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sheer1delight #51


Date Posted:03/07/2007 10:04:58Copy HTML

As a new muscleskins customer I have bought some half a dozen pro and one microposer brief lately. Definitely the microposer does give a surprising lift to things! I have not opted for thong style yet but have chosen rio and full back styles in medium. They are a snug fit. I have ordered more but have not gone for large size.

I have now discovered that many styles are also available on ebay (seller Jupiter708) but the number of items that are available is small and can fluctuate and there always appears to be a bidding situation. There does not appear to be a " buy me now" price.

Many of the materials look fantastic with  great colours. Some of these showed up as recently ended sale items when I  "googled" the internet. I don't know if they have ever featured on the Muscleskins website or not. Perhaps somebody out there can tell me. There have been wet look, silver, gold,giraffe, python, leopard ,metallicand current material colours include  peacock, batik,and exotic. Many of these are more interesting than existing colours on muscleskins website.

I have made direct contact with the seller and hope to be able to order directly some of these colours/ materials that featured on ebay in recent times. I will keep you posted.

At present the muscleskins website does direct you to this ebay seller.


nadathing #52


Date Posted:03/12/2007 01:51:17Copy HTML

Well I have purchased several different Muscleskins items and worn them for a while now. I have to say that I am extremely impressed. Muscleskins will become a larger part of my wardrobe over time.

Quality Workmanship Comparisons

Overall, I'd have to rate the quality of the product in material and workmanship as the highest I've ever seen. In workmanship, Dore is also very high in my book, but I'd rate her slightly below Muscleskins. Because she makes such an extremely wide range of products, everything is onezies and twozies, I guess the quality does not get the advantage of higher production levels. Skinz makes a high quality product too, but the zig zag stitch they use is more amateurish looking than Dore, Muscleskins, and Speedo manufacture, so I downgrade Skins a notch. Parr, when I was dealing with them, was also pretty good in the quality of their products, though their thong designs were somewhat amateurish. The best they had, at least at the time, was the Mino Sumo Deluxe. Maybe they are better today. I'd put them just below Skinz.

Service Comparisons

Dore gets my top marks on service because she offers such an extremely wide range of product styles. Indeed, Dore makes just about anything anyone requests, and she doesn't charge anything for this custom work, in most cases at least.  And she has an incredible range of fabrics, colors, and patterns. I don't think anybody else come close on the range of fabrics and colors. Her service is unmatched in my book. No one else comes close in service.

Muscleskins has a limited variety by comparison to others, though they may be expanding. Apparently they make things available on ebay before they hit their own website.  I'd rather they make them available on their website.  Regarding custom requests, they apparently are open to that, but will add a significant charge for things like a lining. Their web site talks about sides that are higher than their standards and invites inquiries. I haven't really pursued any custom requests with Muscleskins, at least yet, so that evaluation may not be fair and is subject to reevaluation. They do provide very good help and advice via email, and shipping response seems reasonable, between 1 day and 2 weeks. Their shipping rates seem to reflect actual purchases closer than some other suppliers, so you are not overpaying on shipping if you order, say, one item.

Skinz is ridiculous by comparison to Dore. They do have a variety of styles, and they do have some variations within styles, some of which have price jumps. They also have very high quality and a wide variety of fabrics, colors, and patterns. They seem to be responding slowly to customer requests on styles, but most fabric/color/pattern choices for any given style require a custom change, which is now $8.00, on their already high prices. A true custom request incurs a ridiculously high pattern charge. I'd never pay it. You can't really request any particular placement for prints, which for larger repeat patterns can be an issue with a small suit. Skinz will take your alignment request with no promises, but I think they ignore it after that. They can be good about speedy response, again for a price, which is fair enough.

Speedo, of course, would be rated much lower on service. There is no custom work possible, and order service will depend upon what Speedo supplier you patronize. I haven't found online services acceptable for Speedo for me, so I have limited Speedo purchases to brick and mortar stores and what I can find there, which isn't much. I do like to have a couple Speedo Solar suits for lap swimming in some situations, but my business in that category may be going to Muscleskins now.

I haven't dealt with Parr for several years and I think a couple of owners, and I cannot comment on their service these days.

Material Quality

Muscleskins supersatin fabric is quite something. They and everyone talks about how thin it is. It is VERY thin and can show body details more than most lycra materials. It is so thin that it starts to become transparent because of the thinness alone. (I put on a Muscleskins over other suits to make comparisons of coverage, and I could see patterns in the other suits through the solid color Muscleskins, even when apparently opaque when worn alone, wet or dry.) I don't think I'd say the Muscleskins material appears to be painted on, though.  (4/28/07  I've revised my opinion on the "painted on" effect.  See later post, below.)

The spidersilk fabric, apparently available only in burgundy red, is even thinner, thus it is a bit more subject to being transparent and does start to look like it is painted on.  I think a better description would be to say the fabric starts to look (and feel) like it is made out of the stuff they make balloons out of.

The lighter colors, and even medium darkness colors are more likely to raise issues with transparency, and may affect ordering decisions one way another. Muscleskins' website indicates they will be adding more patterned fabrics, so that might provide more options for dealing with transparency when ordering.

Patterns tend to reduce transparency problems, even when a fabric and color does have transparency. (Case in point: elaborate airbrushed body paint jobs on otherwise nude women. They tend to somewhat obscure things more that a solid color would. I would like an opportunity to make live observations on this matter though. J )

But what really impresses me about supersatin though, is how light weight the suits are! Practically nothing there by weight! And they dry incredibly fast! I haven't tried the new spidersilk fabric yet. It's supposed to be even thinner than supersatin. I hope that they add color choices in that fabric, in addition to the burgundy red currently offered.

One guy suggests that this fabric (supersatin) is not durable, won't hold up. That may be true. The stuff is so thin and so elastic, gossamer-like, it might not last. I will have to see how that goes.


Muscleskins has basically three different pouch styles and three different back styles, and one can order any combination. The suits are priced based on the pouch style, with some additional charge for some glitzier fabrics.


The sides of these Muscleskins suits are ? high. They say that on their website, but I got the impression from the pictures that they were about 1 in. high. But ?in. is correct and it does not look like 1 in. on me at all. I find I like that height very much. Its very definitely just ? in. It really looks and feels brief. Anything less would fall into the string side category, which is also okay, but is different, to me anyway. I find the sides do not roll up or fold up on themselves when I'm being active. I find that the suit stays in place. Even a Rio Back stays basically in place.  Others suggest a different experience on that.

Front Coverage

Some have talked about the Muscleskins suits being very narrow in front. I guess narrow is a relative term. All Muscleskins pouch styles are cut narrower and a bit lower cut in front than the Skins Cutaway Rio, Skinny Side Rio, Super Low Rio, etc, though the Pro is very slightly wider than the MP and MPX I think. They are certainly more narrow and lower cut in front than a Speedo Solar. And they are also more narrow and lower cut in front than a Parr No-Tie Nada. (I have several Parr No-Tie Nadas purchased several years ago, and I assume the cut is basically the same now.) However, I can't agree with anybody who says the Muscleskins is as narrow as you can get. The Muscleskins suits are not as nearly as narrow or as low cut as a Dore Torpedo and related styles from her, Koala and others.

None of the Skins Cutaway Rio and etc. suits require any shaving, but I require a bit of shaving for Muscleskins. All the Dore torpedo, Kolala, etc. styles require pretty much full shaving. But the Muscleskins suits should not be compared with Torpedo and friends any more than should Skinz Rio suits, Parr No-Tie Nada, or Speedos. Torpedo and company are different kinds of cuts.

MPX Pouch

The MPX pouch is definitely designed with big guys in mind. Some smaller guys have asked about and some have indicated that getting "properly motivated" by simply wearing the suit can help them fill it out. That can work, due to both mental stimulation from the idea of wearing the suit, and physical stimulation from the actual wearing. That all will depend upon the individual, I would think. But the question is how long one needs it to work and whether sufficient motivation, physical and/or mental, can be summoned and sustained. I think the answer to that would be individual and circumstantial. I'd also say that if you are not filling it out, it would look quite ridiculous. Someone who needs such motivation should either be very sure about getting it, knowing a seamstress/seamster who can reduce the requirements for filling, or just avoid the style. Give it a try if you are willing to spend a little cash to test it, especially if modification of the test suit is an option. If you do not want to risk a few bucks on a trial suit and are doubtful, then don't try it.

The pictures of the MPX might suggest the pouch is cut similar to a Dore torpedo. It is not. It is more of a large, very roomy, bulbous pouch. I'm sure that suitably endowed men will easily achieve the look in the photo, but those of us less endowed, will get a different look, even if we can fill it out. If you think it will push you out like a Dore torpedo, look closely at the pictures. It will lift you up, but not out completely horizontal, which may be good or bad depending on your desires. How much you are lifted might depend on you. You may find you get less lift than in the pictures. For guys who do not have a problem with filling it out, the design and the fabric can provide for expansion when needed.

MP Pouch

The pouch on the MP is much less roomy than that of the MPX, but provides plenty of room for one's equipment. It is a very comfortable and flattering cut. It does not smash one's equipment against the torso, but does keep the equipment close to the torso. It does not project you out. It should be good for guys who don't fill the MPX pouch to their satisfaction. You do have to arrange yourself as the suit demands, basically at 6:00 o'clock. The look is flattering, I think.

Pro Pouch

The pro pouch is hardly a pouch at all. It does provide a little bit of room for one's equipment, but very little. I find it similar to the Parr No-Tie Nada in that respect. Both of those styles have a full vertical seam running vertical in front. Skinz Cut-away Rio and related styles are promoted as having no seam in front and provide absolutely no room for equipment. The equipment gets held against your body. Personally I see no big advantage for no seam and prefer a little room. More comfortable. One can orient one's self however he likes: 6:00 o'clock, 12:00 o'clock, any o'clock. Both the MP and MPX require the wearer to orient himself as the pouch requires.

Thong Back

On back styles, the thong is a thong, and the pictures on the Muscleskins website show you what to expect. Nothing to add.

Rio Back

The Rio style back is very similar to the back of a Skinz Rio, Cutaway Rio, or a Skinny Side Rio. It rides right above the butt cleavage for me. Any lower and butt cleavage would start to show. The Skinz Super Low is cut lower in the back and does show a bit of butt cleavage. I have some Dore suits with similar backs, but I can't identify a specific Dore back style that I can name for comparison, again due to Dore's vast range of styles, and casual naming practices. (Many Dore backs are cut more vertical than the triangle cut for Rios by Muscleskins, Skinz, and .others, and those Dore's will cover a bit more at the lower part of the butt and a bit less near the top.) A Parr No-Tie Nada with the quarterback, is very slightly larger in coverage in back than the Muscleskins.

Full Back

The Full back is basically similar to a Speedo Solar back, but a bit lower cut, primarily because of the lower height sides and lack of space for a draw string. I guess I don't understand the guy who says that the full back gives lots of but cleavage. I'm sure if he says so, that it is true for him. Perhaps it just doesn't work for him.

sheer1delight #53


Date Posted:03/12/2007 07:16:42Copy HTML

Phew Nadathing

What an essay. What an insight into Muscleskins gear. I have just started to buy their stuff following members bringing it to the attention of the forum. I agree with plenty of your observations and reckon it will form a large part of my wardrobe too.

I have bought mainly rio and some full briefs. Awaiting delivery of one thong to give it a try. Yes they are quite comfortable. I would say that they are cut small. Yes a slight shave is necessary for most of them.They can run tight but it might be better to go for large, certainly with rio style if you are 33/34" There is quite a difference in the size of the rears of rio and full back briefs.just put a couple back to back to see the difference. I would call the rio a half size rather than 3/4 size. Might be better if there was a size midway between these two.  There is no doubt the full back is suitable at the rear for any occasion or location. As regards the front there can be a need to shave slightly  - yes a minor drawback. The PRO front is quite satisfactory at the front. I am amazed with the microposer. It definitely does lift you up and pack everything in! (There was also a micro micro poser on ebay). I have one rio in black in micro poser style and will go for some more colours. I am not fussed on the extreme style. Don't think I could pack it well or wear them anywhere.

Stitching is good and better than zigzag.

I am not too sure of difference between muscleskins website and Jupiter 708 on ebay. Muscleskins website is not too bad and they feature some offers.

However Jupiter 708 on ebay always has much more interesting colours and materials on offer. Alas these are all open to bidding and you can never guarantee success. Pity there is not a "buy me now price".

I recently saw many other materials/colours on ebay. At that time I had not registered for Paypal payment and missed the opportunity to bid. I have since registered and successfully bid for one exotic full back pro brief.

There was a terrific skimpy black and white string bikini- supposedly a prototype for sale the other day- a real narrow string sided bikini with full back and small front -it went to $45 I think. I hope this gets beyond development stage and into production.

I did however contact Jupiter direct and have just accepted his offer of completing an order for briefs in materials and colours I missed on ebay. They were at a reasonable price with reasonable mailing costs too.

I think this is probably a way that others can try. I don't know if these materials and colours ever featured on muscleskins before. It seems strange when ebay offerings seem that bit more intersting than the muscleskins web site.How else do they sell their gear? Is it available in shops? 

Enough for now. It's always nice to hear of others views on Jupiters offerings.


Dipster733 #54


Date Posted:03/13/2007 02:36:07Copy HTML

I got my first musclskins suit a few days ago and I like thier suits alot! I ordered 2 micro-poser suits, one in black and the other in navy blue. I'm a big fan of Dore as you can custom make things, etc., but I am loving the thin fabric of this suit. Its very soft! Nadathing did a great review of thier items!

I still have a question on sizing though... I ordered both of my suits as small (my waist is 30"). The black suit is slightly smaller than my blue suit... so I don't know which is the actual small size. In dore sizes i usually get a medium because the small is alittle too tight and leaves impressions in my skin. I would like to order more suits from muscleskins, but should I continue with a small or go up to a medium?


sheer1delight #55


Date Posted:03/13/2007 03:57:51Copy HTML


With a size 30 waist I would think that small would be fine.However you could always try one medium size to see how they fit. Not too sure what you mean about your recent purchase as I thought both were small sizes that you bought. There will probably be some variation between colours and materials.I have found that white PRo was cut slightly bigger than other colours but not by much. As alread yindicatedin earlier posts I ordered  a large pair of PRo copper and you can barely see the difference between that size and a medium pair. 

Google  "micro micro poser"  and see a really small pair of briefs in gunmetal from Jupiter708.


sheer1delight #56


Date Posted:03/13/2007 04:06:15Copy HTML

Sorry that should be "double micro poser"



Dipster733 #57


Date Posted:03/14/2007 03:58:26Copy HTML

Thanks for some insight sheer1.  Maybe this will help clarify. I bought two small size suits (labeled as so when they arrived), but one is slightly larger than the other. On my next order I'll try medium.

I did a search and that suit is SOOO SMALL!!!!  I may just have to try one!

simpleZ #58


Date Posted:03/14/2007 06:18:12Copy HTML

I don't see it. Can post direct link to the pics?
sheer1delight #59


Date Posted:03/14/2007 07:55:21Copy HTML

Sorry my computer skills are a bit limited. I tried the above too and could not find it. though I did the other day! However I eventually trawled about and came up with the site on ebay. I am not too sure how to post it.

Try this instead. Google "120075698470" instead. That might bring it up.

Can anyone out there post a link please!

Any views on this suit - lets hear them!

Has anyone experience of wearing a double micro poser suit. Fit,comments etc

I haven't seen them advertised but am a new customer to Muscleskins and Jupiter 708 on ebay. They seem fairly obliging and I reckon they would make some if asked for them. This would look good in some of the other colourways and materials especially those that Jupiter708 has on ebay. 

While quite revealing this style is not as extreme as the extreme microposer. This poser style definitely fits snug.


sheer1delight #60


Date Posted:03/14/2007 08:08:21Copy HTML

Why not go to ebay and  visit Jupiter708 and examine past items for sale.

Look for referee string bikini (120095108892). Although supposed to be a prototype I reckon this is a style they should make in a v riety of colours and materials. Alas I would not pay the $45 dollars that someone bid for it. Nice string sides!!!!!

Anyone else reckon this is a good style?

Dipster733 #61


Date Posted:03/15/2007 01:34:55Copy HTML

nadathing #62


Date Posted:03/15/2007 07:30:17Copy HTML

Regarding Rio-style backs as 3/4, 1/2 or 1/4 back, I've never felt good about any particular number.  Parr called (perhaps still do call) this sort of back coverage a quarterback.  If you want to call it 3/4 or 1/2, be my guest.

It is best described as having a triangle shape, comming down towards a point at the bottom and across nearly the entire flat of the back at the top.  One advantage of this cut, at least with me, is it stays in place, espacially the muscleskins Rio, rather than slipping into one's butt cleavage.

Dore in particular and others have other style backs that would be considerd a form of bikini rather than a thong.  Some of these rise more vertically.  Backs that rise more vertically and/or are narrower (say a Dore 3 in. or 4 in. back) will slip into the but crack, at least with me when I'm active.  I don't think that looks good.  If I want to cover less butt, I want a thong to begin with.  If I don't, I don't want one that I have to keep adjusting.

Some back styles are designed to go into the butt crack and "hug" it.  Dore and Skinzs both offer such styles, for example.  I think Parr has or had a style like that too.  They sort of defeat the problem by designing to do so.  That would be great with me if they didn't pucker up in the process.  A  "butt hugger" that was smooth would be great.

By the way, Jupiter708 doesn't seem to have any current offerings on ebay (3/15/07 Evening.)

glutesie #63


Date Posted:03/15/2007 08:25:08Copy HTML

I got my first muscleskins MP thong today.  The fit and feel is great, will be ordering more.  I'm a 31 waist and ordered a MEDIUM size.  The thong is snug everywhere, but comfortably so, it is not tight to  the point where it is constricting and uncomfortable.  The pouch is small and clingy, without any unslightly seam puckering like I've had on other thongs.  The odd thing I noticed is that the material forming the T back has a center seam, all the way down to 6 o'clock.  I didn't feel it when I had it on, but this is the only negative I have.  I'd prefer not to have this.

Muscleskins just told me now that the copper fabric is discontinued ->DOH!!  I really wanted that fabric, damn.  I tried ordering it last night, webpage wouldn't add it to the cart.  Their website is undergoing a major update in around a month.

A tip for you Canadians:  ask muscleskins to declare the shipment as a gift of a $10 value, this will ease it through customs.  You can also order one item at a time, which also keeps the $ value down, without any penalty on shipping cost.


sheer1delight #64


Date Posted:03/15/2007 03:44:39Copy HTML

Glutsie. Glad you like your MP suit. I m sure you will buy more.

Nadathing. Yes I supppose it doesn't matter what you call the rear coverage. I like my muscleskins but I still think there is a big difference in area covered by rio and full back.

I look forward to their updated site in the coming month. I hope they have more styles and materials.

timbo2050 #65


Date Posted:03/15/2007 07:10:04Copy HTML

Can someone help me with advising on size and style for Muscleskins?

I am looking to buy either the MP or Pro series - I have a 33 inch waist .... Do I need a large and how much room is there up front?


I recently bought a medium joe Synder rio thong and i have had trouble fitting into the front of that.... Can anyone advise?




sheer1delight #66


Date Posted:03/15/2007 11:37:12Copy HTML


The best way is to buy a large and medium and find out what fits you best.! If you are big up front then large might be best. -though sometimes there is little difference between the two. If you buy large they will still fit well I reckon, Keep us all posted on what you think of your purchases. 

clubthongs #67


Date Posted:03/16/2007 11:12:57Copy HTML


I would actually suggest the MPX as I find that I can't fit into the pouch of the MP or the PRO, the pouches are just too small.

ahwahw #68


Date Posted:03/20/2007 07:51:49Copy HTML

I did not know about this company until I read this thread so thanks. I have just ordered 2 MP's, one thong and one Rio and I'll report back. I also saw that they do some white pants (or trousers as we call them) which are very tight and see through at the back. I think that wearing a white thong underneath will give a sensational view. However I emailed them seeking guidance on leg length before ordering and have not had a reply. Over here leg length is always inside leg length. Can anyone on the other side of the Pond confirm that it is the same for you. Thanks
skyline1234 #69


Date Posted:03/21/2007 08:57:47Copy HTML

I am wearing a muscleskinz thong right now and i love it. It is just the pro series but the fit is fantastic. I will b egetting some more suits from them soon!
ahwahw #70


Date Posted:03/21/2007 11:29:42Copy HTML

Thanks, SlidingG. Most helpfull
sheer1delight #71


Date Posted:03/22/2007 09:45:38Copy HTML

Just received my newest order from Jupiter708. Rio pro syle bikinis in wet look python, silver and sapphire. Great fabrics and colours. The sapphire  material is really thin with a hint of silver running through it. The liquid silver is lovely and oft has a fantastic sheen and not at all grainy The wet look of the python is achieved not by using a " cire" finish but rather thousands of little dots. Certainly a harder material than any other iI have chosen but at a distance it has a great wet look.

Eagerly awaitingGIJoe blue, GI Joe Vegas, flame and exotic materials in various styles from thong through rio to full back. Hope my credit card holds out.!

Anyone out there tried these fabrics and willing to give their views?


sheer1delight #72


Date Posted:03/24/2007 06:22:21Copy HTML

I was bidding on ebay.com for Muscleskns bikinis but ebay appear to have pulled the plug on Jupiter708.

Anyone know what is going on?

nadathing #73


Date Posted:04/04/2007 09:21:07Copy HTML


I would certainly agree that there is a big difference between Muscleskins' Full Back and Rio Back styles.  I didn't mean to suggest that there wasn't.  I'd also say that there is a big difference between the Rio Back and something like a Dore 4 inch back.  I suppose the best way for somebody who hasn't got them to judge the differences between the Full Back and Rio Back would be to check out the pictures on their web site.

sheer1delight #74


Date Posted:04/20/2007 10:18:03Copy HTML

New muscleskins site up and running now. Includes some new fabrics that were only available on ebay such as silver and ruby.
nadathing #75


Date Posted:04/27/2007 10:39:54Copy HTML

I have to revise my earlier statement regarding the extent to which the super satin and spidersilk fabrics appear to be painted on.  They both can appear like they are painted on, especially when wet.  Depending on the style of pouch and how you have yourself arranged, they can quite clearly outline your equipment.  The super satin will not show very fine details of wrinkles and such, but the spidersilk does show some finer detail.  So I guess the super satin is like a thicker coat of paint, and the spidersilk is like a thiner coat.  I guess I was thinking strictly about the finer details before.

I find the PRO style does not provide sufficient room for the fabric to lay against the body for this effect, but the MP and MPX styles certainly do.

I've seen the new web site.  I thought there were going to be some new styles available, as suggested by earlier ebay offerings, but apparently not.  No matter to me, as I like the styles they offer quite well for lap swiming in my usual locations. (Just the MP and PRO -- not the MPX.)

There are some new color, pattern, and fabric choices.  I'm not sure to what extent a given choice is available in a given style pouch and back.  They don't have a general color list and they only show some choices in one style.

Also, not all offerings are the very thin fabrics like super satin and spidersilk.  They promote themselves as offering very thin fabrics, but I'm not sure about some of these new ones.  Some from before do not have the "painted on" effect to the same degree.  Anybody purchased any of these new choices?

zaam #76


Date Posted:04/28/2007 04:29:05Copy HTML

Greetings: Fellow thongers,


     I have a question.  Do you have to have a huge flaccid penis to fill out the most extreme suits?  Just in case no one knows what flaccid means.  It is the penis natural size when it is not erect.

glutesie #77


Date Posted:04/28/2007 05:21:22Copy HTML


I understand your question, no I do not.  Precisely why I've asked muscleskins to shorten the pouch just a tad, as my first (black) mpx was a little roomy.  We'll see how that works out. 


sheer1delight #78


Date Posted:04/29/2007 06:04:21Copy HTML

Yes not everything has a painted on effect. Maybe just as well if you are wearing them in very public areas. The PRO style is not too figure hugging but it depends on the precise material. Much will depend on your location I suspect as to what is suitable to wear

I haven't bought any items since new site opened but i had already purchased some of the newer materials via ebay. Wet look python is a much harder material. Silver is cool but not very stretchy. I bought rio medium but should have bought large size. Very shiney material. Not painted on effect but nice. Sapphire is extremely thin and very figure hugging. Feels great on This is not available now though it looks like ruby is a red replacement.

This company seems to buy small quantities of various fabrics so some items will not be available for long if material scarce or it is a poor seller.

It does seem strange that there are restricted colourways for different styles. Many more PRO colours than anything else. However if you ask they might be able to supply them as I did.

I hope other styles will become available. Again people should ask. I am sure if there is a demand it will be made. For example the ebay site featured a great looking string bikini and micro micro pouch.

That said there are some nice looking colours now so I will be ordering again.

I am sure the owner will be keen to take on ideas if people make suggestions.


sheer1delight #79


Date Posted:04/30/2007 10:17:53Copy HTML

Even when wet  Sapphire and other materials although very thin still do not hug and cover ones equipment anything like  fabrics do with the micro poser shape that really does fit close.
JM_Runs #80


Date Posted:05/01/2007 06:04:29Copy HTML

I trying to decide whether to buy a MP in gunmetal or another MPX in the same color to wear to the beach. For those who have bought a MP does it fit tight like the MPX and have you pushed out like the MPX?
nadathing #81


Date Posted:05/07/2007 08:02:16Copy HTML


The MPdoes not project you out the way the MPX does.  It does provide ample room and I think it makes a very flattering look.  In, my opinion, one needs to be very selective in choosing where to wear an MPX.  But, I wear MPs to a public pool for swiming laps, where the kids are in a different area, but I do need to avoid transparency issues, and I'm at 6:00 o'clock.

I find that the right size waist fits the same for both, if that's what you were after regarding "fit tight."  If you were talking about  tightness around your member, the MP is not tight in that sense because it isn't shaped that way.  For the MPX, that may depend on you, but I think it's not "tight."

You may also want to refer to my post of 3/12/07, above.

Jman71 #82


Date Posted:05/09/2007 09:55:52Copy HTML

After reading some of the comments about Muscleskins here I decided to put in an order. Just a few days ago I received my PRO black bikini, red rio and fiesta thong. My waist is 36 inches and I ordered the Large size which measures about 33 inches at the waistband. Unfortunately I think Jupiter sent me an XL PRO bikini instead of L size. It measured 35 inches at the waistband and had I very unflattering baggy look for me. I brought this to Jupiter's attention and he told me return it and he would replace it at no extra cost.

The PRO rio and thong fit well on me. The fronts of both suits are pretty small, the PRO front has a slight bulge like a Speedo brief. It could pose a tight fit if aroused, but the supersatin fabric seems to stretch comfortably. I chose the PRO styles because I like wearing my equipment at 12 o'clock and I dislike bong or large pouch designs. If you have large equipment, the PRO style may be too small for you. The Supersatin is like others have said, is very thin. It reminds me of the old 100% nylon Underwear Exchange/Jake Taylor briefs sold at Target. However the supersatin has a softer feel than the nylon in those briefs. Hopefully the supersatin will be as durable as nylon.

I like the fit and feel of the rio very much. I covers about 1/2 my butt and looks and feels great! I don't know about wearing it to the local pool though. It definitely is pretty risque looking. The thong also looks and feels great, but I have one observation about the fiesta color. Jupiter uses gold glitter powder on some patterns like the fiesta. The glitter has a rough texture and could possibly abrade or cause "fuzzies" on the suit if you're not careful when washing or handling. Finally when wearing these suits, shaving or trimming short is recommended. On my red rio, I can notice hairs coming through the fabric. Overall the quality of the product is good. I'll definitely be ordering more Muscleskin rios & thongs in the future!

JM_Runs #83


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Well went ahead and made a order myself I ordered the MPX in gunmetal with the rio back and also the MP in saddle with a full back. I got mine in x-large since I have big legs from all the squats and dead lifts I do in the gym. I hope they fit good because I'm going to be brave and wear them to the beach when I go on vacation this summer.


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I am Jupiter from MUSCLESKINS.  I was informed of this website a while ago by one of the members, but was unable to join the group at the time.

After reading these messages, I want to first say THANKS!  All of your comments and questions are appreciated.  We are a small company and have only been in the business a couple of years.  Our customers have had the largest part in deciding and designing the swimwear that we sell.

Several of my old eBay buyers (JUPITER708) may have noticed changes in the fit of our products over time. Our designs have undergone a slight evolution due to customer feedback. I have sold items on eBay.  At first we used eBay as advertisement, then we tried to test new products on eBay before bringing them into our standard line.  I may still sell MUSCLESKINS items on eBay in the future, but eBay has outlived it's purpose.  We tested many new fabrics/cuts and even atheletic wear.  As I still answer ALL email for MUSCLESKINS, I have very limited time to auction items on eBay.  Eventually eBay became such a hassle that I had to either list the products in the MATURE AUDIENCES category, or show them unmodeled.  Neither were an option for us.  Actually by removing the cost of eBay fees we have been able to minimize if not eliminate shipping charges for our customers.

On the latest version of our web site you do not see the AMERICANA or STRING BIKINIS.  We fully expected to add them this spring and may still be added before full summer.  But, we sell worldwide....it is always summer somwhere.   The AMERICANA series will be introduced soon in limited colors.  If you want to see the STRING in production....ask!

Our goal is fast shipping.  Aprroximately 20% of our orders ship the same day.  With the new update of the website business has grown quickly.  50% of our orders are taking a full 5 business days to ship as of May 2007.  We find that unacceptable.  That is why you are not seeing a great expansion of our product line.  As a small company, we are careful not to exceed our own limitations. We offer a wider range of products than ever before, over 100 choices now as opposed to under 40 this time last year. More will come as we expand our staff and streamline our own methods. An option would be to have our suits mass produced.  We tried it, it didn't work.  We do a much better job of producing our swimwear than anyone else. 

Our POLICIES state a clear return/exchange policy.  One that we belive to be fair.  However, we keep a daily production/shipment diary.  (One of the beauties of still being a small company.)  If  a customer has an issue with one of our items, I first check to see if we made it ourselves.  If we didn't make it, the POLICIES get thrown out the window and we have happily exchanged the item regardless of what the policy may say.  Our policies are stated so that our customers know the very minimum of what they can expect.  We currently make 100% of our suits....which explains the current ship times.  60% of our business is through regular, loyal customers.  We do very little advertising.  We do not have a physical store at this time, however we have sold to some small retailers. We ship out of Atlanta primarily.  We also have limited operations in Miami and New Orleans.

You will find no fancy packaging or gimmicks with us.  You buy the suit, all of the attention and cost goes into your suit, not packaging that you will throw away.  During holiday times we occaisionally ship in a higher end package so they can be given as gifts. Our prices are very low, and many items have had a price reduction since the new web site revision.  We work to keep costs low so that our loyal customers can stock up on their favorite designs and we can continue to offer the same low cost shipping domestically or internationally....if not eliminate shipping charges all together.

Yes, you will see the PRO-THONG in more colors and fabrics than the MPX.  We only offer the items in the fabric that best suits it.  Not only would we not recommend the MPX in PYTHON, we wouldn't even make one for you because we know it doesn't work.  The PRO series works with a wider range of fabrics so we offer it in more combinations. 

We do not generally buy fabric in huge bulks.  If it sells....we buy more, if it doesn't....we get rid of it.  Occaisionally we find some very exceptional fabrics that we can never find again.  Even if we can only produce a limited number of suits in it, we buy it and offer it to our customers.  We want to be able to keep our products fresh, so expect some items to sell out and new ones to replace them. 

And just for the record......no one wears a neck-tie around here.  We wear our suits, not to the office though.  We only sell the products we like.  I personally have worn every style and series....I'll give my own recommendations below.

We do offer custom suits, but at times we limit this.  If we are undergoing a design overhaul, we tend to limit this option for severe modifications.  Our CUSTOM fee was originally 100% of the price of the item for pattern-making in case you wanted to order again.  (Imagine the hassle of storing individual patterns for every customer!) It is now only $3 per item.  If the MPX is too much pouch, or the PRO is too little...at $3/suit the cost is still less than almost everybody else for your own CUSTOM fit.

BIG HINT HERE!!!!!!!  Get yourself on our mailing list!!!!!!!!!!  In the future we will be offering special sales where there is no CUSTOM FEE at all.  We plan to run most of our sales as MEMBERS ONLY SALES to reward our loyal repat customers.  The general public is not privy to these sales. There is of course, no charge to be a member.  We run these sales to reward our customers.  I recognize most of them by name.

SIZEING:  I see a lot of questions here.  As a rule, there is a 2 inch circumference difference between the sizes.  Not that much difference at all.  It is impossible to sell these by waist size, but THAT would be ideal.  They ARE designed to be snug.  If you wanted a baggy swim suit, you should wear board shorts.  

Different fabrics fit a bit differntly although we try to adjust the patterns to accomodate this.  I have done all of the modeling on the website thus far.  I'm a 30-31 inch waist, all photos are of me in a SMALL.  Sometimes, any swimwear item becomes uncomfortable if you wear it all day, but as the model, I have hundereds of suits,.  Who needs to buy underwear?  Many of the items I wear every day, all day with little problem. 

When we hired other manufacturers to make some items, the size range varied more.  That is one of the reasons we are currently producing everything we sell IN HOUSE.  As a rule of thumb, if in doubt, ask.  I am ALWAYS happy to answer any of your questions at sales@muscleskins.com

The SUPERSATINS should always fit exactly as the size chart states for the look on the website.  If you're ordering a specialty fabric....ask.if you are unsure.  We want you to get the best suit for your needs.  But please, measure your waist and give us the actual measurement taken at where you plan to wear the suit on your hips.

SEATS:  FULL SEAT is full coverage.  We tried a leaner "V" seat, but the majority of our customers wanted this item as a complete coverage.....If you want it leaner, you can get it CUSTOM ($3).  RIO, half seat triangle.  It was described very accurately on this messageboard.  THONG, I wish it were narrower, and I think it is in the works, but since we do have the center rear seam, a little more width is required on our T-backs.  I do not see the rear seam going away any time soon....there are never side seams.

FABRIC:  We LOVE the SUPERSATINS! All of our designs are made specifically for that fabric.  It produces a very fast drying and very lightweight suit, while still allowing you to wear the darker colors at public pools.  Our fabrics are generally the lightest weight we can find, however, we will use heavier fabrics if they are interesting and have appeal.  Our website is very descriptive regarding the fabric used for each suit.  If you ever think it innacurate, please let me know and I will forward the information to get the website changed.  This spring we have a new type of fabric that is currently just described as lightweight spandex.  It is also very nice with new colors coming soon.  Look at the pictures, for the most part you can see how form-fitting the fabric is by looking at the picture.  SPECIALTY fabrics:  If you don't see it but know where to get it, just let us know.   We are ALWAYS looking for ultra stretchy and thin metallics and latex-looking fabrics...however, under no circumstances are we we equipped to fight with latex.

STYLES:  The "style" is determined by the pouch.  They are minimal.  Yeah, you gotta shave.  Minimal, meaning narrow.  All of our suits are contour fit.  No one can make a decent suit without a center seam.  We have had several great designs that actually require NO center sean, but they just don't fit like we want.  Of course, if we find a suitable fabric that may change in the future. The PRO series is basically a micro-bikini..actually designed to be worn on the 11 o'clock or 1 o'clock position....you MIGHT be able to get away with 12 o'clock or 6 o'clock in the stretchier fabrics.  The MP was our first design.  It is definitely a 6 o'clock suit.  IT LOOKS and FITS FANTASTIC!  It was designed to give full coverage while exposing as much tanning area as possible, it produces a plunge effect in the front and is designed to lift you up just a little.  The MPX is our top seller.  It will throw you OUT or UP depending on your own anatomy.  This month both the MP and the MPX have been slightly altered to provide more lift.

SIDES:  They should all be approximately 1/2 inch standard.  We use 1/4 inch elastic on all of our current suits, so that is generally as narrow as we can get.  Sometimes the FULL seat items are slightly wider, if you want minimal sides ask, we make every effort to accomodate each order...there is no custom fee for this request.  We are actually tring to get our THONGS narrower than 1/4 inch by overlapping the waist and leg elastic at the hip, but consider 1/2 inch standard.  Some of the photos on our website show wider sides.  We were under a rush to get the new photos for the website and had suits made by a partner manufacturer.  Those photos will be changed.

MY OWN RECOMMENDATIONS:  First, read the message board messages. Every BODY and personality is different.  What works for someone else may not work for you. 

For daily wear or a public beach, I wear the PRO series.  They give me the coverage I need and maximum tan without attracting extra attention.  I'm a 11 o'clock guy at heart.   

For sheer sex appeal and maximum comfort I wear the MP.  I personally think that the SUPERSATIN MP is the hottest suit we sell.  It fits ME perfectly!  It is extremely flattering on any guy...but you should trim.  Just wearing it gives me the right amount of "inspiration" withouy going overboard. I always get noticed in it, but do not feel too self conscious in it.  The plunge front goes as low as I dare and the gentle lift does the rest.  I almost feel naked in it....in a good way. 

The MPX.....I love the suit.  I like the new version better.  Would I wear it to a public beach?.  NO.  I'm too modest for that. But, at a private pool, it is very fun.  I don't generally want THAT much attention.  (Americans are such prudes.)  I frequently sleep in the MPX. LOL.  I havent found any "pants" or "trousers" that I can wear over it, so I can't wear it as underwear...it sticks out too much. The MPX is fun, but overall, for me, it is impractical.  However, my friends know that I have all of the MUSCLESKINS gear.....I do not give away my MPX's under any circumstances.

Again, if you need more or less room in ANY pouch, you can always get it custom.

If you haven't tried MUSCLESKINS, I recommend buying one of each series in any SUPERSATIN.  Find which suit you like best.  The MPT ROCKS!  I have never tried a DORE or ALPHA MODA suit, so I can't compare them.  I used to buy SKINZ before my life at MUSCLESKINS, I thought they were fine for a public beach, but I prefer something more along the lines of MUSCLESKINS now.  I think our suits are sexier. 

I NEVER spoke to the same person twice anytime I ordered a custom suit anywhere else.  That was OK, because I was always a little embarrassed.  But, I've changed.  I want to know what I'm getting and I don't mind asking the questions.  We designed our customer service to be informative and personal.  To this date I answer ALL of the emails alone.  That really sucks when I'm on vacation or sick, but it is how we do it.  It avoids the "he said, she said" situation.  You deal with me, and YOU are my main priority.  Ask away, don't be embarrassed, trust me, I've heard it all.  I have a pretty good sense of humor too.   I'm always happy to make sure you get the best suit with the best fit for your needs. A little laughter doesn't hurt my day either.

Lastly...the request to show the suits on more models.  You said it brother!  I became the model by default.  I was always around when the new fabrics or designs came in.  We never found a hired model who could meet our schedule.  God knows we looked....or at least they told me so.  We are currently working to change the model, or at least provide more diversity.  If you think you look good in our suit, by  all means....send us your photo for consideration....but shave or at least trim first....it is a MUSCLESKINS requirement.

Thanks for buying and discussing our products.  Again, I am always happy to answer your questions and take your suggestions.  I do ask that you email me directly for the quickest response as I may not be able to check this message board regularly.  If you want the answer posted on this message board, I am happy to oblige.  Good, bad, or indifferent....we appreciate your comments and gladly accept your critique of how we run our business.  Let us know when we are doing good so we can move on to tackle new areas.  Let us know when we are not meeting your expectations so we can address changes that need to be made.  We all like and expect the same thing, by virtue of being on this message board in the first place.  We love what we do and want to continue doing it better than anybody else.

I hope I answered most of your questions.  Thanks for taking the time to read all of this. I look forward to answering any of your questions at sales@muscleskins.com.

Sincerely, Jupiter

sheer1delight #85


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It is great to see your substantial contribution to the noticeboard. As you can see this particular board has attracted a lot of attention and muscleskins a lot of supporters. It was not long before I was tempted by the fabrics, designs and colours and decided to buy some muscleskins gear either directly or through ebay . I have generally sung your praises alerting others (including yourself by email about the board) as to my feelings about your clothing. 

I am glad you have so much to say about your products and business. I am sure you have given us all food for thought. No doubt members will be only to glad to email you direct or broadcast their views through the messageboard.

I look forward to the addition of any muscleskins gear to the site - be it the Americana or string brief. Yes I am asking for the latter.!!!





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Thanks Bill,

You are referring to the REFEREE STRING.  It was an exceptional item.  I hope we add it to our line-up also....before we find a new model, as I wouldn't mind getting my hands on the entire line!  I do know that the decision to include it is still under consideration, but I believe that the majority of our efforts will be going into rolling out the AMERICANA series first.  The AMERICANA offers more coverage in a slightly more modest suit while utilizing the same fabrics.

Thanks, J

JM_Runs #87


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Well just got my order of a mp with full back and a mpx with a rio back. I must say they fit pretty good I wish I had ordered the mpx in a thong instead of rio, rio does not seem to look quite right on me but you live and learn.
sheer1delight #88


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I have recently acquired GIJoe Vegas Pro brief. It too has gold finish. I have noticed that ithe gold has started to fade on the front. The back of the suit is perfect. I don't know if it is a heat/sweat type of problemor whether it is being rubbed off by my trousers or pants. The back still looks great. I have chosen to wear the style as underwear rather than swimwear.

My metallic sapphire rio is suffering too. A fabulous colour,sheen and feel this material has. Alas the front is starting to go black. i thought it was because it had accidentally got in the washing machine and/or had reacted to detergent or fabric conditioner. Perhaps the metallic  facing is just wearing off. The rio back still looks perfect. I have ordered replacements but may have to restrict use of this material to limited beach and pool wear.

I would be interested to hear of anyone elses experiencessuch as above. A number of months ago I had a similar problem with a silver finish on a feel of rubber capri bikini from Prevail Sport that darkened considerably on the front..

I suppose there is a lot of swimwear out there that has a limited life if the fabric is selected more for appearance than performance!!!!!!! 

nadathing #89


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Just about ANY shinny, reflective metallic fabric in any color - gold, silver, red, blue, or whatever - from any manufacturer can be assumed to not hold up under much wear.  They all will lose their luster very quickly.  How quickly depends on the usage as well as the fabric, but expect them to not last for many wearings.  That seems to be a constant throughout this board.  My limited experience with tham also agrees.  I pretty much stay away from them anymore.

If you really want that, fine, but select your wearings with that in mind.

sheer1delight #90


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Thanks Nadathing.

I suppose I will have to put up with their limited lifespan but I will enjoy wearing them for that short while.The other solid colours in muscleskins items seem to be holding up OK.

However I do hand wash them all to help ensure longevity.

Some are no doubt designed more for appearance than anything.

nicthong #91


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Does anyone know what happened to the other items that used to be on the site? For example the athletic pants and bootcut pants...? Has anyone tried them or used them at the gym?

Thanks - Nic

JM_Runs #92


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Well I just received a navy blue mpx thong today in the mail and I must say I throughly pleased in how it fits and looks on me. I definitely plan on wearing this to the beach when I go on vacation along with the rio mpx and full back mp that I already have and some stuff from Dore including the baggie.
zaam #93


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Greeings: To all thongers,

     I must say that muscleskins as of now is the best thong (mp navy blue) that I have ever owned.  I wear it for underwear only.  To me it's just a little too small to wear as a swimsuit.  Yet, who knows maybe one day I'll test the waters to see what I can getaway with?  Thanks muscleskins!  I definitley will be buying more of your products.  By the way I think GOD for this website.

etchiman69 #94


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I swim laps in mine at the public pool. I pick a time when no kids are there and there are very few people. Last Saturday, I walked from the dressing room to the pool in my MP thong, but I took my MP Rio just in case I needed to cover my butt. I was the first one in the pool and the only one except my wife and an older lady swimming laps on the other side. I swam a little over a mile in my thong and never had to cover up. It was great. The life guard looks at me funny, but doesn't say anything. Drives my wife crazy when I do it. I usually wear my N2N classic swim suit all other times when there are a number of people in the pool.
wr1944 #95


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I just received my order with Muscleskins, two model PRO thongs. Both of the Supersatin fabric, one in Fiesta print and the other in Vegas camo. Both colours look nicer in real than at the website. Especially the Vegas camo looks a little glamorous without being over the top.
Dry they are slightly see-through according to Muscleskins but not to my eye. I will test both suits under the shower to see what it is like to emerge from the sea.
Shortly I will go to the beaches of North-France on bicycle (if the weather improves) and I will walk the beaches in these suites for sure.
Jman71 #96


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I got my PRO full back bikini a few weeks ago. There's a little too much fabric in the back for my tastes. Even after getting back the correct size (Large; I have a 34"-36" waist), it still seems baggy in a few places. I'm thinking that I should have gone with the Medium size waist. I have the L-size PRO rio & thong, they fit OK, but I think I could've also gotten away with a M-size. A more tighter waist might be more appropriate for active sports like swimming or running.
sheer1delight #97


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I normally have gone for medium size rios and pro briefs. I too think that the pro bikini brief style is just that bit too big. The bikini brief will not cause any offence unless you opt for MP or MPX front . I would like to see a smaller back style say 3/4  style brief. However owner says that wearers of PRO briefs like a full brief at rear. I think current bikini size is just too full at the bottom.

I have just received a MP with a bikini back -medium. The rear is really full but the front really is small and gathers everything in. Rather daring for the local pool I think.

I haven't ventured to MPX yet. I don't know how it will fit as the MP is really snug. Muscleskins owner says that MP and MPX are being made smaller now anyway. It certainly appears that way. One really ends up with a distinctive profile wearing the MP. It is difficult to see that the MPX could be tighter and smaller

I usually favour pro rio style in medium and have many different colours and materials. I have found them to be slightly snug/tight. I am size 34". I have just acquired a large pair in cobalt to see the difference. I find these don't seem much  bigger material wise than the medium size but the bigger waist makes them a more comfortable fit. Might be a bit less inclined to stay on in the water though. I don't think I would go for large probikini though.Unfortunately I did think that waistbands on last few pairs is  bit shapeless with waistband curling over when unworn - compared to earlier purchases. Waistband just about fits flat on torso. I do hope quality is not being sacrificed for speed of production.

Muscleskins owner says he will customize for a few dollars more. Has anyone out there tried this option and were your requests met. and what were they?

glutesie #98


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I bought a bunch of muscleskins MP and MPX thongs (all size M).  On my last order, I had requested that they shorten the pouch on the MPX, because my first MPX was too baggy for me.  Those mods were never made, and I received no reply from muscleskins about an upcharge for a custom order.  I think they just overlooked the request on my order. 

The MPs fit perfectly at the front, I can't see how they could make it much smaller without squishing taking place.  However, they can afford to reduce the MPX front pouch.

I also order an MP in a full seat, and I agree, the seat is very full, I would have preferred slight smaller coverage, but that's just me.

rockys01 #99


Date Posted:06/01/2007 11:22:03Copy HTML

Just got my Muscleskins order in & wow!  These fit good.  I had a size problem & Jupiter was real good helping me out & getting the correct size.  I got some MP, MPX Thongs along with a MP rio & bikini.  The fit is excellent & comfortable.  The MP pouch is great & fills out real nice just like Muscle Skins claims it looks painted on. The MPX pouch is larger than the mp but not too large & looks & feel great, perfect or those hot days when you need a little more room. I like the way the MP pouch lifts & pushes my package up just enough, without causing any unwanted attention, and doing so without a c ring like my other suits have. I do prefer these because I get the full package look along with great outlines wthout a uncomfortable c ring. I think I could wear the MP rio or bikini to the pool or beach since Id be in the 6:00 position & it wouldn't look like I'm trying to show my package but its not hard to see where its pointing.    I have Skinz, Koala, & others brands but these have just become my new favorite as daily underwear & for tanning. 

sheer1delight #100


Date Posted:06/01/2007 06:07:00Copy HTML

glutesie  and rockyo1

Glad to see you have purchased  some muscleskin gear. I suppose it is wishful thinking that the styles will fit everyone perfectly. Alas I still find some full bikini backs are just too full while others are OK. I thought that the MPXX is meant to be the most extreme but you suggest thet the MP is the tightest fitting. I have just received a flames full back MP. It couldn't be any more figure hugging yet it is described as one of the more conservative MP items.

I relly  do prefer the rio style though i am now contemplating buying larger rather than medium. I received large rio sapphire in special order and it feels great butI expect a short life expectancy for that type of material.

I am disappointed that rio range on website is small though jupiter is always obliging to make rios in other materials. It seems that true thongers have the  edge on fabrics that are instantly available.

I really like my muscleskins but I have just ordered some alphamoda gear to see what that is like. No doubt i will contribute to that message board.

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