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killamozilla #351

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/25/2014 12:51:57Copy HTML


I don't know why you are engaging in name calling here because TBG has a different opinion than you.
I would encourage you to practice a little bit of internet civility in the future.
In my experience cops can and will arrest you for whatever the hell they want.
You can cite laws or court rulings until you're blue in the face.
Police are not lawyers. Most of them don't know the law.
In my experience, cops more or less do follow community norms and standards.
So when TBG refers to rules, what she means are community standards.
That is something police can understand. And by Maryland community standards,
being topless (and female) can and will get you arrested regardless of any legal precedent
(or lack thereof) that you would like to try to cite to the arresting officers.

Take an example of a place that has different laws and community standards than we do here in Maryland:

Miami Beach has laws on the books explicitly prohibiting female toplessness.
The community standard however on South Beach conflicts with the law.
Lots of Europeans and South Americans visit Miami and sunbathe topless on the beach
and the police turn a blind eye to it. That law is not enforced there.
For the most part, the community standard trumps the law as far as police enforcement goes.

Matt37 #352

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/25/2014 12:58:57Copy HTML

EDIT: This is getting ridiculous, so I just deleted my response to the last two posts. I asked for a citation and got nothing but dance around, so that tells me what I needed to know.
killamozilla #353

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/25/2014 01:20:45Copy HTML

Maybe somebody can send this guy a message and see what his response is:

I sent this law firm a message describing an experience that I had at SP where the rangers commanded me to cover up.
I will post their response here if they send me one.

JM_Runs #354

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/25/2014 04:42:01Copy HTML

Matt37 & Others,  
In most states definitive statutes on nudity are hard to come by. Not because they are secret or hard to write, it is just most states don't have definitive statutes.

Most of the time court cases are not controlling law unless the opinion is from an appellate court, but they do provide a fine example of what happened in a particular case, with that judge, in that community, when argued by specific lawyers.

If you have access to legal research in your state, something that normally costs and so only lawyers subscribe, you may be able to find prior cases.

While prior cases may be the controlling interpretation of the vague statutes one has to remember community standards change over time. A 1070's case from before thongs on MTV may not be so relevant today.

Coming on here and DEMANDING that someone provide you definitive guidance is not productive.  Maybe you were just frustrated with being unable to find the answer you were looking for, but in written text one sometimes has to go out of ones way to be polite when asking others for information.

A simple answer is there is no simple answer.  It depends on where you are, what you are doing and the way you present your self.

I am sure if Cher came to town and put on a show where she was grinding round the stage in only in a thong she would not be arrested, even though she is 58 years old ! - But some 58 year old out of shape guy in a g-string, acting furtive, ducking down behind a windscreen, just might.

To some extent it will depend on how you project yourself.  When being very public, with courage and confidence, showing all there is nothing else surreptitious going on, you will probably be ok.  If skulking around acting furtive and suspicious, like you might be up to no good, you are going to attract the attention of the law, even if you are clothed.

I think the best place for you to find the answer to your questions probably from the Nudist associations in the state. While a lot of nudists wall themselves off from normality by having dedicated nudist park, you will still find that in every association there is someone with rabid interest in exactly what they can and cannot be cited with. In addition these associations often have a legal arm, and keep a history of prior litigation and court rulings in their state.

In most major cities there are Law Libraries. Some run by universities, law schools, state, etc. Many are open to the public.  Ask your Law Librarian for help.  They are not there to tell you the law, or to interpret the law for you - but they can often find the books or periodicals you need, and can often sit you down in front of a computer terminal with access to state and federal court opinions in your district. 

BUT - Be forewarned, most of the time you are only going to see appellate decisions, those that people appealed. Most people don't appeal favorable decisions so while courts my be regularly on your side, and most charges for wearing a thong are thrown out, the appellate decisions are not going to show those dismissals.

Nationally we have seen a number of "community standards" / "community values" shift rapidly in the last few years, for example gay marriage. In the same way thongs are no longer shocking or outrageous. While they may be somewhat rare and unusual on a beach, they are no longer cause for alarm.

If you are not sporting a hard on, jumping out in front of little girls on a playground, or acting furtive and creepy, but sunning in a place where people should expect swimsuits, like at the beach, lake or pool, in this day and age you will probably get no more than some dirty looks or rude comments from a red-neck or bible thumper.

Sorry, none of the above answers your question about the definitive controlling law.  But as suggested above, I am sure you can find a lawyer who will tell you how to be safely within the law, which probably means never take your trousers off.  The same lawyer would probably tell you to always drive two miles an hour below the speed limit, even on the open highway.

So I suggest you start with the Nudist organizations in the state.  One of their members will probably have all the legal history, you just need to find that person. If that does not work, or in addition, do your own research at a Law Library and let us all know the result.

BorisVI #355

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/25/2014 09:40:31Copy HTML

I believe Maryland follows the common law definition of "indecent exposure" (see http://www.courts.state.md.us/opinions/coa/2007/76a06.pdf) which involves use of court precedent dating back to England rather than statute to define the term. (See State v. Duran http://caselaw.findlaw.com/md-court-of-appeals/1423710.html) It appears from the analysis of the Court of Appeals (Maryland's highest court) that the definition might include exposing the breast(s) since they make no distinction between Maryland's definition and that of the Arizona statute they reference. Maryland does have a breast feeding statute that allows breast feeding wherever  a mother and child are authorized to be. http://law.justia.com/codes/maryland/2005/ghg/20-801.html

BTW Cher is 68. She cannot "turn back time."
Matt37 #356

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/25/2014 10:02:19Copy HTML

 "BTW Cher is 68. She cannot "turn back time."  lolol That is the funniest thing I've read all day.Thanks for that analysis, BorisVI. That makes sense and addresses the specific question I originally articulated. I appreciate that.
Matt37 #357

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/26/2014 08:46:21Copy HTML

Just got back from another day at SPSP. I was the only thonger on the connector beach, but at least one other man was there in a string. I also saw two younger women (teenagers, I believe) in thong suits on the main south beach by the restrooms. I'm amazed at how many families will set up around me when I'm there in the afternoon (almost all of them Hispanic, and they always have one really loud squealing little girl with them! lol). Very nice day with the breeze blowing in off the water, too.
String_guy #358

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/26/2014 10:19:30Copy HTML

 I'm so jealous Matt! I guess I will have to call out of work to get day like that!
sunup #359

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/27/2014 02:05:53Copy HTML

 Matt, nothing excites me more than when the group that you previously mentioned takes one look at me and moves to another section of the beach.
JM_Runs #360

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/27/2014 02:52:07Copy HTML

 FINALLY!  A report of other young women at SPSP thonging!  I'm NOT THE ONLY ONE!!!!  Actually, I haven't yet been there this year, but if there are other women doing so, then I need to get out there sometime soon. 
String_guy #361

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/28/2014 06:08:19Copy HTML

 I agree TBG! you should go every weekend! lol
JM_Runs #362

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/30/2014 06:35:19Copy HTML

 Anyone heading to SP for the 4th?  I'd like to go and show off my patriotic micro bikini, but I'm a little worried it'll be crazy crowded. 
Matt37 #363

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/30/2014 07:18:53Copy HTML

 It will definitely be crazy crowded. In fact, if you don't get there before 10:30-11:00, you likely won't get in at all. They close the park to vehicles once the parking areas are full, and they generally fill around 11AM-12PM on Saturday & Sunday even on non-holiday weekends. I can't imagine what that place is going to look like this weekend.
String_guy #364

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/30/2014 05:23:40Copy HTML

 I agree Matt. Imagine what it will look like on Monday. It will be stupid crazy. Thats why I'm going to Assateague.
Matt37 #365

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/30/2014 05:46:21Copy HTML

I need to get out there. I have yet to be there and everyone talks it up a good bit. It's considerably farther from me, though.
String_guy #366

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/30/2014 06:06:52Copy HTML

 its 2 1/2 hrs for me too vs. 20 minutes. Its just way nicer and less crowded. And, nude feels great.
sunup #367

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:06/30/2014 09:50:56Copy HTML

 Was at Sandy Point on Monday. I was amazed by the lack of beachgoers on either the south or the north beach. There was the forecast of cloudy skies; I lucked out, there was a full day of sun. Maybe that kept them away or maybe they are at O.C. I had the north beach practically to myself except for the day campers who stayed north and a few people fishing. I was the only thonger on either beach. Water was a bit cloudy but very comfortable, probably 75 degrees. Lots of beach patrol and rangers passed, no problems, several waved. I did notice the picnic tables were mostly taken, the pavilions were deserted.
JM_Runs #368

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:07/08/2014 10:57:16Copy HTML

Did anyone go to SPSP over the weekend?
sunup #369

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:07/09/2014 12:19:56Copy HTML

 I went over to the Eastern Shore Sat. morning.  I crossed the bridge around 11:00  on the return trip and noticed the south beach was packed with umbrellas and swimmers. When I reached the Rt 50 entrance to the park, the police had it blocked. There must have been 50 cars lined up waiting to enter. I'm assuming the lots were full and the police would let one car enter as one car left. Can you imagine the wait for those folks just to enter. If they were there for a picnic, whose to say there were any tables available after that long wait. Best to stay away on holiday weekends!
Matt37 #370

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:07/10/2014 01:04:38Copy HTML

I wouldn't go to SPSP on a regular weekend, let alone a holiday one! lol

I was there Monday. By the time I got there at 10:30 the connector beach was already packed with a large Hispanic family/group, so I went on to the east beach and laid out not too far from the volleyball nets, up along the reeds. Didn't have any problems, really. I was lying face down at one point and had kind of dozed off, when I was startled awake by a group walking past me. It was couple of adults accompanying a group of about a dozen or so kids around the 6-7 year old range. They ended up heading over to one of the shelters and met up with another group. But as they walked by, and what startled me awake was one of the little girls saying, "That's a man!" in a surprised voice. One of the women said something I couldn't hear, but the girl asked, "Is that normal?" The adult woman (African America) said in a loud voice, "No, that is not normal."

I started to lean up and say something to her, but decided not to screw with her in front of all the kids. I thought, well, there's another kid who's gotten a screwed up idea of what's "normal" with respect to peoples' beachwear.

Anyway, the beach was not too much later populated by screaming 3-4 year old girls, so I had to get up and leave. When I was leaving, I came across a couple of teenage Hispanic girls at the picnic table by the porta-potties at the east parking lot. One was wearing a tiny Rio style bikini, while the other was wearing a bright neon green thong. They were with a family group, so I guess the family was accepting of it.
JM_Runs #371

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:07/10/2014 02:49:44Copy HTML

 Nice to hear there have been more sightings of thonging women like myself at SP.  I dunno if we'll ever get to the point where people won't make comments there, but the more commonplace thonging becomes, the less people will feel free to make offensive comments.
Matt37 #372

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:07/16/2014 09:16:27Copy HTML

Was out again today with a nearly perfect day for being out on the beach (though  a few more clouds than I might prefer). One other guy showed up in a string thong and set up not too far from me, but we were the only two out in thongs that I noticed (I didn't spend as much time looking today, though). There was a group of young boys (4-6) running around right in front of the other guy and didn't seem the least bit phased by it (nor were his two female chaperones that I could tell).

Since the forecast for tomorrow calls for mostly sunny and a high of 80, I'll likely be back out there tomorrow.
Matt37 #373

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:07/26/2014 05:08:53Copy HTML

Back at SPSP today, and had a perfect day for it, too. The first two hours I was there, I was pretty much the only one on the connector beach. Around Noon, things started picking up. Witnessed some rude behavior by one family (not related to me).

I was the only male in a thong today (that I know of). I saw one middle aged woman in a thong, and boy did she have the ass for it. Another girl had one of those "Rio" suits that was basically a thong as well. I also saw several younger guys (teenagers or early 20s) on the main south beach wearing Speedo type suits. Not something you see very much .
tanandtaut #374

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:07/26/2014 01:56:30Copy HTML

Hey, Matt I was at SPSP yesterday from about 12:40 until 3:00 on the (east?) end of South Beach, in my muscleskins poser. I walked up to the connector beach but saw no thongs there or anywhere else. A group of teen aged girls passed by me and found something of interest in the sand which caused them to pause for several minutes before continuing, and again on their return. Hmmm? No problems. I am finding South Beach to be a welcoming environment and am getting quite a nice tan on my ass as well as everywhere else.
Matt37 #375

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:07/26/2014 02:50:51Copy HTML

I left at 1:30, so you must have come by after then.
Lucy_A #376

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:08/07/2014 06:27:22Copy HTML

 have yet to make my way out to Sandy Point, I'm thinking of playing hooky with my husband and go tomorrow or weekend. Hopefully the weather holds up. Nice to see more names chatting on this thread.
Matt37 #377

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:08/25/2014 04:50:57Copy HTML

The next four days should be perfect weather for laying out at SPSP. I'll likely be there tomorrow and one or two other days this week. Since most of the kids will be back in school this week, the beach should be a lot quieter, too, I'd think.
sunup #378

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:08/27/2014 09:22:02Copy HTML

 Was at Sandy Point today.  It was awesome!  I laid out on the east beach near the jetty. There were 4 guys in either a thong or a g string. There were 5 young ladies in traditional suits, and with school open--no kids. The adults can reclaim the beach!  The water was a bit cloudy, no jelly fish, and a temperature of maybe 80 degrees. A full day of sun with a breeze off the bay. No doubt this is the best time of the year with maybe 6 weeks left barring a tropical system. So get out and enjoy. 
Matt37 #379

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:08/28/2014 09:41:52Copy HTML

I have been out at Sandy Point for three days this week, Monday, Tuesday, and today (lol @ missing Wednesday with sunup!). Absolutely perfect weather days - couldn't have asked for better.

Some routine observations from each of those days. All three days had the beaches very lightly used. In fact, M & T, there was no one on the connector beach at all except for the occasional person/people walking by, and a couple I'll mention in a minute.

When I got to the park Monday, I stopped into the main bathroom, and as I exited, a couple walked by me toward the beach speaking a foreign language. I couldn't tell if it was German or Dutch, but I watched them as they walked down and set up. The girl was a knockout and I figured she might be wearing a thong. I was right. As soon as they dropped their stuff, she took her shorts and t-shirt off and was parading around in her thong like she owned the place. I sure do hate American's prudery when it comes to swimsuits.

On Tuesday, the beach was again largely deserted except for a young Hispanic couple that decided to stop and spend an hour or so about 25-30 yards from me. They were making out much of the time and she was sitting on his lap in the water right around the big tree stump that's out there (for those who're familiar with it). At one point, they went up into the woods and around the picnic table and started playing with one another. They were trying to get into a position where he could drop his shorts and she could blow him (my wife and I have done that several times and I know what that process looks like! lol). They eventually decided that I was too close to them and could still see them (even though my head was mostly covered with a towel), so they finally gave up and left the area.

Today was my first encounter @ SPSP with someone who made rude comments about my swimwear. Until 12:30, there was just me on the connector beach, along with a woman wearing a two-piece tankini, and another gentleman a ways down from me wearing a thong also. About 12:30, a couple of black guys, a big white woman, and their three children showed up and set all their stuff up at the three picnic tables at the north end of the beach. I'm not sure how they managed to miss me paying on my stomach right next to the lifeguard stand, but they apparently did.

When these folks got in the water, one of the men was very boisterous, loud and foulmouthed. He was using the F word, damn, shit, bitch, etc., right in front of these children, and the mother wasn't saying anything to him. I don't think they'll be winning any parent of the year contests any time soon. Anyway, a few minutes later, after I'd turned my head toward the park, I guess the boisterous asshole was yapping to the others about my thong - apparently he'd noticed it finally. At one point he said loud enough to where I could hear it, "What grown man would want a tan ass anyway?"

Anyway, I just ignored the morons and continued reading my book (and felt sorry for the kids that they had such shit parents). They got out of the water eventually and started eating lunch, and I packed my stuff up and left without any further words.

I do have to say it is much, much nicer being out there without all the kids and families running around.
sunup #380

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:08/29/2014 09:19:29Copy HTML

 After reading the comments from Matt, I was hesitant to go to Sandy Point the next day, but the beach called and I answered. Glad I went. I was on the East Bch. where there were 2 other guys in G strings and a fine looking lady wearing a red g string with the tiniest strap; she was not shy about showing off her gorgeous tanned buns. I was not shy about observing for the time I was there; made me wish for a different sexual orientation, at least for the afternoon. First female I've seen on the East bch. in a thong this year. I hope she returns. Everything about this day was perfect, including the fact that for the beginning of a holiday weekend the beaches were almost deserted, There were a few walkers, a couple of fishermen, and the occasional lifeguard passing on the gator. Safety in #'s, no negative  comments, unlike the day before.
Sharon73 #381

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:08/30/2014 11:09:42Copy HTML

 It's nice to be appreciated by those of a different sexual orientation - in fact, being appreciated in a thong by any sexual orientation is great,  I love it. 
I have often gone to the 'gay' section  of beaches - where I can assure you they are not all gay as some got quite aroused
barebayboater #382

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:08/30/2014 12:28:21Copy HTML

 I was there from 12-2 yesterday and I must say, nice tan Sharon73. 
Jon7a #383

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:08/30/2014 02:38:09Copy HTML

I went to Sandy Point a couple of times last summer, but never saw any other folks aside form a couple of families having a picnic.  Now it sounds as though it's getter better...I wonder if it will be decent this weekend, and after Labor Day...
String_guy #384

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:09/01/2014 12:51:06Copy HTML

 this is the best time to go to SPSP.  minimal kids. Most vacations are over.park traffic goes way down. Keep an eye on the calendar for the park. Many events coming. 
BaltoBob #385

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:09/02/2014 04:50:44Copy HTML

Nothing about thongs but, I thought some might find this interesting.
String_guy #386

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:09/02/2014 12:34:52Copy HTML

 this explains a lot.  I noticed an uptick in use of the park years ago. It was only a matter of time. Its a great destination for people who don't want to add 2 more hours to get to OC. I will still make my trek to Assateague. Its worth the trip. SPSP is nice if you don't have time to drive. My wife hates SPSP. Shame,  I haven't been there once this year.
JM_Runs #387

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:02/14/2015 05:21:03Copy HTML

 I'm on the fence about going back to SPSP with my boyfriend this year.  We didn't go at all last season, and I must admit I was probably happier for it. 

I like having a place where I can lay out and legally thong, but it's so insanely crowded.  We like to set up at the connector beach when we go, and it seems like it would be a great place to thong considering it's not legal to swim there, but that doesn't stop families from setting up there anyway jumping right into the water.  The rangers come by and tell everyone to get out of the water, but as soon as they leave, the people go right back in. 

My boyfriend suggested that we make some kind of sign to stick in the sand that says either "Thong Friendly Area" or maybe just has some kind of thongboard symbol or something so that thongers at Sandy Point might come to congregate there.  I know some people on this thread have stated that they don't like being relegated to one area, but no one is suggesting that they can't go elsewhere if they want. 

I think the idea would be more to carve out a place where people like myself would feel more at ease thonging there.  My biggest hope would be that other females that would like to thong but are hesitant to do so would be happy to see an area where it's specifically stated to be acceptable.  It's legal on the entire park, so I can't imagine just sticking a sign in the sand while we're there would violate any sort of rule, but we'll see. 
JM_Runs #388

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:02/14/2015 11:34:56Copy HTML

If it is a good bit of beach for reasons of location, access or just nice, people will use it. 
Don't worry about having families around. Better than being hidden in a secluded place where people think something wicked is going on.
Having families around shows no one really cares.  This helps other thongers or those on the fence.

The key with attempting to start a location for thongs is consistency. 
You don't have to be there every day, but every weekend in a row might help.
Others tend to fell more comfortable with thonging if they know there will be someone else there first who has broken the ice.

Even if they don't see you every time they might bring a thong with them on the off chance that if you are thoinging they will change down too.

I think the sign or flag is a good idea.  Not green so people think you are saying it is good to swim.
Some beaches around here that allow nude or topless have a sign on the walk way between the cars and the beach letting people know.
I think if the sign is a little humorous it will make people smile, and not demand it's removal.

Some people I know always put a poll in the sand with a flag on it. This shows their friends where they are.  It also lets other people know it is the same people out on the beach week by week.  It is sort of saying we are locals, this is our spot today. 
Most people on the beach are zoned out, and don't really notice anyone except for the people directly around them.
So having a flag on a pole lets them mentally keep a note, "Oh it's the xxx flag people again"
If people ask you about it you can say it is just so beach friends can find us.
If your flag has a thong on it all the better.

JM_Runs #389

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:02/15/2015 05:46:37Copy HTML

Yeah so the deal with this park is that it's well known among Maryland area thongers that it's legal to thong in public in MD as indecent exposure was established in a court case in Maryland in 2006 where a judge ruled that a man who mooned a couple of people was not guilty of indecent exposure because as the judge said that if having a bare buttocks is indecent then any girl at ocean city wearing a thong would have to be arrested.  That was the point where thonging was legally solidified as legal in this state in public and state parks. 

The thing is that other than diehard thongers, few people know that thonging in public is legal in this state, so we figured a sign would help clarify that. 

The area I'm speaking of is not secluded.  Anyone can see it as they walk by on the dirt road from one large beach to the opposite large beach.  This stretch of beach is sometimes referred to as the connector beach. 

Not only would a "Thong friendly area" sign let thongers know that it's a good place to gather and lay out, but it would also let annoying members of the public know that thonging is, in fact, legal and acceptable, and not something they can reasonably complain about.
RapidBlue #390

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:02/15/2015 12:17:36Copy HTML

 I like the thong friendly sign idea. I think it is very fun and funny.  I have to wonder what the rest of the beach goes will think. I also think it would be helpful for women (and men) to have an area when they could be more comfortable and hopefully not feel self conscious or concerned about others. 
tanandtaut #391

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:02/15/2015 01:31:06Copy HTML

I have to disagree about a dedicated area. I think if someone is self-conscious or uncomfortable in a thong, maybe they should re think wearing one. When I go to SPSP, I lay out wherever I choose to. I try to avoid densely populated areas, but that is because I don't like densely populated areas, not because I am wearing a thong. Also, I would not get in your face with children. But many times, children have come along after I have set up, and there has not ever been a problem. After all, it's only a few square inches of innocuous skin, what's the big deal?
JM_Runs #392

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:02/15/2015 03:16:46Copy HTML

     Sooo then just continue to lay out where you want and continue judging who YOU think should be wearing a thong or not.  Thus, whether or not we put a sign in the sand should have zero effect on you.  As for your "what's the big deal?" comment, the big deal to many people is that thongs are extremely revealing.  They show off our butts, and often times they're very skimpy in the front too.  Many people think of showing off one's butt as indecent.  If that weren't the case, this site wouldn't exist because people could simply wear them where ever they wanted without a shred of reaction or judgement.  I'm glad YOU don't feel you've had any reaction from other people, but many of the rest of us absolutely have.  If ya hadn't noticed, there are almost no sparsely inhabited areas at Sandy Point on a warm summer day.  That place becomes an ant hill of families, and it has gotten even worse since the park installed like 100 more picnic tables everywhere. 
     In my mind, it would just be cool to have a specific stretch of beach where everyone knew it was an acceptable place to wear a thong.  You and I know that you can legally wear one anywhere, but this particular stretch of beach doesn't allow swimming, so it would make sense as a thonging area because it's not a place that families can go swimming.  On the beach at Haulover State Park in Miami, for example, they have a sign that states that beyond this point you may encounter nude sunbathers.  That let's people know what they could encounter if they go to that area and that they shouldn't be surprised or offended if they see someone totally nude.  It means that the only people on that section of beach will be those who don't have a problem with that...I would love if that were the case with thonging at the connector beach at SPSP.  If you don't love it, I guess pay it no mind.
JM_Runs #393

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

Date Posted:02/15/2015 03:41:38Copy HTML

 My boyfriend just told me that I should email the park and ask them what it would take to have 1-3 signs put up at either end and the middle of that particular stretch of beach that say something like: 
                                                                                  DESIGNATED SUNBATHING AREA
                                                                                  -Swimming is prohibited
                                                                                  -Nude sunbathing is prohibited
                                                                                  -Thong bathing suits are allowed
JM_Runs #394

Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

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 Now that sounds like a good idea. Maybe offer to sponsor such signs. They will probably do it, but decline your offer of funding because working that through the bureaucracy would be a pain. So you get to make a good gesture, and get it done, but not have to pay.

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Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

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I actually would NOT be in favor of a sign that designates a particular section of the beach as a "thong" section, especially if it's in an area where no swimming was allowed. So if someone wearing a thong wants to swim do they have to go to the "non-thong" section? It gives the implication that wearing thongs elsewhere in the park is illegal.

Best bet is to get there early, so if others decide to set up around you then they likely won't have an issue with your suit. That's what I did at Caspersen. Rather than walk 1-2 miles south to where everyone else thonged I got there early and set up on the edge of the "family" section. After a while you see the same faces and they get used to seeing you and it's not a big deal any more. Alternatively you can organize a meetup group (meetup.com) with those who share similar swimwear tastes, and arrange meet ups on certain days and times so you won't be the only one. The best way for a sign to work is if there was a rule attached to all park entrances (not just a small section) which stated that thong swimwear was legal.

After living in Florida for a few years I found it interesting that on the west coast beaches (Caspersen, Fort DeSoto, etc..) thongers tend to congregate in certain areas (usually in a remote section of the beach) whereas on the east coast (Miami Beach, Ft. Lauderdale) you can find people wearing thongs just about anywhere in the crowd. I think the latter is better.

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Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

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TBG no offense intended. I just do not view thonging as something shameful or illicit or sinister. It is clearly not illegal in Maryland. I just get the sense that the SPSP authorities would rather not have to deal with thongers, but there is nothing they can do about it.
It is wishful thinking that they would call attention to the practice by allowing signage, I am afraid. Would they then install signs designating certain areas for children, or smokers, or gays? And would anyone want that? I usually go to SPSP on weekdays, and so have no experience with the weekends. From what I have heard, it is way too crowded for my taste. So I feel that if someone's taste does not run to seeing other people in thongs, they should just avoid setting up nearby, as I avoid crowds by not going on weekends. I just resent people deciding for other people what they should or should not wear. I think you would have to agree with me on this point.
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Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

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 None of us thinks of thonging as illicit or sinister, that's why we belong to this site.  Unlike you, however, I recognize that many other people at the beach think of it as indecent.  If you don't go to Sandy Point on the weekends, then you haven't the faintest idea of what I'm talking about.  The beach is crawling with thousands of people and it often actually hits capacity.  It's nice that YOU get to go to a beach during the middle of the week.  I have a job and cannot do that.  You clearly have never had a woman walk up to you at SPSP and say "Isn't that a lil too much ASS for this park?" and proceed to run to complain to a park ranger about you, and you've never had a newbie lifeguard ride up in a gator and insist that you cover up on an almost totally empty stretch of beach just because a few hundred yards away there were kids playing in the sand.  You haven't had dozens of men over a period of about 2-3 hours walk by and call you a slut and a whore in a language of which you are quite fluent.  So forgive me if I'm trying to think of a way to make it visible and clear that thonging is permitted where I like to go.  You'll literally never be there when I'm there, so it shouldn't matter.
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Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

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 Oh and your remark comparing a thong friendly sign to signs restricting gays, children, or smokers makes absolutely no sense.  Thongs are articles of clothing.  You can choose to wear one or not.  You can't control being gay or a child.  You can put up signs that make it clear that thonging is acceptable and plenty of places have signs that restrict smoking.
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Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

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I hope you feel better now after your diatribe. I would hope not to run across you as you sound worse that any of the people you complain about.
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Re:Maryland - Sandy Point

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 You make idiotic comparisons and comments rooted in ignorance about a particular situation and you're surprised when someone responds?  Give me a break.
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