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ioannis #151

Re:My wife does not like me to wear thongs

Date Posted:05/11/2017 11:00:30Copy HTML

 tiggerix, dont worry !! i was in crete for about 2 years and during these 2 summers i went all over the island.you can go naked in every beach and crete has 2-3 nude beaches . in every beach you can go at one side (left or right) and be naked with no issue at all. during the first summer in crete i went nude the whole summer ( i didnt even buy swimsuit) all over the island, and of course i wasnt alone !!during the second summer, when my then gf visited me i was in my thong again  in all beaches...especially this period of year, either in your thong either nude you are not going to have any problem for one more additional reason : its very early tourism season and the island is almost empty......i recomend you to take some thong swimsuit or (if you dont want to make your wife upset some thong underwear) and you will see that you will be sometimes so alone at the beach so it will be easy to wear whatever you like !
tiggerix #152

Re:My wife does not like me to wear thongs

Date Posted:05/11/2017 11:55:41Copy HTML

ioannis - thank you!  I got the impression that it is fairly easy to be naked in many places especially when you get away from the crowds.  In my frustration I was planning to be naked in the busy part, in the sea....and by the shared pool.

I think this all stems back to when I wore a JS white mesh bulge thong on a beach in the Algarve.  Prior to that a white swim string had been well tolerated.  I just pushed it too far and haven't had much slack since.

I will pack a swim thong just in case - here's hoping.
undercover20 #153

Re:My wife does not like me to wear thongs

Date Posted:05/11/2017 01:10:57Copy HTML

 I divorced my ex wife partially because of my thong wearing, on top of her crazy behavior. I'm not saying that's the answer to anyone else's situation, but I couldn't be any happier. 
thong_jock #154

Re:My wife does not like me to wear thongs

Date Posted:05/11/2017 01:32:20Copy HTML

You live this life only once and live it for you. I would tell her shes perfectly right to be entitled to her opinion and then wish her a great vacation, then spend the week working on the hoteest little thong tsnline ever. Done. 
JM_Runs #155

Re:My wife does not like me to wear thongs

Date Posted:05/11/2017 02:05:22Copy HTML

 My ex hated that I wore a thong also but I always assumed it was either because she had let herself get quite heavy or she didn't like other women looking at me. But she had several hang ups so that marriage was bound to end. 
Beached_Santa_Cruz #156

Re:My wife does not like me to wear thongs

Date Posted:05/11/2017 02:13:32Copy HTML

 My late wife wasn't thrilled with the thong on the beach.  She didn't mind me wearing them in private.  She pretty much put up with my obsession with thongs and bikinis.   We were married for 36 years.   I think she finally realized that the thongs didn't make me any different than I was without the thongs. 

After she passed away I started dating a woman I had known since I was 18.  She knew my wife and I for the whole time.   She also knew I wore thongs and loved me in them.  She even bought us matching pink lace thongs from Target.  That relationship lasted about a year.   After her it was a woman who liked the thongs at first then after 3 months thought they were disgusting and broke up with me.  Next GF loved them and that lasted about 5 months.  Now the current GF I've had for 2.5 years.  She doesn't like me to wear them to the beach or pool but does love them on me in private.  Everything is a compromise.  Whenever I have short pants on she's got her hands up them wanting to feel my bare ass with my thong on.
Nuwalket #157

Re:My wife does not like me to wear thongs

Date Posted:05/11/2017 04:14:06Copy HTML

 My ex-wife hated me to wear anything skimpy, tight or the least bit revealing. I'd wear my bikinis under those bored short type till we got to the beach then I'd strip them off and get her upset. She even went and sat in the car a few times! I don't know what her problem was except maybe weight gain but she still could have pulled it off if she wanted.
My wife at this time can't take too much sun exposure due to the medications she's on but she encourages me to go out and enjoy myself. When i started thonging at Fort DeSoto she couldn't wait to see how tan my buns got and what the tan line looked like. Wonder what my ex would say to that?
ioannis #158

Re:My wife does not like me to wear thongs

Date Posted:05/11/2017 06:40:56Copy HTML

 thank you tiggerix.well you can thong in every place with no problem.if you need additional information about beaches etc i am available!!  Good luck!!!! 
NCThonger #159

Re:My wife does not like me to wear thongs

Date Posted:05/12/2017 02:08:27Copy HTML

 My wife too puts up with my thongs. As for wearing them in public, that isn't possible in my part of NC or even on the beaches of NC or SC except on a few remote beaches. Once in Miami on an anniversary trip, I joked with her about wearing my thong on the beach in public. I wore my shortest board shorts down to the beach and then when she was tanning on her stomach, I took them off dawning a Joe Snyder bikini. When she rolled over and saw my bikini, there was no reaction. I know it was only a bikini but walking down to the water was so empowering. I felt like all eyes were on me. I desired to wear less than a bikini but chickened out because there were no other guys on our part of the beach wearing any less than my bikini. I can't wait until Sunsplash this year to wear my thongs and strings with other fun guys that have the same interest.
Yogaone #160

Re:My wife does not like me to wear thongs

Date Posted:05/21/2017 01:59:20Copy HTML

 Wife not into me in tiny swimwear. So doing things  a little different. Been wearing boardshorts only on our boat trip. When I feel like getting some sun, or taking a swim or even exploring secluded beaches I just strip and go Nude!!  No complaints Wife is happy!  Happy wife happy life.  Bonus no tanlines. Peace Out!
Mary0826 #161

Re:My wife does not like me to wear thongs

Date Posted:05/21/2017 11:03:29Copy HTML

 I read the posts about wives not liking their husbands to wear thongs.  Some report they are okay in certain situations, but not others.  I wonder how much of this is the wife herself thinking things out, and how much of it is peer pressure -- from friends, associates they work or socialize with, or even relatives and children.  I hate to say it but my experience is that many women can't really think things out for themselves.  They instead expect a magazine or website or some speaker at a church group or whatever to do the thinking for them.  This type women could easily be swayed if someone who did not like thongs discussed them or worse yet, if someone found out the lady's man wore them somehow.  I have known women who do a 180 on many topics -- politics, diets, what type wine to buy, clothing and hair styles, etc., based simply on the comments of a single other person.

I hope I don't fall into this category, but I think we probably all do to some extent.  Men might change their opinion of what car to buy, what team to root for, or any of a thousand other topics by a comment from a friend of even a casual acquaintance,  What we need to do is everyone needs to think for themselves,  In order to think about thongs positively, a person needs to know why someone would wear something so revolutionary in the first place.  Saying "it is my right" or "they are legal" is not much of an explanation.  They also need to be aware of false stereo types and odd claims with no basis in fact.  For example, if someone goes to a beach where both men and women wear thongs, and others encourage it or at least are not bothered by it would be a lesson that not "everyone"  finds thongs to be repulsive.  Women tend to have the harshest critics in other women, and don't want to be criticized themselves -- nor have someone criticize someone or something they are close to.

I feel so bad for people -- not just men or just women -- who have others tell them what clothing is appropriate in a given situation.  Many places say "no thongs", and this only accelerates the "thongs are bad" image.  Likewise, I have seen places such as restaurants that prohibit a person from wearing a tank top, or anyone from wearing shorts or (oh my) cut-off jeans.  People generally realize that tank tops and shorts are not at issue, it is just an issue at the establishment that says we restrict what you can wear.  People realize that tank tops and shorts are acceptable many other places -- perhaps even some places where the logically shouldn't be permitted, and they understand that an isolated restaurant should not dictate what can be worn other places.  We have to make non-thongers understand that the same is true of thong swimwear -- the fact some people or places do not like thongs should not dictate that they should never be worn except in private settings.

nospam_TN1 #162

Re:My wife does not like me to wear thongs

Date Posted:07/30/2018 02:47:01Copy HTML

I'm a regular swim brief / speedo wearer and I've done this basically my whole adult life, some of it in the company of my wife, our kids, and their friends. As for thongs, I've only worn them in public around her a couple of times in our youth and that was awkward for her. Unfortunately, she's only complained more and more about my swim brief wearing over the years to the point I no longer feel comfortable around her in my regular swimwear. The kids (now in their teens) have taken her side in nagging me about it. I'm never going to come out and explain this outright, but the end result of this nagging is going to be that I no longer take them to the beach. The damage is already done. I hate it and everyone else will also hate it, but that's what happens when people make a moral code (that only applies to men) out of fashion trends. Never snow skied in my life, but I am starting to look into that for our next trip.
ShadowT #163

Re:My wife does not like me to wear thongs

Date Posted:07/31/2018 04:24:10Copy HTML

Thongs have never been a problem in our relationship, until recently.  She just doesn't care.  She doesn't care that I buy them.  She doesn't care that I wear them.  She doesn't care one bit at all, and recently, our relationship has fallen into dangerous territory.  For the longest time, I didn't let that bother me, but I've become resentful.  She doesn't look at me that way, and it hurts.  And while she has given reasons (mainly that she feels she's fat and ugly, and that's why she doesn't look at me, and why she gets upset when I leer at her), she still just doesn't care about thongs.  They do nothing for her.  And I'm struggling with that.

We have had arguments in the past few months about me wearing thongs in front of the kids, particularly in front of other families and children at the beach.  I don't see anything wrong with it.  I've experienced no problems; no awkward moments or senses of unwanted attention.  But she has felt embarrassed about it.  Now, she's given in on that point.  I wore a thong while we spent time together as a family on the beach in Petoskey State Park.  A couple days later though, "our friends" (really her friends) and their families arrived, and she admitted she didn't want me wearing a thong in front of them.  I spent my beach time alone, away from them as a result.  I don't care.  She said she was okay with that, but I have a feeling she's really not. Seems like a silly thing to have strain a marriage.  It's not the only factor, but it certainly is not helping our situation.

killamozilla #164

Re:My wife does not like me to wear thongs

Date Posted:08/02/2018 01:44:40Copy HTML

ShadowT, please don't take this as criticism or a disparagement, because I am not intending it as such. I recommend you see a therapist or a marriage counselor. If you are unhappy, getting an outside opinion from a professional could really help. I have done therapy before and it can really give you a new perspective and help you to reevaluate what is important to you and figure out ways to change your life to make it more like the one you only have in your dreams. Just my 2 cents.
ShadowT #165

Re:My wife does not like me to wear thongs

Date Posted:08/02/2018 01:13:22Copy HTML

We've already seen one marriage counselor from January through April, and I'm currently seeing a therapist. We're supposed to be getting together with a new couple's therapist soon. The first counselor was making it worse. The more we went, the more we fought. Honestly, my heart hasn't been in it for a long time. We've struggled for a long time, and the past 5 years have been ridiculous. I finally pushed for change, and that was in December. It hasn't improved, other than perhaps day to day things. We get along fine, but there are things like my thongs, and she simply does not have any kind of sexual appetite. We have many issues going on, and trying to determine if I want to work at staying has been the most difficult process of my life. After 2004, she lost what little libido she had, and already was very rarely aggressive or flirty. Going the last 14 years with her barely looking at me, never pursuing or flirting, has hurt. I shaved my privates for 5 years before she noticed. 5 years. I couldn't pursue her. Over the years, she kept thwarting me, saying she's tired, stress, etc... I gave up over 5 years ago. I'd also get in trouble for looking or staring at her "that way". And it doesn't help that work has been at it's all time worst recently. I'm burned out from both ends. I get home, and I settle for just idling along, rather than pushing to make progress. I hate it. I've invested so much of myself into our family. I do laundry, dish, cat litter, vacuuming, etc... mow the lawn, fix things around the house, fix and maintain our vehicles, deal with the kids. She'll agree there is nothing else I can do. I bought her dream house, and in November, I realized that we're living the middle/upper-middle class dream. Truck, minivan, muscle car... very nice house, in a very nice neighborhood. 3 stall garage, gorgeous fireplace, I have a home theater setup in the basement with home theater leather recliners. There's nothing more to do to make her happy, and I'm certainly not happy, so WTF? I grew my pubes back out for her. Nothing; not a word. She won't trim at all, let alone shave; her body and all that, and I can respect that. But she asks me to grow mine back? And then she asks me to let it grow out longer. And I did. Still NOTHING. Hell, I gave her a $100 to buy "toys". At some point, I thought I we could do it together, but her utter bewilderment over the options frustrated me. After 5 months, she still didn't have the imagination to select even one toy. It's a mess right now. We're supposed to work on reconnecting, and that's supposedly why she isn't into sex. I get that, but when she's NEVER exhibited the sexuality I desire, I have seriously strong doubts about ever reaching even a happy compromise. She thought that sex once ever 6 weeks was "pretty good". That's a sexless marriage. All I've gotten is that she admits she has ignored me, and mishandled my depression and anxiety. She admits that I have not been a priority. I'm to blame for plenty of it as well, but I haven't been able to let go of all that resentment. I'm tired of feeling invisible. Tired of feeling like a roommate, handy man, mechanic, etc...
killamozilla #166

Re:My wife does not like me to wear thongs

Date Posted:08/02/2018 02:27:47Copy HTML

ShadowT, that's rough. Sorry to hear it. Maybe she needs an ultimatum. Your value to her may improve if there's the possibility of you not being around anymore.
ShadowT #167

Re:My wife does not like me to wear thongs

Date Posted:08/03/2018 12:32:44Copy HTML

Heh. She actually won't invest herself, certainly not sexually, because she feels I could leave at any moment. Damned if I do. Damned if I don't. She needs an emotional connection for intimacy. Fine, I can understand that. It's the fact that nothing else is changing nor improving that I find troublesome. I'm honestly not particularly interested in sex with her lately anyway. I'm still invisible, and so long as that continues, I'll feel like I'm halfway out the door. There's a lot more to it of course, but in short, that's a lot of the problem. Too many assumptions going on, and not nearly enough communication, let alone one on one contact and attention.
tiggerix #168

Re:My wife does not like me to wear thongs

Date Posted:08/03/2018 12:54:35Copy HTML

@ShadowT Dont know how old your kids are, but when you have put in a lot of time and effort between you and your wife, over the years, it can easily cause you both to lose the plot a bit with each other. Building that back up is hard but not impossible. Figuring out what it was that first attracted you to each other can be helpful, plus perhaps finding some of her friends who might be able to encourage her to do something new or pick up some old activity. She will no doubt know some women who are totally not helpful, so avoid them and try to find the 'good' ones. Try a vacation/break for just the two of you, where you do some activity, like hiking perhaps, anything that means you are not just sitting about. Go out for a meal with another couple from time to time. And, look after yourself too, stay fit/healthy and get some time out with other guys. Don't think an ultimatum is a good idea - better to get her to say how she sees it and what she thinks can be done. Maybe!
ShadowT #169

Re:My wife does not like me to wear thongs

Date Posted:08/03/2018 02:28:04Copy HTML

After working on this for the past 6 years, plus 3 months in couple's therapy, and almost 4 months in solo therapy, I know all this. It's so much more complicated than all that right now, but I won't go into all of that. I'll just say that, there are a few key issues for me. One, I'm tired of feeling invisible. Not just lack of intimacy, but being just a roommate, the handyman, mechanic, etc... She often runs with decisions, or else dismisses my input. e.g. I say we dump our savings into paying down credit debt, but she won't do it. I have issues, and she's opted to ignore my depression and anxiety. She's admitted that's a failing, but has shown no appreciable improvement. She'd still rather take on more stress, and be a martyr, than deal with it. Second... I don't feel we'll ever be sexually compatible. We never have been. There was always something I used to allow myself to dismiss the gap. She's stressed, because of law school. She's over weight. Bar exam. New job. Still over weight. She lost weight, and things got a little better, but then we had our first kid. From there, it was like starting all over again, and I kept thinking... it's work, it's the kids, it's this, or that. We never get there. Now the kids are older, and the gap has only widened. And I hate to say this, but I do not find her overtly attractive. She can be attractive, but it doesn't help that she is never sexy. She puts no effort into it. None. And after 20 years of conditioning myself to not let myself gaze at her, or feel the need to pursue, I don't know how that can be undone. When she won't act sexy, nor dress sexy, or allow me to perceive her as sexy, I don't see it ever working. I also made a friend toward the end of last year, and that accidentally and very unexpectedly evolved into more. I feel that's more symptomatic of the troubles we're in, but obviously, my wife feels differently. It was purely an emotional affair, but that turned out to be more damaging than a one night stand; at least according to my wife. Last, let me set something straight. There is nothing wrong with our lives in general. We're not rich, but I'd be the first to admit that we live well, and I have a lot of toys. i.e. Tools, electronics, etc... The last of our problems should have been resolved when we left the old neighborhood for a much nicer one. The things that stressed me at the old house are gone. My wife has her dream house. We have exceptional children. I'd dare say we work exceptionally well as a team. The perfect family. It's only our marriage that is troublesome, and at the moment, IMO it is virtually non-existent. As just one example.... We were recently camping with friends. After a day at the beach, I got a call from work. I was utterly distraught and angry. I let myself shutdown, and fell asleep. 3 hours passed. She didn't bother to wake me to check on me until 7pm, because dinner was just about ready. She "assumed" I was just sleeping. I don't nap, yet she didn't find it at all odd or concerning I was collapsed on the bed. Honestly, I think she was simply too occupied with her friends to care.
tiggerix #170

Re:My wife does not like me to wear thongs

Date Posted:08/03/2018 02:39:23Copy HTML

@ ShadowT - sorry, wasn't meaning to say 'this is how to do it' - just a few ideas, across an internet portal and having never met.
ShadowT #171

Re:My wife does not like me to wear thongs

Date Posted:08/03/2018 03:04:11Copy HTML

@tiggerix - No worries, I wasn't upset with you or anybody else here. I'm just edgy lately, and started venting. She came to bed last night, and started unloading a bitch bag regarding something, going back who the hell knows how long, when I was half relaxed and half asleep. Went to sleep all pissed off.
thongalactic #172

Re:My wife does not like me to wear thongs

Date Posted:08/06/2018 06:27:10Copy HTML

Shadow, you might find this website useful: https://www.reddit.com/r/DeadBedrooms/
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