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Thong_Flasher #51

Re:My first Brazilian wax

Date Posted:06/07/2014 11:17:24

My waxing lady is now very comfortable with ejaculation, I explained to her how embarrassed I was with it happening last time. I never went back for 4 months because of the embarrassment, she told me not to worry and I shouldn't be embarrassed.
So I got my usual full body wax and finished the brazilian, she gave me some lotion to spread over the area that had just been waxed. Obviously doing this got me hard and she noticed, handing me a box of issues.
I proceeding to masturbate and ejaculate into the tissue, it only took me about 20 seconds to do this. I am glad I have an understanding beautician.
John Howard #52

Re:My first Brazilian wax

Date Posted:06/08/2014 01:23:50

 You obviously got over your embarrassment too well if now you need to masturbate in front of her, that sounds more like a 'waxing with extras' service to me....
The pain I feel particularly in that area when my beautician pulls can be quite intense and the last thing I can expect then is having an er*ection....
However she pours some tree oil at the end all around the body, only very quickly on that area but quite longer all over my back when im on my tummy at the very end of her service.... which I admit is so sensual after close to 2 hours of pain!!
Then I can ecperiment a semi e*rection but never a full one let alone masturbate in front of her.  Dont think its appropriate and she would probably  never wax me again   she is a professional and doesnt provide services with happy endings.
Eyowell1968 #53

Re:My first Brazilian wax

Date Posted:06/08/2014 01:47:12

I'm no sex behavior expert, but in my modest opinion, maybe there's some extent of atypical neurologic response to pain. This is the first time I know something like that, but it doesn't surprise me. We all know about people (for example) that sneezes when direct sunlight hits their eyes. It's quite long to explain that, but something similar may be happening in this case...
Matt37 #54

Re:My first Brazilian wax

Date Posted:06/11/2014 02:15:32

 One risk during the Brazilian is the tearing of skin, and it finally happened to me today. I went in for my monthly "maintenance," and when it was all over, there was a small tear on my sack that was bleeding. It stings like a mofo, but the tech says it's nothing to worry about - just keep it clean. But...ouch.
ondaspot #55

Re:My first Brazilian wax

Date Posted:06/11/2014 04:21:01

 That's regular when you get Brazilian waxes.  Try neosporin, that"s what I used after my  waxes when ski was missing.
gocal #56

Re:My first Brazilian wax

Date Posted:08/09/2014 04:53:45

 I don't know where you are going but you might want to find another aesthetician.  I have been getting my entire torso waxed for the past 4 years and have never had any bleeding.  If I did I don't think I would accept the statement that it is normal and would check out other options.  The first time I was waxed I was concerned that I felt like I was bleeding, but in fact was not.  It just stung and there was no missing skin.
JM_Runs #57

Re:My first Brazilian wax

Date Posted:11/08/2014 09:09:10

I've been getting Brazilians for over 10 years now, however I just had my first experience using Hard Wax.  It was much less painful than regular wax and the aesthetician didn't even need to use fabric strips.  She just spread it on, waited for it to cool and pulled it off.  It was also faster than usual.
If you're near Northern NJ, check out the Wax Den.  Great staff and prices.  And, thankfully, they do guys.  Ask for Brittany.  She definitely picked up a new client today!
SixDelta #58

Re:My first Brazilian wax

Date Posted:04/02/2015 12:50:10

 I wish there was a place around here that did Brazilians for men, but there's only a handful that do Brazilians to begin with, and they're all for females only :(.I bet the feeling afterward is amazing, though I'm concerned with the itchiness when it starts to grow back. I don't experience any itchiness at all in the pubic region on regrowth, but I've experimented with shaving my upper-thighs and around the anal region and while it looks stellar, a couple days later it's itchy to the point where it's difficult to even sit still for a minute or two and I'm asking myself if it was really worth it.I'm pretty sure I'd get an @@@@@@ at least the first time or maybe first few times but I wouldn't let that stop me as I'm sure they've already experienced that on numerous occasions if they're used to waxing men. Figure I'd just go ahead and break the ice before we even get started by apologizing in advance for the possibility of me getting an @@@@@@ during the waxing. Not concerned with any pain because "no pain no gain".
amethyst2513 #59

Re:My first Brazilian wax

Date Posted:04/02/2015 01:13:12

Well, unless you're wired specifically for it, even if you do get an @@@@@@, it will go away the first time they rip the hair from your groin.  The pain is enough of a detraction for me to stave off the stiffy.  However, if you're hard, it's actually easier for them to wax the shaft.  I wouldn't say anything to them about it, no apology needed.  In fact if it's your first time they may say the same thing to you that I just did, my waxer did to me.

And I don't experience as much itchiness as I do when I shave.  However, after about 4 days you'd better start exfoliating (using a rough luffa) like a mad man once to twice a day for the next week so you don't get ingrown hairs.  Those are a real pain in the arse to clear up after they've set in, they're uncomfortable, and they look terrible.  I'd rather have an unkempt bush than ingrown hairs, aesthetically speaking.
JM_Runs #60

Re:My first Brazilian wax

Date Posted:04/02/2015 03:03:31

I actually became aroused for the first time, while being waxed last month.  I'm not into pain or anything weird, but when someone is "manipulating" your junk that much, it doesn't exactly feel BAD.  And then, of course, I went through that stage every guy has experienced at some point: trying to will it away.
I tried to apologize, but my aesthetician just laughed and said,"it happens.  Don't worry about it."  Amethyst is right.  She told me it does make it easier to wax around the shaft.  No the case of blue b***s, on the other hand...
JM_Runs #61

Re:My first Brazilian wax

Date Posted:04/02/2015 03:04:50

I meant: Now the case of blue b***s, on the other hand...
JM_Runs #62

Re:My first Brazilian wax

Date Posted:04/02/2015 04:56:38

 @Stringman999: I imagine the "aesthetician" (good grief, is that what the profession is called?) sees men get erect or semi-erect every day and hardly notices anymore, it's part of his job.

It's a bit like visits to the doctor. Some men worry about whether they should wear "that" underwear when going for a consultation, worried about what the doctor might think. What the doctor is probably thinking is "Yawn, another rectal exam, two more to go before I get to take my lunch break."
JM_Runs #63

Re:My first Brazilian wax

Date Posted:04/02/2015 05:02:14

Ha!  Actually, it was a she and, since it's harder (no pun intended) to find women who will wax men, I didn't want her to think I was some weirdo who was getting a thrill out of it.  Incidentally,  I know a great waxer for anyone in northern New Jersey.  Just ask.
Matt37 #64

Re:My first Brazilian wax

Date Posted:04/03/2015 03:30:26

>> though I'm concerned with the itchiness when it starts to grow back

I've never experienced any itchiness with the hair growing back after being waxed. The itchiness comes from those cut off/sheared off hairs growing back after you've shaved them. With the wax, it pulls the entire hair out and you get new, light hair grow. It doesn't have the "edge" that irritates the skin (which causes the itchiness).

Also, why in the world does the board censor the word e-r-e-c-t-i-o-n? WTF?
JM_Runs #65

Re:My first Brazilian wax

Date Posted:04/03/2015 04:50:09

Matt, agree on both points.
JM_Runs #66

Re:My first Brazilian wax

Date Posted:04/06/2015 03:14:56

I just realized that the title of this thread sounds a really inappropriate idea for a kid's product.  "Now available from Johnson & Johnson…"
thongerinME #67

Re:My first Brazilian wax

Date Posted:07/01/2015 08:48:47

 I got my first Brazilian wax yesterday and am totally pleased with results. I was a little anxious about exposing myself to someone I don't know (can you believe it, I wear a thong in public at the beach) but the aesthetician was great. She was very mater of fact as she handle my junk pulling and tearing the wax. The experience was not as bad as expected. She was quick and I am smoother than any razor will ever achieve. I happened to be on living social and found this great intro deal, $30. Tipped 20% based on original price and walked out of there for $42. Maybe not any every time situation but during beach season certainly. 
2xist #68

Re:My first Brazilian wax

Date Posted:07/01/2015 10:54:28

 ThongerinME-I've had one full Brazilian and two full legs with arms. Results are awesome !!! 😄
shavedboy #69

Re:My first Brazilian wax

Date Posted:07/02/2015 12:27:29


If her regular price is $60.00, you may want to contact her in the next week or so and ask if she has a "member" discount or some such.  My girl charges 65 and was giving me a 20% discount.  (I paid $52 plus a tip.)  After a few months, I asked her what the terms of membership were, and if i was getting a discount that i didn't deserve.  She said "members" keep their CC number on file with her and she gives a 40% discount on a primary service (like waxing) that you agree to get monthly for a year.  Then members get a 20% discount on any other service.  (Like facials or peels.)

Now, i only pay $39 plus a tip.  I see her every 43 weeks in the summer and 4-5 weeks in the cooler months.  The reason they do this is to get more steady customers.

If your girl is doing living social, she probably would make you a better deal to become a steady customer.  And you've already shown you know how to tip.  Win-Win!
JM_Runs #70

Re:My first Brazilian wax

Date Posted:07/24/2015 08:46:06

 How long after being waxed do you resume wearing thongs? 
SolarOne #71

Re:My first Brazilian wax

Date Posted:07/25/2015 04:34:14

Is your question more of asking when it's safe to be in the sun after having hairs plucked? I'd give it two hours. I've had no issues from being in the sun even less after plucking than that though.

If that's not your question, personally I'd wear a thong to the waxing place, and of course put it back on to go home. Wouldn't even think twice about it.
JM_Runs #72

Re:My first Brazilian wax

Date Posted:07/25/2015 08:40:00

Both actually, SolarOne. My question you answered in your second paragraph. Your first paragraph addressed the (inevitable) follow up question. So, thanks! :D
I think the reason why some guys experience ejaculations during or after the waxing process is because they work themselves up into a sexual desirous state (albeit unwittingly), viz. to put it bluntly, their anticipation of the waxing session makes them horny. So, any touch triggers a sexual response (not the same as having a boner which can happen involuntarily). This is only an hypothesis. What do you guys think? 
SolarOne #73

Re:My first Brazilian wax

Date Posted:07/25/2015 09:21:42

I think you should stop thinking and just do things :P If someone is really into pain, or if the idea of being naked in front of another is a big turn on for them, I guess they might like it enough to at least have some pre-lubrication drops come out. There's absolutely no reason anyone should be turned on about the thought of going to: a waxer/sugarer, a laser hair removal, genital piercer, etc. It's the person's job, they are used to it, your fantasies are not going to come true at a licensed location. Before about 16, I'd agree and say boners are involuntary, but we are learning machines. If we listen to our body and our thoughts, we can know when we are doing something or thinking about something that will trigger a response. Sure sometimes the only solution is to look away, and/or change your thoughts, but it is a completely controllable process. Granted some people don't have enough experience in public situations, and the flood of stimuli can overwhelm them, but again, other people understand this, and it's not a big deal unless you turn the situation lewd.
JM_Runs #74

Re:My first Brazilian wax

Date Posted:07/25/2015 09:45:07

Well said, SolarOne! 
I've already decided to go for a hollywood wax as soon as the current project at work is done. It will be my first waxing ever.
JayByrd #75

Re:My first Brazilian wax

Date Posted:07/26/2015 03:00:56

 How long after a brazilian?  About 5 minutes for me.  I wear thong underwear.
JM_Runs #76

Re:My first Brazilian wax

Date Posted:07/27/2015 05:40:56

 Lol. :)
So, how long after your last shave did you wait before getting your first Brazillian wax?
thongerinME #77

Re:My first Brazilian wax

Date Posted:07/27/2015 06:06:38

 I waited almost four weeks to get the growth to the right length. I am at about four weeks after and am looking forward to waxing again.
thongerinME #78

Re:My first Brazilian wax

Date Posted:07/27/2015 06:15:27

 I waited almost four weeks to get the growth to the right length. I am at about four weeks after and am looking forward to waxing again.
thongerinME #79

Re:My first Brazilian wax

Date Posted:07/29/2015 11:21:56

I went for my second wax today, and it was decidedly different from the first. I went to a different waxer who was much more comfortable with the process than I expected. SHe stayed in the room while i got dressed after telling me she was going to see it any way. I kinda of had a semi at the prompt but was quickly at ease as she appeared to really care less. She used soft wax exclusively which made for a little more pain than the hard wax that had been used. Also some different techniques with me having to stretch out my legs in the air a little more than the first time where I was on a procedure table/bed. All in all i think I would go back again as she is cheaper than the other waxer and seems to be just as effective. She was inquisitive about my tan lines and it turns out that she spends a little time on the beach that I frequent. Who knows maybe she will stop and say hello if she is there. I have booked another wax with her early in september just before our wedding anniversary. My wife likes the smoothness. I am hoping to get her on the train to Brazil.
2xist #80

Re:My first Brazilian wax

Date Posted:07/30/2015 12:13:06

 Just had my 3rd full wax from the neck down. Looks and feels awesome!
SolarOne #81

Re:My first Brazilian wax

Date Posted:07/30/2015 02:17:21

@thongerinME, did you mean she was in the room as you got undressed? I often talk to the girl that does my laser hair removal, so they stay in the room as I get dressed. I don't use the modesty towel for anything, I think it's silly. I think it's pretty unusual if they see you undress, unless they are prepping something in the room and paying no attention to you.
thongerinME #82

Re:My first Brazilian wax

Date Posted:07/30/2015 04:03:13

 Yes she was in the room as I undressed and she was prepping the room. She made no big deal about it at all. She new I had had this once before so was refreshingly mater of fact about the state of dress I would be in. Was it really necessary to be modest, I don't think so. I liked the experience, hope she says hello if she sees me on the beach. 
joe1220 #83

Re:My first Brazilian wax

Date Posted:08/07/2015 03:37:11

 Well, so it came the time that I decided to do some waxing.

I did my back, buns and brazilian. The experience was not pain free , and that's OK I wasn't expecting to be pain free either. The lady took around 45 do it.

After that I've got a numb sensation on my back for the whole afternoon and the next day. The Brazilian part was OK.

I noticed my back having all the red dots where all the hair was. So couple of days later i started to do some exfoliation as I read that will help with the ingrown hair.

Well, 1.5 weeks later still red dots all over my back despite the fact that I've been putting lotion twice a day. Since that wasn't improving I just tried with Zinc oxide cream, which seems that is getting better now.

Is this normal?   I don't think so? I there a better after treatment?

Now I'm start to see some hair coming out already and I thought that will take longer to get into that stage.

Base don this experience I'm doubting doing it again.


SolarOne #84

Re:My first Brazilian wax

Date Posted:08/07/2015 06:41:11

Every red dot that lasts is probably a small infection. Scrub yourself down when you shower before a wax, that will greatly reduce your body flora number. You can also make sure to use lotion/oil/etc with tea tree oil, as it will help. Body flora is good, but it can get out of hand when we allow it an easy way to get inside our skin. For most sensitive areas for red marks, think groin, I will either use a wash of alcohol after or cover the area in iodine, no problems then.
joe1220 #85

Re:My first Brazilian wax

Date Posted:08/17/2015 04:46:43

Thanks for the info Solarone. Still today after 3 weeks have some red dots over my back. SO now I know for sure I have to try another technicque if I ever decide to do it again.

JM_Runs #86

Re:My first Brazilian wax

Date Posted:08/03/2016 06:19:09

 I went for my first Brazillian wax today at a male only spa. It's a sole proprietorship whose owner massages and waxes his clients. He sells beauty products, shorts, underwear, speedos and thongs too. 
He explained the whole process me and spoke openly about popping wo.od during the process. I started out on my knees and elbows as he stripped my crack of hair. Then I turned over and laid on my back as he systematically removed my pubic hair. I took one painkiller an hout before I went but it still hurt like hell although only momentarily. I didn't sprout any wood except at the end when he put some moisturiser on the waxed areas. I had the whole shabang done. 
He offers Swedish, aromatherapy, lomi-lomi, and hot stone massages too. He does undraped massages as well.
On my way out I bought a red thong (unlined).
 I will definitely go back there. His prices are affordable. We hit it off well. 
JM_Runs #87

Re:My first Brazilian wax

Date Posted:08/04/2016 04:22:38

Good for you, Red.  It hurts less and less every time because the hair grows back finer.  After more than ten years, I barely feel it. Also, you can wait longer in between waxing after a while.  Started doing it in four-week intervals, now I'm down to six.  And a good waxer who's affordable is a gem.
JSJax #88

Re:My first Brazilian wax

Date Posted:03/16/2017 10:27:04

I had my first brazilian about two weeks ago.  I'm not gonna lie, it got a bit unpleasant at times, but the worst of it is limited to specific areas (pubic bone and butt crack) and fades pretty quickly.  Popping an ibuprofin an hour beforehand helps take the edge off a bit.  As far as getting physically excited - I don't see how I ever could with what was going on down there, but I was able to make small talk with my waxologist all the way through to keep my mind off things.  The last thing I could focus on was someone handling my equipment.  You can't argue with the results though, two weeks later and I'm just now starting to sprout a little bit, and the smoothness is beyond compare.  The only thing keeping me from announcing that I've switched permanently is the price - $65-75 plus tip for a reputable salon.

Just a side note or two from reading earlier posts: my waxer did not stay in the room while i got undressed/redressed, I think this is the more professional way to go about it.  And I never needed to get on hands and knees; she had me pull my knees up to my chin to get the crack, not unlike powdering a baby.
outside_time #89

Re:My first Brazilian wax

Date Posted:03/25/2018 09:58:21

 I realize I'm bumping an old thread, but, well...first time for me just two weeks ago. 

I'd done the shaving, trimming thing for about two years, and got really tired of all the in-growns.  And I always left quite a bit of hair, never did the full job. 

Well, I had to have a "procedure", lets just say.  Required a full shave.  After discussing options with my wife, I advocated the full wax, and she agreed it was best in the long run.  However, I couldn't locate a technician that would do men around here, so wifey got the job!  We got a kit from Amazon, and learned together. 

Several unexpected things.  First, she got good at it fast.  It's a matter of how much wax of what temperature to use, and the pull-off technique.  Second, most of it was far less painful than I expected.  There are a few nasty spots, of course.  Third,  yup, I got turned on.  Totally not expected.

Now, two weeks in ("procedure" over, healing well), I find the clean look, and more importantly, feel, very much a sexy kick in the butt.  I feel I look better, and more appealing.  And she says I do.  I get aroused much faster and more easily, usually it's the cool air in the formerly covered area, again, not expected or explained! 

This is a total win.  Highly recommended!  Ditch the shaver, and rip it all off!  Looks like it'll be a regular routine, and with the wife doing the honors, well, what happens, happens. 

Loving the hairless look and feel!
blick #90

Re:My first Brazilian wax

Date Posted:03/28/2018 02:26:28

I recommend to take na Lycon wax when you want to get rid of your hair in your sensitive places for the first time (if you have a choice at your hair removal salon, of course). It might be a little more expensive but i found it almost painless. 
I usually wax my bum, whole legs and deep bikini. Inner side of tights hurts much more with classic wax than bikini and Lycon
I was a bit nervous at the beginning of my first brazilian waxing, especially when we started with legs and classic wax. But when my beautician started to wax my bikini... it was a relief :).
Generally, once you get through the first and the second time you'll get used to this feeling and the time will run faster. Don't neglect the next hair removal treatment - it will hurt the same as for the first time. The more often you wax your body the less hair grow back.
Remember guys about regular peeling to avoind grown-ins and inflammantions it may spoil the nice effect of hairless body.
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