to get some sun on my buns.

Saturday I arrived around 1pm. The whole park was under a kind of "martial law".
There were cops everywhere and fences. Also people telling you where to park.
So that was kind of sucky. The blues festival had a big part of the beach fenced off.
So the secluded area of the beach near the bridge was unreachable.

I saw no men in thongs or bikinis at all. However, I noticed more women in skimpy swimwear than
ever :)
I walked up and down the south beach, then up to the north beach.
There were a number of really hot girls in tanga style bikinis.
I saw a few cheeky boy short bottoms - you know the ones with cleavage on the booty.
I wound up spreading out on the beach that is between the north and south beach.
The one near where the dirt road is that bridges the two beaches together.
There was a pretty lady in her fourties or so with her child. She had a sexy
skimpy backed rio style bikini. She left near the end of the day.
I wound up wandering back to the south beach after a while.
And I saw the first microbikini on a women that I have ever seen at SP.
She was definitely a bit of an exhibitionist. Standing up and
dancing around with her man for everyone to see.
The front of the bikini was very short.
She was totally shaved. I am not sure what brand it was, but it was hot.

I wore some short shorts from bodyaware that day and underneath them
I had on shy slut from koala. I mostly just wore the shorts shorts
and pulled them up a bit to get a little cheek exposure. There were
too many families and people all over and I didn't feel too comfortable
with the exposure of the koala suit. At some point I walked up to the north beach
and put my bags in front of my towel so that it was hard to see what I was wearing
and dropped trow. Got a little sun on the buns.

Then today I had nothing important to do, so I decided to go again.
Same deal with all the cops and fences and beach being blocked off.
I noticed fewer skimpy bikinis.
And then I ran into a lady who was lying on her back and
I am pretty sure she was wearing a wicked weasel.
Nice and skimpy. Then she rolled over on to her stomach.
And showed off her round behind.
I set up not far from her and took off my pants and sunned my
buns too. There are fewer negative comments when you are
set up next to a lady with a g-string that was skimpier than
what I was wearing. It put a smile on my face.
I still didn't get as much sun on the buns as I would've
hoped. There were a lot of clouds.

I am really excited to go back!

String_guy #212

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:05/21/2012 02:33:35Copy HTML

Sounds great Killa, I knew you would run into issues with the Blues fest there. I tend to stay away during big events.
String_guy #213

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:05/27/2012 01:44:13Copy HTML

Torn between Assateague and Sandy Pt. on Wednesday. I would love to make the trek to the "real" beach but....2 1/2 hrs sucks! I guess it will depend on what the weather looks like. Gonna be a last minute decision...
JM_Runs #214

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:05/27/2012 11:28:27Copy HTML

 Here's the beach report from yesterday:
There were lots of people.
Lots of Latinos, black folks, white folks, some Indians.

I wore some short running shorts as a cover up.
And then a tiny purple dore slide string underneath.

I only saw one thong on a cute latina lady.
I thought about setting up near her, but her boyfriend
made evil eyes and stared at me, so I steered clear.

Throughout the day I would wander around to find a new spot
and just see if any thong people had showed up and take in the
energy of the day.

I saw one lady with a cute tanga bikini. But that was it.

Over all it was an ok trip to the beach.
Some dude did try to take my picture from afar.
I covered up when I saw him pointing the camera at me.
I am not interested in going on anyone's facebook page
as a curiosity.
String_guy #215

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/09/2012 12:57:54Copy HTML

I went to Sandy Pt on Thursday 6-7. It was somewhat cloudy , but when the sun was out..... It was HOT! Didnt see any other thongs there that day. Lots of people just walking around. All of them were pleasant and unphased by my attire. I wore a very skimpy g string tear drop pouch. The East beach are was filled with school kids on field trips. They were far enough away that they were not an issue. Glad I went. Even got a little burnt on my shoulders. Back again on Monday 6-11. Hope to see some board members there.
String_guy #216

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/12/2012 02:33:54Copy HTML

Went to Sandy Pt yesterday. Had a good time. got lots of sun and met one of our fellow board members. Sun was very hot, beach was calm and hot, water was cool. Not many people there on East beach of Sandy Pt. though the park was busy.
GKing #217

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/14/2012 07:24:29Copy HTML

 How are the sand flies this year? I'm looking to go tomorrow.
JM_Runs #218

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/15/2012 12:09:23Copy HTML

I am going to SP tomorrow.
Got some new Joe Snyder Bulge thongs that I want to wear.
They are so comfy!
String_guy #219

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/15/2012 12:17:12Copy HTML

GKing, I didn't experience any flies the last time I was there. The time before....... It was rough. I keep Deep Woods Off in my beach bag so, I won! Hope you guys had a good time... I will be in Myrtle Bch next week so, no thong for me...
Killa, Keep me updated on the population over the weekend. I went last Monday and it was a disaster area!!
JM_Runs #220

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/16/2012 03:32:05Copy HTML

 Spent several hours out at Sandy Point today.  First off, flies were not a problem, at least not on Main Beach.  I don't like to lay out on East Beach because it makes me feel like I have to hide my thong wearing.  I laid out next to two 20 something girls in thongs (yes, there were two laying out!) near the big curve on the Main Beach.  I wore my white Skinz M1R G-String, which can be a little sheer when wet (and yes, the water is warm, so it did get wet!)  The girls were nice, but obviously didn't want to show off their thongs - they put on regular bikini's to stand up.  I, on the other hand, walked out to East Beach and back a couple times in my thong, and laid out on waters edge.  I'm not one to lay still for hours, I need to move.  That's why SoBe is my favorite, because I can walk for hours with nothing but a G-string on.  Anyway, laid out for about 3 hours.  Before I left, I did cover up to walk across Main Beach to the bridge.  While I don't cover up on SoBe, I will cover up near all the families out on Main Beach - and there were a lot.  However, there was almost no-one out near the bridge.  So I took off my shorts and carefully made my way down the rock wall.  Those of you who have been to Sandy Point know where I'm talking about.  There's a long rock wall that juts out into the bay about 200 feet, and it's only about 50 feet from the Annapolis Bay Bridge (which is a very busy bridge - I've driven across it and you can easily see people standing on the rock wall).  I took some pictures there and uploaded if people want to see!  After that, I swam for a few more minutes than packed up and headed out.  Overall, a very good day and I hope to go back soon.
JM_Runs #221

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/17/2012 05:47:03Copy HTML

I went to Sandy Point yesterday (Saturday).
Left around 10:45 and got there an hour later.

I wore these really comfy swim shorts as a cover up:
Body Aware "The Perfect Swim Short"

Nice and short, but not so much so as to show cheek or provoke onlookers.
Then under those I wore a black Joe Snyder Bulge thong:
I love how low these ride and almost show a little root.

I got there around 11:45 and there were already lots of cars in the parking lot.

I made my way through the path in the woods out to the east beach.

On the beach was a nicely tanned girl wearing a skimpy black g-string
She was here:
I am pretty sure I have seen her on this same area of the beach on a previous trip.

I set up maybe 15 feet away from her and stripped off my short swim shorts down to
my black JS bulge thong. She was with a group of people who were set up in a tent nearby.
I think they were Brazilian. None of them gave me any trouble. She looked great too,
all oiled up lying on the sand. There were several male companions in the group.
They all wore board shorts.

Later on, I noticed a gentleman had set up on the other side of the sunning female
and he was wearing a thong too. 

Later I decided to get up and wander down the beach to take in the sights and general
energy of the day.

I noticed one cute girl in a cheeky bikini on my walk down the south beach.
Then when I got to the far end approaching the bridge, I noticed another gentlemen
wearing a thong - set up kind of near the grass away from the water.
Here: https://maps.google.com/maps?q=39.009574,-76.400959&hl=en&num=1&t=h&z=20

I walked in the direction and set up maybe 20 feet from him and
changed into my dore very low slide string

I laid out for awhile until finally I became restless and decided to walk back down the beach to the north end.

The lady in the g-string had left and the gentlemen who was there moved to a different location near the place where the south beach curves around.
I continued walking north down the path to the north beach.

I set up away from the water near the edge of the foliage.
There were a group of people consisting of two couples set up on the beach near the water.
One of them was a pretty lady, thin and athletic and she was wearing
a nice Brazil style thong with a healthy show of cheek. Very cute.
Both the boyfriends had on huge board shorts.

After a long and pleasant day at the beach, I headed back to Baltimore.
Getting back was crazy as gay pride was happening in my neighborhood.
Tons of drunk and scantily clad young people.
There were a lot of people wearing cheeky boxers and bikinis all
around the festivities. Very nice! A lot of sexy and provocative
outfits on both sexes.
ltnhotmix #222

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/18/2012 02:19:06Copy HTML

 Hum. There are probably two sandy point beaches in Annapolis MD, if i compare my experience to the ones of other members. Went there today (sunday afternoon) to check things out and definitely NOT a thongers friendly place, at least during the weekend. Place (both south and east beaches) was litterally packed of families all over the place having great time and barbecues and stuff. So i guess unless you are going there early morning and leave at 2pm (but i dont call it a good beach day) or go during the week, maybe... but other than that i don't see how you could thong there without anyone complaining.
JM_Runs #223

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/18/2012 03:20:09Copy HTML

I think it is a lot more difficult to feel comfortable in a thong when you arrive after the beach is already crowded, if you have not thonged there before. On very crowded days it certanly helps to arrive early and let others sit close or not depending on their choice.

Last Weekend my local beach was PACKED for Fathers Day weekend.  I know this because some friends came over in the afternoon and wanted to bicycle to the beach. Even though I have thonged there a lot on all sorts of days, when the beach is that packed even I have a moment of uncertainty and tend to prepare my nerves in case some idiot has an issue. I was at the beach in the afternoon, and no one had a problem with my thonging, although the two girls did notice a couple of people made comments to their friends that the girls overheard. Then again the girls, being 17, tend to notice anything anyone says about anyone else.

My beach is thong friendly almost all year long, except days when their are two many people and too many red-necks. These tend to be special event days like the Air Show and 4th of July Fireworks when the beach is over packed, over dressed and often over lubricated. On days like this I tend to avoid the beach, or at least avoid running for miles down the middle of the beach in a thong. On afternoons like that, when a good amount of beer is consumed under the hot sun, as the density of the people increases and levels of testosterone go up, most people will feel less comfortable or thong confident. I also tend to avoid hanging out on the beach in front of the bars, on weekends, in the afternoons, after people have started seriously drinking.

I suggest that when it is your first attempt to thong at a particular beach try to avoid blockbuster weekends. If you are going on a blockbuster weekend do try to be arrive early, well before the the crowds build and beer is consumed. As a general rule, even crowded beaches are less populated and more sober in the mornings. Once you have staked out a spot and your immediate neighbors have adapted most newcomers will just go with the flow, either sitting near you if they don't care or sitting somewhere else if they do.

JM_Runs #224

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/20/2012 11:01:37Copy HTML

I am going on Saturday. The temperatures are in the 100's this week
in Baltimore, so getting to the beach where the highs are in the 80's will be a nice change of pace.
I'll probably go on Saturday unless the weather sours.

I am looking forward to working on my JS bulge thong tanlines.
I hope to see some other thong wearers there!
ltnhotmix #225

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/21/2012 12:06:13Copy HTML

 Hey JM_Runs. I do agree with you that in some place it can work that way. But i also feel that it usually requires a kind of "tolerant" place or good vibe to do so, which is different up here than what you can enjoy in some Florida or NYC area beaches. I just think it's not the case here. Sandy Point MD is a very small beach (east beach that is, the one described as thong tolerant as main beach is totally forget it i think), which leaves no place for kinda settling somewhere while you dont disturb others (very popular place : large table cabins at the back of the beach, families all around, kids playing on the beach and at the back...).
I wanted to share my experience there because i feel that this place doesnt have the proper vibe for thonging during the weekend, and though i'm a supporter of the cause too, i think we also all have a responsibility when describing a place as (extremely) thong tolerant.
My point is that i dont feel that Sandy Point can be that in any ways in the weekend during the summer, and i'm not saying that to discourage other fellow thongers, but to give an honest point of view. I dont have a definitive opinion about week days or early morning there, but i'm really not sure about that either.
In the end, everyone feel it in its own ways, but i just wanted to say : thonging at Sandy Point MD, summer weekend : be cautious, not what you may expect. Among all the reports, board members may also have different opinions and a more complete view about how a place may or may not be.
thonginthesun #226

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/25/2012 10:29:22Copy HTML

 My experience in past years (haven't made it this year...yet) has been that weekdays are fine for thonging. I usually go midday to enjoy lunch as I stretch out on my lounge chair. Since it is a family-oriented beach the weekends seem to me to be too crowded with kids, family groups, particularly in the group picnic area which is near the East Beach where most thonging goes on. I have seen thongers on the main beach, but not often. Not sure about up near the Bay Bridge. I just don't feel comfortable wearing a thong if I'm near family groups, so avoid the weekends and/or holidays.

Sandy Point may not be as welcoming, or open, as places in Florida or New York or California that have been described in these pages, but it's the only public place around the DC area where thonging is even possible (at least as far as I know). The main point is that it is legal to wear a thong at the beach in Maryland, so go for it!
JM_Runs #227

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/26/2012 11:36:19Copy HTML

So I went to Sandy Point again last weekend.
The same cute girl who has worn a black thong and been all oiled up was here again:

I decided to wander around the beach some rather than setting up next to her again
as I did last time. There were already lots of families and children on that part
of the beach and I did not want any trouble.

So I wandered up to the north beach and saw a gentlemen set up in a lawn chair
with stuff placed to his left and right side to partially block the view of his
swimsuit. I have seen him here before on several occasions:
He had on some kind of thong, but I did not wander much closer to discover what kind.
There were no other thongers at the north beach that I could see. Lots of families
with little kids though. I decided to steer clear.

I wandered back down to the main beach and finally decided to set up here:
On the big curve of the south beach.
There were no children or families nearby, nor were there any other thongs or skimpy bikinis.

I had brought my guitar that day, so after setting up I decided to play it for awhile.
I still had cover ups on up till this point so I wasn't a spectacle.
While I was playing a group of two ladies and a man set up a bit nearer
to the beach from where I was and started sunning themselves.
I finally got bored of my guitar playing and put it away
and took off my shorts cover up and stripped down to
my red JS bulge.
I could tell that groups of females around me were discretely trying to
take my picture. I saw one of the ladies who had set up in front of
me walk past the sheet that I was lying on - brandishing her iphone.

I turned to look at her after she had passed by and noticed
her other lady friend smiling at the both of us.
When the first lady saw that I could see her, she just kept
walking as if she wasn't actually trying to take my picture.
I just smiled at both of them.

Maybe after an hour or two, I was ready to pack up and move to a different
part of the beach. I got up and put my shorts on.
One of the two ladies from before walked up to me and asked if she could take my picture.
I said something like,
      "So you must think I look pretty funny, right?"
And she responded with,
     "No I just have never seen anyone wear a thong to the beach before".
We chatted for a minute and I agreed to take a picture with her
as long as it didn't show my face. We shook hands and
introduced ourselves. She had me make the weightlifter's flex pose and she did it too
and had her friend shoot the picture after I had stripped back down to my skivvies.
I could see another group of girls smiling at us as her friend shot the pics.

Overall it was a pleasantly surprising experience.
The ladies were very nice and sympathized with
me being harassed on occasion for being
a male thong wearer. (They brought up this point, not me.)

I have never had an experience like this so far at any beach.
Where non thong wearers are actually friendly (as opposed to just tolerant or outright hostile).
Maybe it was the guitar playing that set them at ease. I don't know.

I may try to set up on this part of the main beach from now on,
rather than trying to seek out other thongers and set up near them.
It was kind of a rush. I went home feeling very happy that day.

Next week on Wednesday I have the 4th of July off of work.
I know it will be crazy busy, but I think I want to go anyway.
I'll have to leave early to get there before the park fills up.
Maybe I can find a skimpy swimsuit made to look like the American flag.
Any suggestions?

String_guy #228

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/26/2012 12:28:01Copy HTML

Yes, Don't wear the flag.....
 I very seldom have any issues on East beach. I don't like to bounce around a lot, which some people consider to be  "lurking". I am not bothered by the Very large Hispanic crowds on weekends and holidays.

The only issues I have ever had is from the inner city youths. That was just talk, one quick call to the ranger and it was over.  Listen guys, It is not illegal to wear a thong or g string at Sandy Pt. They know it goes on and they welcome the revenue. You have every right to be there wearing what you want (within the law). Harrasment is against the law. The number to the Ranger station is 410-974-2149. Call and ask them what is legal.

In years past, SPSP was a well known gathering place for thong enthusiasts. Yes, times have changed. People have gotten more ignorant. Don't give up the ship! The more we show them we are not going anywhere, the sooner we will prevail!. 

I will be there every chance I get this year. Depending on my crappy retail schedule. On East beach or South near the baseball backstop. Sometimes the inner city camp kids wander down East beach and stir things up. Thats when I go to the South end.
JM_Runs #229

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/26/2012 04:02:27Copy HTML

- killamozilla, - I too find the general public section of the beach more friendly than hanging out with other men in a self designated thong / gay zone.  Possibly the predominance of men in thongs hiding out at the end of a beach sets peoples gadar off and makes them uncomfortable. Whereas when they are on the main beach this is not such an issue and so people are more naturally friendly.  As a general rule I usually avoid hanging out with other thongers, preferring to make friends in the general population.

When one or two women have signaled their approval or interest others will too.  This is why it is often a good tactic to ask if you can sit with a group of women, "Do you mind if I sit with you folks because I want to wear a thong but don't want to be hit on by the gay guys"  (When what you may mean is harassed by the rednecks and teenage boys.)  Better for a group of women, a couple of women, or even a mixed group, but not often for a single women, because you now look to others like a couple and that ruins her pickup chances.
JM_Runs #230

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/27/2012 10:42:50Copy HTML

I should not wear the flag because?
Already bought this from dore:

I am definitely going to SP this weekend. And going to be more brave and set up on the main beach.
I'll probably go on the 4th of July too, unless I decide to go to a BBQ instead that day.

Anyone else going?

tanandtaut #231

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/28/2012 01:21:19Copy HTML

Spent some time at SP yesterday afternoon.  Tried out my Pink Muscleskins Poser and got some sun on my butt (see photos in my images).  No flies, low humidity, strong sun . . . all was good.  Laid out on the bend at South Beach, beach patrol passed by several times.  Other sunbathers (including one thonger) close by, no problems.
String_guy #232

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:07/03/2012 08:03:33Copy HTML

I went to SPSP today and it was packed!. Must be alot of people without power still. I walked the entire beach from East to South Only saw one other man in a thong on East beach. The park has no power and most services are not avaliable. It was very hot on the sand and flies were not a problem. Camp kids on East beach were kept at the far end and were not a bother at all. Going back on Thursday, hoping to bring a friend.
JM_Runs #233

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:07/10/2012 03:40:15Copy HTML

I was at Sandy Point today. I tried to get there early but I had to much work to finish. I got there around 2 p.m. and walked straight down to East beach. It wasn't very crowded because of the clouds and being its Monday I guess. I saw one woman in a g-string on the way out to East beach. There were maybe 10  or so people fishing on the jetty, some men,some women and kids. On the far end there were lots of kids from the camp. One group on shore and another group in the water. I set up right in between near the volleyball nets but behind them. I wore a navy blue muscleskins thong that was fairly conservative. I laid out on my back for about a half hour and then went for a dip in the water. Walking to the water I know I was in full view of everybody but I didn't act nervous even though I was a little. I have only been here once and I really enjoyed being comfortable around all these people and nobody making any comments or making me feel uncomfortable. It was great. The first time there was a lifeguard and I approached him and asked him before I stripped down to a thong if it was first of all alright and second where I should set up as not to offend anyone that might be offended by a thong on a man or woman. He told me by the volleyball net, so that's where I came back to. Funny thing is after I got into the water and felt very comfortable, four teenage guys come walking on the beach and set up right in front of the volleyball nets near the water. Now I felt a little nervous. So I calmed myself down before I made my way back out passed these guys to my towel. I took a quick glance but didn't make eye contact, but it got pretty quiet. I don't think they expected that, kind of funny. Laid back down. It actually was cool I didn't here any comments. I could hear them talking about the woman in the g-string. I laid on my stomach for awhile and those guys didn't pay me a lick of attention. Just what I was looking for. Pleasant day. I left around 4 or so. No flies. Lots of boats and fisherman walking around.
String_guy #234

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:07/10/2012 06:28:02Copy HTML

Sounds great Thongjockey. I had similar experiences on Thursday the 5th. No worries at all. Though it was super hot! I did see a very attractive young lady in a high cut bikini but still no other thongs or g's.
 I do plan to go on Wednesday the 11th for a few hours. I hope to be joined by a female co worker. She has stood me up twice before so, I won't hold my breath!
String_guy #235

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

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Thongjockey, It was great. I ran into a friend that I met there several years ago. He and I sat out and enjoyed the sunshine. It was a little hot but not bad. There were a couple groups using the pavillions, one was a church group, But no issues. A couple groups of them walked by and acted like we had the plague but, You know me....I said Hi and waved at them. The reactions were priceless!! I cut my sunning short and went for a walk all the way down to the bridge. I saw one gal in her bra and panties but no other thongs. It was a great outting.
 How have you been? We should try to meet again.
JM_Runs #236

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

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 I spent the day at Sandy Point today. Very hot but I swam a lot. I saw one guy thonging around lunch time for an hour and then a couple both in thongs in the afternoon. Great day no problems.
flasfire #237

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

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 Hi all, How are the crowds on fridays? I am planning my first public thong experience tomorrow, There is a chance of rain but i figure the less people my first time out the better. Still kinda nervous about wearing my yellow JS bulge thong, I might just go with the black JS capri bikini. That will still be the most revealing swimsuit I've worn in public.
 I'm planning on getting there around 10 am, Come on out and join me
DavyJ #238

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

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The times I have been to Sandy Point (several years ago) I have always arrived very early, as I agree, it is better to arrive before the crowds.  I have also always thonged on the main beach, as I also don't like to "hide away".  Usually if you are there before everyone else and don't move around after it gets crowded you are ok, beacuse, as was noted earlier, people who don't like you will often set up somewhere else.  I also think it is just plain rude to intrude on someone else's space when you are planning to wear a thong.  I think you must keep in mind that when a beach is crowded your personal "space" is by necessity very tiny.  But if you are wearing a thong, you should try to give everyone ELSE much more "personal space" between them and you.  Of course that is impossible if you arrive at 2 PM on a weekend, so try to avoid that scenario.
JM_Runs #239

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

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 I agree with Davy J to set up early. Also to make yourself feel more comfortable I would go more conservative the first time. The east beach seems to be the area for skimpy suits on men and women. When I was there last there were g-strings and thongs on men and women and also families with standard suits. Apparently this has been the norm for years there and the regulars that go to Sandy Point expect to see thongs. I use the east beach out of respect for the people that do not want to be around thongs on men or women, not as a hideaway. People set up on that beach that can see that the thongs are there but it doesn't bother them. I had a mother and daughter set up their umbrella and blanket not far from me the last time and more people came over. There were no problems getting up and walking around or swimming in the bay. The lifeguards and everyone were very friendly. Sort of a thongers paradise in Maryland to boot. Also no lude behavior. Very family friendly. The day I was there it 107 degrees downtown. I swam probably every half hour. I like this beach because it isn't exclusive to thongs. It really brings thong wearing into the mainstream.
Trigger66 #240

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

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Thanks to all the great info here, I finally got an opportunity to thong at Sandy Point today. Dropped my kid off at the Merriweather for the Warped Music Festival, then had 8+ hours to kill. Weather was pretty sketchy at first so I headed to Fort McHenry to kill a few hours waiting for the clouds to clear off a bit. Got to Sandy Point around 3, being a weekday afternoon there were a few people/families on the South beach, and some fishermen on the jettys but East beach was completely empty - not even anyone in the pavillions. Set up by the volleyball nets on the East beach and enjoyed some sun on the buns in between the clouds. Flies were bad, but I live a couple hours away so I didn't want to give up the day and just dealt with it - plus a little tanning oil (or a lot) helped keep them reasonably at bay. Went for a short swim after a while, water was pretty murky but it was nice to clean off the sand off for a bit. Only looks I got was a couple that were heading to the far end of East beach with fishing poles in hand, they just looked amused as they walked by but no rude comments. All in all a pretty nice afternoon, although I'll have to remember the bug spray next time I'm in the area.
String_guy #241

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

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Hi Trigger, Good to hear you enjoyed it...Don't be a stranger.lol.I had a choice between yesterday and today. I chose today because of the clouds and rain on Tuesday. I hope it's not super crowded today!
sunup #242

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

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went to Sandy Point Tuesday and found the East Bch. water closed because of possible pollution. The weather was sunny, but not so hot; there was a bay breeze so it was tolerable. I had the place pretty much to myself because of this. There were only 2 other couples on the entire beach.  Even the day campers were a no show. According to the signs, the water was off limits yesterday also. I saw no thongers anywhere as far as I could see all the way south to the point.
String_guy #243

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

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Sounds like a perfect day at Sandy Pt. The weather was great on Tuesday. Too bad there wasn't any other thongers there. The water is off limits due to high levels of bacteria. This happens every year around this time. The bay gets very warm and little movement promotes growth of bacteria. they test it daily this time of year. That is why I dont go in the water, ever! Just enjoy the beach and sun. I bring a spray bottle of water to cool off. Maybe we will cross one day....
JM_Runs #244

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

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 Spent some time at Sandy Point today. I arrived there around 2 p.m. and left around 4:30 p.m.. It was a nice day but pretty hot. I swam a few times to cool off. There was one guy in a g-string and one guy in a speedo full back there when I got there. Also two families and a mother and daughter all close by and swimming also. Not to crowded. Friendly people and a nice day! I'm a little disturbed to here about the water having bacteria, I didn't realize that. There are always a boat load of kids from the camp swimming in it. I did get stung by a jellyfish so watch out for those.
sunup #245

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

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Spent 3 hours at Sandy Point Tuesday. When I arrived at 11:30, I was the only person on the East Beach.  It pretty much stayed that way until I left. There were a few fisherpeople on the jetty, one guy in a speedo, and one couple with a baby. The kids showed up around 1:00 and stayed on the north end. The sun was filtered through the clouds, but I still got some rays. I went in the 80 degree water, no signs of jellyfish. A very relaxing day!
sunup #246

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

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Arrived at Sandy Point to a few more people than I thought would be there on a Friday. The closest pavilion was packed and many of them were playing volleyball. The jetty was loaded with people fishing, and there were 2 guys in g strings laying near the jetty. They were both dark, apparently frequent visitors. I left around 3; many people walked past without any comments. The bay was warm, fairly clear, and minus any jellyfish. Be back next week!
sunup #247

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

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Went to Sandy Point on Monday. It was a little windy but everything else was excellent, No flies, lots of sun, warm water, and nearly deserted. There were 3 ladies, all separate, laying out.  Two were wearing thongs. I'd guess they were in their 30's. This  makes 3 females that I have seen at this beach wearing a thong since mid August. A positive trend for sure!
JM_Runs #248

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

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 I did get to Sandy Point on Wednesday the 12th. It was a beautiful day in the high 70's. I arrived around noon and walked to East Beach and set up there. Nobody on the beach at all! I stripped down to my thong and put on some lotion and laid out by the water. I guess about an hour later a young woman walked up the trail and I was buns up close to the entrance to East beach. I looked up but she didn't return the glance and she set up about 25 feet from me. A little later I took a dip in the bay. It was a perfect day. I brought my lunch with me so I sat up and started eating. I decided to break the conversation, being we were the only ones there, with "..what a beautiful day." We ended up having an extended conversation. Very nice woman. After about three hours I had to go and we both said good bye and hoped to meet again before it gets cold. Just an awesome day!!!
sunup #249

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

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 Spent the afternoon at thong-friendly Sandy Point. I saw 2 other guys in G strings, and 3 ladies laying out, one of whom may have been in a thong; I couldn't tell from a distance. There were several people walking the beach and a few fishermen on the jetty. Nobody gave us a second glance. I don't remember seeing a ranger drive by all year. They use to stop and walk the jetty checking for licenses, not this year. Water temp. has dropped about 10 degrees from its peak. Another great day, probably not many left.
tanandtaut #250

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

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 Hey, sunup, one of those guys might have been me.  What color thong?  I did not see any other g-strings or thongs and I walked from south beach to east beach and back.  Crowds are definitely thinning out as might be expected, but what amazes me is the number of kids, some of whom must be school age.  Truants, maybe?  Like you say, this is probably about the end of the season.  I did not expect it to last this long.  Long time until April.
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