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Date Posted:02/13/2019 10:46:13Copy HTML

Does anyone practice meditation or other relaxation techniques?

I tried slow deep breathing, imagining the breaths were involving the whole length of my body.  Ended up getting this incredible floating feeling that was the most incredible sensual, right with the world feeling  (but not involving wood LOL!) that I ever imagined .I never studied this, or took it seriously, except for reading the first chapter in a book about meditation. This is why I tried the breathing.

teeback269 #1

Re:Meditation etc.

Date Posted:02/16/2019 09:03:29Copy HTML

I do tai-chi every day on the beach wearing just a g-string.
Tanian #2

Re:Meditation etc.

Date Posted:02/17/2019 05:12:50Copy HTML

I usually go out and swim pretty energetically with mask and flippers for 15-20 minutes.

When I come back,I'm usually pretty tired, and ready to relax. Sometimes hyperventilating a bit.

This all seems to facilitate the meditation. That, and the fact that I can stop thinking what others may be 

thinking and really relax.


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