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<BIG>The Thong Wearers Message Board </BIG> is the place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.
The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Date Posted:07/03/2007 03:11:09

Does anyone know of a place in the greater Montreal area or southern Quebec.  I live in Burlington VT and am looking for a thong freindly beach
nhn100 #1

Re:Montreal area

Date Posted:07/03/2007 09:55:13

There is Oka Beach, about 45 miles west of Montreal.  Yahoo maps show it about 130 miles from Burlington and two and 1/2 hours driving time.  The north end is a clothing optional beach, but either the textile end or c/o end would be fine with thongs.  The travel route does get fairly close to Montreal, so you could hit some heavy traffic at certain times of the day.  It does seem quite a jaunt with over five hours of travel for a day trip.  Run the URL below for a list of c/o  beaches in Quebec, where thongs would surely be welcome.  In case you missed it, the Canadian dollar is getting close to even with the US dollar, so you won't be getting any financial bargains.


Popeye1 #2

Re:Montreal area

Date Posted:07/07/2007 11:15:36

You can wear a thong at any beach in the montreal area and incidentally thongs are acceptable at any beach in the Burlington area also. Olive and I have worn thongs at almost every beach on Northern Lake Champlain, both in Vermont and in New York state. you might get afew giggles and a lot of stares, but you're going to get those at almost any beach. somebody has to be the first one. Peace Popeye
Speedster78 #3

Re:Montreal area

Date Posted:08/09/2011 10:32:23

 Does anyone have any good suggestions as to where I could thong in, or near, DT Montreal - outdoor pools, beaches, etc? I'll be in town for the labour day long weekend.
JM_Runs #4

Re:Montreal area

Date Posted:08/10/2011 11:24:54

 Not sure if there are any outdoor pools and beaches in DT Montreal where you can wear a thong. However, I know that you can wear a thong at the local bath houses and saunas. I've worn my thongs at these places before.
Popeye1 #5

Re:Montreal area

Date Posted:08/11/2011 10:34:17

 I'd be very surprised if you couldn't wear a thong at any beach or pool in the montreal area. The people of Montreal have a very continental attitude towards the human body. Peace Popeye
JM_Runs #6

Re:Montreal area

Date Posted:08/11/2011 04:23:47

 I know what you mean, Popeye1. Montreal is a cultural place where fashion is valued and where diversity is much appreciated. People are very open minded when it comes to fashion and culture. I'm sure you'd have no problem wearing a thong in Montreal. 
Speedster78 #7

Re:Montreal area

Date Posted:08/17/2011 03:30:52

 Hi Popeye and Bootyful, thanks for the advice. Been to MTL many, many times and while I know its more liberal, I've never seen thongs on parks or pools DT. Hoping there is an easy place to go and not make a scene. The sauna may be an option - thanks Bootyful - do you go anywhere else?
Popeye1 #8

Re:Montreal area

Date Posted:08/18/2011 07:28:57

 There's very few places these days where you'll see men in thongs regularly, The best to hope for is someplace that's non-judgemental. That being said, the Canadians that come to Lake champlain certainly wear thongs while boating, I would guess somebody is wearing them up there also. Peace Popeye
DoreFan #9

Re:Montreal area

Date Posted:09/10/2011 06:23:38

I was recently in Montreal but didn't get to any outdoor beaches to thong as the weather wasn't very good. I did manage to swim in my hotel's swimming pool every day tho. Gotta love Canada as no one ever gives you any crap for swimming in a thong.
JM_Runs #10

Re:Montreal area

Date Posted:09/11/2011 06:17:31

Dorefan, can you please tell me which hotel in Montreal you went and wore a thong? 
DoreFan #11

Re:Montreal area

Date Posted:09/11/2011 04:46:19

I stayed at the Maritime on Guy street. No problems there, but I'm sure it'd be no problem at any hotel. They had a great salt water pool and an outdoor deck. It was too cold to use the deck but I did go out there to look at the traffic on Guy (in my thong of course).
JM_Runs #12

Re:Montreal area

Date Posted:06/27/2013 10:13:14

 I know that saunas and bathhouses in Montreal are thong-friendly. I'm just looking for a nice beach in the island. I heard of Oka Beach, but it is kinda far for someone who doesn't have a car.
ithongit #13

Re:Montreal area

Date Posted:06/30/2013 08:10:15

 Randy and I have thonged at the Queen Elizabeth, the big downtown Hilton and other up-scale hotels in downtown Montreal without any issues.  But as I have stated elsewhere -- big expensive hotels everywhere seem more thong tolerant -- perhaps due to more foreign travelers.  Likewise we have traveled across Canada and been to every province, and have stayed at some of the smallest mom-and-pop motels imaginable.  Some had home-owner style above ground pools and some didn't even have swimming pools but only lake or river access for swimming or only a hot tub.  With only one exception (Ainsworth Hot Springs in British Columbia) we have found thongs to be accepted everywhere we have stayed.  Sometimes we have had the "if someone complains, we will ask you to cover up" comment from management, but nobody has ever complained.  As far a public and private pools and hot spring resorts -- there are a few who have a "no thong" policy, but motels and hotels generally don't seem to care -- one way or the other.  Water parks often have a "no thong" policy in Canada -- and this rule is usually right on their website in the rules section.

poonster #14

Re:Montreal area

Date Posted:07/02/2013 06:21:49

 I have thonged at both the Sheraton and Westin hotels downtown without too many issues. Although there tends to be a lot of kids around so I try not to flaunt it too much.
spark2100 #15

Re:Montreal area

Date Posted:03/19/2016 01:41:31

 We are heading to Montreal in June, Any updated info on Wearing thongs in downtown hotel pools and the the clock tower urban beach?
Popeye1 #16

Re:Montreal area

Date Posted:03/26/2016 09:52:54

Olive and I have worn thongs at many beaches in both Quebec and Ontario and never had an issue. Last summer we were in Magog wearing thongs at the beach in town. there were a couple of other women wearing thongs that day also.
kiyoothong #17

Re:Montreal area

Date Posted:06/30/2018 03:40:10

 Was at Plage Jean Dore, and I couldn't lay out in a thong. This beach was too family friendly, and I didn't see anyone in a thong swimsuit.
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