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JM_Runs #51

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:08/23/2007 11:40:33Copy HTML

I've had a few opportunities to spend some time on naturist beaches recently (Greek islands mainly), but ... I just can't bring myself to revealing 'all' 'en plein air' for anyone and everyone to see. I prefer my 'private parts' to remain just that, and I am much more comfortable, both physically and mentally, wearing a thong. Which is odd, because on those beaches wearing a thong is probably more unusual than being completely naked, and can even, strangely, get some negative comments from die-hard naturists! I guess some of that has to do with the fact that wearing a thong on a beach or a pool in the UK is completely legal even if still very unusual, but exposing one's genitals in most circumstances, even on a beach, could get you into BIG trouble, a risk most people including me would want to avoid.
JM_Runs #52

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:08/24/2007 02:35:23Copy HTML

Yep, you're right tigerjac. I get just as many stares from the nudists if I'm at a nude beach as I do from the textiles! I guess they don't understand why I'd want to wear such a small item of fabric, and be so close to being naked, when I could just go completely nude and have the 'ultimate' freedom. I just think they don't understand the feeling I love, just as they think I don't understand how good it is to them to be nude. But I do know, and I do as I like, as they do!
clubthongs #53

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:08/24/2007 10:49:58Copy HTML

I too do not like to be completely nude. I think that is what I like about thongs, they leave a little something to the imagination.
stanpuppy #54

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:08/25/2007 05:51:20Copy HTML

I find nude to be more comfortable, but i (almost) always wear a thong cuz my wife likes it better than nude, and she loves the tan line.  I must confess, my vast preference for her is to wear her wicked weasel g-string bottoms (she has 9 of them) and take the top off as soon as we set up for the day.  I love to see her little G lines when she is getting ready in the morning.
rickl454 #55

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:08/25/2007 10:40:37Copy HTML

We've had the opportunity to be nude or wear the tiniest of g-strings on Orient Beach, St Martin so we have been able to exprience both sides of the equation: naked on the nude section of the beach and thongs or g-strings in the tourist sections. Being naked is the best but there is much to be said for wearing the smallest of thongs or g-strings.

Along the middle section of Orient Beach there are a number of restaurants and shops where the tourists congregate. It is very common to see people off of the cruise ships in conventional American beachwear: dork shorts for men and two piece bikinis for women (with both pieces actually worn).

After a lot of visits to the gym over the year and a few days in that sun brings forth a rich tan, it's great to be able to feel the freedom to casually walk that length of the beach clad in the briefest of g-strings - with not a care in the world. Have lunch at a restaurant or visit one of the shops - even stripping naked to try on a new thong, right in public! The "boat people" can't believe what they are seeing and probably wish they had the nerve to do it.

Up in New England it's always g-strings at the beach. That body was purchased at the cost of many hours of effort in the gym and the summer tan got it's start on one of the most exotic beaches in the Western Hemisphere so why not show it off in the smallest, sexiest g-string?
Hazell1602 #56

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:10/20/2008 04:37:35Copy HTML

Right now I think I look great nude, but as I get a little older I may say thong(if i fill out like my mom). Im perky now, but I think I will need the top before I get too much older. I just recently turned 18. Wearing the top without the bottom would look stupid anyways. Not that it matters, I don't plan on wearing my birthday suit anywhere with leering eyes. I have tanned in the buff in my back yard, but not in public.I may give up thongs soon too. My parents let me wear thongs to the beach since I was about 14, but as I get older I get more and more unwanted attention. Guy shouldnt go nude because the first time you call em sweetie they would pop wood. Best I can figure a speedo would at least hold it down.
JM_Runs #57

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:10/20/2008 12:06:40Copy HTML

Hazell,  The more you go nude or in a thong, when other people are around, the more selfconfidence you will gain.  I have friends who are flat chested and friends who are a serious and natural D cup, and can report the only thing you need a top for is when you are jogging or doing something where you need to keep them under control.
The unwanted attention you get when thoning at the beach can be unsettling for a teenager like you. It's a bit suprizing to go from kid to women in just a few years. All teen girls I know find the extra attention un-nerving, especily when it comes from much older guys. It takes some nerve to keep them from putting you off your game. 
Once you have more expreence with thonging in public, and you get more self confident, you will be able to brush off the 'leering eyes' with amusement. It helps if you can get your girlfriends to thong with you. Some of them will need a little encourgement but once you go as a group it helps to lessen the individual attention a lot.
Hazell1602 #58

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:10/21/2008 12:15:20Copy HTML


I don't mean to be rude but your advice is stupid. I dont have any problem with confidence I just dont want a bunch of guys leering over me. Your advice is that of a pervert trying to get as many naked girls as possible. We used to live in south beach within walking distance of the beach and I have often worn t-back suit since I was about 14. Now when I go to the beach i have more and more child-mo's following me arround. I thought the question was what we would prefer to do. In the buff or a thong. I first wore a thong because I saw the other girls on the beach and wanted to be like them. In a short time I found them more comfortable because you dont have to "adjust" as much. I think in the Buff would be far more comfortable. I also want to look good, and floppy boobs look better in a top. I just am not a exhibitionist. Im not looking for attention.
JM_Runs #59

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:10/21/2008 05:17:17Copy HTML

 Sorry Hazell, points well taken.  I think you may have missed my point,  I am not attempting to get as many girls naked as possible, I am just suggesting ways for you to feel comfortable with what you choose to wear.

It also helps if you learn to brush off the pervs, with a withering look and appropriate comment or middle finger.

My friends two teenage girls have the same problem here, in that when the girls wear a thong on the beach they often get more attention than they wanted, so they if they plan to be thong it's when laying down or swimming they also take shorts to cover up when they are walking around.

I appreciate that you think "floppy boobs look better in a top". The girls have the same problem, and like you they take after their mother, so they are less self conscious when wearing a top.  The younger one is not just comfortable topless, but that's also just a normal part of being shy, 16 and well developed.

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:10/30/2008 06:03:32Copy HTML

a thong. sexier, you have the tan lines, and leaves it up to other peoples imagination.
JM_Runs #61

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:12/23/2008 12:40:18Copy HTML

Naked or thong?  Both!!  And the two stood in dramatic contrast on our recent vacation in the Caribbean. 

I claim I’m a skinny dipper, not a nudist, enjoying the occasional clothes free adventure but having no interest in adopting a nudist lifestyle.  It’s part that my wife disapproves, part that nudist venues are hard to come by, and part that stringing on regular beaches is one heck of a lot of fun and affords me the overall tan I love. 

During our first week, I found the clothing optional beaches on St. Bart’s totally awesome, French culture at its finest.  I suppose spending the whole day nude on a beach with others, some clothed and some naked, counts as nudism, but it simply felt normal and natural since it’s the custom, and regular folks just like me were doing it.  Just a pleasant sensation of freedom and liberation, nothing bold or daring.  It felt wholesome, refreshing and decent, giving no ‘rush’ or feeling of over-exposure.  Total comfort.     

By contrast, at our next stop on Nevis, a former British colony, there were a few women in bikinis at our small, luxury resort, but no toplessness.  Among the men, I spotted one guy in a square cut, while the rest were in trunks or board shorts.  Against this backdrop, my tan-thru sliding g-string was very bold and daring.  I felt a lot less comfortable, but didn’t want to mess up my hard-earned, overall tan.  Though I hid from no one, I kept a reasonable distance from others to avoid getting in their faces.  These were regular, friendly, middle-class Americans, many of them older, and we got to know a number of them quite well.  The subject of my attire came up only once, with the square cut guy, but I definitely felt that ‘rush’ that comes from over-exposure. 

So this was something new for me, being completely comfortable naked one day, but very much on edge in a thong the next.  It just speaks to different expectations in different venues.  For me, both are enjoyable and both are valid, in their proper settings. 

BTW, Mr. Square Cut was an interesting guy.  We first met as I lounged on a hammock strung between two coconut palms and he was returning from a photo-taking stroll.  I hailed him, asking what he’d been shooting.  “Oh, anything.  When I first saw you, I thought you were naked, and was surprised they allowed that at a nice resort like this.”   On to a great conversation, especially about our shared passion for skinny dipping.  He soon sat down on the hammock.  It was a big one, so nothing strange about that, just two guys talking.  He’s manager of a large resort on a neighboring island, on a mini-vacation/fact finding tour with two of his top female staff members.   

Fast forward to about 9 pm.  I went down to the hot tub by the pool/beach complex for an after-dinner soak.  No one was around and the lights were low, so I slipped off my bikini.  Felt great.  It was beautiful under the palms, the stars and moon so clear, and waves gently breaking on the beach.  Whoops, a couple came strolling by.  Ah, square cut and one of his staffers.  He came close and whispered, “Are you naked?”  “Yes.”  “Going to be here long?  I’ll come join you.” 

I waited awhile, thinking it would be fun to resume our conversation, but worrying whether he might be gay – I’m not good at figuring these things out, and surely didn’t need an ‘incident’.  When he showed up, stripped and jumped in, he asked if I’d like to stroll the beach naked with him.  Ohmigod!  “No, I don’t want to risk getting in trouble.”  That’s true – why risk sullying my beautiful clothing optional memories of St. Bart’s for some illicit romp?  Just not worth it and just too weird.  Now if my wife were suggesting it, wow, I’ll help you undress, dear! 

Anyway, he was fine with my demurring and we continued an excellent swapping of tales and points of view, with my throwing in ‘my wife this’ and ‘my wife that’ all the while.  I finally asked him point blank, “Are you a nudist?”  He answered, “Yes, and I think you are, too.”  Gosh, maybe I am.  I still prefer to think of myself a skinny dipper. 

We both complained of aches and pains, him from tennis, me from long swims, with neck and shoulder pain giving me headaches.  He said he’d been a massage therapist before getting into resort management, missed it, did it for friends occasionally, would I like a rub down?  Oh, oh, I protested no, sensing a hit was coming.  But I decided to take a chance.   

He did a great job there in the hot tub, both of us sitting upright and facing each other, almost in a bear hug as he applied real pressure to my back.  Yet it felt okay.  I decided he was an honest, caring, earnest man unafraid of such physical contact, that I was the one with a problem.  Despite our nakedness, I relaxed and benefited greatly from his ministrations.  I’ve never had close buddies, to my regret.  Maybe this is what it’s like to trust other guys you care about, like brothers.   

All that said, I’m glad nobody else happened by that evening.  Naked or thong?  Doubt wearing a thong would have helped much if I’d had to explain this episode to my wife!  How could you explain such a thing?  Still, I’m glad it happened.  I don’t know if he is gay, but figure it doesn’t matter.    What does matter is that we respected and trusted each other, and that feels good. 

I was hoping we would touch base again the next day, see how we communicated in broad daylight after so unique an encounter, maybe introduce him to my wife.  He really was a nice guy.  He had said he was thinking of getting a thong, so I thought I'd give him my blue Undergear pocket thong, which I'm planning to replace with a yellow one to match my LiveStrong wrist band.  But the next morning he was asleep as he sunned on the beach with one of his staffers, so I didn't disturb him.  Then never saw them again, their stay must have ended. 

Naked or thong?  A couple of evenings thereafter, I strolled down to the hot tub wearing just my black Speedo thong, then soaked naked.  So again, both, depending on the situation and what feels right.  Fantastic vacation, I'm ready to return!           
bmicro #62

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:12/23/2008 01:20:52Copy HTML

 My preference is always is "The least that is appropriate". I do like the freedom of being nude and have an easy opportunity if I just go a few miles north to Haulover. However, I almost never do that because I live across the street from the beach insouth Beach and the very small amount of cloth that I need to wear there is not a problem to save the time and traveling. I am not sure that makes me come down fully on the thong side, perhaps on the convenient thong side.
modelnude4u #63

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:12/23/2008 02:41:33Copy HTML

 I vote thong although I have hit the clothing optional beaches a few times and opted for nude.  I did find though, that there was a certain excitement with stripping totally nude, that then made it difficult to get up and walk around for a bit, if you get my drift.  I think I've blended the two to some degree as well, by nurturing clear cut thong tan lines.  Even when I am nude, I have my thong with me to some degree.  I echo what some others have said too though, where it's totally ok to be nude, I have no problem with it. 
barebunz #64

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:12/23/2008 03:26:12Copy HTML

 Naked when possible, thong when necessary.
Popeye1 #65

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:12/23/2008 12:23:20Copy HTML

Olive and I started wearing thongs over 20 years ago when vacationing at various places that didn't allow nude swimming. We're naked as much as we can be, and the weather allows. Vermont is very tolerant of nudity in general, when we're on our sailboat we're usually naked when on the vermont side of lake champlain and thongs (olive topless) on the new york side. Our house is very private so when the weather is good we're naked for gardening etc. I do wear a thong if I feel the need for support. To us it seems kind of silly to wear anything at the beach if you don't have to. Peace Popeye
stanpuppy #66

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:12/23/2008 03:07:11Copy HTML

Wife and i frequently go to gunnison beach, in NJ, which is the largest nude beach in North America.  On a given weekend the beach will have hundreds of people on it, almost all of which are completely nude.  Wife and i are both a little different, i guess in that even though we are both comfortable being nude in this setting we both wear our swimsuit bottoms. My wife is always topless however.
We both love tanlines on each other...i guess it reminds us of the beach when it gets cold in the New Jersey winters.  I am on of the few men who wears anything on that beach, as most guys go totally nude.  My preference is one of my (12) Joe Snyder rio thongs or occassionally one of the 4 muscleskins MPX thongs that i got last year.  Believe it or not...I often get comments from passerbys about NOT being nude.  Funny.
My wife wears wicked weasel g-string suits (she has 14 of them) and the top comes off seconds after we set up our towels.  It stays off for the entire day (often times including the 90 minute ride home).  She is not unusual as there are tons of women who wear bottoms and just go topless.  I would estimate that off 100% of men.....90% are totally nude, 7% wear full bottom suits (either bikinis, square cuts of board shorts) and 3% wear thongs.
Of a total of 100% of women...i would estimate 60% are totally nude, 20% are topless with thong bottoms, 10% topless with bikini bottoms and 10% wear both tops and bottoms.
norton1977 #67

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:12/23/2008 04:31:35Copy HTML

I prefer to be nude if I can, but I live in Michigan, and only places are far away, and as a single male, they are charging extra to be a member, at those places. Thats a bias, I believe is not right, so if I have to tan in thong g-string, a little tanline is ok.
rickl454 #68

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:12/23/2008 05:19:44Copy HTML

We wear whatever is appropriate.  Of course, nude is preferred but as close to nude as possible is OK too.  Popeye and Olive are absolutely right, it does seem silly to have to wear clothing at the beach, we don't at home or by our pool in the summer months.  The more time one spends naked the more curious the obsession with clothes - especially when they are not really needed, becomes.
JM_Runs #69

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:12/23/2008 05:29:26Copy HTML

Norton, even though you must wear at least a g-string most of the time, if you want an overall tan, as I do, a tan-thru sliding g-string is one way to go.  I get them with a printed mesh pouch that is tan-thru, but not see-thru.  Never any problems on the beach.  If the straps are too wide, I replace them with 1/4" straps from other suits, or even underwear.  Sometimes I want the 'strings' readily visible so no one mistakes me for being naked, other times it doesn't seem to matter, so I opt for elastic string which is nearly invisible from any distance.  The goal is simply to hold the pouch in place without getting any tanlines.  I don't shave, but I do trim my pubes a bit so the pouch just covers all it has to, so I get absolutely no tanlines, even from the pouch.  When I can get to a clothing optional beach, I want to look like a regular!  And the rest of the time it feels fun and mischievous, like in the locker room/showers/sauna/steam room at my health club, where the guys must notice and wonder, even though they never say anything.
20897 #70

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:12/24/2008 01:36:08Copy HTML

 I prefer to wear a thong at the beach or at clothing optional beaches. I want to keep my thong tanlines that I have worked on over the last 15 years. My wife also likes my tanlines.
mykro #71

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:02/20/2009 08:56:10Copy HTML

I have often wanted to express my thoughts on this question which are 100% behind wearing a thong/g-string vs. being nude.  Here are my reasons:

1. mystery...seeing a member of the opposite sex fully nude is pretty much devoid of any sense of mystery about their body.  To have even a tiny amount of the body covered makes a big difference. 

2. tactile...you always feel the suit whether sunning, walking or swimming.  Always being reminded there is that little patch of fabric you are wearing.

3. aesthetic...at least on men.  I personally do not believe the naked penis is an attractive appendage and to be contained in a very small suit turns it into a little package.  Nice and neat.

4. tanlines...the smaller the better.  Sexy to look at, sexy to have...period!

5. style...being nude allows just about zero ability to express one's personal style.  A thong is conservative when compared to a g-string which is conservative compared to a very low missile.  On women it can be even more style oriented...wearing accessories, heels, hats etc...  Combining the suit with other items is very sexy.

6. confidence...wearing a very small suit to me says that the wearer is bold and confident.  Being on a nude beach with many other nudes is not very daring but to be on a beach like South Beach in a very small string is.

7. matching your partner...to me one of the biggest plusses of all.  For a couple to each be wearing a matching suit to me screams sexy!

I know that many will say that all my reasons revolve around my equating sex with minimal swimwear wearing but it is more about the sensual feelings that some from feeling sexy.  That has always been what made me want to be a micro swimwear wearer and by projection, I feel that women who likewise enjoy wearing very tiny swimsuits have all those same aspects of their sensuality which I find so exciting.

A little excitment goes a long way in life!

stanpuppy #72

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:02/21/2009 03:26:11Copy HTML

I like being nude, but my wife prefers me in a thong.  I can see her point, as my favorite for her is a micro g-string bottom (typically a ww 457) and topless.  We both dress on the beach to please each other, so she wears her G's (and takes her top off...if allowed) and i wear either a joe synder rio thong (last year) or muscleskins (this year...have sold all my JS rios on eBay and have bought 8 new muscleskins suits (7 MP thongs, 1 MP bikini) for 2009
Sharon73 #73

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:02/21/2009 02:06:28Copy HTML

I like being nude better - it is such a free feeling for me
JM_Runs #74

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:02/21/2009 08:00:46Copy HTML

I agree completely with Mykro in all respects, mystery being a very important aspect . Minimals add colour and form and let you express yourself . Wearing a tiny swimsuit says "I've  given some thought to this and how I look!" Thats good !
clubthongs #75

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:02/22/2009 02:32:33Copy HTML

Well said slimthong!
TBSJ_03 #76

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:02/28/2009 11:04:58Copy HTML

I've gone to nude beaches several times over the past few years and I always come with a thong.  I spent a few summers in Norcal a couple years back and frequented Red White and Blue beach.  Generally I'd wear a thong from my car to the beach and when I'd find a place to set up for the day, I'd drop the thong and tan in the nude.  Anytime I'd get up to go for a walk or take a dip I'd usually put the thong back on, mainly because I appreciate the support.  There's also definitely an extra element of sensuality when wearing a thong as opposed to going completely nude.  Even among the nude beach crowd, you can still make a fashion statement with your swimwear.  I've gotten several positive comments while wearing a thong at a nude beach and I like that.
JM_Runs #77

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:02/28/2009 03:32:13Copy HTML

If I'm at a nude beach, I'm gonna be nude.  Nothing beats the feeling of fresh air, sunshine, and water on your entire body...wearing anything would just ruin that.  A thong might be good for support during a rigorous game of beach volleyball though!
JM_Runs #78

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:03/16/2009 11:39:50Copy HTML

 I love to visit Gunnison beach in NJ. I wear a thong or g-string for several reasons;

1. My wife asks me to (and I do even when she is not with me).
2. It's a fashion statement and a conversation starter (I make thongs and g-strings myself).
3. It  feels very nice - holding my package together.
4. It hides my woody (it can happen)
5. I can walk or run through the textile area without being arrested. I am careful to never hide or turn away from rangers- I just smile and wave when the drive by (mostly they just shake their head and smile). 

One more thing, whenever I get a woody, I am very apologetic- as I don't want to offend anyone. Then we go back to some other conversation (but now the guy or girl I'm sitting near has a hard time looking at my face.).

JM_Runs #79

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:09/26/2009 09:31:54Copy HTML

I love to be nude whenever possible, but at time I must wear something I will wear as little as possible, unless it is a very conservative location 
Thong Kong #80

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:08/18/2010 12:12:33Copy HTML

 I prefer a low-rise thong tanline. Though I do like to swim in the nude. My wife likes thong tanlines too, rather than having an all-over tan.
Sunson #81

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:08/18/2010 12:20:48Copy HTML

I´d rather wear thong than be nude. I am not exhibitonist but I guess it is also nice feeling to be nude. But still, I love thong tanlines, therefore I will always choose to wear thongs.

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:08/18/2010 01:01:42Copy HTML

When on the beach i prefer to be naked but where it is not possible to be naked i wear a thong or adjustable g-string.
louish #83

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:08/18/2010 03:17:25Copy HTML

Don't ask me why, but while I just don't feel psychologically comfortable being naked in public or have any desire to show myself off naked in public, I nevertheless feel physically most comfortable wearing as little as possible.  Therefore, thong or g-string.   
clubthongs #84

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:08/18/2010 03:24:06Copy HTML

I like the tanlines so I prefer a thong. While I like to wear as little as possible, I don't like being nude.
wr1944 #85

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:08/18/2010 03:31:12Copy HTML

I prefer being naked on nude beaches. For my walks outside those beaches I wear strings or thongs. I prefer an overall tan, otherwise I have to stick to one model of suit. And I have too many to be bothered by that.
thong_jock #86

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:08/18/2010 03:36:17Copy HTML

 Even at a nude beach or pool area I'll wear my skimpy thongs. I find it much more fun, erotic and exciting to wear tiny swimwear than go naked. I also love the thin, white strip of a tanline  - super sexy in my opinion. Anyone can go naked, it takes much more balls for a guy to wear a micro thong swimsuit...just my 2 cents.
beachfolks #87

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:08/18/2010 03:59:21Copy HTML

 Naked- I have dificulty understanding why anyone would wear any swimwear when they could tan bare. Feels much better with a lack of restraints.
Glutes #88

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:08/18/2010 04:01:25Copy HTML

abadonmi #89

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:08/18/2010 04:38:32Copy HTML

 I totally agree with thong_jock and clubthongs. For the same reasons, I prefer wearing a tiny thong over being naked. I don't like to be completely nude on the beach. I guess I like when there is something left to the imagination. And I love thong tan lines - on me and on other guys too. I call thong tan lines on me my "summer tatoo"
bmicro #90

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:08/18/2010 09:46:13Copy HTML

 I'm with wr1944. I don't like tan lines as they quickly become burn lines when I change suit styles (which is frequent).
Besides, my philosophy is to wear "the least that is appropriate", so, when on a nude beach, I will be exactly that, nude.
JM_Runs #91

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:08/19/2010 12:04:03Copy HTML

It has now been two summers since we have regularly worn any type of swimwear.  We love the freedom of being nude and not having tanlines, and the funny thing is now we avoid going in the sun unless we can go nude, and if we are somewhere nudity isn't allowed we will wear G-strings
SusanaM #92

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:08/19/2010 12:48:51Copy HTML

Definitely a thong or g-string. It's not a matter of being constrained/restrained by a swimsuit but as others say, it's more exciting to tease with little microkinis. I've been to nude beaches and it doesn't thrill me near as much as wearing a thong since I like making fashion statements. Count me as a summer tattoo vote.
SlidingG #93

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:08/19/2010 03:08:03Copy HTML

Naked when allowed (all too rare), like on a traditionally c/o beach; else, a string for an overall tan or a thong on most 
regular beaches or when my wife's with me.
JM_Runs #94

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:08/19/2010 09:33:27Copy HTML

I don't have a convenient nudist beach near me, and I haven't yet dared to wear my thongs (which are at the briefer end of the spectrum) on a public beach. There is an inland nude sunbathing area near here,  and though I sometimes go nude I often wear a skimpy thong (Dore, Koala or Fireboy). This still gives me a near-naked feel and I prefer it to total nudity.
JM_Runs #95

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:08/20/2010 03:41:02Copy HTML

Nude is the prefered way for us, actually I cringe when I have to go somewhere nudity is not allowed...
Popeye1 #96

Re:Naked or thong?

Date Posted:08/20/2010 11:29:57Copy HTML

I can't imagine wearing anything when I can be naked. Olive and I began wearing thongs and g strings when we started traveling to places without a nude beach. I don't understand why a person would cover up at a beach populated by other naked people. Peace Popeye
sailor250 #97

Re:Naked or thong?

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For me it's thong in a CO situation- but not your average thong but a typically illegal one with some exposure. As someone told me once it "makes you stand out" and not only talking about the color of it.  This allows me to keep a G string tanline if I wish, and develop some new wild tanlines too.  The one type of exposure I don't do in CO is the conventional cut sheer thong.
stanpuppy #98

Re:Naked or thong?

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I have no problem with nude, but i prefer my wife to wear a g-string bottom.  I like the tan lines she has left over once we leave the beach.  My ultimate for her is topless with a teardrop G.  The tanlines are epic!!!!
Inamourata #99

Re:Naked or thong?

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Have done both, but definitely prefer the thong - love to choose something different every day and to have a lovely little tanline after sunbathing.  My preference for the beach is definitely a Wicked Weasel!
thonglife #100

Re:Naked or thong?

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I like to do both but wearing a skimpy thong is definitely more enjoyable for me. I like the tan lines and the sexy, rebellious feeling it provides. Not to mention, I can wear a thong at most local beaches without getting a ticket :)
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