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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Date Posted:07/26/2004 10:01:56Copy HTML

Just came back from Hilton Head.  One day at the beach, I wore a red thong covered by a pair of Walmart running shorts, with the liner removed - of course.  They were light gray.  As I got out of the water, the thin fabric was sticking to me everywhere.  My bright red thong was glowing - even my 26 year old daughter said whoa - dad!  My wife instructed me to wear dark shorts to the beach the following days.
imathonglover #1

Re:My Thong Showed -

Date Posted:07/26/2004 10:35:45Copy HTML

I could just imagine the look on your daughter's face ... you're probably now looked at as one cool dad!

Ryan Booth #2

Re:My Thong Showed -

Date Posted:07/27/2004 12:28:55Copy HTML

It's a shame to hear that your wife made you wear darker shorts. Personally your daughter found out you wore thongs why not just wear them with out covering up? She is an adult woman after all. I think you are going to have to persuade your wife that there is nothing wrong with wearing thongs in public. It seemed like your daughter wasn't offended by it.
thongexec #3

Re:My Thong Showed -

Date Posted:07/27/2004 03:15:23Copy HTML

The beaches of hilton head are very conservative - NOBODY was even in a speedo or Rio -

daughter is cool - I have teased her about her underwear choices for years - including thongs -

NCThonger #4

Re:My Thong Showed -

Date Posted:07/27/2004 03:25:59Copy HTML

Hilton Head is my favorite beach of all!  Wife and I spent our honeymoon there years ago.  There are some secluded spots that I believe you could thong.  I have seen women in thongs on the beach at the Holiday Inn which is near Coligny Circle.  When I am down there, I always make it a point to bike on that section of the beach.  Sometimes you see men wearing bikinis, but never have I seen a man wearing a thong.


LoveMyThongs #5

Re:My Thong Showed -

Date Posted:09/16/2018 08:59:02Copy HTML

On really cold mornings I started wearing running tights. I didn’t realize the outline of my thong was fully visible front and back. When I got home our older neighbor was out front so I stopped to chat. I was using my shirt and sweatshirt to wipe sweat and exposing my waist. Two women walked by and started giggling and I didn’t get it until I got in the house. Anyone who looked saw my thong outline!
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