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stanpuppy #351


Date Posted:01/10/2010 05:32:22Copy HTML

Rebecca, I have never worn a girls bikini bottom...but i dont think i will be keeping the suit.  I will proabably put it back on eBay. I am sure I will get at least my $12 back
missrebecca #352


Date Posted:01/10/2010 06:24:18Copy HTML

I think you're a bit to well endowed to wear a girls bottom stan! I'm sure someone on here would love to own it, you should post the link up when you put it up on ebay.

While I haven't worn a boys suit before, I was going to buy one of the micro cut's when the sale was on and if it didn't fit my boy friend I was going to see if it fitted me. The front looked flat enough that it wouldnt have been obvious I dont think.

stanpuppy #353


Date Posted:01/10/2010 12:45:45Copy HTML

I think the front end would actually work for a women becca.   I have a link of me wearing it on my flickr page.  When i get it listed on eBay, I will post the link as well.

JM_Runs #354


Date Posted:01/10/2010 10:13:17Copy HTML

Well, I ordered my first suit from muscleskins today, and I will hold everybody responsible if its not the best suit ever, hahaha. In seriousness, though, I hope it is as good as everybody says.
stanpuppy #355


Date Posted:01/12/2010 02:04:38Copy HTML

I see where Dubio is having a swimsuit contest for customers to submit their pictures.   I have suggested the same to muscleskins.  They said they are considering it.  I will definately submit if they decide to have one....
DowneMixedBoi #356


Date Posted:01/16/2010 03:53:19Copy HTML

Anybody notice Muscleskins is CLOSED until the 25th?
They must have made A LOT of money to do this.
Glad to hear so many people bought thongs.LOL
stanpuppy #357


Date Posted:01/16/2010 08:00:25Copy HTML

Mine just arrived.  I will post some pics soon
odie77301 #358


Date Posted:01/17/2010 07:16:02Copy HTML

I just received a confirmation on email that my order from muscle skin is on the way. I took advantage of their sale, and got their pink star poser thong. I  hope it looks as good as the torpedo. Hey for  $ 20.00 I think it was pretty  good deal. I'll try to have some pics soon! Anybody else order from their sale?
missrebecca #359


Date Posted:01/17/2010 10:56:25Copy HTML

I got my email that they had been sent other day so it should get here in the next two days I guess.

stanpuppy #360


Date Posted:01/17/2010 01:01:48Copy HTML

Odie....I got the pink star poser thong as well.  I have tried it on and absolutely love the material.  It is a little stretchier than there normal and makes an awesome pouch.  I will try to get a picture up on flickr this weekend.  
stanpuppy #361


Date Posted:01/17/2010 07:02:18Copy HTML

Got my pics posted on flickr.  Follow the link below if you are interested in seeing them.  I got four

Pink star poser
White Poser
Python poser
Gray Mesh topedo

All suits have the narrow pouch.  The 3 posers are size large, the torpedo is size xl ( i find the torpedos fit differently than the posers, so i get them in different sizes).  Also, i poser has a reduced (-1 cm) pouch. Sure....it fun to brag, but the truth of the matter is that the smaller pouch is more flattering on me

BaltoBob #362


Date Posted:01/18/2010 05:24:03Copy HTML

You look great!!
You might get away with the mesh suit at SoBe but, I think you're right, Gunnison or maybe a backyard hot tub. I don't see anyone walking the boardwalk in Atlantic City dressed (undressed?) like that. I bring a thong to Gunnison for the shower. Seems crazy you cann't shower nude at a C/O beach but, the showers are VERY close to the road. I wear the thong from the beach to the outdoor shower, then take OFF the wet thong (in the bathroom) for the drive home.
beachfolks #363


Date Posted:01/18/2010 10:33:17Copy HTML

 The gray mesh should pass at Sobe. Let us know what comments you get
stanpuppy #364


Date Posted:01/18/2010 10:44:20Copy HTML

Thanks for the compliment.  I actually probably can wear the gray mesh at sobe, but will probably elect not too.   And, btw.......I have actually seen one guy shower nude at gunnison, but for the most part..you are right balto.
JM_Runs #365


Date Posted:01/18/2010 11:48:33Copy HTML

So, I got my suit in the mail today, well, actually it was saturday, but just checked it. I got the sport thong back, 1" classic in olive, and I like it, although I was thinking I was ordering the poser, as I like having the poch available. Overall, though, I like it, and will wear it as much as I can, haha.
Tanned Bum #366


Date Posted:01/22/2010 01:45:36Copy HTML

My muscleskins suits arrived today. I like the design and the fabric (SS Navy), but in my opinion the workmanship needs improvement. Had ordered the 1/2" and the waistband varies in size down to where the stitching patten (loops) does not fit and the thread is actually hanging outside the suit. I'm sure one snag or pull it will become done. After reading the hype about this company it is a big let down. Maybe it was rushed throught due to the big sale. I'm sorry I can't recommend them.
orangeb #367


Date Posted:01/22/2010 01:53:44Copy HTML

Does anyone have any comments on the Muscleskins Micro cut or classic cut?   I recently ordered two posers and they seem to have gotten smaller than they were previously.  I have about 5 of these but the two I just ordered fit very different so I was looking at trying there other styles but I can't tell anything from the pictures on there website about the classic and micro cuts.  Any thoughts?


Date Posted:01/22/2010 07:37:27Copy HTML

 I just received my latest order; full-back MP (poser) +1 in neon orange;  thong-back MP (poser) +1 mardi gras, and thong-back MPX (torpedo) narrow in royal. The MPX  has a bit more cling than the previous fabric, which I like, though next time, I'd go for a +1.
I'd agree with orangeb about the MP poser. It seems to run smaller than expected. I usually take a M, have always ordered L with Muscleskins. The latest shipment fit and looks smaller than I've experienced.
stanpuppy #369


Date Posted:01/22/2010 11:29:04Copy HTML

I am still a huge fan of the poser.  I just recieved 4 of them from the most recent sale and they are awesome.  I dont find them any smaller than previously.   I am not a big fan of the micro cut as it really packs you in (but does not really show you off).  I am very average in size (length and grith) and i find the micro cut too confining.  Have never tried the classic...so i have no feedback on it
odie77301 #370


Date Posted:01/23/2010 08:10:50Copy HTML

 I have received and tried on my pink star poser thong. And it fits kind of tight around my testis. I think its tighter than my mpx. It looks incredible though. Can't wait to post some pics here pretty soon ..
stanpuppy #371


Date Posted:01/23/2010 08:14:53Copy HTML

I got the same suit odie...i love the material they use on it.  It is definately different than the other fabrics.
notherbigr #372


Date Posted:01/25/2010 05:17:38Copy HTML

I received my Muscleskins suits and wore them a few times over the weekend.  I ordered 1/2" poser thong, wide +4cm pouch in titanium.  The fit is nearly perfect, a bit tight around the sac as has been mentioned above but otherwise nice.  It holds the equipment nearly perfectly and does what I need it to do in terms of not being "torpedo" shaped as, for me, that would make it nearly unwearable.  Wearing the thong to the gym under track pants was very comfortable for the workout.  Given the opportunity these would be great on the beach. 

I also got a 1/2" poser full back bikini, wide +4cm pouch in grey.  Again, great fit.  The butt is a bit brief but doesn't bunch up so I'll go with it. 

Based on this I made a follow-up order today for another thong.  Same 1/2" poser but this time I went for only a +3cm wide pouch in navy.  I think +4cm pouch is the right size for me but I want one that is just a bit tight.  I had a few questions about the fit and colors and J at Muscleskins was incredibly helpful via email.  Their customer service really is outstanding considering the number of custom made suits they produce.  Definately made me want to order more....
notherbigr #373


Date Posted:01/29/2010 06:47:28Copy HTML

Just following up on my above post.  I received the Muscleskins thong yesterday and wore it to the gym to workout.  Even though the only changes I made from the first thong I received was in color, titanium to navy, and size of pouch, +4cm to +3cm, the thong definately fits me smaller.  Assuming the fabric difference isn't too much the size of the pouch is very influential.  The thong feels a little on the tight side and there is more of a torpedo effect rather than a hang effect.  I think I prefer the looser, hang so going forward will order the +4cm pouch...  Other than that I'm fantastically happy about the custom aspect of these and also the incredible customer service...
bmicro #374


Date Posted:01/30/2010 04:47:50Copy HTML

After reading all of the comments about Muscleskins, I finally broke down and visited their website. There I found their X2, a two piece thong. I also ordered one of their Poser models. Evidently they had an overload of orders, for I found that they even closed down their order site a few days after I ordered mine. They notified me that there would be a delay. About two weeks after I had ordered the suits (earlier than I expected), they arrived. They also included a third suit (evidently a torpedo) with a note apologizing for the delay. Excellent customer relations!

The X2 consists of two one-sided thongs that can be worn together to produce a "normal" look or separately to produce a more "exotic" one-sided look. I immediately loved it! I have worn it as a two sided suit on the Hollywood boardwalk and as a one sided suit on South Beach. Got a few compliments on the one sided look.

I tried on the poser and the torpedo, but haven't worn either on the beach yet. I was surprised how much of a push up effect the poser has. IMHO, the poser is much more "in your face" than the tiny g-strings that I wear regularly. Rather than being merely brief, it is a display suit. I thought that it would compliment my more conservative collection (like a Dore VLC thong or an Alphamoda Kalimnos). I will wear it on South Beach but wouldn't in Hollywood or Ft. Lauderdale (personal opinion only).

The torpedo is, of course, is quite a display suit that requires you to be somewhat enlarged to fill it, which could be a problem in many jurisdictions that prohibit men from appearing in public in a "discernably turgid state".
stanpuppy #375


Date Posted:01/30/2010 09:25:34Copy HTML

Welcome to the club micro!!!! glad you finally tried a Muscleskins.  I think you will like the poser.  It is my default suit.  I wear it in public even up here in the conservative northeast.  While it does cradle you...it does not "put you out there" like the torpedo.  The torpedo really is not suitable for public beaches. Maybe....just maybe, you can swing it in sobe, where almost anything goes.  There is no way I would ever don one up here on the public beaches we go to.  I save my torpedos (and i have about 5 of them), exclusively for gunnison beach (for those who may not know...it is the largest nude beach in north america).  Obviously, there is no problem wearing a show off thong on a nude beach. 
JM_Runs #376


Date Posted:02/07/2010 12:54:01Copy HTML

      In the past I have ordered all of my suits from http://www.coachclass.net/  .  Specifically the "mishko" suit.  Awesome suit, and he will line it front and back for the extra wear and tear of beaching  free of charge.  However his Thongs, though I haven't purchased one do not appeal to me from the website.
       That being said, I'm ready to order a recommended first single item order thong from Muscleskins.  From what I see, their suits look pretty good.  From what I've read , everyone is more than delighted with the quality.
I'm 230lbs, 6'2 with a 34" waist.  At the age of 50, i've been able to fend off the middle section spread through lots of dieting and lifting.  I normally order medium in the coachclass suit, from what I've read the Musleskins fit smaller that one would think... Should I order a large?   I'll be ordering the 1/2" micro.  My next question is,  I'm leaning to the wider "sport" back as apposed to the narrow " thong back."  They're both thongs, I know its basically a preference issue, again I'm leaning toward the "sport thong".  Has anyone had experience with the two?  If you have the time to respond would you be kind enough to give me your overall feeling and input regarding  the sizing and your preference on the two  muscleskins thong types?  
      Jupiter from muscleskins,your input would be much appreciated as well, I would not consider it a push for one or the other since you are affiliated with muscleskins!!
                                                                                              Thankyou in advance  BG

stanpuppy #377


Date Posted:02/07/2010 02:47:50Copy HTML

rsbng.....you would almost certainly need (at least) a large.   I am 60 lbs less than you and wear a Large.   I have even ordered XL in the torpedo style, since it is cut differently.   I have no experience with the sprot back, all 14 of my thongs are the narrow "thong back" that you describe
tnline #378


Date Posted:02/16/2010 09:29:06Copy HTML

Quick follow up to the question posed by orangeb - does anyone have any further informations on the Muscleskins Micro cut vs classic cut?  

I just ordered a 1" micro cut thong in the standard pouch width.  I read through this thread and wonder if anyone has compared the same suit fit between the classic and micro cut.
tomshep #379


Date Posted:02/17/2010 05:13:01Copy HTML

I just received two custom-made thongs (both 1/2" standard micro thong) and one regular thong (1/2" standard classic thong) that I ordered from Muscleskins.  It took them less than a week to cut the patterns, sew, and send me my order.  I love all three... great quality, craftmanship, design and fit.  I can't wait to wear them at the beach. 
gradstudch #380


Date Posted:02/18/2010 02:27:44Copy HTML

tomshep, how did you custom made the thongs? I am assuming it is your own design as you say they cut the patterns and sew, so it is not their usual style.
gradstudch #381


Date Posted:02/18/2010 02:29:54Copy HTML

I love thongs with string backs. Not g strings, but like the backs of Hom fredy thongs, a true string. I have been trying to get muscleskins to make them for a while, or custom make them. But they don't do this or I guess can't do this. :(
tnline #382


Date Posted:02/18/2010 12:52:53Copy HTML

I just received my first suits from Muscleskins.  A 1" micro thong in jade color and 1" poser thong in marine.  Have to say that these are great suits and I appreciated the posts in this thread that helped in my choices.  The poser suit definitely keeps you up and out but it's not too extreme and I would feel comfortable wearing that suit at any of the beaches that I usually go to in the summer. 
spdojon #383


Date Posted:03/13/2010 03:29:41Copy HTML

Received my first muscleskins suit today.  It is a 1/2" micro front narrow.  I guess I messed up on this order.  I thought I would be getting a low cut, low volume, narrow pouch.  What I got was a narrow piece of curved material.  There really isn't a pouch.  The first thing I thought was that it was a woman's garment since it looked so flat.  Men take note:  there isn't a pouch.  I can't see any man fitting into this suit.  And I'm small.  I guess I might try with a standard front with a standard width and see how that works. 
notherbigr #384


Date Posted:03/24/2010 02:20:18Copy HTML

It's been two months now and I thought I'd report on my muscleskins.  I wear these things a lot.  I guess that's what happens when you find something that fits right.  For me having a good pouch that holds me in yet provides support is key and to be able to do that while also being comfortable is tough but the Muscleskins achieves it I think.  I wear these to the gym at least twice a week. 

I think the above post demonstrates that these things are definately custom cut and quite precise in the fit so you need to be absolutely sure what you are ordering.   Even the difference between 3 and 4 cm can make a difference.  

In terms of wish list I don't know what I would order next other than a different color or two.  I don't think I would ever get anything other than the 1/2" side and either the thong or full seat.  I like the brazilian shorts but as my gym is pretty mainstream I don't know that I could get away working out in those though I would certainly love to. 
thong_jock #385


Date Posted:03/24/2010 02:37:22Copy HTML

 I agree. It took me a couple times to find the right cut with MS, but now that I have I am ordering them in diff colors. I too like the skimpiest 1/2" side with either the thong or full seat. Would love to wear them with u bro!
mrhb2008 #386


Date Posted:03/31/2010 02:05:24Copy HTML

 Just got back from Cabo and my order was in the mail box.  I bought a Royal torpedo thong and a titanium full seat classic.  I'm on the fence with the torpedo as I think he changed the cut of the pouch and it's more like a Dore missle.  When the sun comes back out I'll get some fotos posted and tell me what you think.Anyone else notice the difference & does it matter to you?
OS777 #387


Date Posted:04/21/2010 08:19:47Copy HTML

 I have +40 Muscleskin suits.  Most are MPX.  A few are bikinis.  The bikinis are lacking adequate space for my '3 little friends.'  I feel bound up when I wear the bikini for any long period of time.  The MPX is a different story.  Nice and very supportive.  Nice wrap around feel with your entire package unbound unlike in a small flat bikini front panel.  I am an 'average sized guy' (pkg size that is) and I do recommend you consider purchasing a style that provides a separate compartment for your pkg.  Getting a tight flat bikini front is okay for less endowed individuals.  For medium to large pkg.s, order something from Muscleskins that is exciting and has space to enjoy wearing without discomfort.
notherbigr #388


Date Posted:04/21/2010 02:49:59Copy HTML

I just got my latest order from Muscleskins.  I got two poser +3cm wide pouch thongs and 1 poser +3cm wide pouch full back.  The thongs in white and periwinkle, the full cut in white.  The big change from my first order is that they no longer offer the poser in +4cm.  Why, I don't know?  However, no issues they fit well.  I've now worn both the full back and the thong to the gym under my shorts and both were great.  Very comfortable for the long haul and plenty of room for the boys.  I think the construction is excellent and they should stand up well to use.
thong_jock #389


Date Posted:04/21/2010 07:58:27Copy HTML

 Wore muscelskins almost exclusively on a recent trip to hawaii. Love the tiny tanlines and they suits are awesome to wear!
reine125 #390


Date Posted:04/28/2010 12:54:03Copy HTML

Jupiter here from Muscleskins!

Great reading all of your posts.  We design suits based upon customer comments.  Thought I'd answer a few of your comments, but first...KUDOS to any guy who'd sport a Torpedo or MPX on a public beach....I just couldn't do that.  The Micro has always been my personal preference.  All of the photos on our website show me in the standard cut suits, but you can see me in some modified models on Spandexguys.  My handle is Jupiter.  Warning....some of the photos are a bit racey.  :)

Torpedo:  You can request more room in the pouch...not just the length.  Email us.  We are considering revamping our ordering system to accomodate this, but it will change the fit for many of our customers who are used to the current online ordering system.  I think I'm "average".  The standard cut fits me well, but I prefer the -1cm pouch for a snugger fit.

Poser:  Glad everyone likes it so much!  With all of our suits, it truly is a matter of getting your own fit down before ordering multiple suits.  The standard cut is shown on our website, but I hate tanlines.  My preference is actually a -2cm narrow pouch on the Poser.  It BARELY covers me!  But almost completely eliminates tanlines!

Classic vs Micro:  OK, they are both a snug fit.  If you need more room in the Classic, email us.  We offer a similar +cm option on the Classic.  Hopefully you will see that as standard on our website soon.  LOL, The Micro isn't a women's cut.  It is designed to be VERY snug while providing the most minimal tanlines we can manage while still keeping the "average" guy covered.  And I have to admit, the Narrow Micro thong with "minimized" sides is my all-time favorite.  :)  There isn't a milimeter of extra fabric!

X2:  Very dareing suit!  I'd never wear it in public...too shy.  But I love it for the private pool.  I get tons of looks and compliments on it.  My advice....order a size up!  If you order it to small it will have a tendency to pull over to one side when wearing only one side of the suit.  With a larger size, it isn't as much of a problem.  We don't recommend reducing the pouch size, but if you know you need it....ask.  I recently decided that I like the -1cm pouch but I'd never keep the suit on if I reduced it more.

Shorts/Tights:  We offer them by custom order....time permitting.  EVERYTHING is custom made and we sometimes have a hard time shipping orders within our stated 7 business day turnaround.  If we can't get it all done working double shifts and weekends, we close our website for a few days.

Black vs Other Fabrics:  We see a definite difference!  Some fabrics do fit more snugly, they have less stretch.  In fact SADDLE will be discontinued completely because the stretch is so much less than even Black.  We will always give you the rundown on any fabric color you may be interested in!

Custom options:  If we can do it with reasonable ease, we will.  Common requests are for more "ball sack room" in the Torpedo, Higher or Lower seat rises, and "minimizing" the 1/2" sides....we can overlap the leg and waist elastics and get it down to about 3/8"!  Almost no tanline at all!  But you may find that the suit can roll over to expose the stitching....it's a give and take guys....the laws of physics are going to apply even with spandex.  LOL.  We can also produce "Harlequin" suits in two colors, add side stripes, and drawstrings.

Private Sales:  Oh Man!  We goofed on that sale in January!  Too much response!  We can only produce so many suits at a time!  We now have a new system for private sales so that we can still ship all orders on time.  We respectfully request that if you receive an invitation, DO NOT tell anyone!  Instead, tell your friends to email us and ask to be placed on our mailing list.  They will get their own invitation in due time.

Quality:  If you ever have a concern about quality, definitely let us know!  The 1/2" and minimized 1/2" suits can be tricky....the sides are basically straps and will roll over.  If this bothers you move up to the 3/4" or 1" suits.  Otherwise if you feel your suit isn't of top notch quality, we will do everything possible to resolve the situation.  However, keep in mind....we produce the suits as you order them.  Bad pouch fit doesn't constitute poor quality, just poor ordering.  :)  If you need a larger pouch, by all means...order it!  :)  As a rule with Muscleskins, if in doubt, order up!

What's next?:  We constantly work on new designs.  We almost always try to produce suits based upon customer requests even if we deny the order.  Our suits are all produced similarly.  They have to be or we wouldn't be able to offer as many options as we do while keeping the costs low.  We don't want to have to charge Tendeze pricing on any suit!  My advice is to send us your suggestions.  We do get a lot of requests for the simple string back.  We hate the way it looks.  Until we perfect it and get it to fit within our normal production methods, we won't offer it.  But, you'll see more options on our website soon after the spring rush.

Contest and Customer Gallery:  We've been considering it for years.  Send us a photo stating that we can use it in a customer gallery.  If/when we use your photo....there is no contest, we'll send you a free suit.  But I don't know when that will be.  Send your photos now and get ahead of the game!

And finally, thanks for the compliments on customer service!  I definitely try!  If you ever have a question, contact me directly at Muscleskins.

Sincerely, J
mrhb2008 #391


Date Posted:05/10/2010 02:31:19Copy HTML

 Just posted new fotos to my page.  Comments?
JM_Runs #392


Date Posted:05/20/2010 07:47:11Copy HTML

Just got the new Muscleskins today. Hope to get some sunshine this weekend and maybe get some pics 
Rigoberto33 #393


Date Posted:05/31/2010 03:56:06Copy HTML

I just received my muscleskins swimwears. I bought a classic with atheletic back, and a poser thong back, both with narrow pouch width, and 1/2'' sides. The first fits ok, but I don't love the poser very much. I think the 1/2'' sides are too big for a narrow pouch poser thong back. It would be great if the side's width should be only the string's width. I'll continue searching for a minimal thong for tanning...
pkthong #394


Date Posted:07/08/2010 10:39:34Copy HTML

 I have to say that my Musceskins rio in royal is becoming my favorite suit. The initial reaction from my wife when I wore it on a beach in St. Lucia earlier this year was that I should have just worn a thong etc. So I saved it for the last day in Punta Cana and boy it felt even better than my JS Capri. They are comparable in size and coverage but I do love the feel of the fabric and the way it says in place. BTW my wife did not give me grief probably because it was the last day or because of the JS I had worn earlier that week( or the champagne). 
JM_Runs #395


Date Posted:07/14/2010 12:39:44Copy HTML

Just recieved my muscleskins i have a poser and classic series love the pouch and the room if feels awesome cant wait to post some pictures on the site for everyone to see. These are my new favorite suits and i agree with stanpuppy if they have customers submit there photos i will def. do it.
notherbigr #396


Date Posted:07/14/2010 01:25:13Copy HTML

I have the poser as well in both thong and bikini and was by the pool yesterday afternoon.  The tan lines are small from them for sure.  But totally comfortable to wear.  I'm late this year getting a start on my thong tanline but it should come back pretty quickly I think.
thong_jock #397


Date Posted:07/14/2010 04:11:32Copy HTML

 I have posers, classics and even a torpedo. MS are my favortie thongs and all I wear to the beach. I would totally post pics of myself in my MS thongs if they had that functionality. I have a few of me in mine on here. VAThonger - can't wait to see pics of u in your MS thongs!!! You are one hot man! And notherbigr, I've seen yours and you are smokin' too! Would be awesome to hang out with either of u in our Muscleskins thongs.
navythong #398


Date Posted:08/07/2010 12:26:47Copy HTML

 Hi everyone,

Is there anyone of you that owns both an MP thong in the supersatin fabric and the new nylon/lycra fabric?
Since I like my thongs to fit snug I ordered the pouch in narrow and -1cm for the supersatin fabric.
I want to order an MP thong again, but the supersatin is no longer available. Can anyone tell me more about the differences between supersatin and nylon/lycra?
Jeffthong #399


Date Posted:08/07/2010 01:10:33Copy HTML

I have a Muscleskins "poser" in supersatin, also narrow & -1cm.  The fit is nearly identical to newer "posers" in nylon lycra.  Nylon lycra seems slightly more stretchy but the difference is barely noticable. I prefer the narrow pouch also but don't bother reducing the pouch depth.  Of the two materials, I prefer nylon lycra.
Hope that helps.
navythong #400


Date Posted:08/07/2010 02:19:47Copy HTML

 Thanks Jeffthong, your reply sure helps.
The reason for reducing the pouch depth is I don't like that the pouch gets too 'roomy' after a dip in the relatively cold seawater. The supersatin -1cm is perfect for me, its fits perfectly, even after a dip. I wasn't sure about the nylon/lycra since that's a new fabric for Muscleskins. I think I will order my new MP thong also in narrow -1cm. I hesitate between navy blue and royal blue. Which colors do you have?

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