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Date Posted:10/26/2011 09:32:41Copy HTML

I just moved to Dallas and am a thong wearer, nothing beats a thong tanline.  Also I like to keep my body smooth.  Right now I'm shaving everything but would like to start waxing my legs and getting a men's Brazilian again.  That having been said, I would love it if anyone might have a good recommendation for an aesthetician in Dallas who does men's brazilians (I'd presume if he/she does those, they would also wax men's legs).  Thanks in advance.
speedosoldier85 #1

Re:Men's waxing in Dallas

Date Posted:10/30/2011 05:51:05Copy HTML

There is a lace, off of 75, bywhere the cafe brasil is, around mockingbirdish area, that ofers services for men. My guy and I got work done there in march. They offered free male waxing to promote their new services. Great service! :) Barely somehting, I think it was called. Plus there is we only wax, from what I found on google. 
ThongBoi69 #2

Re:Men's waxing in Dallas

Date Posted:10/30/2011 07:36:47Copy HTML

cpantylines #3

Re:Men's waxing in Dallas

Date Posted:11/02/2011 08:02:54Copy HTML

I was recently in Dallas for a while and researched places to get a brazilian wax.  I was never able to go so I have no idea if they're any good or not but two that I researched was We Only Wax (WOW)  on Royal Ln @ Central Exwpy in Dallas and Final Cut on MacArthur near Hwy 114 in Irving.  If you go, report back please.  It will probably be a long time before I'm back there again but I might want check 'em out if they're any good.
thong_jock #4

Re:Men's waxing in Dallas

Date Posted:11/18/2011 02:48:43Copy HTML

 Any guys in Dallas want to hang out in thongs? Will be there in a couple weeks.
brioni #5

Re:Men's waxing in Dallas

Date Posted:09/26/2015 09:54:07Copy HTML

 i wear a brazilian string bikini at the pools at lifetime gym, going to try a thong soon
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