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Date Posted:05/20/2017 08:49:33Copy HTML

I was swimming laps at the gym this afternoon. After my workout, I went over to the hot tub to relax. It's between the smaller pool and family changing rooms.

There were three families playing in the pool. As I was relaxing, a mom and dad came in with their son and baby. The mom and son went into one of the changing rooms while the dad sat down on a bench next to the pool with the baby.

I was leaning back enjoying the water, when the door to the changing room opened and the mom stuck her head out. She called to the dad asking if the son's suit was in the other bag. He looked, but didn't seem to be able to find it. He brought the bag over to the door.

At this point, the baby started crying on the bench in it's carrier. The mom opened the door and walked over to pick it up. This would have been normal if not for the fact that she was completely nude. A couple of the other parents looked over, but didn't seem concerned. The dad went into the changing room while the mom comforted the baby.

A minute later, the dad came out with the kid dressed in his suit. She handed him the baby and went into the changing room.

The mom came out wearing a bikini. As she walked toward the steps into the pool, I got a view of the thong back. It seemed almost modest considering the prior events.

It was great seeing her so comfortable with her body. That's the sort of thing that helps give me confidence.
rock_pile #1

Re:Mom's No Prude

Date Posted:05/20/2017 12:54:05Copy HTML

 Wonderful family!  The probably stay nude at home.  The family probably only dons their swimwear in public.
Mary0826 #2

Re:Mom's No Prude

Date Posted:05/21/2017 11:32:49Copy HTML

 I once had a mother in a family of oriental persuasion ask in broken English if "sun bathing was permitted".  It seemed an odd question as I laid out, topfree and in a thong as Brad laid out next to me in an even skimpier suit.  I said it was okay, and the group started setting up nearby.  I wasn't paying too much attention when Brad told me to look at them.  Mom and dad were totally nude and they were helping the kids to strip naked too.  Apparently, they were used to being nude in front of each other, and the mom had intended to ask if "nude sun bathing was permitted".  Nobody seemed to mind, even though there were about 20-30 other people on the beach.  Not to surprisingly, some of the other small kids -- the ones who were still innocent -- ask their parents if they could take their swimsuits off too.  Several parents said okay, although no other adult did and only a single teenager -- a boy -- slipped his swimsuit off too.

People are usually accepting of some nudity in an emergency situation too.  I once watched as a man was changing under a blanket or towel or something when a small child got too far out in the water.  Nobody complained when he took off after the kid with just a concerned look on his face and nothing on any other part of his body. 

I have also noticed that when people loose their swimsuits -- or maybe they are actually "loosing" them -- that people are quite opened to them being half or fully naked as long as they seem to be trying to resolve the problem -- like walking to their towel or heading to the car. 

I have seem girls about high-school age sneak into change houses and steal their boyfriends cloths, and people don't mind the now naked guys running around the beach (literally) trying to get their cloths back.  It's probably some sort of dare the girls have, but if a man were to do this to a woman, I am sure other beach goers would assist in tackling the man who stole the swimwear.

What this tells me is that many if not most people do not mind nudity when there is a good reason for it.  They see naked people at the movies and just keep eating their popcorn and cokes as if it was the most natural thing in the world. 

ITHONGIT had a thread a while ago where she said her husband would go thonging even at beaches where thongs were not normally accepted by other beach users, and they stop protesting when they find out he is a male model for art classes and also performs strip shows for women.  Again, with a good reason, people will accept things they normally might object to.  It is I guess part of human nature.
Nuwalket #3

Re:Mom's No Prude

Date Posted:05/22/2017 01:54:57Copy HTML

 Honestly it only takes one to complain but I often question how many, if any, would actually go to the effort to report nude sunbathing? Overall I think people are more tolerant of not only thongs but nudity but just don't or won't participate. And you're right Mary, most people don't mind nudity, it's just those few vocal "I don't want to see that!' or "What about the children?" types that ruin it.

NWGirl #4

Re:Mom's No Prude

Date Posted:06/12/2017 10:05:44Copy HTML

I've continued to swim laps pretty regularly. I hadn't seen much else of note until this last Friday.

I didn't have anything going on, so I went to the gym after work. It was mostly empty. I changed into a thong and bikini and headed to the pool. As I was walking to the pool deck showers to rinse off, I was greeted by the sight of a kid's naked butt just before he jumped into the family pool. There was one family using the pool and no one else.

I looked around, but didn't see a lifeguard. As I showered, the aquatics director came out of her office. She went over and sat down in the lifeguard chair. I said hello as I passed and mentioned this kid. She said that she knew. Since the place had been dead all day, she figured it was okay. If it bothered me, she'd ask them to cover up. I said it was fine and went to the other pool to swim.

When I was done with my workout, I walked up the steps out of the pool and went to get a drink at the water fountain. The mom, who was wearing a conservative one piece was following one of the naked kids on the deck to where they keep the pool toys. The other kid got out of the pool and headed toward the hot tub ahead of me. As the dad walked up the steps to follow, his equally nude form was revealed.

I walked behind them to the hot tub. Given the atmosphere and the fact that I've been going nude more lately, I decided to join the fun. I tossed my bikini and thong on one of the benches and got into the tub.

It was really cool. We all acted like nothing was out of the ordinary. All in all an awesome way to end the week.
Beached_Santa_Cruz #5

Re:Mom's No Prude

Date Posted:06/12/2017 01:58:54Copy HTML

 With these stories from NWGirl, Mary, and Ithongit I'm floored that people at other gyms in states other than CA are allowed to do this and me being what is considered a liberal state, CA, I can't even wear a Brazilian back suit.  CA isn't as progressive and liberal as most people think.
tobias5711 #6

Re:Mom's No Prude

Date Posted:06/13/2017 12:59:28Copy HTML

 I find if you are relaxed, don't appear nervous and very friendly you can meet and enjoy talks with others while you are almost totally naked. I also have noticed once you talk to someone who was trying to take pictures or gawking they almost never take a picture of you without asking. You become like a friend and they don't want to offend you.
jackk #7

Re:Mom's No Prude

Date Posted:06/14/2017 01:50:46Copy HTML

Sounds awesome, NWGirl! It's always nice to hear about how the Seattle area's acceptance for social nudity continues to grow. It sometimes feels like summer events here are just an excuse for people to get naked and have fun.

Over the past few years the nude/minimal swimwear scene has really expanded. It wasn't long ago that I could only point to a couple of places where thongs or nudity was considered normal. These days I feel comfortable in a thong just about anywhere and many places are accepting of nudity. The papers are even printing stories about where to get naked: http://www.seattlepi.com/lifestyle/article/Nude-parks-of-the-Seattle-area-11200531.php.

thong_jock #8

Re:Mom's No Prude

Date Posted:06/14/2017 02:18:58Copy HTML

 I enjoy thonging at denny blaine, howell and the arboretum on the lake and like to make the trek out to point wells near Edmonds on the sound. Always interested in exploring more spots to lay out in micro swimwear where people dont make a big deal about it. 
NWGirl #9

Re:Mom's No Prude

Date Posted:06/26/2017 09:32:53Copy HTML

I hit the gym last Friday to swim laps. The place was dead. There were maybe 3 other cars in the lot.

The aquatics director was sitting in the lifeguard chair reading when I went into the pool. As expected, it was empty. We made small talk for a minute. I think she noticed I was a lingering, so she asked I needed anything.

I don't know why I was nervous, since I'd done it once before, but I asked if it'd be okay for me to swim nude since no one else was there. She just laughed a little and said sure.

It felt awesome walking out of the locker room nude. She just smiled at me as I walked past to get into the pool. I swam for about half an hour. No one else came in during that time.

I thanked her when I got out. She just shrugged and said she has two daughters and a son and has seen everything. I was enjoying being nude, so we talked for a few minutes.

I asked if it would be okay to do this again in the future. She said probably during the rest of the week when the regular lifeguards are working, but she's fine with it when she's there on her own Fridays. She added as long as no one complains.

I headed into the locker room to (reluctantly) get dressed. Looking forward to next week.
spandexluva #10

Re:Mom's No Prude

Date Posted:06/26/2017 08:53:17Copy HTML

 NWGirl's stories give me hope that one day I will be able to swim laps in a thong! On the few occasions I've had the opportunity I've chickened out and opted for a conservative speedo.

I've been observing signs of people becoming less prudish, especially in Seattle. I was out for a walk at lincoln park the other day along the waterfront when a group of girls passed me coming from colman pool. Since it was a nice day they only covered up by throwing on a shirt, one in the group was in a very cheeky bikini bottom. Since it was a nice day there were loads of families and groups BBQing and otherwise enjoying the park. I didn't see a single person turn and gawk at the girls as they passed, it almost seems that minimal swimwear may be becoming the norm rather than the exception...at least for females...
Grabeach #11

Re:Mom's No Prude

Date Posted:06/27/2017 09:26:47Copy HTML

To my mind the most significant part of NWGirl's last post is the, "She added as long as no one complains". I've come across 100s of lifeguards and pool managers, and can't remember any one of them personally having a problem with what one wears as long as it won't affect the pool filters or restrict the swimmer. The only time they are obliged to take any interest at all in the brevity of swimwear is when someone complains.
NWGirl #12

Re:Mom's No Prude

Date Posted:07/21/2017 03:06:25Copy HTML

I've gone to my gym to swim laps every Friday since my last post. It's become the perfect ending to my work week.

The first week after my nude swim, I found the pool empty again. Although she'd given me the okay the previous week, I asked the aquatics director if it would be okay swim nude just to be sure. She seemed slightly amused at my nervousness, and told me to go right ahead. I swam laps by myself for about half an hour and relaxed in the hot tub before heading home.

The next week I headed straight for the locker room and got naked. It felt awesome walking across the pool deck and swimming au naturel. Once again I had the place to myself. One of the guys that works at the front desk came to the pool to pick up dirty towels just as I was making my way from the pool to the hot tub. He did a very obvious double take and took much longer than necessary picking up the towels.

He stopped by the lifeguard chair to talk to the aquatics director. I enjoyed the hot tub, but eventually was ready to go rinse off. I had to walk past the lifeguard chair to get to the locker room. I walked across the pool deck toward them. As I got close, the aquatics director asked if I'd had a nice swim. I said that I had as the front desk guy tried not to stare.

We chatted for a couple of minutes. I was kind of enjoying the attention. The front desk guy said his shift was ending and had to run the towels upstairs. The aquatics director asked if I was heading home. I said I'd probably do one more round in the hot tub first. He left while I went into the locker room to take a cool shower.

I went back out to the hot tub. The front desk guy came back in and went into the locker room. He came out with a towel around his waist and walked over to the hot tub and asked if I'd mind if he joined. I told him I didn't. He quickly got into the tub, slipping off his towel at the same time minimizing the length of his exposure. He was naked too, not that I minded. We chatted for a while until the aquatics director came over to say that she was going to close the pool in ten minutes. On her way back, she grabbed his towel and tossed it into one of the bins.

The front desk guy tried to hide his embarrassment as we walked back to the locker rooms nude. He'd gotten a little aroused, which wasn't a surprise. We said our good nights and went to shower and change.

The third week (last week), the pool was once again empty when I arrived. I said hello to the aquatics director on my way to the locker room. I undressed and went to the large pool to swim laps. While I was swimming, I heard people come into the pool. I paused after a set, and saw a family by the smaller pool, mom, dad, and two kids. I went back to swimming laps, wondering if they'd notice me.

I finished my workout and leaned against the wall of the pool wondering what to do. There weren't many options, so I decided to casually walk over to the hot tub. Dad was in the pool with the kids. Of course, mom had decided to sit on the bench right next to the hot tub and I had to walk right toward her as I turned on the jets and walked down the steps into the tub.

She raised an eyebrow. I said hello as I settled down on a bench. She smiled a little embarrassed and said hello back. A few minutes later, her husband and kids got out of the pool and joined me in the hot tub. The timer for the jets eventually shut them off, leaving me exposed. I asked if they'd mind me turning them back on, to which they said no. I could feel all eyes on me as I walked the short distance to the button.

"How come you're naked?" asks one of the kids as I got back into the pool. The dad hushed her a little and apologized. I said it was no problem and hoped they didn't mind my nakedness, adding that I usually had the place to myself and the aquatics director gave me the okay. The mom joked that she was sure her husband didn't mind. She saw me smile nervously and said not to worry about it adding that their kids see them naked all the time at home so it's nothing new.

I enjoyed the tub for a little longer then said good night as I headed to the locker room to shower and get dressed.
John Howard #13

Re:Mom's No Prude

Date Posted:07/22/2017 03:04:48Copy HTML

 Your story sounds so interesting,  where about in the United States do you live?    
Here in Australia I always think of the USA as a relative more conservative society than ours;  what I see in the movies for example a comedy comes to my mind now, Meet the Fockers , I remember the big issue the protagonist had to go through just for the fact that he had to wear a pair of conservative speedos at the swimming pool with the in-laws and their friends.
On the other hand, Aussie movies very commonly show men and women wearing skimpy suits.
I couldn't imagine a situation here in Australia where a male or female could swim naked in a public swimming pool.  Maybe it can happen, but I have never seen it or heard about it.   Personally I wouldn't mind it at all,  actually I think it would be so cool!
Obviously stereotypes sometimes are misleading.
JM_Runs #14

Re:Mom's No Prude

Date Posted:07/23/2017 08:03:06Copy HTML

Moderator Note, I deleted a post.
Just because you don't believe something would happen to you, or in your town, does not mean it did not happen to others somewhere else. 

gw32 #15

Re:Mom's No Prude

Date Posted:07/23/2017 10:40:24Copy HTML

 NWGirl, this sounds like awesome. How can we get every gym to be like this? Is this a YMCA or a more private gym? Is your town particularly relaxed (of course I don't know where you live)?
Vega1210 #16

Re:Mom's No Prude

Date Posted:02/09/2019 01:24:34Copy HTML

old post but would love to know where this is.  sure wish i could find a place like that where i live

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