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Date Posted:01/28/2014 08:18:22Copy HTML

A South Korean company that produces skimpy swimwear.
Here's the link: http://mategear.com
maozer2003 #1


Date Posted:01/28/2014 11:19:24Copy HTML

 Nice designs, thanks for letting us know about this company. Are the prices in US dollars?
bikinicouple #2


Date Posted:01/29/2014 02:54:22Copy HTML

They have a lot of fun designs.  I like the small, low-riding Asian looks of the suits.  Any they sure do take low to whole new level with the "mini" line.  I gotta try one of those!!
bikinicouple #3


Date Posted:06/24/2014 07:55:34Copy HTML

 Still enjoying my new Mategear!  Very unique and TEENY-TINY!  You must be utterly relaxed to wear it.  And forget about the c-ring - not happening!
ozthong #4


Date Posted:06/25/2014 11:00:20Copy HTML

Just be careful that mategear's sizes are Asian sizes. My Aussibum size is small, Skinzwear size is medium, Mategear I got large but its too small, should have ordered extra large.
beachbumbill #5


Date Posted:07/18/2014 04:42:04Copy HTML

 Using the size chart on the site and actual measurements with a measuring tape worked for me.


AussieExPoser #6


Date Posted:03/06/2015 06:27:39Copy HTML

 Yeah they have great stuff. Fits well and good quality.
No problem with fit.
nautirogue #7


Date Posted:05/03/2015 02:04:33Copy HTML

 I bought a Mategear G-string for our trip to Hedo last year.  Fun stuff!  But yeah, you need to pay attention to the Asian sizing.There's a pic of the swimsuit in my album.
ozarkG #8


Date Posted:05/23/2015 05:11:04Copy HTML

 I just went thru the website, and i must say that i am surprised at the skimpy designs offered by them. I would not have expected such small/skimpy/sexy desings from an Asian company. However, i am glad to see that there is someone from that corner of the blobe offering such styles.
nautirogue #9


Date Posted:06/01/2015 08:39:13Copy HTML

Mategear is the only company that I've found with such extremely low rear styles.  #SunsOutCracksOut! 

I'm wondering... For beaches where thongs aren't permitted, do you think these styles would be more accepted or less accepted?

Personally, I'm liking the style that is so small that the rear essentially just cups the bottom of my ass cheeks (Extremely Sexy Mini Bikini).  My wife is equally turned off by this style as she is by male thongs, so I don't have her to help me make the decision!  (The good thing is that even if I do wear a thong or one of the ultra-low bikinis, she'll still support me.)
Ex_Member #10


Date Posted:06/02/2015 09:39:55Copy HTML

 My waist is 33.  I usually order mediums.  Can you recommend a size for Mategear?
ozthong #11


Date Posted:06/02/2015 10:01:30Copy HTML

I have a 32-inch waist, I ordered size Large, but they are still too small and still can't use it. I normally order medium for most brands. I would suggest order 2 sizes larger than your normal size.
JM_Runs #12


Date Posted:06/02/2015 10:59:00Copy HTML

I too have learned this the hard way.

The two sizes larger rule is often good for brands made in the Far East, but sometimes you have to go even larger.

This is especially true if you don't have the rock hard body of a fit 20 year old, which might prevent the elastic dimpling you soft skin and creating a mini muffin top.

nautirogue #13


Date Posted:06/02/2015 11:12:42Copy HTML

As much as I don't like the size, I've ordered the 2XL from MateGear.  This is the result for me as a 34-inch waist.  (Copy the URLs and paste them into your browser.)

MODERATOR NOTE: Links no longer work.

I like the look, but I'm open to honest criticism.  Let me know if I just plain shouldn't!
steampowered #14


Date Posted:06/03/2015 09:00:07Copy HTML

 can you buy these in size that actually fit your butt properly? i like the minimalist look, but i really don't like the back sitting so low below the top of the crack like so many asian companies tend to showcase.

does buying many sizes up fix (what i would consider) this problem? or are they still small around the back?
nautirogue #15


Date Posted:06/03/2015 12:51:59Copy HTML

 SteamPowered, as I just posted, I've bought the 2XL size and I get the crackout issue, but I kind of like it.  It's kind of a middle ground between a full bikini and a thong... And it's unique.

If the 2XL isn't large enough for you to be able to get the look you want, these may not be the brand for you because 2XL is as large as they go.
nautirogue #16


Date Posted:11/10/2017 01:33:46Copy HTML

I like Mategear suits (https://mategear.com/).  They do make thongs and g-strings, but I like their bikini styles because they are the lowest suits I have ever seen.Check out a few of their styles:

Both from the front and the back, I have never seen lower-styled swimsuits.  I have some of these that I have worn on Lake Michigan beaches, on our boat, and at nude beaches and nude campgrounds.
JM_Runs #17


Date Posted:11/10/2017 03:28:45Copy HTML

It would be helpful if Mategear had more micro thongs in stock. 

I tend to buy only true thongs or g-strings. The suits with abbreviated rear just does not work well on me, for I no longer have buns of steel.  And since my beach allows thongs, I don't have a need for a suit with back, although I do need both a waistband and rear rear strap.

Mategear seems to have very little stock in some suits.
By scrolling through the pictures below each suit, you can see what colors they once had, but have sold out.
Same thing with sizing, if they have it in stock, they often don't have XL or 2XL, which even small or medium guys in the states need.

They are out of swim g-strings, except for ones with waist-band but no rear strap, which they call slingshots. 
They also have some fronts I would like, but in jock-strap instead of thong or g-string.
The website is quite clever, in that it only shows products that are currently in stock.
Which leads me to wonder what products were so popular they completely sold out.

Maybe they are just out of the more popular stuff after a busy summer, 
but it is starting to look like the site is winding down, with just the less popular stuff left.  
So if you like some of Mategear suits, I would get them now.  
The pricing, compared to some very over priced Japanese swimsuit sites, looks reasonable.

nautirogue #18


Date Posted:11/10/2017 11:29:38Copy HTML

 JM, I don't think the site is winding down.  I've bought from them for several years and they regularly run out of sizes and styles, but replace with new designs and different product.
My only issue with them is that they do seem to get limited quantities of their product so if you want something you need to check often and buy quickly.
JM_Runs #19


Date Posted:11/11/2017 02:00:44Copy HTML

That is good to hear.
When supplies run short, styles, color options and the more popular sizes disappear, it can be an indication that the business is not refreshing stock or production is winding down.

I wish they would do the swim "slingshots" as g-strings or thongs with a rear strap.  And / Or things like their 'Chong Ho' jockstrap front with a g-string or thong rear.

Some of their suits have good excellent small or micro fronts, with good tailoring and style, but I don't want the silly little rears, just give me the suit as a proper thong or g-string.  If you are wearing that little up front, you might as well have a minimal rear too.

It would also be helpful if they did not follow the awful trend of putting things in 'Collections', like Signature Mini - Signature Ultra - Limited Mini - Limited Ultra.  Just put all the g-strings together, all the thongs together, etc. It ain't rocket science.

I see this same miserable trend, grouping stuff by collection name rather than style on some European manufactures websites.

stringueur #20


Date Posted:11/11/2017 01:38:48Copy HTML

 I don't like this styles.

I think it is impossible to place my d... in this swimsuits. It is for asian people, not european.

I like to wear minimal rear (thong, cheeky, brazilian rear) but i want a front that covers me totally.
I don't want my d... pop out.

Mineralguy #21


Date Posted:11/11/2017 03:51:04Copy HTML

 I like the suits but I need to tighten up my stomach before buying one. Probably need to loose another 15 pounds as well
Mineralguy #22


Date Posted:12/12/2017 12:00:37Copy HTML

 Ordered Kae-Jong and Mo-Jae suits. Having a small package does allow me to be quite the fashion plate!!! lol   I plan on trying to use the Mo-Jae for laps at the "Y" and see how it holds up. Hopefully no disaster when I work on my flip turns.

It is also giving me incentive to drop that extra 15 pounds !! lol
navythong #23


Date Posted:12/12/2017 06:19:28Copy HTML

I agree with stringgueur: These suits are not my cup of tea. Yes, they are small but its looks like you are wearing a suit you bought way too small in size.
I prefer suits that have the right size, and just covers what need to be covered.
Mineralguy #24


Date Posted:12/12/2017 08:49:48Copy HTML

 Probably right, just like the challenge of trying to fit in one of these. .?


Date Posted:12/12/2017 10:37:35Copy HTML

Even if I would very much like to try Mategear, I have no experience with their models yet myself. As to the challenge of fitting your stuff in, I can only say I have ordered a tanga through Light in the Box that is absolutely tiny (even if it is an L and I usually have S's) and on top of that non stretch. When I received it I would never have imagined it could hold the jewels but somehow it does even with a slight @@@@@@. ?
Mineralguy #26


Date Posted:12/13/2017 12:30:38Copy HTML

 Lol not all that worried about my package it is the rest of me that I am going to try to fit in. Lol Got some weight to loose. Going to try pulling it off at 185 with XXL. So I got about 15 to loose by spring
Beached_Santa_Cruz #27


Date Posted:12/13/2017 05:52:31Copy HTML

 Curious how they work swimming after you get them.  I'm afraid they'd slide off my ass and lose the suit while swimming laps.

maozer2003 #28


Date Posted:12/17/2017 09:42:43Copy HTML

 I have an Ultra Swim Kini - Heong Jin from Mategear - not a thong, it has a tanga style brief back. I've worn this bikini swimming and it does stay in place, very well. I am a 30" waist & I bought a medium size and it fits tight - I could probably wear their large size comfortably (I usually buy small from US/UK shops). It also covers my front OK (I am not large in that area, and this design does have a pouch front).  I like the style - it's extremely brief, but still looks like a conventional tanga swimsuit, with strap sides. I think Mategear quality is excellent, but you do need to be careful with the sizing, plus they offer a lot of bikinis which are designed to only rise halfway up your backside, which I don't like (see JM Runs comments above). But if you look carefully at the photos, you can find styles that sit higher at the back. As for their designs running out, this is definitely a deliberate marketing strategy, not a sign of them going out of business. If you look at the page "About Us", it states:  " Limited pieces are tailored for each design to make them truly unique and new styles are launched every few weeks"A bit frustrating, but I find I keep going back to the site to see what's new.

MarkThongLines #29


Date Posted:12/18/2017 02:12:32Copy HTML

I don't mind the look of the Ultra Sexy Pouch Thong - Hwon Ha.Sits nice and low and has thin side straps but looks to have some room in the pouch.
Mineralguy #30


Date Posted:12/23/2017 03:27:13Copy HTML

 The two suits came in. The extra large seems a good size for me. The only problem is my package has a tight fit. Probably not the best suit to use for lap swimming. It does work if I am just enjoying a day at the pool or beach
speedolover1 #31


Date Posted:02/15/2018 07:20:20Copy HTML

 i just ordered a S and M of the mini swim bikini jin mo (w/ lining) in black and a squarecut jae yup in red...i’ve been wearing desmiit bikinis for years and thought those felt absolutely incredible, but am really excited to walk around the beach in these this spring! cannot wait for these tan lines!!
bmicro #32


Date Posted:04/19/2018 03:41:03Copy HTML

 Finally a suit that I feel good wearing when a thong or g-string is not appropriate or illegal! I have been searching for such a suit for a long time. Love Mategear! 
JM_Runs #33


Date Posted:12/12/2018 10:15:22Copy HTML

MateGear don't make many thongs. However this one is interesting: https://mategear.com/collections/latest-arrivals/products/ultra-swim-g-kal-song-trident-back
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