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Date Posted:05/14/2018 07:42:30Copy HTML

Others people seeing you in a thong will telegraph messages to them.  Some are subtle, others quite loud.  Wearing a thong may also cause others to ask questions or make comments.  What messages, comments, or questions have you actually been able to discuss with non thongers and what did you say?

1.  I am comfortable with my body.  It may not be perfect, but I don't mind others seeing almost every bit of it.  (I have discussed this with many.  I have had others comment to me about this without me mentioning it to them.)

2.  I like getting an almost all-over tan.  (People often mention this to me.  I discuss it openly.)

3.  As a woman, I go topfree because I feel that that there should be more equality between the sexes.  But I also admit that I enjoy other aspects of going topfree, like having the sun on my breasts and being able to not feel constricted by traditional clothing.  (A few others have mentioned the equality of going topfree.  I take the time to try to mention this to anyone interested in knowing why I take my top off.  I also try to explain the difference between topfree and topless.)

4.  I am easy and looking for men to mess around with.  (This is not the case, and while others sometimes make this assumption, I tell them about my husband, let them know I have a happy home life, and try to explain other reasons I wear a thong.)

5.  I am an exhibitionist.  (Others tell me this.  I admit that at some levels I am, but this is not the driving force for why I wear a thong.)

6.  I want to be on the the cutting edge of fashions.  (Others say this.  I admit I like wearing something that is similar to what is being promoted as the latest thing in women's swimwear.)

7.  Wearing a thong (and/or going topfree) is the culmination of a healthy lifestyle.  (Someone suggested this, and in my case I think it is true.  However, I think others who live more unhealthy lives should be able to thong.  I usually find even those who thong and are in the worse shape physically often work to improve themselves in order to look better in a thong.  This means that a thong can be a great motivator towards staying on a diet, getting more exercise, and other things.)

8.  Thongs are okay on women, but men should not be allowed to wear them.  (Something I get from others from time to time.  I tell them I disagree and explain that a guy wearing a thong helps to make men and women more equal, just like the way a women going topfree can.)

9.  I like your buns or breasts.  (A compliment I often get.  I thank them and admit I appreciate their positive comments.)

10.  Are thongs legal?  (A question I get a lot.  I answer the question honestly.  Sure they are, I assume they are because Rangers/Law Enforcement/Management know I am thonging but have not complained. I am not sure.  I don't think they are, and will cover up if someone asks me to.  etc.)
cmp304 #1

Re:Messages wearing a thong send out to others

Date Posted:05/14/2018 11:32:28Copy HTML

 #10 question about legality is my most common discussion.  Once I get a dark tan I get some comments on that and an occasional comment on my butt.  Need to include #4.  I do not get hit on very often (I mean hit on, not flirted with) but when I do it is when I'm wearing a thong so I assume there is some message being sent there!
I've overheard #8, from time to time from people walking by and commenting to each other but have actually heard that one less in recent years.  
JM_Runs #2

Re:Messages wearing a thong send out to others

Date Posted:05/14/2018 02:56:13Copy HTML

EDIT: I miss read the original, and replied below about what people have said to me about my wearing a thong, rather than the original question about what message people think I am sending by wearing a thong. But since people have now replied to this post I'm leaving it in place. 
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 

"How far do you run?", "Where do you buy one?", "Are you from here?" and  "Do you always wear a thong?"  tend to be the more common questions.  

Sometimes people ask why I wear a thong. I sometimes say "I can't run naked down an empty tropical palm lined beach, but this comes close."  That reply seems to make most sense to most people. 

Sometimes people ask if I have had any problems with the lifeguards. They ask because they want to know if it is legal for a man to wear a thong. Maybe to see if they would get in trouble wearing something smaller.  My answer is never, which most find reassuring. 
Although when I say Never, some look baffled: Like they don't believe me, or don't understand the rules in Florida might be different than Ohio. 

Often people compliment me on my suit, or my courage.  Woman will generally make a direct complement about my legs or bum. Men tend to be more obtuse, making general comments on my physique, (which is at best average).  A common an opener if a gay guy wants to chat.

I have learned to not be freaked out by single gay males coming over to 'chat'.  I thank them for the compliments and if  I don't return the compliments about their body they understand I am not interested in them: At least not in that way. So most interactions are friendly and completely harmless. 

People often ask where they can buy a suit like that, and are very disappointed when I say "I buy them on the internet." There look of disappointment is palpable. They have got the courage up to come ask, but I don't have a simple answer they can act on. 
Years ago I could point out a beachfront store or two that sold men's thongs. Now I would have to give complicated directions to one of the inland stores near Wilton, and even then there might not be a good selection. 

Instead of asking a question people often say something like "I could not wear one",  which is just a lack of courage or imagination on their part.
Americans tend do do this, saying a statement of fact instead of asking a question, but expecting you to answer. For example "That can't be comfortable" - and then looking at your for a reply or rebuttal.  Other nationalities might ASK if the thong is comfortable, but more likely make the next cognitive step and assume it must be, otherwise one would not wear one.

Some people don't like men in thongs. 'Nobody wants to see your hairy arse!", normally from a young man. A little amusing that they have bothered to get up and stomp on over to tell me their opinion rather than just looking somewhere else. Often a hostile comment like that from a guy is likely to be countered by a women who will say "I like it, you are the one being an arse".  

It is often ten minutes later when we think of just the right witty retort. So I have recently decided to adopted a female friends universal response to unsolicited opinions, "I did not ask for your opinion." I am practicing her delivery: Slow, condescending and overly dramatic a al mean girls. 

These days almost all the comments are complementary.  That may be because I am older, so young men don't feel the need to confront me in front of the ladies to show off who is the top buck.

On a side note: We tend to get tourists who want to go somewhere tropical, but not so exotic as to be actually foreign. They fly to Fort Lauderdale because it is still part of "Merica" where there is the same happy meal at McDonnalds. For about the same money they could have spent a week in the Dominican Republic, but many of these folk like the known "Merica".  Even Miami is just a little to brown and spicy for them. So I consider it part of my patriotic duty to educate them that this land is not all homogeneous, to be the first man they see rocking a thong.  Ya' not in Kansas. 
Sometimes people ask me if there is a special part of the beach for 'that'.  I am never sure if they are asking directions to Haulover, or trying to find a section where they can see more thongs, or suggesting I should return to my own side of the tracks. Sometimes reply by making it about them, saying "YOU can wear a thong anywhere on this beach, if you have the courage."

I have been asked if I am worried about skin cancer, and have been offered sunscreen, shade, drinks or a place to sit for a while.  WHen it is hot I take all offers.

Sometimes people tell me they are on vacation and ask me things to see or do.  Sometimes European parents want to introduce me to their kids, or teenageers want to introduceme to their parents. Not frequent but not uncommon, and always interesting. 

However the most common question is still "Can I take a picture with you." 
jglgmp #3

Re:Messages wearing a thong send out to others

Date Posted:05/14/2018 04:37:20Copy HTML

As a 60 YO male who has been wearing thongs for almost 40 years I feel compelled to add my opinion. 
First I would have hoped that the double standard would have at least diminished by now. Sadly in my experience it has gotten worse. As women's swimwear has become smaller and micro brands like MS and WW have become very mainstream men have still had to battle the stigma. Borat was a huge step back. As a thong wearer I think the Borat suit is  totally ugly and stupid. Both the color and style are  not what mens thongs are all about. There are many many mens thong swimwear to be found on line that are sexy, beautiful and classy. 

The second problem with the double standard comes from women. The "I don't want to see a man in a banana hammock" attitude. Obviously that is not the case here on Thongboard but let me tell you it is in general, EVEN from female thong wearers. Case in point: Almost 10 years ago following my divorce I met a very nice women and invited her to spend the day on my boat during the summer. I packed a very nice picnic and I was very pleasantly surprised when we had found a place to sit-in the sun and she removed her shorts and shirt and was wearing a 449 bottom WW bikini. I had decided to play safe and wear board shorts  We had a great day and during the following week we decided to go again to the lake. This time I wore board shorts but under I wore a US4MEN thong thinking id found a kindred spirit. NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!!  Her reaction was a lecture that no women wanted to see a man in a thong. Needless to say we parted ways. My current SO is very supportive and she now has a sizable WW collection. She was not a thong wearer before me. 

The other ever popular perception is the "gay" association. I for one have several gay friends and dont mind at all being compared to them in a positive way but with things its not at all positive. Men just have to be able to have thick emotional skin as the double standard will probably never go away. 

The first reason I want to wear thongs because I am an exhibitionist. The second is I want no tan lines or the minimal tan lines. Third because it is a great motivation to stay in shape. At 60 im in the best shape of my life and i want to show it. Forth, because I'm a fan of the human body and think it should be celebrated. Funny people have no problem with violence in movies and video games but have an objection to a naked body, TALK ABOUT MISS PLACED PRIORITIES!!!!! And last I wear them because its who I am.

The questions I get areHow did you get started. For me it was a GF who helped find mens thong swimwear back in the early 80s after I wore her green bikini bottom. Not because I have any interest in cross dressing but because I couldn't find mens thongs pre internet.

"Don't you feel silly?" -  NO
"Do you want people to think your gay?" - "I don't care, and gay guys are some of the nicest caring guys I know, so maybe its a compliment and not a bad thing."
"People are looking at you."  - "Maybe they have to much time on their hands, we need to live and let live."

I have had some positive responses but they have always been in thong friendly environments. I never thong in places that are not, as I don't want to offend anyone, or make the thong lifestyle any more unacceptable the it already is at least for men.

Mary0826 #4

Re:Messages wearing a thong send out to others

Date Posted:05/14/2018 08:10:06Copy HTML

 JM -- thanks for so many good thoughts.  My men often get a "I wish my husband (boyfriend) would wear a swimsuit like that.  We all get some "I want your picture" or people will take a picture without permission anyway. 

As far as the "is it legal" topic, it is often hard to figure out if the person wants it to be illegal so they can get you into trouble, or if they are afraid to mimic you themselves.  A slightly different twist has been people who ask about the legality, and they claim they didn't want you to get into trouble.  This seems like an odd response.  How often do people go out of their way to tell you nicely that you might be breaking the law and suggest that you might want to do things differently?  Of course friends might do this, but not to likely total strangers. 

We often have people offer us food, drinks, boat rides, etc.  Children are often encouraged to play with us if we are willing.  Teens sometimes want to introduce us to the their parents of friends.  These actions make it seem your thong is not an issue, although I have heard of people sending a child down the beach to look at us if that child is not aware that we are thonging. 

Places we go locally, we are part of the regular crowd.  We often see the same people week in and week out.  After a while, these people mellow out, learn thongs are not an important issue, and then we are treated like the neighbor we are and not an intruder trying to stir up trouble. 

#10, seems to be ask less and less as the years go by, at least locally.  As far as the "where do you get them" question, I really wish thongs, even not too well fitting ones, were available locally.  If someone could go to a local store or the mall and get a thong swimsuit, any spontaneous interest in trying one would be close to being fulfilled.  If they were available at a shop right at the beach (like a local mom and pop food and bait store) the spontaneous nature would be even more likely to get someone into a thong for the first time.  I have seen a few true women's thongs recently at the mall, and a ton of cheeky swimsuits with various styles and exposures.  But in the time it takes to arrange a trip to the mall, many women I think have time to chicken out.
RapidBlue #5

Re:Messages wearing a thong send out to others

Date Posted:05/14/2018 09:14:49Copy HTML

 I’ve had similar questions over the years asked of me. The first is always; you must be very confident/comfortable/secure. My answers is yes I am. I like wearing some thing that makes me feel good.

The next question is about sex. I usually have to tell the person that thong wearing is not about sex. It is about wanting a good tan, being comfortable with myself and liking the way it looks in me.

Well then you must be an exhibitionist usually comes next. Not really. While I don’t mind if people look (especially if they like what they see) it is not my primary objective. I wear a thong for me. I like it. I like how I feel when wearing a thong. And yes they are sexy as hell.

Next is you’re gay or only women should wear a thong. I hate the sexual orientation label because of what I wear, but have dealt with that my whole life. I politely tell the person I am very comfortable with who I am. I’m not gay but that makes no difference to wearing a thong or any other type of clothing. As for only women should wear a thong, I usually ask why and what is the difference. The men will say it just looks better or some other not so kind remark, while the woman usually agree, or say no one wants to see that much (even though they are usually the ones staring and taking photos).

I get the legal question almost never. I have many people taking photos. Some ask. Sometimes if I catch them sneaking a picture I will offer to let them get a better photo. It’s funny when they say they weren’t taking a picture, while turning red with embarrassment. 
Da6772 #6

Re:Messages wearing a thong send out to others

Date Posted:05/15/2018 02:13:35Copy HTML

"the rules in Florida might be different than Ohio"
Well, you do know that the Ohio state parks allow thongs!   ;)
JM_Runs #7

Re:Messages wearing a thong send out to others

Date Posted:05/15/2018 03:04:32Copy HTML

 OK, you got me there. I was just using it as a random name for an inland State. 
ezduzit #8

Re:Messages wearing a thong send out to others

Date Posted:05/19/2018 12:47:49Copy HTML

 The comment that sticks out to me the most is be it a friend, family member, or stranger saying "men shouldn't wear thongs, only women should wear thongs" is like me saying "women shouldn't ride motorcycles, only men should ride motorcycles" because afterall motorcycling has been a male dominated sport since the invention of the motorcycle yet in the last decade and a half there has been an explosion in female riders. So why is this? Because women see men enjoying that freedom and liberation of the open rode that comes with motorcycling and want to be apart of it. So therefore, they are encouraged by their BF, husband, or the dealer to buy one, and ride their own. My point is, when you're at a beach and there's women in thongs in all directions say South Beach for example, Why are they wearing thongs? Because they enjoy the freedom and liberation that comes with being nearly naked. So if a guy wants to enjoy that same feeling of freedom that women get to enjoy by wearing a thong why is he,or any other men denied that freedom, and discouraged from wearing one?
Maxtlatl #9

Re:Messages wearing a thong send out to others

Date Posted:05/19/2018 05:19:10Copy HTML

I found this blog that has an interesting take on the issue:

Beached_Santa_Cruz #10

Re:Messages wearing a thong send out to others

Date Posted:05/20/2018 04:54:01Copy HTML

 Very good blog which explains a lot.  I've worn my thong in Europe and in St. Martin.  Never got any strange looks or comments from anyone.  Do that in the US and you hear a bunch of crap.  Although with more women wearing thongs and cheeky suits most are now ignoring that I'm there. 
Ex_Member #11

Re:Messages wearing a thong send out to others

Date Posted:05/20/2018 06:17:02Copy HTML

 #10 - "Is it legal to wear a thong on this beach?" Is a question I get often.
 I think, by wearing one, I am simply sending the message that it is.  Sometimes, when asked, I can point to a nearby female wearing a cheeky suit or thong and say "it's as legal for me to wear this as it is for her to wear that."  This goes along with your perspective of women going topfree, (Mary0826).  I believe, if men are allowed, women should be allowed also. 
bmicro #12

Re:Messages wearing a thong send out to others

Date Posted:05/22/2018 12:07:22Copy HTML

 One of the benefits of wearing a thong is that it can become a great conversation starter. The most frequent question for me is "Can I take a picture with you". This inevitably leads to discussions of where they are from, and, when they learn that I live in the area, questions regarding the best places to go, eat, etc. From there it usually morphs into a typical tourist beach conversation independent of what I am wearing. 
It is rather infrequent that the conversation goes to asking why I wear thongs. When it does, I let them know that I hate tan lines and like to be on the cutting edge of mens swimwear.

I am sometimes asked whether I have any issues with lifeguards or police. I then explain that almost anything is cool unless you look naked from any angle (they don't like responding to the "naked man on the beach" complaint).

Other starter questions/comments are "I am impressed, you are very fashion-forward in that suit", "I admire your courage", "where did you get that", "you look great in that suit" or other similar comments, mostly from women.

I have never been asked directly if I am gay. I have had very few gay men start a conversation and obviously want to become involved. It is easy to deflect such attention or even politely say "I am not interested".

The rarest comment is a negative one, mostly coming from drunk teenagers or homeless men. I just ignore them and walk on. Like JM, I have heard a female companion criticizing her man for trying to insult me. 
NudeNArizona #13

Re:Messages wearing a thong send out to others

Date Posted:05/22/2018 09:55:45Copy HTML

One of the funniest I ever had ask was by a woman at a hotel I was staying.

Prior to booking my room I had called to make sure thongs were permitted poolside. When I checked in the woman recognized my name and voice. SHe had been the one who answered my phone call.

After checking in I went to my room. It was still early so I decided to go check out the pool area and get some sun before dinner. I decided to wear a modest thong instead of one of my micro's.

After setting up pool side the lady from the front desk walked by the pool and into the area where I was setting up. She came over she said "I guess you couldn't find anything smaller?" I smiled and said I have smaller one up in the room but didn't want to draw too much attention.  She laughed and told me that very few people ever even use the pool since it is mainly highway travelers staying overnight and leaving in the morning. She said "Don't worry. Whatever you wear will be fine because you probably won't see anyone else out here during your stay."

I went out to dinner and got back around 10PM. As I walked thru the lobby I saw another girl at the front desk. She smiled and said "Hello. Enjoy your evening." I ask if the pool was still open and she commented that even though the sign says it closes at 10PM as long as nobody complains you are free to use it at your leisure.  So I went to my room and changed into a micro and went down to the pool again.

The night was warm. When I arrived the same lady from earlier was sitting in the pool.  I said "Hi", set my things down and dove into the pool.  I swam a few laps and was ready to go use the hot-tub. As I walked up the steps I noticed she was wearing a G-string. She said "I guess you couldn't find anything smaller?" I laughed and said this is a lot smaller than earlier anything smaller would be illegal! To which she said "only if someone complains!, and I run the complaint dept!"

The next day I decided to layout in a baggie and when she walked by she again said  "I guess you couldn't find anything smaller?". I said the only thing smaller is naked. She commented about my tanline free ass saying "It looks like that wouldn't be your first time tanning nude". I smiled and said No, I actually prefer to tan nude, but don't want to get in trouble, so I wear a G-string. She assured me that if I wanted to tan nude it was ok, as long as I wore something when going to and from my room I would be fine.
J_R_365 #14

Re:Messages wearing a thong send out to others

Date Posted:05/23/2018 02:39:20Copy HTML

 NudeNArizona - That sound like my kind of place!
NudeNArizona #15

Re:Messages wearing a thong send out to others

Date Posted:05/24/2018 05:52:28Copy HTML

 J_R_365, it was a nice place to be for my 3 week stay, never did the pool get busy but on the weekend there were a few other so I did wear a G-string but during the weekdays I would only see staff and maintenance people and when they saw the manager talking to me while laying out nude they never said a word and since I could go to the pool without going thru the lobby I would just wrap a sarong around my waist.
pikeman #16

Re:Messages wearing a thong send out to others

Date Posted:03/05/2019 07:56:41Copy HTML

I'd like the take away to be that we're free to enjoy our bodies in the sun and water and it's a celebration of being alive. Fully enjoying every minute of it. What I don't get is how people twist it around to suit whatever dark hole they inhabit, although I guess it comes with the territory.
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