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ChingChing #51

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:11/29/2013 05:46:17Copy HTML

Weather forecast there will be a very nice sunny day on Sunday.  Just wanted to thong and see some thong in any Melbourne beach. Anyone got a plan?
ChingChing #52

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:01/08/2014 10:12:18Copy HTML

 Just started a warmer day in Melbourne yesterday. I was with my JS purple thong in St Kilda beach for a few hours stayed near where people go for water sky kite.  There was one lady in a navy blue thong and another lady in a Brazilian thong.  There was one Speedo and one in a very slim brief only.  Hopefully will be more for today.  Happy browsing guys!
ChingChing #53

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:01/11/2014 05:19:15Copy HTML

 Having my purple JS thong on Thursday in Port Melbourne beach as well.  Just got a couple of Speedo guys but get very excited seeing a group of 5-6 ladies sunbathing with their dog and two of them topless with a red g-string and thong.  Very reviewing.  Couldn't find them on the next day on the same spot.  Friday was much busier from St Kilda beach thru to port Melbourne beach but more rio back bikini than thong wearer.  So disappointed.
ozthong #54

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:01/16/2014 08:25:41Copy HTML

Was at South Melbourne beach Monday, Wednesday, Thursday afternooon during the 40+ heat wave. I was wearing my black Joe Snyder bulge thong. Nice to see a couple of men and women emjoying their thongs. Only a few men in speedos though. Black seems to be the preferred colour of thongers.
Thongmad #55

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:01/17/2014 09:30:42Copy HTML

 Basic black...always looks good.
Thong_Flasher #56

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:01/18/2014 11:16:57Copy HTML

 Feb 3-7 I will be hitting the St Kilda beach area in my thong, hopefully see a few more as well :)
Thongmad #57

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:01/21/2014 04:37:41Copy HTML

 Very small possibility I might get there on 7th in the morning only, maybe up to 1pm...Other than that, I'll see how Sat 8th goes (in town 7th, 8th 9th). They are the only chances I'll have.I will definitely be thonging if I do ;)  Fingers crossed for the weather!
ChingChing #58

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:01/23/2014 12:59:10Copy HTML

 Today is the day I saw most thongers in St Kilda beach and South Melbourne beach.  I found 6 ladies VS 5 men in thongs from where I stayed before.  I thought my JS thong and the new white N2N was the smallest but there were couple more skimpier one and they looks so hot!  So, what should I wear next?
g_stringmelbboy #59

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:01/24/2014 08:36:27Copy HTML

 Went down to Sandridge beach at port melb last friday when it was 40. baked out in my white skinz micro g. Two girls in their early 20's set out in front of me near the water and stripped down. Both went topless. One girl was wearing g-string underwear, the other was wearing small black thong bathers. It always seems people wearing g's like to set up near other people wearing g's. 
Might go between port melb and albert park on sun/mon. I used to love this spot before the council put the fence up. Would lay out in the dunes and head into water in my g. Now it is a bit hard to get over the fence. Might just bite the bullet and set up on the water side of the fence. It is normally pot luck there though, sometimes there are heaps of young families other times there might be a few g wearers.
Does anyone have any other good beaches in the bay for thonging? 
ChingChing #60

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:01/30/2014 04:07:31Copy HTML

 I was with my very first time, a Neon yellow Speedo thong in Port Melbourne beach in the afternoon.  This topless lady was with her blue g-string playing with her two dogs.  Later I found that she got a back-up bikini to cover her sexy body as well as her blue g-string.  The other lady who sit near me who's jealous of 2 men and a woman in a thong.  Looking forward for more good weather!
Thong_Flasher #61

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:02/01/2014 04:48:35Copy HTML

 Heading to Pt Addis on next Thursday, will try and get to Port Melbourne/St Kilda also.
Thongmad #62

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:02/03/2014 06:51:23Copy HTML

 For an out-of-towner, can you guys tell me exactly which beach you call Port Melbourne and South Melbourne?

I may get the chance to go on Saturday, so I'd like to know the best spot. You seem to be seeing a lot of thongers at South Melbourne recently(?)

That or St Kilda - I'd be comfortable thonging on the beach there.
matt476 #63

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:02/03/2014 02:29:53Copy HTML

 .. just check out the aerial photo from 'google maps' and pick your spot ...

thonger_in_oz #64

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:02/04/2014 01:40:16Copy HTML

i go either to the beach next to the ferry (beach street between Princes and Bay) or towards Port Melbourne LSC (Beaconsfield parade between Esplanade East and Johnston)both beaches have a shower nearby which is helpful!hope that helps!!!
Thongmad #65

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:02/04/2014 04:31:32Copy HTML

 Thanks guys, just hope I don't get lumbered with work, and the weather is good!
Rock0472 #66

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:02/05/2014 12:13:38Copy HTML

 anyone tomorrow afternoon in thongs at Pierce Reserve near Port Melbourne
Thongmad #67

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:02/11/2014 07:38:55Copy HTML

 Ended up there on Saturday afternoon around 2:30pm, which was quite warm!

Got off the tram at Luna Park, and walked West along St Kilda beach. The beach volleyball was awesome ;P...Plenty of females in not much as well!
As I rounded the bend past the restuarants, just past the pier, here is a guy and girl (early - mid fifties) walking along in the same direction as me, her in a t-shirt type top, and a tie-side thong! First one for the day :)

Just up from that, say 50 metres, there was a marque set up hiring out SUP's. Standing in line was a younger girl (20's) wearing a string sided thong! She was pretty cute with a great bum - top advertisement for thongs!

It was only a little way up from here that I set up. A sort-of sand spit stretched out into the bay towards the pier where a heap of boats were moored, as the tide was very low, and the bushy area started just behind that. Three girls in  thongs, as well as me.

At one stage I took a bit of a walk along the water's edge, and a guy came up to me and complimented my thong. Said he'd love to see heaps more people like me wearing them. Mind you, even though he was 50+, there would be no problem for him to wear one - he had a very nicely toned body and would look good. He was wearing a nice cut brief, but could easily look great in a thong also. So I was really happy with getting a compliment from him!

I stayed until around 4:30, having a few swims and reading. Wish I could have spent all day there, but duty called!
Stoppz #68

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:02/12/2014 01:14:46Copy HTML

That's a great story thongmad!

I have to admit, I'm always looking for thongs on the beach. But I don't get out much. Are thongs really that common? I don't think I've ever seen one apart from myself?
Thongmad #69

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:02/13/2014 09:40:42Copy HTML

 Yes that was a pretty good day! Unusually hot and a Saturday had plenty of people on the beach, so the odds get much better :)

I've always noticed that the St Kilda area on a hot day sees many more topless women than most other crowded places, too.
thonger_in_oz #70

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:02/23/2014 11:26:57Copy HTML

had a great time yesterday, went down to red bluff beach and thonged for a bit. went swimming a few times, as the water was clear and cool. not many people around, which was great!!  
ozthong #71

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:03/29/2014 03:39:18Copy HTML

 First time at Mentone beach wearing my blue Joe Snyder bulge thong. Lots of people walking their dogs but pretty quiet this time of the year.
ChingChing #72

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:11/27/2014 03:44:57Copy HTML

 Dear all Melbourne thonger ,It's time to catch up this Sunday since the weather forecast is quite pleasant for sunbath.I have stocked up some new thongs ready to show up!  Hope to see you guys around, Cheers!
ChingChing #73

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:01/08/2015 05:08:28Copy HTML

It was a hot day yesterday, I were at St Kilda beach around the surf board renting outlet.  Quite a few families and couples with their dogs running around.  I set up in the middle of the beach with my JS thong in turquoise colour.  It was so so hot which made me go into the water while sunbathing.  I just found a young lady with a Brazilian bottom and a guy sat couple of metres away from me who stripped down to a navy thong from his board short covering up.  It was quite a nice start for this summer since it was my first tan in Melbourne beach.  I'm thinking of stick to the same place when next visit.  
thonger_in_oz #74

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:01/12/2015 05:08:46Copy HTML

hope to go to the beach Saturday 17th if the weather holds up!!! 
Thongmad #75

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:02/03/2015 06:22:17Copy HTML

 Might get to St Kilda pier area Thursday or Saturday afternoons this week - see how I go!
ozthong #76

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:02/04/2015 07:37:21Copy HTML

 Start of warmer weather begins today in Melbourne until next week, hope to see lots of thongs and minimal swimwear at the beach or pool.
thonger_in_oz #77

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:02/04/2015 09:53:51Copy HTML

 heading down to Rye this weekend for some fun sunning buns!!!
stopthesmap #78

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:02/06/2015 05:20:12Copy HTML

 I'm at the beach right now just past Black Rock 
ChingChing #79

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:02/06/2015 06:06:53Copy HTML

 How was it? I hope I could be there but I'm stuck with my work. 
Thongmad #80

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:02/09/2015 05:36:11Copy HTML

 I was there for a couple of hours on Thursday and Friday, and most of the day Saturday. Hung out on the beach in front of the West Beach Bathers Cafe, near all of the SUP hire and Kite Surfers area, and in front of the temporary stage area being built for the St Kilda Festival..
Heaps of thongs and cheeky bikinis all along St Kilda beach, including a Japanese girl in a white WW g-string getting her pics taken by her boyfriend !
Fabulous weekend!
ChingChing #81

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:10/03/2015 04:25:16Copy HTML

 Hi, anyone will go to St Kilda beach on coming Monday?
maxpower1980 #82

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:10/07/2015 07:04:46Copy HTML

Was at South Melbourne and Port Melbourne on Monday, about three males in thongs, about a dozen girls in thongs and many more in cheeky bottoms. A few topless in the mix too. On the way home a decided to have a quick look at the dock end of sandridge beach, many males in thongs  and a few girls in tiny thongs, also a few nudes including an older couple. 
John Howard #83

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:10/07/2015 12:17:50Copy HTML

 Interesting report maxpower, can't wait to hit the beach on this hot spring....
Which beach in your opinion had the best vibe for wearing a thong?  I always thought it would be st kilda beach, although the crowd there is a bit youngish.
Where did you see the hottest girls...I'm surprised about the skinny dippers at Sandridge, good on them it would be about time to have a c/o beach close to the city.I used to go to Sandridge with the wife and kids a few years ago;  it seemed like a mainly gay beach but people very well behaved.  Wouldn't go on my own though, a guy alone wearing a thong at a gay beach would probably risk to get hit on.
maxpower1980 #84

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:10/08/2015 10:32:01Copy HTML

John, Port Melbourne has a higher percentage of girls in thongs, but south Melbourne in front of the dunes often feels more relaxed. Black rock/ half moon bay has a relaxed vibe week days. Im also a little concerned about going to sandridge alone, although i think it would be ok at the city end just at the start of the dunes.
matt476 #85

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:10/13/2015 12:34:42Copy HTML

 wow. melbourne appears more progressive than sydney this year. score a thong point for the mexicans ... just don't hang around in those little nests that you melbourbians make in the dunes thats a bit tooo creepy ...

ChingChing #86

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:10/14/2015 12:05:18Copy HTML

 Looking forward to tomorrow's great weather too! Will head to Port Melbourne beach or South Melbourne beach again.
Feel free to come and say hello!
thonger_in_oz #87

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:11/09/2015 09:39:41Copy HTML

 had a great day out at port melbourne Monday 9/11. arrived in the afternoon, and ended up in front of the life savers club house. no one else in a thong, but one lady(french by her accent) was topless wearing a tie side bikini.
the water was good and not too much sea weed there which was great!! i think flies this summer could be a real nuisance, so glad to have avoided them!!
one asian lady was somewhat stunned and tried her best to take pictures discreetly, and i over heard one skinny little twerp making a negative comment to his friends about me. by that time my dilligaf was factor 50 so i wasnt fazed much at all. later on in the afternoon you could see a few bikinis getting wedgied up as thongs while they were sun tanning, so hopefully it will help bring more thongs to the beach this summer!!!
thonger_in_oz #88

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:11/09/2015 09:55:43Copy HTML

ChingChing #89

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:11/30/2015 01:46:16Copy HTML

 Enjoy sunning my bum in St Kilda Beach now with my navy Joe Snyder swim thong! 
thonger_in_oz #90

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:12/03/2015 10:31:12Copy HTML

 heading over to port melbourne this arvo for some sun, might see some buns!!!
snc704 #91

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:12/17/2015 12:48:57Copy HTML

 Returned from a good week in Melbourne. Only got to the beach one day, this was a Friday, Dec.2. Went to St. Kilda Beach. In a period of about 4 hours, I saw 9 ladies in thongs (1 was a g-string). three of these were also topless. There were 2 other ladies topless, but wearing regular bikini bottoms. Better percentage than most U.S. beaches, with the exception of South Beach, 
dwit01 #92

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:01/13/2016 05:57:51Copy HTML

 Been thonging around the Carrum/ Seaford area lately. Generally quite quiet around there and nobody really minds. 
Went to St. Andrews surf beach today and wore a G string comfortably off to the side of the surfers. Few other women tanning topless/ thong there too
John Howard #93

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:01/13/2016 08:09:45Copy HTML

 Seaford is nice, specially away from the pier and crowded areas.....Clean water and white sand.Not been to St Andrews beach, only to Diamond bay a couple of years ago.I've thonged at Seaford many times,  not even once a problem, sorry yes only once but it was a mental ill person and-or  very high in drugs probably.  I prefer to stay away from the beach late on the weekends, it is when low lifes tend to wake up and continue their drinking and bad habits on the beach.
During the week Seaford and Carrum are just magnificent.
thongboy14 #94

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:08/25/2016 01:09:53Copy HTML

Anyone live near colac im looking for some guys to thong with n tan.
ozthong #95

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:09/03/2016 07:23:48Copy HTML

 Anyone thronging on Wednesday and Thursday? Forecast is 22 degrees and sunny.
Thongmad #96

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:09/22/2016 11:21:26Copy HTML

 Did you get to the beach ozthong?

I spent Saturday and Sunday working in my back yard in my DeeJay thongs. It was about 26-28 and fine all weekend up here :) Got an awesome tan line happening.

Summer is nearly here!!!
John Howard #97

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:09/22/2016 01:21:22Copy HTML

 Not warm enough for the beach down here i reckon....great to hear that warm weather kicked off up there in NSW Thongmad.....enjoy!    Hey ozthong which beach down in Melbourne do you thong at..
maxpower1980 #98

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:09/26/2016 07:51:32Copy HTML

Grabeach #99

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:09/26/2016 10:35:49Copy HTML

Interesting, and in theory, a bit worrying.

Section 19 (Obscene Exposure) of the Victorian Summary Offences Act has always said, "A person must not wilfully and obscenely expose the genital area of his or her body in, or within view of, a public place." I believe that thonging in itself is not deemed to be "wilfull and obscene". This section is not changing.

The proposal is to amend Section 17 (Obscene, indecent, threatening language and behaviour etc. in public) by adding a clause saying that, "behaviour that is indecent, offensive or insulting includes behaviour that involves a person exposing (to any extent) the person’s anal or genital region”. Section 17 has always been a lesser offence that Section 19. The Attorney General says that the 'new' offence has always been in Section 19 and is designed to ensure non-wilful, non-obscene exposure such as mooning and streaking is treated the a lesser offence. This last comment is clearly not correct, in that 'anal' was never in Section 19.

I suspect that attempts to prosecute 'nuisance' streaking and mooning under Section 19 has rightly failed, so they have added it to Section 17, but stuffed up the attempt to justify it. One assumes the police could now attempt (I doubt they would be bothered) to charge you under Section 17 for simply wearing a thong on the beach. I suspect this charge would likely fail, on the basis that a medical definition of 'anal' does not appear to include the buttocks. However if you were sunning in a dental floss string g with your legs wide apart ...........
John Howard #100

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:09/27/2016 12:57:18Copy HTML

 Pretty sad Melbourne and Victoria are becoming the new Soviet Union of totalitarism neo fascist neo marxism in Australia.   They love to take away freedoms ....i doubt as you say that this absurd non sense will work.
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