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Date Posted:07/18/2017 02:18:16Copy HTML

I was wondering if anyone (besides me) has met a fellow thonger on the beach (at a lake or wherever), hit it off, and wound up dating that thonger.  I am interested in people who were both in thongs when they first met.  Dating to me means going out together (someplace other than the beach) and doing so at least once.

My husband Randy and I first met on the beach.  I was thonging (I was not into topfreedom in public yet -- he taught me how cool that was later) and he comes along, slips his tiny little shorts off, and has on the cutest thong.  This was at a time when guys were not afraid or ashamed to wear thongs.  He was alone and when he exposed his buns, I decided it was time to go over and meet him.  We spent the day at the beach together and later went to my house to have dinner with my parents.  I had never taken a guy I had just met home the day I met him before, but Randy was special.  Mom gave him two thumbs up.  She really liked him a lot, and he liked everyone else in the family.  We did all the normal dating stuff -- went to movies, went out for dinners, etc.  We continued to go to the beach together or meet at the beach, but our relationship was more than just beach related.  Seven years, two jobs for each of us, and several living changes and we finally tied the knot.  I first met Randy about 20 years ago.

He was the type of guy who I would have checked out better if I met him in a different location.  I just think the shared interest in thonging made our relationship kick in a little faster.  I like to think I would have dated him anyway -- even if the first time I saw him, he was not wearing a thong, but there is no way to know.  My sister, Nikki, actually met him before me, and actually got to see him nude first (he had modeled at a college art class she had taken).  There was a little sibling rivalry between us, but Randy was more interested in me from the start -- even though Nikki was also into thongs.  He said he would have probably run with Nikki for a while if he had met her at the beach first, but once he met me, he liked me so much more that any such thoughts would have quickly left his mind.

Has anyone else dated a fellow thonger, and how did it turn out for the two of you?

JM_Runs #1

Re:Meeting a thonger and dating them later

Date Posted:07/18/2017 02:38:14Copy HTML

For many years a thong is about the only thing I have worn on the beach or when boating. I have been dated by women who approached me on the beach, when I was wearing a thong, and they were too.

I often meet women thongers on the beach. However most of the time I have NOT ended up seriously dating a thonger that I approached.
The ones I ended up dating tend to be the ones who approached me, who were interested in me when I was in a thong, including my ex-wife.   

Never was it when I was sitting around, but always when I was doing something: Sailing, running, playing volleyball with friends, etc.

I have also ended up living with women who I met else where, off the beach, and they were generally not so keen, or ambivalent, about thonging.

I am not currently going to the beach to run, because of an ankle problem. I am not currently dating. Maybe there is a correlation. 

As a general rule I think it is better to be friendly to all, and let the women who are interested in a man in a thong make the first move.  
Most women I have dated have come over to me to join in an activity or showed interest in what I was DOING, (other than just sitting or lying around.)

We often have posts on this board from young men who wish to meet women who like to thong, or asking how to approach women in thongs.  They are a women in a thong, so they know almost every straight man, and half the gay women on the beach are interested. They know this, but as a rule they don't want lots of people coming over to bother them, no matter how good your intentions might be.

It has been my experience that on the beach it is best to let the women make the first move. Act confident: Most times, if they are at all interested, they will come to you.  If you want to make first contact, a simple thumbs up when passing will do. 

The key to getting women to come to you is to be doing something other than sitting like a lump. For example paying frisbee or flying a kite. If a women is interested she will come over to ask questions. If there is no wind for a kite get out your painters easel and start painting. You don't have to be good. It is just an excuse for her to be more curious, without it looking too forward.

It is also an excuse for her to get up and show off her thong, by walking around, and then nonchalantly moving around while talking to you. Give them an excuse to show off a little too. If they enjoy that, they will enjoy their visit with you. 
The Swan #2

Re:Meeting a thonger and dating them later

Date Posted:07/21/2017 12:46:41Copy HTML

 I've dated women I've met on the beach, but I've always been the one wearing a thong. Although I have had a few wild experiences on the beach while thonging, it seems the women I meet on the beach, while having a physical attractiveness, don't have the mental attractiveness I need to sustain the relationship. It's not say the women I meet on the beach are not right for somebody else, they just were not right for me. I've actually had more success in dating and long term relationships meeting women at coffee houses and wine tastings.

As for dating a fellow thonger, except for my ex-wife (who I met at work), I've never dated a woman who wore thongs. Some non-thongers had sheer or lacy panties or rather sheer bathing suits, but no thongs. My current girlfriend of three years has never even tried on a thong and wears the most conservative panties. I developed a relationship with her at a weekly wine tasting. While she now loves me in thong and is always disappointed if I don't have one on, she wont wear them. Que sera sera.
LoveMyThongs #3

Re:Meeting a thonger and dating them later

Date Posted:09/22/2018 06:59:33Copy HTML

Before I met my wife I met a male thonger at the beach with a solid bulge and fantastic tan lines. We hit off really well and hung the whole day. I invited him back to my apt to hang and. Have a beer. When I greeted him in my thong and nothing else, you can guess the rest and we dated for two years!!
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