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navythong #251


Date Posted:06/18/2009 05:35:42Copy HTML

 Hi Stanpuppy,

I just took a look at your photo's on Flickr. Nice purple MP thong!
What size is it? Is it a standard or a narrow pouch? Is the pouch depth also standard?

I like to order an MP thong too, but a little in doubt about the size.
stringster #252


Date Posted:06/21/2009 03:03:47Copy HTML

i am having a bit of trouble deciding on which back style to get, it is between the sport thong and fan seat. i definitely don't want the sun thong. it is a little hard to tell how it would look on myself because the pictures are of a really muscly guy and unfortunately i dont have an ass anywhere near that tough! my butt is on the small side so if anyone has either or both of these back styles and can post some pics of what their behind looks like in these styles, or point me to some galleries then it would surely help in making my decision. ive searched everywhere, i cant find many pics of people in muscleskins on the web. only know of stanpuppy's pics which are mostly frontal.
as soon as i have decided on a back style, i can send some emails to get the sizing right and order a few in the same style and size but in different colours. i've already got a heap of thongs for the beach but i think when you're going for sharp tan-lines its important to stick to exactly the same style day in day out!
JM_Runs #253


Date Posted:06/22/2009 03:31:35Copy HTML

 i have wondered how the althetic cut holds up during athletic ativites and is there any sizing isues for smaller lads???? what about shipping???
nicthong #254


Date Posted:06/22/2009 02:31:29Copy HTML

My last few orders from Muscleskins have taken 3-4 weeks because they've got caught up in customs and I've then ended up paying duties and post office processing fees. They're great suits and without a doubt my all time favourite but the cost can really sting here in the UK when you add the extra fees on.
navythong #255


Date Posted:07/07/2009 05:36:51Copy HTML

 Hi everybody,

Today I received my first Muscleskins thong. It's a navy MP with a narrow 1 cm reduced pouch, and arrived in just 8 days from ordering. The color and fabric are very nice, and the fit is great. Since Musclekins is known for their small suits, I was rather curious about the fit......I would say its not small, its so tiny!!!! I'm not sure I have the guts to wear it to the beach. I try to post a picture when my tanlines have matched my Muscleskins suit.
SlidingG #256


Date Posted:07/07/2009 06:11:28Copy HTML

It may take some guts to drop your drawers at first, but after a while you'll likely feel very comfortable.  Grit your teeth and stick it out, you'll be glad you did.  I went very brief at the beach this past Sunday, what a rush when I ditched my boardies.  Couldn't imagine remaining so exposed all day as others set up nearby but I grit my teeth, stuck it out, and before long it felt very natural and normal. 

I always set up in the open, figuring others will pass on by if they don't like it.  No hassles at all, and I'm looking forward to my next beach day similarly attired.  I have a bronze Muscleskins MP thong I'd like to wear there.  Good luck with your new MP, hope your picture comes out well.    
JM_Runs #257


Date Posted:07/08/2009 10:44:59Copy HTML

I got a new Muscleskins suit a few weeks ago on sale, it was a MP sun thong with +3 pouch in one of the pattern fabrics and wow...it fits amazingly, like it was painted on and everything hangs naturally.  I've never worn a Muscleskins suit on the beach but for some reason I really want to wear this one, just because it's so minimal and looks good.   My wife really likes it, and if it was "rude" she'd tell me.  Now I just need to get down to Fort Desoto some time.
NoVAThonger #258


Date Posted:07/17/2009 12:54:15Copy HTML

Has anyone bought a Muscleskins suit who is a bit larger and needs more room in the pouch? What are your experiences?  Any gapping problems?
navythong #259


Date Posted:07/17/2009 07:53:50Copy HTML

 Hi everyone,

Yesterday it was very good beach-weather over here. I was on the beach in my new Muscleskins MP all afternoon.
It's a fantastic suit. At home I took a few pictures which are in my profile. Thanks to Swoontogo who's pictures convinced me of buying a Muscleskins MP-thong.
JM_Runs #260


Date Posted:07/17/2009 01:04:43Copy HTML

No gapping but it can be a tight fit.  I wish they had a little more "ball room", seems like when the front is filled there's not much room for anything else and it takes some stretching and pulling on the fabric to get the fit right.
JM_Runs #261


Date Posted:07/17/2009 05:21:29Copy HTML

Get the MPX. It has more room for your package. The fit is amazing!
JM_Runs #262


Date Posted:07/17/2009 06:45:07Copy HTML

 The MPX does not have any extra ball room, just more wiener room.   The MP with extended pouch (+2 or +3 or whatever) has more ball room than the MPX does, at least for me.
stanpuppy #263


Date Posted:07/18/2009 12:37:38Copy HTML

my mpx's (in the light colors) show just about everything.  You may as well be nude....BUT YOU ARE STILL LEGAL!!!
XChip #264


Date Posted:07/20/2009 03:18:37Copy HTML

 I wanted to get a racy version of a Speedo so I ordered an SS PB, standard pouch, black.  Wow.  Exactly what I was hoping for.  Great fabric, fab fit in the pouch and butt.  Totally happy.
JM_Runs #265


Date Posted:07/21/2009 02:04:51Copy HTML

 i just got mine and am disappointed.  there's no stretch.   i went back to the website and see the fabric is 80% polyester, 20% spandex.  most companies make suits from lycra/spandex.  polyester doesn't stretch.  it's lilke canvas.  
Red Thong #266


Date Posted:07/21/2009 07:21:53Copy HTML

Does anyone have any experience with the half-back suit?  Does it fit well, stay in place?  It appear to cover enough while still offering a some skin.  Idf you have one, what do you think?  Pleased?  I'm interested in potentially getting one for those times when a thong insn't appropriate.

JM_Runs #267


Date Posted:07/21/2009 08:45:19Copy HTML

Lycra and spandex are the same thing, it's just the % that's making it less stretchy.

But yeah, they would be more comfortable with a little more stretchiness.
JM_Runs #268


Date Posted:07/21/2009 10:11:11Copy HTML

 i'm starting  to buy only tactel bikinis and thongs.  incredibly soft and super  stretch.
20897 #269


Date Posted:07/21/2009 11:29:14Copy HTML


I have a couple of the Muscleskins MP with the half back seat. I had them modify top of the back to 5 inches. The standard is 7 inches. They fit me fine and stay in place because there is a center seam. I wear these and sometimes the mp thong three times a week swimming lap at my gym. Hope this helps!
Red Thong #270


Date Posted:07/21/2009 11:48:37Copy HTML

Thanks 20897!  Did you find the standard 7 inch too conservative or not condusive to your lap swimming? 

I just heard from their customer service that they're going to be getting all new fabrics, so fans of the SuperSatin may want to order a suit or two before the fabric changes.

John Howard #271


Date Posted:07/22/2009 08:28:04Copy HTML

I have 3 half back suits, 2 Atheletes and 1 MP.
They always ride in and become a thong, it's very hard to keep them in place.
What I do now is just swim laps in them, and accomodate them before I get out of the pool.

I recently bought the 3/4 Seat.
Haven't worn them for the pool, but tried them on and they do not have the same problem as the 1/2 backs.
They are slightly larger than the 1/2 seat, but they do stay in place.

I think it depends on your body and how large your glutes are.
If you are slim, the 1/2 backs could be ok and stay in place.
If you have larger glutes as I do (I lift weights), then go for the 3/4 Seat.

The best thing to do, just buy a 1/2 seat suit and try it on.

John Howard
swoontogo #272


Date Posted:07/22/2009 08:48:28Copy HTML

 hey navythong,glad i could be of some inspiration and that the suits worked out for you. i really like the cut, fit and fabric of the muscleskins suits that i have. enjoy and keep us posted.
stanpuppy #273


Date Posted:07/22/2009 08:58:25Copy HTML

my only complaint about muscleskins is the somewhat inconsistant sizing.  I find their larges a little to tight for me, and their XL's sag (although i have a couple XL's that fit perfectly).  I solved the problem by requesting on my order (1/2 size up from standard "L") ....they fit wonderfully
Red Thong #274


Date Posted:07/23/2009 01:11:17Copy HTML

Thanks John Howard!  Apprciate your feedback.

navythong #275


Date Posted:07/24/2009 09:32:01Copy HTML

 Hi Swoontogo, thanks for your reply.
I put some pictures of me in the MP thong in my profile.
The MP is very comfy to wear, I have worn it to the beach 3 or 4 times now.
It has become my favourite thong already.
JM_Runs #276


Date Posted:07/24/2009 10:33:17Copy HTML

looks great navy, your one sexy boy.
NoVAThonger #277


Date Posted:08/01/2009 02:10:03Copy HTML

After the feedback here I ordered an MP sun thong, size medium, +2cm. It came a few days ago and it fits AMAZING. Everything is tucked in there and its practically painted on. There is plenty of lift, actually more than I was expecting for the MP, but it's sort of a nice surprise.  I look forward to wearing it in September on the Outer Banks of NC.

Also I chose the Pirate fabric. Couple friends will be on the trip and they will appreciate the humor aspect.
stanpuppy #278


Date Posted:08/01/2009 03:34:04Copy HTML

I just recieved an MPX thong in the pirate fabric.  Nice!!!
hotrod1 #279


Date Posted:08/02/2009 12:50:42Copy HTML

We will be on Ocracoke Sept 12 to the 19.  Is that your Outer Banks days also?  Do you go to Ocracoke?
NoVAThonger #280


Date Posted:08/02/2009 12:43:50Copy HTML

hotrod, going to Hatteras Island the week before you. I went to Ocracoke 1 day last year and I hope to make at least one visit this time around.
JM_Runs #281


Date Posted:08/06/2009 01:51:48Copy HTML

 with all due respect to the other posters here, i'm the only one who complained that muscleskin made their thongs and bikinis out of 80%  non-stretch polyester (i.e. the emperor has no clothes).  did you notice that muscleskin's website is all new and all swimwear is NOW made of "4 way stretch nylon/lycra" ?   non-stretch polyester?  didn't that go out in the 1970's with shark-skin suits?
stanpuppy #282


Date Posted:08/06/2009 04:22:05Copy HTML

muscleskins are the hottest suits on the beach, i dont care what fabric they use.  I just got a huge compliment today from a girl who saw my tanlines from my muscleskins MP thong.   She asked me if i would go to the beach with her and wear it.   Of course....i will
JM_Runs #283


Date Posted:08/06/2009 01:58:09Copy HTML

I have a mpx from last year and I like the fabric. The fit is amazing. Like it is painted on.
JM_Runs #284


Date Posted:08/12/2009 04:15:07Copy HTML

Just uploaded two new pics of my Muscleskins Zebra thong and one new tanline shot (main pic). Love the fit.
reine125 #285


Date Posted:08/19/2009 11:49:30Copy HTML

Hi there from Muscleskins/HYP7!

I've heard about this board from Jupiter a while ago and was very happy to read your posts today.  I get a lot of information from Jupiter regarding your suggestions and comments, but it is nothing like reading it first-hand.

I'm Reine, the designer.  All of our items were originally designed to fit Jupiter.  Lucky guy, he has a nice butt.  I can see how the seats may have not addressed everyone's body-type in the past.  Thongs are our biggest sellers anyway.  But, I wanted to take the opportunity to explain the changes to our website....including the new cuts, fits, and options.  I also wanted to comment that my job is very easy.  You may notice that our designs change periodically.  The changes in design are made because we want our 'standard' suits to fit the majority of our customers....if we predominately had requests for larger pouches for the last 6 months, we make the new 'standard pouch' larger.  However, the photos always reflect the newest cuts....and we try to use the same model each time.

New Fabrics:  We now use a standard fabric for all items.  The 'supersatin' polyester/spandex was extremely popular, and we previously used other types of fabrics in the past due to customer requests.  However, there was a significant difference between sizing with the different types of fabrics.  It was beginning to be somewhat of a nightmare!  We may have only offered 3 basic types of suits, but we had hundreds of patterns with all of the customizeable options!  We would have to have thousands of patterns if we 'patterned' every fabric!  Something had to give!  Now we use one fabric...you should expect the same fit no matter what color choice you select.  I thought the previous fabrics held up extremely well to use, but the new fabric is treated for salt water and chlorinated use and should be an improvement.  I searched almost a year for the new fabric!  I think it is the best choice for our items.  Best of all....we can re-order it easily!  Some of our previous fabrics have become impossible to re-order.

New Cuts:  Well, they're not really new, except for the Classic.  Just re-named and re-tweaked.  The new cuts are designed exclusively for the new fabric.  The fits should be an improvement of what you already expect from Muscleskins.  You can now select different side widths based upon your own level of comfort.  Most of the fuller cut seats are completely new.  They have a contour fit that will hug your butt....they tend to fit a wider range of physiques.  By custom request, you can also have us combine a SMALL seat with a MEDIUM waist if you want more customizeable options.  Our goal is to allow ANYONE to find their own perfect fit.  You have to admit it....we do offer a phenomenal range of options!  :)  (If you need more 'ball' room on the MPX (Torpedo)....ASK!)  If we get a large number of requests, we will make it a standard option.)

Website:  Unfortunately most of the photos have been eliminated.  We are still evaluating this.  Our goal was to make our website as easy to navigate as possible.  Many of our non-english speaking customers were having difficulties.  Adding photos just adds more needed 'clicks' to order.  You will also notice that we are moving more towards the HYP7 name versus Muscleskins.  Anyone who has tried accessing our site from their office computer should appreciate this.  'Muscleskins' triggers adult content filtering.  HYP7 is generic enough that you should be able to access it from anywhere.  If you're curious, HYP7 is derived from the name of our previous line called HYPERION.  We will always keep the Muscleskins.com portal, but in the future our main site will be at HYP7.com.  The product isn't changeing....just the name.

International Orders/Customs duties:  It's hit or miss!  It seems that most of our shipments go through customs without incurring duties, but it does seem to happen randomly.  The value of your order does not seem to play the largest factor.  We list our contents as 'CLOTHING' on the customs documents when shipping to ensure our customers' privacy.  However, this term is very generic and may cause more scrutiny by customs officials.  It can go through customs easier if we listed the items specifically as 'men's nylon/spandex swim wear'.  If you prefer we use the more specific terminology on the customs form, send us an email after placing your order.  We will be happy to accomodate you.

Sizing:  This is tough!  Always use SIZE as a general reference only!  Your waist size isn't the key factor if you wear the items lower on the hips...think about it.  :)  Also, think about how tight you want them on your waist.  Jupiter an I both have a 32 waist (unless one of us are fibbing), but he prefers a SMALL, where I prefer a LARGE.  All of our sizing is based upon a 2 inch gradient when the garments are cut.  Once the elastic is inserted, the actual waist sizes differ only 1 to 1-1/2 inches between sizes.  By far our largest 'complaint' is that customers order the garments too small!  I suggest ordering a size up!  Many people THINK they want the items to fit snug so they order a size down.  They are already designed snug....order your normal size...or order up.  Never order down a size.  Pouch size is the same regardless of waist size.  If our size range doesn't work for you....request an XXXL or higher!

Return Policy:  We admit that our policy is not exceptionally generous regarding returns.  We have a very small staff and are always busy keeping up with orders.  We allow our customers one of the widest range of custom options in the industry, once we produce it, we can't take it back.  We don't know what you look like, so be careful what you ask for.  :)  Seriously, order only one item to test the fit before getting one in every color.  Our customers are very loyal, but it does take a little educating to get your own perfect fit down.  Once you've tried the products, you can eventually get to be a pro at combining all of the options so that you can create a great suit for any occasion.  We keep our prices very low considering the time involved in creating the swim suits.  Invest $25 on ONE suit before sending us a $400 order, please.  We want you to buy our product, but we want you to get your fit down first.

Quality:  Thanks for your feedback!  We try to produce the highest quality suit possible.  Each item is hand cut and sewn by the same person.  We believe that quality is best assured by having a final product produced by one person.  Your entire order may have been produced by several people, but any one item is produced from start to finish by the same person.  This may change in the future....but we are trying to keep it the way it is for as long as possible.  If you ever have a quality concern, let us know!  We will gladly reproduce a duplicate suit for exchange.

I'll try to check back with this message board on occasion, but you can always reach me through Jupiter at our customer service email.  Just put "attention: Reine" in the header.

Thanks for your comments and your business!  We can only get better with your feedback and patronage.  As my personal thanks, I'd like to extend a 10% discount to the users of this message board throught the remainder of this month, August 2009.  After placing your order, just send us a blank email with "REINE TWMB 10%" as the message header.  Please note that this is just my personal thanks and can not be combined with any other HYP7 discounts or sales.  You will be issued a 10% refund on your merchandise purchase price once your order has been shipped.

With Greatest Appreciation,
JM_Runs #286


Date Posted:08/19/2009 03:19:21Copy HTML

Muscleskins/Hyp7 continues to be the absolute best when it comes to quality products and exceptional customer service. I've ordered a number of suits and each and every one of them have been fantastic.

I had a question or suggestion...whichever way you care to look at it...I think it would make a great compliment to your "minimal" swimwear to also offer a square-cut suit with maybe a 1-2" inseam, very low-cut on the waist. This could be used a a cover-up when the situation calls for more modesty. I would love the chance to have a sleek, fitted square-cut that also matched the thong underneath.

Anyway...just a thought. Keep doing great work!

reine125 #287


Date Posted:08/20/2009 03:40:02Copy HTML


Gotchya!  It's already been designed!  You should see it on our website anyday now using our previous supersatin fabrics.  Available in 5 colors similar to our previous GYM and SPORTER items.

The supersatins were extremely popular, but I'm not sure if thongs will be offered in the fabric again.  It isn't that we don't like the fabric, it's just become impossible to re-order.  It may be a polyester blend, but it was still my favorite fabric to design with!  It was the closest thing to a "second skin" that I've found!  Since they will be a limited edition item....perhaps we should offer them as a matching thong/cover short combo item.

The good news is that this will be considered a "stock design".  These items should offer a 100% money back guarantee if not completely satisfied.  Hopefully thay will be released in time for this message board to get their August discount.  ;)

Thanks for your comment!

JM_Runs #288


Date Posted:08/20/2009 01:25:03Copy HTML


Sounds good. I'll keep an eye on the website for them. I'd love to see them offered in your current fabric choices though...I really like the new "gallery" section of the website. The new colors look great, I'm partial to the brighter colors for my swimwear...the "cherry" and "periwinkle" choices are excellent.

JM_Runs #289


Date Posted:08/20/2009 03:11:57Copy HTML

Forgot to mention...the "coral" colored thong in my avatar is a Muscleskins!

Some of the best thongs available in my opinion.

mack_back #290


Date Posted:08/20/2009 09:21:02Copy HTML

 The color choices are less then before can't find a dark matte brown anywhere. Better webpage and style back choices but know front c-rings.
JM_Runs #291


Date Posted:08/21/2009 12:15:15Copy HTML

Am I missing something on the website?
It looks like they have discontinued making the print fabrics except for "red bandana".
stanpuppy #292


Date Posted:08/22/2009 03:17:47Copy HTML

reine, I have a sizing question for you.  Jupiter made a suggestion to me a while ago that has worked really well.  Prior to your redesign, I found a large was  a bit too tight on me (i have a 32 waist as well).  An XL was too loose however.  Jupiter suggested i order "1/2 size up from L" when i place my orders.  I have since ordered 5 MP thongs, and 3 MPX thongs, and they fit perfectly.

I am looking to order 2 more MP thongs and am wondering....with the new fabric and redesign, should i stick with the "1/2 size up" option, or do you think your standard "L" will suffice?
Charlie03 #293


Date Posted:08/24/2009 03:00:48Copy HTML

Just got my order delivered. Nice but not very thin fabric. with a 33 inch waist, go for a large. I have been suggested to get a medium. Very snugg fit... too tight for me.
Will order some others shortly.

Regards Charlie

muscleinathong #294


Date Posted:08/28/2009 06:15:44Copy HTML

I cannot say enough great things about muscleskins! I have been a customer since the beginning and continue to be a huge fan. I love the new website and the ability to customize to exactly what I want. I have recently switched to the 1/2 Micro as my everyday thong. The fit is fantastic!! For tanning (pool, beach or tanning salon) it is the 1" poser! Makes for great thong tanlines!!!
reine125 #295


Date Posted:08/30/2009 02:12:13Copy HTML

Hi guys,

It's Reine from HYP7 again. I just wanted to answer a few of your questions.There's a slight delay with the shorts, but they should be added soon.  New items are added very slowly because production demand usually remains very high year round. As with all of our products, we are still working on options for this item.  They are based on the previous Hyperion Sporster tights.  You may see them initially offered as shorts, but the plan is to offer them in any desired length, from a 1 inch inseam to full length tights.  If you do not see the option listed immediately...just ask!  They will only be offered in the SS fabrics first, but in time they will be available in all color choices.

If you are looking for other colors, such as the matte dark brown, send Jupiter an email!  That fabric is available for order.  We haven't ordered all available colors because we wanted to test the appeal of the new fabric before over ordering.  The more people ask, the more likely we will add new colors.  We will be adding a Blue Bandana, but yes, prints are very limited in this fabric.  As we focus on consistency, we will stick to one fabric type for a while.  But, I'm always looking! 

As I find new fabrics that have the same properties, we will add them!  We do not mill our own fabrics.  We aren't that large of a manufacturer yet.  Finding appropriate stock fabrics is easier said than done!

We tried to keep sizing similar to our previous items as much as possible.  But yes, we do offer half sizes.  Just send Jupiter an email after placing an order.  I don't think there is an additional charge for this request.

Once again, thanks for your business!  I am very pleased that many of you have taken me up on the 10% discount!  Please remember it ends on the last day of this month (August).

JM_Runs #296


Date Posted:09/09/2009 06:11:07Copy HTML

I'm also a big fan of Muscleskins -- great products and a great fit!
wuttayaknow10 #297


Date Posted:09/18/2009 02:01:33Copy HTML

  I just ordered 3 muscleskins thong... 1 black 1/2" classic with thong back, 1 navy 1/2" torpedo with thong back and 1 silver 3/4 poser with the sport thong back...  I can't WAIT til they get in!!!

stanpuppy #298


Date Posted:09/18/2009 03:29:25Copy HTML

I just counted.  I have 8 MP thongs and 4 MPX (now called torpedo) thongs.  I am going to order two more MP's for an anticipated trip to miami south beach (periwinkle and lime green...to match my wifes wicked weasel g-strings)
stanpuppy #299


Date Posted:10/05/2009 08:16:57Copy HTML

Can anyone comment on muscleskins sizing since they changed over their fabric?  Is it basically the same or do you have to adjust since the new fabric is more stretchy?   I have always custom ordered "1/2 size up from standard large".  I am wondering if a standard "Large" will do now.
orangeb #300


Date Posted:10/06/2009 02:32:34Copy HTML

 I have ordered two new suits from them in the new fabrics.  They seem to fit the same but are much more clingy and I think fit a little tighter than the other suits I have from them.  Basically I don't see any difference in the sizing just they seem to "hug" you a little more than the other fabrics.
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