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nicthong #151


Date Posted:01/06/2008 04:15:08Copy HTML

I also like the supersatin. Yes, it's thin. Yes, that makes it delicate. But it also makes it very light to wear, very comfortable, and - as thongboy500 has said - very clingy (especially when wet!). I wear Muscleskins almost exclusively for swimming now and love them! (By the way, the running tights in supersatin look and feel great too!).
jkhud15 #152


Date Posted:02/27/2008 04:02:54Copy HTML

I am looking to buy a couple of Muscleskins products in the next couple of weeks and I need some help in making my decision on what to buy.  I am looking to buy the micro poser extreme (MPX) in saddle, but this is my question.  I like the look of that suit and like to try the supersatin and like the idea that the saddle suit is slightly sheer when wet, but it looks like in the pictures that the model is above average down there.  I am average size (6 inches) when erect.  I don't want the suit to be baggy on me when I am flaccid, I want to buy this suit because I want it to cling to me like a second skin when I am flaccid and stretch when I am erect.  Also are there other supersatin suits that become sheer when wet?  I am also thinking abou the micro poser (MP), but it looks like it squeezes things down there too much.  Does it stretch or does it always bundles things up down there.Can I get the suits above with string sides?  Is there a phone number that I can call and talk to someone about these questions like I did with Dore products?  What about the underwear that Muscleskins sells?  I am also thinking about getting them but I am also worried about them being too big.  Basically what do I need to order for someone that is average (6" erect) so that I get the same feeling and look that the models show on the website?  Thank you.
jn9195 #153


Date Posted:02/27/2008 11:49:29Copy HTML

I would like to see the item selection broken down a little better (clearer), so that you select style, seat, fabric, then color.  Instead of guessing which fabric they are, because all items aren't clear in their descriptions.I would also like to see a string thong from them.
JM_Runs #154


Date Posted:02/29/2008 08:13:05Copy HTML

Well, I bought my first two suits from MUSCLESKINS last month. I'm highly impressed and totally satisfied.For swimwear I got a Pro Series Thong in Snow Leopard.For underwear I got a Supplex Pro Thong in white. This was a great discovery for me because I'd been looking for the perfect thong underwear to wear under sweat pants at the gym for a long time. The one I generally bought before this was the "Rocky" from Metromanusa, which it looks like is out of business.My waist size is around 31, so kind of on the border between small and medium. With Skinz, I always ordered medium. But the material that Muscleskins uses is so stretchy that the small will be ok. Yet, next time I am planning on buying size medium.Muscleskins will be my choice this year and this summer. I'm already familiar with Skinz, Prevailsport, and Dore.The only thing I would like to see is more fabric patterns in the swimwear and underwear, particularly Zebra (one of my favorites), leopard, and maybe hawaiian floral.Great job Muscleskins! Many thanks!
JM_Runs #155


Date Posted:03/01/2008 01:44:12Copy HTML

I really like the Pro suits too, I have a few of the thong and the full back in patterns and they fit great with the plus pouch...very comfortable and minimal without being "too minimal". I love the supplex pro thongs for exercise wear under lycra shorts for rollerblading or nylon shorts for running, but I wish the stitching was better between the pouch and the rear.  There's a lot of seams there and they will get uncomfortable after a while.  As far as wearing during the exercise for support and looking good under clothing, they're great though.
nadathing #156


Date Posted:03/01/2008 03:00:04Copy HTML

jkhud15, I will second what SlidingG say about the saddle color.  It isn't really see through when wet, just some very slight color variations between areas touching the body and those that don't, a very slight suggestion, but not a problem at all. Saddle is not my favorite color supersatin though, perhaps because browns tend to look like skin, though saddle is far enough away from a tanned skin.  If you want to avoid transparency, do avoid the lighter colors. 

Regarding style, you may find the MPX too roomy.  The MP will provide plenty of room, I think even if you get excited, though it does not project you out the way MPX does.  That rather explicit arrangement for MPX may be more of an issue in some places than transparency.  Your preference, of course.  The MP provides a very flattering look, I find. 

Muscleskins does have some string side styles, but I think the cuts are different, so be cautious.  I find the very narrow 1/2 in. wide sides a very nice look, personally. 

Muscleskins seems to prefer email interaction and is very good about getting back to you promptly.  I have had multiple exchanges back and forth with them in a single day.  I do endorse their products heartily.
nadathing #157


Date Posted:03/01/2008 04:22:49Copy HTML

Muscleskins website indicates the String Rio can be had in a Pro style pouch or a Pro Plus pouch.  Is this later cut similar to the MP pouch?  Can anybody compare this style's pouch cuts with the Pro and MP pouches?
JM_Runs #158


Date Posted:03/01/2008 05:20:35Copy HTML

The Pro Plus just has a little more fabric, it is not anatomically shaped at all like the MP/MPX pouches.
sheerdelight #159


Date Posted:03/01/2008 05:36:35Copy HTML

As flnkguy says it just has a little more fabric. I am average sized and I opted for Pro Plus in rio and string. I would advise you go for Pro Plus as it will ensure everything is kept in. Don't worry you will still find the pro plus well fitting.You need not fear that you will have loads of surplus material flapping about!!!!!!!!!!
JM_Runs #160


Date Posted:03/02/2008 12:38:55Copy HTML

Yeah, the pro plus is still pretty tight, at first I thought they messed up my order.
jenny12345 #161


Date Posted:03/09/2008 05:49:01Copy HTML

G"day all.  Has anyone tried the Sand or Lime colors?  How's the fit and look?  Thank you

nicthong #162


Date Posted:03/09/2008 11:46:31Copy HTML

As a big fan of Muscleskins suits and especially the supersatin fabric, I'm sorry to say that regular use in a pool has revealed that the fabric doesn't have a very long life span. I guess that's the nature of such a thin fabric but, even with good care, hand washing and drip drying, the elastic (spandex) in one suit has failed after just a few months of regular lap swimming use. Fortunately I have several others I can use but I have to admit I was a little disappointed. It won't stop me buying them, but in the interests of sharing information (which surely is one of the main functions of this kind of forum), I thought others might like to know.

All that said, I would still HIGHLY recommend Muscleskins in terms of cut, style, fit, comfort, customer service... so please don't be put off!
John Howard #163


Date Posted:03/10/2008 05:38:27Copy HTML

Sad to read that your Muscleskins thong did not resist very well the chlorine of the swimming pool.  I think that should be expected from most swimsuits around, spandex and chlorine don't seem to be the best friends.  I have seen a Speedo sub-brand called "Endurance", my son wears one of these at his swimming lessons, and seems to be very much chlorine resistant.
I would never notice the chlorine factor in my thongs, as I have never worn them at a swimming pool.   I only wear thongs at the beach, but I have to admit that swimming on the sea water wearing only a thong makes a huge difference.
Don't live close to a surfing beach, if I did I would embrace surfing and don't you doubt I would follow Thongmad's steps and surf just wearing a thong.

I bought a few Muscleskins lately (MP's and Pro's), obviously still on the honeymoon with the product, let see what happens after a few sessions on sunbaking and swimming on the beach.However I must admit the quality and styles are very cool.
John Howard
John Howard #164


Date Posted:03/10/2008 05:45:16Copy HTML

G'Day Ray,

I have tried a Muscleskins MP in Lime colour.
The quality of the fabric is magnificent, very stretchy and thin.  The colour is a bit dull, something like a faded bright lime colour.  The fit is quite good, and as the colour is light, is a bit see through and even when dry, it's very easy to spot that I am a circumsised man.
It's good to have a Muscleskins in lime for variety, although it is not as appealing as a purple, red, or blue one.

John Howard
swoontogo #165


Date Posted:03/17/2008 08:29:23Copy HTML

 i just received my first order from muscleskins today. i ordered the mp thong in the lime color and have to say that i am very pleased with the cut and fabric of this suit. the cut is very similar to a dore lc thong (with a bit more refinement) and the comfort is great with the thin stretch lycra. i am curious to see how long these suits will last - some of my dore suits are around 6 years old. if they seem to hold up well to regular use, i would absolutely order more in other colors.
jenny12345 #166


Date Posted:03/22/2008 06:18:08Copy HTML

G'Day Swoontogo and J. Howard,
Thank you for your fast coments.  I'll be ordering two MP suits in sand and lime this week. I like that fit as J put it "you know I'm as cirumsised man", my wife like's that look, too.  We're hopping that the sand color will fit as well or more showie (as my wife says).  Have you guys tried the V-seat?   Thank you again

maozer2003 #167


Date Posted:03/26/2008 11:24:33Copy HTML

A reply to Ray (at Jenny12345): - regarding the V-back - I like this cut personally, it's about 3/4 cover for me - I am slim build & don't have big glutes. The centre seam provides definition.cheers from LondonPhil
darksmooth #168


Date Posted:04/07/2008 09:13:11Copy HTML

I just received my first Muscleskins MP thong in saddle color.  I think I'm going to love the fit.  I'll have to work on a new tan line since the MP rides just about 1/2 inch lower above my buns than my Skinz 1/2" sided thong.  Based on previous posts regarding durability, I plan on mainly laying out or working around the yard while wearing this suit, with only an occasional dip in the pool.  So I hope it lasts.  I told my wife I plan on leaving work early today so I can test drive my new suit.  It looks like I'll have to leave the Skinz for swimming only so I don't end up with a double tan line.
JM_Runs #169


Date Posted:04/24/2008 06:04:42Copy HTML

The store has been temporarily closed just as I was going to place an order. I wish they would have given us an estimated time of reopening. It does have an area to put your email address in now for sale notifications.
nicthong #170


Date Posted:04/24/2008 10:24:38Copy HTML

Jay mentioned to me a while back they were considering rebranding and that could affect the already-planned website revamp. I notice they've introduced a fox logo to the site so it will be interesting to see what the new site has to offer in terms of both functionality and new styles.

I'm afraid I have to report a second suit that's dying prematurely. I love the cut and I love the supersatin fabric but it just doesn't seem to have much resilience or longevity if you're actually using it. And that's a shame. Still, if you're not planning on wearing them regularly in a chlorinated pool (which may or may not have something to do with how short a life spand mine seem to have), you'll probably be fine! I'd still recommend them... just with a warning.
sheerdelight #171


Date Posted:04/25/2008 12:08:49Copy HTML

I noticed that recently there was a custom facility to select different strings and rios on muscleskins apart from those illustrated. Indeed I did avail of this service to make my own selection. Then I noticed this had stopped with limited colours only available but at increased price.

I do hope hope Muscleskins is up and running again soon. They are my favourite supplier.

I hope we are in for more colours and more fabrics!
JM_Runs #172


Date Posted:04/25/2008 12:53:10Copy HTML

 I hope they're back soon, too.  I have a pro series thong from them that my wife really likes the look of and I wanted to get the micro poser version of it.
JM_Runs #173


Date Posted:04/26/2008 04:22:11Copy HTML

 The story is the company is closed for a vacation, and they will soon return with a new line up of suits and a new look to the website.
nadathing #174


Date Posted:04/26/2008 05:20:19Copy HTML

On the question of limited durability of Muscleskins fabrics, it has been previously noted that this has to do in part with the very thin, perhaps gosimer, nature of their fabrics.  True, and those fabrics are an important part of what it is that they want to make and sell, and what some of us want to buy.  The limited durability is part of the cost.  I regret it too, but it's part of that deal, I suppose.

I've noticed that a lot of lycra suits from all sorts of suppliers tend to have some limit to durability when being used actively as in swimming laps (though generally not as limited with other suppliers as with Muscleskins.)  I agree that this probably is due in part to the chlorine.  I think it also in part is due to where the suit is not touching the body when moving through the water.  I see a pattern where my suits and those of others tend to deteriorate in the back top, and that is an area that tends to span across butt clevage.  I also am noticing that with Muscleskins and other suits with a significant pouch where a portion of the pouch area is not touching skin.  Those areas tend to deteriorate too, and I'm seeing it happen in Muscleskins MPs. (I've had 2 or 3 that have started to go.)

My guess is that those areas vibrate some (though at a very low amplitude of vibration) as one moves through the water and that would be the cause of the early deterioration.
JM_Runs #175


Date Posted:05/07/2008 05:35:52Copy HTML

I wrote to Muscleskins a few days ago but haven't received a response. Has anyone else tried to contact them and found out when the website will be open again for sales?
JM_Runs #176


Date Posted:05/07/2008 07:42:09Copy HTML

They are off on vacation, and don't want to open up again until they have re-worked their web site. 

I understand they want to take their time and take new pictures of the suits.  If the new pictures are clear and easy to compare, one to another, they will answer some of the frequently posed questions like "What's the diffrence between x and y?"

So give them a break, I am sure they will post on this board when the re-designed site is up and ready for business. I have no idea of the time line, but for most small makers of custom suits this is a part time business so it may be a month or two.

Hopefully, when they re-open, the pictures will be of just the suits, not long shots of taned modles, and there will be an easy way to compare the cut and fit of each style.
darksmooth #177


Date Posted:05/13/2008 11:06:45Copy HTML

I love the fit of my Muscleskins MP saddle thong.  The tan line I've gotten is nice and precise because of the excellent fit.  It is easy to line the straps up time after time.  The only problem I've seen is not in the pouch material, but the elastic strap itself.  I'm using clips on the sides to keep it tight.  Is this something anyone else has experienced?  If so, any suggestions on how to prevent this?
Even with this issue, I still love the fit and feel of the MP.
JM_Runs #178


Date Posted:05/13/2008 06:59:53Copy HTML

I received a reply from Muscleskins concerning the availability of the website for sales. The date is set for May 19th. The website would have been ready sooner but they have been delayed due to the fact that they have to take all new photos since the designs have changed. They will be using a model for the photos. Otherwise, all the designs are ready to go. 

That's all the info I have.
JM_Runs #179


Date Posted:05/14/2008 03:57:04Copy HTML

Darksmooth, I have an MP saddle thong, too, but haven't experienced the problem you speak of.  Could it be your size is too large?  Mine is perfect all over, though dipping a little low in front and exposing a bit of pubes.  But then, so did their model on their website, so I guess that is to be expected if you don't shave.  If a smaller size is smaller all over, maybe the pouch won't be large enough for you.  If I had your problem, I'd very carefully cut a section out of each side and sew up the ends.  I do this all the time on the back straps of my thongs so they'll ride lower and hold the boys in better.  If no good with a needle and thread yourself, maybe a good friend could do it.  Good luck, it's a real nice thong. 
darksmooth #180


Date Posted:05/14/2008 01:16:31Copy HTML

Thank you for the advice, SlidingG.  I'm certainly not the one to do the sewing.  But I'm sure I can convince my wife to help me out.  The fit all around was perfect.  I noticed the "stretch" after I washed the thong in cool water and liquid soap.  Perhaps my washing method isn't correct.  But I think you're right.  I'll need to cut and trim a little at this point.
JM_Runs #181


Date Posted:05/15/2008 04:51:16Copy HTML

Thongs and strings at the beach, no problem, I'm comfortable.  But no thongs at my health club pool, not allowed, wouldn't anyway, the folks are my business colleagues.  Tried a black Muscleskins V-back PRO there, but it was uncomfortably brief, especially the tiny, low pouch and low narrow sides, so back to my orange 1" waveline bikini.

But yesterday I was in a daring mood.  I've never worn a rio in public, shows too much cheek and I don't want such tanlines.  But there's no sun in the pool area, and in my mirror at home I thought my cheeks looked okay in my camo Muscleskins string rio, and the pouch is adequate, not too low.  So I did it, and it felt great!  In the whirlpool and a few exercises on the mat.  When wet, the back stayed in place fine, no wedgie.  Will I repeat it today?  We'll see.  Tomorrow my leg brace comes off (knee therapy) and I'll be back in the pool doing laps.  It'll be fun to see how daring I feel then.   
jn9195 #182


Date Posted:05/21/2008 03:26:10Copy HTML

Muscleskins has their website updated now...  some of the styles are now combined and they have some new ones.
Their prices increased slightly.  They discontinued the STRINGS style.
They ADDED TAGS to the suits for legal reasons.  My only problem with that is their pictures DO NOT SHOW where they are or how large they are. The site says the pictures reflect the new styles, but apparently without the tags.

I would like to see them get the LAVA material back, my lava thong suit was a really good fit and very thin...   Slightly transparent when wet... during my last trip to FLL, I wore this most of the time at the motel.  On the grounds (around back to do laundry), in the pool, to/from the pool, and even to my car.  A group of ladies had many positive comments about my suit and my backside... as did a female housekeeper and a female manager.   I must have left it in the room hanging to dry...  I was very disappointed when I learned that I could not order another in that same material.

sheerdelight #183


Date Posted:05/21/2008 07:48:49Copy HTML


Great to hear that the site is up and running. I must have a look. What a shame they no longer do the string styles. I ordered some rio and v backs in wet look blue and black - I though they were great and was looking forward to ordering some more in other fabrics/colours especially plum - a  material  that feels nice and that gives a great fit in pro rio style. Shame - I might have to opt for skinzwear items instead if I want string sides though I prefer the muscleskins suits better..

I have a lava suit in pro rio. Glad you reminded me because I have't seen it for a while. It must have worked its way to the back of my swim/underwear drawer. I don't think I have worn it to the pool yet.  I will have to unearth it and consider giving it an outing somewhere.

Muscleskins certainly has a variety of fabrics and it is amazing how they all have different characteristics and feel slightly different when being worn. I certainly have my favourites. It all depends what you want from your suit. Combined with their brevity they are great to wear.
sheerdelight #184


Date Posted:05/23/2008 07:25:55Copy HTML

Well I have had a look at the new site. Some new shapes of bikinis and some small short styles. Alas the strings have gone and the four back styles are reduced to three with the loss of the v back which I found was a great fit between the (often very) full back and the rio. Some new fabrics and others have gone.

I look forward to hearing what others think and their experience of the newer styles..

JM_Runs #185


Date Posted:05/23/2008 03:19:56Copy HTML

I ordered a few MP thongs and one of the new pouch bikinis, I'll let you know how they work out.  I was tempted to try one of the squarecuts but the lower butt cheek peeking out look isn't attractive on my body, I don't think.
NCThonger #186


Date Posted:05/23/2008 07:44:49Copy HTML

I received the email that lead me to the new muscleskins website. I am interested in ordering several of the Micro Poser and the Micro Poser Extreme styles.  Can anyone tell me how the pouches in the front of each of those styles compare with the Joe Snyder bulge thong?  I am a 36" waist so I would assume ordering a size L?  Any other suggestions or comments are appreciated.
maozer2003 #187


Date Posted:05/24/2008 06:25:39Copy HTML

In reply to NCThonger - I can only comment on the old-style MP and MPX cuts, the new ones look slightly different, but the same kind of shape I think.  I find the MP style to be more rounded and less protruberant at the front than the Snyder bulge. However the MPX is (as you can probably see from the photos) considerably more extended in the pouch than the Snyder - and in my case, requires some "inflation" to fill it out.

nadathing #188


Date Posted:05/28/2008 04:09:37Copy HTML

I looked at the new website.  It seems that every six months or so, Muscleskins gets a loss of self confidence or something and has to go off and contemplate how they want to do business.  They have a great product.  I don't see what the problem is.  Oh, well.  It's their business.
I wish they would have more choices in patterned fabrics.  They offer few and they gear towards the animal skin designs, and I don't care for them.  The few others tend to be too transparent when wet for my normal use.  Guess I'll have to stick with Dore and Skinz for most.
I note that they now call the mid range back a "half seat," whereas before it was a "Rio."  I like the "Rio."  The "Half Seat" looks like it may be a bit different.  Anybody able to compare the two?   
JM_Runs #189


Date Posted:05/28/2008 04:35:12Copy HTML

I wish they offered more patterns too.  Animal prints don't count...that's the (negative) stereotype of "that thong guy" wearing a little animal print thong.  Not gonna do it!     They do still have some of the old fabrics around, I was able to custom order some of the new suits in the Jakarta fabric from the old site.  My wife loves how they look on me and I prefer those kinds of Hawaii/tropical/Pacific/tribal feeling prints to solids.  The patterns don't show as much detail when wet so you can still feel a little modest while wearing something tiny.
nicthong #190


Date Posted:05/28/2008 10:43:17Copy HTML

To try and clarify what appears to be some confusion over the changes in Muscleskins' rear styles, the 'news' section of the site states that the "RIO seat has been changed to HALF-SEAT, it is still basically the same fit with minimal differences" and the home page of the store defines the FULL seat as a "sporty athletic-cut 'V' seat", so it sounds to me as though they've dropped the old 'full' seat and chosen to produce the more popular 'v-seat' instead, just under a new name. (Interestingly the new Pouch Bikini and Pouch Bikini Extreme state that they're only available with a full seat which is "fuller than our athletic v-cut seat" so it may be worth emailing them before placing any orders to clarify which rear style you want!).

Also, those of us who like the old 'Pro' cut should note that it's now called 'Athlete' and the pouch sits somewhere between the Pro and Pro Plus, based on customer feedback.
clubthongs #191


Date Posted:06/02/2008 01:46:33Copy HTML

I have several of the MP and MPX thongs and like the fit. That being said, due to the projectile nature of the MPX I don't think I would wear it in public. Though more conservative, even the MP is so tiny that I am hesitant to wear it in public. I would love to hear from others who own these suits as to the various venues where you have worn them and the reactions you received from others.
JM_Runs #192


Date Posted:06/02/2008 03:31:23Copy HTML

I have the MP thong in saddle and really love the fit.  I'd wear it without hesitation at my favorite beach in RI among the regular folks, but since I always go for an overall tan, I'll stick to my tan-thru sliding g-strings during the sunning part of the day.  Maybe once my injured knees heal, I'll wear it for my early morning runs there, when tan lines are not an issue.  I wear a thong while running for the added support, unless no one's around and I can bare it all.
As to the MPX, my only suit with that pouch is the single hip suit they used to sell, in navy.  It's an outrageous design to start with, so its projection is really not an issue, per se.  I look forward to trying it out this summer at the same beach, but further down from the crowds among the thongers and nudes-behind-windscreens folk.  Most anything there is fine, you've just to watch not to offend the strollers if you decide to lay out nude without a windscreen.  I expect the reactions will be more of interest than anything else.  Should be fun to try.
JM_Runs #193


Date Posted:06/17/2008 06:21:45Copy HTML

Apologies if this has already been asked in this thread, but there are too many to read through. Are there any European (Preferably UK-based) suppliers of Muscleskins? I like the look of their thongs, but would prefer to avoid high postal charges and possible customs fees.
sheerdelight #194


Date Posted:06/17/2008 09:09:13Copy HTML

No. They supply direct. I live in UK and have had many orders from them, mostly 3-4 pairs. Only once was there a demand for customs money and the postman left the parcel and never collected the money. The briefs are so skimpy that they will hardly be noticed in the envelope they come in. Yes the charges are higher than one would like as it only costs about  $2.40 to post 3 pairs of rios from the USA. (skinzwear want $20 for posting stuff). I don't know if the mail check every parcel or not. My orders are around $80 mark but as i said I have never paid anything for musclwskins gear yet and I have a substantial collection!!!!

I love their stuff though I don't buy the thongs!

go for it I say!!!!!!!1
JM_Runs #195


Date Posted:06/18/2008 08:12:26Copy HTML

Thanks for the information. I have ordered a pouch bikini eXtreme in white, and will report back on how I like it.
JM_Runs #196


Date Posted:06/18/2008 10:29:28Copy HTML

I have a pouch bikini in one of the print fabrics and really like it.  The back and sides are actually kind of conservative but it fits like it was painted on and is comfortable to wear.
JM_Runs #197


Date Posted:06/29/2008 07:03:13Copy HTML

The Muscleskins pouch bikini I ordered was delivered from the US in 8 days from placing the order, which I thought was very good. The white bikini looks good on, fitting slugly at the back and showing a good profile up front. It's unlined so I guess I will have to be careful on the beach if I get it wet.
JM_Runs #198


Date Posted:07/01/2008 03:33:47Copy HTML

Lycrathong, I like your understatement!  Careful, indeed.  Have fun!  I tried out a new white mesh Roman thong from Skinz my last time at the beach.  Sure enough, I should have been more careful.  Seriously, nobody was too close, no shock and awe.  If I keep wearing it, I'll probably die it orange, my favorite color, and it will be fine most anywhere.  A really good cut, and it covers the goods (just barely), and is an interesting departure from my usual sliding g-strings.  I've tried several Muscleskins suits, they look and feel great, but not for all-day wear, as I'm after an overall tan.  Good for early morning runs on the beach, though, offering good support and an almost not-there feel.  
sheerdelight #199


Date Posted:07/24/2008 12:36:53Copy HTML

Although a keen rio brief fan I wonder if anyone has tried the  new short square cut styles from Muscleskins. Although they would clearly cover far more than my existing rio strings, mps and other bikinis I was wondering if anyone had tried this style yet?
koalafan #200


Date Posted:07/29/2008 11:09:21Copy HTML

Just wondering if anyone from the UK could tell me how long it took between placing your order and receiving it in the post? I ordered a couple of thongs and a full back suit from Muscleskins on the 8th of this month and they still haven't arrived. Thanks for your help.
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