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nicthong #201


Date Posted:07/30/2008 07:11:44Copy HTML

I've had varied experiences with delivery times. Small orders have come through pretty quickly. Orders with several items have been caught up in customs and I've ended up not only with a long wait but also a customs charge :( I guess that's always a possibility ordering from the US. I think three to four weeks is about the longest I've had to wait so I'd give it another week or so. If you haven't had an email saying the order has been shipped, you may just want to check that with Jay.
sheerdelight #202


Date Posted:07/30/2008 07:45:56Copy HTML

I have bought loads from Muscleskins over the past 12-18 months. Most stuff arrives in about 10-14 days. Hopefully it should be arriving anytime now. All packages have escaped the attention of customs save for one that had a demand for money on a sticker affixed to the package. The postman never attempted to collect the money and I never volunteered it so to date I have paid nothing in about 10 deliveries.

If you don't receive anything within the next few days I suggest you send Muscleskins an e mail.

I hope you rceive your stuff soon. If this is your first order I hope you are happy with your purchase and that the gear lives up to your expectations. keep the messageboard informed!

Although a rio and full back ( rather than thong) fan I quite like the look of those Brazilian boy shorts. I also have my eye on a couple of MP and maybe even an MPX item. Time for me to get ordering.

sheerdelight - a UK muscleskins fan
koalafan #203


Date Posted:07/30/2008 10:57:49Copy HTML

Thanks for the prompt replies nicthong and sheerdelight.Well, the good news is that I have recieved my order today. The bad news is that I've been hit with a customs charge. I recieved a postcard through the door this morning stating that they were unable to deliver, so I had to take a journey to the local delivery office to collect my order and make a payment of £14.70.  

Like you say nicthong, it's always a risk you take when buying from the US. The only other overseas company I've bought goods from is Koala and thankfully I've never experienced any problems with them.

This is my first purchase and I will report back later once I have tried them on. I hope the quality of the goods makes up for having to pay that customs charge!
sheerdelight #204


Date Posted:07/31/2008 02:33:08Copy HTML

It'snot even the customs charge proper,it is the damn fee levied by the Royal Mail that makes up the bulk of the payment!
koalafan #205


Date Posted:07/31/2008 10:00:21Copy HTML

I’ve already returned to the muscleskins website and made another order so I guess that tells you how satisfied I am with my purchases!  The fit is great, the pouch is just the right size and I love the fabric. They are both incredibly comfortable and sexy. I can’t wait to wear my black pouch bikini on the beach!  I only found out about muscleskins through this website and I’m glad I did. I think they could well become a favourite of mine.
NCThonger #206


Date Posted:08/04/2008 07:49:16Copy HTML

Ordered my first Muscleskins thongs about a month ago and ordered the MP in a size Large with a standard pouch and an MPX in a Large reduced 1cm.  Love the cut and fit, but seemed a bit tighter than I would typically like.  I am 36" waist and that is what was recommended for me.  I placed a 2nd order and ordered all MP in XL this time and increased the pouch 1cm.  These fit much better than the original ones and are very comfy for every day wear.  I am very pleased with the quality and workmanship of these and will most certainly be ordering more in the future.
navythong #207


Date Posted:10/31/2008 06:10:40Copy HTML

I'm very interested in the fit of the MPX with 1 cm reduced pouch. I'm a bit in doubt about the pouch-size.
Does it fit as on the pictures on muscleslins' website?
stanpuppy #208


Date Posted:10/31/2008 07:52:24Copy HTML

I have about 6 muscleskins suits.  In my opinon the MPX's are the best.  The pouch clings to you (exactly like the pics on the website).  My only problem with Muscleskins is I wish the back rode up higher.  I find that the thong back sits too low on me.  I wish it was more like the joe snyder rio's which ride much higher and give a cleaner tan line.  If someone would combine the JS back with the Muscleskins pouch, you would have the ultimate thong!!!
JM_Runs #209


Date Posted:11/01/2008 12:13:28Copy HTML

Stanpuppy, I often cut out some of the backstrap so my thongs will ride lower.  How about adding a bit to your Muscleskin backstraps?  The extra piece would be hidden, so the look wouldn't be affected, and you'd get the higher ride you prefer.
stanpuppy #210


Date Posted:11/01/2008 12:29:58Copy HTML

thanks sliding, but way too much work. 
JM_Runs #211


Date Posted:11/05/2008 03:27:20Copy HTML

I was just curious what the turn a round time is on the muscleskinz?(once the order is placed)
miaswim #212


Date Posted:11/12/2008 04:25:35Copy HTML

Jonny99 -I've usually received my orders in about 7 - 10 days depending on the time of year.  Obviously they get more orders spring/summer for the warm months.
hothong #213


Date Posted:12/17/2008 08:53:56Copy HTML

A question for all - will the COLOUR of Muscleskinz fades off after washing? I notice it happened to Joe Synder products and I hate it. Not worth paying so much and at the end of the day all the colours become dull.

JM_Runs #214


Date Posted:12/17/2008 01:28:55Copy HTML

After returning from our Caribbean vacation last Thursday and sporting a deep, overall tan, I went for broke at my health club Friday trying to keep the 'French' aura alive, however briefly:  I wore my black Muscleskins V-back sting bikini into the pool/whirlpool area.  Wow, my briefest ever!  Explaining the context of my attire to a few of the regulars, they chuckled and expressed envy of our fantastic vacation.  They chuckled even more heartily when I mentioned the lovely eye candy I'd appreciated on St. Bart's' clothing optional beaches, all the while leaving my own attire on those beaches to their imaginations.  Back in the showers they must have figured it out.

It was back to the Arena 1" Monday and going forward.  Still the briefest, but very comfortable and pretty standard, I think.     
rockys01 #215


Date Posted:12/21/2008 02:59:43Copy HTML

hothong, I have a bunch of Muscleskins in many colors.  I haven’t had a problem with the suits fading quickly. I have used mine to tan at the beach and many times in the back yard or on a friend’s deck. I wear my suits as underwear daily so they get washed frequently, in cold water & hung on the line out of the sun to dry. I have been real happy with the suits & just ordered a bunch more since they had them on sale. My first muscle skins suits, which I still wear, are about 1.5 years old & looks good just worn form the use.  Most of my suits are MP or MPX thongs & I do have a few full seats, over all I think the quality is very good.  I have had Koala & California muscle suits fade faster than my Muscle skins.
hothong #216


Date Posted:12/22/2008 04:44:11Copy HTML

thamks for the reply. I hv placed my order for Half back!
stanpuppy #217


Date Posted:01/14/2009 07:20:13Copy HTML

I am sure these posts will get moved since there is an extensive section on the board for muscleskins.  But, for what it is worth, I will give you my answers.  Personally, i prefer the MP over the MPX.  The MP give a pronounced pouch without being to overt.  I really dont think the MPX is appropriate for an american public beach (South beach, Miami excepted).  On the other hand, I see no problem at all with the MP.  The other issue i have with the MPX is the pouch size.  Being totally honest, I am on the middle to high side of average downstairs (actually, you can see for yourself if you view my images).  I find the standard MPX pouch to be a little lax when i am in a "normal" state (or if I just got out of the water).  If I were to buy another MPX, i would probabaly have them reduce the pouch by 1 cm.  I actually think it would look better on me that way.  I avoid the issue altogeather by buying the MP series.  I love them.

As far as the size goes...I too have a 32 waist.  I bought my first muscleskins in a "M" and found them to be too tight.  I sold them on eBay (Oddly enough, for more than i paid for them on the muscleskins web site) and got the same suits in a size "L".  Much much better.  Even though I am a thin guy (6 foot, 170 lbs) I could see my self actually purchashing an XL someday.  I may be different than most, but i dont like my thongs to be super tight.  Not comfy.
navythong #218


Date Posted:01/17/2009 02:34:26Copy HTML

Thanks for your answers to my post. What do you mean by size 'M' to be too tight, the waist, the pouch or both?
On the pics on Muscleskins' website it looks like the MP's front is a bit lower then then MPX's front. Is the MP's front  really lower then the MPX's or is it just a matter how you put on the suit?
I took a look at your pictures, by the way. Look nice!

stanpuppy #219


Date Posted:01/17/2009 03:51:48Copy HTML

I was referring to the waist.  You can see my size from the pics and i have no problem with the MP pouch.  I have 2 MPX suits and now 5 MP's.  The front is the same on each type, neither is lower than the other.  When i put them on right, the top of the suit hits right above the base of my shaft, which is right where i want it.   I dont like my thongs digging up my butt, so i prefer the large to the medium.  For reference, i am 6 feet tall and 165-170 lbs.
JM_Runs #220


Date Posted:01/17/2009 07:31:18Copy HTML

Same height and weight as Stanpuppy, own an MP, not an MPX.  Yes, it's low, right at the base of the shaft, and since I don't shave, a bit of pubes shows, sort of V-shape.  I like that masculine touch, though I know it's not for everyone.  More to the point, mine is a medium, rather tight, so Stanpuppy's guidance on going with a large for our size body is right on.  Good luck in your quest, I think you'll love it!
John Howard #221


Date Posted:01/18/2009 05:06:05Copy HTML

I did a mistake on my latest shopping from Muscleskins, and ordered size "M" (I'm 34 inch waist), but they arrived and were a bit too tight everywhere.
I have returned them to be exchanged by size "L".

My old Muscleskins MP's are still alive and kicking.  They are defintely the tiniest I would ever wear in public.  They do go very low in the front almost at the base of the shaft, as SlidingG quoted.  I don't have any problem with pubic hair showing because I wax it all every 5 weeks.

These suits are probably the best, perhaps a bit better than Dore's Low Cuts, I reckon a bit better quality of the fabric.   They are the best incentive not to abandon the stair cardio machine, or the spinning bike, because they are so tiny at the sides, that if you have any overweight at that area, it would show immediately and it might even cover the view of the sides.  

Will stick to non-bright colours, I think they look much better than the bright ones.

Haven't bought any MPX,  don't think I would ever buy any.   I think the MP's are prominent enough in the front naturally;  the MPX puts too much emphasys in the bulge, and that could potentially fireback on us thongers to get more acceptance from the wider beach community.  I've even decided not to buy any more MPs in bright colours, they attract too much attention to the bulge which I really do not want.

John Howard
stanpuppy #222


Date Posted:01/18/2009 11:59:12Copy HTML

Personally, i think the quality of muscleskins blows Dore's suits away.  The muscleskins material is top quality.  Wife and i just planned our spring trip to south beach.  5 beach days, so i am bringing 5 muscleskins MP's,  Might bring one tulio bikini for the hotel pool if a thong is not appropriate (not sure where we are staying yet).  Wife has 3 new weasel G's from christmas.  She started wearing the 457 last year as well, so i am going to try to get her to bring all 3 of her 462's (very very tiny) and her two 457's (virually invisible).  She goes topless, so the tops really are irrelevant
stanpuppy #223


Date Posted:01/21/2009 04:31:59Copy HTML

If anyone has any muscleskins MP's they are interested in selling, let me know.  I am in the market for some additional ones.  Size L only.  Will consider the MPX is the price is right
stanpuppy #224


Date Posted:01/23/2009 08:07:34Copy HTML

I just placed an order with muscleskins.  3 MP thongs (white, cobalt, and tangerine).   I also placed a custom order for an MPX in a new color they have called SOLAR (basically yellow).  This fabric will be super sheer when wet.  I figure the 3 MP's will be for the spring trip to south beach, as well as for other public beaches up here in the northeast.  I will bust out the MPX when we head to the nude beach at Sandy Hook in early summer.
stanpuppy #225


Date Posted:02/07/2009 09:46:17Copy HTML

If anyone is interested, I am selling a custom color MUSCLESKINS suit on eBay.  I wanted something really wicked for the upcoming summer, so i emailed them and asked them what was their hottest color for an MPX thong.  The customer service rep said they had a new fabric which will not even be in thier catalog until August.  It is called SOLAR (basically bright yellow).  I ordered it in a L with a standard pouch.  The suit is KILLER!!!  Fabric is super super soft, and clings to me like it is a second skin....classic muscleskins!!!   Only problem is....I really like my thongs to be on the looser side and (even thought it is a large) it is a tad tight for me.    If you are interested, just go to ebay and search on "muscleskins".  Mine is the only one that will come up (actually....not true...i am also selling another MPX from last season cuz i can converting to the MP for this year)
stanpuppy #226


Date Posted:02/16/2009 08:43:09Copy HTML

Muscleskins just redid their website with alot of new colors and a much easier ordering format.  I just ordered 6 new MP thongs.  The new colors (purple, aqua and bombay print) are awesome.  I also solved the dilemia of the low riding back of muscleskins.  On a whim i purchased a size XL (i am 6 feet and weigh about 170 lbs).  It fit like a dream!!!!  It was not tight at all between the cheeks and rode up higher so that my tanlines will look the way i like them (I hate when it looks like a straight line across the back. I like them to dip into a little V shape ).  I ordered standard pouch in the standard width with what they are calling the "sun thong" style.

Muscleskins does not have a wonderful return policy (as the suits are all custom made) so i just took the 6 size "large suits" that i have previously ordered and sold them on eBay.  I took the money and replaced the size "L" suits with identical colors in size "XL"  I find the the suits sell for within $2-$3 of what you pay from muscleskins. BY the time you add in the shipping, you make out about the same costwise.  This is better than the 3/4 credit you get from muscleskins if you return a suit to them.

They also tweaked the styles a bit, and i am glad they did.  Now the choice between the MP and the MPX is a simple one.  The new MPX design is a bit too extreme for me.  Reminds me more of a DORE Torpedo style.  I honestly can not see wearing it on south beach, as it would be so obvious that you are out to show off your unit.  On the other hand...the MP is HOOOOOTTTTTT!.  I cradles me real tight and makes a nice outline of whats underneath without being obscene.  You can wear the MP on any pubic beach anywhere and not have any problems.  The lighter colors get much more sheer when wet, but i still dont think they would be a problem at your more progressive beaches.  I would wear the white and solar (the two lightest colors) in the ocean at SoBe and have no problem walking back to the beach towel.

Check it out.  I will be donning my new suits this april when wife and i head to Sobe
nadathing #227


Date Posted:03/07/2009 06:13:35Copy HTML

I have to agree with stanpuppuy on the Muscleskins MP.  I wear it with a Rio style back.  I think that is what they now call a halfback.  (I haven't ordered for a little while.)  It is my "standard" style at the pool where I normally swim laps several times a week, and I have no problems with the staff or others.  I avoid see through colors for there, of course.  Occasionally I do wear other styles, but mostly now it's the MP.
stanpuppy #228


Date Posted:03/09/2009 06:18:27Copy HTML

I have tried several of the muscleskins bikini styles and have not had alot of luck with them.  While there thongs rock, i find that their non-thong suits just dont lay right on me.  I have tried the string style (which they have since discontinued), the rio pro and the MP bikini.  I think muscleskins real niche is in their thongs.  Currently I have one bikini style suit (Tulio).  I am looking to get one more for this season, basically for hotels or resorts where a muscleskin thong is not the way to go.  I will probably get another Tulio suit, as they really know how to rock that style
stanpuppy #229


Date Posted:03/25/2009 06:46:07Copy HTML

Just an FYI that muscleskins has some really good options that are not listed on their website.  The fabric is called UA and it stands for Under Armour (i am guessing that it is the same material they use to make the sportswear).  I just got an MPX thong in pink and have another one coming in white.  THe fabric is awesome.  I went with the MPX instead of my normal style MP because the material is so sheer that is will only be suitable for clothing optional beaches.  If you are going to show through anyway, i figured i would go with the more extreme style since nobody will care on the C/O beach anyway.  All you have to do is pick out the style you want and go to the "special order" section.  In the fabric section, specify "UA" and the corresponding color.  It comes in white, black, pink, burgundy and red.
jkhud15 #230


Date Posted:03/26/2009 06:05:26Copy HTML

stanpuppy, i am thinking about ordering the pink and white AU suits from Musclekins in both MP and MPX.  Can you post a picture of you in those suits in your image folder so i can see what they look like? thanks
JM_Runs #231


Date Posted:03/26/2009 06:49:18Copy HTML

Muscleskins has finally updated their website so they show more fabrics that are available and ordering specialized suits is much easier. Even though I swore off ordering new suits until it actually turned warm around here....I ordered a couple of PRO thongs and a specialized RACER (with a 1/2 seat) for when I'm at the public pool. Great new colors by the way...lime and tangerine for the thongs and ocean for the bikini. 
Got to put a kudos in for Jupiter at Muscleskins. Always a pleasure to work with and has to be the fastest responder via email I've ever dealt with online. He's the best! 
stanpuppy #232


Date Posted:04/01/2009 11:16:30Copy HTML

I own both the UA pink and the UA white in the MPX thong.  I just got them so i dont have any pic yet.  Hope to soon
jkhud15 #233


Date Posted:04/02/2009 06:19:59Copy HTML

Stanpuppy, as soon as you can post a picture of you in both UA suits would be appreciated.  I am planning on buying the suits as soon as possible but i want to see what they look like first.  Thanks a bunch.
gstringkz #234


Date Posted:04/14/2009 04:00:55Copy HTML

Hi everybody.

I am planning to buy muscleskins PRO style with 3/4 seat and 1/2 seat . Could somebody compare Joe Snider Capri bikini and Muscleskins product?

stanpuppy #235


Date Posted:04/16/2009 12:24:52Copy HTML

i vastly prefer the muscleskins, since the pouch cradles you nicely and the material is of a much higher quality.  I have 8 muscleskins suits and i just placed an order for two more (mpx thongs) today in the custom fabrics they have (solar and lime)
lovemythong #236


Date Posted:04/17/2009 03:53:22Copy HTML

Just ordered 2 MPX thongs in the new "narrower" front style in Magenta and Coral colours.  Has anyone had MPXs in the "narrower" option, if so, how are they ?  I ordered mine because I allready have some in the "wider" style, but I fancied something a bit different to what I have.  Also I think that they should look awesome, particularly in the colours I have chosen.  By the way, Muscleskins are closing down for 3 weeks after today for staff holidays.
stanpuppy #237


Date Posted:04/17/2009 11:19:29Copy HTML

All mine are in the narrower style.  They are awesome. Fit like a glove and leave virtually nothing to the imagination.  In fact, i am wearing one tomorrow.  It is going to be 75 deg in NJ and wife and i decided we were going to head to Sandy Hooks gunnision (nude) beach.  I am bringing my white and baby pink Muscleskins MPX thong and letting wife pick which one she wants me to wear.  She is going to wear her brand new Malibu Strings teardrop G-string that i just got her.  I am bringing the camera so i am sure i will be posting some pics to our flickr account
jkhud15 #238


Date Posted:04/19/2009 03:22:14Copy HTML

Stanpuppy, i saw that you are going to post some pictures of you in your Muscleskins pink and white mpxt UA suits on your Flickr account.  I have been waiting for you to post some pictures so i can see them because i am buying those two suits and want to see what they look like.  Can you post a link to those pictures or tell me how to get to them so i can see them.
stanpuppy #239


Date Posted:04/20/2009 12:34:58Copy HTML

Just got back from sandy hook, NJ's Gunnision beach.  Although the weather was warm, it was colder and windy at the beach so we only stayed a couple of hours.   I wore my new pink Muscleskins MPX thong.  Wife wore a super hot Malibu Strings teardrop g-string, although i really didnt get any good pics, cuz she was too cold to get up and move around for the photos.  I had her take three shots of me in the MPX.  All the pics we took are posted on our Flickr account. The link is

JM_Runs #240


Date Posted:04/20/2009 02:23:24Copy HTML

you look pretty in pink :)  keep up the good work...
yogabutt #241


Date Posted:04/20/2009 09:44:17Copy HTML

 Thanks for the update!  You look like you were freezing.  I hope I get to "The Hook" soon.
brflines #242


Date Posted:04/20/2009 02:28:15Copy HTML


you look amazing in our pink thong. thanks for the pics!
stanpuppy #243


Date Posted:04/21/2009 01:56:24Copy HTML

brflines...what do you mean "our" thong?  Do you work for/own Muscleskins?
navythong #244


Date Posted:04/21/2009 05:07:40Copy HTML

Hi Stanpuppy, I checked out the pics of your pink MPX. Looks very good!
What size is it? Does it have a standard pouch? What's your waist size?
stanpuppy #245


Date Posted:04/21/2009 05:20:24Copy HTML

It is a size (L +1/2).   It is a special order size from Muscleskins.  I find their larges a little constricting on me, since i dont like my thongs real tight.  The XL is too big around the waist, so what they instructed me to do is to order a large and in the "comments" section box, stipulate "please make 1/2 size up from standard large".    Every single suit i have from them is now in this size.   I have a 31 waist, I am almost 6 feet tall, and weight about 165-170 lbs.  And yes, the pouch is standard size, although i did order the special "narrow" front
stanpuppy #246


Date Posted:04/23/2009 08:21:24Copy HTML

Go to my flickr page

Steeve666 #247


Date Posted:05/04/2009 09:45:49Copy HTML

 Can't wait to get mine. I ordered an extra-pouch (2cm more) to my thong. Wilol wear it at the Club where I go for training. Will let you know about the comments. Have fun ! Steeve
rodrog #248


Date Posted:05/21/2009 01:51:25Copy HTML

This company is unreal!   Customer service is better than Nordstrom.  These professionals will work with you on waist, pouch, back size and fit.  As the website reccomends - order one that you think will meet your needs.  Once you get it out of the pouch - you may say ... this thing looks flimsy.... wait until you put it on.   It is complete MAGIC.  I did the Racer - the most modest.  I found the pouch to be a bit snug - so I am having a new suit modified with a larger pouch and a V seat.   If you are an underwear - bikini afficianado - you will be hooked.
One of the other posts asked how they compare to a Joe Snyder.  JS is hot - no doubt - but comparing JS to Muscleskins is like comparing Walmart to a tailored Armani or Loro Piana fine garment.  Enjoy guys!
JM_Runs #249


Date Posted:06/10/2009 12:01:34Copy HTML

I got 2 of the new UA fabric thongs in the "Pro" cut.  The fabric is not as stretchy as I thought it would be, but this is actually good, I'm wearing them under lycra shorts for exercise and they help keep the bulge under control.  It's not quite into G.I. Joe territory but it's more muted than some of my other thongs.
stanpuppy #250


Date Posted:06/10/2009 02:53:20Copy HTML

Muscleskins are much more durable than they look.  Much like wicked weasel for women, they look very skimpy and delicate when they arrive, but they do endure.  I have several thongs from two years ago that still look like they took them out of the bag.  I order them all the time, as i think they are the best looking thongs out there (for my body type)
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