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Date Posted:09/18/2017 03:47:43Copy HTML

I have seen many reports where members discuss other people they see wearing minimal swimwear, thongs, and other risqué clothing in public places where they would not normally be expected or in some cases even tolerated.  I have started this thread as a place people can post such accounts in the future.  

I am not talking about beaches or resorts where such clothing is expected, unless the clothing is unusual where it is worn, or would be unusual in other places.  For example, there is a Kroger store along the seawall in Galveston, TX.  I am not too surprised to see conservative swim wear at this store.  It is not unusual to see men shirtless, or women wearing just bikini tops here.  But I have also seen women in open-side T-shirts, braless, and/or wearing thong bottoms.  I have seen men in Speedos and a few in Rio styles, but never a thong on a man.  A report saying "People wear swimwear a this store" would not relevant, since it is just across the street from the ocean.  But a report about the open-side, braless women or those wearing thong bottoms and exposing their buns might be material for this post since they are rare, even at a sea-side grocery store.  So many stores in other parts of the country have official or unofficial dress codes that would never allow this type of outfit, or even shirtless men.

But I also want to encourage people to write in about swimwear and minimal clothing at places more inland.  For example, I was traveling through North Carolina, of the way to the Outer Banks, and stopped in a small, non-tourist grocery store in a very small town which was about 100 miles inland.  I went into the store and there were three young women, probably in high school, wearing minimal cut-off jeans and open-weave mesh tops with holes about 3/8 inch and nothing underneath.  One ask me go get something form a high shelf, and when I got it down we chatted for a few minutes.   She could tell from my lack of a Southern Accent that I was not from the area, and ask why I was in their town, since they don't get many tourists.  I told her why I was going through town, then ask her if anyone complained about outfits she and her friends were wearing.  She acted surprised and said it wasn't unusual for girls to dress this way in their little community, but she and her friends would wear more if they went someplace else.  "Everyone here is used to us dressing like this," one of her friends said.  She ask if women up North dressed like this, and I admitted that it would be unusual except maybe in a beach or pool setting.  She ask if I liked the look, and I admitted I did.  When I ask one of her friends is they dressed like this to keep cool or to work on their tans, she said "No" and explained that many young women coming to the store lived back in the black-water swamps and when the girls went into town, they dressed this way in order to meet young men.  For some reason she reminded me of the scantily clad woman in the Li'l Abner comic strip or maybe some type of Daisy Duke character except their skimpy outfits were more in keeping with the fashion trends of the 2010's.  I never saw the three again, but I made a detour in my return trip, and saw a young black woman walking down the street and wearing a similar outfit.  I wonder if mesh t-shirts are a popular clothing item at a Dollar General store someplace in the area?

going to town was a chance to 
J_R_365 #1

Re:Minimal swimwear, clothing, being worn in public where not expected

Date Posted:09/20/2017 02:51:29Copy HTML

 A few years ago, I had gone to downtown [Chicago], and as I emerged from the subway, I saw a group of about five young women standing around, wearing bikini swimsuits.This was a good six or eight blocks from Oak Street, and they didn't seem to be looking for the beach. I  thought they might be part of a promotion or something, but saw no cameras or product placements. I had to be on my way, so I don't know any more than that.
ithongit #2

Re:Minimal swimwear, clothing, being worn in public where not expected

Date Posted:09/20/2017 06:45:23Copy HTML

 There is an annual pants less subway day celebrated in may cities that have subways.  (Cities with no subways, but other public transportation sometimes have pants less public transportation days.)  Maybe J_R_365's experience was part of one of these often observed but rarely publicized events.
Mary0826 #3

Re:Minimal swimwear, clothing, being worn in public where not expected

Date Posted:09/21/2017 05:44:38Copy HTML

 I was at the Walmart in Wapakoneta Ohio the other day to get some close-out summer stuff that was on sale.  While I was there, I went over to the grocery area to pick up a few things that I needed.  There was a young lady, about 20-25 looking at the banana, and I immediately noticed her since she was wearing a bikini top in the store.  I have seen a few other women wear bikini tops or sports bras al local Walmarts, but they still are pretty unusual.  It was pretty skimpy -- something that would turn heads at the beach, and everyone was looking at here.  She had some sort of cover up tied around her waist but I couldn't see it, since she was standing behind the banana stand from where I was coming.  When she walked towards me with some bananas, I could see her cover up was a fish-net type thing, perhaps crocheted,, with open hopes about 3/4 inch.  Her bikini bottom was also very minimal, and the front rapidly transitioned to string sides.  She then walked around the cart and started to push it away from me.  She was wearing a thong bottom!  This wasn't quite a G-string, but almost one. 

There are four Ohio State Park lakes within the area (Lake St. Mary's, Indian Lake, Kiser Lake, and Lake Loramie).  All have swimming areas, so occasionally seeing swimwear in town is not unusual, but it usually consists of guys in board shorts and girls in bikini tops and cut-off shorts, or something like that.  I have only seen a few women brave enough to wear a bikini bottom in public away from the lakes, and never thongs outside the state park boundaries. 

I sort of followed this lady, initially by coincident, but later to see what type of reactions she got.  It was quite a while before I realized she was shoeless too.  It was surprising that nobody seemed to mind her outfit.  A few guys gave her compliments, and people also ask her things like "Have you been sunning" or "Going to the lake" or stuff like that.  Anyway, as she walked around the store, her cover up was not always cooperative.  If she bent down to get something off the bottom shelf, her cover up would slip and unwrap as she stood up.  It never fell completely off, but came close a few times.  She then had to put tighten it up again (she just sort of flipped one end over the other like you would with a towel).  Several people besides me saw this happen to her, but again no comments.  About the fourth time this happened, some black lady who had seen it happen before said "Girl, I think I wouldn't even bother with that scarf.  Heaven knows everyone can see everything anyway."  The young lady, who had just re-tied the wrap, though for a moment, and then undid the cover up and laid it in the basket.  Now wearing just her thong swimsuit, she continued to shop.  I was behind her in the check-out lane when some store employee came along and told her she "couldn't come in dressed like that again".  He didn't say she had to leave, but continued with "You have to wear shoes in this store."  He started to walk away, but turned back and added "May I make a suggestion?"  He didn't wait for an answer, but added "You might be more comfortable if you put some shorts on over your swimsuit the next time you come here after going to the beach."  He didn't explain why this would make her more "comfortable" or how he knew where she had come from.  That was the only comment I heard that was sort of negative about her thong.  The manager did not say "you can't wear a thong in here" or anything else.  As she got to the cash register, the checkout lady just smiled and ask if she found everything she was looking for.  The whole checkout went normally, and I assume she left the store also with no issues.

I have seen some pretty unusual things people wear at Walmarts over the years.  Some of them are pretty weird, but I have never seen anyone complain or get into trouble.  (There is even a website where people post pictures of the odd clothing they have seen other wear at Walmart.)  Going to Walmart, especially in the evening, can seem like going to see the distant relative that you don't know too well for a weekend.  They accept you for what you are, and you don't complain when your uncle comes down to breakfast in his underwear, your aunt runs around in a tube top, and the teen aged kids play Marco Polo in the pool in the buff.  It seems that people at Walmart sort of act like they are at home and accept the others at the store as family.

lindros #4

Re:Minimal swimwear, clothing, being worn in public where not expected

Date Posted:09/21/2017 10:49:06Copy HTML

I saw a lady at a Golden Corral wear a robe-like cover up except it was see-thru white mesh. It was clear to see that she was wearing a thong bikini underneath.
Poimbeach #5

Re:Minimal swimwear, clothing, being worn in public where not expected

Date Posted:01/28/2018 02:09:26Copy HTML

 I was curious to wether you guys ever where leggings or tights in public. This winter I have worn leggings not only to the gym but also to the grocery store, car wash etc. Wearing a comfortable thong and a pair of tights is very comfortable. I see why so many women where them in public because they feel like there is nothing there. A cool breeze feels goood but you stay warm. I do not where the kind that have the underwear band and obvious pouch but the smooth waist band and center seam front and rear. You have to wear a thong to keep your junk in place. I have received a couple looks if they are wild designs but not to much when wearing black. A shirt that cuts right at the crouch seems to work good for cover but does not look like you are wearing a tent. The shorts on top of tights look ridiculous to me so I would not go there. It is like saying I want to wear tights but am scared to show your legs. If you stay in shape, there is nothing wrong with showing your legs. If more guys wore them, it would be considered more normal maybe it would not be as much fun if everyone did it.
tbck1000 #6

Re:Minimal swimwear, clothing, being worn in public where not expected

Date Posted:01/28/2018 03:17:17Copy HTML

I wear tights or leggings in the cooler months. No shorts on top, of course. Both for running/exercising and casual wear. I usually wear the center seam style, but I have some of the old style Nike pro combat (lightweight long underwear with no fly) that I like. They have four panels in front and two seams in back.  They are really comfortable. I have been thinking about branching out into some other styles: patterns instead of solid colors, and low-rise, for instance. Any good suggestions?
RapidBlue #7

Re:Minimal swimwear, clothing, being worn in public where not expected

Date Posted:01/28/2018 10:54:31Copy HTML

 I wear tights, skin  tight yoga pants and short shorts to the gym every day. Either on my way to or from the gym I am stopping to run an errand or grab a bit to eat. I’ve walked in and out of stores and restaurants with no problems. No one seems to bat an eye if I am wearing black or grey on the bottom. If I am wearing colors or bright prints I sometime have someone making comment about how great what I am wearing is. At the gym no one cares except maybe the bouncer -those who bounce into the gym at the beginning of the year and bounce out a few weeks later never to be seen again. Alway, I am wearing a thong underneath. Sometimes the outline is visible, sometimes not. 
modelnude4u #8

Re:Minimal swimwear, clothing, being worn in public where not expected

Date Posted:01/28/2018 11:32:58Copy HTML

 I've almost always got the shortest shorts at the gym, and those same shorts are often the smallest swimwear in the pool too.  Soffe teeny tiny mesh shorts, with either a thong under, or nothing at all. 
NudeNArizona #9

Re:Minimal swimwear, clothing, being worn in public where not expected

Date Posted:02/13/2018 07:09:05Copy HTML

When we lived in Hawaii my wife and I would regularly go to the north shore to the beach on weekends and since we would leave directly from our house and park at the beach parking lot and walk the path to our usual spot over time we ended up forgoing shorts and shirts and would just leave the house wearing our minimal swimwear and bring a cooler and a beach bag.

One day while at the beach friends of our invited us over for a BBQ that afternoon and we accepted and my wife ask if they needed us to bring anything and they said a side dish would be great. So on our way leaving the beach since our friends house was half way to our house we just stopped by a local grocery store and my wife ran into the store in just her G-string bikini to pick up a potato salad. I stayed in the Jeep but when she went to pay, but with my credit card, so they wanted to see my ID. She came out to the Jeep to get me. I went in to show ID, which drew a little attention from the lady behind the counter. She commented on my G-string being quite small. Said she had never had a guy wear anything like it before in her store. 
ithongit #10

Re:Minimal swimwear, clothing, being worn in public where not expected

Date Posted:02/13/2018 08:42:41Copy HTML

 On the Outer Banks, we see thongs (both men and women) in self-serve gas stations, the grocery stores, the fudge, post office, beach stores, etc.  We know we are not alone and when we find a place that accepts minimal swimwear, we don't hesitate to dress this way.  We have ask at one of the grocery stores and they said something like "people wear their beach clothes here all the time".  I ask if that included thongs, and the lady said "thongs are a type of swimwear aren't they?"  We don't go out of our way to thong in stores, but like NudeNArizona, we are usually going to or from the beach and don't want to make a special out-of-the-way trip. 

Only once have we been ask not to wear our thong swimwear in a store -- a restaurant that makes donuts, but they had a sign in the door that said "no swimwear".  The lady said it wasn't about thongs, they didn't permit anyone wearing anything that looked like swimwear.  Of course, guys were there wearing board shorts and open-side shirts, and women were there wearing a bikini top with shorts or jeans as a bottom. 

The other place thongs are not permitted (sort of) is on the Hattaras - Ocracoke ferry. You can wear a thong, but only if you stay in your car with the doors closed. If you want to get out to walk around, you have to cover up with some shorts or a towel or something.

The national parks permit thongs and even topfree everywhere, but discourage topfreedom at the lighthouses and ask that women keep a top on until they are on the beach. This is not a formal rule, only a "suggestion". 

The further South you go, the more the store owners seem to accept thongs.  In Ocracoke, I have gone topfree in the village without any issues.  At the Ocracoke Variety Store, I saw a couple of 30 something women topfree but with shorts. 

Men going topfree in this store (and most stores in the Outer Banks) is quite normal.  I ask and they said something like "If it's legal on the beach, it's okay here." So the next time I went to the store, when We were coming back from the beach, and we both had thongs bottoms I went topfree. Nobody, not store employees or customers seemed to mind. We didn't even get more that a couple of double takes. The man in line behind us ask if we had a good day at the beach (it was late afternoon, and most people leave the beach then.)  This was several years ago. 

I have heard reports both that thongs and topfree beach use are more common, and spill over into the adjacent communities, and also that these fashion choices are less common, both on the beach and in towns than they used to be.  I guess I will have to find out.

Re:Minimal swimwear, clothing, being worn in public where not expected

Date Posted:02/17/2018 09:01:06Copy HTML

Once in a while - if the weather permits - I will ride my racing bicycle just wearing a g-string. I would like to know what I look like from behind. I never had any reaction to doing so, even riding in areas with a very conservative population.Another time I was expecting a man to repair the oven. It was very nice weather and I was wearing a g-string. I decided not to cover up when he arrived, something I had planned to do on earlier occasions when I expected a parcel to be delivered, but I had always chickened out. This time I persevered. It was to some extent a disapointment the man didn't react at all, at least visibly so, but I enjoyed every minute of it, for some 2 hours.??
teeback269 #12

Re:Minimal swimwear, clothing, being worn in public where not expected

Date Posted:02/19/2018 08:58:06Copy HTML

 Every morning I ride my bike to the local pool wearing just a small swimming brief with 3mm sides and nothing else. Nobody has ever objected. Some women look and smile and I smile back, others give me a dirty look. Most men totally ignore me and that's fine. I meet the police almost every day and as long as I wear a helmet (compulsory in Australia) they don't care. I am very lucky to live in the tropics where the weather (320 days of sunshine a year) permits me to do this.
ohiothonger #13

Re:Minimal swimwear, clothing, being worn in public where not expected

Date Posted:06/01/2018 02:35:27Copy HTML

 I took a friend to a local hospital in a small town.  As you would expect, the hospital was small too.  Her doctor rotated between several locations, and this was the closest for us.  I dropped her off, knowing that she would be about an hour and a half before she was done.  I went out to the highway exit and picked up some breakfast, and then returned to the parking lot.  The lot was far from full, but I was driving a new car, and I always worry about it getting scratched up by some nincompoop,  There were quite a few opened spaces out at the edge of the parking area, adjacent to a nice looking neighborhood.  As I got out of the car, a stunning brown haired lady came jogging down the street.  She would have been a head turner no matter what she was wearing, but she had on short jogging pants and a cropped off T-shirt with open sides.  As she got closer, it was obvious that the loosely fitting top showed a lot more than most young women would feel comfortable wearing.  Under her shirt, she was bra less.  I didn't have anything better to do, so I watched her go down the street about a block then turn around to come back past me.  Everything was bouncing around under her top, which messed up my attention span even more.

Just when she was about to pass me again, she took a 90 degree turn and climbed up the steps to a nicely kept older house.  In my distractions, I had not noticed the large box on the sidewalk in front of the house.  She stopped and looked at if for a moment, then came back to the street and headed over to where I was standing.  I had a lot of trouble, of course, as she got closer.  I wished I had worn something more sexy than the cargo shorts I had on,  She came up and stood a few feet in front of me and introduced herself as Ashley.  She then ask if I could help her get the box up onto the porch.  We went back to the house where the box was and together we moved the surprisingly heavy box onto the porch.  As she helped with the box, she showed a lot more skin than I had expected, at times exposing her full breasts.  After getting the box up on the porch, I ask if she wanted more help to take it in, but she said her boyfriend could help when he got home.  She explained that it was only because the lawn mowing guy was coming that she had to get the box off the walk.

She did go in and get me a Coke, and we sat on the porch and talked some more.  I sort of steered the conversation to swimming, then to local state parks, and finally to my love of wearing thongs.  She grinned and admitted that she was into thongs too, and that she was working on getting her boyfriend to wear them too, since he had a nice body and she liked him to show it off as much as he could.  I ask her as casually as I could about her top, and if she had any negative reactions to running around town in so little.  She acted a bit surprised that I would ask about it and stated that it was just another shirt, and as far as she knew, that was all she had to wear when she went jogging.  She added that she never had anyone ask her about it before and that the cops were always very friendly whenever they drove by where she was running.  (I wonder why?)

It was getting to be about the time to go find my friend and take her back home.  She had some light anesthesia and might be a bit clumsy or uncomfortable and I would have to take her home and keep her company that day.  I excused myself and Ashley thanked me profusely for helping her and even gave me one of those little kiss on the left cheek then kiss on the right cheek that seem sort of odd and at the same time nicely friendly and European to an older guy like me.

There were some complications and the doctor was also delayed in starting the procedure, so she was done almost two hours late.  The whole time I thought about how much nicer it would have been to be sitting on the porch with Ashley than sitting in the waiting room at the hospital, TV set to some morning talk shows and people trying to read two year old magazines.  (Did you know that Trump might run for president?)  When it was time for my friend to come out, I offered to get the car, but the nurse said some people felt better if they get a little exercise and walk to their cars, so we headed back to the car, still parked in the extreme rear of the parking area.

As we approached the car, I glanced over at the house where Ashley lived.  The entire back yard was visible, and Ashley was out on a lounger, face down, wearing just a thong swimsuit bottom, and apparently topfree.  My friend noticed my interest and ask teasingly if I knew the lady getting sun since I seem to know people everywhere we go.  I replied "yes" and my friend rolled her eyes in disbelief.  As we got closer, Ashley took notice of me and jumped up off the lounger and ran over to the fence.  She said hi to me, and I said hi to her, being sure to use her name.  My friend couldn't believe that I knew this young woman, and further said something about her sunning in the nude in view of the parking lot.   Ashley corrected her, pointing out that she did have a thong on, but admitted that it was pretty small.  She also admitted that she was topfree (or topless as she said) but that she normally only sunned her back since she did lack some privacy and some people had complained about her lack of a top before, but never about her swimsuit bottom.  She ask if we could wait a minute, ran over to the lounger, picked up some cloth object and headed back to where we were standing.  When she got back, she shook the grass clippings off the cloth, and pulled on the same top she had worn earlier.  She then followed us to the car on her side of the fence and we set up a couple of sunning dates at a local park where we would try to get her boyfriend to wear his thong in public.  She said she thought the small town she lived in was a bit more opened to her sunning in her thong because it is a small college town and there are students everywhere and some of the other girls wore swimwear just as relieving, but only a few went topfree and very few of the guys wore anything skimpier than board shorts, but that her boyfriend had progressed to wearing Speedo racing type swimwear both sunning in town and at the beach, but that he only would wear thong swimsuits in the back yard.

If and when this cloudy/rainy weather from Hurricane Alberto eventually leaves the area, we will met up and I will try to give a follow up report on conditions at Lake Loramie State Park.  Grand Lake would be closer, but they are having a continued issue with their water quality.
Mary0826 #14

Re:Minimal swimwear, clothing, being worn in public where not expected

Date Posted:06/04/2018 03:33:39Copy HTML

 There is a lake between County Road 25 A and State Route 29 just north of Sidney Ohio.  The lake can be seen from the Southbound I-75 lane but not from the Northbound lane.  This lake was created in one of those places where they take dirt from the ground to make the highway overpasses and to be used as fill at the time the highway was built.  The lake seems to be somewhat triangular, with the I-75 highway on one side, a railroad on the second and a travel trailer park on the third.  This is one of those places where people with Winnebagos and other  recreational trailers.  Some of these vehicles appear to have been parked in the same place for years.  There are a number of dock-like structures extending from the trailer park into the lake.  They are not the same, and I assume may have been built by people who rent the spaces nearest the lake.

The last three times I have traveled I-75 South on nice days and I past this lake, there have been people wearing thongs at the water's edge, and one time on a dock.  Most appeared to be woman, but the time I saw people on the dock, there was two men and a woman.  One of the men had on a suspender type thong while the other had on a more traditional Speedo style thong.  The lady's thong that day was very high cut with the waist band practically at her navel.  In all three cases, the people seemed to be in the 18-25 age group.  Unfortunately, going past at 70 + mph trying to see between the trees and tall weeds, it was hard to get a better look but the time I saw people on the dock, I purposefully let an extremely slow truck pull in front of me.  This got me down to about 35 mph and gave me more time to assess the situation over at the lake.   Scott and I even tried to get into the trailer park on the surface roads, but some guy stopped us and told us to leave since we were not "members".

Perhaps it has something to do with "trailer trash" people, but it seems that both the local management and local law enforcement agencies must be at least be thong tolerant.  (They are probably legal in this part of Ohio, but not extremely popular, except at the state parks, where they are tolerated well..)  Or perhaps "the athorities" have never gotten any comments or complaints.  Would the thongers be liable if someone on the interstate had a wreck if they got distracted by a thonger, apparently on private property?  Probably not legally.  Should thongers take on a moral decision to not wear their thongs in places where they are not often seen, and where a distracted person could actually have serious injuries or even die if they or someone gets distracted and causes an accident?
JM_Runs #15

Re:Minimal swimwear, clothing, being worn in public where not expected

Date Posted:06/04/2018 03:58:10Copy HTML

Google earth:  Figure out the location from google earth, and then go street view to figure out the business name, trailer park name, etc. 
If there is a store inside the park say you are going there.  If there is one nextdoor, or a place to eat, they will probably know all about it.
If it is a trailer park there may be units for sale. Be prospective shoppers. 

Maxtlatl #16

Re:Minimal swimwear, clothing, being worn in public where not expected

Date Posted:06/04/2018 11:56:23Copy HTML

Camp Qtokee. Owned by The Fraternal Order of Eagles.
ithongit #17

Re:Minimal swimwear, clothing, being worn in public where not expected

Date Posted:06/04/2018 01:43:39Copy HTML

 The Eagles are in some ways a family/youth friendly group, and in others a closed society.  Some aspects of the group boarder on Masonic type initiations.  Women used to not be permitted to be true Eagle members, but they were permitted to be in the Auxiliary women's group.  When I was in elementary and high school, Nikki and I used to go to an Eagles park (not campground) to go swimming.  I don't remember any rules about swimwear then, but Nikki and I were not into thonging either.  There was an older guy who was there with his buddies and he wore a thong swimsuit, but the whole group got thrown out for drinking booze.  This was in the Golden Age of thonging so thongs may have been more acceptable then.  We could not get into the park without a member (on for each of us, or a single parent) going with us.   Of course, once we got in, our friend would sometimes disappear and we were on our own and nobody every checked IDs or anything after you got past the gate.  From what I understand, like many similar clubs, the Eagles do social work like running food banks, having activites for Eagle children (and sometimes other children too).  Some areas like food service are opened to the public from time to time as a money maker, but even today not all Eagle areas are opened to the general public, like you might find at some church run places.

I seriously doubt if permanent RV spots are sold to non-members, but they might open up unused spots for a short time.  I will have Mark call the group office to see if he can get any more information on if the park is opened to the public when he is in Sidney.  (He does work all over the areas, and drives past a few times a week it seems.  He says he know the park, but has never paid any attention to looking for thongers there, figuring it is like most private places in the area that do not want people thonging on their properties.  He also says like Mary, he goes by so fast that he might not be able to get a good look at what is going on there.  He does have one advantage.  He does work for most of the counties in the state in relationship to the road system, and he might be able to at least stop safely off the road to inspect something and then position himself someplace where he can get a better look.  He can always claim to be making a comparative study if someone asks, comparing this section of right-of-way to one in some other location.  He only gets ask a few times a year, and his credentials and contractor car keep even the police from asking any questions other than "we wanted to know if you were having  trouble" or "are they going to be doing construction work here soon?"

The Swan #18

Re:Minimal swimwear, clothing, being worn in public where not expected

Date Posted:06/07/2018 02:10:32Copy HTML

 I live part time in one of the worst neighborhoods in Cincinnati and work full time in a different worst neighborhood in Cincinnati.I have seen more butt cheeks this year than ever before in these neighborhoods. I have also seen two women in very skimpy bikins and one in a thongish type bottom wearing nothing but a sheer cover up in these neighborhoods. The skimpy bikini ladies were walking down the street, the thongish lady was at a hot dog stand in the Millvale area of Cincinnati.

Where I spend the rest of the week is in much nicer areas, Sharonville and Dayton, OH. I don't see anything like that in the nicer areas. Hmmm I'm not sure why. Although I did see a woman in a skimpy one piece with a see through cover up at a fancy grocery in Mason OH. One of the few times the since I've been dating my current girl friend, I heard the the band Primus singing "Dog will hunt." in my head. I took a pass but was definitely tempted.
Mary0826 #19

Re:Minimal swimwear, clothing, being worn in public where not expected

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 Mt Adams in Cincinnati used to be an isolated community of artists and young people.  The area was extremely liberal, not restored in any significant way, and affordable to almost anyone.  I have been told that this used to be one of the "in" places in Cincinnati.  From what I hear, the hippie types that lived there in the 70s and 80s let everyone do their own thing.  But the community changed from a pocket of liberal renters to one of the cities most desirable housing spots.  There are few rentals, and the area is a lot more conservative.  Does this explain why some areas are more tolerant of minimal clothing?  I understand that in the hippie days (during the golden age of thonging) that men and women used to cool off on summer days in the park lake and nobody cared.  Now, you see only a few people doing this, and none wear anything even slightly suggestive.

Same goes for Yellow Springs Ohio.  It was for years a liberal college town, with one of the most liberal colleges in the country.  At the same time, the Imperial Wizard of the KKK, John Birch, and other extreme thinkers lives here, even as others like Loretta Scott King, wife of Martin Luther King), Rod Sterling, David Lithgow, and many others were also living in the same community, mostly peacefully.  Thong swimwear is still permitted at the town pool, and again from what I hear, skinny dipping used to be tollerated in the Glen Helen nature preserve.  This town, that like Mt. Adams used to be quite liberal -- at least in terms of who could live there.  There were a large percentage of renters, like Mt. Adams. but then the college for all practical purposed shut down to reorganize into a much more conservative school.  Housing became more owner occupied, and less rentals, and while still a quite liberal town politically, the "let people do whatever they want" mentality has been lost.  Perhaps this spirit has been lost or is being lost everywhere in the country.  

I wish someone could figure out a formula way to analyse and area.to determine if it is likely to be tolerant or even friendly to thongs and other forms of minimal clothing.  I think the number of variable and other factors is so great that it would be too complex even for scientists to resolve in a decade.
ohiothonger #20

Re:Minimal swimwear, clothing, being worn in public where not expected

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 TRAILER TRASH or CHIC seem to be a big part of this discussion.  The hot  styles the models and celebrities, as well as some easily influenced well off people seem to be copied by the "Trailer Trash" crowd.  There is an area between them, but that area seems to be more conservative than either of the groups at the fringes.  

ithongit #21

Re:Minimal swimwear, clothing, being worn in public where not expected

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 This all happened within about 30 minutes:  Walmart in Xenia Ohio.  Young lady about 15 in an almost thong cheeky swimsuit bottom and T-shirt short enough for you to see her entire bottom.  (She was braless).  Two other girls about her age were with her and were dressed more normally and her brother about 12 or 13 was also with them.  The girls kept saying for her to go "all the way" eventually she pulled the back up into her buns and wore her bottom as a thong for about 5-10 minutes more.  Eventually she went to the restroom and put some running type shorts on as a cover up.  Her brother kept saying something like "I can't believe my sister is wearing a thong in Walmart."  He said this loud enough to cause people to look their way.  This apparently was some type of dare or initiation thing with the other girls.  

Same day and a few minutes later two college age women in minimal swimsuit bras and the tiniest cut-offs I have seen this year over at the Lowe's Garden Center next door.  These tops left probably 90% of the women's breasts exposed. They were getting first rate service from three (male) employees who went out of their way to move bags of dirt and stuff like that at the expense of other customers.  

Table of three high school aged guys and one girl at the Tudor's Biscuit World restaurant nearby.  All in open-side shirts.  Two of the guy's shirts were so opened that the showed nipples all the time.  The girl had a sport bra on.  No apparent issues in any of these places from management or other employees.  At Tudor's, which has a large base of older military types due to military and veteran discounts and discounts for senior citizens, one older man at the next table said "I wish they made girls like that when I was their age." apparently referring to the age of the teen boys.

My husband, Randy, wore an open-side shirt and very short cutoff jeans -- his favorite summer look when clothing is reuqired.  He got not a single comment either.

Now for what was normal:  Randy and I then took a walk over at the Narrows park, and every one of the 10 or so men we passed on the trail was wearing a open side shirt or was shirtless and had on shorts or something similar.  Most carried a beach towel and pair of board shorts.  (Illegal) swimming is quite common here, and the women stripped down to bikini's, sometimes with shorts for bottoms.   One lady took off her shorts and had on a true thong bottom with a non-matching top.  I think I encouraged her to take her top off too.  (I had a "G" under my cutoffs and only a t-shirt on.  I took the shorts and "T" off when we went swimming.. 

Randy shed his shorts and shirt at the car and wore just a red Speedo thong -- a bit risky since thongs are technically illegal in Greene County, and unlike many places we go, this is a county park/natural area.)  The guys swam shirtless, but wore their trail or boating shorts.  Some changed from street shorts to board shorts, leaving their boxer shorts on as cover-ups as they changed.  I see guys do this all the time.  Their boxers get soaked, then their street shorts get wet when they put them back on so why don't they either wear only board shorts or only street shorts?  Changing back and forth seems to be a little dumb. 

A couple on the river, both about 30 wore thongs swimwear.  There bottoms would not be noticeable unless someone was on a high bank above the water, but they did get out and swim and use a swing-rope where we were at, perhaps after seeing me and Randy also in thongs. 

Men boating by on the river dressed the same as those on shore.  They took their board shorts with them, got out on shore, changed, swam, changed again, and got back into the boats.  What would they do if the boat flipped on a rock or something?.  Girls on the river wore bikini tops but most had on shorts for bottoms.  On land thee women wore T-shirts and shorts.  
The Swan #22

Re:Minimal swimwear, clothing, being worn in public where not expected

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One of the neighborhoods I am in is in the starting up stages of an artists community. Although still rife with hookers, gang bangers and vein slappers. we are having a few folks move in per year that are on board with the vision of what's to come. So that might bear witness to what you indicating.

Also thong swimsuits took off during the disco days which were post hippy days.
shaved_thong_lover #23

Re:Minimal swimwear, clothing, being worn in public where not expected

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I wear minimal type tight "skimpy/revealing" clothing all the time in less expected places away from the beach, pool.  Always to the gym as well. Some examples in my profile. But generally they are short shorts, tight workout shorts, tight tops, capri tight leggings, full length leggings, and often "spray on" skinny jeans. 

I do get strange looks all the time, but about the same as the looks many girls get wearing short cheeky shorts to the same types of places.  Like the gym, grocery shopping,  the mall, getting gas, coffee, etc.  I work out hard and I like to show my tanned body, but I am not doing it only for this reason.  It is attractive to some people, whom I then get to meet and maybe spend time with. 

I often see girls all the time in skimpy clothes in places not traditionally associated with revealing outfits (like the mall etc). I think I have seen more cheek peeking out of shorts at the mall this year, than ever in the past. I just get more strange looks because I am a guy. 
mack_back #24

Re:Minimal swimwear, clothing, being worn in public where not expected

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Shaved thong lover: We do wear similar clothing as you described. My reason wearing them is the reactions I receive. Often is too much fun noticing people staring. While at the gym I do get angry reactions from the ladies. Later knowing they are jealous of the clothes I wear or my fit lean body. After noticing me for a period of time they tend to change there views from anger to respect that I have good taste in fashion. Often this leads to smiles and envy from the ladies. Some even getting astonished on the different styles I wear.

While the looks I get from woman often are sometimes different what they would give another female. I talked about this with woman that love my style and body. She tells me more woman rather not comment on someone’s else’s fashion style doesn’t matter there gender because they are envious. Woman are very competive what they wear wanting to be the one everyone stares liking the outfit. When a male like myself styles himself there is bitterness and upseting reaction. At least from those competing divas never wanting talk with guy like me only because he may look better then her. 
While wearing clothes or shoes that is not expected from a male, people can’t help themselves but observe. Best of all is wearing colours that are traditionally feminine often gets woman’s goat on that one lot of angst reaction as to say how dare he.. Yet some can’t help love the colour for themselves. 

Best complimentary, telling reaction  I could get is noticing some female wear exact same brand, colour, and style as I was seen wearing earlier. The reaction you get including myself shavedthonglover is surprise and conditioning never seeing a male wear what we do so boldly, often is something few modest woman could not wear out in public. Thus our unique reactions people give to us wearing what many females do without incident. 
Fun to listen in on people’s opinions, woman telling there man imagine you wearing that? Or jealous female commenting how I should be embarrassed not proud of the style. 

Mary0826 #25

Re:Minimal swimwear, clothing, being worn in public where not expected

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 We were at a Pizza restaurant that had seating but also carry out.  As we ate, two guys about 20 came in shirtless and just wearing tiny cut-offs and running shoes.  I mean these cut-offs were really short and really tight and the guys were really cute too, so all the ladies and young women couldn't help checking them out.  One ask if it was okay not to have shirts since they were just picking up a pizza.  The counter guy said sure.  This seemed odd to me both because the guys were permitted to be in the restaurant shirtless and because there were two guys there to pick up one order.  Anyway, one gave the name for the order, but found out that it had not even been started and would take 15-20 minutes.  They then decided to have a beer while they waited.  The counter guy got their beers without any thought to the fact they were shirtless.  In about 20 minutes their pizza was ready and they paid there bill and left.  The counter guy apologized for the pizza being late and told them to come back again.  After they left, our server, who was a woman said they made her day. 
MNluvthongs #26

Re:Minimal swimwear, clothing, being worn in public where not expected

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 Once saw a woman in summer in a library in a gauzey cover up in a bikini. Just a normal bikini but a strange sight in a library on the 2nd floor browsing books. The librarian was even more surprised and told the woman she would have to leave I suppose but she did not immediately leave. In the woman's defense it was hot out.
tobias5711 #27

Re:Minimal swimwear, clothing, being worn in public where not expected

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I pumped gas tonight in just a tiny black D/A bulge thong. The gas station is at the corner of two main highways close to the lake. There were many people pumping gas that saw me as well as those that were pulling in or out of the station. This was not the first time pumping gas in a thong. I have done it several times before. One on Tybee Island a block off the beach. Since thongs are legal there I didn't even think about putting on shorts to pump gas there. The other time I was the only one at pumps and it was on a side road. I thought I would be nervous tonight, but I wasn't. i needed gas and my pants and wallet were locked in the trunk. Since I had to get out of the car in just the thong to get my wallet, I said to myself, why wtf and went for it.
ohiothonger #28

Re:Minimal swimwear, clothing, being worn in public where not expected

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The story by tobias5711 reminds me of the many years my main beaches were at Rocky Fork and Paint Creek in Ohio.   These states parks were about 10 miles from each other.  Between the two was a small, two pump, gas station that also had the area's only grocery store.  In addition to the store was a deli sandwich counter and carry out restaurant with pizza, burgers, and Broasted Chicken, their specialty.  Many men did not bother with a shirt in the store and there were the occational female in a thong inside as well. One day I was over at Paint Creek, soaking up some sun in a red G-sting when a couple with strongly British accents who were also using the beach ask me for directions to the closest "Petro" station.  They were more conservatively dressed than I was, but made no comments on my bare back side.  I started to give them directions, but decided to just show them how to get there.  I reached for my shorts, but they said it wouldn't bother them if I just wore my swimsuit in the car. so figuring I would just be riding along, I left my ass bare and hopped into the back seat. On the short 5-minute drive, they said they had been to Ceaser's Creek and seen a dozen or more thongers, both men and women and a few topfree women too.  They said they assumed Paint Creek was so so liberal until they saw me exposing my buns and ask if the wife could go topless too.  It turned out they were more used to this type swimwear but had little experience wearing them in the USA. We got to the station, but then they realized that it was self-serve and the husband ask me for help since they didn't have self-serve gas where they were from.  I had already forgotten my swimwear and agreed to show them how to use the gas pump, but I quickly remembered when a girl in a thong who was filling the tanks on an inboard motor boat on the other side of the gas pumps called over and said "cute swimsuit".  We went back to the beach, and the couple changed into thongs and spent the rest of the day laying out next to me. The next time I went to the lake, I waited to fill up, knowing that thongs seemed to be okay at the gas station.  This station was on US 50, a semi-major road at a cross road with a stop light, and between people going to the store, those driving by, and those which had to stop for a red light, I estimate that at least 25 people would see me each time I stopped. After a few weeks of using the gas pumps, I got caught in a very heavy downpour from one of the late afternoon pop up storms Ohio is known for.  I made it to the car, somewhat soggy, and knew in a half-hour or less, the storm would pass.  I decided to get some carry out food at the gas station's attached restaurant and was about to wiggle into my shorts when the storm got even more violent.  I decided to just wear the thong I was wearing that day into the store instead. People working the lunch counter seemed indifferent to my swimwear, as did a few other customers who were waiting for the storm to let up some.  When I went to pay for my meal, the lady taking my money made some comment about it being smart to wear a swimsuit in the storm.  She didn't say thong, but instead swimsuit.  I said I sometimes wore similar swimwear when I got gas and didn't know if thongs were okay inside.  She said "of course it was" and that they got lots of women in thongs each day, but also said I was the first man she had seen wearing one.  She said something about "it was about time a man wore one here" and that "it is only fair for men to get to wear thongs if women can". After that encounter, I started making it a habit to not only get gas, but also to pick up something from inside the store too.  One day I was surprised when two men who had been sunning at the Rocky Fork South Beach followed me into wearing only thongs. A few years later, the management changed, and the lady who had been at the register the first time I wore my thong inside said something like "I am sorry, but the new owner wants me to ask all men who wear thongs inside the store to put some shorts on.  It's okay out at the gas pumps or our car wash, but not here inside the store".  She said the rule was "stupid" and that she always enjoyed it when a man came in showing his buns.

ithongit #29

Re:Minimal swimwear, clothing, being worn in public where not expected

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I got stuck in a motel near Cedar point. It was cold and being inside felt great. The pool area was a lot warmer, and there was a game room adjacent. Randy and I were in the pool, wandering back and forth between it, the hot tub, and the saunas. Things were slow, and as the evening progressed, we got more and more bold -- eventually with me going topfree and us both in thongs, Randy wearing a particularly thin translucent one. A boy and girlfriend, probably seniors in high school or freshman in college, came into the game room that was easily seen from most parts of the pool, and visa-versa. After about 15 minutes, the boy came into the pool area and ask if our swimwear was permitted. We said we were not sure, but had been staying there for two days, and nobody said a thing, even though they had a very conspicuous close circuit TV camera near the end of the pool, and several motel employees cut through the pool area or brought us towels and nobody seemed to care what we were wearing. The guy went back (after making a big fuss about how much he liked seeing my "tits" and started playing pool with the girl. After a while, it was obvious that they were playing "strip" pool Every time one person won, a piece of clothing wound up on a nearby table. We watched as both won a few games, but the girl was obviously a better player. Soon, the guy was down to his boxers, but the girl still was reasonably well covered. the guy then won two games in a row, and the girl slipped off her shorts (which she had a thong under) and then her top (which she was topfree under). They now appeared to be on the edge of one or the other loosing the rest of their cloths. The girl won again, and the guy slipped off his boxers but had a thong swimsuit under it. This in a way surprised me, but then again, in a resort area (even in the middle of winter) a guy in a thong while unusual was occasionally seen. Both now in thongs, and this was obviously the last game they could play without one or the other being totally nude. The girl lost, but apparently chickened out, and a heated discussion occurred, and the guy in an apparent attempt to get his girlfriend to strip, took off his thong, but she never went any further. A minute or two later, they started laughing, and quickly put their cloths on, and left the pool area. The night desk manager came down a few minutes later and said he had a report that there was a nude guy in the game room, and that he assumed it was not Randy since while they observed us in our thongs, they didn't have any trouble with us. Randy ask if our thongs would be okay in the game room, and if it was okay that I was topfree, and the manager guy said he couldn't find any fault with our outfits since "after all, you are wearing swimsuits" and that "half the girls in Sports Illustrated" don't bother with tops." Randy then ask if the same rules applied in the pool area, and they guy said we could dress like this anywhere in the motel, except the front desk area or bar or other place that had liquor or food. We had to leave the next day, but spent as much time running around the motel in just our thong bottoms. We even saw the teen couple going to the vending machine and ice machine area later in just their thongs. I guess I might expect minimal swimwear and topfree women in a outdoor swimming pool or on the nearby beach, but not in a motel in the middle of winter in areas where swimwear is not normally worn.
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Re:Minimal swimwear, clothing, being worn in public where not expected

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One day at a beach where thongs were legal but very rare, I had had a good day in my thong, with no complaints or problems. My car was about a mile away, down several city streets (the only free parking around). Since it was still hot out, I simply put my regular bikini-type suit (aka "speedo") on over my thong and walked back to my car with no other coverup. I was surprised that this generated more attention than my thong had all day. No problems, just lots of comments from passerbys.
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