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Date Posted:06/20/2005 02:29:10Copy HTML

Thinking of getting these:Navel piercing on men?Lower back tattoo vs. upper back tattooComments?Thank you
corona10 #1

Re:Navel piercing & Back tattoo

Date Posted:06/26/2005 07:45:36Copy HTML

Well, if you have a reasonably flat belly I think you should go for it! Personally I think it looks superkool, and thus have one myself. The bar is  gold and dark blue striped with a dark blue and gold ball, like the others. I see young guys with navel piercings once in a while on the beach, be sure to get one before it goes mainstream

As for the tattoo I can't see a problem with one on the lower back. I've only ever seen one on a guy and that looked very nice.

Good luck with it

Pomegranates #2

Re:Navel piercing & Back tattoo

Date Posted:07/08/2005 09:42:26Copy HTML

I think a navel piercing on a flat stomached guy can look great. I have one myself.  usually a barbell, occasionally I hang a chain from it.  I've thought about a lower back tat, but I wonder about the unintended message this might send -- a tatoo on a women's lower back draws attention to the butt, so I wonder if a guy who tatoos his lower back would be suggesting that he is "available" in ways he doesn't intend. That said, I still think it would look pretty awesome, and I'm straight. I've also considered getting a rather unconventional full length body tatoo, something thin and viney that wraps around me a few times. Let us know what you decide, and post some pictures!
romo70 #3

Re:Navel piercing & Back tattoo

Date Posted:07/22/2005 03:35:24Copy HTML

I just got my navel pierced and think it is cool for either men or women.  The girl that pierced me said more men should get their navels pierced in her opinion and their is no meaning to it.   

As far as the lower back tattoo, I do not thing it will draw any more attention than wearing a thong or g-string will to the beach.  I think they are one of the sexier places to have a tattoo on either gender and you should get one.  I may even get one in the near future.

Its all about what is sexy, not gay or straight.

mpike #4

Re:Navel piercing & Back tattoo

Date Posted:09/02/2005 09:56:04Copy HTML

I agree that an upper back tattoo on a guy is more "traditional." I think it might look cool on the lower back, but still it's not so conventional, neither is a belly piercing on a guy. Kind of feminine things to do.. I know thats kind of sexist I guess, but I'm just saying it from a realistic point of view. But even so, its your body, do what you want!! Just make sure before you do it.
gayyslaveone #5

Re:Navel piercing & Back tattoo

Date Posted:11/07/2005 07:31:46Copy HTML

I have my navel pierced and wear a thick stainless steel barbell through it which has a dangly bit engraved with the word "slave" that Chris and Andy my partners bought for me. Having stretched the hole somewhat, the current one was coated with superglue before being screwed up so it will proove hard to remove but then I dont want to!
me399 #6

Re:Navel piercing & Back tattoo

Date Posted:12/13/2005 09:33:35Copy HTML

I have both. I had my navel pierced about 2 years ago and I got the lower back tattoo about half a year ago.

Navel Nine #7

Re:Navel piercing & Back tattoo

Date Posted:12/28/2005 11:57:31Copy HTML

I have just the navel - a sober silver-coloured barbell.

Whether it is feminine - as M Pike thinks - well, that's what people say/said about thongs. Someone has to lead the way.

As Sarah Thomas has said, a lot of these actions aren't noticed with girls - a piercing is just another site for jewellery.

I haven't had a tattoo - but a good one my girlfriend has is 4 paw-prints on her ankle. First glance was a pattern of shadows on her ankle. That appeals to me - just haven't taken that step yet.

Cheekpeeker #8

Re:Navel piercing & Back tattoo

Date Posted:11/11/2006 04:11:26Copy HTML

Ive had my belly ring for 3 years now. Everyone that doesnt know me" knows" I'm gay. Everyone else knows I'm not and understands that we all have masculine and feminine traits.in each dept. All of us thongers are honest with our sexuality and esteem and just want to get the point across that its ok to be anywhere in the spectrum from dork shorts to nudity.                    BE YOU....and let them be them.




Beachlover492000 #9

Re:Navel piercing & Back tattoo

Date Posted:11/15/2006 10:47:50Copy HTML

I like Pomegranates' idea of getting a thin viney tattoo that would run the full length of my body and wrap around a few times. It would have the advanage of being an all encompassing mark that would involve and commit my entire body to the tattoo and yet, unlike a body suit could be completed in a much shorter time.

I also find the concept of a tattoo on my lower back intriguing. It would be edgy on a straingt married guy, but what's life without a little daring and controversy? Perhaps one combine the lower back tatto with the thin vine that meets at the low back and branches down and round the legs and up and round the body.

Guts #10

Re:Navel piercing & Back tattoo

Date Posted:01/17/2007 05:43:07Copy HTML

I`ve been thinking for some time now about getting my navel pierced, asked my wife about it last night and she just said if you want et it done I don`t mind either way. God I love my wife.
beachfolks #11

Re:Navel piercing & Back tattoo

Date Posted:01/18/2007 02:58:01Copy HTML

49200-The lower back tattoo just looks good on cute women who wear lo-rise shorts. You don't fit the pattern.
doitinathong #12

Re:Navel piercing & Back tattoo

Date Posted:02/03/2007 06:04:02Copy HTML


I disagree.  This dude's pretty hot.

Dude with Lower Back Tat

I'd love to get a tramp stamp and a navel ring.

John Howard #13

Re:Navel piercing & Back tattoo

Date Posted:02/04/2007 07:01:17Copy HTML

I agree with beachfolks,

the reason why the guy in the photo looks good is because he has a muscular and defined body;  not because of the tatoo.  An average guy with less muscles and more bodyfat at his midsection would not look good with a tatoo like that.

John Howard

doitinathong #14

Re:Navel piercing & Back tattoo

Date Posted:02/05/2007 02:20:27Copy HTML

"An average guy with less muscles and more bodyfat at his midsection would not look good with a tatoo like that." 

I couldn't agree more.  Although I feel an average guy with less muscles and more bodyfat at his midsection wouldn't look good in a thong either.

Sparksplus69 #15

Re:Navel piercing & Back tattoo

Date Posted:02/05/2007 10:25:51Copy HTML

for me i like getting tattoos, im working on getting my whole back covered. For one of my next tats, id like to get some kind of 50's pinstripe design that was on my lower back, that follows that top of my ass, and that goes down my crack. Something that looks like a thong, but still looks cool.
JM_Runs #16

Re:Navel piercing & Back tattoo

Date Posted:02/14/2007 08:16:32Copy HTML

I've had my navel pierced now for about eight years. (I'm 25 now.) I have only heard a few comments of the negative nature and none of them went beyond a few words. I'm kinda a stalky heavy-set muscular guy with a deep voice. People don't really have much to say when you show up to the beach with your hot girlfriend and you both have a thong on.

I've been looking for a LBT that would suite me, although the only patterns that come to mind would be something tribal...i'm still looking.

btw...it's cold, i want some warm thongin' weather!!!!

sherryrandy #17

Re:Navel piercing & Back tattoo

Date Posted:09/22/2007 02:09:05Copy HTML

I'm not too keen of any kind of tattoo, or having a piercing of any kind. But I did get my navel pierced eight years ago when I was with who is now an ex-fling. I did it myself. She liked it then, and my wife likes it today. I was 25 when I had it done. Now it just feels odd not to have it in. Plus, my wife doesn't like it if I take it out for too long. She said she would like to get hers done soon. As far as being feminine? Says who? Anyone who says that is speaking rubbish! Besides, do what you want. Everyone who has seen me has been okay with it.
Thongs4life90 #18

Re:Navel piercing & Back tattoo

Date Posted:02/27/2016 04:12:06Copy HTML

 I have a lower back tattoo. I think it's so sexy. I've also had a belly button ring. It was very hot too. I had trouble keeping it secured. The piercing fell out and it closed up. Maybe I'll redo it soon. Go for whatever turns you on the most. 
NcknameInUse #19

Re:Navel piercing & Back tattoo

Date Posted:03/01/2016 09:41:18Copy HTML

 I've wanted both for some time.Last time it was discussed the naval piercing was a "no go" even though it's easily removed.
However I now have a green light for getting some serious, extensive ink!
Most if not all of my back will be involved and not just a tribal black/grey design. I've shown my wife some of the designs I like and they are all very feminine, Big bright floral designs with butterflies and humming birds.So not just feminine but very girly. The intention is to carry on depending on my pain endurance and get a full leg "sleeve" and butt cheek done too. In fact my only limitation is my face and head.
I'm hoping to get to the studio tomorrow and talk over the details and book some time in the chair for during my holidays next month.
Who knows, the naval piercing might happen yet.
Thongs4life90 #20

Re:Navel piercing & Back tattoo

Date Posted:03/19/2016 01:59:52Copy HTML

 I redid my belly button :) it looks as hot as I remembered lol
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