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Microron #101


Date Posted:06/07/2007 02:59:33Copy HTML

I received  an order of Muscleskins afew days ago. Amasingly, the MP fits my package well... so often the pouch is too generous in size. The comfort through the anal crease is extraordinary... far superior to the Dore thongs that I have worn for many years. I have ordered a couple more in a slightly larger size... I am borderline large to XL. I'm hoping that the slightly larger size will have a litt 'show above the back of some other minimal swimwear that I use. Excellent shipping notification and very fair shipping price !!~~!!
rockys01 #102


Date Posted:06/13/2007 06:47:37Copy HTML

Microron,  I to am on the border of large & X Large.  I ordered a few large mp thongs & found it to be on the tight side.  It did fit but back strap just felt too tight & I know that wearing it for extended time would start to dig in & hurt.  I did contacted J & got a ok to get a larger size (XL) Once I got it in It fit perfectly! I also just received a few mpx thongs xl & it is very comfortable.  Athough they say the sizes are real close there is enough of a difference.  I orderd a MP in a rio back in a large & a MP in a full seat in a XL.  The Rio in a large fit perfectly & the Full back in the xl was way to baggy.  I returned the MP full back for a Large & the fit is excellent.  For me I need to order xl in a thong & large in a rio or full.  Im happy with the fit & how comfortable they are.  Hope this helps you!
beachboy2002 #103


Date Posted:06/21/2007 12:09:08Copy HTML

Hi all,

I had tried some of the swimwears from Dore and Alphamoda but I like Alphamoda as the swimwear fit better and the fabric is snug and comfortable.
Very much interest in muscleskins but never try before. Can anyone here compare Alphamoda and Muscleskin especially the thong design? Thks!
sheer1delight #104


Date Posted:06/21/2007 07:14:47Copy HTML

Beachboy - I have tried both muscleskins (mainly bikini,rio and one thong) and alphamoda (brazil, rio and by mistake one thong). I am not a great wearer of thongs as I find them too uncomfortable. I preferred the Alphamoda thong as it had a slightly bigger back. Muscleskins do tend to be made on the small size so I would recomend that you try next size up for rio and thongs if you are on the big side of a particular size. Muscleskins also tend to sit lower on hips as well.

Muscleskins also do a greater variety of fabrics which you might prefer. However some of them will not wear as well as alphamoda, However if you like metallic silver and ruby etc then go for it but expect a shorter life for them.

They are just different products. The MP is extremely tight fitting on the front!!!!!!!!!!

nadathing #105


Date Posted:06/22/2007 09:12:42Copy HTML

SlidingG, et al,

This is the first I've heard about a V-back from Muscleskins.  Anybody know anything about it?  Is in inbetween the full bikini backl and the Rio back, or is it cut briefer than the Rio, but with more coverage than a thong?  Any forther description of this back style would be appreciated.

Also, SlidingG, if you wish to be abit on the conservative side, it's probably good that you are exchanging a yellow suit for a black, as the yellow is probably quite transparent when wet, especially as Muscleskins normall makes their suits sans lining.

beachboy2002 #106


Date Posted:06/22/2007 10:00:41Copy HTML

I has some concern regarding the size of the swimwear. I'm a 28" waist size guy and thinking whether this muscleskin swimwear suit me as the small size is between 29 to 31". In my opinion, for swimwear it should be slightly smaller as when you go down the water and swimwear will then to enlarge a bit, that's why I'm looking something smaller in size.

However from the forum, some of the guys say that it is very snug and fit well for certain colours, so do different fabric affect the sizing? Which fabric makes the most snug and fit best? Maybe any custom made of the sizing for the swimwear?

Can anyone comment, really appreciate it cos I'm really interested in this product. thks!

sheer1delight #107


Date Posted:06/23/2007 02:36:48Copy HTML

SlidingG I have to agree with some of yourcomments about the  sizing and fit of Muscleskins gear. I have a variety of Bikini and Rio styles. i definitely think the bikini back is often too full. There does seem to be some inconsistency between fabrics and styles. i have a sapphire in metallic pro bikini and it is fine whereas I got a flames MP and the back is saggy and really just too big- I should have returned it. The front of the PM is very uplifting however. I have other bikni backs in las vegas and jeans. These are stretchy and fit OK. Plenty of coverage for public areas but I would like to see something like the V you are talking about. Even when laid out beside each other there is a hugh difference in amount of material in a bikini and rio back. I also think they could raise the front of the MP a fraction just to help cover the pubes.

I am now buying my rios in large as opposed to medium to get a better fit.

J had an Americana style bikini brief on ebay and has mentioned putting that on the website, though I think the rear will be the same size with just the sides snd front being fuller.

I am a rio fan (or slightly bigger) myself. My complaint is that the rio style has very limited range of fabrics compared to thong and bikini styles. Yes you can get them custom made but  why not just include them  on the site!

beachboy2002 #108


Date Posted:06/23/2007 03:09:19Copy HTML

Hi all,

I tried to email the sales of muscleskins regarding the sizing custom made but no reply yet for few days, I wonder if J is on holiday. If muscleskins is able to custom made the sizing to my requirement, I will be most delighted to place an order.
jenny12345 #109


Date Posted:06/23/2007 10:08:23Copy HTML

Good morning all.  Muscleskin posted a email last week reguarding sizing of their new suits and noted that their MP pouch has depth of 4 inch and the MPX  pouch has a depth of 5 inch.  Does anyone know what the new sizing  (as to their old suits vs new) and the depth pouch measurement is?




Jman71 #110


Date Posted:06/24/2007 08:56:36Copy HTML

A while back I ordered a PRO bikini, rio, and thong from MuscleSkins. My waist is about 34-36" and I ordered the large sizes. My experience with the rio & thong are good, but like others I found that the back of the bikini was way too loose and baggy. I'd like to use my muscleskins for swimming and active activities, on my next order I'll try the Medium size for a more snug fit. This new V-back swimsuit that Jupiter is working on sounds intriguing, it's the first I've heard about it. It's too bad Jupiter didn't offer it on the website when I placed my order. In terms of percentage I wonder how much of your cheeks show with the V-Back. The Muscleskins rio provides about 50% coverage.

SlidingG, if you're looking for a full back with 1/2" sides the Skinz smooth bikini has a full back and 1/2" sides. The Ergowear X3D bikini might also be what you're looking for (www.ergowear.com)
beachboy2002 #111


Date Posted:06/29/2007 09:58:16Copy HTML

Finally I had ordered some swimwear and anxious waiting for the new suits to arrive. Hope that it up to my expected!
wr1944 #112


Date Posted:06/29/2007 06:11:32Copy HTML

As announced earlier in this thread, I have been to France on a bicycling-tour. But I had very bad luck with the weather. Of the 24 days of the trip, I had only 8 sunny days. And only 4 days were suited to visit the lovely beaches of Northern France. On these 4 days I have walked for hours the various beaches near Quend-Plage and Fort-Mahon-Plage and later near Berck-sur-Mer and Stella-Plage. I did these walks beside some other strings and thongs in various PRO thongs (Fiesta, Vegas camo, Jeans and a white one) and a white MP thong. It was too early in season so it was not very crowded but my thongs and strings turned some heads.
One afternoon it became really warm so I went to the water to cool down (just up to my middle because the sea was rather wild from the previous storm). I went with the white thongs to test the effect of water on the fabric. They become really see-through and a few passers-by were quite astounded. But the fabric dries quickly so the fun did not last very long.
Both thong models are comfortable to wear, even on long walks. The PRO model is a little too wide in front to my taste because I am used to the low cut models of Dore. The MP model is very like the low cut model but has a limited choice of colours to choose from. When new fabrics and colours should be available, I will certainly buy a few MP thongs.
dazthong #113


Date Posted:07/08/2007 03:14:52Copy HTML

Just recieved my MPX Gunmetal Muscleskin in the post. The fabric is so thin it feels like you are wearing nothing. The pouch is excellent and form fitting for my package. Can't wait to wear this one to the beach next summer.



jenny12345 #114


Date Posted:07/09/2007 11:25:01Copy HTML

G'day all.  How does the Dore's thong low push up pouch fit compair to the Muscleskin MP and MPX pouch?  And are Dore's sheer farbics solid colors (red, yellow, gray, white, lime green and blue) and graffiti, blue mixed media, electric fuscia and electric blue as thin as MS fabrics?

thank you


nadathing #115


Date Posted:07/27/2007 09:12:44Copy HTML

I'll take a crack at this one.  Dore has multiple styles that might be described as a "thong low push up pouch" but none that I know of that are named that.   I can compare Musleskins with Dore's Torpedo.  (Dore's 3D and Rocket appear similar but I am not familiar with them.  Dore's Horizon appears to project you straight up, but again, I am not familiar with them.)

I'd say that the Musleskins MP and MPX are vastly different than Dore's torpedo.  With the MP and MPX the suit has a bulbous bulge shape.  The MP gives you some shape and pushes you out a little, but it not really a projecting out sort of style.  You are at 6:00 o'clock. 

In the case of the MPX, if you are sufficiently endowed, you will project out well. The Dore Torpedo is more conical in shape and directs you straight out.  It also covers less of the torso than the MP or MPX.  The MPX is designed for bigger guys than the Torpedo too.  My personal preference for a projecting suit is the Torpedo over the MPX because of the reduced total coverage of the Torpedo.  I guess that anyplace you could wear a Muscleskins MPX you could wear a Dore Torpedo, but both require a pretty liberal setting.  Definitely not for a "family setting." 

By contrast, I sometimes wear an MP (in non-transparent colors and with a Rio or Full Bikini back rather than a thong) at a public pool to do laps, though some here think that is pushing the limits.  It wouldn't do for there to parade around.  I go directly to a lap lane from the nearby locker room and directly back when done, if I'm wearling an MP.

Regarding fabrics, Dore has a wide vartiety of different fabrics (see her web site), but she does not especially have the ultra thin fabrics, except the sheer fabrics, which may not be thin so much as transparent.

Muscleskins on the other hand strongly goes for ultra thin, but not all of their fabrics are ultra thin.  Those that are ultra thin are labeled as super satin.  They seem to have differnt dgrees of thinness too, but If it ain't "super satin," it ain't ultra thin.  Muscleskins is good about describing the fabrics on their website.  If the decriptions on the site (for a given garment) don't answer your questions, send them an email.  J is very helpful.

And with either company, the back can be had in a variety of styles.



Date Posted:07/30/2007 09:02:41Copy HTML

Thanks for all of your comments on MUSCLESKINS products!  I haven't been on this message board in a while, but I hope to be able to answer some of your questions.  First, I sincerely recommend anyone here to join the MUSCLESKINS "members" mailing list!  We do not send  "nuissance" emails and we NEVER give your information to ANYONE!  We are in process of updateing the website again.  Our customers on our mailing list were given the opportunity to PREVIEW some of our new items at a reduced price.  In the past we have used eBay to test new products, we now give our "members" the exclusive option of steering our design process.  Some of the items that were offered include STRING versions of the PRO series swimwear in Thong, Rio, and V-seat options.  We also offered some of our HYPERION items which included a fuller cut bikini that you could wear anywhere and our SPORTSTER tights which were offered on eBay last year.  Some of these items will make it to general production, some will not. Additionally we should be offering further customization of both the MP and MPX swimwear lines at no charge. 

Regarding our fabrics.....all of the comments posted are valid.  We specialize in the SUPERSATIN fabrics.  We do offer heavierweight fabrics to provide a greater selection for our customers.  Unfortunately, the SUPERSATINS do not come in the color/print variety that we would like.  The metallics look great, but they will start to fade and show wear with regular use.  Some items fit differently based upon the actual stretch of the fabric.  If in doubt, ask.  If this is your first order...ALWAYS go with a SUPERSATIN first!  Our designs are specifically made for those fabrics.  You will find that we offer a wider color/print variety in the PRO series.  This is because the PRO series has a greater flexibility with other types of fabrics.  For example, the MPX simply does not work with the BLUE CAMO fabric. You can always ask if you'd like an item made in a specific fabric.  If it works, we'll do it, if it doesn't...we'll tell you why.

Sizing is still a difficult issue.  Our customers are worldwide.  A MEDIUM in one part of the world may be considered a SMALL elsewhere.  If in doubt, feel free to ask.  The waist and seat are the only differences in size...the pouch always remains the same.  However, we can always customize your pouch.

Based upon customer feedback, we are planning a few changes.  I honestly do not know the full extent of our upcoming changes because we are still testing the response from our regular customers.  Below are some options up for consideration:

New models and a customer gallery....We have added a new model to show how the items fit on a different body type.  Yeah, the new model is perfect.    We will not all look like him in the items...but it is a start!  We will gladly post customer photos to show the items on different body-types.  If you want to send a photo, you must give us explicit permission via email to post it in our customer gallery, if you like we will gladly edit out your face if included.  We are planning to include more models before the year's end.

New seat options:  No changes are expected in the THONG or RIO seats.  The FULL seat is our maximum coverage, we now offer an atheletic V-seat.  The V-seat is still considered a full seat bikini, but eliminates any baggy effect that one may experience with the standard FULL seat.  The V-seat WAS our FULL seat a couple of years ago, but many customers requested more coverage...everybody is built differently.  Now we offer 4 standard seat options.  YOU CAN ORDER THE V-SEAT OPTION NOW.....YOU DO NOT HAVE TO WAIT FOR THE WEB SITE REVISION!  Just order the full seat then send us an email immediately requesting the V-SEAT over the FULL SEAT.

MP/MPX options:  We are gearing our sales towards a more customized fit.  With the update, you should be able to customize the pouch size in 1/4 inch increments at no additional charge.  We always recommend you order the standard pouch if it is your first purchase in a series, then make your adjustments from there.  The MPX is GREAT, but you have to be able to fill it properly...now you will have the opportunity to get a pouch that fits YOU perfectly!  You do not have to wait for this option either.  As members of this message board, we are offering this customization at no charge for a limited time.  Just send us an email if you want pouch modifications and tell us you saw this offer on the Thong Wearer's Messageboard.  I hope this option becomes standard with our products, but as of yet, I am still not sure.  Just as a reference if you haven't ordered an MP or MPX in the last 4 months....the MPX pouch is slightly smaller and the MP pouch is slightly larger than they were 4 months ago.  These design changes were based upon customer feedback.

PRO SERIES:  The PRO series may be replaced by an alternate version that provides a little more room up front.  The new series will allow you to wear the items in a 2 o'clock or 6 o'clock position more comfortably.  The current PRO is strictly a 2'oclock item.  The new series is still in testing and will not be available until the web site revision.

SIZING:  We are considering moving from S,M,L, XL to actual waist sizes.  Unfortunately, that may increase price.  We are still evaluating the feasibility of this change.  Meanwhile we are offering an additional size range of XS and XXL.  There is approximately 1-1/4 inches between the sizes when unstretched.

STRING ITEMS:  We are considering offering STRING VERSIONS of all of our suits.....PRO, MP, and MPX with a V-seat, RIO, and 2 thong options (standard string and Y-back).  If it is not available with the web revision, you can always ask for a custom item.  Due to the additional production time involved with string items, they will probably come at a higher price.  We sincerely try to run our business efficiently to keep prices down, but may offer some higher priced items just so you have additional options.

HYPERION ITEMS:  We will be adding new items with a higher design element under the HYPERION name.  We will still be using the same fabrics as MUSCLESKINS, but we hope to be producing items that are more unique.  Some of the HYPERION items will be specifically designed to provide more coverage for public pools, while still maintaining the barely-there fit of MUSCLESKINS!  You won't have to go for the FULL SHAVE with HYPERION.   Our mailing list customers have been able to preview the new HYPERION RACER.  That item is now my own personal favorite!  It provides coverage but has a few "twists" to the design that make it unlike any other "competition suit" I've seen.  Additionally, the HYPERION "SPORTSTERS"  will be offered for sale.  They are unique running/workout tights made of the same ultra-thin SUPERSATIN fabric.  As a side note on fabric durability.....I've found the SUPERSATIN fabrics to be one of the most durable!  They do not snag or run like standard nylon.  I've had a pair of the SPORTSTER tights for over a year, I've worn them FREQUENTLY, and I even machine wash them....they still look and feel great!  Remember, that I work for MUSCLESKINS, so I may be a little biased, I really like the fit and fabrics......and of course MUSCLESKINS recommends hand washing all items for maximum care.  If you ever have questions, just drop me an email.  I'm always happy to answer, if I ever steer you wrong.....you can let everybody in this message board know about it!

RETURNS/EXCHANGES:  We may be offering a "no-risk" opportunity for your first purchase in select items.  Swimwear returns are always tricky...we do not resell returned items.  However, we strive to be the absolute best in customer service and workmanship.  The vast majority of our customers buy from us regularly.  If we didn't impress you with your purchase, we'd like to know why.  If you've never tried us, we hope to give you the option of a no-risk return with the upcoming web revision.

SHIPPING:  As we gear more towards complete customization, shipping times are increasing.  We still occaisionally ship items the day they are ordered, but as we produce more and more items on a custom basis, shipping times are increasing.  We do sincerly apologize for any delays.  We are currently shipping most orders at 5 business days.  Delays beyond 5 days currently are either shipped out PRIORITY MAIL, or ALL of your S/H charges are refunded.  With the recent increase in USPS charges, SHIPPING charges/policies will probably change.  Current shipping charges range from $5US for a single item to FREE for orders over $100.  If you ever need a suit shipped faster, you can always ask.  We hope to be offering additional shipping methods.

IMMEDIATE DELIVERY:  We plan to offer a small assortment of STANDARD stock items that will be available for shipment within 24 hours.

Thanks again for your comments.  Please note that the changes listed above are being considered and may not all be included in our next web revision.  We always appreciate your business and suggestions!


jn9195 #117


Date Posted:08/01/2007 09:04:52Copy HTML

I would like to see the Yahoo Checkout system implemented (as does PrevailSport).

I have not ordered from Muscleskins and I am not sure I will as long as PayPal is their online method.
JM_Runs #118


Date Posted:08/02/2007 12:08:19Copy HTML

I am in the computer business.  Because of what I do I get to hear about a lot of the data loss and data theft that the general public is un-aware of.  There is a lot more than you think.

There is a tremendous problem with data theft.  Most of it is stolen from shopping websites.  I like the idea of the paypal system becuase I only trust one vendor with my bank or creidt card detailes, that vendor being paypal.  I prefer that system in comparision with the alternitive, giving my data to every website and vendor with whom I want to do business.

Because I do not accept credit card payments made to me, it costs me nothing.  I am getting a free service, and it helps to protect me. 

Having said that, there are a lot of things that paypal could do better.  For example, listing the item purchsed in the history view instead of just a transaction number, and better customer support would be wonderful. 

But, given the cost, nothing, and the fact that I don't need to use my creidt card because I can do paypal directly from my bank account, I think it is a good service for electronic payments. 

If payment method is preventing you from ordering, then I suggest you print out your order, and send it in with a money order. 



Date Posted:08/02/2007 12:32:31Copy HTML

At MUSCLESKINS we use paypal exclusively for online payments.  We like the fact that we NEVER see your financial info.  Paypal is one of the securest methods that we have found.  It isn't perfect, just better than most.

We accept mail orders payable by MONEY ORDERS.  DO NOT just send a money order.  All mail orders must be sent with an order ticket generated by muscleskins.com.  Email us if you want to place a mail order...it is very safe and painless.  

gradstudch #120


Date Posted:08/03/2007 11:46:56Copy HTML

PLEASE NOOOOOO!! Do not replace your pro thong series. I have a whole array of thong brands, but the pro thongs are THE PERFECT fit. I hate thongs sides that are too wide, backs that are wide. This is perfect. So please don't discontinue them


jn9195 #121


Date Posted:08/04/2007 11:52:04Copy HTML

I have to apologize to Muscleskins for my earlier comments. (I still don't like PayPal.)

The pages leading up to ordering make it appear that they only accept PayPal. After further investigation, I can now see that they also accept credit card payments and do not force you to pay with PayPal.

I understand everyone trying to protect themselves when purchasing anything online. However, it is sometimes that particular company that everyone trusts which causes the problems for some users.

Search for PayPal and locked accounts. Many individuals and businesses have had their accounts locked for absolutely no reason (no real reason, only a vague reason given by PayPal). I was not aware of these occurrences until it happened to me. I was using PayPal on a regular basis for several years. I received a Payment of about $800 and when I attempted to transfer it to my checking account, my account became locked. It took me almost two years to get my money back from PayPal. The ONLY reason given is that my account was flagged for suspicious activity by an automated system. 90% of my PayPal use was to buy and sell on eBay. There were a few other transactions and purchases not related to eBay. Everything I did was within their policies. No one would, or could, tell me why my account was locked. They only seemed to read prepared text when avoiding my questions. This went on forever. They also jerked me around by constantly transferring me to to dozens of different levels of customer service, hanging up on me, and all sorts of unprofessional activity. They would tell me that they would call me with updates, etc. They NEVER called me. After about the first year, I had accumulated several telephone numbers to reach them (some by a few nice people there and some by searching Google). I had numbers for certain departments in Omaha and also in San Jose. This required hundreds and hundreds of hours of calling them and trying to talk to someone that could assist me. It just went in circles. They want you to "give up" so they can keep your money.

There are thousands of others who still haven't been given access to their funds and probably never will. I had to change my bank account and credit card accounts back to sending paper statements and wait for those. They wouldn't accept statements printed from web sites, etc. I had to mail ORIGINAL statements of my credit card, bank, and public utility accounts to PayPal. I had to mail a copy of my driver license, social security card, and birth certificate to PayPal. I had to write a long letter explaining all of my activities with PayPal. I had to send this stuff twice. They wanted MORE. I sent it all again and explained what I was doing (what I was doing was using the services that they were offering to all of US; some free and some with fees) and even explained that there were NO OTHER documents that I could send. They received EVERY DOCUMENT that existed about me.

PayPal has ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHT to ask anyone for those statements, but I had no choice if I wanted my money. They have no right to view my credit card statements, etc. They had no right to ask for any of those personal documents. I am in the process now of attempting to get my SSN changed. I do not trust them.

PayPal is not a Bank or a Lender. They are not governed by the laws that banks have to abide by. Our money is not protected in any way if it stays in a PayPal account. It is not insured. PayPal can simply deny you access to your account, keep your money tied up for years, and collect all the interest.

I don't use PayPal anymore. I will never use them again.
JM_Runs #122


Date Posted:08/05/2007 12:29:43Copy HTML

jn9195  I think the problems you had were related to your being a seller, i.e. people sending money to you.  As a buyer, I am sending money to others, I have not had any problems with paypal.

That said, I think there needs to be better regulation in regards to services like paypal, and ebay.  Both are faceless and allmost inposible to deal with and now both are one and the same corporation. 

I think the legislation should be general enouth to cover all online services.   For example this board is hosted by Aimoo.com.  I have some issues with them, they are ripping us off.  There does need to be better regulation of transactions that that take place over the internet.  There does need to be central athority for investigating complaints and protecting consumers.

Most people who are purchasing from companies like Mucleskins will not run into the same Paypal problems you had because they are buying, not receving funds through paypal.  As an agent for the buyer it works ok, although you are right, the dispute resolution is not the best.



Date Posted:08/05/2007 05:48:19Copy HTML


I am very sorry for your experiences with Paypal.  We use PayPal because it seems to be the best option for our customers.  Again, we do accept mail orders for people who have concerns such as yours. 

Thanks, J

Le Flambeur #124


Date Posted:08/08/2007 02:39:36Copy HTML

Regarding sizing, I've never understood why manufacturers don't use something like hip size instead of waist size.  None of these low rise bikinis ever get close to the waist and it seems to me that hip size is a much more accurate indicator of fit.  Perhaps another measurement taken around where the suit "waistline" will hit would be valuable as well.  I'd wish that manufacturers would show these two measurements for their models.  I think it would be much easier to gauge the fit.  Pouch size is another issue that might have to be dealt with separately.  Offering lots of customization is a nice idea, but I'd fear that too much customization would only make manufacture subject to quality control problems and price increases.

sheer1delight #125


Date Posted:08/08/2007 04:25:40Copy HTML

I agree!  Most microwear never sits anywhere near the waistline. Waist size is OK for boardshorts but not for skimpy bikini/thong styles. 
nadathing #126


Date Posted:08/08/2007 11:16:32Copy HTML

Has anybody tried that new HYPERION RACER that MUSCLESKINS says they have?
armand_galleon #127


Date Posted:08/10/2007 02:38:31Copy HTML

To all potential buyers:
I placed my order last week and received it yesterday and I'm writing to report that I am very satisfied with my purchase.
No problems paying, no problems shipping...
I bought two, one PRO and one MP, both thong style, medium, and they fit perfectly. I have a low/short rise and many other brands tend to have its strap a little too long which puts the waistband a little higher than I like. These straps fit just the way I like. The pouches are also a perfect fit and they have lots of give if I were a little larger than average. The stitching is also first rate. The material, supersatin, of very good quality.
I'm sure I'll be buying again from them as more styles become available.

JM_Runs #128


Date Posted:08/11/2007 11:08:21Copy HTML

Thanks for the info armand, i just placed an order this week and can't wait for them to come in. I have a 31" waist and I ordered a mpx in a small. i hope it fits right.
JM_Runs #129


Date Posted:08/13/2007 05:56:42Copy HTML

I just received my mpx thong in the mail. I've been checking the mailbox everyday in anticipation. When I saw the package it came in I laughed because it is only the size of an envelope. I went inside and tore open the package and tried it on. I've never tried on anything this revealling. It fits like it was painted on and with having the bat and balls in one sleeve it feels like you are being held out in mid air. I need to do a little more trimming if I'm going to wear this and make it look right. I don't think I will wear it out in public but not everything is for the public. it feels and fits great. I definitely recommend them.
BermudaJazz #130


Date Posted:09/07/2007 03:44:15Copy HTML

Hi Jupiter,

How about creating a Muscleskins stringless, strapless pouch suit? Thanks.
G-String-Guy #131


Date Posted:09/09/2007 06:40:26Copy HTML

I would also like to see a you add a strapless suit pouch only to the collection.  I really enjoy wearing a strapless suit.   
beachfolks #132


Date Posted:09/11/2007 01:20:21Copy HTML

Gstring-Does Muscleskins have a stretchy fishnet or tan-through material?
sheer1delight #133


Date Posted:09/16/2007 11:44:55Copy HTML

New muscleskins website is up and running. As well as existing styles familiar to customers a few new styles have been added including string/rio bikinis with extremely thin sides. I have a couple of  these string/rios in referee style (black and white) on order - they are not cheap considering the amount of material in them. 

It would be great to see whay others think of the new site and if anyone else has tried any of the new ranges especially the string/rios.   


jenny12345 #134


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G'day all. Has anyone tried the MPX with their new optional changes, that is 1/4 to 1/2 inches smaller in the pouch for us smaller guys? 



leo40 #135


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Nice new website !    I have just ordered the Muscleskins X-sling, a thong with a strap over one thigh and none over the other.  Time will tell how soon it comes and how well it stays on in the pool.
JM_Runs #136


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WOW! I checked out muscleskins.com a couple of days ago. What a great site! The new one-sided thong will be popular i'm sure. I think the rios and full backs look hot but not as hot as the thongs.

Has anyone tried one of their thongs? I would really like to know what you think of them?


leo40 #137


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I received my Muscleskins X-sling just one week after ordering it.  It had to be made special, as it is cobalt blue and not listed as an "in stock" color.  I bought it to add to my collection of unusually cut g-strings and microbikinis.  It certainly is one of those, and unlike some of Dore's more exotic cuts, the X-sling should be acceptable on any beach that admits g-strings.  It stays in place reasonably well for ordinary activities such as sunning, walking (but not running), and casual swimming short of vigorous lap swimming. You do have to hitch it up from time to time. It has a loop over one hip to show that you have something on when lying prome on the beach. 
nadathing #138


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Yes, the new web site looks interesting.  I am thinking about the new string side suits, and was considering that in a thong, but they don't seem to offer it.  Bummer.

It would also help if they would put a consolidated list of fabriocs and colors in one place, some are only presented in certain styles, even though they can be ordered special in other styles.  Ideally they would show colors wity names, and whold categorize by fabric type, witn a description of the fabric type for each type, and perhaps an indication of transp[arency or lack of same with each color.  As it is you have to chace around the site to find this info.



Date Posted:10/05/2007 12:05:45Copy HTML

Hi, This is J from Muscleskins.  Just a few notes on the X-Sling.....

The website lists the item in S/M and L/XL only.  We originally decided to offer this item in only two sizes, but we now make them in XS, S, M, L and XL.  To fit properly, they really need to be offered in the full size range.  Just shoot us an email after ordering with your size.  If you order other items, we automatically size your item accordingly.  Aslo, there seems to be some confusion about the item.  The web site currently shows the item on only one hip, but the items can be constructed to fit either hip...if you have a preference, let us know...otherwise we ship either a LEFT or RIGHT HIP item.  If you order two items we automatically ship a LEFT hip and RIGHT hip version.

We do not recommend the item for swimming.  The item is reasonably secure for tanning, but will not keep you covered in rough surf.  However, if you wear two alternate X-Slings in tandem, one over each hip, the item is extremely secure.  The overall fit when worn in tandem is similar to our MPXT but it adds more lift and has a lower V-plunge in front.  The item when worn in tandem works like a built in C-ring throwing everything up and out even more than our MPXT.  Looks great in contrasting colors!  You end up with a curved strap over each buttock when you wear two.

For a limited time, we are offering special pricing for Thong Wearer's Message Board members only on TWO X-Slings with alternate hips.  Two for $30 (saves you $10).  The items MUST be the same color as we make these items two at a time with alternate hips.  If you order different colors, you'll be paying the listed price of $20 each.  After ordering, just send us an email saying you saw this offer on this message board and we will refund you $10 on the purchse of TWO in the same color.  This offer ends October 15th.  But, if the response is good we will most likely put a similar offering on the website.

There also seems to be some confusion regarding our INTERNATIONAL shipping.  During the checkout process we offer two options, ECONOMY and WORLDWIDE.  They are both shipped via USPS and your domestic mail service.  Both services are via Global Air Mail.  We also offer Fed-Ex, but I don't recommend it....it is extremely expensive.  We are offering different shipping methods to allow you the opportunity to insure your order's shipment.  Some foreign mail services are more reliable than others.  If you trust your postal system, select ECONOMY shipping.  If you select WORLDWIDE your item will be shipped via REGISTERED mail.  This is more secure, double the cost, and may actually add to delivery time due to the security measures involved in transit.  WORLDWIDE (Registered Mail) is automatically insured up to $43.80, the maximum allowed by International Postal Agreements.  If your order is sizeable, we recommend International EXPRESS Mail.  EXPRESS mail can generally be insured for the FULL value and is delivered within 3-4 business days after we ship it.  You can change your shipping preference at anytime up until we ship the item.  Feel free to contact us and we will happily give you the prices and options available to you based upon your order and country.  We are working to make these options available online soon, but can always customize your shipment by email.

undercover20 #140


Date Posted:10/19/2007 03:02:31Copy HTML

Muscleskins Has this new bathing suit out called the X-Sling, Vizeau has a swimsuit just like it. This one is completely hot, can't wait to get one


Jman71 #141


Date Posted:10/26/2007 01:33:53Copy HTML

While on vacation in Bonaire I wore my new Pro front thongs snorkeling. They felt great in the water and I had no problems with them staying in place. However I noticed afterwards that the center seam on the backstrap had begun to burst. This is the first time I've worn these thongs anywhere. Earlier in this year I purchased another Pro thong in a larger size and I ran into the same problem with a bursting seam. I have a 34" waist and the thongs I wore were only in medium size. Has anyone else run into this problem? Other than the seam problem, I really enjoyed wearing these thongs around in the water and on the beaches.
sheer1delight #142


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Jman71. I only own one Pro thong. I just found it too tight underneath so haven't worn it often. Howevere stitching in all my other muscleskins has stayed ok and I use mine frequently as underwear now. Why not mention your misgivings to them. J is very obliging.

I am now about to order another lot of muscleskins and itis so difficult to decide what my budget can afford with the wide variety of fronts and rears available.

Anyone out there tried any in wetlook black or blue? Are they as comfy as supersatin?

wr1944 #143


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I own a few models PRO's and MP. They have a good fit, I have walked for miles and it felt comfortable. I will order a few in the new fabrics and models. I only wished, the fabrics as listed in the PRO range were also available for the other models.
The stitching is without a problem. After some wearing, the fabric looks a little stretched, but on the body, the fabric is fitting like a glove.
sheer1delight #144


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Just received  my muscleskins string and rio brief with larger pouch in black and blue, both in supersatin. These fit really well aided by the larger pouch that reduces risk of "fall out" and the rear centre seam. In fact I I think I would choose the bigger pouch for other styles too. I found the supersatin y fits better than the referee which doesn't have centre seam and is made of a very light fabric. - though it still looks superb.  I really like the string sides.  I just need to try them to the pool next.
sheer1delight #145


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I'm not too sure if some posts missed or deleted but just trying to get this board up and running and for folks to show some interest.Anyone out there tried the muscleskins string with v or rio back. I have one of each in supersatin. Thinking of trying to get some made in wetlook,python or silver.
jenny12345 #146


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G'day all.  This is James again asking if anyone has tried the MPXT with their optional changes?  1/4 or 1/2 smaller pouch.  If so, how's the fit.  The MPT is a tight fit (that we like, (the wife and me)) for me, but I have heard the MPXTmay not fit as tight if one dose not have a little wood going on. I need some help before I order for out next Tulum vacation.  Thanks. PS: The wife is WW gal, loves their thongs.James
Popeye1 #147


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I bought one of these suits last summer. They look ok, fit was mediocre I thought and after only one day of wearing it on the boat it began to stretch out and look a little bedraggled. I certainly expect more from my suits. If you want small and sexy and something that will hold up for repeated wearings I wouldn't reccomend these suits. I'll stick with Dore for my minimal suits and Skinz for my regular beach going. If you want something to wear in the bedroom for a few minutes then maybe these will meet your needs. Peace Popeye
nadathing #148


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Popeye1, you are correct in you evaluation of the Muscleskins Super Satin fabrics as being delicate.  This is a consequence of their very thin nature.  Anyone who wants durability over the painted-on-look that the thin fabric provides, should avoid the Super Satin fabrics (they have others less thin and I'd expect them to be more durable,) or avoid Muscleskins altogether.I find they can last for a good while, but do require special care and less stressfull wearing.  I swim laps in thyem and have had no problems so far.As fas as the cut and fit are concerned, that obviously depends on the individual preferences and individual bodies.  I do think Muscleskins provides a look and fit that so other companies provide.
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I have been happy with most of my muscleskins and I have quite a collection. Yes metallics do not have much stretch and do not last long but I wear supersatins as underwear as well as swimming and find they have quite a long life.  I have just received strings with vback and rio back and plan to order more! There is certainly a difference in the type of fabrics used with some much heavier than others while some are very thin.I quite like the look of skinz wear though it is not cheap and mail to UK is expensive- might just treat myself!
JM_Runs #150


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I actually like the supersatin material as it does seem to form fit nicer than Dore's materials. Although I do find that the way the suits are constructed (not sure if it's the stitching or what) makes them uncomfortable to wear over a period of time.<div></div><div>When I first got them, I also thought the straps looked way too long as I am used to Dore's straps, but when you put them on, they seem to fit on the hips just right.</div>
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