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Date Posted:09/04/2013 05:09:00Copy HTML

What are peoples opinions and experiences about going back to the same location on several consecutive days?  Is it better to move around to a new spot each day or to stay at the same place?  This may not matter if you are somewhere where thongs are prevalent and well accepted, but, lets face it, many of us don't always have that option, so we end up thonging where its a bit edgy, and the acceptance level is less than we would prefer.
DavyJ #1

Re:Multiple days at same location. Good or bad idea?

Date Posted:09/04/2013 05:42:58Copy HTML

Well, I hadn't given this much thought until my last vacation.  I had worn my thong at the beach all week and had no problems or complaints, nor had I overheard any negative comments.  Indeed, I saw the same people several times, and it seemed that everybody had more or less accepted my choice of swimwear.  

Saturday the beach was much more crowded.  Even so, all went well, even when walking the beach.  Several times, when passing large groups, I had my picture taken, but no problems or negative comments.  However Sunday, when passing a large group, a man came up and complained vigorously; all the standard stuff about being "inappropriate" and "there are kids here", etc. etc.  I pretty much brushed him off and kept walking.  He then threatened to call the police.  I continued another mile or so, and then saw a fully dressed policeman just coming onto the beach.  

He came right over and wanted to talk.  He was extremely nice, even asking my permission to talk.  He explained he had gotten "several" complaints about my attire, which he immediately assured me was perfectly ok, and there was nothing he could do.  I noted that I had been approached by one man, who had gotten quite nasty.  He then said he had gotten six calls all within 10 or 15 minutes.  I explained to him that I had been here for a week and asked him if he had gotten any complaints previously, especially on Saturday, and he said no.  But he did note that several of the complainers had said they had seen me Saturday as well, but they weren't inclined to complain if it was just one time, but when I reappeared Sunday, that was "too much" and they complained. 

This surprised me considerably, and suggests that no one would have complained had I been in a different area Sunday.  Previously I have always figured it makes sense to go back to the same area on day 2 if there are no problems on day 1, but this incident suggests otherwise.  It also made me recall a previous incident where I was at the beach 3 days in the same spot, and had no problems the first 2, but on day 3 the lifeguard came over right at 10:00 AM and said there had been complaints.  

Anybody else have experiences to support or contradict this?
Grabeach #2

Re:Multiple days at same location. Good or bad idea?

Date Posted:09/04/2013 09:40:44Copy HTML

My experience at public olympic pools is that there is probably a complaint at the first visit, but it takes the authority some time to figure what to do. By the second visit, they have decided.
One could hence avoid all confrontation by never going to the same pool or beach twice, but in my case I would soon run out of pools! Better to just go where you were going to go, and only change when and if someone in authority actually asks you, usually politely, to leave or cover up. Even at public pools, which probably would be considered "edgy" if only because virtually no one else thongs there, at only three out of ten was my g-string an issue. A 'never go twice' method would have had me miss out on dozens of visits to the other seven pools.
thongerinME #3

Re:Multiple days at same location. Good or bad idea?

Date Posted:09/04/2013 10:20:35Copy HTML

 I believe that if you have a good spot then maintain. If the spot becomes known as the the spot to wear a thong then acceptance will grow and others may join you. I believe that people will begin to accept that this is a choice that is made. They too have a choice. We don't have to like others choices in regards to swimwear, we simply need to promote RESPECT of each others choices.
stanpuppy #4

Re:Multiple days at same location. Good or bad idea?

Date Posted:09/04/2013 11:01:22Copy HTML

Since we are usually on vacation when we thong, we typically stay in the same spot for multiple days.   The other major time we wear them is on Gunnison beach in which case it is pretty much a moot point
beachlion #5

Re:Multiple days at same location. Good or bad idea?

Date Posted:09/04/2013 11:16:25Copy HTML

 I'm originally from Holland and there is no way a complaint about a normal thong or string will be accepted by the authorities at any European beach. During the season I went to two different spots at the beach. After some time you knew the regulars and they recognized you. As a result my swim gear went smaller over time. And some regulars changed to speedo-style suits and sometimes thongs.I think that people are upset by small suits but discuss it with friends (face book, e-mail) when they are home. So the next day they have formed "their" opinion and act accordingly.People who are neutral at first may open to the idea of thongs when they see the wearer is a normal guy.
sailor250 #6

Re:Multiple days at same location. Good or bad idea?

Date Posted:09/05/2013 02:04:40Copy HTML

Well if the complainers didn't like what they saw the first day- why did they come back to the same place the second day?.

Technology Today!!! any moron with a cell phone and 911 thinks they're a lawyer, judge and jury!  get several together and they think they're the national guard!!

After the sixth call the police dispatcher should have told them to stop the harassment tell everyone there to put away their phones - we'll send a car out and find you!!!
The Swan #7

Re:Multiple days at same location. Good or bad idea?

Date Posted:09/05/2013 03:12:28Copy HTML

If I am going to a new beach I might try several different locations until I get the proper vibe for relaxation. I pretty much set up in the same place when I go to my regular haunts.
SlidingG #8

Re:Multiple days at same location. Good or bad idea?

Date Posted:09/05/2013 03:26:18Copy HTML

We were staying in Naples, FL, for two months last winter, 3 blocks from the beach.  I was stringing in the same spot day after day, and soon became a regular.  Beach walkers stared, but those around me quickly became accustomed, and either ignored me or became friendly.

This year, as a new property owner, I've got a new spot a few blocks away, at the end of our street.  Tried it out mid-summer -- no hassles -- and plan to hang out there daily this winter, for months on end.  Looking forward to meeting locals and visitors alike, spreading the message that thongers and stringers are 'normal guys' just like them.

Once last winter, a woman a block up the beach called the cops.  We talked politely, he said nothing in the regs prohibited my stringing, it was up to me to decide what to do.  I stayed.

Another time, the lady in the mansion just back of where I was stringing hailed me and said her grandchildren were talking about the 'naked man' on the beach.  She politely asked if I'd move, and I graciously agreed.  Having seen me out swimming, she complimented me on what a fine athlete I was.  Probably just buttering me up, but I accepted it, with pleasure.  I'd be happy to meet her in a social setting, a very pleasant and classy lady, one of my new neighbors.       
bbyrne78 #9

Re:Multiple days at same location. Good or bad idea?

Date Posted:09/05/2013 07:38:36Copy HTML

At the places where I holiday, it has always been multiple days at the same spot.  When I was at the Maldives, I had a pretty flattering response from the couple who were staying a few villas away, when the woman came up to me and said
"You've been turning up at the pool around 11am every morning and my husband and I think you look fabulous and we both look forward to seeing what you are going to wear. I only wish I had the body to wear one of those".
Love Bren
Ex_Member #10

Re:Multiple days at same location. Good or bad idea?

Date Posted:09/06/2013 05:34:16Copy HTML

Good idea.  I often thong at a beach in Palos Verdes, CA, near Abalone Cove and Smugglers Cove.  There's not a lot of parking so most of the visitors to the beach, tide pools, and fishing, are regulars or locals.  Once I was at Smugglers thonging solo for a few hours until a couple came down as well.  She wore a one piece bathing suit, he was in board shorts.  We struck up casual conversation as one normally would about the beauty and solitude of the beach.  When I got up to take a swim, they both seemed to take immediate notice of my ass.  When I left before them, they were the only ones on the beach.  The next day, I was in the same spot and they came down again.  We exchanged smiles and nods.  This time they sat a little further away from me.  When they stripped down for sunning, she was in a thong and he was in a speedo.  I would like to think seeing me made them feel it was a good place to show more flesh than they usually might.  Especially since their tan-lines needed a lot of work!  Confidence is contagious.
ithongit #11

Re:Multiple days at same location. Good or bad idea?

Date Posted:09/06/2013 01:15:39Copy HTML

DavyJ -- I have my favorite thonging places where I am accepted day in and day out, year after year.  I try new places around home vocationally and re-try others where I have felt uncomfortable in the past from time to time, but within a 50 mile or so radius from home, I pretty much know where I can thong and be accepted, and pushing the limits in new places does not appeal to me since I am out there to have a good time -- not to push swimwear limits.  Yes, even at home I try new places or re-try places from time to time, but there has to be some reason to want to go there.  Perhaps the place is in a good location -- closer to home or near someplace else where I sometimes to.  Perhaps it is a private lake or resort type place, and I want to find the ones that are thong friendly even though they are few and far between.  Perhaps the sand is especially nice (Ohio State Parks have "sand" that is more like plowed clay than real sand at most parks.)  But I rarely re-try a place I have not been comfortable in the past, unless I have a good reason. 

On trips, I generally keep going to the same spot and set up there, provided I get at least a passive response from others.  While I have never had a person delay a complaint until the second day, I guess it could happen. This does seem a bit odd and perhaps shows a little compassion or something, but I wonder if it was the officials that delayed the response and not the actual complainer -- I think it sometimes takes a while for "officials" to decide what to do about trouble makers of any type, and might even involve going "up the ladder" of responsibility to find someone to say what an appropriate response is.  This could take hours or even longer, and the person who complained may be forced to accept a "we are working on it and will get someone over to deal with it when we get someone free" type response. 

I really think a person who can put up with your thonging for a day and gives you a break the first day certainly could do so for a longer period if they wanted too.  Perhaps there were other things on their mind like they sometimes bring kids but didn't have the kids along the first day, but still didn't them to see "too much" on a subsequent visit.  I think this reaction -- giving you a day of leniency, is pretty rare for the patron making the complaint, and is unlikely to reoccur. 

At the same time, I have gone places -- especially private places -- and have had the manager (or whomever) tell me that they will let me wear my thong the first day, since I am already there, but that they want me to wear more on subsequent trips.  They usually use words like "we would appreciate it" or something like that and this wording makes me think they really don't have a good basis for their request -- other than they are trying to avoid complaints in the future.  This again seems to be some type of compassionate stand, but in retrospect, I imagine that if you have been out literally hours and hours that it is pretty hard for a manger -- especially one at a private place that is supposed to keep an eye on things -- to suddenly evict you.  Why did they wait so long?  By acting almost casual about it and saying "wear more if you come back" they get away with looking like a hero to you because they let you thong that day and their error of not kicking you or getting you to change very shortly after you get there goes unnoticed. 

Sometimes I think they do this simply because they know I am transient and won't be there again anyway. They also now have something they can tell the complaining person -- "I told them not to come back dressed like that". This would be an especially good response to use with a complainer if the place really doesn't have a "no thong" policy -- they could even explain that there are no specific rules and so they told the thonger to wear more the next time and make themselves look like a hero to the complainer. Lets face it -- very few places run by any type of corporate structure really needs a specific manager at a specific property, and managers often rely on good feed back and lack of complaints to move to better locations or positions. Coming off positively to as many people as possible and avoiding complaints to their supervisors can only help their efforts.

The pros I have for setting up in the same place and time when I stay someplace for a few days on a trip are:  1.  If some or all of the regular people around don't mind thongs they become defenders of the look -- even if only in a passive way. They put up with the thonger and the more people we have who put up with thongers in a location, the more stupid the one individual who wants to object appears. 2. Setting up the same place draws copy-cat or closet thongers -- they don't usually do it the first day or even the second, but if they see me getting away with in a thong (or topfree for that matter) two days in a row, by the third day they "come out of the closet" and try their thongs too. Many times I have had others thong or wear skimpier swimwear after seeing me wear thongs for a few days.   Often they will come over the second day and comment on my thong or ask how management or the rangers or whatever accept them.  3. If the beach crowd is the friendly type, you might strike up some casual friendships with others. 4.  By going the same places over and over again, you set up a precident -- perhaps not legally enforcable, but none the less a precident. You can say if an official complaint comes along, or even a casual negative comment "I come her all the time" or "I have been here the last four days, and out of the hundreds of people who have seen me, you are the first to complain about swimwear -- perhaps you are the one with the problem -- not me."

On the other hand, if I go to a new place and get negative comments or even just bad "vibes" from the others around, I just might decide to try another spot the next time. 

Sometimes I find the "traditionally friendly" thonging areas to be sort of wierd too -- some people seem to think that all thongers should be in some type of social club or something, and push themselves on you when you have no interest in them.  "We have to stick together", "Let me lay out with you and show you the ropes", etc.  Sometimes you run into the timid type people here who become too chatty or too "friendly" and sort of demand that you must be their best friend because you too are wearing a thong.  Again, the "vibes" are wrong, so I will try a different place the next time.

DavyJ #12

Re:Multiple days at same location. Good or bad idea?

Date Posted:09/07/2013 03:32:39Copy HTML

Hey, thanks for all the great comments.  As I suspected, there is no general consensus.  I should have clarified my experience a bit; I always set up on the beach right outside our "place", but took a long beach walk every afternoon.  No problems any time opposite our place; the incident occurred during the long walk.  Obviously I only know what the officer told me; namely that no one had called until Sunday, and then 6 people called, several of whom, mentioned they had seen me Saturday as well.  Presumably these were all weekend visitors who hadn't been there the previous week.

There is no question that people in a large group are more likely to complain than an isolated family or two.  The officer even noted that, remarking that he had already presumed that the 6 complainers were all from the same group and that each had probably encouraged the others to complain; presumably he has seen this sort of thing before.  When I noted that beer had been flowing pretty freely amongst the group with the nasty man, he nodded, seeming knowingly, and said, yeah, unfortunately beer is legal on the beach, so he couldn't do anything about that unless I had seen someone under 21 with a beer.  As I said before, he was very nice and more or less on "my side".  Apparently the complainers had exagerated a bit, with one even saying they thought I was naked, so he was obligated to respond.  I was a bit surprised he found me so easily, as I was roughly a mile down from where the incident had occurred, but I guess they are pretty efficient at that sort of thing.

Of course there are many places (like a pool) where you don't have a choice of where to set up, and many other places (like Europe, SoBe, Gunnison, etc) where this is all irrelevant.  I had no choice where to set up each day (give or take 100 yards or so), but I could have walked the beach in the opposite direction on Sunday.  Presumably I would have had no issues if I had, however I had had no problems Saturday (and many many people had commented favorably), so it seemed to make sense to go the same way Sunday.  No way to know for sure, I guess.
Thongmad #13

Re:Multiple days at same location. Good or bad idea?

Date Posted:09/09/2013 12:06:21Copy HTML

I've never had any authorities called, but we are talking about Australia ;)

Last year on our annual Christmas holiday, I tanned every day for at least four hours for 16 days straight in roughly the same spot on a very crowded, very public beach, in a couple of Skins standard thongs. We were probably in a 20metre radius of the same position each day. That just depended on when we got there (usually a couple of hours before lunch, and again from about 2pm) and where the available space was. We where directly in front of the Lifeguard tower, so there was no chance that nobody saw me! I did only wear them when tanning, throwing an Aussie Bum on when I swam or went to the shop for drinks/ice creams. I wore a singlet top over that going to and from the beach.
The crowd was a family holiday scene, and I did get a comment here or there, but no hassles. Yes I did see the same groups day after day, but plenty of others would have been one day visitors also. Amongst them were many girls/women in tanga styles (a bit of a trend here last summer, which looks to continue this season), about 5 - 6 true thongs that I saw, and a fair percentage of guys in speedo and trunk styles (again, more than previous years). Males were predominantly boardshorts, as expected.

I'll be doing the same again this year, and expect about the same reaction.
davyj1 #14

Re:Multiple days at same location. Good or bad idea?

Date Posted:09/20/2013 12:38:24Copy HTML

Thongmad:  Up until this last trip my experiences have been pretty similar to yours, with perhaps a bit less acceptance given that this is the USA.  My last experience is totally unique in all the years I have been thonging, which is why I wrote about it.  I usually think I can judge the "mood" of a crowd pretty well, but I of course, do make mistakes.  Upon reflection, I guess I should have figured the "weekend" crowd was likely to be less accepting than those who had been there all week, but I also think the fact that they were in a large group was a big factor (and the officer thought so, too).  But, as I said, everything went so well Saturday (so I thought), that I was totally unprepared for the confrontation Sunday.
sailor250 #15

Re:Multiple days at same location. Good or bad idea?

Date Posted:03/10/2019 12:57:47Copy HTML

I saw this post about returning to the same place several days- well I might do it but I like to "get around" when I'm at some thong friendly locations like SouthBeach. I like to see the sites ( the lovely female fauna). Obviously if you've found a favorable location in a otherwise adverse area - I'll tend to return and stay there. Ass several of you point out I have been known to push some buttons with what I'm wearing. Lately I returned to a hotel pool where I was a few months back. I went out in the morning when I knew there wouldn't be too many people yet in a Baggie String suit which is a mesh baggie with a drawstring that goes around my waist and ties. So I went out grabbed a towel and a lounger with only a couple of other people around the female bartender who was there last time comes over after a few minutes- I'm on my back reclining. She says good morning and said "weren't you here a few months ago-I remember you (as she's obviously staring at my suit)- I remember your face" I didn't know whether to laugh because she was being funny or trying to hide why she remembered me. She was pleasant but got busy with another couple at the bar after she brought back my drink. Yes I got a chance to "bare waist" later on my stomach untieing and draping the string over my thigh- no one cared. Left after less than two hours to hit the beach. So in summary returning to the same places gives you familiarity with the place and people but I don't like to return and stay.
NudeNArizona #16

Re:Multiple days at same location. Good or bad idea?

Date Posted:03/11/2019 01:43:03Copy HTML

I couldn't agree more, in the past I had to return to the same city about once every 6 months to perform preventative maintenance on equipment that usually required 3-4 days worth of work. since i was working on IT equipment my work was performed after normal business hours which allowed me time to enjoy the hotel pool during the week during the day when few guest's were around. During my initial stay I wore a black G-string on my first visit to the pool, a few minutes after setting things up I had the hotel front desk manager come out by the pool to ask if I needed anything, which I believe she was making sure I wasn't nude because they had an old camera system monitoring the pool area which probably was low quality and my G-string was most likely difficult to define on the screen. As she walked around she was very pleasant and accommodating to my needs and never mentioned anything about my choice of swimwear. The next few days I decided to "push the envelope" and wore a baggies suit and like the first day a little while after arriving I had a "walk by" by the front desk attendant who smiled and ask if she could get me anything and nothing mentioned about my swimsuit. So, I returned to the same hotel about 6 months later and immediately after check-in I went to the pool in the early afternoon wearing my baggie, and about 10 minutes after arriving I had the same front dest girls come out to the pool to check on me who had checked me in and she said while looking at my baggies "you look familiar, have you stayed with us before?" even though she didn'y recognize me 10 minutes prior when I checked into the hotel.
wr1944 #17

Re:Multiple days at same location. Good or bad idea?

Date Posted:03/11/2019 04:57:28Copy HTML

My regular beach now is the north tip at the bay side at Sandy Hook. For the last 4 years I go there because it is quiet. A few people are fishing or walking the beach. In the beginning, every 2 or 3 hours a park ranger would patrol the beach. After I alerted them by cell phone about a washed up wounded sea turtle, they just do a morning round and call it a day. I think they see me as a serious person that would call them if something is wrong. Last summer when it was extremely hot, they came along in the afternoon to check on me if I had enough water and stayed cool. So I think it is in general a good idea to visit the same location, even if it is just once a week.
gsj #18

Re:Multiple days at same location. Good or bad idea?

Date Posted:03/11/2019 05:30:34Copy HTML

Things must be different in Europe, & certainly the UK. We don't get beach patrols of any "legal" nature at all. Maybe life saving patrols on appropriate beaches when busy & in season - the latter would have no authority or interest at all re beach wear, minimal or otherwise. I have swam/sunned repeatedly on numerous beaches this side of the pond in my usual scanty apparel & never had an issue. As ever I wouldn't set up close to others already there, nor indulge in any form of exhibitionism.
Vega1210 #19

Re:Multiple days at same location. Good or bad idea?

Date Posted:03/12/2019 12:20:27Copy HTML

NudeNArizona i'd take that as a good sign.  as if she was saying others wear that same type of swimsuit at this location and she doesnt remember you because of the swimsuit but you look familar!!!

yummypie #20

Re:Multiple days at same location. Good or bad idea?

Date Posted:03/12/2019 10:50:39Copy HTML

When the weather is nice I'll walk the venice beach boardwalk once a weekend usually. The thing about venice is you'll see the same street vendors and performers and they'll usually recognize me. I consider this to be a pretty neutral experience as sometimes they'll say their same corny jokes and other times I'll get more smiles and laughs. However I don't go there to talk to local vendors but for the tourists and the people people watching as there are more than enough people who haven't seen me before. The only locals I truly care to have on my side are the police and they have backed my right to wear thongs and g string on the boardwalk
DavyJ #21

Re:Multiple days at same location. Good or bad idea?

Date Posted:05/17/2019 01:37:39Copy HTML

Nude in AZ said:  "'you look familiar, have you stayed with us before?' even though she didn't recognize me 10 minutes prior when I checked into the hotel." Years ago while visiting a random Caribbean island my wife and I met a nice couple on the shuttle from the airport to the hotel.  It was a long ride, so we had a good conversation; turned out they came there quite often (whereas we had been only once before, about 3 years back).  They were staying 3 or 4 hotels away.  3 or 4 days later we met while all walking the beach, and they immediately said they recognized me from when we had been there before.  We all had a good laugh when the woman noted that she remembered my swimsuit from before, but had not recognized me in the shuttle. One year, about the third dinner at an all inclusive resort, a very attractive young woman right behind me in the buffet line started right in with "oh, hi, how are you, did you have a nice day, etc. etc.".  She was so friendly and forthcoming that it seemed sure we must have met before, but I could not recall.  After sensing my puzzled look, she sort-of laughed and said, "oh, I guess you don't recognize me, but I certainly recognize you."  Since she was looking down at my waist it was obvious she was referring to my swimwear, even though I was totally dressed then.  So I exchanged a good laugh and continued chatting.  I invited her to come sit at our table, but she (and her boyfriend) were apparently all set up somewhere else and didn't want to move.  Too bad.

MNluvthongs #22

Re:Multiple days at same location. Good or bad idea?

Date Posted:05/17/2019 12:50:46Copy HTML

Same spot. The "beach" on a lake I go to in Minneapolis is now 50% thongs sometimes and they are becoming accepted completely. You would think it was Florida or California? It is probably because the area is liberal and home owners in the area are well off and have second homes in Florida and Arizona, so they live and let live.
JM_Runs #23

Re:Multiple days at same location. Good or bad idea?

Date Posted:05/17/2019 02:01:54Copy HTML

If you move around it looks like you were not happy or comfortable with your first location. I think people quickly adapt when they see someone using the same spot, and in their minds you fast become a local, because that's what locals tend to do. The same is true for me. Once I worked out the perfect place to lock up my bike I use the same post again and again, that means the same beach entrance, and same beach shower. Locals tend to be creatures of habit. There are certain people who I know use the beach, and if they are on the beach they will be in about the same location every time. There is a women who always lies out between tower 5 and 6, and another who normally goes just a little north of 6, and a group of locals who like to play frisbee who are always a little north of that. Consistency of location is common for locals, IF they can get their prefered parking. So by being consistent you fast fall into the "locals" pigeon hole in people's minds. This also means people think that if there was any problem with you thoning there it would have been worked out years ago.
J_R_365 #24

Re:Multiple days at same location. Good or bad idea?

Date Posted:05/17/2019 02:19:03Copy HTML

From what I read on this board, i am incredibly lucky to have a beach like Osterman near my home. I wear tiny and see-through swimwear pretty much all the time there; even discrete nudity (depending on the "vibe" that day). Only time I had a real issue was when they were training some new lifeguards, and the one conducting the training got upset that I was nude, even though there was only one other person at the beach, way down at the other end. The regular lifeguards are MUCH more tolerant, and mostly just ensure that people only swim in designated areas.
MNluvthongs #25

Re:Multiple days at same location. Good or bad idea?

Date Posted:05/17/2019 11:31:09Copy HTML

Thongs will get accepted like nudity got accepted at Black's Beach in San Diego. Lifeguards will stop and answer questions of nude people without a blink.
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