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BaltoBob #251

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:03/11/2013 03:25:52Copy HTML

 SP is a MD State park.
JM_Runs #252

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:04/19/2013 05:19:14Copy HTML

My girlfriend and I often go to Sandy point on the weekends.  She's the one Killamozilla was referring to in numerous posts last season.  She got hooked on wearing tiny thongs in Miami and is trying to make wearing them a more common thing among women at Sandy point. 

The park put a bunch of picnic tables in the section we used to go to and now it's become so overrun that it's not a particularly fun place to thong.  So we moved to the side of the beach with all of the pavilions you can rent. That went pretty well for a while until some rather angry lady came over to her and said "ain't you showin a little to much ASS on this beach?". 
My girlfriend replied that thongs are totally legal on Maryland beaches, but the lady stormed off to talk to a park ranger.  She got no support from the ranger and she walked back to her husband who had clearly angered her in the first place by staring at my scantily clad girlfriend, haha. 

Anyway, we're trying to get enough people to thong on that side of the beach towards the jetty so that it becomes known as the unofficial thonging spot. 

If anyone knows any women who like to thong, please let me know because she'd love to meet up with and thong with other women to help start a trend this summer.  We'll be there every weekend that the weather is good from now until September.  Hopefully she'll bring some more daring friends of hers to thong as well and maybe we'll get a good thong fad started!
TJ-22 #253

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:04/19/2013 01:18:38Copy HTML

Chrisz240, that sounds terrific.  That is the same part of the beach I have used, but not very often the last few years.  I will definitely look to get out on a Saturday or Sunday when I get the chance.
sunup #254

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:04/25/2013 01:10:56Copy HTML

 Today was my first day at Sandy Point for the season. Skies were sunny with some haze over the water and temps in the 60's. The wind was blowing from the south, so I laid by the volleyball nets and had to use the windscreen for protection. When I arrived there  was a crew doing a commercial shoot for some company. They were working at the nearest pavilion. That was it except for the handful of fishermen and a few walkers. The water was exceptionally clear but cold. The sand had been raked and was in midseason form. When I left there must have been 10 cars at the automated gate. The driver from the first car in line was walking back asking the drivers for change. It pays to purchase a pass!
String_guy #255

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:04/26/2013 02:37:15Copy HTML

Hey Chris, The section of the beach closest to the volleyball nets on the point, On the "private" side of Sandy Point has been known for decades as the thong spot. When I first started going back in the mid 90's there was a large crowd of folks who would use that section of the beach.
 I have found that the weekend crowds are very loud and obnoxious. This is why I prefer the week days. The only issue with weekdays are the camp kids. They fill the beach on that side in the summer. I will be there this summer, Weekdays mostly, wife does not share my passion. Hope to see you there.
JM_Runs #256

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:04/27/2013 07:25:43Copy HTML

 Yeah we went during the week last summer and there was annoying camp full of kids.  My girlfriend was on her stomach so she had her top undone and since she was wearing a tiny micro thong, it appeared from a distance that she was laying out naked.  The kids seemed rather amused by that and came closer to get a better look before their counselors moved them far away.  I'm thinking we're going to be two of those huge Sportbrella things to provide a bit of a view blocker from that side of the beach.  Good news though, she ordered her friend a tiny thong bikini as well and she's going to come with us to lay out on weekends as soon as the weather gets consistently over 70 degrees.  Hopefully that'll be by next weekend.
JM_Runs #257

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:04/27/2013 10:12:56Copy HTML

 I replied to Sting_ray's comments about camp kids.
Then realized I was hijacking the thread.
So I moderated my self, and moved my post about summer camp kids here >> http://forum1.aimoo.com/ThongBoard/Questions-and-Opinions-about-wearing-thongs/The-Presence-of-Children-vs-What-To-Wear-kids-1-636964.html  

After that several other people followed on the subject of summer camp kids.
Read the last half dozen or so posts on the linked thread.
cmp304 #258

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:05/06/2013 02:17:51Copy HTML

I actually ended up going today even with the clouds and cold morning.  By noon it was a perfect day to lay out and my butt is starting to get tan again!  Those of you that didn't show up missed a great day.
String_guy #259

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:05/17/2013 08:48:31Copy HTML

JM, Is it just me or is some of this thread missing?
JM_Runs #260

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:05/17/2013 09:17:11Copy HTML

 I moved the contact requests and discussions about going to the beach or meeting up in the future to the Sandy Point - Contacts thread.
The general rule is information and reports from the beach belong in the beach thread.  This is mostly past tense, went-saw-did.

Comments about possibly meeting up, or I will be at this place at this time, in the future,  belong in the contacts thread.
This is because they get old and stale very quickly.  "I ma be there tomorrow"  is useless information for someone reading about the beach two one week or years from now.

Here: http://forum1.aimoo.com/ThongBoard/Contacts-Looking-for-some-one-to-thong-with/Sandy-Point-MD-Contacts-3-576051.html
JM_Runs #261

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:05/18/2013 04:09:27Copy HTML

 Ok...JM, that seems a bit excessive, but whatever you say.  We went down on Friday to end of the beach near the volleyball nets.  It was a weekday so there was almost no one on that side of the beach.  We got there and there was already a man tanning in a blue thong and a woman not to far away just tanning in a modest bikini.  My girlfriend set up not too far away from the guy, and within about half an hour two more men in thongs had set up within 30 feet of her.  Looks like we're well on our way to re-establishing this as the thong spot for the summer of 2013.  Earlier in the day, we did see a woman in a thong on the main beach laying out, but as more and more people moved in, she covered up and left.  Hopefully people like that will discovered the other side of the beach and congregate there instead so thonging numbers grow. 
n2thongsngs #262

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:05/19/2013 01:57:10Copy HTML

 I will be there tomorrow - sporting a Thong!
JM_Runs #263

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:05/21/2013 10:28:17Copy HTML

 I know JM doesn't want people posting about plans so much as experiences on here, but I just wanted to warn some people about Memorial Day weekend because last year we got there at about noon and the park rangers were turning people away because the park had reached capacity, so make sure that if you go this year, you're early.  We're headed up Saturday and Sunday this weekend and we'll be there early (10:00ish) near the volley ball nets.  That spot worked out well last weekend, and hopefully the numbers will help to keep the inevitable weekend gawkers from being a pain about thongers.
JM_Runs #264

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:05/21/2013 10:52:34Copy HTML


I have had the same problem. Have been turned away several times.
That's such a bitch when I've driven all the way from Baltimore (about an hour drive).
Sometimes I wind up turning around and going to gunpowder falls state park, which has a different vibe compared to SP.
Did a few write-ups about it here:

As far as JM goes, I think he wants "plans" to be posted on this page:

I saw you and your GF at the beach the other day.
I was lying down and reading a comic book.
You're are very lucky man, sir.
Maybe I'll see you one of those days if the weather is not bad.

TJ-22 #265

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:05/22/2013 12:09:18Copy HTML

As this is a holiday weekend, here is a reminder tip about dealing with Bay Bridge traffic.  (I just heard that 366,000 vehicles are expected to cross the bridge this weekend.)
Plan to get off Route 50 at Cape St. Claire Rd., which is two miles short of the Bay Bridge.  Cross the bridge over to the north side, then turn right on East College Pkwy.  This road runs right next to Route 50 all the way into the park.  If traffic is backed up further, you can exit a bit earlier at Busch's Frontage Rd. (and follow that to Cape St. Claire Rd.), or even Bay Dale Rd. (and take that north for a half-mile to East College Pkwy.). 
There is another parallel road on the south side of 50 (Whitehall Rd.), but this will be harder to use, simply because frustrated drivers on 50 are more likely to use the road on their right to try to bypass the traffic jam, and therefore a backup will occur on Whitehall at the last on-ramp before the toll booth.
String_guy #266

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:05/22/2013 09:26:17Copy HTML

You can go as far west as Rt 2. Just go north about 2 miles, or so,and turn right on College Pkwy. This will run you all the way to the park.
cmp304 #267

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:05/29/2013 12:15:31Copy HTML

 Did anyone make it to Sandy Point over the weekend?  If so has the water warmed up?
TJ-22 #268

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:05/29/2013 12:14:32Copy HTML

It was still a little chilly when I was on East Beach there the week before last, but I would think it would be warmer by  now.  I will probably be there this Friday.
JM_Runs #269

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:05/29/2013 05:22:30Copy HTML

 We were about 100 feet away from the volleyball nets from 1:00-4:00.  It was fantastic weather and not crowded at all.
Matt37 #270

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:05/31/2013 01:48:16Copy HTML

I had not heard of this beach until I was just browsing through the forum. I've spent much of my thonging time either at Fort Lauderdale or Haulover. Since I live in Delaware, it seems like this beach is only a little more than an hour from me, so I'll have to check it out.
String_guy #271

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/03/2013 02:49:46Copy HTML

Matt, Unless you live in western Delaware, you should go to Assateague. Although, new folks are fun.
Matt37 #272

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/04/2013 10:31:42Copy HTML

I actually live just south of Philly. Looks like Assateague is 128 miles from me and Sandy Point is 78. So I'm thinking SP is a better deal for a one-day outing. :p
BEACHBOY7733 #273

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/05/2013 08:49:35Copy HTML

BEACHBOY7733 #274

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/11/2013 01:57:48Copy HTML

I might try sandy point monday if weather looks good

String_guy #275

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/11/2013 04:21:01Copy HTML

 I am at sandy pt right now. Absolutely beautiful day.
Ally0423 #276

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/15/2013 09:43:46Copy HTML

I'm new to thonging not really sure how I feel about it yet, any advice? And where are some really good places that I could get a thing bikini? It would really help also where exactly are the spots for thonging located on the beach?
JM_Runs #277

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/20/2013 02:59:56Copy HTML

 Ally, if you're looking for a good spot to thong, stay away from the main South Beach area of the park.  Instead, if you're facing the water, head left along the beach and you'll swing around the bend and then continue along the water and along a short dirt road/path to the large, somewhat private area of the beach where people rent pavilions. You should see volleyball nets and in that general area, you'll often find a handful of thongers close to the nets.

I take my girlfriend there from 11 to 3 or 4 every Sunday so she can tan in her thong bikinis.  You might see her there just with me or with another female friend in a thong.  She's trying to go each weekend to establish that as a spot for women to feel more comfortable thonging this summer. 

There are usually one or two men thonging at that spot and they seem pretty fearless, and usually she just lays out without worry.

Once last summer some rather obnoxious middle aged woman walked up to her and said "ain't you showing a little too much AAAASSS for this beach?". 
My girlfriend politely explained that thonging is totally legal in the park and in Maryland beaches, and she didn't appreciate the harassment. 

Anyway, that's why she's trying to establish that as a spot where women who like to tan in thongs can go and feel more secure in greater numbers.
Lucy_A #278

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/20/2013 02:58:33Copy HTML

This is great. My husband and I have lived in the DC Metro area all of our lives we find we're a bit more adventurous than the average couple. Good to know that there is a spot near us to tan in my skimpy swimwear. I think we may checked it out tomorrow afternoon. Anyone able to make it out? 
tanandtaut #279

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/20/2013 08:12:15Copy HTML

 Hi, Lucy, and welcome -
I was just there today from 11:45 to 2:15, did not see ONE other thong, among lots of people. I wore my usual pink thong, and there were no problems.  No flies, either.  If you go Friday afternoon, beware the Bay Bridge traffic. There are a couple of shortcuts outlined in previous posts, but the earlier you arrive, the better.  Hope to see you tanning in your skimpy swimwear some other time.
JM_Runs #280

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/20/2013 08:32:46Copy HTML

Lucy,  we're not really supposed to make this into a page to make plans with meeting up with others as the site moderator has explained,
but on any given weekend (as long as the weather is good) you'll find me sitting under a big blue sportbrella and my girlfriend in
a micro thong bikini from www.vkini.com on the North Beach area near the volleyball nets.  We always go on Sundays from 11-3,
but if we have time, we'll go on Saturdays too.  Hope to see you there often this summer!
JM_Runs #281

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/23/2013 07:17:16Copy HTML

 The weather was miserable today so we stayed away, but we'll see you guys there next weekend!
GKing #282

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/24/2013 02:40:46Copy HTML

  Hello All!  Looking forward to another great season!  Had anyone encountered those awful dreaded sand flies so far?  They  can really kill the fun.
String_guy #283

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/24/2013 03:54:14Copy HTML

 Hey G, I haven't had any issues with them . Yet! I've only been out a couple times so far.
JM_Runs #284

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/24/2013 04:36:36Copy HTML

 I noticed the flies a few years ago, but they've seemed to not be there for the last couple of Summers.  I have a feeling that the flies get drawn
towards the barbeques or something because they park as increased the number of picnic tables and the number of groups grilling has increased
quite noticeably over that period of time.  The beach seems to be fly-free for the most part.  It makes laying out and walking around far more pleasant!
GKing #285

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/25/2013 12:51:57Copy HTML

  Thanks! I remember days of leaving with more than a  tan line.... those terrible red itchy bites  from sand flies.  I'm glad they are gone and the weather is heating up!  
cmp304 #286

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/28/2013 03:19:31Copy HTML

 I needed to make a site visit to a client in NOVA this morning and had planned to make it to sandy point afterwards.  I went ahead in spite of the weather forecast and actually got in a few hours of really nice beach time before the rain came in at 3 pm.  Since I could either be stuck in traffic on the beltway or stuck at the park I just hung out and read for about an hour then the sun came back.  It was too late in the day to get much more added to the tan line, but it was nice to practically have the beach to myself to read, relax and walk the beach in a g string .  Water was really nice, no flies today, strong wind from the bay kept them away.  Fewer people than normal, and practically no one after the rain.
TJ-22 #287

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/28/2013 01:18:04Copy HTML

I have come to Sandy Point occasionally for years now, and I honestly don't think I've ever encountered the flies.  I must be doing something right, I suppose. Anyway, I've gotten down there twice so far this year.  Both were on Fridays, and both times I saw three thongers.  Let's hope that kind of attendance continues.
cmp304 #288

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/29/2013 03:09:00Copy HTML

I did not notice anyone one else in a thong yesterday.  I think this may be the only time I have been there that I was the only thong I saw.  But there were not a many people there as normal and I didn't leave my spot until the rain started so someone could easily have been thonging elsewhere on the beach.
JM_Runs #289

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/30/2013 06:42:41Copy HTML

 My girlfriend had a great time laying out on the North beach in her black micro bikini today.  We set up next to a middle aged french woman who was wearing a pretty skimpy Brazilian red bikini and then an older gentleman set up on the other side of us in a small black thong.  Minimal gawkers even though the beach got fairly crowded as the afternoon proceeded onward.  On another note, we noticed that the East beach now has signs that say no one can swim in the water between the jetties there.  That meant that there were a fair number of fishermen there, but it also meant that the sand was basically devoid of people.  Next time we may pick that place to set up and thong since the massive number of families moved away to the North beach in order to have a place to swim.  We'll likely be there on Thursday morning, does anyone else know when you have to get to the beach on the 4th in make sure you don't get turned away because the park has reached capacity?
Sail-and-Beach #290

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:07/04/2013 03:23:08Copy HTML

The  light sign on RT 50 says "Sandy State Park Closed".  I don't know if that means it is full or something else.
Sail-and-Beach #291

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:07/05/2013 11:35:19Copy HTML

I sailed my boat near Sandy Point after seeing the sign on RT 50.  I could see that the beach was packed--full of people.  So I guess the Rt 50 sign was their way of saying the beach was full.
String_guy #292

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:07/13/2013 10:12:31Copy HTML

I was there today. It was hot and cultural....I saw one other dude in a g string. He was very bold. He wore a lime green enhancement suit. When I walked by his package was sticking wasy up. I know he had to cant some heat from the inner city folks. But he hung in there like a champ! Has anyone seen him before....He had red hair and lime green suit and a guitar. Looked to be shaved smooth. Set up just south of the main beach.
JM_Runs #293

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:07/14/2013 01:40:25Copy HTML

 Haha. That was me.
The suit is the tiny jovana number which is now my new favorite

Nobody at the beach gave me any trouble.
I wound up walking around just wearing my
JS mini cheek as a cover up

I am going to go again today since the weather is nice!
String_guy #294

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:07/14/2013 04:23:27Copy HTML

Awesome! You are brave. Next time I see you I will have introduce myself.
JM_Runs #295

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:07/14/2013 11:39:57Copy HTML

 So today was great.  It was a little hot, but I brought out my girlfriend and her friend to tan on the East Beach for about 3 hours as I sat happily under my sportsbrella.  They both wore micro bikinis from www.vkini.com and if you wanna see a picture I snapped then just go to my profile and you'll see a picture of them both laying out today.  You're no longer allowed to swim on the East Beach and they had park rangers coming around and making people leave the water and go to either the North or South Beach areas.  That was fine with us because it made for a very quiet beach.  My girlfriend's friend had a blast and will be coming back with us to that spot each weekend that we have good weather for the rest of the summer.  Now that the big families have all vacated that area, we need to take back the East Beach as a spot for thongers...who's with me??
whitebull #296

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:07/16/2013 09:56:40Copy HTML

 AWESOME  will have to make plans to get there   its 2 hrs away from me
JM_Runs #297

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:07/21/2013 08:55:01Copy HTML

 We went again today from about 1:30-4:00 on the East Beach.  It was really crowded, but the fact that you can't swim there anymore periodically drove families away when the rangers came by to get everyone out of the water.  My girlfriend set up in her micro thong again as usual but we didn't see any other thongers today.  Where is everyone?
JM_Runs #298

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:07/22/2013 09:54:01Copy HTML

I was there on Sunday and there were lots of people present.
I spotted you guys down in your usual beach spot.
I didn't want to disturb you or be a pest so I wound up setting up
further south near where the fishermen tend to be.
Also I wanted to swim and didn't want to be near any families or small children.
There were some Russian girls not far from me who had on some nice and skimpy
cheeky bikinis. I didn't see any proper thongs though.
JM_Runs #299

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:07/26/2013 03:50:27Copy HTML

 Had a rather unpleasant experience today.  My girlfriend and I set up on the North Beach at around 1:00 and stayed until 4:00.  At about 3:00 a beach patrol worker cruised by and stopped right near where my girlfriend was laying out in her red micro bikini.  He motioned me to come over and then said "tell your girlfriend or wife over there that she has to cover up".  I answered him "why?".  He explained that it's inappropriate and there are children on this beach so she needs to cover up and put shorts on.  He insisted that "string bikinis aren't allowed on the beach".  I explained to him that they were absolutely legal and allowed in Sandy Point and the park rangers had confirmed this to us on multiple occasions.  He then asked me if I had children and began to try to lecture me on how it's inappropriate to have "all that hangin out" on a beach where children are playing.  Now mind you, there were no children in sight over her. I had a 9 foot wide sportbrella set up right in front of her and the only person who could actually see her was another gentleman laying out in a g-string himself.  I explained that I'm sorry if he thinks something is inappropriate, but thongs are allowed on the beach regardless.  I explained that people wear thongs to the beach literally every weekend with the approval of the park staff.  He said that she was the first person he'd ever seen wearing one...but five seconds later admitted "but I'm new here".  I explained that we weren't making trouble for anyone and were totally within the rules and that if he wanted, he could call his manager and explain the situation.  He said he'd do exactly that.  He carted right off to go talk to them....and never returned haha. 
BaltoBob #300

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:07/26/2013 05:36:04Copy HTML

 Glad you set him straight. I would have insisted on talking to his supervisor, which might have cost Mr "I'm new" his job. 
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