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thong_jock #401


Date Posted:08/07/2010 05:04:50Copy HTML

 I have 6 of their 'classic' thongs and only one in the nylon lycra...it's red and my fav...didn't know they had more fabric choices in the shinier spandex fabric...damn, gonna have to get a couple more new thongs now! MS are all I wear to the beach...at least this year...they have the skimpiest straps without being g-strings and are incredibly erotic to wear.
qwerty52 #402


Date Posted:08/07/2010 05:42:38Copy HTML

Hi everyone.

I just wanted to ask some questions about MS swimwears. I am thinking about buying some thong, sport thong, rio and half back.
How are the thongs and sport thong compared to alphamoda thongs and micro thong?
How are the MS rio compared to the Joey Sneyder Capri and Skinzwear (rio?not sure about the name for skinzwear?
How is the MS half back compared to the alphamoda capri?

Thank you in advance
qwerty52 #403


Date Posted:08/07/2010 05:46:49Copy HTML

Also are the MS low rise?

I am thinking about having them custom made to have the thong sit 1 inch higher. Anyone have them 1 inch higher? Do u like them siting higher??
Jeffthong #404


Date Posted:08/08/2010 01:04:16Copy HTML

The Muscleskins "poser" version is fairly low rise.  When ordering, you can choose to add 1 or more cm's to the pouch depth. That would probably cause it to ride higher.  For a 34" waist I order their size large.
notherbigr #405


Date Posted:08/09/2010 04:03:36Copy HTML

I find that the MS poser thong with 1/2" sides and wider +3cm pouch suits me best.  As for being low rise, I think that relatively it would be considered "low rise".  The side straps sit nearly perfectly along my hips, my tanline is coming in perfectly as a result.  If you prefer a bit higher rise you can add 1 inch to the back. 
OC_Thong_Guy #406


Date Posted:08/10/2010 04:32:38Copy HTML

I just ordered my first suit from them. I love the control to customize the suit to exactly what I want, and I think it's really great that you can do that for about $25.  Are there any similar sites for women's suits?  I've seen a couple of custom swimwear sites for women, but the suits they offer are usual in the $150+ range, and the web interface doesn't give you nearly as much control.
qwerty52 #407


Date Posted:08/11/2010 03:14:28Copy HTML

Thanks guys, I will order from them very soon!
SlidingG #408


Date Posted:08/11/2010 04:35:55Copy HTML

Wore my new black Muscleskins thong -- classic pouch and 3/4" sides -- at East Beach in RI the other day for runs at water's edge in the morning and again mid-day.  (Wore less the rest of the day for sunning and swimming).  This suit is already my new favorite "moderate" thong, replacing Nu-Parr's V-kini in that category of my swimwear wardrobe.  The pouch provides a smooth, moderate bulge with only a hint of anatomical detail (being black helps on that latter point, I think.)  It is very socially acceptable, in my view, and I felt comfortable walking/jogging back to the parking lot at one point because it is not extreme.  I believe thongs worn among the regular public ought not be extreme, but rather moderate to conservative.  This thong does the job admirably.   
thonglife #409


Date Posted:08/25/2010 12:15:02Copy HTML

I just got my first MS thong - a classic 1" in blue and I sure hope to get to wear it at the beach before the season is over. I got a lean, white, classic 1" in the spring that I wore a few days at the beach over the summer and the fit was perfect.
speedosoldier85 #410


Date Posted:08/25/2010 04:18:19Copy HTML

I really enjoy mine a lot. Green one inch classic sports thong back. I really think I might be ordering more thongs and some bikinis from them in the future.
Rigoberto33 #411


Date Posted:08/27/2010 02:57:16Copy HTML

I received last week a special offer invitation from Muscleskins to order some new suits. Models was the sames than before, but there was a new side width: 3/8''. I ordered a Micro with lean back, and a thong poser with 3/8'' sides.

I just received my order today, and both looks great, but I love specially the poser with 3/8'' sides. For me, It looks much better than those with 1/2'' sides. I've uploaded some pictures to my profile (at "My thongs" folder, it's the orange muscleskins suit).

As I see, the option to choose 3/8'' sides isn't available at Muscleskins main page yet, but I think they will add it very soon.
navythong #412


Date Posted:09/18/2010 01:18:37Copy HTML

 Today I received my 2nd order from Muscleskins. An MP thong with narrow pouch in royal blue.
I immediately tried it on. The fit is very snug and sexy; not a millimeter too much fabric. Just what I like.
The nylon/lycra is more stretchy then the supersatin they used earlier. The sides are somewhat wider just as Rigoberto described.
Very good workmanship again! Its a pity that summer is over in Holland, I will have to wait a bit before wearing it to the beach.
wild_tiger33 #413


Date Posted:09/24/2010 03:15:43Copy HTML

 Just order a pair of orange torpedo bikini from them. the fit is very snug for a medium. Uploaded some pics on profile. Now to build up the confidence to wear it out in public :)
missrebecca #414


Date Posted:09/26/2010 04:01:28Copy HTML

I like your photo's wild_tiger.

My bf has worn a 1" torpedo with a lean back in public with no problems so you should give it a go. He recently bought a few more pairs and one of them was a micro and it didnt fit either. His equipment just didnt fit in it. It fits me better than him :)


wetbikini2 #415


Date Posted:09/29/2010 12:56:42Copy HTML

 I have not bought any Muscleskins suits, I prefer the Skinz M-67.  However I received an email special from Muscleskins and am considering buying one or two to try out.  Can anyone tell me how the M-67 compares to a Muscleskins 3/4" classic pouch thong?Thanks John
mark_issac #416


Date Posted:10/25/2010 07:08:11Copy HTML

does anyone have a picture of them in the classic 1" capri?
kmackhard #417


Date Posted:10/26/2010 04:23:46Copy HTML

Hi just posted pics of my muscleskins 3/8 sides poser front, rio back in black, medium size. Nice fit nice cut of suit. good material. Will order more. Hope that helps. Kmack
kmackhard #418


Date Posted:10/26/2010 04:26:05Copy HTML

Hi sorry posted on koala members pics under the name kmackhard
OS777 #419


Date Posted:11/07/2010 09:32:11Copy HTML

 I posted a few photos (of Muscleskins) in my most recent blog.  I just got rid of 15 or so last week.  My favorite style is Xtreme Poser.
limethong #420


Date Posted:12/08/2010 03:05:14Copy HTML

Just received confirmation that my order of 2 torpedos in yellow & red are on their way. I am hoping that they are like all the favourable comments that I read here about them. As recommended by Jupiter I ordered a 1cm reduction in the pouch as i am only 5 or 6 inches when aroused.Thanks for all your comments. Love the discussion about muscleskins.
thong_jock #421


Date Posted:12/13/2010 02:07:38Copy HTML

 I have a few photos up here of me in my Muscleskins thongs. They are the most erotic swimwear I've ever worn and I love to wear them to public beaches and hotel pools.
stanpuppy #422


Date Posted:12/23/2010 10:00:50Copy HTML

Muscleskin Half vs Capri Seat There is negligible difference.  I have some of each.   If it is a conservative pool event, i would avoid any muscleskins suit..regardless of the back style.  I do'nt think either of them would meet the "conservative" criteria.  Not so much because of the back, but the fronts. 

My experience with muscleskins (and it is extensive) is that they pretty much so "what cho mamma gave you" up front, no matter what style pouch you get.  Even with my most conservative fronts and colors (i.e black, gray, dark purple, etc.) the outline of my "little guy" is pretty apparent.   I love muscleskins for south beach, sandy hooks clothing optional beach, and anywhere in the carribean. 

For the shores of NJ, and other regular beaches, i avoid them because they are a bit too risque vs. the general population.  Now if I thong on the jersey shore, I go with a Skinz bravura.  It is still skimpy cut, but the material hides the package better
njthonger #423


Date Posted:12/24/2010 02:21:58Copy HTML

Thanks, I actually was thinking carribean when I said conservative. I agree with the comments regarding the front, but I figure a "poser" and capri back would be ok on most islands.
SpeedoSC #424


Date Posted:12/24/2010 02:47:55Copy HTML

 Actually had Muscleskins make me a blue Classic front (narrow cut +1cm), 1/2in side, Capri back suit and I wore that extensively on the beach in South Carolina this past summer ... was small enough up front to match my existing tanline from my Muscleskins thongs, but not as explicit as the poser pouch. Back is small enough to convert to a thong back without any trouble. That said, I also have an orange poser front with capri back, and while it's an awesome suit, it's just a bit too "in your face" for most beaches (love that suit though!!)
John Howard #425


Date Posted:12/24/2010 11:07:32Copy HTML

 Personally I find MS Half and Capri too tiny for my butt.  They always end up becoming a thong back, and I have to keep adjusting it all the time to avoid it.  
The Lean back is the one that fits me the best.
Regarding the front, I used to purchase Posers, (I have never bought a Torpedo nor think I ever would).  but lately I feel like the Poser front are 'too much in your face'.   \On the other hand, it's true that the Micro front squashes a bit your package, but I think it's a more sensible thing to wear at a public beach.   The Micro front is much more versatile than a Poser;  I can get away easily to wear a Micro front at my local pool, whereas I'm 100% sure that a Poser could encourage people with kids to complain about my suit.  
In my opinion, a MS Micro front and Lean back is the minimal style that  I can  actually wear at any conservative occassion.
The colour of the suit can also make a difference.  I stick to non bright colours;  I think they always look heaps better.....     I understand that sometimes wearing a bright colour can be an expression of someone's personality, and  that's fair enough.  However, it can be perceived as a strong "look at me, look at me" on the rest of the beach population.  In my case, I prefer to put most of my effort on sculpting my body aiming to achieving the best body that my genetic potential can offer.    Harmony, muscle mass and definition, and aiming for the "v" shape (broad shoulders and minimal body fat in the mid section area),  wrapped up with strong, muscular legs, are aspects of a male anatomy that would make any style of suit, just look superb.
I think that is not necessary to be a bodybuilder to look great wearing a Muscleskins.  The most important thing is the mid-section, avoid as much as possible the accumulation of body fat in the abdominal area.    In my opinion, wearing Muscleskins suits are one of the best incentives to keep in shape.  The most important thing is not the suit, but the shape of a fit and healthy body.  The most important thing is the body, a minimal suit is only the treat,  the finishing touch,  the icing on the cake.
thong_jock #426


Date Posted:12/24/2010 06:27:32Copy HTML

I wear classic pouches for public wear [wider pouch option] and even though I have a couple MS bikinis, I usually only wear my thongs. If the scene is low key enough to wear a MS I go all the way. On more crowded and/or family beaches I wear speedo solars or waveline bikinis. I have a couple torpedos I reserve for intimate play. ;-)
mark_issac #427


Date Posted:12/25/2010 01:15:32Copy HTML

I recently purchased my first MS suit. It is a classic 1inch side with wide front pouch and capri back. I have to say it's my favourite suit, and think it fits absolutely perfectly for what i was looking for! Despite the previous posts i think it's relatively conservative at the front and shows just about the right amount at the back.

a couple of days ago i wore it to my local leisure centre pool in north west london, and nobody batted an eyelid. It did slightly become a thong a few times and again, no problem. I think people generally keep themselves to themselves, i sometimes walk around the unisex changing room in just a thong and no one's ever said anything!
thong_jock #428


Date Posted:12/25/2010 05:29:52Copy HTML

 Hope you post some pics of yourself in our new Muscleskins thong. I bet you look awesome.
louish #429


Date Posted:01/04/2011 01:55:05Copy HTML

Just got two new Muscleskins suits -- neon green micro & neon orange poser, both with 3/8" sides.
Got the Micro with wide pouch.  Fits great, looks great.  There's no denying that the construction & detailing are better with Skinz, but this one is a keeper.
The Poser, on the other hand, will never see the light of day.  I'd have to be almost 100% shaved (which isn't going to happen) to wear this, and would have to lose every milligram of subcutaneous fat around my groin for it to look good (and I'm not overweight !).
So I'll be sticking with the Muscleskins 3/8" Micro and the Skinz skinny-side thong.  Both are right on the line between thong & g-string and work really well for me.
stanpuppy #430


Date Posted:01/04/2011 03:21:34Copy HTML

I have several of the poser suits.  I am 100% shaved, i have no subcutaneous fat, and I wear them all the time.  I wore them daily  on for my recent trip to south beach, and am very comfortable walking around in them.  I even wear them on the jersey shore.  The suit that i struggle with is the torpedo.  I have no problem with how it envelopes the package, i am just uncomfortable about how it projects outward.  It seems overly exibitionistic to me.  I would wear it more frequently (on public beaches), if it "hung" a little better.   The only place I wear it is tanning in my back yard, and the nude beach at Sandy Hook Gunnision beach.
notherbigr #431


Date Posted:01/05/2011 02:43:49Copy HTML

On my recent trip to Cancun I wore almost exclusively my navy blue Muscleskins 1/2" poser wide +3cm thongs on the beach.  I wore it while sunning on the beach, when swimming in the ocean and also by the Westin pool.  Although there is no drawstring I didn't have issues with "falldown" when swimming in the ocean as the fit is excellent.  The suit itself seemed to hold up well to the use. 

I have avoided buying the torpedo because I think it's a bit too out there as everyone has said.  The poser seems to let your equipment hang a bit more naturally.  Also, while skimpy I think the poser provides sufficient coverage in the front.  I'm a more hairy guy but I don't feel like I was an ape stuffed into a speedo with the thong. 
T_for_2 #432


Date Posted:01/17/2011 01:47:37Copy HTML

I just went to the Muscleskins website to order a couple of new suits and found posted a message saying that they are moving to a new location and not currently accepting any new orders.  There is no indication as to how long this situation might last, but it looks like we will have to wait a while before being able to place any orders.  Bummer!
JC2162 #433


Date Posted:01/30/2011 01:58:24Copy HTML

Muscleskins is accepting orders.  I ordered two today.  I really like the look of the poser.
JC2162 #434


Date Posted:02/08/2011 03:08:25Copy HTML

Just got my new maroon Muscleskins poser thong with a narrow pouch this weekend.  The Poser is a very nicely constructed suit.  It is tiny but fits like a glove.  It really shapes and lifts me in the right places.  I am very confident about wearing my more traditional thongs but I'm not sure about wearing the Poser in public yet.  It has more of a torpedo look than a suit with a traditional push down pouch, so I am a little worried about that in your face effect that the poser gives you. 

Do any of you wear your Muscleskins Poser to traditional beaches or do you wear it in a more private setting?  Just trying to get some feedback.
tnline #435


Date Posted:02/08/2011 03:18:42Copy HTML

Muscleskins Poser is a great suit for a "traditional beach"
nicthong #436


Date Posted:02/08/2011 08:54:02Copy HTML

@JC2162I haven't had much tanning opportunity recently but, yes, I've worn my Poser thongs on public beaches without any trouble - as you say, they're incredibly comfortable and I think you feeling comfortable goes a long way to you actually being comfortable wearing it wherever you are. Wearing thongs generally turns heads anyway so don't worry about the progression from what you call 'traditional' to the Poser - it's really not as 'in your face' as you might think it is! Enjoy!
louish #437


Date Posted:02/08/2011 03:24:08Copy HTML

I"m becoming a real Muscleskins convert.  Wore a lime green thong, 3/8" waist, all weekend in Fort Lauderdale -- it felt great.  I really like the Classic version, rather than Poser (which I still have trouble with as a visual, and find way too out there, so to speak, for my confidence & comfort level), but need to get the pouch size right -- need to add a centimeter or two so it's not quite so tight.
Anybody know whether one centimeter will make much of a difference, or is more necessary ?
SlidingG #438


Date Posted:02/09/2011 12:55:10Copy HTML

Hey Louish, I bought the classic thong, with unmodified pouch, in large for my 34" waist.  It fits very well and looks great.  From casual observation and comparison, I'd say I'm endowed about average, and the top covers my unshaved bush very adequately, which it wouldn't if it were too small.  I think deciding on how many centimeters you need to add is subjective, based on how you perceive your endowment compared to other guys'.  'Nuf said.
I plan to wear this suit -- in basic black for both casual and lap use -- on our upcoming Florida trip, and if I manage a beach photo, I'll add it to my Images.   
thong_jock #439


Date Posted:02/09/2011 02:26:34Copy HTML

Muscleskins are definitely trial and error based on personal preference. One you find the right cut it will be hard to find a better fitting, sexier swim thong out there for men. My personal preference is the skimpiest thong sides and back the offer with a Classic pouch that is cut extra wide as I don't care for the very narrow pouches. I have this cut thong swim suit in several colors, so when I go on vacation I can wear different thongs each day and get nice sharp micro thong tanlines. I also have a couple of the torpedo pouch thongs for playtime. ;-) LOVE Muscleskins! 
notherbigr #440


Date Posted:02/09/2011 03:18:01Copy HTML

I agree that even a centimeter can make a difference.  I had orders a few suits in the +4cm size before they stopped offering it.  So since then I've been limited to +3cm posers.  Definately makes a difference.  My +4cm posers are just ever so slightly "floppy", which is fine sometimes.  The +3cm poser holds me all together, molded to my form as it were.  One isn't necessarily better.  There are times I like a little looser feel and other times the tight mold is great.
JC2162 #441


Date Posted:02/12/2011 12:24:50Copy HTML

I like the "tight mold look" of the Poser.  It provides some definition that you don't get in many other suits.  I am slowly getting accustomed to the "torpedo like" projection that you get with the poser.  I own many Skinzwear suits that I love but the Poser is very comfortably snug.  I can't wait until the weather turns a little bit warmer here in S. FL so I can use it in public and re-work those tan lines.  The next Poser that I will buy will have a standard size pouch.  The narrow pouch is just a little too small for me.  However, the narrow pouch is good for getting maximum tan exposure while still being legal.
wild_tiger33 #442


Date Posted:03/12/2011 08:23:12Copy HTML

 Just got a email about a sale going on at muscleskins. Might go ahead and buy some more :)
stanpuppy #443


Date Posted:03/12/2011 06:18:54Copy HTML

my one and only complaint about muscleskins suits is that the back rides a little lower than I would like.  The fronts of the suits are unparalled, and I have tried them all.
ShadowT #444


Date Posted:03/13/2011 01:13:52Copy HTML

 Is this sale only for previous customers?  I'm looking at placing my first order soon, and who doesn't like to save a buck or two?  I haven't found any mention of a sale on their website.
luvnmythong #445


Date Posted:03/13/2011 04:53:18Copy HTML

ShadowT:  Muscleskins sends out emails for Private Sales to their customers who have previously ordered something from them.  I got a thong from them a few months ago for $20 on their private sale.   After you order something and get on their email list, you will get a private sale notice from them sometime in the future.
ShadowT #446


Date Posted:03/16/2011 02:53:54Copy HTML

I still can't decide on with front to order.  I've been scouring the 'net for pictures.  Even when I find a photo of a Muscleskins suit, there's generally no indication of what cut it is, let alone any options that may have been applied.

I think I'd like something more like the poser (as an N2N fan), but possibly not if it fits as pictured on their website.  I'd like something a little more relaxed.  Does it bunch you up into a ball like in the photos?  I've seen some photos that suggest that it might look a little more natural or relaxed, while still form fitting, but I can't be sure.  I'll probably play it safe and get a classic, but any insight may change my mind at this point.
Dipster733 #447


Date Posted:03/16/2011 04:21:39Copy HTML

I like the poser or the classic fronts myself. My photos are with the poser front if you want a better look. The poser doesn't feel as 'compressed' as the classic or pro front (which are both still very comfortable). The front is cut very similair to a Dore low cut suit. I would also mention that there is a seam down the back of the thong. I know some people don't care for it. Hope this helps!
hotbunz1969 #448


Date Posted:03/16/2011 04:42:49Copy HTML

When it comes to muscleskins, all I can say is X2. They are great and by far the best fitting suit they make. 

Regards PAUL
SlidingG #449


Date Posted:03/17/2011 01:09:51Copy HTML

Dipster733, your 'poser' pics look great.  I've been debating whether to move beyond my 'classic' thong, having always avoided any 'projection', but your example convinces me it's the right move, not too extreme.  Thanks for posting them.
Dipster733 #450


Date Posted:03/17/2011 06:33:17Copy HTML

Thanks SlidingG! I really wouldn't say the poser is a projection suit like the torpedo, dore 3D, or tendenze louis. Like I mentioned before its more like a Dore low cut suit; more along the lines of a pouch that holds you rather than compress you. When I first bought them I thought the pouch was little bit too much. However, when I put them on I found to suit amazingly comfortable. I would only worry if you get a bit excited in the suits, but if that happens just turn over ;)
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