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Date Posted:10/17/2007 06:10:27Copy HTML

With 27 deg predicted for Saturday in Melbourne any ideas which beach we should sun our buns at. it would be nice to have as many thongers in one location as possible.
Ex_Member #1

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:10/18/2007 08:49:20Copy HTML

I'll be out, but just around my pool up here near Newcastle. Just got back from two weeks in Surfers. Not many thongs, but nobody cares if you do either!
matt476 #2

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:12/14/2007 11:29:19Copy HTML

Looks like it should be a good summer. Already got in half a dozen days on the neach in the little black G and as many more nude in the backyard so the tan is looking healthy.  It seems to have been continuously cloudy and/or rainy the last few weeks but hopefully more sun and plenty more serious tanning to come! Might even try a few different beaches out this year - so far Bondi, Coogee, Camp Cove, Dee Why, Narrabeen, Freshwater, Palm Beach and Balmoral have proved happy thonging grounds, each with their own atmosphere. Most people on any of these beaches are there to relax and get a tan so it is OK for a bloke to lay around with not many clothes on getting a decent suntan, if thats what you like to do. We've all got a bum and a lot of us like it being the same colour as the rest of us!
akermania21 #3

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:12/21/2007 10:52:54Copy HTML

Best beach in Melbourne for sunning buns is defiantly Sandrige at Port Melbourne.  Even though it is a gay beach. I go there because no one cares if you wear a g-string.  There are plenty of guys and normally a few girls that wear g's and go topless.  Sunny Side is also good, but probably too many nude guys, and on a real hot day lots of girls too,  but you never really see any thongers down there.  Werribe South is a poor beach: No sand and mainly a gay beat, smells too.  Point Impossible at Torquay is a great beach, but normally not very busy and I haven't seen g-string there other than mine.

(English Language and punctuation provided by JM)
John Howard #4

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:12/22/2007 03:06:58Copy HTML

In my opinion, any beach in Melbourne is a good beach for thonging.

Being perhaps the only drawback on a very crowded day like  a Sunday, when there are too many young people around in groups.   Other than that, I have never had any problems at all sunbaking wearing a thong, at Albert Park, Port Melbourne, South Melbourne, Half Moon Bay, etc.

Sandridge beach is a peculiar one, I use to go there after work with my wife and kids.  Seems to be a predominant gay beach,  (some men couples holding hands, and being affectionate to each other, which is a great thing to see at this time and age of so much agression, hatred, and suicide bombings...).    I have very rarely seen very many male thongers at Sandridge beach,  I reckon I stand out there sunbaking wearing a thong, because most men there are very fashion conscious and fashion dictates now that the square cut lycra shorts are in (thongs must be "out").

Plenty of thongs (male and women) around the bushy area of Port Melbourne beach.   I try to avoid these areas, as some strange persons sometimes like to approach and become annoying. I like to sunbake at the very centre of the beach where everyone can see me and I can see everything, I think if we all did this, thonging would stop being seen by some as something strange or unusual.

Also, interesting to see how sometimes after you set up your towel and turn around to drink from your bottle of water, you have been joined by other thongers or women in topless who decided to sunbake around you.  Must make them feel safe, or the fraternity with other thongers and our sisters (topless ladies)...  (but this is a story for a different post)

John Howard

Guts #5

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:01/10/2008 01:08:59Copy HTML

I don't get to thong on beaches but I do thong in the Murray River. Link has a couple of pics of me in the river with my kids (kids are painted out). Going again on Sunday and hopefully my wife takes some more pics. Yes my wife thongs aswell, she has WW g strings, I have skinzwear in the M45U type.


Guts #6

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:01/10/2008 01:11:47Copy HTML

Opps forgot to say the first two pics are in the river, the third pic was from when we went on our cruise before xmas.
Ex_Member #7

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:01/17/2008 10:14:40Copy HTML

Does anyone know where I might get an Australian flag thong or g in time for Australia Day?What a way to break the ice and let some friends see that I wear thongs, than swimming in a Aus flag thong at our pool party for Australia day!
Ex_Member #8

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:01/18/2008 06:43:30Copy HTML

Thanks. Not a bad idea if I can't come up with a flag thong.
maxpower1980 #9

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:10/17/2008 11:24:58Copy HTML

Hi Any ideas for Melbourne this year, Black rock was over run with boats last year.
livinagogo #10

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:11/11/2008 07:06:18Copy HTML

Which beach do you go to? May be going tomorrow. 31C oh yeah!!
thecritta #11

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:12/31/2008 01:54:41Copy HTML

Hi there i am a 25 year old male from Melbourne, is there anywhere where it is appropriate for males to wear thongs on any of Melbourne's beaches. Also when you guys hit the beaches do you wax or anything to make yourself appear more attractive? I would wax down below, because i think too much hair is not a good look.

Anyways any help is appreciated cheers thecritta
Ex_Member #12

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:01/06/2009 07:27:53Copy HTML

Hi Critta
I think you're right. I go for the hair-free look as well. Fur doesn't go with a thong as far as I'm concerned!
John Howard #13

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:02/19/2009 07:54:52Copy HTML

Last week on a week day, I  went to Port Melbourne beach, a mild overcast day.
While sunbaking at the middle of the beach, the senior Carlton football team arrived for pre-season beach session.
Carlton is one of the most important Australian rules team in the competition.
I was wearing a red Dore LC thong and said to myself "oh no, I'm on the spot now".
These guys walked past a few metres from me, and didn't say a word.
Brendan Fevola was there, and he particularly stared at me while he walked past.
This guy has a reputation of being a trouble maker, so I was ready to respond if he said something silly or that I didn't like.

Nothing happened at all.  The guys went to the water for aprox 30 minutes, and then they had a shower and left. 

I reckon that most of the times these guys have fights, is because some other people provoke them.  They could very easily have said something silly to me, there were not very many people around.   I have more muscle than the average John Smith, maybe that also helped.

None of the guys was wearing even a speedo.  All were wearing shorts to the middle of the thigh, and Fevola was wearing a white knee length skins bottom.  (who told him those were bathers?). 
Anyway, I'm glad I didn't chicken out and kept doing what I usually do, sunbake and swim, in front of whoever comes to the beach.  (and I arrived first!).

Wonder what Fevola said about my swimwear.  Probably he said 'he must be gay', (well, who cares about what Fevola could think anyway).  But maybe he saw a good looking guy wearing a red thong, and said to himself 'that's cool, I will wear one of those next time I go for a swim'....

John  Howard
John Howard #14

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:02/19/2009 08:24:29Copy HTML

I think this season, the best beach for thonging closer to the CBD is Albert Park beach.
Now that school holidays are over, it has a great environment.
Not as many young people in groups as at South Melbourne beach.
And not weird people hiding around dunes like at Port Melbourne beach.

Over the last days,  I spotted  plenty of girls and middle aged women sunbaking topless.  Plenty of men wearing speedos, very few (I was one of them) wearing thongs, and very few young men wearing board shorts.  At least over the last days, speedos defeated board shorts on this beach.

I think this beach finally became the favourite beach for those sun lovers who like to sunbake wearing minimal. 
I wonder if it has anything to do with the time of the day and the day of the week.   
Me and my wife and kids went to the same beach over the heat wave that hit Melbourne a few weeks ago.  We went there about 5 PM.  As it was not sunny enough then to get a tan, I decided to wear a Muscleskins rio, not a thong.

Amazingly, as so many people crowded the beach then, and the crowd was mainly groups of young and middle aged noisy people, I caught a lot of attention.  Because probably me and another guy were the only ones wearing something different to board shorts.  Of course, on a day like that, not even one lady in topless showed up.

Who could believe that the same beach could be so different on a different day and time. 

If I caught so much unwanted attention just wearing a rio, what would happened if I wore then what I usually wear, a thong. 

the moral of this might be to use common sense on what to wear and when.   If it's not sunny enough to ruin my thong tan line, and the kids want to play with dad, and there are potential morons around that could make me feel uncomfortable, then I prefer to wear something less revealing.

John Howard
ozthong #15

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:02/19/2009 09:53:58Copy HTML

South Melbourne beach outside of school holidays is a good place to sunbake in a g-string as well. In two occassions, saw 2 lovely ladies sunbaking topless + g-string. I am glad that there are some other people aside from myself sunbaking in a g-string.
Ex_Member #16

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:02/25/2009 08:03:29Copy HTML

Hi Guys

I was in Melbourne for the heatwave as well. Played golf on the Saturday at Albert Park. Where's the beach from there? I didn't realise there was one!
A bit over a week later on the Tuesday, after doing the Great Ocean Road, we were at St Kilda Pier, having lunch at the resturant next to the indoor pool. I wandered around the other side with the kids to get them an ice cream at the little place near the (very dead) grassed section beside the beach, where plenty of people were sunbaking as the beach was windy. There were two quite young (20ish?) very good-looking blondes sunning themselves beside the footpath in very small g's with small triangle tops. We're talking WW small! Not WW suits, and not Micro-minimus size, but the smallest I've seen in public for quite a while! Sensational looking girls, and you just don't see girls that age wearing g's so brazenly these days! There was also a woman around 45 in a white thong bikini, who didn't look too bad either. Beside that, a few scattered here and there on the beach. There seemed to be a fair few guys in speedos too.
These girls were quite happy to get up and walk in for a dip in the ocean without covering up. Three cheers to them for just doing it!
By the way, the Great Ocean Road was under 22degC and windy the whole week, so no swimming or sunning there!
ozthong #17

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:11/10/2009 07:18:16Copy HTML

Summer started early in Melbourne. 30+ degree weather all week. Took advantage of the weather and went thonging at South Melbourne beach. Only person in g-string. Sometimes spotting another guy. Hope to see more ladies in g-strings.
livinagogo #18

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:11/11/2009 07:48:17Copy HTML

 Any reaction form the other punters?

Got a pool party with workmates on Sat. Not sure to thong or not. Those ladies like to gossip!
JM_Runs #19

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:11/11/2009 01:08:11Copy HTML

For years I was a little worried about thonging around the people I worked with or their families. Later I wised up and figured out the women had already size me up and formed opinions about me long ago, as women tend to do.  So when they found out that I wore a thong it did not change their basic opinion, it just made me more interesting.
You will probably get some friendly ribbing from your friends and colleagues, but don't let that put you off. It quickly dies out. It is possible some of the other men may appreciate you being the confident leader because it defuses any grief their wife/girlfriend gave them for wearing a speedo.
You may want to try a thong under mesh shorts if you don't think you can thong right away but want to let people know you thong ,to test the waters.  Then once you have established your ground and had a beer you can dump the shorts and dive in.
maxpower1980 #20

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:12/16/2009 08:49:35Copy HTML

please support this http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/nude-bathers-frustrated-with-poor-public-transport-to-victorian-nude-beaches-demand-one-in-melbourne/story-e6frf7jo-1225810743615
maxpower1980 #21

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:01/08/2010 07:51:28Copy HTML

Any good beach tips for the weekend
ozthong #22

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:02/16/2010 10:31:47Copy HTML

A lady finally commented today that she liked my g-string on my way back to the showers, decided to stick around with her for awhile and enjoyed the conversation.
maxpower1980 #23

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:02/17/2010 10:09:29Copy HTML

Which beach did you go to
ozthong #24

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:02/18/2010 09:35:42Copy HTML

South Melbourne beach
dragonnight #25

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:12/28/2010 10:39:46Copy HTML

Where abouts on south Melbourne beach
John Howard #26

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:01/01/2011 09:29:21Copy HTML

 This event will take place here in Melbourne in August 2011.....
it will be interesting, to say the least..


JM_Runs #27

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:01/02/2011 01:26:20Copy HTML

Dont understand ultra conservative beliefs. I have no problem with islam or any belief system but its so fear based and religion is what has  stared every war in human history.
Do those outfits look just god awfull its thats insane that they were going to make people cover up for the muslims?! I would not be happy if that ever happened in the usa its not fair to anybody.
dragonnight #28

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:01/04/2011 10:57:14Copy HTML

no one at the beach today, i guess i will have to go there again tomorrow
dragonnight #29

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:01/09/2011 05:34:35Copy HTML

Did see one guy in a thong at south melb. I was there for a few hours myself. Got a few looks and a couple of  smiles of some ladies. No trouble at all. I'm hoping this week will be hot as well and I can show off my thong.
maxpower1980 #30

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:03/12/2011 11:25:09Copy HTML

 Had a chance to thong on port melb beach friday afternoon. I had an older woman walk by for a closer look, and a guy pace past me then set up near me he later walked to the waters edge in a thong. Saturday at back rock north of the rocks a few topless girls, one female in a thong but not topless. 
Thong_Flasher #31

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:06/13/2011 03:58:37Copy HTML

Really looking forward to this coming summer, hopefully it gets here fast.

I thong at a few different spots, St Kilda, Port Melbourne, South Melbourne & sometimes even Werribee where i live. It seems as though the male thong trend has dropped off a bit, not as many hitting the beaches anymore.

Has anyone ever thonged at the Melbourne botanical gardens? i have often noticed females in small bikini's tanning, but not many men.
OS777 #32

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:10/24/2012 09:27:50Copy HTML

Please tell me about places to thong there in Melbourne when I visit next year!
05tiger #33

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:10/26/2012 12:16:27Copy HTML

 Weather is looking good for Monday and TuesdayCan anybody suggest a beach in melbourne to get some sun?
ozthong #34

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:10/28/2012 03:50:58Copy HTML

Anywhere from Port Melboure to St Kilda beach
ChingChing #35

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:11/24/2012 10:33:58Copy HTML

 Very hot day yesterday around 3pm which Melbourne hit 32 degrees.  I went to South Melbourne Beach near Port Melbourne (can see the Tasmanian Spirit closely), I didn't thong but saw two ladies in good shape (Italian I reckon) both in mini black thong and one in red top and another in black.  Also saw two ladies in their topless.  I walked through to St Kilda Beach direction, didn't see any thong but a couple of reviewing swimsuit in Brazilian butt or even smaller, again two plus ladies in their topless hiding around the grassy area in between the beach and the pedestrian way.  Looking forward for another sunny day and will thong over there!
joecooper #36

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:11/29/2012 02:35:28Copy HTML

37 degrees today... Ideal weather!
ChingChing #37

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:12/08/2012 03:13:56Copy HTML

Another hot day today which Melbourne hit 37 degree. I decided to go to South Melbourne beach near Port Melbourne close to the 'Tasmania Spirit' again. I was wearing my swim thong in light blue color cover up with a sports short looking for a good spot to do my first sun tan there.  I settled down in the middle of the beach but the sun was on and off plus there's a group of Asian young people along with their doggy playing around which I found quite annoying.  I walked around and come back 15 mins later and still the same situation. Then I moved to further down near the 'Tasmania Spirit' and found this young lady in her 20's eating burger on her own in just a white tie-side string thong! Then, I sit near her and show off my little thong waiting for the sun comes out.  After finish her burger, she then took out a sun bathing oil, stand up and facing me started applying the oil onto her skimpy body.  Not a while she then turn over and show me her nice butt with a little white triangle back of the thong.  Very attractive and I thought she's the most beautiful girl to me.  I couldn't stay for long, I just stand up clearing up the sand around my body and goodbye with a smile to her.
jpjp104 #38

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:01/18/2013 01:06:24Copy HTML

 gonna go down to the beach this weekend.will be my first time so kinda nervous and excited at the same time.
ChingChing #39

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:01/18/2013 10:04:00Copy HTML

 Which one are you going to? Sunday is the great day with top of 26 degree
jpjp104 #40

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:01/22/2013 01:49:23Copy HTML

I went down on Sunday to port Melbourne beach. Placewas ppackedand no  one was wearing a thong bikini :-( I did sunbake fora  while but I laid on my back so most people probably didn't notice i was wearing a thong bikini. 
If I do this again im going to need back up or setup next to some one else who I wearing a thong bikini. 
Can anyone recommend a good beach to do this? What days /times usually work best? 
maxpower1980 #41

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:02/07/2013 07:51:22Copy HTML

 Any suggestions for Saturday 9th feb?, thinking black rock or port melb
ozthong #42

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:02/09/2013 09:31:32Copy HTML

Was at South Melbourne beach on the 6th and 7th of February. Was the only one wearing a g-string.
maxpower1980 #43

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:02/10/2013 01:22:22Copy HTML

Only one other male in a thong. A handful of girls in gstrings, about a dozen topless. Plenty of smaller bikinis starting to appear. Overall not a bad day at the beach
ChingChing #44

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:03/10/2013 01:03:08Copy HTML

Anyone going to South Melbourne beach today?
joecooper #45

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:07/26/2013 11:39:25Copy HTML

What about public pools in Melbourne? Has anyone ever thonged at one?
Grabeach #46

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:07/27/2013 11:30:30Copy HTML

By public pools, I assume you mean council owned ones with a manager and lifeguards. Not Melbourne, but I faced the same situation in Sydney. Nobody thonged in such pools in Sydney. 'Everybody' thought it was not allowed ....... until I came along! Turns out the signs saying "Appropriate swimwear must be worn" only mean that you can't wear street clothes for health and pool filter maintenance reasons. There don't appear to be any rules on how brief swimwear can be. Refer to my very recent post in the “Australia, but not at the beach” topic. Hopefully this will give you an idea of what to expect.
ChingChing #47

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:09/03/2013 05:49:15Copy HTML

Wanted to go to Port Melbourne beach today. Thought the weather is warm enough to go there, and this is just the second day of Spring! 
Need to find another day to thong there with my violet Joe Snyder thong, neon pink capri or Speedo neon yellow thong!  Hope to see you guys around then! Cheers!
matt476 #48

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:10/27/2013 11:18:58Copy HTML

... Will be in Melbourne next week ... Looking forward to hitting the beach and checking out the ladies topping up their tans ready for the Cup ... any recommendations on the best spots to relax with topless and g-string wearing girls around on Melbourne beaches this year?
matt476 #49

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:11/10/2013 01:19:18Copy HTML

 ... on the stretch between Port Melbourne and Albert Park there were at least 3 blokes in thongs (including myself) last wedensday ... apologies to the guy in the thong who commented on my tan but I was particularly hung over and wasn't really in the mood for conversation ... a great spot, plenty of variety, will definately be back. Thumbs up to any of the Melb city beaches.
adambrix #50

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:11/16/2013 04:29:52Copy HTML

3 blokes. That sounds promising as a good spot. Any ladies (?)- that would make it even better!
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