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Date Posted:07/19/2007 09:59:25Copy HTML

Thongs are legal to wear in Tennessee. I have been going to Cooks Landing every year for the last four years straight.

It is off I40East at Stewarts ferry Park exit, go over the dam and keep going straight till you see a sign that says seven points.

I talked to a fellow thonger, she said she does it all the time. I asked the lady at the booth if I could wear a thong and she was cool with it. The fee is four dollars per car load, so bring company. Your four dollars gets you in all day. Restrooms and picnic spots are available.
thongbutt1 #1

Re:Nashville tennessee - thongs are allowed (TN)

Date Posted:07/20/2004 11:29:02Copy HTML

i know it's a long shot, but anyone know any pools, lakes, etc. for thonging in nashville? it's seems like a pretty laid back sort of place, but i never can seem to figure out where to go!
JM_Runs #2

Re:Nashville tennessee - thongs are allowed (TN)

Date Posted:07/28/2004 02:52:02Copy HTML

Well, whatever you do, DO NOT stay at the Grand Ol Oprey Hotel. It is very unfriendly toward thongers. That was my experience anyway. I will never go back to TN for visiting-- too behind the times. You'd think a huge, hotel that gets guests from all over the world would be more open and courteous to guests--nope.

So I rented a car and drove out to a nearby lake (can't remember the name). Turns out it was a hangout for gays. One guy was jacking off by a tree.

Ahhhh, Tennessee!

Good luck!

jn9195 #3

Re:Nashville tennessee - thongs are allowed (TN)

Date Posted:04/18/2007 01:43:42Copy HTML

I've thonged at a Quality Inn near Nashville. Actually, that was
in Goodlettsville, TN (NW of Nashville) at 925 Conference Dr.

That was a couple of years ago when it was under a different Choice
Hotel name. It's a motel, room doors exit outside, not into a hallway.
It wasn't a great place to stay other than the thonging experience,

I walked along the front of the building with my thong and my towel to
the pool which is at one end of the building with entrances from outside
only. No one said a word, the male desk clerk saw me a couple of times
but said nothing to me. Some people caught me in the pool and didn't
say anything. I remember a mother & daughter (I assume) came in and
seemed to enjoy it as well as another lady who kept coming back and
walking around the pool a couple of times each time she came in there.
I do remember there was someone who came in there and left when they
saw me, though. I believe that was a guy who had a little girl with
him. oh, well, Sorry.

darksmooth #4

Re:Nashville tennessee - thongs are allowed (TN)

Date Posted:07/24/2007 07:00:10Copy HTML

That's great news!  I've been hoping to find a public place in the Nashville area that would allow thongs.  In your times there, have you seen others thonging, too?  I've got a pool at home but would love to sharpen my thong tan lines in public occasionally.


qquizz #5

Re:Nashville tennessee - thongs are allowed (TN)

Date Posted:05/04/2008 12:21:39Copy HTML

Well this afternoon, I went to Cooks Landing as another member here mentioned.  The thing was, once I got there the clouds came, yikes.  But after about 30 minutes the sky was clear as a bell.  I was the only person there in the pay area ($4 per car).  I don't really try to show myself so actually it was good cuz I could concentrate on burning my buns.  I got in over an hour of solid undisturbed sun.  Well actually though, a few party boats came by real close and hooted a little, both men and women.  But it was nice to have the whole place to myself.  The people at the gate seemed cool.  They are Snowbirds from like Wisconsin or something.  People from up there are usually pretty open-minded I've noticed.  Anyways, got a little tan line going finally, I am prolly just one or two shades darker than totally white though, as I am fair skinned especially after winter.  So lemme know if u gonna stop by, it will be funner with a few of us.
thong4me #6

Re:Nashville tennessee - thongs are allowed (TN)

Date Posted:08/10/2015 04:00:44Copy HTML

 Are there any new updates or new information on locations in and around Nashville?  
Thonglover377 #7

Re:Nashville tennessee - thongs are allowed (TN)

Date Posted:01/01/2019 10:44:22Copy HTML

thong4me I’d like to know too, do you thong in Tennessee still?
jn9195 #8

Re:Nashville tennessee - thongs are allowed (TN)

Date Posted:01/21/2019 01:18:42Copy HTML

the hotel I mentioned in goodlettsville no longer permits them and I haven't found anywhere else that tolerates them... too many prudes and some rednecks everywhere you go
ithongit #9

Re:Nashville tennessee - thongs are allowed (TN)

Date Posted:01/21/2019 04:31:47Copy HTML

Gatlinburg is about 25-50% thong friendly, if you ask. We have gotten more NO responses during top tourist seasons, an more YES responses when things are slow. I don't know if Pigeon Forge is the same way, but it might be. Last summer a few of the beach/T-shirt type stores in Pigeon Forge sold a limited number of thongs for men, and a lot for women, mostly cheeky swimsuits that are a bit on the extreme size. These cities cater to tourists, and while there certainly are rednecks and briers there, most tourists are from the mid West or East coasts -- places where thongs are more common. You will hear Southern accents on employees and store owners, but most of the tourists are accent free, or sound like they are from New Jersey or wherever. Gatlinburg is way at the Eastern side of Tennessee, and this might also have something to do with what is acceptable when compared to Western or even central cities. Remember Tennessee is a very wide state and you can easily spend a whole day driving from one end to the other, so don't be surprised if local conditions vary between Knoxville (Gatlinburg), Nashville, and Memphis. When we go to Gatlinburg, it is often off-season, and we will pick a few motels in the area. If you call them they almost always say "no thongs" or "no thongs on men". However, if you call from a few miles away, tell them where you are "I am at the ranger station" and say you want a room, they realize they have one chance to hook you, and seem more likely to agree to thonging (and a good rate) simply not to loose the business.
Matt37 #10

Re:Nashville tennessee - thongs are allowed (TN)

Date Posted:01/22/2019 02:58:00Copy HTML

Actually, Tennessee is one of the few states where thongs are actually ILLEGAL under state law. So it would be a surprise for any property to allow them. The only places where they're not illegal are on federal properties. So places like Land Between the Lakes (USFS) and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park (NPS) & the scenic river in the state ( I forget what it's named, but it's run by NPS), and TVA recreation properties are the only places you can legally wear thongs.
mhdavisjr #11

Re:Nashville tennessee - thongs are allowed (TN)

Date Posted:02/19/2019 11:57:05Copy HTML

Where in Tenn state law does it prohibit thongs?
ithongit #12

Re:Nashville tennessee - thongs are allowed (TN)

Date Posted:02/21/2019 05:00:51Copy HTML

From someone who has thonged in Tennessee many times, this thread sort of jared me.  I thought Tenn was thong legal.  According to Nofashionpollice at the interent location 


TENNESSEE: ILLEGAL (Source – See Section (b)) [PDF]
– Tennessee State Parks: ILLEGAL
– Land Between the Lakes (USFS): LEGAL
– TVA Recreation Areas: LEGAL
– Big South Fork National Recreation Area (NPS): LEGAL

I have thonged at many motels in Gatlinburg, and also in the Smokies.  I have posted earlier that thonging was acceptable at some motels/hotels in Gatlinburg.  (This is the place I first thonged many years ago!)  I was told that in the Smoky Mountains National Park that thongs were okay, as long as you stayed on park land and were not visible by line-of-site un-enhanced vision from outside the park.  I was told this means a person could not stand outside the park and use a telescope or other device to enhance their vision.  I was told "Line of Site" would mean that things located in a line between the observer and person being observed could not obscure the vision of the observer (no trees, rocks, or even man-made objects like cars or trash cans).

So while one post says Great Smoky Mountains is okay for thonging, another does not mention them, but does mention other National Parks and federal lands.  As far as Gatlinburg goes, I think motel and hotel managers simply don't care or don't want to scare business away, and it is possible that the local law enforcement will not enforce such laws.  I just can't say.

Another interesting thing is that according to personnel (a Ranger and another person) at the main Sugarland Park Offices just outside Gatlinburg told us that nudity was also legal in the park as long as such activities were at least 300 feet off any road or established trail.  This means the skinny dippers that hang around some of the falls (Abrams falls is probably the most popular for swimming) are technically illegal.  They also said that nudity could not occur in sight of any private property.  At one time, there were dozens if not more of privately held parcels of land here and there in the park.  This was because when the park was formed they permitted some people and their families or survivors to own land within park boundaries.  Most of the farm lands, houses and other private buildings, private roads, etc. have passed the terms of the agreed time people could stay there.  There are a few exceptions such as a few churches, some cemetaries, and perhaps a other pieces of land.  One type land-owner currently owns or leases the largest proportion of lands within the park.  This is utiliy companies and utility like services (cell phone, microwave, private radio transmitters, etc.)  The Federal Government has either let them own or lease the lands until they are not used by that company for the original purposes, or leases the land under similar rules.  Any railroads woud probably fall into this loop-hole too.  The whole reason for this exception is to limit the Federal Government's liability if someone is hurt or other negative events happen on the property.


ParadiseRobin #13

Re:Nashville tennessee - thongs are allowed (TN)

Date Posted:02/21/2019 01:18:41Copy HTML

It appears to me, Tennessee does not prohibit thongs but rather prohibits exposure of the buttocks. I believe the law is unclear and open to interpretation as there is an "and" that basically says exposure of your buttocks will "offend the ordinary viewer." It would be up to a judge to decide that. So I guess it depends on how much risk you are willing to take but I would not want a judge in Tennessee to decide that for me! "(a)(1) A person commits the offense of indecent exposure who: (A) In a public place, as defined in § 39-11-106 , or on the private premises of another, or so near thereto as to be seen from the private premises: (i) Intentionally: (a) Exposes the person's genitals or buttocks to another;  or (b) Engages in sexual contact or sexual penetration as defined in § 39-13-501 ;  and (ii) Reasonably expects that the acts will be viewed by another and the acts: (a) Will offend an ordinary viewer;  or (b) Are for the purpose of sexual arousal and gratification of the defendant" Each county and municipality has their own laws that govern also.
Matt37 #14

Re:Nashville tennessee - thongs are allowed (TN)

Date Posted:02/21/2019 07:06:53Copy HTML

How does one wear a thong without exposing the buttocks?  That's impossible. Therefore, thongs are, by definition, illegal. I don't know any place where it is illegal to thong that it actually states "thongs are illegal." Every one of them makes it illegal to expose the butt or the crack/crevice in some way.

If you're in Tennessee (I was raised there), the little subsection that states "Will offend an ordinary viewer" means literally any person in Tennessee, since they never see thongs there. This means you can certainly wear one on your own patio if no one can see you, but if you're at a public pool (to include a pool operated by hotels, etc.) and others can see you, if someone complains about your thong to law enfrocement, you're going to get a citation.

ParadiseRobin #15

Re:Nashville tennessee - thongs are allowed (TN)

Date Posted:02/21/2019 11:29:32Copy HTML

Actually, exposing the buttocks are illegal by definition. Thongs are illegal by use and only if they expose you buttocks. You can wear a thong all day, every day, just as I do but always wear something over them unless at a location where exposing of the buttocks is allowed. I too was raised in TN and spend about half my time there. To say "any person in Tennessee" is incorrect. Much like Florida law is now interpreted that merely being nude is not considered lewd, so does not violate the law. That is what a judge said. It does not matter what an individual says or even that you are cited by law inforcement for offending an ordinary viewer. It only matters that a judge says it would offend an ordinary viewer. I would not take that chance since judges in TN are elected and tend to run for re-election with their verdicts.
Matt37 #16

Re:Nashville tennessee - thongs are allowed (TN)

Date Posted:02/22/2019 03:22:21Copy HTML

If you're wearing a coverup over a thong, wtf is the point of even wearing the thong, then? That literally defeats the purpose of it. It is impossible to wear a thong (alone) and not "expose the buttocks." Therefore, wearing a thong in public is against the law. The law doesn't dictate what you wear under something, only what you're wearing in public, so I'm not even sure why you'd make an argument that it's okay to "wear it under something." That's just silly. You are correct that it only matters to a the judge, but if you get arrested or cited for it, it's going to be on your record (even if you're found not guilty). And no judge is going to be elected or dismissed from office because of a ruling in a thong case. ffs.
ParadiseRobin #17

Re:Nashville tennessee - thongs are allowed (TN)

Date Posted:02/22/2019 03:51:02Copy HTML

It is called thong underwear. It has a purpose and it is not illegal.
jn9195 #18

Re:Nashville tennessee - thongs are allowed (TN)

Date Posted:02/22/2019 03:02:20Copy HTML

They have no purpose if no one else sees them. :)
J_R_365 #19

Re:Nashville tennessee - thongs are allowed (TN)

Date Posted:02/22/2019 03:58:37Copy HTML

Thong underwear has a definite purpose for me: they help to provide some separation of the cheeks, which enhances definition of my butt when I wear tight trousers, which is most days.
wallygr40 #20

Re:Nashville tennessee - thongs are allowed (TN)

Date Posted:02/22/2019 08:29:51Copy HTML

I have thonged in TN several times in the last 2 years. Norris Lake - I was on my boat but my wife and I had no issues at all. There is a lady on instagram that also posts thong photos from Norris. Drury Plaza Inn - Indoor pool/hot tub on a business trip. Not super crowded, only a few couples and a group of early twenties girls. No issues and everyone was friendly. Lake - I am drawing a blank on the name of the lake but it was a state park near Nashville. Laid out a few hours , swam, etc. Beach was not crowded but had 15-20 people on it. No issues.
Mary0826 #21

Re:Nashville tennessee - thongs are allowed (TN)

Date Posted:02/24/2019 09:27:09Copy HTML

Norris Lake is part of the TVA system (Tennessee Valley Athority). TVA projects are all over the place in the Southern Smoky Mountains. They were established in the 1930's and 1940's mostly to provide electricity, flood control, recreation and irragation to the area to make it more like what other parts of the USA was like at the time (the area was considered backwards). This was one of the largest projects the US government took on at the time. Most of the land and water area are under federal control and since the US government does not have a regulation on thonging, the state can not over ride what the US has on the law books. Getting back to thonging -- One person stated that swimming pools in motel/hotels are "public". I would think that if they are posted "motel guests only" or something similar, then they would be not public. While outdoor pools might be viewable from some other public area, or a private property, indoor pools might not if they have no windows, or windows that are located in a way, or have some type of dark glass other buildings, fences, landscaping or whatever to prevent people outside on other properties and public lands from viewing the pool area. This brings up the "private premises of another" aspect. As a motel or hotel, are you a guest(?) or are you a renter/tenant who has the legal rights of a landowner(?). If the answer is a renter, then are you renting just the room you stay in, or are you renting other parts of the building and ground, much like a condo owner does(?). Most places also give some latitiude to motel/hotel users. Things like you can drink booze in your room, even after hours or in places where drinking is not permitted. Would this, combined with a tenant type philosophy negate the rules(?) or would you have to have 100% ownership to be considered a property owner. The last thing that seems odd is that the law seems to state that you can not expose yourself except on your own property in a place where others will not see you. Does this mean that if you had a pool party and someone took their swimsuit off or wore a thong, that the police will come rushing in to arrest that person(?). What about people who go to a motel and spend the night with a significant other. This law would seem to indicate that since the other party does not own the property, they could be arrested if they for instance took a bath or had a night of romance with the first person. Does this part of the law mean a person who come in to water the plants when someone is on vacation can not take a pee since they don't own the property? What about people who use public restrooms in public parks. Are they only allowed to wash their hands? There does not seem to be any same-sex rule with the law as stated. Many states make special exceptions when all people in a place are the same sex. I assume the intent of the law is that you can't show your stuff to someone else at their property if they don't agree to let you do so. This would mean if a motel/hotel said "thongs are okay" that they have given their permission as the property owner for you to wear a thong (but not in a publically viewable location). But the law as stated does not state things this way. I think many places that do not permit thongs in reality use this type logic when they approve or dissaprove the wearing of thongs.
Mary0826 #22

Re:Nashville tennessee - thongs are allowed (TN)

Date Posted:02/24/2019 09:36:48Copy HTML

More goofy things about Tennessee laws. I was at a trail head near Clingman's Dome. Some guy was walking from car to car trying to open all the passenger doors on each car. We called the ranger, who said he was glad we were where we were since we were in North Carolina and the NC laws would consider this "attempted" theft or whatever. In Tennessee this activity is legal. You can open someone elses car doors because if the door is not locked it is not "breaking" into the car. As long as you don't physically enter the car, it is not "entering", and as long as you don't take anything it is not considered theft. In Tennessee, you can turn off someone's car lights if they left them or and left the driver's door unlocked for example. But open the door and take something away and you have a theft. Goofy Laws. I can see how this could be true based on the very incomplete and ambiguous written laws they seem to have.
Thonglover377 #23

Re:Nashville tennessee - thongs are allowed (TN)

Date Posted:03/22/2019 03:07:11Copy HTML

Does anyone have any interest in finding a legal area to meet and wear thongs? A group to wear thongs with would be amazing!
DavyJ #24

Re:Nashville tennessee - thongs are allowed (TN)

Date Posted:05/13/2019 04:17:33Copy HTML

I have no idea of anything about TN law, but I have found that you can often thong in hotel pools regardless of any state or local laws to the contrary. Usually its best not to ask, but to just go ahead a do it unless or until someone complains but usually no one does. I always start in my thong, but generally bring another suit down to the pool area, so I can change easily if there is any problem. The flip side is that even if state law allows thongs, hotels are free to make their own more restrictive rules, so you can never tell ahead of time.
mark777 #25

Re:Nashville tennessee - thongs are allowed (TN)

Date Posted:05/16/2019 09:19:28Copy HTML

Apparently you cannot be nude under your clothes is all I gathered from the law.
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