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Date Posted:07/27/2008 03:37:24Copy HTML

Has anyone gone to a spa and received a professional massage while wearing a thong?  I've only received a professional massage once.  My wife and I recently went to Riveria Maya in Mexico and stayed at a nice resort.  I decided to get a massage and requested a female massuse.  I asked my wife if most people wear underwear while getting a massage and we were not sure so I decided to wear my Calvin Klein thong which we agreed would be best.  The massuse was Mexican and didn't speak very good English and was probably around 40.  She asked me if I was wearing shorts and I said I was wering underwear and then she told me to take my robe off and lay on my stomach.  When she came back in she smiled and then covered my legs and rear with a sheet.  When she got to my lower back she pushed my thong down some and pulled it back up when she was down.  When she was doing my legs and rear she moved the sheet away enough to expose part of my thong.  All and all a very nice experience.  Has anyone else any stories?  Do most people wear underwear when getting massages?
7423080 #1

Re:Massage In a thong?

Date Posted:07/27/2008 04:17:21Copy HTML

i would say its 50/50 nude or swimsuit or the like.  the most i have ever had a massage in was a black joe snyder mesh bulge thong.  they dont give a rip what you are wearing as they pretty well keep you covered with a sheet or towel.  they want the tips and have seen everything.  i think the best joke is to see some guy with board shorts on getting a massage.... their losing out on about 40% if what they paid for.
Ex_Member #2

Re:Massage In a thong?

Date Posted:07/27/2008 09:51:04Copy HTML

I have a deep tissue remeadial massage every 3-4 weeks, and have worn a thong for that every time. It's the underwear that I have on 24/7, so I don't see the need to change for a massage, doctor's visit or whatever. My massage therapist and I were talking about thongs one day, and she said it's better for her if I wear one anyway. She is a very open person, and talks about absolutely anything just as candidly as talking about what you had for lunch!
Before going to her, I've worn them to male and female practices, and none of them have even mentioned it.
okidude2 #3

Re:Massage In a thong?

Date Posted:07/27/2008 11:31:56Copy HTML

As you have gathered, it's all about your comfort level.  Most masseurs and masseuses have seen everything and would not be phased either way.  You may find it a bit of a disappointing experience if you wear much more than a bikini.  Personally, I much prefer to be nude, but if I must wear underwear, then it's a thong.

Keep thonging.
bagapon #4

Re:Massage In a thong?

Date Posted:07/29/2008 10:50:41Copy HTML

In Thailand, you have to take off all clothing for oil massage, sometimes masseuse will cover your part by a towel, but sometimes not. I have ever been walking on beach with my skinz g-string and enjoy the massage on beach directly, they never mind what I wear, and 80% masseuses don't cover me by towel. My best experience is one time I enjoy massage on beach with my g-string, and other 4 female masseuses just sit beside and look lt me...., and the masseuse pull down my g-string when she massage my butt...., and at that time, I asked someone to take a pic for me, it's nice.
DoreFan #5

Re:Massage In a thong?

Date Posted:07/29/2008 10:57:02Copy HTML

My massage therapist always does checks on my body during every appointment with me in just a thong. She has seen most of my collection, even the most skimpy thongs, except for my exposure suits. I don't wear those to appointments. When she does the massage, she asks me to undress completely. She uses sheets to cover up parts of my body though.
Ex_Member #6

Re:Massage In a thong?

Date Posted:07/30/2008 11:21:07Copy HTML

My wife and I receive a massage at least once a month - after having gone to the same therapist for quite a while now, we are both nude during the massage.  The draping is minimal now as we are all so comfortable with him.  The last time we were there, we didn't even bother with the sheet.  He has seen both of us nude so why bother, it just gets in the way
solargod #7

Re:Massage In a thong?

Date Posted:07/30/2008 04:06:16Copy HTML

Several times over the past few years, I have had several massages totally nude.  Each time, the massage therapist have asked if I prefer being draped with a sheet.  Not seeing the need for one, and figuring it would only be a hinderance, I opted against it.  I usually will avoid health spas and opt to go to small businesses or the therapist's own house for a massage.  The few times I have used the massage therapists at a hotel spa, I never have been asked about the use of a sheet, it was always just used.  I usually then will be naked under the sheet with the therapist carefully positioning the sheet as needed.  I did one time wear a thong at a Bahamas hotel spa and the therapist (not attactive at all, by the way)adjusted the thong straps accordingly in order to massage the hips and butt muscles.  After that one time, I felt no further need to wear underwear or a thong during a massage.  Being massaged nude with no sheet is so much more enjoyable for me. 
Ex_Member #8

Re:Massage In a thong?

Date Posted:07/30/2008 04:44:52Copy HTML

My wife and I receive massages regularly.  We love them.  We have been going to the same therapist for a long time and we are both nude without any draping.  We perfer it that way.  He does a great job on us!!!
Ex_Member #9

Re:Massage In a thong?

Date Posted:08/01/2008 01:18:03Copy HTML

I go to a massage therapist normally about twice a year. I 've tried several therapist and everytime I have gone I have been nude. I always use a licensed therapist and I just assumed everyone went in the nude. I have never had a therapist ask me to wear underwear or even mention it. I now use the same woman for the last 6 or 7 years. She always drapes me with a sheet and exposes each part as she does it including my glutes. It seems to me from my experience that trained massage therapists drape the sheet exactly the same way. I couldn't imagine wearing underwear during a massage because it would ruin the relaxing experience. Let's face it there are not many times when you can be just totally nude and relaxed. Enjoy it! My wife and I last year went to the Bahamas and had a couples massage at the hotel. Just the two of us, she had a male therapist and I had a female, both of us nude. It was a great experience.
barebunz #10

Re:Massage In a thong?

Date Posted:08/02/2008 10:43:41Copy HTML

 "does this mean professional codes of ethics are only guidelines that therapists follow to provide the comfort level many of their clients desire, but aren't requirements for them if their clients are comfortable nude..."

Requirements vary from state to state.  Here in Florida therapists can be disciplined for "(5) Failure to appropriately drape a client...unless the client gives specific informed consent to be undraped."  I don't see anything in the CT statute addressing draping in any way, but there may be other regulations (it doesn't appear so, though.)

My regular therapist at home, near Orlando, has never had a problem with me totally nude and undraped, though she makes sure offer every time.  One of the reasons I vacation so often in Sarasota, though, is that's where my favorite therapist is.  When I first saw her five years ago, I asked about draping and she said it was required by law (I knew better) and there were other places in town I could go for "that kind of stuff", but like most therapists, nude under the drape was fine, actually her preference.  She's really good and I've kept going back.

Last week, I saw her again and figured after five years and her move to a different establishment, I should ask again.  She didn't bring up the law but was obviously uncomfortable, so I said nevermind and got another great massage with a drape.  When she started working below my waist, she did complement me on the minimal tan lines.

btw, I'm no lawyer so none of this is legal advice, just my experience and what I find on the web.
DavyJ #11

Re:Massage In a thong?

Date Posted:08/09/2008 01:47:25Copy HTML

The only time I got a nude massage was in the carribean on a C/O beach.  She was set up right on the beach and didn't appear to have any sheets or anything.  She did ask me to lie on my towel, but that is all that was said.  (I suppose anyone could have used their towel to cover up if they wanted.)  A good experience.
zum #12

Re:Massage In a thong?

Date Posted:10/23/2008 03:54:23Copy HTML

 I've been to two spas over the past year, and both of them provide thongs to wear. That's where I first got into thongs, and since have bought a couple of them. they're very comfortable and provide good support. Wear them mostly to the gym, and it's great to exercise unconstrained. 
stanpuppy #13

Re:Massage In a thong?

Date Posted:10/23/2008 05:26:24Copy HTML

Have gotten numerous massages in my life.  99% of them are unclothed under a sheet.  One time I was told that it was a requirement to have an undergarment on under the sheet.  I wore a purple and black print thong (that i happened to be wearing under my clothes that day) and absolutely no mention was made of it.
chris0721 #14

Re:Massage In a thong?

Date Posted:10/23/2008 06:12:25Copy HTML

 I get a message every 2 to 4 weeks and all of my massages are in the nude.   Wearing underware or even a thong takes away from the experience and the relaxation that a massage provides.  You are shortchanging yourself any other way other than "la naturale"
Ex_Member #15

Re:Massage In a thong?

Date Posted:10/24/2008 02:33:17Copy HTML

I have to agree with Chris, au natural is the best way to relax during a massage.  
chris0721 #16

Re:Massage In a thong?

Date Posted:10/24/2008 02:45:36Copy HTML

 SlidingG, you can request a massage without a sheet.  Try it sometime.  I think you will like it.
toolcrib1959 #17

Re:Massage In a thong?

Date Posted:10/24/2008 11:50:33Copy HTML

I wear a  Yback skinz thong when getting a massage, for the fact that I have  apulled hip flexor, and after the massage the women does some stretching exercises to work the leg muscles, as she was a olympic soccer sports massage therapists, and is a military person.
modelnude4u #18

Re:Massage In a thong?

Date Posted:10/25/2008 01:19:31Copy HTML

 I usually get my massages at a massage school near me.  They always drape, and I'm always nude.  I am getting one in a couple days, I will ask if we can skip the sheet, but I bet not.
Ex_Member #19

Re:Massage In a thong?

Date Posted:10/25/2008 07:20:00Copy HTML

Modelnude4u, please report back on their answer. 
chris0721 #20

Re:Massage In a thong?

Date Posted:10/27/2008 01:59:14Copy HTML

 SlidingG:  Let me share a little bit about my experiences getting a massage without the sheet.  I have using one salon/spa for about 2 years and have had probably 25 to 30 massages from Tracie, my masseuse.  Tracie also does facials and body scrubs for me as well and the body scrubs are performed without a thong or a sheet.  Once she and I felt comfortable together, I asked her if she felt comfortable leaving the sheet off for me and she agreed.  I now get all of my massages without a sheet or a thong.  I also have another spa/salon that I use where Katherine cuts my hair and does full body waxing for me including Brazilian waxing.  Katherine has been waxing me for over two years.  Wanda at the same spa/salon does massages and asked me one day if she could do a massage for me.  I said yes but I don't do a sheet and she said OK.  So now I have two masseuse and both do WONDERFUL work especially after those long runs or triathlons.  So once you have a regular person, don't be bashfull about asking.  Good luck!!
Ex_Member #21

Re:Massage In a thong?

Date Posted:10/27/2008 11:21:40Copy HTML

Chris, thanks for the advice, I may loosen up and ask next time. 
modelnude4u #22

Re:Massage In a thong?

Date Posted:10/31/2008 05:51:28Copy HTML

 Well, I had my massage on Monday.  I DID ask about no sheet, and the girl just said that they couldn't do that.
I didn't push it, so I'm not at all sure if this was an official answer, or her preference.  She did notice the thong tan lines though.  She didn't say anything, but I could tell when she opened up that area.  She was pretty uncommunicative in general, which sometimes they teach, but this one was just too quiet.  I said I bet that those were the first tan lines like that she had seen.  She just chuckled lowly and never acknowledged the comment. 
A good massage overall though, she did work on the glutes and abs, which I always like.
Ex_Member #23

Re:Massage In a thong?

Date Posted:11/02/2008 02:07:07Copy HTML

Not surprised by her answer.  .  
yeahh #24

Re:Massage In a thong?

Date Posted:11/13/2008 05:44:50Copy HTML

 When I went to chinese massage studio, they gave me shorts and t-shirt. I dressed t-shirt, but keep wearing my thongs. whene the girl came, she ask me to wear that shorts... At the thai massage they never say anything against my thong. I like to wear a thong and think it is better for masseuses...
wxyzz #25

Re:Massage In a thong?

Date Posted:12/04/2008 02:29:24Copy HTML

wearing thong while in massage is the best....i enjoy it very much, btw, i'm wearing joe snyder rio thong
tanandtaut #26

Re:Massage In a thong?

Date Posted:01/04/2009 02:25:55Copy HTML

 I have been having Thai Massages for the past several years.  They always ask me to wear a pair of "Thai Pants"  provided by the salon.  I never wear anything underneath and the loose fitting pants tend to ride down during the massage and there is nothing I can do about it.  None of the several practitioners has ever made a comment, but sometimes one will pull the pants back up into place.

As for a shirt, one required me to wear one, another told me to remove my string tank midway through the massage, a third never made an issue of my shirtlessness, and a fourth wanted me to wear one but relented when I protested.

Now I am wondering if the same flexibility could be applied to bottoms?
Ex_Member #27

Re:Massage In a thong?

Date Posted:01/04/2009 03:17:17Copy HTML

I doubt it, Tanandtaut, unless you find the chance therapist willing to flaut his/her professional code.  I know of one in CA who is willing, and I may call on him after a hardcore roadrace there next May, but it is not normally done.  My source for this opinion is a former therapist I soaked with nude at a Caribbean resort outdoor hottub recently (it was after dark and we had complete privacy).  He said he only did it nude for friends.  I was fortunate, as he gave me a great rubdown after I mentioned my aches and pains, but he assured me it was okay only because he wasn't wearing his professional hat at that moment. 

I asked him about it because my wife and I were scheduled for a couples massage the next morning.  I knew I'd be nude under the sheet, but I really wanted to try it without.  His advice saved me the embarrassment of asking and getting shot down.  I felt if it were okay, then having my wife present would make it really okay, at least from the therapist's standpoint, as there would no chance for any hanky-panky on anybody's part. 

If my wife joins me in CA, I'll treat her to that chap's gentle touch -- the testimonials on his website show the ladies love him -- but I'm hoping for a real deep tissue treatment, something maybe only a man can give, and without the hassle of a sheet.  Good luck on your quest, Tanandtaut, you may get lucky.      
tanandtaut #28

Re:Massage In a thong?

Date Posted:01/04/2009 05:41:37Copy HTML

Thanks for the reality check, SlidingG.  Sometimes one gets carried away.  Not having to disrobe is what sets Thai Massage apart from the rest, and I suppose some clients find it to be a selling point.  I enjoy the stretching and kneading and the back walking, but not having to wear Thai Pants.  Cheers, T&T
Sharon73 #29

Re:Massage In a thong?

Date Posted:01/04/2009 11:49:03Copy HTML

The wife and I have had nude couples massages at nudist resorts where neither we, nor the therapist, were clothed in any way.  They were truly enjoyable for the both of us  
stanpuppy #30

Re:Massage In a thong?

Date Posted:01/05/2009 01:52:59Copy HTML

Most legitimate massages that i am familiar with typically have you undress completely and be covered with a towel.  I would think a thong in leiu of the towel would be no big deal.  Certainly wearing one under the towel should not be a problem either
meyyen555 #31

Re:Massage In a thong?

Date Posted:02/14/2009 09:50:08Copy HTML

I got a massage today for the first time. I decided I was going to wear a black joe snyder thong for it. When the lady told me to go in the room she says take off your shirt and lay down please. I was like What? I dont even get to take off my pants? My girlfriend got a massage at the same time in another room but she told me she was completly undressed just in her underwear. I wanted to see the reaction of someone other than my girlfriend seeing me in my thong. I dont understand why she wanted me to wear pants, I thought people always get a massage either nude or in underwear. Oh well, all I can say is I was quite dissappointed.
modelnude4u #32

Re:Massage In a thong?

Date Posted:02/14/2009 10:36:24Copy HTML

 I've never heard of getting a massage with your pants still on.  You might check with the management there to see if that is their norm.  I would have been dissappointed as well.
adware1977 #33

Re:Massage In a thong?

Date Posted:02/14/2009 11:39:42Copy HTML

I get my massages always in a thong. I wear a skinz string.
DoreFan #34

Re:Massage In a thong?

Date Posted:02/17/2009 05:54:18Copy HTML

That sounds ridiculous getting a massage with your pants on. How does the masseuse massage your legs and lower body? I would find a new massage place.
ozthong #35

Re:Massage In a thong?

Date Posted:02/19/2009 10:00:27Copy HTML

A few days ago, I went to a remedial massage therapist (male) and wore just my maxx g-string undies. This was the first time for me and everything went well. The massage was professionally done and he had to move the strings at the back down so that he can massage the glues. Will be back in a months time.
fordrs #36

Re:Massage In a thong?

Date Posted:02/20/2009 09:43:08Copy HTML

i'm going for a massage today and going to wear a thong,also this is a female friend that i've not seen in 20yrs from school feeling a bit nervous!!!!
she also does waxing so was going to go back for some waxing, where i would need to wear something small for a b.s.a.c

will see what happens


sebastianspencer #37

Re:Massage In a thong?

Date Posted:02/22/2009 07:46:40Copy HTML

I have gone for a massage where I was told to strip down as far as I was comfortable, but leave my underwear on.  As usual, my underwear was a thong that day.  The massage therapist didn't say anything about it before, during, or after the massage.  Everywhere else I've been for a massage, I've been told to take all my clothes off.  Some have then told me to cover with a sheet, but the others didn't.
Gstring Jeremy #38

Re:Massage In a thong?

Date Posted:06/24/2010 10:12:35Copy HTML

Had a body wrap and massage yesterday wearing a lime suits you extreme gstring. 20 minutes into the massage, the therapist moved to work on my lower back, suddenly pulled the sheets way down and fully exposed the gstring back / whale tail. Her only comment was to mention that she'd have to slide down the straps on my "bikini" so she could work (its the type where the side straps sit high on the hips)
thongman8 #39

Re:Massage In a thong?

Date Posted:06/28/2010 06:35:40Copy HTML

 So, what is the etiquette for being nude while getting a massage?  I know this is a thong while massage thread, but I've never had a massage and when I do soon, I'd prefer to be nude and not draped. 

Will they tell you to get nude and use the towel to cover yourself?  Is it bad manners to just lay there nude instead of using the towel?  What if they tell me to use the towel, is it rude to say that I don't want to? 

I think it would be more enjoyable to not have the towel.  If I have to wear one, I will, but I prefer not to.
DoreFan #40

Re:Massage In a thong?

Date Posted:06/28/2010 07:10:20Copy HTML

 It will depend on the place you go to whether they want you nude or with underwear on. Most places will insist that they cover you with a  towel or sheets. I have lay naked on the table with my regular masseuse and she always covers me up with a sheet before she starts the massage even though she has seen me naked many times. If you insist that you don't want to be covered by a towel, they will likely insist that you get covered up by it.

If the place insists that you wear underwear and get covered by a towel, you can just show up one day and say you don't have underwear on and let them cover you with the towel. Seems a bit redundant to have both underwear and a towel covering you.

chris0721 #41

Re:Massage In a thong?

Date Posted:06/28/2010 07:48:53Copy HTML

Depends on whom and wear you are getting a massage.  Most place will want you nude but will cover you with towel or sheet.  The work on one part of the body at a time and usually keep everything else covered.  If you come in on a regular basis and find a massuse that you like, you can request "no cover", but it will be up to your massuse.  Once they figure out your not a "wack job", they usually will honor your request, but usually only as a regular client.  The only exception to the rule is a massage at a clothing optional resort where everyone is nude.  I have been getting messaged for about 3 years now on a regular basis and once you become a regular client, you usually can request what you want.
thongman8 #42

Re:Massage In a thong?

Date Posted:06/29/2010 03:05:03Copy HTML

 I called the massage place yesterday.  Its a student massage place where the students give relaxation massages at reduced rates, $35 for one or $100 for four.  Anyway, i asked what the dress code was and the lady said that I could undress to what ever I was comfortable with.  She then added that I would be draped the entire time in case I was concerned about being nude.  I assured her that i was OK with being nude.  I then asked if I could request a male or female and she said yes of course I could. 

I think I will get the $100/4 deal.  They sound relaxing and it'll be fun to be nude with a fully dressed stranger in the same room.
NCThonger #43

Re:Massage In a thong?

Date Posted:08/16/2010 02:45:20Copy HTML

Here in NC licensed massage therapists (LMT) must keep their patient covered with a sheet by law.  So whatever you wear under the sheet is up to you.  There are several ladies in my area that offer non licensed massages and they typically do not use a sheet at all.  The non licensed massages are ok, but not as good as the LMT.  Typically, I will wear a thong under the sheet for the licensed massage and go nude (showing thong tan lines) for the non licensed massages. 
sailhoopsbare #44

Re:Massage In a thong?

Date Posted:08/21/2010 04:46:44Copy HTML

In all honesty, I wouldn't go to a massage therapist that required wearing anything.  Iget massages fairly regularly and I'm always nude.  And after getting to know the massage therapist, almost always undraped.
fazexx #45

Re:Massage In a thong?

Date Posted:08/21/2010 11:37:15Copy HTML

 Massage in a thong sounds like a great idea.
JM_Runs #46

Re:Massage In a thong?

Date Posted:08/23/2010 09:03:17Copy HTML

Though I would normally expect to receive a massage naked (with the masseur naked as well) I can see the attraction of having a massage in a thong for a change. I have some very briefs ones which would allow the masseur access to 99% of my body.
Johnny111 #47

Re:Massage In a thong?

Date Posted:08/24/2010 10:50:07Copy HTML

Look at it from thier view point........the masseuse needs to feel comfortable. Most men present a size threat. Location of the massage and proximity of other people makes a differance for them too.  Remember she/he does not know if you are an axe murder or have people buried under your house. An overtly sexual thong might give the impression that you are overtly sexual!  If you are than you need to employ a hooker not a massage therapist.  there is a BIG differance.

I have two friends that are licensed therapists and they say they have seen and heard it all. they are comfortable w/bodies otherwise they wouldn't be in the biz.   they are "independent" they can set their own rules and limits regarding what "they" are comfortable with and they are clear that thier comfort level DEPENDS ON THE CUSTOMER. 

Since women pose little threat and are generally not morons, female customers set the comfort level. On the other hand men far more often confuse nudity or near nudity with how incredibly irresitable they must be.  Remember the fact that you're nude does not mean that the masseuse/masseure has the hots for you. 

Another unsurprising fact is that many if not most men will become aroused at some point during the massage as in addition to many other factors the process dramatically increases blood flow.   If the customer is not "wierd"  they prefer nude but see a fair number of thongs which they actually have to work around (the waist) and can be nice for handling raging erections as no drape is going to manage that.

So  unless you're movie star handsome; to the therapist  you're probably just one of many in a very long line of guys that is enjoying a euphoric head rush. After seeing several hundred erections they are not going to be "shocked"  My friends say that some guys are actually embarrassed about it but they  laugh about how so many men enjoy "getting caught" and are both embarassed and enjoying it all at once.  By the way draped or not they claim they always know!  they also make the distinction between getting an XXX because of blood flow and actually getting turned on or horny.
All that being said....they enjoy a healthy body with muscles thay can actually identify.  They will let you be as comfortable as you like if YOU make them feel comfortable.  

My friends joke about how some guys are so obviously tormented that they have to allow them a little extra private time to get "dressed" after the massage.  It is so common Both say they perfer that guys don't get horny during the massage because it takes away from the theropedic benefits not because it bothers them.

JM_Runs #48

Re:Massage In a thong?

Date Posted:08/24/2010 01:45:22Copy HTML

You mentioned that your therapist is also naked? I have not come across that scenario. Is it a legit licensed therapist or something else?
JM_Runs #49

Re:Massage In a thong?

Date Posted:08/24/2010 08:01:39Copy HTML

 This was a masseur specialising in tantric massage, and this is how he liked to give the massage
nudebob #50

Re:Massage In a thong?

Date Posted:09/08/2010 07:46:11Copy HTML

I enjoyed reading your post. I have never had a massage, but have always wondered how getting an XXX was handled. Wearing a thong or nothing would not make a difference of getting one. Also covered or uncovered, the same.
So as I understand, it is just part of the process and will probably happen and no big deal.
This is great as the wife and I go on our next vacation, we will be doing the massages.
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