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Date Posted:09/01/2004 04:57:33Copy HTML

If it were possible, what would you prefer: to go naked or wear thong at the beach? I prefer to wear a thong I found it sexier and I love the tanline mark. I have been in some clothing optional beaches like the one north Miami Beach and I see it as an option for thong wearers. I have seen there some, so for them and myself it was our selection to wear a thong instead of go naked. Have any gotten bad comments of not being naked in such beaches? or about wering a thong?
LatinThong #1

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:09/01/2004 07:07:46Copy HTML

Reply to : Marcio_80

Hi Marcio:

I agree with you I prefer wear thong on the beach becuase is sexy and confortable to walk and run around the beach.  Like you, I prefer the tanline on my body.  I think complety naked is a bit rude.  It's more interesting to the others persons see diferents  thongs models and diferentes materials, and diferentes bodies.  But when all the people is naked, Can you imagine something about their?  Absolutly not!  But I have so many respt to the naked people.  Then I prefer a piece of cloth between my legs to nothing.

keep thonging.  and a bid embrace JR    LatinThong

skinzfan #2

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:09/02/2004 01:00:37Copy HTML

Thong. I also love the tanline a thong creates.
Desert Thonger #3

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:09/02/2004 06:01:36Copy HTML

Thong... I like the tan line as well... plus leaves something to the imagination.

Pete01 #4

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:09/02/2004 07:16:32Copy HTML

It depends on the location/situation. i prefer the all-over tan look (no tan lines) - so I will sunbathe naked on the beach or in the backyard or by villa pool. I wear thongs where perhaps total nudity is not acceptable on a beach - but go for as small a thong as possible to keep the all-over tan look. I slip on a thong if I go walkabout on the beach - I think walking around nude is a bit awkward in many circumstances, so some minimal cover is more appropriate.


modelnude4u #5

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:09/03/2004 04:23:12Copy HTML

I'd have to vote for thongs myself.  Not only do I love the tan lines, but that little bit of control can come in handy at times!


Pithecanthropus #6

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:09/03/2004 07:11:05Copy HTML

I vote for naked.

The main reason I like skimpy swimwear in the first place is that I'm not allowed to go naked at any public beach or pool in my vicinity.   Naked is my friend.   When both men and women are naked, gone is all the stressing about how its OK for women to wear skimpy suits, but men get snickered and pointed at.

trapking #7

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:09/05/2004 09:45:47Copy HTML

I would prefer naked, as I am right now.  (Wife and kids are gone.)  I wear a thong when I cannot be naked, and wear onionskins with the liner cut out when I cannot wear a thong.

I just prefer to let things hang and be what they are.  I love the nude body, mine and others regardless of shape and size.

njbeachboy1949 #8

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:09/05/2004 08:07:22Copy HTML

I enjoy both being nude and wearing a thong, but I seem to be doing more things nude.  This summer, I spent more days on a nude beach than on a thong friendly beach.  In bed, I am always nude.  Otherwise, inside the house, I usually have on some clothes; now, I am wearing a thong and a tee.  My girlfriend and I go to both nude and thong beaches, depending on where we are and how long we want to travel.  When we are together in either her or my apartment, we don't wear much except, of course, in bed or the shower (we like to shower together). 
camplag #9

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:09/05/2004 11:47:53Copy HTML

I like being nude on the beach if possible if not, wearing a thong. I wear a thong around the camp site. Wife likes me nude, she also likes men in thongs not the suits that go to the knees
lauren1 #10

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:09/16/2004 07:54:49Copy HTML

Thong / g-string everytime for me - the skimpier the better. Love the tiny tan lines, its far sexier
Pete01 #11

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:09/16/2004 09:19:18Copy HTML


Nice to see you posting again.

I am just intrigued how you manage to keep a well defined tan line 'down there' if you swap between different thongs on different days, with slightly differing degrees of coverage. This is why I tend to prefer maintaining an all over tan, then it does not matter if you wear thongs of differing 'skimpiness' - you will not get white or less tanned areas showing because you have sunbathed in a slightly more modest thong on previous days. I think it just looks neater this way. Perhaps you adjust the coverage when doing the serious sunbathing, or keep one design for the serious sunning, to keep a well defined 'white area'. I agree that a very small white area at the front on a girl would look great and very sexy, but I think it would only work if the tan lines were kept really well defined. 


PS: Been on any trips recently  ?? - I enjoyed your reports on your Algarve trip.     

BeachBum413 #12

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:09/17/2004 02:06:11Copy HTML

I go for naked - whenever possible. I'm generally that way arround the house - as much as I can be. If I can't do that then comes the thong/gstring. Finally comes the speedo - but I do have some interesting sutes from Dore that I can sometimes get away with wearing. But naked is best.
leo40 #13

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:09/18/2004 01:48:05Copy HTML

I do both at the same time. I had Dore make me a loincloth with an almost nothing back and nothing at all in front.
stringpe #14

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:12/21/2004 01:19:30Copy HTML

I prefer a thong because they accent the body.  Plus the tan lines are sexy.  Wearing more is just hidding the body.

Beachlover492000 #15

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:12/21/2004 02:17:18Copy HTML

I prefer to wear my ultra tiny g-strings. My suits are now so small that I now get virtually an-all over tan. I think that it's fun to leave a bit of mystery about my body even though the coverage is trifling. In fact I think that a lady wearing a Wicked Weasel g-string is often sexier that total nudity. Finally I think that is a good idea to avoid getting sun burned on one's private parts. The skin there is different than on other parts of the body.
gstring1 #16

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:12/21/2004 06:12:39Copy HTML

I of course prefer to be naked all the time.  This is posible as I live on a small sail boat in the caribean.  I can go weeks without wearing any cloths at all as i am very self sufficent.  I do like to run on the beach like JM but if i know there are small children around are tourist  I will wear a tiny Gstring.  If I have to wear a Gstring I like it to be as brief as possible. I have 2 Dore's very low cut thongs and find them to be probably the smallest thing  i can wear and get away with it.  To me they are the same as being naked as one of them is quiet transparent when wet.    They also do not fully cover my shaft as I am well hung and they are so tiny.  However I have been in National parks in the US Virgen Islands and have never had the park rangers say anything.  I have also worn them in small beech side bars and resturants allover the caribean and I have never been asked to leave or cover up.  I find that if I stay naked on are around my boat other boats will either leave or the people on them will either be naked also. 
AllThongs #17

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:12/21/2004 10:49:57Copy HTML

The thong. Yes, the thong. I like the snug support, but agree with all above that there's something sexy about the lines.  Love those lines.
orlspeedo #18

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:12/22/2004 05:41:19Copy HTML

Must be the life Gstring1!  I would live like you do, wearing very little on a boat in the Caribbean.  I was just in St Thomas in July on a cruise and spent the day at Little Magens Bay in the buff and it was fantastic!  Hope to go again!
muppet in a thong #19

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:12/22/2004 01:01:34Copy HTML

personally i prefer to go nude on a beach. i mean a thong is practically nude anyway, so why not go the whole way. i prefer though to walk around to and from car to the beach in a thong though as some people, although tolerant of nude bathing find naked men upsetting for some reason when they have to walk near by without any notice. or so ive found anyway
Ex_Member #20

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:12/23/2004 04:56:30Copy HTML

It is not custom in Bulgaria a man to wear a thong while on the beach. So, I have to wear anything other. As for me actually I preffer to go to the beach naked, but only if there are no women. I like the feeling of my genitals warmed by the sun. It is much more pleasant to walk or swim with all things hanging. There are many lonely beaches on the Black sea coast, where I can be naked. Unfortunately not many guys among my known like going to the beach naked. I hate looking like a zebra.
rogerp #21

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:12/29/2004 01:52:02Copy HTML

Naked! Definatly naked! I like the feeling of the sun and wind on my genitals. I like the feeling of my genitals swaying when I walk! I don't like tans line, too artificial. I like the feeling of running and swimming unencumbered, but when I can't go naked I wear as little as possible. Hence thongs! Someday I may be able to naked 24-7.

"You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one"
backstrap357 #22

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:01/29/2005 02:56:56Copy HTML

I love being naked. Which is also the reason I love thongs. I love getting a good vivid thong tanline and then going to a nude beach/park , or even just the gym showers, with an attention getting line.
barefischer #23

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:03/08/2005 10:06:13Copy HTML

Being a nudist i would much rather go naked but if not then a thong or g string is the only alternative.
abczyxabczyx #24

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:03/08/2005 10:42:03Copy HTML

I go back and forth, depending on my mood.
sailor250 #25

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:03/09/2005 12:34:06Copy HTML

Sometimes, some places I don't have to choose:  BOTH

I've worn string suits which don't cover anything, so from the sides and back its a g string, from the front it's nude.  suits or non suits as they've been called are the best of both worlds, more unique and supportive than nude and with nearly total tanning.   I have some thongs that look like regular g strings or thongs yet allow exposure of the c*ck or b*lls, so are not completely legal, but I think more sexy than nude. Check out styles on www.koalaswim.com, or at BunnG sites.  Look at some of the new Dore styles that are nothing but string cages or open.

They're also useful for wear when you can be nude but its not legal.  When the rangers or gawker shows up just lie on your stomach or turn away from them and you're clothed.

ian-r #26

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:03/12/2005 04:13:16Copy HTML

I thought I'd already posted on this...

Nude -  but a skimpy see-through thong in the right place (ie a thong tolerant beach) is almost as good!

TBSJ_03 #27

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:03/12/2005 05:09:53Copy HTML

When I have the option of either naked or thong (nude beach), I go half and half.  When I get to the beach, I'll strip down to my thong, and walk till I find a good spot.  Then I'll tan in the nude as I like the appearance of an overall tan.  However, I will pull my thong on if I get up for a run or go for a swim because I like the support it gives.  It's also just nice to let people know that I'm a thonger.  I've noticed too that at nude beaches, people are more like to give a compliment on my swimwear, and they usually ask where I bought it from.


tangamen #28

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:04/18/2005 07:31:38Copy HTML

Thongs of course, I? a thonger!!.

I love the tiny tanlines and the shape that gives to the front. You looks much sexy in thong than being nude.

Keep thonging

njbeachboy1949 #29

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:04/18/2005 08:54:02Copy HTML

It depends on the beach.  I prefer going nude, otherwise, I wear a thong.
Beachlover492000 #30

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:04/18/2005 09:15:55Copy HTML

I would vote for the thong. My g-strings are now so small that my tan virtually the same as what I would get if I sunbathed nude. To me it's kind of fun to leaver something hidden. It also relieves me of the need to put sunblock on my private parts. In the past I've gotten a rash there from some products when I used them at a nude beach.
wr1944 #31

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:04/19/2005 01:39:27Copy HTML

I prefer going nude where possible, otherwise I am in thongs or strings. There is nothing to replace the feeling of total freedom when nude, the wind and sun on otherwise covered parts. Thongs and strings are very, very much more comfartable than larger suits, but you feel always the faint restraint of the fabric. As a compensation, I feel daring and a little sexy when I walk between other beach-visitors.
luv2thong #32

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:04/19/2005 01:14:49Copy HTML

I would much rather be wearing a thong than being totally nude.  To me, wearing minimal coverage produces a greater excitement than a nude person.  I am straight and I prefere to see a woman in a thong than nude and I think that most women would like to see a man wearing minimal coverage also.

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:04/30/2005 01:03:14Copy HTML

given a choice it would be nude as i hate tan lines.When someone walks on the beach with a white butt he or she is known as a cottontail. An all over tan looks awesome.
Ex_Member #34

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:04/30/2005 03:54:41Copy HTML

Up until just recently I'd have firmly stuck with the preference of being nude as aften as I can, but this year I'm really thinking of getting some thong tanlines as I've never had them before and I think they look really good. This could be my year for them!
Endo_Rowe #35

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:05/02/2005 03:49:02Copy HTML


The whole point of wearing a thong for me, is to be as close to nude as possible.

Thong Kong #36

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:05/03/2005 12:06:59Copy HTML

Thong. I love the tan line. And I feel sexier in a thong than I do nude.
korky71 #37

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:07/05/2005 01:00:37Copy HTML

Thong.........love the tan line. can remind me of good times in the sun once the rain has started again!
beachfolks #38

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:07/05/2005 04:04:12Copy HTML

Without question, fully nude is best. Just being able to feel no strings tugging, no occasional pinch to the equipment, sunrays on the genitals. My "baggies" which are just a mesh pouch with a drawstring are a close second, no sidestraps etc. feel no strings against the hips.

I've been wearing a Skins string thong over the Baggie to and from the beach and the car and recently tried wearing only the baggie from home to the beach and back. The baggie appears fully naked to passerby which may see my rear only when loading our car, so I get some waves, but its a beach community, lots of naked people changing at the car and most do not care.
FlossMan #39

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:07/05/2005 11:32:24Copy HTML

Thongs. I don't like my penis flopping around, and if I happen to get a hard-on, I don't want anybody to see it.  Plus, thongs offer more support, and usually they're very comfortable.

wr1944 #40

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:07/05/2005 06:54:16Copy HTML

Recently I moved to The Hague, Holland, a town on the seafront where I spent my first 40 year. With 15 minutes on bicycle I am on the beach, almost in the middle of a small nude section. I also do not like the floppy, dangling feeling when walking around and with 500 m of nude section, there is not much to walk either. So, when on my blanket I will be naked and for a walk I slip into something comfortable, a thong or string.
beachbroad1975 #41

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:07/06/2005 12:04:54Copy HTML

I prefer being topless/nude. I hate tan lines especially when wearing a strapless dress. I think all beaches should be topless. Why should the men have all the fun? I just love the way the sun feels on my skin. I try to get away with being topless on most public beaches that I go to as long as there is a somewhat private area where I have some time to cover-up if the police/ranger is coming by. I now live in Clearwater, FL. I use to live on the east coast near Apollo Beach. I miss going totally nude without having to worry about being ticketed. Nude, nude, nude! I love going nude!! T.
12 wheels #42

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:07/06/2005 04:36:14Copy HTML

Wear a thong on the trip to the beach.

Once I get settled in to my spot, off comes the thong & sunbathe nude!


magnus67t #43

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:07/06/2005 11:31:08Copy HTML

  Today I went to a nude beach in Santa Cruz.  It is a small beach with lots of regulars.  I left my thong in my bag with the rest of my clothes.  This beach offers a mixed crowd.  2 women wore there bikini top & bottom.  1 young stunning blonde just wore her thong bottom.  All the other men and women were nude.  No one cared what anyone wore because it is Santa Cruz and anything goes.
dayne #44

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:07/06/2005 03:00:22Copy HTML

Overall. just prefer nude.  In the past I always knew that if I had the chance to go naked I would so that was that.

This year I am swiming about an hour a day every other day at the gym in an outdoor pool.  Having a very brief tanline isn't so bad I am finding.  I am just getting back to exercising for the first time in fourteen months.   I haven't worn a thong because just getting back to it is hard enough.  Any negativity would just make it that much harder for the time being which is unusual for me as I normally would just do it and not give it a second thought.  

Sarah_Thomas #45

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:07/06/2005 08:56:17Copy HTML

Overall guys I'd have to say nude, naked nada ;-)

But there is a time and a place for both, for example I wouldn't feel comfortable on a public beach walking around completely naked and that is where my minimal swimwear would come in. Also though I'd feel more than comfortable on a nude beach with nothing on so thats the time where I stroll about in my birthday suit.

Also though there is the opportunity on the nude beach to wear the swimwear that is far to risque for any other public place, e.g. some koala swim items or crotchless/peephole bikinis.

My attire at beaches are as follows: -

Public beach - G-string/thong Minimal swimwear WW's etc.

Public beach bar - G-string/thong

Nude beach - Naked

Nude beach bars - Naked



Rich3800 #46

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:07/07/2005 11:53:17Copy HTML

I would go for the middle ground: a see-through thong.
briankay #47

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:07/13/2005 02:07:28Copy HTML



Could you posibly explain the reasons for your attire (or non-attire) over in the thread in Beaches about Wreck Beach?  Thanks!  <G>

njbeachboy1949 #48

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:07/14/2005 10:52:34Copy HTML

If there is a choice between going nude or wearing a thong on a beach, I go nude.  Unfortunately, the nude beaches are all more than sixty miles away from where I live, but I can thong on a beach only about five miles away.  This summer, we have not had good weather so far for going to the beach, but last summer, I visited nude beaches about as often as I visited thong beaches.  Sometimes, I wear a skimpy speedo, but that is only when I feel going nude or wearing a thong is inappropriate; I only wear boxer swimwear between the car and the beach.  By the way, I am waiting for the clouds to burn off and I plan to go to a thong beach in a few hours.
JM_Runs #49

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:08/23/2007 01:04:40Copy HTML

I naturally do not like wearing clothes... hence... I wear thongs and G's for underwear... I do love going naked... But there's something hardcore about wearing a thong or a g'... It rocks
JM_Runs #50

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:08/23/2007 06:22:31Copy HTML

I'm for thongs all the way.

There was a period where I went nude a lot, but now I've settled into thongs or g's 100% of the time. Well, 99.9%. If I think it's not the time or place for a thong or g, I wear skimpy briefs or a rio.

I like sxystud85's comment too, that there's nothing quite like that feeling of the backstrap, with everything else where it should be!

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