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JM_Runs #301

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:07/26/2013 11:17:23Copy HTML

 Good on you for standing your ground.
I've never had any of the park staff harass me before and I've been going for 3 years or so now.
It's strange that he would just make up rules like that and then force them on you.
People like that make me really angry.

sunup #302

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:07/27/2013 02:43:07Copy HTML

 Chrisz240,  I was the "gentleman" that was at Sandy Point on Thurs. Thanks for the compliment, you are too kind. Allow me to express my thoughts on what occurred that afternoon.  Your observations were right on. Your girl was well protected  from the kids at the volleyball net by the umbrella and there were no campers walking anywhere near us. When that life guard drove onto the north beach, I thought at first it was a maintenance worker because he was driving very slowly. When he passed me, he nodded, and clearly saw my thong. Why he chose you to exercise his supposed authority is beyond me. I have never seen him before so Mr. New probably wasn't aware of the law. Too bad he didn't admit it and then apologize for the harassment and the embarrassment. When he left, he drove slowly along the trail by the East Bch. He was looking at two guys swimming in the No Swim zone but didn't even get out of his gator and ask them to leave the water. Funny how posted rules are ignored by the same person who thinks he knows the laws for thongs in the State of Maryland.  I wonder with just 5 wks. to Labor Day, the park needed to hire another lifeguard; anyway, if he bothers anyone else on this board, I suggest you ask him to call the ranger station, 410-974-2149. If he refuses, then make the call yourself. We have every right to wear G strings and thongs. This is the first time in many years I have heard or seen this type of behavior from a ranger or lifeguard at Sandy Pt.
JM_Runs #303

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:08/07/2013 10:31:10Copy HTML

Yeah, we went back last weekend, met up with another like-minded couple and had a great time on the East Beach with no issues from any pesky, ignorant lifeguards.  The East Beach continues to be a great place for my girlfriend to thong as fewer and fewer people attempt to swim in the water before rangers ride around to order them out of the water and to swim at the other two beaches.  You'll likely see us on the East Beach on both Saturday AND Sunday this weekend.
JM_Runs #304

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:08/11/2013 06:16:20Copy HTML

 Another great day at the beach!  We met up with the same great couple today and laid out on the East beach.  We got there early, around 9:30 in the morning and the beach stayed pretty uninhabited except for a handful of guys fishing until around 12:00.
Lucy_A #305

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:08/13/2013 12:17:19Copy HTML

@ Chris Z, Had a great time in the sun yesterday. Definitely makes a big difference to tan with someone else. Time went by rather quickly as we talked the hours away. I am starting to feel sad that the summer is coming to an end but am looking forward to the few remaining Sundays. My tan should last through the fall at least :-) 
JM_Runs #306

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:08/13/2013 03:27:14Copy HTML

 Yeah, Lucy, we're hoping that the warm weather lasts well into September so we can keep going as many weeks as possible!  Can't wait to see you guys again this weekend!
sunup #307

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:08/15/2013 10:27:19Copy HTML

Spent much of Thursday afternoon on the north beach. An awesome day!  Lots of sun, low humidity, a bay breeze, and 3 other guys wearing g- strings, one thonger and one guy in a speedo. There was one couple near us under an umbrella,and an Hispanic family  showed up around 2:00 but they stayed near the trees while one guy fished and the kids played in the water. A few walkers; nobody gave us a second glance. In fact, the lifeguard that hassled Chris passed us at least 5 times on his gator without even slowing down. Can't wait for the next decent day and with school starting soon it will only get better.
JM_Runs #308

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:08/16/2013 02:47:37Copy HTML

 Yeah, we were there last Sunday with Lucy A. and her husband on the East Beach and on our way in we saw him zipping around in that thing but I think now he knows that he can't say a thing to us about it.  He originally tried to claim to me that it didn't matter what the rules are and that it was a judgement call by the manager. He said it didn't matter if we weren't bothering anyone, but that if children were around and my gf refused to cover up then he could have us thrown out.  Soooo, I told him to go ask his manager and come back if he's authorized to throw us out...we never saw him again that day.
cmp304 #309

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:08/21/2013 01:46:50Copy HTML

I made it out today.  This is only my third trip there this year, but saw a few other thongs plus some speedo-type suits.  It still was only a small number, but seemed to be more than I remember in the past.  A really nice day!
JM_Runs #310

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:09/02/2013 02:48:36Copy HTML

I went to Sandy Point on Sunday. I got there just before noon. It was not too crowded for a three day weekend, although the east lot
( https://maps.google.com/maps?q=39.013386,-76.397663&hl=en&num=1&t=h&z=19 )
where I normally park was filled, so I had to park in the big lot to the west.

I walked on the path through the woods to the east beach and setup not too far from the water right around here:


I wasn't too near anyone else, maybe 50 feet or so to the nearest couple that were set up in their beach tent. I always stay the hell away from children and families. Avoid them like the plague.

I put on my beach hat and proceeded to doze for perhaps half an hour and when I had nearly fallen fully asleep, I was surprisedly awoken by a voice, telling me,  "Sir, there have been some complaints and you need to put some shorts on."

I pulled off my hat and looked up to see an officious looking female park ranger with walkie-talkie in hand. I was so surprised and shocked I suppose, that I just complied at once.

After putting my shorts on and getting my head together a little, I walked up to the female park ranger and her male associate who had moved to stand at the edge of the beach near the gazebo. I asked her why I was asked to cover up and she responded that there had been several complaints. I asked her if I was being discriminated against because I am a male and she said that I wasn't.

My guess is that the large, white church group that was in attendance at the park that day was unaccustomed to thong swimsuits.

I was a little too flustered to intelligently argue with her at that point and so I just packed up and moved all my stuff down to the main beach
where I setup near a cute bleached blond latina lady and played my guitar and sunned in a more conservative but still skimpy swimsuit for the rest of the afternoon.

I have never been asked to cover up before and I was not sure how to react. I definitely wasn't interested in being hauled off to jail, so I just complied.

The first swimsuit I had on was the very skimpy Jovana micro string (although all my bits were covered).

I have worn this one a bunch of times this Summer without any problems up till now.

The second one was the Joe Snyder mini cheek, which has been my default cover-up lately when I go to SP.

I note that the SP rules on "Thong Swimwear" are really ambiguous and open to interpretation:


"Can I sunbathe nude at Sandy Point State Park? Can I wear a thong bathing suit? Sandy Point State Park is a public family facility. There are no “private” areas of beach in the Park. Public nudity is prohibited by law. When in the Park, we ask that you wear bathing attire that is appropriate to be viewed by adults and children alike. If bathing attire is inappropriate, you may be asked to cover up"

Any thoughts/advice/comments?

I am not interested in non-constructive criticism or insults.  
tanandtaut #311

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:09/02/2013 10:19:21Copy HTML

That really sucks.
Since you have worn that suit previously without problem, and the only thing different this time was the "large white church group", I think you have ID'ed the source of the complaint(s).
Since the rules are ambiguous and the remedy for swimwear inappropriate for adults and children alike is to cover up, it appears that all went according to plan, even though it flummoxed you.
Hope that this is not a new trend or a change of position on the part of the authorities. Discretion seems to always be in order, especially so when the "general public" is loose on the beach, ie weekends and holidays.
Suck it up and forget it.
BorisVI #312

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:09/02/2013 11:34:01Copy HTML

Killa, You shouldn't second guess anything you did. The "not a problem" approach makes the complainers the focal point for the rangers as the ones too easily offended.  I would suggest that not arguing with the rangers is always the best option and locating 100 feet from the nearest set of eyes when that's possible.  Being pleasant and cooperative goes a long way in creating a tolerant environment.
BaltoBob #313

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:09/03/2013 12:05:35Copy HTML

There is no reason you can't go back next weekend wearing the same suit (which you admit is rather tiny). They didn't make you leave or issue any ticket etc. Hell, I gather you still had a good day wearing very little. 
cmp304 #314

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:09/03/2013 01:42:49Copy HTML

 Killa - I am sorry that your day did not work out exactly like you planned and hope that you still were able to enjoy your weekend.  I feel that your response was perfect and want to thank you for being respectful to the ranger (who was just doing her job) and the other guests (even if they were not as open minded as we would like).

We know that it is legal to wear a thong in a Maryland State Park.  I know that a female ranger (not necessarily the same ranger) drove up to me last week when I was there to tell me that there had been a lightning strike in the area and everyone needed to move off the sand. She told me that I could move to the pavillion and lay out on the grass if I wanted and that she would be back to tell us when the storm danger had passed.  Since I was wearing only a g-string throughout the conversation I am confident that your issue is simply because a group did not approve and complained a lot.    You could have made an issue of this and if you fought it long enough  you probably would have won this battle.  But we all know that policies/rules/laws are created because someone perceives a problem exists and makes a lot of noise until they get the policy/rule/law that they want.  I know that some will disagree with me, but in cases like this I feel it is best to be positive and helpful to the ranger and present an attitude of respect for others.  I think that is a wise investment to future use of an area.

Thanks again for putting forth positive and respectful image.  I hope you next visit is better!
thonginthesun #315

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:09/03/2013 09:31:26Copy HTML

From Wikipedia under "mooning"

 In 2006, a Maryland state circuit court determined that mooning is a form of artistic expression protected by the First Amendment as a form of speech.[7][8] The court ruled that indecent exposure relates only to exposure of the genitals, adding that even though mooning was a "disgusting" and "demeaning" act to engage in, and had taken place in the presence of a minor, "If exposure of half of the buttocks constituted indecent exposure, any woman wearing a thong at the beach at Ocean City would be guilty."[7]
ithongit #316

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:09/04/2013 10:36:23Copy HTML

Killamozilla -- I have been thonging for almost 20 years now (boy, that makes me feel old!)  In all the hundreds of places I have thonged, I once had a similar experience.  A miss-informed Ohio park ranger approached me and my husband (this was before we were married) and told us we could not wear thongs.  We did as you did -- complied with his request.  He said we would have to cover up OR leave.  We did both since we were talking about leaving any way.  The whole experience was unsettling and bothersome -- sort of the same feeling you get when you get pulled over for speeding on a highway where everyone was speeding but you were the one singled out for a ticket.  But the "cover up" order is probably 10 times worse.

I commend you for staying at the park and continuing your holiday -- perhaps wearing a little more fabric than you had first planned to wear.  I think you did nothing wrong and can understand how you could feel confused a bit if you were sleeping and this all happened when you were waken up. 

The only thing I might have done differently (and this is is retrospect and without all the details of what was going on) would be I think I would have tried to stayed where I was.  I would have put on a suit with more coverage and stayed put.  I have been ask to cover up in other situations and have always stood my ground and stayed.   Leaving may inadvertently send the message to whomever is complaining that you agreed that what you were doing was inappropriate and that they not only had the right to tell you not to wear your thong but now also had the right to ask for specific people they do not want to look at for whatever reason to leave the area.  Again, this comment is not meant to be a criticism and only a suggestion if someone has something similar happen in the future.

The thing we did next was write the head of the Ohio State Parks and explained the situation in great detail.  We mentioned the time and date, a description of the park ranger (we only had one come down) and briefly described the conversation.  We only used direct quotes when we were 100% sure exactly what had been said, but instead mostly mentioned the tone of our conversations and the subject of our discussions in general terms.  We even mentioned that the officer involved was polite but quite demanding, or something to that effect. 

We specifically ask what law we had violated (we were told it was against the law) and for a situation to that law.  We mentioned that we had worn the same thongs at other parks at other times for years and never had any issues before. 

The head of the Oho State Parks responded that he had contacted the ranger in question and that the ranger agreed with what we reported.  The head ranger said we were within our rights to wear what we were wearing and that the ranger involved had been in error.  He told us to feel free to wear our thongs at any state park and to let him know if any other ranger took similar actions.  He let us know that the ranger was given additional instructions by his supervisor to handle thongers appropriately in the future. He even let us know when this ranger was re-assigned (something they do in Ohio of a semi-regular basis and not specifically because of our complaint) to another non-lake park.

These are the responses that you should expect in a situation where there are no rules against thongs.  Unfortunately, it looks like Sandy Point management wants to have a thong-free environment but does not specifically state this, perhaps because they do not have a legal way to enforce it.  Take a look at their rules, which are in the form of questions and answers:

"Can I sunbathe nude at Sandy Point State Park?  Can I wear a thong bathing suit?"

and the associated response:

"Sandy Point State Park is a public family facility. There are no “private” areas of beach in the Park. Public
nudity is prohibited by law. When in the Park, we ask that you wear bathing attire that is appropriate to be
viewed by adults and children alike. If bathing attire is inappropriate, you may be asked to cover up."

Lets state with the obvious -- They almost say nude beach use is illegal (if you read between the lines) but do not make a very strong statement about thong swimwear.  With regards to swimwear choices, everything is pretty vague.

If we break down the response, we can see some logic to it.  Logic that might not hold up in court, but who wants to fight a battle like that?

In the first sentence it is established that Sandy Point is a "Public" facility.  This is what I think is important.  The need for the "family" reference seems unclear but is probably included so the can justify the "adults and children" alike statement made later.

The second sentence make it clear that there are no "private" areas in the park.  This is important since the laws probably permit nudity in "private" areas under certain conditions.  By stating that there are no private areas, the "private area" loophole for nudity is closed.

The third sentence is the strongest and makes a case (without specific legal citations).  The park is "public" and nudity is not permitted in "public" places -- so nudity is not permitted at the park.  Fine -- they have made a pretty good case so far.

Now comes the ambiguous part -- Sentence four:  " When in the Park, we ask that you wear bathing attire that is appropriate to be
viewed by adults and children alike."  First they restrict their comments only to when you are in the park -- It sort of sounds like overkill and not really needed but I think this is their way of saying "these are rules specifically for this park and are not applicable other places."  Obviously park rules are not applicable other places, so when you are "in the Park" you must follow their rules.  Now comes the fun line "we ask that you wear bathing attire that is appropriate to be viewed by adults and children alike."  First, they "ask".  They don't make the stronger statement that it is the law or even that they have a legal right to make the request.  Second, they use the word "appropriate" which requires a judgement and is not specific.  They don't say who gets to decide what is appropriate and what is not.  Is it the management of the park?  Is it the rangers?   Is it the lifeguards?  Is it other beach patrons? .  What is "appropriate" for one person may not be "appropriate" for another.  We could site the most extreme example of certain Muslin sects that require women to be covered from head to foot "in public" even at the beach.  Should their "appropriate" feelings be pressed on all other park users?  Likewise,  many members of this message board may find "board shorts" inappropriate.  Shouldn't this belief be forced on all other beach goers as well?  Obviously, someone has to be in charge since everyone can not have their way.  Who is in charge and how is one form of beachwear found appropriate and another not?  Third they bring in the "adults and children alike" again a subjective issue.  I have seen hundreds of children with parents set up right next to a thonger and not have any issues.  I have also seen people with children complain about thong swimwear.  again a dilemma since both parties can't be right at the same time.  Finally in the last sentence, they have opened the door to selective swimwear rule enforcement by using the word "may".  Who determines if a person will be ask to cover up?

So, a challenge could be made concerning thong beachwear and who gets to decide what is appropriate.  1. What laws give them the right to make such rule.  2.  Who legally can determine what is and what is not appropriate. 3. Is there a precedence that permits them to have this rule?.  Many more arguements can be made of course.  But in reality, without a court case judgement found in favor of thongers, I think it is unlikely that the "rule" will be changed.


DavyJ #317

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:09/04/2013 11:36:11Copy HTML

I haven't been here in a while, but I am definitely a "swimmer", so I would never be happy at the East Beach area if you aren't allowed to swim there.  The times I have been there I thonged right on the main beach with no problems.  You do have more privacy at East Beach, for sure, if that is important to you.
DavyJ #318

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:09/04/2013 11:57:37Copy HTML


My experiences pretty much agree with yours.  It seems that in most places no one in authority will bother you UNTIL someone complains.  Then, regardless of what the law says, they are going to side with the complainer (even if only 1 person).  The only question is whether they "ask" or "demand" that you cover up.  Recently in NC, the officer started off by nothing that I was perfectly legal, and there was nothing he could do, but he very politely "requested" that I wear something else tomorrow.  Since this occurred on my last day, I readily agreed!  When I noted that I had to walk back by the area where the complainer was to get back to my cottage, he then offered me a ride back.  Since I really wanted the exercise, I politely declined, and that was the last I heard from him all day.  But this attitude seems to be the exception, not the rule. 

It sure would be nice if there were well-established, perhaps even posted rules on all this stuff, but I guess I am dreaming to ever expect that to happen.  It would be so easy at SP (and most other places) to simply say "over here, thongs and topless are perfectly ok; over there, no".  But no one will do that, so we are just stuck with the crazy system that allows one over-zealous person to screw it up for everyone.
tanandtaut #319

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:09/05/2013 11:49:19Copy HTML

The definition of nudity under Maryland State Law does not include thong swimwear. Maryland State Law trumps Sandy Point rules and regulations. Therefore, thong swimwear IS legal at Sandy Point, regardless of what the management wants to believe. The problem arises under their definition of "appropriate" swimwear. "Appropriate" is a very loose judgment and subject to interpretation. This wording is probably no accident as the Park management wants to have some discretion what people wear, even if it is unjustified and unlawful.
The appropriate response to a complaint about thong swimwear should be that it is lawful under Maryland Statutes and there is nothing that can be done about it. Instead, Park officials sometimes take it upon themselves to side with the complainant against the thonger. This is a dangerous path to follow if you think it through, but nonetheless it is difficult to respond to when you are almost naked, caught by surprise, and the the officer intimidates you.
Some religious groups are notoriously intolerant of those who do not share their beliefs, and not shy about letting other people know how they feel. If you complain about their behavior, they are quick to retreat behind their "rights" - Constitutional and otherwise. Lay me in my grave an honest pagan.
The situation is somewhat analogous to gas guzzling vehicles up to a point. Many people find them offensive for whatever reason, and would like to take action against their owners. Yet they are legal and complaining about them to the authorities will get you nowhere. This is how the situation with thong swimwear should be.

TJ-22 #320

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:05/06/2014 06:37:00Copy HTML

I keep looking at the forecast, waiting for both "sunny" and 75+ degrees to show up on the same day (we seem to be stuck in an "either/or" pattern lately), so I can start a new season of visiting Sandy Point.  I know it's only May 6, but I can't wait. 
I finally read the messages just above about someone's incident late last summer.  I honestly don't expect that to have any lasting impact on our use of the park in 2014.  The park staff has been well aware of us for many years.  About 3 years ago, I was lying face-down in a g-string on East Beach near the fishing jetty when I heard some voices, but I ignored them.  A minute later, I heard them again and they were much closer.  So I turned to look, and I saw a seasonal park employee (or maybe volunteer -- a college-aged woman in a park service shirt) leading a group of 9-10 kids, all of whom looked to be about 12.  They were coming toward me, so I just turned back the other way and kept my head down.  But apparently one of the kids had asked about my possible-nudity, because just as they passed by, I heard the woman say, "Oh, he's OK.  He's wearing a string.  That's all you need to wear here."  I opened my eyes and saw them all turn the corner past the jetty without anyone turning to look back.      
Matt37 #321

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:05/06/2014 07:00:05Copy HTML

 I still haven't had the chance to get over there yet. I just moved to Maryland (northern MontCo), and am significantly closer than I was a couple of months ago. Sadly, I will be working out west this summer and won't have the chance until later this year if it remains warm enough (mid October).
cmp304 #322

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:05/19/2014 11:01:46Copy HTML

 Has anyone been there yet this year?  I have set aside several days to go, but before they arrive my schedule either changes or the weather turns nasty.  Getting really impatient!
sunup #323

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:05/20/2014 01:01:37Copy HTML

I was there on Monday.  A perfect day,  lots of sun , no humidity, a light breeze, no hassles.  As a matter of fact, a female ranger waved as she drove by while I was thonging.  I saw a few fishermen on the jetty, a mother & her son flying a kite near the volleyball nets, and 3 guys throwing a baseball near the entrance to the beach.  Nobody cared less what I was wearing.
killamozilla #324

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:05/20/2014 11:07:31Copy HTML


Matt37 #325

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:05/23/2014 08:41:12Copy HTML

Finally made it to Sandy Point this morning. Got there around 11AM (after an hour & a half drive) and walked down to the east beach. I set up along the grass line next to the volleyball nets. For a couple of hours it was nice and sunny or mostly sunny, but the serious clouds started rolling in around 12:30, so around 1PM I picked up and left. Probably a good thing since I forgot my cap and my face was getting sunburned. :D

Anyway, there was hardly anyone on the beach. I didn't see any other thongers (though I did pass a couple of guys on the connector beach wearing Speedo type brief suits). I had maybe a half dozen people go past me. No one said anything. A group of three middle aged women saw me and sat up their chairs about 25 yards from me. No encounter with any rangers.

I'll probably get back out there next week on some day where the sun will be out, if such a day happens to occur. Anyway, the information everyone's provided throughout this post was most helpful to someone new to the park, so I extend my appreciation to all of you.
cmp304 #326

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:05/24/2014 03:24:36Copy HTML

 Good for you Matt.  I'm glad you enjoyed your day.
String_guy #327

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:05/24/2014 04:01:32Copy HTML

 Great  Matt, and...thanks for the report.
thonginthesun #328

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:05/26/2014 02:47:55Copy HTML

 Yes, thanks for the report, Matt.  Hope to get out there soon.
killamozilla #329

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:05/26/2014 10:15:57Copy HTML


killamozilla #330

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/02/2014 11:01:29Copy HTML


Matt37 #331

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/03/2014 01:04:19Copy HTML

 I was there today, my second trip. Perfectly sunny day, temps in the 70s and the humidity wasn't bad at all. Hardly anyone there in the east beach (south beach was pretty busy). There was a smattering of people around, but I was the only one in a thong insofar as I could tell. I had a handful of people walk by, and the rangers & rescue folks drove by and no one aid anything (that I could hear). I'll likely be back Wednesday and Friday if the forecasts hold (mostly sunny).
Matt37 #332

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/04/2014 08:01:12Copy HTML

I was back again today. This time the east beach was packed with kids (teens?) on some kind of outing, so I elected to use the short little connector beach between the east beach and the south beach. There were two guys there wearing thong type suits (socks, really, lol), and another gentleman down at the other end wearing a kind of rio-type suit. One of the thong guys got up and left shortly after I set up. A M/F couple showed up and set up just above the remaining thong guy, and while they were playing in the water, their dog kept walking up to the thong guy. They'd holler at the dog and he'd come back for a few minutes and then it'd happen again. He didn't seem bothered by it, though.

After I'd been there for an hour or so, three teenagers (M/2F) came and set up about 20 yards from me.If they were taken aback by or bothered by my thong, they didn't say anything. One of the girls was wearing a tiny little bikini, but the guy was wearing those silly long board short things. I didn't see anyone else wearing a thong, though there was one awesome looking girl in a very tiny rio-type bottom and a bandeau top at one of the picnic tables by the restrooms. She and her husband(?) had two kids running around.

I may be going back Friday if the weather forecast of a "sunny" day holds out.
Matt37 #333

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/19/2014 02:41:29Copy HTML

 For anyone headed out to SPSP in the near term, the biting flys are out in force now. I was there Monday without a problem but today they were bothering me most of my time on the beach (and on the way back to my vehicle).
tanandtaut #334

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/19/2014 04:12:09Copy HTML

Thanks, Matt, for the heads-up. I was there Monday and thought maybe we weren't going to have a problem this year. It seem that when the wind is off the land, there is a problem. When it is off the water, not so much.
JM_Runs #335

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/22/2014 02:54:57Copy HTML

I haven't been back to Sandy Point yet this summer.  Have there been any sightings of any OTHER women in thongs or brazilian bikinis yet?  I feel like I'm the only one just about any time I go.
Matt37 #336

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/22/2014 03:02:13Copy HTML

 I've seen one woman in a thong on one day that I was there. I've got to where I usually just hang out on the connector beach, though, and usually don't pay too much attention to the rest of the beach. There may be others out there. I've seen some women walking around in suits that very closely approached thongs. lol
String_guy #337

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/22/2014 02:35:19Copy HTML

I have only seen a few. couple topless women too. there is one Hispanic gal who lays in the grass in the field close to the bridge. she has a very nice body and is usually topless.
JM_Runs #338

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/22/2014 04:17:15Copy HTML

 She's topless and no one says anything??
Matt37 #339

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

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I'm not sure if anyone knows for sure if it's legal to be topless (for a female) in Maryland. The state has no definitive "indecent exposure" law like most states do. They have a section of the code that proscribes a punishment for being indecently exposed, but nothing that states what constitutes indecent exposure (to my knowledge). I'm not sure if those women have been seen up and walking around (I suspect they'd be approached by the rangers if they were), but it's not uncommon on most beaches for women to undo their tops and lie face down, which some people consider "topless."

Anyway, I'll likely be back out at SPSP tomorrow and/or Tuesday.
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Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

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 Yeah, no lying face down with the back of your top undone is not what any girl or anyone else for that matter would describe as "topless".  Topless means breast exposure.  If those same women tied their tops back up before getting up, then that's a top. 
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Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

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TBG you're right. .  According to MD DNR, technically only the nipple needs to be covered, so a girl can legally be okay with either a really micro mini top or even pasties.  I may be too conservative to suit some people but feel that even though something may technically be legal, blatantly flaunting that might result in more restrictive rules in the future.  Strangely a girl might have fewer problems actually being discretely topless away from the beach than she would have in a micro suit on a more crowded section?
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Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

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 "According to MD DNR, technically only the nipple needs to be covered,"

Where does DNR have that policy listed? I've not seen anything that says that.

I was out at SPSP yesterday. There were two other guys in thongs, one of which ended up having his pic taken by a trio of Oriental folks (which seemed kind of pervy to me, actually, since they did it without his permission/knowledge). Had several families & groups of people with young children come up and set up around me all throughout the day and didn't seem to flinch at a guy laying out in a thong. The bugs didn't seem to be a problem yesterday, either.
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That statement is in the standard email reply from MD DNR Customer Service.  I check each spring to  make sure that MD regs have not changed; I do not live in MD but get to sandy pt frequently when I need to be in DC.  There exact wording is posted in the "cite MD law" thread in the Q&A section. This is the same reply that I get to my question.   Link is pasted below.

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 Yeah, I was aware of that, but thanks. I was hoping they'd have cited a specific law or ordinance for you. Right now, Maryland does not have a law that specifies what constitutes "indecent exposure" or the like. So I'm wondering what they're basing that assertion on. Perhaps some kind of interpretation of common law? Anyway, thanks for the response.
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 The rules in MD are pretty clear.  Genital exposure for either gender and the exposure of female nipples constitutes indecent exposure in MD.  So no toplessness for women in MD parks and beaches, but thongs are just fine!
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 "The rules in MD are pretty clear.  Genital exposure for either gender and the exposure of female nipples constitutes indecent exposure in MD." 
Please point me to the specific citation in state law where it says that.
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Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

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I never said it was legal. I only said I have seen topless women on the beach at SPSP. I'm sure there was some discretion being used. A single man is less a threat than a group of nuns. Most of them make some sort of attempt to cover or hide. We all kind of take the "temperature" as people approach us, whether or not we should be more discrete.   SPSP has something for everyone. if you want to be alone there is plenty of beach to do just that. I tend push the envelope of legality without being a nuisance. I prefer to be near a few folks. Which makes east beach perfect. I have seen photo shoots for skin mags and weddings on that beach. it's a pretty cool place. Unfortunately, I don't get much time there anymore since my schedule changed. weekends are very busy this time of year. Hopefully some SPSP is in my near future.I have searched my fingers off and I cant find any info about laws or rules governing nudity. I think MD wants to keep confusing so the interpretation is changeable at any given moment.
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 Matt, you're nitpicking at this point.  I said the rules are clear, I didn't say laws.  If a women is bare-chested on a maryland beach or in public in Maryland, if she's caught by authorities, she's going to get arrested.  Same goes for anyone who exposes genitals, but thongs were established as legal with the ruling of this particular court case: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/01/03/AR2006010301509.html  The laws regarding nipple exposure for women in Maryland might be textually ambiguous, but police will arrest for it--there's no question about that.  I wouldn't worry about it...you are well within your rights to expose YOUR nipples
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TBG, you cannot arrest someone for breaking a "rule." You arrest them for violating the law (and even enforceable rules have to have some basis in law - an authority granted by a law somewhere). (And even if you could, where is this set of "rules" you keep referring to - you say they're "pretty clear," but I have yet to see them anywhere. Where are they?) And in the absence of a law specifying that it is illegal to be topless, you cannot make an arrest for it (former cop speaking here). So all of this BS about someone deciding it is against some rule to be topless means exactly dick at this point. That's why I've been asking for the specific citation for a law that says it is illegal to be topless in Maryland. The case you cite from WaPo actually disproves your statement by making the point that the laws regarding indecent exposure are ambiguous in MD (which is corroborated here: http://gotopless.org/topless-laws). Now do you or do you not have a specific citation for a relevant section of state law that makes it a crime to be topless in Maryland? If not, say no, and get on with your life and quit pretending like you are the final arbiter of what's legal in MD and what isn't.  If you do, point it out so I (we?) can read it.

EDIT: Correction of typos
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Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

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 wow!!!! Cant we all just get along?
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