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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Date Posted:07/12/2015 06:33:03Copy HTML

I bought my wife's thong bikini at a Portugese company called Mypiki (www.mypiki.com) because I instantly fell in love with their Summer Lights print. My wife is a brunette and looks stunning with that print.

As a man from Belgium I also prefer ordering in Europe cause I'd have to pay additional custom clearance costs if I'd order from the US. Like I have another thong bikini ordered from Yandy.com, together with two beautiful bikini cover-ups. That order is sitting at customs now and I will probably have to pay another €30 on top of the price payed to the company. But they were the only company that had these crochet see trough bikini cover-ups.

Now that my wife is willing to wear a thong bikini, it only gets "covered up" with a see through mini dress when we go from the hotel to the beach and back. And before someone makes the comment: no she's not the type to walk from the hotel to the beach wearing only the thong bikini. Her auto-cenorship prevents herself from doing it. So I had this idea that a see through dress would give her the feeling of being covered wile her bikini will be seen.
tiggerix #1

Re:Mypiki bikini

Date Posted:07/15/2015 01:30:31Copy HTML

They look good - pity they are unlined - would be good to have the option.
Lucky_guy #2

Re:Mypiki bikini

Date Posted:07/18/2015 10:14:05Copy HTML

Acually it's no problem, them being unlined. They're not see through, but very shapely. And I personally like it when her nipples push in the fabric. The Mypiki company choose for them to be unlined so they feel like there's nothing there and they dry really fast. It does look stunning on my wife's body though.
tiggerix #3

Re:Mypiki bikini

Date Posted:04/05/2016 08:02:40Copy HTML

Thinking of ordering a Mypiki bikini for my OH - they look really well made and stylish.  They have recently increased their range of colours and fabrics and I dont think I have seen any that wouldnt look great on most girls.  I know Lucky_guy has bought some for his wife - wondered if anyone else has bought them?
X_men #4

Re:Mypiki bikini

Date Posted:04/11/2016 05:41:52Copy HTML

 I have already bought 2 to my wife and she looks stunning in them! She also loves them, and even likes them being unlined. She says that they are more comfortable and dry much faster! Of course, I also love that detail! ;) I'm thinking to buy her next the new Inamorato in White! ;)
tiggerix #5

Re:Mypiki bikini

Date Posted:04/19/2016 11:09:29Copy HTML

Thanks X_men - it is helpful to get some feedback and to know they are as good as they look on the website.  They seem to have captured the female form really well.  My OH is generally fine about well made bikinis and I get to enjoy her wearing them.  I will probably go for a print style first, although I agree the white Inamorato looks great. 
tiggerix #6

Re:Mypiki bikini

Date Posted:08/17/2018 02:08:13Copy HTML

Sad to see Mypiki from Portugal has closed - they had some very stylish minimal bikinis. Anyone know of other EU brands in the same league?
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