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<BIG>The Thong Wearers Message Board </BIG> is the place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.
The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Date Posted:10/26/2018 06:51:53Copy HTML

Last year I took a cruise vacation and each day I visited the spa area for people age 18+. I wore a thong but kept myself covered with a towel in the spa's hallways and even wore a towel in the steam room and sauna. I only took off the towel when I was alone in those rooms.

Next year I'm going back to the same ship and really looking forward to the spa and steam rooms!!!

But I really want to feel 100% comfortable walking from the locker room, down the hall, into the stream room and sauna, etc all while wearing just my thong. I want to leave my towel in one place and just come back to it later.

I guess I'm shy about it because nobody else was wearing thongs in that area. Also, I've never done it. And plus must Americans wouldn't do that. However, many (if not half) of the ships guests are from overseas. Signage says you have to wear a swimsuit, but doesn't say it can't be a thong!

(I'd never wear one in the main public pool areas just because of families and kids around.)

Wearing it makes me feel more free, and I guess sexy too, though I'm not at all looking for any kind of sex!

Any suggestions or tips to muster up the courage to do so, and thong in the spa area?

gnoht #1

Re:Needing courage to thong in semi-public

Date Posted:10/26/2018 09:13:48Copy HTML

I'm usually OK in spa area, but yet chicken out when there's other guest. :P And are you a man or a lady? If you're a lady I think people are more forgiving. I'm a man, and I actually feel comfortable when the people surrounding me are ladies, I feel that they're very accepting towards thongs or g-string on a man.
gsj #2

Re:Needing courage to thong in semi-public

Date Posted:10/26/2018 01:12:36Copy HTML

Why not start off with a brief string bikini eg Snyder Kini - essentials covered but no uneccessary material

Then progress to thong.

Personally I would forget the towel as a 'modesty' aid!

Martylouie #3

Re:Needing courage to thong in semi-public

Date Posted:10/26/2018 01:25:19Copy HTML

Try a European focused cruiseline like Aida which has FFK decks. You would be overdressed in their spa wearing a g. Costa is Italian so they may be more relaxed about spa attire.
kiyoothong #4

Re:Needing courage to thong in semi-public

Date Posted:10/26/2018 01:41:37Copy HTML

Hey man, I have my go-to spa, and I always ask the management if it's okay to wear a thong. Although I'm usually the only guy in a thong, I've never had any problems at this spa. I try to be discreet, though. When there are people in the sauna, I sit down so that my ass doesn't show. And I'm usually the last person to leave the sauna. You should realize that people are there to relax and they don't want any trouble. And you can always cover your butt with a towel. Now the beach is a different ball game. You have eyes everywhere on the beach. So build up your confidence at a local spa or at a local gym. Try to realize that people have their own shit going on and that they don't want to bother you.
BaldGuy #5

Re:Needing courage to thong in semi-public

Date Posted:10/27/2018 04:24:21Copy HTML

I love being all shaved and shiny in a thong an dheels poolside, they seem to get used to it!

Ronniejohn46 #6

Re:Needing courage to thong in semi-public

Date Posted:10/27/2018 07:28:49Copy HTML

I haven't yet worn a thong at a pool or deck area. No reason except that my backyard is secluded enough that I can wear as little (or nothing)) as I want. I'm not really nervous about wearing a thong in front of others. It's just I don't want to be hassled by management. I have been on several cruises on which I find the most secluded areas I can on upper decks and lay-out in a g-string. As far as being shy about wearing a thong in public, last year on NCL there was a very overweight gentleman enjoying the pool area in his ample swimsuit. I figured if this fellow had the guts to enjoy the pool as big as he was who cares what people think. If you're comfortable wearing a thong in less populated areas gradually work into being with more. Like has been said before, people are on vacation and as long as protocol is adhered to go for it.
LoveMyThongs #7

Re:Needing courage to thong in semi-public

Date Posted:10/28/2018 05:34:57Copy HTML

It’s takes time but once you get over that fear it’s auch a blast. You exude sex appeal and confidence and you never go back. Trust me!

32189 #8

Re:Needing courage to thong in semi-public

Date Posted:10/28/2018 04:01:18Copy HTML

I agree with another on here that said people don't care because they have their own stuff going on. They may notice for a moment but in reality they do have their own things to worry about you besides what they may think of you. Also, the more thong out in public the more confident you will become. We all progress at different rates so don't sweat it, you will get there someday or maybe not at all. Just enjoy your journey and enjoy thonging for what it is for you. Curious to hear how it goes!
858love #9

Re:Needing courage to thong in semi-public

Date Posted:11/04/2018 12:43:22Copy HTML

Thanks for the suggestion to buy a half or 3/4 back swim suit. I actually like the idea of that more than a thong. Just thinking about wearing one is great.
spark2100 #10

Re:Needing courage to thong in semi-public

Date Posted:11/05/2018 11:59:47Copy HTML

This summer, I started with wearing a square cut that was rather cheeky. It was a skinz M71. I had been wearing a larger squarecut previously. As I was working around the cottage it kept riding up becoming more cheeky. While relaxing in the lake at the end of the dock , it was getting rather uncomfortable so I changed into a more cheeky suit that we had ordered in the same pattern as the square cut. It was a skinz M84. Over the next couple of weekends, I would start in the squarecut, then progress to the cheeky suit. While wearing the cheeky suit, we had company, The neighbour, her friends, other people walking down the beach. While working in the cheeky suit, it would work itself into a full out thong. The last warm weekend, I spent the entire day working on a project at the cottage, with the neighbour sitting there chatting with me, there wasn't much she didn't see. We have just ordered the same pattern suit in a M77 thong, so we will see what next summer brings
Kinderlou #11

Re:Needing courage to thong in semi-public

Date Posted:11/05/2018 01:49:41Copy HTML

It's no prob lem in Florida. Any more I just wear a thong from the car out to my beach spot, with nothing more than, my beach towel.
ithongit #12

Re:Needing courage to thong in semi-public

Date Posted:11/05/2018 02:03:18Copy HTML

Spark2100 is using what I call the progression system. It works fine for many. Randy has done this at "no thong" places a few times. The bad thing is that you spend so much time in more than a thong, and you need a long time if you want neighbors, management or whatever to see each stage. It does work, however, as I mentioned sometimes at places where it should not have (places with no thong rules). It can produce some awkward moments if a management member decides to object as you go to smaller and smaller swimwear. They can be embarased, or even feel used by you when they realize your swimwear is getting smaller and smaller. Randy still uses progression, but usually goes the full way in one day. He will start in a square cut, move on to a Speedo type racing suit. Go from there to a 3/4 cut, then a half, then a quarter then a thong then a G-string. Some people don't notice the change, while others notice it, but because they are more gradually exposed to the persons most extreme swimwear, they don't seem so shocked. Finding a company like Skinz who can provide a range of cuts in the same fabric is important. The progression system also lets you get away in that "almost a thong" swimsuit when needed, and you always have the appropriate swimsuit with you. The bad thing is that ordering all the suits at one time can cost quite a bit. I think the ideal is starting with a square cut and ending with a thong. Starting with a Speedo can save the first step and still is socially acceptable in all but a few places, and lets face it, if they won't let you wear a Speedo, they won't let you wear anything close to a thong. From here a 3/4 or 1/2 Rio works good. One that is somewhat cheeky will be more fun, but also will be accepted most places Rios are permitted. Then moe to whatever you can find that is almost a thong. A back about 2-inches is ideal and can be worn out or in or partly out. These will be very cheeky when worn out and very thongy when worn in. Next is the conservative thong, not less than an inch or so on the straps and not too small of a pouch. Finally a G-string can finish things off. All suits the same color and fabric. People who are not very close will be even more surprised that you are wearing so little if they wander to where you are if you are towards the end of your progression. But in my opinion, you will get used to tiny swimwear and those around you will also if you simply start at the maximum swimwear you plan to wear. It does take courage. It does leave you a little more vulnerable to those who want to complain, but at the same time, you don't have anything with more coverage handy to chicken out with or to change into if someone saw your suits with more coverage and insist that you change into them. This will work in places where you know thongs are legally acceptable, and you have your rights as a thonger to fall back on. Traci
sailor250 #13

Re:Needing courage to thong in semi-public

Date Posted:11/05/2018 11:14:01Copy HTML

If I'm somewhere when I need to progress through steps I'll be sure to use tan thru larger suits so I don't get tanlines early on. I don't use the same color suits, that gets complicated.
stringueur #14

Re:Needing courage to thong in semi-public

Date Posted:11/07/2018 09:39:56Copy HTML

Il also use the "progression system" but not like Randy. I live in France, so it is useless for me to start with a speedo because the speedo swimwear is the norm in the public swimming pool (boardshort are forbidden), and is very common on the beach. For the beach, after a long winter, i need each each to get used again to thong. So i start by wearing 2 or 3 times a cheeky swimsuit, and after that, i can wear a thong. This progression is just for me, in order to increase my self confidence, because there is few probability to see the same people on the beach. Moreover, i think it is easier to get used to thong in May (spring) because people on the beach are more open minded. During the summer (July or august) there is more red neck, conservative people on the beach, and you need more courage. For the swimming pool, it is a little different. I used also the progression system but very gradually. I started by wearing a little speedo, that is to say a brief which is a little smaller than a classic brief (Now, it is my normal swimwear when i lack of courage or motivation, or if i go to the swimming pool with a co-worker). After 2 or 3 months, i knew that the lifeguards had all seen my swimwear. And, at the swimming pool, 3/4 of the swimmers are the same each week (in winter). So i knew that the others swimmers get used to my swimwear choice. So i changed for another one more smaller, a cheeky brief. Again, after 2 or 3 months, i changed for a smaller cheeky brief. Now, my cheeky swimsuit is almost a thong. But i haven't the courage to wear a totally thong. All the lifeguards know me (and a lot of swimmers too) because i swim regularly (3 times a week, 2 miles each time). Last time, i spoke with a lifeguard and he told me that there are less than 20 swimmers who train seriously like me, and they have not my swiftness. To be a serious swimmer increase my self confidence because i know that others people who see me, are watching first a good swimmer and after they take notice of my swimwear choice. I think that few swimmers have the nerve to say something about my swimwear whereas i overtake them in the lane, except my friends who are joking me sometimes...
tbck1000 #15

Re:Needing courage to thong in semi-public

Date Posted:11/07/2018 05:58:51Copy HTML

One thing that helped me have more courage to wear only a thong in more places is to be more socially outgoing. In other words, don’t act self conscious. Be the first to smile and say hello to others. Don’t avoid people, thereby making you look like you are “up to something.” You will be amazed at how much more accepted you will feel walking around in just a thong. People will smile and say hello back to you just because you are acting like nothing is out of the ordinary. Some people will certainly avoid eye contact, others might snicker, but they will be few and they will be the ones that look out of place.

J_R_365 #16

Re:Needing courage to thong in semi-public

Date Posted:11/08/2018 02:37:25Copy HTML

Andy - If you do the first, the second will follow.
RapidBlue #17

Re:Needing courage to thong in semi-public

Date Posted:11/08/2018 06:12:43Copy HTML

When I travel I don’t think twice about wearing a thong swimsuit at the pool of beach. 99% of the time the response is positive. Only twice have I been asked to cover up in all these years. I have to laugh at the many responses about being at Haulover in Miami. That is a unique place and comfort there is generally higher than anywhere else in the US, at least from my experience. Now in the mid west where I am at, I have to make a judgement call on wearing a thong on a beach. While some places it is fine, other places I’ve been asked to cover up when shedding a 1/2 back suit. In general, though, having confidence is the key. It pays off in the end.
mack_back #18

Re:Needing courage to thong in semi-public

Date Posted:11/08/2018 08:46:22Copy HTML

For the steam room, sauna i presume it's all male not co-ed. This can be problem i encounter from some young males. Males don't like to see a guy walking around naked or in a thong it's funny to them, or disturbing. While some gay males tend to flock when they see me around the pool, sauna, change room areas. Friends told me, have you noticed more gay guys visiting the aqua facilities and they can't keep there eyes off you? You need to be careful and not use it as confindence boaster for the beach or pool visit wearing a thong. Most men will give you negative feedback reactions this may hinder your confidence to thong out in public again. 

My experience from others taught me if you keep repeating what you do it gets easier over time, slight truth in that. Haven't really felt that way when i'm in the locker room undressing wearing my thong knowing i'm being observed by various males gays, straight alike. It bothers me when i change inocently  minding my business and dude in the locker beside me rollls his eyes voicing a negative grunt towards looking upon my thong underwear. Him believing i maybe wearing it to the steam room, pool or sauna. 

If you develop a thick skin you can go walking in a thong with confidence if you do it often enough. Intially males will be shocked as with me in the pool sauna and steam room. Yet after repeatedly visiting the facilities i begin to see the same people over and over again. Then they get use to me and my thong often not caring wearing it. Only newbie or younger males may smirk or find my thong amusing to be swiming or wearing in sauna, whirlpool, steam room. In fact many noticed and don't care afterwards. Found many older middle age married asian males often go entirely nude after showering walking in the changing room. They wear dork shorts to the pool, sauna etc, but are confident to blantantly standing by nude yet mock me intially wearing a thong to the pool then latwer get use to it not careing. 

So relax keep a towel to sit on wearing your thong and the more people see you in your thong the less they will react. Then it becomes easier for you and you don't care anymore and laugh at how nervous you were before. 

If you can handle any criticm intially the hardest part of displaying your thong to others to see then anything afterwards is easy and not a issue.

In my many experiences thonging caused some elderly male to be angry at what i was wearing in pool, sauna area. He never said a word to me but made it clear to others he thought male wearing a thong is crazy. In fact many others found his over reaction amusing laughing at him because of me. The worst case senerio was management being called because someone complained seeing my bare ass swiming and needed to coverup. 

Best advice do it and observe what happens. In sauna you really don't have much to keep your eyes focused upon interesting so anyone showing off there body is going to observed closely and commented about either fondly or negatively. Either way don't matter it's your life and live it the way you want uncovered in a thong do it. Soon you realize it's nothing you should fear only shame or embarrasment and finger pointing at worse. While the positive you begin to live your life on your terms not others telling you what you should or shouldn't wear. 

Think about this way, if we met telling you, can't wear a thong, would you listen? Even though your covered with pants or shorts over top.  What business is it or anyone elses to dictate what underwear or swimwear anyone should or shouldn't wear. So whenever you feel anxiety showing off your thong think about the people who are preventing you for doing so. You will figure out it is only your mindset that stops you not people around you. Until someone official on the cruise like the captain says buddy you need to cover your pimple covered hairy tush because of compalints then do it no problem. In fact if indeed that happened at least you would get some time to thong before the authorities sentence you to wear scuba body suit for the remainder of the cruise. Nobody will throw you off the ship or make you walk the plank blindfolded been outlawed many years ago for wearing a thong in all places in the sauna just be hygenic shower put a towel down where you sit. Only problem i experience is getting nap towel marks on my butt sitting for to long especially now when i'm not tanned enough.

JSJax #19

Re:Needing courage to thong in semi-public

Date Posted:11/08/2018 09:31:18Copy HTML

@Andy @JR: or, if you do the second, the first will follow.
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