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Date Posted:08/15/2015 01:14:00Copy HTML

Lately I've been enjoying string bikinis, as an alternative to thongs and Gs - not that I'll ever give them up!  They're surprisingly hard to find but Cover Male makes a great one, with a tiny rio back. Very sexy.  Anyone else into this style, guys or girls?
NE_OH_thonger #1

Re:Men's Sting Bikinis

Date Posted:08/19/2015 03:47:12Copy HTML

 If you want them on the cheap, Wal-Mart used to have a reasonably good cotton string bikini. I haven't seen them in the stores locally of late, but they are still listed on the website for US$10.96 for a pack of five pairs
Ex_Member #2

Re:Men's Sting Bikinis

Date Posted:08/19/2015 01:21:33Copy HTML

I checked those out, but there's too much coverage for me.  But Thanks.
Ex_Member #3

Re:Men's Sting Bikinis

Date Posted:08/19/2015 06:03:50Copy HTML

 String bikinis are also favorites of mine. My string bikinis almost outweigh my men's thong underwear collection. It's too bad that you can't readily find them as you once did. I still have some pairs from Calvin Klein, Fruit of the Loom, Jockey and Undergear that are still holding up and good shape. At one time men's string bikinis and bikini briefs were the underwear to wear for men. It's a shame this has changed. Glad to know I'm not the only man who not only wears thong underwear but string bikinis as well!
CDNThongLover #4

Re:Men's Sting Bikinis

Date Posted:08/19/2015 10:08:07Copy HTML

I also love string bikinis.  I find them as sexy as a thong.  Especially when the sides are narrow/thin, small pouch on the back and small coverage on the back.  Joe Snyder Kini are one of my favourites.
hotbunz1969 #5

Re:Men's Sting Bikinis

Date Posted:08/21/2015 12:33:02Copy HTML

 I have to admit I'm not really into the string bikini style, I much prefer to swim and/or tan in a minimal thong when ever I can. That said, as my gym pool doesn't allow thong or g-string swimwear, and as also, sometimes I'll find myself in a location (eg a family orientated beach) where I feel a thong is not appropriate, so for these occasions (and as I like to be a little unique!!!) I'll wear the bare minimum that is required or I feel is acceptable. 
When I feel a thong is not appropriate, and to keep my tan lines as sharp and minimum as possible, I do wear a string bikini. 

At my gym pool I wear one just to p*** them off........Only coz they were so tactless in telling me my thong was not appropriate, now to get my own back my GF and I have bought a few suits that only just for fill  their rules!  I wear either a 'Hohowear SKU233' a 'Tendenze Tom' or sometimes to REALLY annoy them a 'Koala Orgasm Bikini'. My favourite is the Hohowear SKU233' suit. By definition it for fills my gym pools requirements but with its TINY pouch and its cutaway bikini rear, boy oh boy it's only just!  

For beach situations were a thong is not appropriate I'll usually go for my 'Tendenze' Tom. Nice narrow sides, good coverage pouch front and brief but full coverage rear, my go to "cover up" suit. 


Thanks stringman for bringing Covermale to my attention, I'm liking the look of their offerings, without doubt I'll be able to put one or two of their suits to good use at my gym pool or at the beach :-) 

Best regards Paul 

Ex_Member #6

Re:Men's Sting Bikinis

Date Posted:08/21/2015 02:12:09Copy HTML

The Cover Male stuff appears to be a cheap(er) knockoff of pricier brands like JS and Hom.  However, the quality is quite good.  I like the first string bikini so much that I bought six more.  I also have a few of their Cheeky Boxers, which are essentially boy shorts that stop just short of a thong back and show A LOT of cheek.  Good stuff.
amethyst2513 #7

Re:Men's Sting Bikinis

Date Posted:08/21/2015 03:08:01Copy HTML

 If you order Cover Male, I'd say go down a size from what you wear in Joe Snyder if you like their snug fit.  The Cover Male lines run larger all around than Joe Snyder's products.
Ex_Member #8

Re:Men's Sting Bikinis

Date Posted:08/21/2015 05:51:52Copy HTML

 Yep.  They're definitely truer to size.
Stringthongdude #9

Re:Men's Sting Bikinis

Date Posted:08/22/2015 07:04:42Copy HTML

Im liking this thread....big string bikini guy here.  I think they are the sexiest, although thongs are pretty hot.  I like prevailsport, N2N and the near string bikini from Olaf Benz. 
thongger99 #10

Re:Men's Sting Bikinis

Date Posted:08/27/2015 11:34:36Copy HTML

 Bodyaware has some great ones.  I love wearing thongs, but have been wearing satin string bikinis for the last several months.  They seem to seem be more comfortable at the end of the day.
fclouisiane #11

Re:Men's Sting Bikinis

Date Posted:09/02/2015 08:33:31Copy HTML

I recently tried a couple of sheer string bikinis for the first time, one by PetitQ and a Brazilian-back by Daniel Alexander.  Very pleased with both.
Maxin #12

Re:Men's Sting Bikinis

Date Posted:09/03/2015 09:47:46Copy HTML

 I too got some Brazillian backed thongs from Danny Alexander. So far so good they look and feel good and fabric genuine Lycra so should last a while . I bought them through the www.mensuas.com store
Maxin #13

Re:Men's Sting Bikinis

Date Posted:09/03/2015 09:50:08Copy HTML

 Some of the string suits from TxM in Japan are also good .They tend to be on the small side, but are miniscule in general and great to wear. I usually order their L size which is a bit like M in UK and US sizes
Thongzo #14

Re:Men's Sting Bikinis

Date Posted:11/05/2015 06:15:18Copy HTML

Love string bikinis as much as I love thongs. Right now I'm wearing a Daniel Alexander Brazilian back string bikini. It's super comfortable. The back has pretty small coverage - just a small triangle that creeps up and pretty much becomes a thong but still gives a bit more coverage than usual. It looks like it could be a g-string in front. It's my favorite non-thong underwear.  
sailor25 #15

Re:Men's Sting Bikinis

Date Posted:11/05/2015 11:19:53Copy HTML

 I have been wearing BODIE swimwear string bikinis as swimwear and underwear like the adjustable fronts and backs 
XChip #16

Re:Men's Sting Bikinis

Date Posted:11/06/2015 01:09:22Copy HTML

 Bodie stuff is very good; well made and nifty fabrics.  Pricey, but she has a sale from time to time.   The pouches (no crotch runner) fit well and stay put.

prodgie #17

Re:Men's Sting Bikinis

Date Posted:03/01/2016 08:38:14Copy HTML

 Hi everyone in case you haven't seen Groovin has a updated String Bikini with contrasting elastic. I have worn the original thing string bikini for years and love them. Comfortable and have stood up well. To bad they didn't have a chlorine resistant version as the cut and the smooth front are fantastic. 
strings1234 #18

Re:Men's Sting Bikinis

Date Posted:04/27/2016 04:26:44Copy HTML

Hey All,
I've been primarily a string bikini wearer for about 10 years now.

I have various styles such as Calvin Klein, Fruit of the Loom and Jockey,
They are typically my every day underwear.  I occasionally wear thongs
as well, but I prefer strings for every day as well as for more intimate

I'm in my 40's and married and find it harder and harder to find these styles.
I especially like the very skimpy styles such as Cover Male and Good Devil
that come in a rio style back. 

I wish more women would get turned on to men wearing skimpy string

It seems that both genders have abandoned wearing and thinking about
this style of underwear.

Anyone who would like to form a chat group about their experiences and

please let me know
JGB911 #19

Re:Men's Sting Bikinis

Date Posted:05/28/2016 08:32:45Copy HTML

Another good bet is Skinzwear.com.  Very expensive, but any of their designs cam be make in cotton fabric & used as underwear.
bmillerw #20

Re:Men's Sting Bikinis

Date Posted:05/12/2017 11:15:48Copy HTML

 I also like the TxM or TM Collection bikinis from Japan. The ones I have are half backs made of the "superwet" material with either tie-sides or 1/4" elastic sides. They are just about at the legal limit of skimpiness, yet tasteful, in my opinion. All the hair has to go. I wear them on totally public beaches. I don't hide in the dunes either. I walk for miles in these tiny bikinis. They are not cheap, but the quality is impeccable and the material high quality. Some of mine arrived folded up in a clear plastic box about the size of a pack of cigarettes. At first glance, you might think there is no way I can fit in that tiny little bit of spandex, but the size mediums stretch to fit me fine. About all the tanline I have is a small, triangular white patch on my butt.
suburban36 #21

Re:Men's Sting Bikinis

Date Posted:07/24/2018 09:34:42Copy HTML

 Cocksox string bikinis are amazing  with the original pouch and minimal back I own several pairs and they all are built with an attention to detail
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