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Date Posted:07/27/2018 01:00:25Copy HTML

It seems that, since the migration, LOTS of topics are no longer here, for instance, the "Beaches of Chicago" one, and several for thong companies as well.

I didn't expect much from the new Aimoo, but this is really disapointing.

FitCouple #1

Re:Missing Topics

Date Posted:07/28/2018 06:16:42Copy HTML

A number of Ohio topics are gone as well. Can’t find the topic that included East Fork Lake. I also can’t find a search feature for some reason...
Bulgewear #2

Re:Missing Topics

Date Posted:07/29/2018 06:52:36Copy HTML

Is this now the time to move to a new board or do we wait it out a bit?
koenig3456 #3

Re:Missing Topics

Date Posted:07/29/2018 09:03:28Copy HTML

JM - I've uploaded a tab-delimited file that lists thousands of topics that I can't find on the new message board to http://www.filedropper.com/missingtopics Bill
BaltoBob #4

Re:Missing Topics

Date Posted:07/29/2018 09:55:22Copy HTML

Unless you are willing to donate a LOT of $$. I"d give the upgrade at least a week. I know it sucks right now but, give it some time.
JM_Runs #5

Re:Missing Topics

Date Posted:07/29/2018 10:45:28Copy HTML

Koeng3456 - Figured out what they have wrong in their algorithms. Have changed some of our board control settings to compensate. 18:45 EST. Can you update the list now that I have changed some settings? I think a lot more will now show.
hunnger #6

Re:Missing Topics

Date Posted:07/30/2018 04:50:18Copy HTML

This so-called Aimoo update is very disappointing. The site still looks like a mid-90s forum and lacks the features provided by modern forum software. JM_Runs, is there a backup of the posts available? If so, I'd recommend migrating to Discourse (https://www.discourse.org/). The software is free and the hosting cost is maybe ~$20/mo for a VM. It's likely that many site visitors are scared off by the look of the site, worrying about security, privacy and just the overall dated appearance, making an already sensitive topic (to some) seem untrustworthy.
killamozilla #7

Re:Missing Topics

Date Posted:07/30/2018 07:16:03Copy HTML

@hunnger would a site like Discourse give JM the ability to shadow-ban people the way twitter and facebook do? He'd love that.
koenig3456 #8

Re:Missing Topics

Date Posted:07/30/2018 12:53:46Copy HTML

JM - The updated list of missing topics is http://www.filedropper.com/missingtopics2 Bill
hunnger #9

Re:Missing Topics

Date Posted:07/30/2018 02:18:14Copy HTML

@killamozilla, Discourse has a recently developed Shadow-Ban plugin available. However, that may not be necessary, since Discourse uses a "Trust" system where users earn priveledges based on their behavior.

chad_nw_oh #10

Re:Missing Topics

Date Posted:07/30/2018 09:53:05Copy HTML

phpbb is another option to consider. It's highly customizable and unlike aimoo, its stable. it's also free/open source (no ads unless you want to run your own). The only costs associated with it would be for a hosting account and likely a domain registration. (thongboard.com is taken but doesnt appear to be active). I am familiar with it and willing to help with setup. It's a very popular bulletin board so I'm sure theres someone else on here who's worked with it too.
killamozilla #11

Re:Missing Topics

Date Posted:08/02/2018 01:21:15Copy HTML

Does the old board still exist or just this new one? I could probably write a to scrape all the data off of it and send it to JM runs.
killamozilla #12

Re:Missing Topics

Date Posted:08/02/2018 01:25:27Copy HTML

* write a * Weird: that got cut from the last post.
killamozilla #13

Re:Missing Topics

Date Posted:08/02/2018 01:47:27Copy HTML

the word: $cript is verboten apparently. Replace the dollar sign with an S.
killamozilla #14

Re:Missing Topics

Date Posted:08/02/2018 01:51:49Copy HTML

Oh cool, I found this tutorial: https://medium.freecodecamp.org/how-to-scrape-websites-with-python-and-beautifulsoup-5946935d93fe I could probably scrape the whole website and re-upload it to another one in a weekend or two. Everybody would have to make new accounts, but at least all the reports, reviews and so on would exist for posterity.
JM_Runs #15

Re:Missing Topics

Date Posted:08/02/2018 04:43:05Copy HTML

Bill has a scrape of the old site prior to the Aimoo "Upgrade". For now just in a holding pattern to see how things stabilize. Complete fuckup by Aimoo, as usual, but functions slowly getting back to normal.
JM_Runs #16

Re:Missing Topics

Date Posted:08/03/2018 01:39:24Copy HTML

Looks like all our topics and data is back. Search is working too, so you have a chance of finding the right thread. Now we just need them to fix the order of threads in a category, so they are sorted by the date of the last reply instead of thread creation date. I have a punch list of items they need to address just to get us back to the original functionality. Posting the list to their help forum in small bites, so they don't get overwhelmed. As my brother says "Couldn't organize a piss-up in a brewery."
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