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stanpuppy #301


Date Posted:10/12/2009 03:55:48Copy HTML

I just ordered the new gym series from muscleskins.  One MP bikini (for wearing in hotel pools) and one brazilian short (for working out and wearing as short shorts).  I also got a lime green Poser thong to try out the new fabric.  Will report back once they arrive
stanpuppy #302


Date Posted:10/19/2009 03:41:35Copy HTML

Wife just took a couple of shots of some of my MPX suits that she wanted me to try on.  We posted them to our flickr account

odie77301 #303


Date Posted:10/20/2009 02:23:45Copy HTML

Nice pics. i like the white mpx the best.
XChip #304


Date Posted:10/20/2009 01:05:02Copy HTML

 Stanpuppy you look great.
ducati7481997 #305


Date Posted:10/24/2009 09:20:17Copy HTML

 'stanpuppy',Michelle [great looking woman] has taken a nice series of photographs and you look great in everything you're wearing; with the yellow and the white working particularly well in my opinion. In your description you say that others would laugh at you for being a slimmer guy in a skimpy swimwear - why? Who in your country decides the prescriptive nature of what's acceptable such that if you don't 'conform', you will be mocked? Perhaps not the place for this discussion but I confess I'm utterly horrified by what appears to be a less-than-tolerant, almost juvenile attitude to other people. France invented the bikini and Brazil refined beach culture to high art, as I'm sure you know - people of all ages, shapes and sizes wear as much [or as little] as they like, without fear of ridicule. I've just returned from Italy and that was exactly the same. You should be able to wear what you like  - I'm rather shocked that you don't feel able to.
stanpuppy #306


Date Posted:10/24/2009 12:09:34Copy HTML

Thank you very much for the compliment.  Not too get off topic, but alot of my anxiety goes back to my formative years when I was rediculously skinny.  I used to get taunted alot (in general...not just in swimwear), so i probably carry some of that with me even today.  For the most part, people think i look good in my swimwear.  I get approached (and complimented) many times by complete strangers, so I am actually fine with it now.  Funny thing in america is....most people are so fat, that you are an outcast if you are not.  It seems strange, but i believe it is true.  Over the years I have had tons of people say things like "oh my god, your so thin".  It got to the point where I pointed out their stupidity with return comments like "well, I see you dont have that problem" or some equally sarcastic comeback.

Staying on topic, Personally I like the muscleskins MPX suits.  I think they are a little extreme for public wear, although i am giving serious consideration to wearing them on South beach on our next excursion.  I only have 4, as opposed to 8 MP's, simply because I belive the MP would be better tolerated on the public beaches we typically frequent here in NJ.  I also just recently purchased the new gym series (1 bikini and 1 brazilian trunk).  I will have michelle take some pics of me in them, and post them along with my review in an upcoming post.
navythong #307


Date Posted:10/24/2009 03:38:40Copy HTML

 Hi Stanpuppy,

Just took a look at your MPX pictures. You look really good in them, especially in the black one.
What you told about being skinny goes the same for me. I also like to wear minimal swimwear nowadays. Last summer I bought my first Muscleskins, a narrow cut MP thong in navy (see my profile). I'm proud I have the guts to wear such a tiny thong to the local beach! What size are your MPX thongs? In your earlier post I read that your wife likes you wearing minimal thongs. You lucky guy! My wife doesn't like it, but she accepts my choice of swimwear.
A question about the lighter muscleskins fabrics, do they really show everything?

stanpuppy #308


Date Posted:10/24/2009 06:00:07Copy HTML

I love the black one. Because of the color, I am confident that I can wear it in south beach and be fine.   As far as sizing goes, i dont like my thongs to bind so i generally tend to get them looser rather than tighter.  I am 6 feet tall and weigh about 170 Lbs, with a 31.5 in waist.  When i place my orders with muscleskins i put the following in the comments box.

"1/2 size up from standard large"

This was after a discussion with Muscleskins customer service (which is excellent BTW).  I have tried ordering XL's and they are just too big in the waist for me.  Standard Large is just a tad too tight for my taste.  The 1/2 size up option works just dandy.

Regarding the colors,  the yellow MPX and the white MPX would be almost completely transparant when wet.  They are fine when dry, and you would be safe on a  progressive beach like sobe, but when they get wet....you will see everything (I have tested them in the shower).  The same is true of the MP's, but because of the cut, it would be less of an issue.  The lighter colors show alot.  Even with the more conservative MP style, you can see the outline of my penis head and shaft in my lighter suits.  As a general rule, I wear the MP's on public beaches, and save the MPX suits for Gunnision beach (CO) at Sandy Hook where everyone is nude anyway, so it does not matter.

Like I said, I am probably going to give the MPX suits a shot on my next visit to south beach.  My wife will be topless in a malibu strings jeweled back teardrop g-string...so nobody will be looking at me anyway...LoL
lovemythong #309


Date Posted:10/27/2009 03:21:37Copy HTML

Just received a new product off Muscleskins called an "X2" which is a thong that has only one side, but a Torpedo pouch.  I'm very impressed with mine as it looks so different from normal thongs.  Its also excellent as its the usual Muscleskins quality with style and panache.  Anyone else had one of these recently too ?
JM_Runs #310


Date Posted:10/27/2009 05:19:27Copy HTML

 Those are interesting. A bit too "unusual" for my tastes, but they definitely are a new approach.

Post some pics if you can...curious to see how they fit (outside of a "perfect" photo-shoot atmosphere).

DoreFan #311


Date Posted:10/27/2009 09:25:47Copy HTML

I really like the look of the X2. It's unusual and unique, and I like thongs that are unusual and unique. Kudos to them for designing that.I think I would order the two sides with different colors if I were to buy one. That would add contrast. I don't know if wearing just one side would be practical, but it'd be fun to try.I'm also curious as to how it actually fits on a 'real person'. 
stanpuppy #312


Date Posted:10/28/2009 03:07:51Copy HTML

My "Gym series" suits came in.  I am a little pressed for time, so I will write my opinion a little later, but....here is the link to some pics on our flickr account.

stanpuppy #313


Date Posted:11/01/2009 10:50:35Copy HTML

The gym series is pretty good, but i am a little inexperienced with non-thong muscleskins suits.  As stated above, I always order my thongs (MP and MPX) in a "1/2 size up from standard large" as I dont like them to bind.  When I ordered the bikini and brazilian trunk, I ordered a "large" thinking they would be fine.  Truth be told, the non thong suits run pretty true to size, and I probably would have been better off ordering a medium.  They both are a little loose around the butt and leg area.  Also, i ordered the bikini as a 3/4 MP with the gym series band hoping to be able to wear it as a pool bikini for hotels and public pools.  Honestly, it is probably still too extreme for that, so I am not sure what i will do with it....I may put it on eBay, as my cast off muscleskins always do pretty well there.  I think I should probably go with a less pronounced pouch ( like the micro front) and go with a wider cut (probably at least a 1 1/2 inch if not 2 in) if I want it to be hotel friendly. 
Regarding the brazilian, my hope was to be able to wear it on the street as short shorts in places like miami beach.  I can probably pull that off, as they are super short, but not anything that I have not previously witness by some other guys on ocean drive.  I like the brazilians, but again...i probably should have ordered a medium instead of the Large
Liclich #314


Date Posted:11/02/2009 07:20:45Copy HTML

i am also a big fan of muscleskins. i ordered 7 or 8 thongs in small size. they look great. but sometimes it gets uncomfortable in the back. I think the size doesnt fit me that well. Hoping to order some more thongs in large size.
stanpuppy #315


Date Posted:11/07/2009 11:43:57Copy HTML

I actually decided that I dont love the gym series bikini. If anybody thinks they would want to give it a try, it is up on eBay

JM_Runs #316


Date Posted:11/10/2009 02:19:50Copy HTML

 I ordered one of the Brazilians without the wide waist-band and a 2" inseam. We'll see how it turns out. Got to love the fact that Muscleskins let's you customized each and every aspect of their product. These are going to be used as running shorts and as a cover-up when a thong isn't appropriate at the moment.
gradstudch #317


Date Posted:11/15/2009 07:52:01Copy HTML

   I love muscleskins, but I disagree. They don't yet let you customize each and every aspect of their product. I love thongs with string back, not gstring but more like the Hom fredy string back where the back is a true string. I have asked muscleskins for the longest time if they can make a similar back, and they couldn't. I wish they did though.
stanpuppy #318


Date Posted:11/16/2009 12:31:43Copy HTML

Found a great use for my brazilian gym short.  On a whim, I wore it today under my workout shorts.  I was doing squats, and the suit provided amazing comfort and incredible support.  I was considering auctioning it off on eBay, now i think I will keep it and use it as a support garment for working out.  I am still thinking I will wear it solo as streetwear in south beach, but I will decide on that next time I go there.
JM_Runs #319


Date Posted:11/16/2009 03:46:30Copy HTML

Granted...that's true.

That's still a pretty small detail that they don't offer. The thong back they offer now is pretty thin (personally, I wouldn't want it any thinner).

You do have to admit though...the choices in pouch cut, waist-band width, seat styles, good color choices, and 1/2 sizes are pretty accomodating for everybody's tastes.

I've even sent them a Joe Snyder capri suit and had them work from that to make a suit that actually had room in front so nothing was spilling out the sides (a feature of JS suits I don't appreciate).

I'm not saying they're the best or anything...but as far as offering options...they're pretty hard to beat.
JM_Runs #320


Date Posted:11/16/2009 05:27:39Copy HTML

Stanpuppy...I ordered a pair of the brazilian shorts as well, but without the wide waistband as shown on the website. They are very, very low on the hips. If I order them again, I'll have them raise the waist a bit.

These won't work for a cover-up since they're so low, the thong would peak out the top. However, they do make a great short for running or any other cardio work. Wore them this morning and they were great. Excellent support like you said.

I'd definitely order them again but with a few modifications...that's usually how things are with Muscleskins, it takes an order to get things just right for the next time.
Gluteus #321


Date Posted:11/17/2009 10:31:18Copy HTML

I got my DH a pair of those shorts and he likes them for working out.   He says they're too revealing and short to wear out in public.  And I got them a size larger than usual!  They are his fave treadmill shorts now cause he can wear them commando.
stanpuppy #322


Date Posted:11/18/2009 01:39:46Copy HTML

I agree with everything you said Gluteus, except the part about being too revealing to wear in public.   Granted, I would not wear them to my local supermarket (or even to the gym to workout in) but......unless i chicken out, I am going to give them a go as streetwear in south beach next time I go.
missrebecca #323


Date Posted:11/21/2009 06:25:07Copy HTML

I bought two pairs of muscleskins a few months ago for a boy friend. I was a bit undecided about what to get him as he can be a bit shy but took the risk and went with a 1/2" torpedo and a 1" torpedo in size small with an athletic back. He looks great and it didn't take much encouragement for him to wear them in public. Although not exactly main beaches but still plenty of people about.

I love thongs but the athletic back brings out the curves of his bum and if you're trying to work out what color to get, the periwinkle color looks amazing on a guy.

stanpuppy #324


Date Posted:11/21/2009 02:08:35Copy HTML

One thing i want to add about the new muscleskins fabric is that the "clingyness" factor has definately gone up.  The pouches of the suits hug better than ever.  You could always make out the contours of my unit under the fabric of the MPX (torpedo), now you can even do it under the lighter colors of the MP (poser).  Makes you have to be a little more careful with color on public beaches, but the suits are hot!!!!
eenglish #325


Date Posted:12/07/2009 10:28:03Copy HTML

I bought gym series for pool and beach, see image in my photos. Do you think they are suitable, covers for than a thong. I love the look!
thong_jock #326


Date Posted:12/10/2009 06:39:58Copy HTML

I've ordered 3 muscleskins 1/2" posers with the thong back and love them...they fit like a glove and the super tiny side straps are really erotic. Would be so hot to wear muscleskins on a beach with another guy. I also am a big fan of skinzwear and have several of their skimpy bikinis, but no thongs yet. Been wearing my muscleskins in the tanning bed and starting to get rid of the skimpy bikini tanline. I know the beds aren't good for u, but I am stoked about having a thong tanline for the first time in my life! Can't wait to go on vacation and walk down the beach in my muscleskins thongs. The fabirc and fit are incredible and look HOT!
stringster #327


Date Posted:12/20/2009 07:50:28Copy HTML

ive got a question regarding the sizing and clingyness, apparently suits made in BLACK fabric are smaller and should be ordered a 'size up'. has anyone experienced this, or noticed it a lot? if the extra tightness is marginal then i won't worry about it, and would actually prefer it, but if it makes a suit extremely tight then it might be worth considering. this is regarding the NEW fabric (one standard?) and not the old varieties previously offered.
muscleskins support recommended and mentioned the above, just wondering whether anyone out there has noticed this first hand.
stanpuppy #328


Date Posted:12/20/2009 08:57:01Copy HTML

stringster.......I have not found that to be the case.  I have 14 muscleskins suits...my black one does not fit any different than the 13 other colors
stanpuppy #329


Date Posted:01/04/2010 01:30:04Copy HTML

Just got an email for a "private sale" from muscleskins.  20% off and no shipping charges.  Ordered 3 poser thongs (pink stars, leopard, white) and one torpedo (gray mesh).  Figured it was a good chance to get some funky prints and other things I might not ordinarily get, such as the prints.  The gray mesh is almost totally sheer. I got that as a torpedo, since i figured the only place i can wear it is at Gunnision beach anyway, so it really dosent matter how sheer or extreme the pouch is.  I also figured I would experiment with the pouch, so i got it -1 cm.  I want to see if the reduced length highlights the cling around my shaft.
missrebecca #330


Date Posted:01/04/2010 02:19:26Copy HTML

I got that email too! I think I might buy a poser for the boy friend that I bought the last two for, it's his birthday in about a month.

stanpuppy #331


Date Posted:01/04/2010 02:22:48Copy HTML

The poser is a hot suit.  I get the 1/2 in., thong back with a narrow front, and standard depth pouch
luvnmythong #332


Date Posted:01/04/2010 02:53:30Copy HTML

Stanpuppy:   Thanks for the info about the Muscleskins private sale.  I did not receive an email since I've never ordered from them.  I knew  I would someday and tonight was the night!   I just ordered my first muscleskin suit at a 20 percent discount with no shipping charges.  What a deal!  If anyone else wants to order one, here is the way to order:  http://www.muscleskins.com/private.    Without adding the word "private" to the web address you won't be able to order at a discount price.
missrebecca #333


Date Posted:01/04/2010 03:04:15Copy HTML

Stan, I ended up ordering exactly what you suggested in the grey mesh. I hope he likes it!

20897 #334


Date Posted:01/04/2010 04:10:28Copy HTML

I received the email this morning also. I ordered 2 poser series with the rio back for lap swimming at the gym and 2 torpedo series with the thong back for the beach.
stanpuppy #335


Date Posted:01/04/2010 04:31:02Copy HTML

Becca...I already have the black mesh. Even though it is mesh,because of the fabric..i would still wear it on a progressive public beach like south beach.   I have worn it in my back yard pool.   Judging from the photos, the grey looks even more sheer.  I dont think it would fly on a public beach, but.....maybe i will be wrong
missrebecca #336


Date Posted:01/04/2010 04:39:11Copy HTML

Stan, I don't think he will wear a thong in public but I know he will wear it around the pool. I saw the black mesh but I had already bought him a black one so the grey looks a better choice. The more sheer, the better it is for me of course :)

Do you own any of the micro suits? How much of a pouch do they have?

stanpuppy #337


Date Posted:01/04/2010 04:57:15Copy HTML

I own 14 of the micro suits. Personally, i think they are much more suited for public wear. I wear them at the nj shore all summer long.  They have a nice pouch, but it is not at pronounced as the torpedo.  I have plenty of pics of me in them on my flickr pages



g_stringmelbboy #338


Date Posted:01/05/2010 02:14:42Copy HTML

The micro suits are awesome. I have a few micro cuts with a narrow pouch. I like how the micro just covers everything and tucks you up or to the side. I have personally gone away from wearing poser type suits, I am comfortable wearing micro suits on the beach such as a skinz MIR2U but for me poser suits that pronouce you're package are a little to much for the beach. Kudos to the people at muscleskins, got the email and will place an order for a few micro suits for the beach and might try a poser for underwear.
notherbigr #339


Date Posted:01/05/2010 06:00:19Copy HTML

I think this sale will finally get me to invest in a couple of suits from Muscleskins.  I'm leaning towards the poser series, one thong, one suit.  I will have to go with the extended pouch size, +3cm, and wide pouch, due to equipment issues...  The colors look interesting!
Tanned Bum #340


Date Posted:01/05/2010 11:36:57Copy HTML

 Just ordered my 1st muscleskins  1/2" micro thong. I've been wearing the Joe Snyder RIO thongs, can anyone compare the fit?

thong_jock #341


Date Posted:01/06/2010 12:51:16Copy HTML

 I know I have 3 of the 1/2" poser thongs and they are my favorites suits. I've only worn them in public a few times but plan to wear them a lot more this summer when the weather gets warmer. Also going to wear in hawaii in April. Would be awesome to see other guys in Muscleskins when I'm there!
stanpuppy #342


Date Posted:01/06/2010 01:13:49Copy HTML

Tanned bum....there is no comparison.  I am very average in size and I struggle to keep myself contained in the JS rio.  Plus, it tends to flatten out what i have any make it look smaller.  The muscleskins poser suits that I typically wear totally contains me, and make me look round and full and impressive from the front.  Forget the torpedo.....they really put you out there.
odie77301 #343


Date Posted:01/06/2010 01:32:15Copy HTML

I personally have three torpedo's from muscle skinz. And absolute love wearing them. I have 1/2 inch to 1/4 inch. I have been looking at the poser suits, and I believe I'm going to take advantage of their sale.
notherbigr #344


Date Posted:01/06/2010 04:13:17Copy HTML

I never could bring myself to buy Joe Snyder gear because the pouch just looked inadequate for me.  Since Muscleskins offers so many pouch sizing options I'm hopeful I can get something appropriate.  Nothing more disappointing than buying a suit and having side lobe fallout.  I'll be ordering a +cm size of the poser line and also the wider width pouch with the hope that works for me. 
stanpuppy #345


Date Posted:01/08/2010 10:29:32Copy HTML

I noticed that Muscleskins is making "custom" swimwear now.  Not just specifing the color, cut, style and pouch size, but mixing color combinations and including lettering, etc.  I am thinking i am going to get  a thong made in my school colors with the body of the thong in one color and the waistband in another.  I think that will look pretty cool
JM_Runs #346


Date Posted:01/09/2010 06:01:15Copy HTML

I bought a blue mpx(look at profile pic) and was amazed at the fit. I got the discount e-mail also. I was looking at the tiger print. Does anyone own that one?
notherbigr #347


Date Posted:01/09/2010 04:19:04Copy HTML

I ordered two Muscleskins during the sale.  A 1/2" poser thong, wide width, +3cm in camo.  And 1/2" poser athletic back in titanium, wide width, +3cm.  Anybody have an opinion on the athletic back as opposed to the full back?
stanpuppy #348


Date Posted:01/10/2010 12:45:39Copy HTML

My general opinion is ...the smaller the back the better.  
stanpuppy #349


Date Posted:01/10/2010 04:40:52Copy HTML

I also just recieved my first muscleskins suit that is not a poser or a torpedo.  Some guy was auctioning off a muscleskins bikini on eBay, so i bid on it an won it (for $12...a real deal). It is their "micro" cut front.  WOW...talk about tight.  This thing barely covers the root of my penis and you can pretty much see the entire outline of it.  It is a bikini, so i was thinking I could wear it at pools and hotels, but no way..too revealing. Plus, it is a medium so the back rides real low on me and reveals my thong tanline.
missrebecca #350


Date Posted:01/10/2010 05:19:33Copy HTML

stan, I was wondering how those micro cut suits would sit. It seems to be exactly what I got told from others that there is no real pouch area and it's almost like wearing a girl's bikini bottom. I hope it's comfortable!

notherbigr, the athletic back is awesome. The two I bought for one of my boy friends are both athletic back and i think it's very sexy.

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