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Date Posted:10/16/2017 12:42:51Copy HTML

Why am I getting a malware warning from Win10 when I try to access my profile??Has the site been infected/hijacked??  
JM_Runs #1

Re:Maware warning!!!!!!!

Date Posted:10/16/2017 01:48:34Copy HTML

The thong wearer's message board is one of many thousands of message boards hosted on web servers owned by Aimoo.com.  Most of these message boards appear to be hosted on servers numbered 1 through 4.  Our message board is on there server #1 / forum 1.

I suspect what happened is somebody either hacked one of the Aimoo.com servers, or posted an active HTML link to an infected webpage, which could have happened on any one of the hundreds of message boards hosted by Aimoo.com

You might notice that from time to time the board background colors and fonts change to a default white. This means the server on which they have stored the database of  "skins", the definitions of fonts colors and images for each of the message boards, it off-line. 

Similarly your personal profile is probably stored on one or the other servers. That's why you don't get the message about that sub domain or server hosting an attack page when coming to the message board, but do when you try to access your personal profile on the infected server.

An internet robot designed to look for infected sites found the infection, or the link to the infected page, and marked that server, subdomain, or individual page as bad. I don't know if it was marked as bad because the malicious software is on one of the Aimoo servers, or if it's because Aimoo is just hosting a message board which in turn has a link to the malicious page.

Unfortunately websites that host message boards contain thousands and thousands of links to other websites. And what might've been a good link yesterday might be a bad link today because that third or fourth party website got hacked.

At some point yesterday one or more of the other Aimoo servers (server 4, forum 4) was flagged as a potential carrier of malware.  This may have been because someone attacked their server, or more likely just uploaded an infected image or document to one of the forums.  It may have been from someone posting a comment that in turn had a live URL link to an infected page.

By default, since about 2005, Aimoo allowed posts to have any font, flashing texts, embedded pictures and HTML code.  This is all on by default. However to keep this Thong Wears forum easy to read, and to discourage spam attacks, on our message board all this is turned off. This means the text in posts has the same font, is the same size and the same color. While as boring as a book it makes the board more readable. What matters is what people say, not how large a font they use to say it.

Aimmo now has a daunting task. First a look in the email to find out if they got a message about the infection that was found. That won't be in their regular email but in an email sent to the owner of the registered domain name. Then they have to see if that email identified the page or for URL for the bad page on a Aimoo.com.  Then find out if their web server operating system was hacked, or the message board code was hacked, or if the old database they use was hacked, or if the infection is in code uploaded on a forum, or if it is just an uploaded link to a bad page.

I suspect it's going to take them a couple of days to get that sorted out.  Their software code is little flaky, and the day-to-day domain management seems to follow suit. Previously it has taken them several days to fix even simple problems with their domain and IP configurations. A number of years ago they had a meltdown which lasted for months.

One of the problems with hosting many message boards, which in turn may have thousands of users, is this an awful lot of users adding content. If you allowed them to embed HTML or other scripting languages in those messages you are cruising for a bruising. 

By default Aimoo message boards allow anybody on the Internet to post.  This allows robots attempting to place advertisements and malicious software free reign.

To prevent spam and malicious attacks I have all HTML and code scripting turned off for all users, and for most sections of our thong wearer's message board you have to be a member to post content.  Not that it takes much to become am Aimoo user and board member, but that extra step helps keep spam down to zero. Any advertising messages you see are the ones inserted by Aimoo.com themselves.

In short, at this time it is not a problem for the server or sub domain for our message board. You should not get an infection by reading or posting on our board.  However it would be a very good idea to stay off your personal profiles until they have cleaned up the infected server.
pikeman #2

Re:Maware warning!!!!!!!

Date Posted:10/18/2017 05:53:26Copy HTML

 Thanks for your timely response and explanation. I imagine that any hosting service has a daunting task to avoid getting hijacked or become a repository for malware.
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