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Thongmad #101

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:09/27/2016 08:22:49Copy HTML

 ...and they can't pass a simple act to allow Gay marriage.

Our taxes hard at work once again.
maxpower1980 #102

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:11/17/2016 08:56:34Copy HTML

Good day at Port Melbourne. Only male showing cheek, lots of very small coverage bottoms, a hand full of proper thongs and two very nice thong one piece suits one bright pink.
maxpower1980 #103

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:11/18/2016 11:37:25Copy HTML

Happy_Thonger #104

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:11/19/2016 06:58:21Copy HTML

 Go Chloe! :) Nice to see the Aussie chicks rocking the thong backed one-piece. Boom! :)
adambrix #105

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:03/13/2017 07:23:17Copy HTML

I am in Melbourne in a few weeks time. Providing the weather is still okay, what is the best beach for a guy in a string?
John Howard #106

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:03/13/2017 07:57:22Copy HTML

 Anywhere in Port Philip Bay is thong friendly I would say....however in my personal opinion, some beaches are more family friendly than others (Elwood, Brighton)  whereas other beaches are more young or middle age adult focused.
Perhaps St Kilda beach would be the most emblematic one and popular.  Lots of young people, but no one would bat an eye for seeing a guy wearing a thong.Further north, Middle Park, South Melbourne, Port Melbourne,  very thong friendly.   I've thonged there plenty of times, guys and girls wearing thongs are not uncommon, and topless ladies too.If you go beyond the Spirt of Tasmania, you would find a beach called Sandridge;  is the last beach heading North.   I believe is a gay beach, however me my wife and kids used to frequent this beach very often when the boys were toddlers;   great friendly atmosphere as most places are where gay people congregate.
If you drive South, there is a beach called Half Moon Bay;  me and my wife used to go to this beach heaps of times before we got married;   it's very thong friendly actually there wasn't any time when I would not have spotted another guy wearing a thong too.   The south end of this beach a a bit cheeky though,  at about 5 or 6 pm when the sun is setting, you can sometimes see guys and girls take their bathers off and do skinny dipping.   Last year I went back to this beach after more than 15 years, and got surprised to see a couple of guys skinny dipping in the middle of the day, also a couple of young lovers sunbaking naked.   A bit risky though, because technically this beach is not clothing optional and you could get into trouble.
If you drive south to the Mornington Peninsula, there is Sunnyside beach, a clothing optional beach.  Obviously wearing a thong would not be a problem here, 99% of the people are naked.   Relatively small beach, but great atmosphere, a bit sexually charged because its a small beach;  the north end of the beach is the gay area, sometimes you can see cheeky people doing things they shouldn't do in public.  Unlike the beaches in the Port Philip area, you would need a car to go to Sunnyside beach.
The weather here has been beyond fantastic for us beach lovers and sun worshippers;  I reckon you would make it and enjoy very warm sunny days to wear your strings.   cheers.

adambrix #107

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:03/13/2017 09:31:29Copy HTML

Thanks for your very comprehensive response.
I had thought as much, but wanted to confirm.
I have no problem being the only guy on the beach in a g-string, but it tends to draw a little less attention if there are a few others (females) with not much on. 
From what I can gather Melburnians are used to seeing people (women at least) in thongs and also true g-strings at St Kilda, Port Melbourne and the like. Most of these are beaches are fully visible from the paths beside them, correct?
Is the trend generally just lying around on the beach in minimal swimwear. or is it okay to go for a swim in little "bathers" as Victorians would call them? I know in Sydney this summer there seem to be people going a lot further than they used to (shower, kiosk, long walks along the beach or promenade) without covering their butts.
Given the trend in nearly every beach I been to big or small; capital or regional; trendy or otherwise, it would seem that buns out is all the rage this summer, no matter where you are.

Thongmad #108

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:03/15/2017 12:31:15Copy HTML

My observations also adambrix regarding buns-out, particularly so on a hot day at Coogee recently. I have been encouraged to do the same just about every beach I go to ;)

Yes, most of the Melbourne beaches around the St Kilda / Port Melbourne area are visible from the footpath, but some sections are well away if that's what you're after, particularly across from the St Kilda park section along from the yacht club. You'll see when you get there.
I have thonged all along this stretch and would never have any hesitation doing it again. You will not have to go far to see skimpily clad females :)
It is one of my favorite places to thong!
adambrix #109

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:03/15/2017 10:58:25Copy HTML

Thanks Thongmad.
Great to be able to get all this feedback prior to going somewhere.I have no problem wearing a g-string and being visible from a promenade or path- especially if there are others around
I agree that seeing so many bare-butted females in every beach imaginable lately makes me feel like wearing less no matter where I happen to go.
ozasnth0ng #110

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:03/16/2017 02:58:17Copy HTML

Regular thong wearer here, and new to the forum!
I live in the South-East suburbs of Melbourne and I frequent Balnarring beach as it tends to be quieter (even hot days). Just around the corner closer to Merricks beach, there's a few little spots to plonk down at. Typically only handfuls of people wander around this far.
I usually wear swim briefs (AussieBum, Budgy Smuggler, etc.) and I've just ordered a Cocksox swim thong (due to be delivered just in time for the weekend) for my first swim thong!
I'll be heading down on Sunday with my girlfriend and hopefully I'll have enough confidence to whip out my buns!
Everybody tends to be suggesting the St Kilda area - personally, given how busy it gets there in summer time, I don't have the confidence yet ... :P
I need to work on that tan though ...
adambrix #111

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:03/17/2017 10:25:54Copy HTML

Hi ozasnthong, just jump in and do it- it only takes one or two times wearing a g-string at a busy beach and you get used to it. If there are other people around wearing minimal swimwear then passers-by will have more to look at than just you if you are worried.
MWKZ #112

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:03/18/2017 08:19:29Copy HTML

No need to travel to StKilda from Sth Eastern burbs.There's plenty of space along the foreshore from Seaford to Frankston wherewearing a thong won't raise an eyebrow particularly if you're with your girlfriend.This year thong wearing has returned in a big way.I was at my local beach yesterday and was surrounded by a dozen girls in thongs and cheeky swimwear.They're everywhere & it's become common place. They honestly don't care what you or they wear.
And I agree with adambrix. Just do it.Been a thong lover/wearer for a few years and I've actually met 1/2 dozen great girls who've actually approached me because of it.
It's not as big a deal as you think.
ozasnth0ng #113

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:03/20/2017 04:31:18Copy HTML

Appreciate the advice guys, will just wing it!
My thong didn't arrive :( so hopefully the weather will somewhat hold up or change [for the better] this weekend instead!
adambrix #114

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:04/18/2017 09:30:27Copy HTML

 Visited Melbourne and several of the bayside beaches. Getting between them on the hire-bikes makes life very easy.
I think, on average, it is very similar to Sydney in the number of women in small swimwear. I suspect St Kilda is the closest thing to Bondi, in that it is the "drawcard" beach- which I suspect means proportionally there are marginally fewer people in small swimwear (due to the "tourist"/sightseer factor I'd guess).
That being said St Kilda had a fair share of cheeky and thong bikini, including one lady in sheer lacey underwear (rather than a bikini). A very limited amount of toplessness. Lots of ladies swimming in thong bottoms. Occassionally there would be a g-string/thong wearing woman walking along the promenade- and few incredibly beautiful bodies too.
Port Melbourne seemed a little more liberal- I suspect as it is not as visible from the road/path. 
On most of the days, it seems like nobody heads to the beach until late in the day for some reason.
I was the only guy on the beaches in a g-string nearly all the time- but there was no negative energy about it at any time. On the very busy/hot days I'd go for swim in a very small g-string at several beaches and it was great.
maxpower1980 #115

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:07/02/2017 05:53:20Copy HTML

Grabeach #116

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:07/03/2017 12:29:09Copy HTML

So they finally passed it, nine months after you reported it was proposed. To save people having to go back, I've reposted my comments from before:-

"Interesting, and in theory, a bit worrying.Section 19 (Obscene Exposure) of the Victorian Summary Offences Act has always said, "A person must not wilfully and obscenely expose the genital area of his or her body in, or within view of, a public place." I believe that thonging in itself is not deemed to be "wilfull and obscene". This section is not changing.The proposal is to amend Section 17 (Obscene, indecent, threatening language and behaviour etc. in public) by adding a clause saying that, "behaviour that is indecent, offensive or insulting includes behaviour that involves a person exposing (to any extent) the person’s anal or genital region”. Section 17 has always been a lesser offence that Section 19. The Attorney General says that the 'new' offence has always been in Section 19 and is designed to ensure non-wilful, non-obscene exposure such as mooning and streaking is treated the a lesser offence. This last comment is clearly not correct, in that 'anal' was never in Section 19.I suspect that attempts to prosecute 'nuisance' streaking and mooning under Section 19 has rightly failed, so they have added it to Section 17, but stuffed up the attempt to justify it. One assumes the police could now attempt (I doubt they would be bothered) to charge you under Section 17 for simply wearing a thong on the beach. I suspect this charge would likely fail, on the basis that a medical definition of 'anal' does not appear to include the buttocks. However if you were sunning in a dental floss string g with your legs wide apart ..........." 

Additional comment: As I've said elsewhere, if the police really want you out of the way, they'll find something to charge you with. Fortunately I've found police in NSW, and I assume Victoria would be the same, have nil interest in what swimwear is worn at beaches and pools and have enough common sense to leave well enough alone. Likely it is more aimed at a situation like someone loitering near a school. 
maxpower1980 #117

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:07/03/2017 09:49:48Copy HTML

Grabeach, I'm with you on thinking it will attract little interest from the police, but I fear the think of the children type.
Grabeach #118

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:07/03/2017 10:54:57Copy HTML

Yea, I guess some high profile fanatic could push for the law to be policed. Luckily Fred Nile is in the NSW parliament, not Victoria. 
Thongmad #119

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:07/04/2017 02:18:13Copy HTML

 I think most law enforcement types are smart enough not to worry about it, and these laws are created to use in situations such as streaking when a specific law doesn't already cover it. My guess is that it would be used to sort out serial pests and such.I really don't see anyone getting arrested simply for wearing a thong, nut don't make a pest of yourself if you are..
maxpower1980 #120

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:11/09/2017 04:46:13Copy HTML

Are lucky to have Monday off work thinking of port Melbourne near between the yacht club and the spirit of Tasmania or redbluff, Any other suggestions? 
ChingChing #121

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:11/09/2017 02:51:47Copy HTML

 Sandridge Beach still be fine. Quiet on weekdays, but beware of school activity sometimes may take place over there.
maxpower1980 #122

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:11/12/2017 09:51:45Copy HTML

Ended up going to the beach Sunday, setup between Port Melbourne  and South Melbourne life saving clubs. When i Arrived there were two girls in thongs and a number of cheeky bikinis. I had a girl set up almost in front of me in as thong and a couple more set up soon after. I was the only male in a thong and received a one comment.
Grabeach #123

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:11/12/2017 10:31:18Copy HTML

Which was?
maxpower1980 #124

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:11/13/2017 09:56:34Copy HTML

"Nice g banga" from a smart arse dude, with his mate and their girl friends.
sexyboy23 #125

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:12/10/2017 02:43:59Copy HTML

 Port Melbourne beach at the moment. Come say hi?
ChingChing #126

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:12/10/2017 02:17:19Copy HTML

I hope I were there but not any chance until after Christmas.
ChingChing #127

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:01/06/2018 02:21:55Copy HTML

 Was at Port Melbourne beach today near the ferry with my JS thong in blue.  It was far too hot it reach 30 degrees at 8am and 36 degree by 12pm.  Need to pick another day to workout my thong tanline for this year!
MarkThongLines #128

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:01/07/2018 02:06:02Copy HTML

I hear you there. We are at 39.4deg and climbing. Far too hot to thong on the beach atm.
gstringman01 #129

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:01/13/2018 12:21:39Copy HTML

Hey all. I'm planning on getting some thonging in this Tuesday and Wednesday at South Melbourne beach (or Port Melbourne), provided it's not too cloudy. Anyone interesting in coming down and joining me is most welcome! Thanks.
gstringman01 #130

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:01/15/2018 04:27:03Copy HTML

The weather forecast is 27 and sunny for tomorrow and 31 and sunny for Wednesday, great thonging weather! I’ll be at South Melbourne beach if anyone is interested in some thonging ?
maxpower1980 #131

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:01/15/2018 10:00:20Copy HTML

 I'm thinking Thursday at port Melbourne near the yacht club, or south side nude beach
gstringman01 #132

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:01/15/2018 11:02:26Copy HTML

I’m at South Melb beach now. Perfect thonging conditions! Nice calm water too. Max, I’d join you on Thursday except I’m leaving tomorrow.
loveathong1 #133

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:01/27/2018 12:58:15Copy HTML

 I was at Port Melb and Sandridge last Monday. Not a thong to be seen anywhere. One girl in bikini right in the middle of the beach between the rock walls. I went to the closest part of sandridge to the spirit of Tasmania. I like to swim close to the rock wall, there was an older couple just near me, their eyes nearly popped out of their heads when I dropped my board shorts revealing my black thong. Had a quick dip and then back to work. Water was sensational. New to this site, hoping to meet other thongers. 
maxpower1980 #134

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:01/28/2018 03:06:48Copy HTML

Between the south Melbourne slc and the spirit of Tasmania is the best section i have found. I like near the pmyc.
bbyrne78 #135

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:01/29/2018 04:54:59Copy HTML

Before my Rickett's Point experience, I had spent some time this summer at Inverloch and Venus Bay. Both were pretty spots and not too crowded. Sadly when I was there it was not as blisteringly hot as it is now.
Love Bren 
barebutt #136

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:02/14/2018 10:16:31Copy HTML

 Just visited the beach and set up in the area between Port Melbourne life saving and South Melbourne life saving club behind the dune area on the beach. It was a perfect hot day with light winds and chilly waters but once you come out, you warm up pretty fast. There was another dude in the same area and wearing a G string strutting about between where he was and where I was about 30m between us. Other then that it was a peaceful hot day, not many sunny warm days ahead....
bbyrne78 #137

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:03/09/2018 08:35:51Copy HTML

A perfect day in Melbourne for topping up the tan before this Saturday's qualifiers for the Arnold Classic. It's a real shame that the those who are competing are doing their last minute fluid manipulation regimes prior to the competition. The partners and me spent the day at Black Rock catching rays and playing with our dogs. Four guys and three girls - guys in board shorts (blah) and two of us in cheeky WW bikinis (the Sailor Stripe) and one in a gorgeous thong bikini from a label I hadn't heard of called Lola Luna.

Love Bren

Can anyone help tell me about Lola Luna? It just looked so delicate and beautiful, I am a little embarrassed that I don't have any in my collection.
John Howard #138

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:03/09/2018 10:05:13Copy HTML

 Glad you had an enjoyable beach day in Melbourne!  yes it was glorious today;  I also enjoyed catching some rays, maybe later I can come back to that.   Me and my then fiance used to go to Black Rock very often, long time ago before we got married, 20 or so years ago.......

It has always been a very thong friendly beach, same as Half Moon Bay, where skinny dipping was the norm on every hot evening before sunset;  I actually witnessed skinny dipping on a young couple and a middle age guy in the middle of the day, the last time I was there maybe 3 years ago;   good on them for being cheeky, but I didn't join them for fear of being caught, with my luck a police officer in speedos would be patrolling the beach, and a reporter of the Herald Sun would take the shots of the 'perv naked' guy for the news.

Hey Bren  i'm glad you touched this topic, I am puzzled and desperate for an answer:   I was watching videos of bodybuilding competitions at my gym while using the rowing machine.....  there were images of the Arnold Classic in other parts of the world, and even Australia.   Why do guys in this competition are wearing boxer shorts, or board shorts?  what the hell is going on?   who decided this absurdity?    I believe its mostly a younger men's competition, cause the older guys still wear skimpy posing suits that from behind resemble a bit like cheeky bikinis (again, God forbid if the older guys show some glutes or wore a 'g', the skies would fall!!, whereas the girls wear the tiniest g-strings and thongs they can).

What's going with men these days?   what are they scared of......  who dictates them to wear ridiculous board shorts on a bodybuilding competition, where showing the most amount of skin should be the common sense thing to do......  Honestly it looks to me almost un-manly, shy,  prudish, like the little boys in the gym changing room hiding behind the curtains of the showers.

My hunch is that it is the mainstream pressure, that says that men are more masculine if they wear board shorts, and leave the tiny bikinis because 'they belong to the girls'.        Perhaps the same way as tattoos, (and this is another topic I know), but how come tattoos are allowed in bodybuilding competitions, without subtracting score from the participants?    Having tattoos definitely goes against the appreciation of the muscle shape and definition, a big black ink stain in the middle of a pectoral muscle, or shoulder, how can it help a judge to appreciate the muscularity of the participant?   Don't know, don't understand it either,  if I was a judge on a bodybuilding competition I would punish with negative score for every tattoo that I can see...    I reckon these guys need to chose, tattoos or competitive bodybuilding, and because we are in the era of 'I want both and I will get both'   it  is allowed.  don't know  

bbyrne78 #139

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:03/09/2018 10:44:04Copy HTML

I am not an expert on bodybuilding, a couple of my long-term clients asked if I could develop a program to achieve their goals and I did. To answer your question, I can only speculate that the different body building bodies/federations have their own rules for sanctioned events. To navigate the myriad of rules and regulations for suit design must be a nightmare.

I know that for the Arnold Classic, the governing body is the IFBB, which means attire must be compliant with the IFBB rules for the different competitions. Two of my clients are competing in the Men's Physique which stipulates that competitors wear loose fitting board shorts during the competition. Compared to traditional bodybuilding, Physique is supposed to provide an 'athletic and aesthetically pleasing' look when compared to traditional bodybuilding.

The others are competing in female physique, figures and bikini respectively. It is too much sacrifice to go any further than that.

Hope this answers your question.
Love Bren   
Comfythong1 #140

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:03/09/2018 03:24:50Copy HTML

 As someone who used to be into bodybuilding quite a bit years ago, I can tell you that the ‘physique’m contest is a relatively new division. I do think that the board short looks very silly. It was probably created because the bodybuilding field is getting extreme in the quest for muscle mass, perhaps even to the point of losing potential participants. One way to attract new fans would be to tone it down. May be putting on board shorts in addition to a toned down look would be a way to gain more mainstream acceptance?  And a way to differentiate these contestants  would be to have them wear different style suits. But men’s bodybuilding competition suits have only gotten skimpier actually. I’ve done a few contests a while back  and many suits (including mine) were and still are very cheeky in the back.
JM_Runs #141

Re:Melbourne Australia

Date Posted:03/10/2018 01:07:53Copy HTML

 A lot of these international organizations have two problems:
1) Having a set of rules that work for all nations
2) Trying to sell their images and videos to many international markets

As very conservative Muslim nations like Dubai sponsor events and have triathlon teams, the organizers and governing boards try to please all.
This means the dropping to lowest common denominator.

There is a fair amount of homophobia, often driven by modern religion:
Having got in bed with money and greed they need something, or someone else, to demonize.
Please cutback on starting new threads and try to post messages as a reply to existing threads.
If you want to cut and paste from your word processor do not do it directly.
First paste it into notepad or other basic ascii editor so that the formatting codes are removed, then cut again. This will give you clean posts.
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