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Date Posted:02/08/2015 09:13:27Copy HTML

Most of you have probably seen and or tried the new option of things for ladies often referred to as Laser cut. Well the good news is you can now try one made for men. For those of you willing to try somthing differnt Adieu on Rakuten is selling a Laser Cut thong for men from Walcoal Bros. http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/adieu/item/40gf2014/?s-id=borderless_browsehist_enI tried a large at first as Japanese sizes usually run small but because of the lack of leg and waist elastic a to hold it onto the body your totally reliant and the material itself to do this. I have a 34-35" waist so the L or LL Size is usually what I go with. With this one though I ordered some In Medium and they fit like a glove. It's a bit of a strange feeling not having any elatics at all. The only thing that I am not totally fond of is the full front stich but I really don't see how they can get about this. The pouch is a good fit for me but I suspect anyone with a large package might get some side gaping because of the style. I also noticed TXM also has two options of Paser cut thongs. One with a regular elastic front and one that almost completely seamless all around. I tried a couple of the first type and they are amazing in the back but the front pouch is slightly to small. Unless you have a small package these don't work to well. If theyade the front slightly deeper or wider they would be amazing. Anyways if anyone else has tried these or is going to put up a post here and share your review. 
prodgie #1

Re:Mens Laser Cut no Elastic Thong

Date Posted:04/11/2015 11:38:51Copy HTML

A little update. I liked my Laser cut thong so much I ordered a couple more. While I was doing that I ran Accross some Seamless thongs for men similar to the Jockey style but just a little slimmer cut and with softer,lighter material. Plus they come in Black, Green, Purple and Pink with acent colour trim elastic legs. If anything they are very close to the Womans CK seamless thong but made for men. They are very nice and I highly recommend them. 
Thanks for reading. 
AussieExPoser #2

Re:Mens Laser Cut no Elastic Thong

Date Posted:04/11/2015 09:04:37Copy HTML

 Thanks Prodgie,
I just ordered a pair of those Walcoal ones and will be interested to see how they are.
Can't find any TXM ones though :(
I have often cut the elastic off the leg holes of bikini styles but this usually results in the pouch opening at the sides.
I have one pair at present that I absolutely Love. Have cut the elastic off the leg at the back only and they ride up nicely to give a sort of up crack brazilian look but at the front they have a unique sort of Scrunchie for the ball sack which holds them apart nicely.
The only problem is that above that they are made with a penis sheath which looks and feels GREAT but couldn't get away with it in public :(
Looking forward to seeing how these new ones go anyhow.
thongsrus2 #3

Re:Mens Laser Cut no Elastic Thong

Date Posted:04/12/2015 12:40:15Copy HTML

 I can't even get the site to add things together in my cart.

prodgie #4

Re:Mens Laser Cut no Elastic Thong

Date Posted:04/16/2015 10:41:59Copy HTML

Hi AussieExPoser,Did you order the laser cut or the seamless thongs from Walcoal?If you got the laser cut model did you order the medium or large? I found going down a size was best. Let me know how you like them. Cheers
AussieExPoser #5

Re:Mens Laser Cut no Elastic Thong

Date Posted:04/30/2015 09:51:41Copy HTML

 Yes Prodgie just got them and they are Awesome !
I got an M (76-84cm) and they are just right and I am not big at all.
Can't wait for an opportunity to wear them but it seems winter has set in now here :(
AussieExPoser #6

Re:Mens Laser Cut no Elastic Thong

Date Posted:11/15/2015 02:47:06Copy HTML

 Just an update on the last post. I do love these. But the pattern of stripes makes them look too much like underwear for wearing in public to the beach etc.I just wish someone would make something the same in a suitable colour and I would wear them outdoors all the time.
prodgie #7

Re:Mens Laser Cut no Elastic Thong

Date Posted:11/19/2015 10:19:38Copy HTML

 This is the only other type I could find. But I don't think the front will work out to well. No pouch shape and no elastic to hold everything in. But being a medium it might work out. 
prodgie #8

Re:Mens Laser Cut no Elastic Thong

Date Posted:11/19/2015 10:20:04Copy HTML

 http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/para-dog/item/tm168164t/Here is the link. 
prodgie #9

Re:Mens Laser Cut no Elastic Thong

Date Posted:11/19/2015 10:50:59Copy HTML

 Found another one sort of. TXM has one with elastic in the front and a seam free laser cut back. This might be better but you will need to go black if you want to wear it in the water. http://www.txm.co.jp/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=11085

prodgie #10

Re:Mens Laser Cut no Elastic Thong

Date Posted:01/04/2016 01:09:58Copy HTML

 I found what looks like a similar Laser cut thong to the one I have been talking about but this time with Sonic seamed edges.Has anyone tried these? I am tempted to order some.http://www.aliexpress.com/item/2015-New-Men-s-underwear-Male-thong-seamless-sexy-ultra-thin-low-waist-t-temptation-transparent/32499137548.html?spm=2114.01020208.3.38.6W4Ixe&ws_ab_test=searchweb201556_3,searchweb201644_1_79_78_77_82_80_62_81,searchweb201560_6
prodgie #11

Re:Mens Laser Cut no Elastic Thong

Date Posted:01/04/2016 03:55:10Copy HTML

Here is a Better look at the thong. Looks like the company makes a Bikini for a company for Nod Gogo a chinese company. But this site also offers a thong.http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/New-Recommended-Male-Briefs-seamless-viscose-sexy-panties-ultra-thin-low-waist-t-transparent-silky-breathable/1709141_32569837148.html
prodgie #12

Re:Mens Laser Cut no Elastic Thong

Date Posted:01/21/2016 07:57:18Copy HTML

 Hi thongers,
So I bit the bullet and ordered some of the laser cut bond seamed thongs from River on AlliExpres. The only place on the net I have seen this style of underwear for men. The order time was about two weeks from order to receiving what it arrive safe and as ordered. As above in my posts I have ordered other laser cut thongs a size down the the material would hold everything in place. These thongs do not require that.  Order the size you would normally wear. I am a size large is US sizes but would suggest a XL in the chinease sizes for this thong. The material certainly reminds me of silk. And the support of really very good. The material has a bit of strech but not as much as a lot the TXM underwear. I would certainly deal with River again next time I want to get more f this design. http://www.aliexpress.com/snapshot/7221142510.html?orderId=72011892016086

iConcept #13

Re:Mens Laser Cut no Elastic Thong

Date Posted:02/14/2016 04:34:41Copy HTML

 Calvin Klein made them for men years ago.  They were the best available at the time, but a little high in the front for me taste now.
JM_Runs #14

Re:Mens Laser Cut no Elastic Thong

Date Posted:08/04/2016 10:01:42Copy HTML

 I also ordered some of the Wacoal ones and must say they're really fantastic. Anyone who likes the jockey thongs should try them out!
prodgie #15

Re:Mens Laser Cut no Elastic Thong

Date Posted:08/05/2016 05:23:02Copy HTML

 Ya the Wacoal Bros seamless thong thong is pretty decent. Except I find the threading they use for the crotch seam on both the seamless and lasercut thongs to be a little rough. If they could go to a taped seam or use a softer thread they would be perfect. I would give them that feedback but I don't speak Japanese. And I am sure the translation apps wouldn't do an amazing job. So if anyone knows Japanese I would appreciate forwarding the feedback.  
JM_Runs #16

Re:Mens Laser Cut no Elastic Thong

Date Posted:08/07/2016 04:41:16Copy HTML

 I don't  find the stitching rough on mine. Perhaps they changed it recently?
ThingThong #17

Re:Mens Laser Cut no Elastic Thong

Date Posted:08/31/2016 06:51:20Copy HTML

Just got the laser cut thongs I ordered from here:


The material is nice, The glue stitching is OK. Only hand wash and line dry.
A small opening between the leg and crotch, would need a bigger pouch and more elastic bands to fix that but besides that it is nice and soft.
For the price it is good. I recommend but as said a gap between leg and crotch and only hand wash.
prodgie #18

Re:Mens Laser Cut no Elastic Thong

Date Posted:09/02/2016 09:15:51Copy HTML

 Ya I picked up a couple pairs of those taped seam thongs and find the rear thong strap to be way to long. If they would shorten that up and add a bit more pouch room it would get rid of the front gapping. I tried emailing TXM about the laser cut thong they have to make the front super wide so the strechy material would just wrap around everything. Then we could have a very close to seamless thong. No crotch seam, no leg or waist elastic and no annoying front pouch seam. I wish I could design one and get them made. Also wish this smart knit  seamless underwear material and design would make it's way into a men's thongs. Could you imagine super soft, strechy sock like material with no seams in a thong style. That would be amazing. http://www.smartknit.com/sensitivity-socks/all-sensitivity-products/sensitivity-undergarments.html?style=1050

prodgie #19

Re:Mens Laser Cut no Elastic Thong

Date Posted:09/03/2016 12:10:16Copy HTML

 Here is a link to the kids underwear that has zero seams. Would love to find some men's thong made with this same method of manufacturing. Amazed that no companies that I could find do this. https://change-diapers.com/smartknit-socks-underwear-for-sensory-kids-review/
ThingThong #20

Re:Mens Laser Cut no Elastic Thong

Date Posted:09/05/2016 06:55:00Copy HTML

Yes I agree about the rear, it ends up as a whale tail over my trousers.

Yes if they improved that this would be the best thong I ever worn, now it is good with a few irritating things.
prodgie #21

Re:Mens Laser Cut no Elastic Thong

Date Posted:10/13/2016 06:13:08Copy HTML

 I ran into this site today with what looks like the sameIce silk thongs that Thing Thong and I purchased but it appears from the photos that the cut might be lower with a shorter thong strap. Has anyone purchased from this site?http://m.ezbuy.sg/productdetail.html#product/detail/https:slash%7Cslashslash%7Cslashitem.taobao.comslash%7Cslashitem.htm?id=525625048496?_fromPc=1
It would be nice to find a version that doesn't go to high and eliminates the side gaping. I found he page via this search page http://m.ezbuy.sg/productdetail.html#product/detail/https:slash%7Cslashslash%7Cslashitem.taobao.comslash%7Cslashitem.htm?id=525625048496?_fromPc=1

ThingThong #22

Re:Mens Laser Cut no Elastic Thong

Date Posted:10/14/2016 05:37:01Copy HTML

Nice prodgie!
I found the makers site: https://asiaskin.world.taobao.com/
They have one thong:
I will order, this looks promising.
prodgie #23

Re:Mens Laser Cut no Elastic Thong

Date Posted:10/14/2016 05:09:15Copy HTML

Hi Thing Thong. Ya I hope these fit better. I notice in the Asia skin site that they have a bikini without the front seam that would been nice in the thong style. 
capnscallywags #24

Re:Mens Laser Cut no Elastic Thong

Date Posted:11/06/2016 10:21:38Copy HTML

 There's a company called Sunjoo selling them on Amazon. Has anyone had any experience on these?
prodgie #25

Re:Mens Laser Cut no Elastic Thong

Date Posted:11/07/2016 08:42:31Copy HTML

 Do you have a link can't seem to find Sunjoo on Amazon
capnscallywags #26

Re:Mens Laser Cut no Elastic Thong

Date Posted:11/07/2016 11:00:38Copy HTML

 Soojun... sorry about that.
prodgie #27

Re:Mens Laser Cut no Elastic Thong

Date Posted:11/08/2016 04:46:15Copy HTML

 Hello,Looks like a style I have tried before. If it is the same the rear thong strap is to long so the front of the garment will gap at the sides. It's a shame as the tapped seam and the material are nice. Someone just needs to make the cut right. If you interested in Lasercut thongs you may want to try the Bros style as linked higher in this post. If your a size large go down a size to a medium. I most like them just wish the seaming was tapped or a softer stitching. 

capnscallywags #28

Re:Mens Laser Cut no Elastic Thong

Date Posted:11/09/2016 11:48:15Copy HTML

 So, I got them today, and they're... alright. I didn't have a problem with the back being too long, but there is a small gap at the sides. I think it has more to do with the lack of elastic in the leg-holes than the cut. I'm not especially well-endowed, but I have other thongs from non-American companies where I have the same problem.
I love the Pikante Castro thongs, for example, but there is a bigger gap with them.
prodgie #29

Re:Mens Laser Cut no Elastic Thong

Date Posted:11/11/2016 11:27:29Copy HTML

 Ya with underwear with no leg elastic you need to size down one or two sizes. It would be possible I think to make a thong with no elastics it just needs to be cut different. I have been thinking about designing a thong with only two seams at the front of the waist. No leg elastics, no front seam and no crotch seam. But still have a front that cradles everything. Will see. 
prodgie #30

Re:Mens Laser Cut no Elastic Thong

Date Posted:12/10/2016 02:03:15Copy HTML

Made another small purchase from TXM and the order arrived today. Among a couple of the seamless crotch styles with the T2M2 super stretchy cloth I got a couple pairs of the SMF laser cut rear with pouch front t-back suits. http://www.txm.co.jp/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=11884I normaly wear a L or LL size from this company but since the rear of this garment has no seams or elastics I figure it would fit pretty well. I was right. Fit's well and is very comfortable just to bad it didnt come in size L it would be even better. At least it's the first t-back/thong that actually fits well in the front and doesnt gap.Give them a go!
prodgie #31

Re:Mens Laser Cut no Elastic Thong

Date Posted:01/15/2017 12:18:35Copy HTML

 Hi thongers, After getting my last TXM order I was so happy with these laser cut thongs with pouch I had to order more. http://www.txm.co.jp/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=11884I would also give these a try. Kind of a mix of a thong and a brief   Same material and no leg elastics but with the seaming it fits very well.  http://www.txm.co.jp/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=11695The material is very lite and stretchy and great under what ever you wear. And because they don't have any leg elastics you can avoid underwearlines.Just don't expect to walk around the house in these as they are a little see threw. I did also try one of these as a try and I would not recommend them as the pouch is far to small. I was hoping the material would have the strech as I like front pouches without seams but unfortunatly they just barley cover  http://www.txm.co.jp/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=11085

prodgie #32

Re:Mens Laser Cut no Elastic Thong

Date Posted:02/04/2017 09:10:02Copy HTML

 Anyone try these new male power seamless thongs? I like how they look. https://www.amazon.com/Male-Power-Seamless-Sleek-Medium/dp/B01N32LF14
alexde #33

Re:Mens Laser Cut no Elastic Thong

Date Posted:10/30/2017 05:25:06Copy HTML

 Hi,Is there any seamless laser cut cotton thong? No seams at all at the edges? Thank you
prodgie #34

Re:Mens Laser Cut no Elastic Thong

Date Posted:12/10/2017 01:55:01Copy HTML

 Hi gang. Got some wonderful new new thongs straight out of a Si-Fi movie. The material is silky, smooth and stretchy. All the seams including the legs and waist holes are all taped. The front pouch is shaped using some sort of seamless technology so no from seam. I usually wear a US Medium or Large and the Meduim fits perfectly. I didn’t want and side tapping or the thong back sailing way above my trousers. However if you want a bit more space the large is probably the way to go. The only downside is you have to clean them either by hand or if your washing machine has a delicate cold mode and a lingerie bag. Not a big deal but need to be cleaned separately. But after trying these it’s worth it. Enjoy
prodgie #35

Re:Mens Laser Cut no Elastic Thong

Date Posted:04/04/2018 08:12:27Copy HTML

Has anyone seen where to get these thongs that is not a whole sale company? http://www.mensprintedunderwear.com/sale-10195459-red-seamless-mens-athletic-thong-underwear-without-waistband-nylon-materials.html
prodgie #36

Re:Mens Laser Cut no Elastic Thong

Date Posted:05/23/2018 06:29:53Copy HTML

Well both HOM and Bros have discontinued a amazing designed mens thong. If anyone has seen this type of seamless elastic free type design on the web let me know.
SunnyP #37

Re:Mens Laser Cut no Elastic Thong

Date Posted:11/27/2018 07:31:52Copy HTML

Prodgie have you seen these from Brave Person (One of the chinese brands): https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Men-Sexy-Thongs-Homme-Fashion-String-Spandex-Nylon-Lingerie-Underwear-Mens-Thongs-Low-rise-Solid-G/32952719445.html?spm=a2g0s.8937460.0.0.4e7c2e0eiiDNha I only found them the other day and thought they looked amazing, gonna buy a few pairs and see how i go!
MarkThongLines #38

Re:Mens Laser Cut no Elastic Thong

Date Posted:12/01/2018 12:15:01Copy HTML

SunnyP, i’m keen to hear what you think of them, whether they have enough support/pouch space etc...

tbck1000 #39

Re:Mens Laser Cut no Elastic Thong

Date Posted:12/03/2018 01:35:14Copy HTML

Unfortunate logo and position on the item. Even for under $4, I don't think I want a swimsuit that reads "brave person" across my junk.
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