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Thong Day Every Day

Date Posted:08/18/2003 08:28:43Copy HTML

I've NEVER worn a thong around somebody that would know me or possibly see me again... I'm just shy that way. I almost always wear one on the beach or at my community pool if no one is around. Well, this morning I decided to go the pool and since no one was around I was in my thong.

On the way to the pool, I passed my next door neighbor who was outside on the phone - didn't think much of it but she had to see I was on my way to the pool. About 30 minutes later, I was in the water and I saw her coming down the sidewalk. I quickly jumped out of the water and sat on my chair so she wouldn't see my butt and was thinking about putting my shorts on but decided... what the heck.

When she came in she said, "You thought you were gonna have the pool all to yourself!" I said, "Yeh, I know. I was taking advantage of being alone and was laying out in a small swimsuit."

She responded, "Oh that's okay. I'm wearing a small swimsuit, too!"

I asked her if my suit would make her uncomfortable and she assured me there was no problem. A few others came in (a guy and a girl) and I never had any strange looks or comments. It was very encouraging!
paganegyptian #1

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:10/07/2003 01:08:36Copy HTML

 I am glad to hear that it was good for her. Just how small was hers?How old was she? I have had a similar incident but she was only wearing a rio cut swimsuit.
nic thong #2

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:10/13/2003 09:46:04Copy HTML

i always sunbathe in the back garden in a thong often around my mother and her friends, nobody has ever felt uncomfortable or made any comments about being uncomfortable. i keep suggesting they should try a thong bikini out and give it a go as i keep saying how comfortable i think they are. nobody has yet as far as im aware although i know they all wear thongs as underwear regularly. in the few years ive been sunning in a thong ive noticed that a few of my mothers friends who regularlycome round to soak up the sun have moved from shorts and t-shirt to a swimsuit and now mostly wear bikini's. if anything them seeing me comfortably lying there in a thong has made thm more comfortable as well.

trying to build up the courage to go nude maybe next summer, we shall see though
Thong Day Every Day #3

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:10/30/2003 01:57:57Copy HTML

Reply to : paganegyptian

Just how small was hers?How old was she?
She was wearing a bikini but it did have a narrow back... not quite a thong, though.  She was, however, very comfortable with my "thonged" presence!  I'm guessing her age to be mid 30's.  I have spoken with her several times since then - very normal conversations.
thonglife #4

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:11/01/2003 12:14:29Copy HTML

I had a similiar experience at my pool this summer. I usually laid out at the pool during weekdays, early afternoons. I worked in the morning from home then went to the pool after lunch. I alternated several different suits that I own, usually a 1" speedo or similiar style - low on the hips. I got to know a neighbor who was always coming out the same time as me. I'd say she was mid 30's, extremely lean and fit. She always wore a tiny string bikini with an abbreviated back and made no effort to keep it covering her rear when it crept up into a wedgie. She usually layed in front of me and we chatted often but never about swimwear. I decided one day to wear a Prevail Sport thong under my speedo which I might tan in by removing my speedo depending on the crowd. When I got to the pool, it was empty so I layed down and took off my speedo, to tan in just my string thong. Shortly after this, my neighbor friend arrived - we greeted each other and she layed down next to me. She then mentioned that she liked my new suit and that it looked good on me. She agreed that thongs provide for the best tan and we never talked about it again. I often  wore a thong to the pool the rest of the summer and my neighbor often joined me.

Truethong #5

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:11/03/2003 09:58:02Copy HTML

I've worn a thong to the beach here in Florida for years.  At first I would only go to the less populated parts of the beach or, when I went to the public beach, would only sit in my beach chair, and never lay but up or get up and walk with out my shorts on.

One Saturday, at the public beach, I saw an aquintance sitting down by the water with his girl friend.  I noticed that she was wearing a thong and suspected that he was also, though he was sitting in his beach chair.  I decided to take a chance and go talk to them.  They asked me to sit by them, and, after setting up my chair, I took my shorts off.  He made a remark about my bare buns and then he got up and showed his thong.  His girl friend laughed, and made us both feel comfortable.  Then a couple of her friends showed up, and a few of his, though we were the only thongers.  Turned out one of them had a birthday party going up at the picnic tables. We all got up and walked up there.  I felt uncomfortable at first, but after a while, I enjoyed it.

The next  week I took my wife along in her thong  The same bunch was there and all had thongs, many with white buns, which got rather pink.  We all took a walk up the beach, and what the looks and stares we got .  We all got to gather every week and had a blast. Wehad many pictures taken of us.

Dennis at Thong Beach #6

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:11/04/2003 09:20:13Copy HTML

You're a lucky man Truethong.  I'd give anything for a crowd like that to hang around with.
JM_Runs #7

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:11/06/2003 08:47:08Copy HTML

all i can say is damn... and i wish it would happen to me

paganegyptian #8

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:11/08/2003 05:46:48Copy HTML

Those are great stories, I had new neighbors move next door to me, and one day I decided to wash the car in my thong, they were both women in their late 30's , one decided to come over a chit chat  and get a closer inspection. She obviously liked it and went on washing hers. I should have asked if she would have liked to lay out in the sun with me, she never has wore a bra, so I fgured she would probably go topless. She was a very nice lady and would have loved to make her know that I was alright with it if she was.
teeback269 #9

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:12/19/2003 04:32:06Copy HTML

I really amazed the neighbours yesterday. Because of the Christmas breakup I came home from work earlier than usual, about 4pm. As I was already hot and sweaty I thought I would mow the lawn before striiping off and taking a shower. So out came the old lawn mower. You should have seen the faces of my neighbours. When the bloke next door came home from work, he almost ran into a tree. That's where I realised that for the first time in over 10 years I was mowing the lawn fully clothed! My neighbours are used to see me doing everything in just my (very) skimpy bikinis. They probably though I was ill! Anyway after the lawn was finished off came the clothes, went for a refreshing shower, then sat down at my garden table with a cold beer. I am sure I heard the neighbours sight of relief, ah, all is back to normal!
deltaman51 #10

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:12/20/2003 06:22:22Copy HTML

Your neighbour probably thought someone else had moved into your house...

The reaction of the bloke in the car could explain something that happened to me about a week ago. I was taking a stroll in the evening, the sun was shining, when I heard a car coming up the track slowly behind me. I did not turn to look, just went to the side of the track to allow the car to pass. At that point, there was an awful crunching noise of plastic against metal and I turned to see the car mowing down a metal post on the other side of the road. The car had gone right off the road in broad daylight and there was plenty of room on the road. The car was full of women, but we must not make any sexist comments about women drivers, must we. The explanation for this improbable accident must be, as in your case, the fact that I was NOT wearing a thong!  

azcraig #11

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:01/29/2004 02:32:53Copy HTML

It seems the people in my area say more lately when I am not wearing a micro bikini around my house. I have had people reconize me away from my house and comment that they are not used to seeing me wearing so muc or have not seen me outside in a while. (they obviously do not notice me outside in pants and a shirt). It has been a cold winter for Phoenix so I have not seen outdoors in a bikini in quite a while. I am still outside quite a bit but in long pants and a long sleeve shirt. I am so looking forward to the days warming up and the 100's returning so I can get back to normal, wearing very small swimwear and enjoying the Arizona sun.
rock1212 #12

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:02/04/2004 06:47:09Copy HTML

Craig, people must spend a lot of time staring at whatever bikini you're wearing whenever you're out in one, if they don't notice you wearing regular street clothes, or they are surprised to see you in them!

JM_Runs #13

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:02/05/2004 03:51:11Copy HTML

It has happened to me too. Comments like, "Hi, did not recognize you with cloths on."

Well of course they recognized me other wise they would not have said anything. It's just they are not expecting to see me in a different environment other than the beach.

Thinning about it, it has happened at the beach. In the coffee shop where I often get breakfast.  If I turn up in bike cloths and helmet.

We should not be supprised.  Just adding hair, going bald or blond causes people to misidentify you.   People out of place are often hard to get stright.   When they are in uniform it's easy but  meet your postman while at the supermarket and you will be saying, I know that man, just can't place him.

My-nice-ass #14

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:03/12/2004 01:13:56Copy HTML

Just wanted to hear what you guys and gals think: We have a very nice redwood deck in the back yard that faces south, so we get the full sun on most days. There are houses behind us that are particularly close, maybe 100 feet away. Anyway these houses (two that am am speaking of) are slightly elevated due to the land lay out, and are able to look right down onto our deck clearly. Each house has a couple, man and wife with two kids that are under 5yrs. of age. My wife and I don't know or associate with these neighbors ever, of course we are friendly if we are both in our back yards and see one another, each giving a little wave or short "Hello". My question is: I would love to take advantage of the sun and lay out in my thong but am wondering if this is appreciate or not, given the fact that these houses and the people in them will definitely see me. I wear Joe Synder Rio Tanga thongs or Dore Narrow front thongs and just wonder if I will cause a scene as these suits are very tiny. Should I only lay out on my back so my ass doesn't show or should I not lay out at all? Should I just lay out as I would at the beach and just enjoy myself on my deck and say to heck with what the neighbors will see? Will the neighbors start talking about the guy in the thong on the deck? Should I even care, as I don't know them? Help....need your honest opinions please. What would you do?
beachfolks #15

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:03/12/2004 01:38:49Copy HTML

Just for respect of your neighbors and their kids, You should not tan 100% bare, but the legal micro-suits and even thongs should be OK, no smaller than what the neighbors will see when they visit local beaches.
The kids usually are not so concerned, only some parents who seem to be afraid to answer their kids innocent questions.
If you can obscure the view, Then you've solved your problem. Can you extend the wall upward with bushes, a wood extension, or a privacy screen on your own lawn?
JM_Runs #16

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:03/12/2004 02:49:42Copy HTML

Living next to others means you need to be a little tolerent.  When you get to invade there privicy you have to make alowances. 

So your nabours have to make alowances for you.  If they dont like the look they dont need to stare.  There is the sky and if nothing else there are probably windows on the other side of the house. 

I suspect you won't here anything at all.  Stop worrying about what others think and use your own internal compass to find your way in life.  Just dont do anything outside that would get you arrested on a beach.  IE keep it non sexual.

azcraig #17

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:03/14/2004 04:50:00Copy HTML

What you do in your own back yard as long as it does not violate any local laws or codes should be none of their business. If any of them seem to want to make it thier business then I guess you would have to deal with it. The only way to find out is try it.
dayne #18

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:03/14/2004 05:19:39Copy HTML

N magazine, the publication of The Naturist Society has advertisements for screens that can be put up temporarily for privacy while you sun.  Prices are pretty reasonable, i think.  Using one means you wouldn't have to look at them or they at you.  Also, it gives you an opportunity to use deck for activites you might otherwise keep indoors.

Have you ever thought of asking your neighbors what their thoughts are on this?  It could upset them.  Or do it, and then hear from them one way or another after they have seen you.

My-nice-ass #19

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:03/17/2004 11:59:20Copy HTML

I am very respectful of others and would never lay out in the nude in our back yard or do anything that would warrant an arrest.  As far as being sexual...thongs are not sexual to me, but are very sexy to wear or look at.  I am not too worried about laying out on my back because the front is fully covered although VERY skimpy.  But when laying on your stomach your ass is basically nude when wearing a thong and I just wondered if this would be offensive or disrespectful to our neighbors that have a clear view of our backyard and my thonged rear?  Maybe the nature block thing is a good idea.  Kind of funny, when I was a kid one of my friends always had a gal/big sister/lady/mom living next to them that layed out in the backyard topless and we would always peek through the fence to get a look at her.  Now it's me laying out in a thong, I would ahve never have guessed.  Anyway I think I will just give it a go and try to get out of my mind that they may be looking at my thonged ass.



luv2werthongs #20

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:04/15/2004 07:08:28Copy HTML

I was living in a condo complex a few years ago and was out of work for a few months. I had only lived there for a few months so I did not know anyone. So every day after searching for a job for a few hours, I would head down to the pool to take a jacuzzi or swim in the pool. Normally no one was ever there because they were at work. At first, I wore my dork shorts. I then proceeded to my Speedo square leg. And after a couple of weeks of hardly seeing anybody, I decided to wear my Skinz thong. I walked over in my towel so that I had no other cover up. I immediately got into the jacuzzi to calm myself down. After that got to hot, I got up and walked over to the pool. Several condos overlook the pool area so I am sure that someone saw me. After swiming a few laps I decided it was some time for sun. I spent the first hour on my back and then decided it was time to flip over and work on my thong tan. About 10 minutes after flipping over a 30ish woman strolls into the pool and sits down a few chairs away from me. I had never seen her before but instead of freaking out and turning over I tried to calm my emotions and just acted like it was no big deal. After about a half hour I was hot ,so I got up the courage to stand up and walked over to the pool and hopped in. After swimming around for a while and sneaking a few peaks at the woman, who was wearing a very sexy bikini, I climbed out of the pool. As I walked by her, she commented on my thong. She said she saw me from her condo and decided to join me. She then flipped over exposing a very tiny gstring bottom. She said that she had never worn her gstring at the pool before but got the courage to do it when she saw me in my thong. We proceeded to talk about our thonging experiences and where we layout. I told her that I as long as she layed out in her thong or gstring I would lay out in mine. We proceeded to layout together every day until I got a job a few months later. I ran into her a few times at the pool on the weekend after that but niether of us had the courage to wear our thongs in front of all of our neighbors.

JM_Runs #21

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:04/20/2004 11:32:01Copy HTML

well, i can say that it has been beautiful weather up in MA that past few days so i thought what better time to start working on my tan line.
yesterday and today i was home alone so i went out on the deck both days and wore my blue speedo outside and was lying on my belly. the first day i was out for about 2 hours and all i got was a very faint tan. today i went out twice. once in the morning before i went to a job interview (for 1 hour), and once in the afternoon (for 45 min). The first two times nobody in the neighborhood was around or outside that i saw but on the 3rd time i happened to notice when i was starting to get up, that my butt was a nice brownish tone through the reflection of the glass door. i turned and looked straight ahead and noticed that the neighbor on the top of the hill had been gardening and was watching me the whole time!
At first i was kind of embarassed but then i remembered what i wrote about in the thread " 'thonging' what does it meam to you" and i thought that it was a good thing. after i went inside i was checking myself in the mirror near the door and happened to look outside. she was still there pretending to water the grass. so i did a little dance for her. it was good fun, i can't wait for later in the week to tan outside some more. esp, knowing there's a female watching from atop of the hill.
solarbear #22

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:04/25/2004 12:13:50Copy HTML

I have enjoyed wearing thongs ever since I purchased my first from the Skinz website. They are really comfortable when swimming, most swimwear these days are the long board shorts which get really heavy when swimming. I really like the tan lines. Even though I'm in my own backyard I still get a little nervous if I think the neighbors might see me tanning or swimming in a thong. After reading your stories I figure what the hell, if the neighbors don't like it they don't need to look at me while I'm getting some sun in the privacy of my own yard.
Desert Thonger #23

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:04/25/2004 02:31:02Copy HTML

Sounds like you've got a good attitude about it, spesheled1!
Here in AZ most places have high cinder block walls in many neighborhoods... so even though our homes are close together, our yards are still very private. I keep wondering when my neighbors will catch me in the back laying out... nothing yet...
Oh well. Happy thonging!

solarbear #24

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:04/27/2004 10:53:23Copy HTML

No cinder block walls here. Just the standard 6 foot high wooden fence. The boards use to fit together completely, but now that it is two years old the boards have shrunk. Now there are 1/4 inch gaps between each one, so you can easily tell I am wearing a thong. My wife wears a thong too, but as everyone knows, it is perfectly acceptable for a woman. On my lunch I went home and went thonging in the backyard, got a lot of sun. It is nice to know that there are plenty of other male thongers out there.
TBSJ_03 #25

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:05/20/2004 01:26:13Copy HTML

I too enjoy laying out in a thong in my backyard.  It's quite sheltered as there is a wooden fence about 7 feet tall all the way around.  My only concern would be that a telephone worker would let himself through the gate to work on the phone lines.  That would be a story to tell.
solarbear #26

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:05/21/2004 04:56:45Copy HTML

Lately we have been having a lot of partly cloudy days, making it quite a bit cooler than it had been. Once it warms up again I hope to do some more thong sunbathing. I plan on stopping at Venice Beach this summer to see if I can get a chance to go thonging in public.
DewdCrush #27

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:05/26/2004 12:43:41Copy HTML

Heh thats cool though you know? Nothing bad happened.

Me on the other hand, I finally cut up enough strength to go thongin in my back yard to get a tan... I'm incredibly terrified of doing this in public you see... Well my neighbor pops over the fence and see's me. I was mortified. She laughed for a second then she popped back over and started laughing. Turns out she was wearing the same thong as I was tanning in.

Sooo now she tell's me when she finds cute ones and I'm like AWESOME. And usually try to get ahold of the place she bought it. But yea, it's quite the experience. I'm still scared to go thongin in my back yard though.

solarbear #28

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:05/31/2004 08:59:43Copy HTML

My wife and I spent several hours this Memorial Day out by the pool wearing our Skinz thongs. The weather was perfect and was a great opportunity to work on our thong tanlines. I cannot even imagine wearing dork shorts for swimming. Thongs, bikinis, or rios are the only way to go. While walking around the pool I noticed that our next door neighbor came out to do something in her yard, she is a tall woman and could easily see over the fence. I know she got a good view of me and my bum. I didn't hear any negative comments and she didn't run away in horror, she just did whatever she needed to do and eventually went back inside her house. If I hear anything from her I will let you know. This has been a great Memorial Day so far.
smoothrunner #29

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:05/06/2005 05:41:05Copy HTML

Last summer was our first summer in our new house. I was out doing some gardening in our back yard one day in a purple g-string.
Our back yard can't be seen by any other yard unless you come right up to the fence and peer between the slats, so I felt completely comfortable (none of my neighbors had seen me in a thong or g-string before).

So I'm gardening away and around our garage walks our neighbor from across the street. She is about 35, a mother of two, and she spends most of the summer in a bikini. I have seen her wash the car, water the lawn, garden, etc. in a triangle top and bikini bottom, but never anything smaller than a rio back.

My back was to her and I was crouching down digging in the dirt (not the best position...Seinfeld might call that "bad naked") and I heard a gasp. I turned to see her standing there with a shocked look that turned to a laugh...kind of a nervous one.

She said, "Wow, that's something I never thought I'd see you wear! That's a daring suit."
I stood up and faced her and said what any of us would say, "Thanks, do you have one?" and then just in case that was too forward, I added, "I didn't think I'd see anyone out here.

"She said, "actually I do have a thong one, but not something THAT small. It's tiny." She walked around and looked at my butt, and then I think she got a little self-conscious, so she asked if my wife was home. I said yes and just then my wife walked out of the back of the house, also expecting no one but me to be there. She was totally naked with a glass of iced tea and a book, getting ready to lie out on our deck. My wife grabbed a towel when she saw our neighbor.

Our neighbor said she'd come back another time, and added, "you guys are NOT what I expected at all." Not to be misunderstood she then said, "Not that that's a bad thing" and left.

Later last summer my wife and neighbor started lying out together. She won't go nude while I'm around, I think her husband won't let her, but she wears the thong and goes topless. Anyone else have positive or laughable neighbor stories?
trapking #30

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:05/06/2005 09:03:29Copy HTML

I was laying out in my thong in the backyard last summer and decided with my family gone, the neighbors in the back and right gone I would get nude.  You cannot see our backyard from either of the neighbors houses but you can from places in their lawns if you look at the right time.  But with them gone for annual weeklong trips I was not worried about that.  There was the slight chance someone would drop in and walk into the backyard at our house, but with my wife gone that was slim, so things were private or so I thought.

I had been up early that day for work so I was tired and fell asleep.  I woke up to see the 16 year old cousin of my right side neighbors staring at me from the fence.  She lives accross the street from them and had come over to check on the house I guess.  She quickly walked away and I scurried to get my tan thong on to pretend I really had it on the entire time and it just looked like I was nude in case her dad or the police were next to come over.

Nothing ever happened and I do not know her family that well enough to bring it up but my heart was racing that day.

backstrap357 #31

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:05/10/2005 05:33:37Copy HTML

I came home from work late one night during the summer. I was hot and sweaty and couldn't stand being in my work clothes another second, but I still had to take my dog out. So I stripped down to my Tactics jock strap and walked out to the back yard, which is pretty secluded. Almostly like it was planned a neighbor walked out of his house and started talking to me. I had my back up against the house and I really didn't want to move until he left but he talked to me for twenty minutes. I think he may have been drunk.
jprob50 #32

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:05/10/2005 08:03:09Copy HTML

One night after being out at a night club with some friends, we all decided to head back to someone's place for a late night hot tub. When we got there, everyone (3 girls and 3 guys), stripped down to their underwear and got in the tub. The other guys were in boxers, but the girls were all in thongs of g-strings. I hesitated for a second because I had just met two of the poeple that night, but the liquid courage helped. So, I stripped down and jumped right in. The guys were kind of stunned but the girls really seemed to think it was cool that I was so comfrotable with the fact that I wore thongs. There were the usual questions about wearing them ie. style or comfort etc. Then after 5 minutes there were no more questions.

redraider55 #33

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:05/11/2005 07:44:23Copy HTML

My Father-in-law stopped by unexpectedly one weekend last spring (2004) while was assembling my kids' new swingset. I was wearing my orange Joe Snyder Rio thong and, luckily, squatting behind the slide. My father-in-law is very, very, very conservative, so I shooed him across the house to come in thru the gate and that gave me enough time to throw on some shorts.

I'm sure my neighbors behind my house have seen me laying out to tan in my thong. Their front door almost opens to my backyard. I have the stereo playing, so I'm not paying too much attention to them.

JM_Runs #34

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:05/11/2005 09:29:00Copy HTML

You can't see in my back yard, it's surrounded by a forest of Ficus. On at least three mornings a week I ride to the beach on my bike, in a thong. Thong on the bottom, longish running singlet on the top. The neighbors are often out walking dogs, strollers or just driving down the road to work. Most are very friendly and give me a wave.

Only rarely do I get a rude comment.  Once from new people that moved into a house about 20 houses down on the other side of the street. New people with big SUVs and bad attitude.  There is also one member of our home owners board does not like me.  Luckily he does not live on my street.  And it warms my hart, that most of the other board members think he is a jackass too.

Its strange: I feel comfortable in a thong on the back boat dock, even though a lot of people overlook it.   I feel comfortable out front or down the street in a thong and singlet running top,  but .. If in just a thong alone, I will be quick about going out on the drive way or to the mail box. Yet on the beach, less than a mile away, I will be happy wondering around in public in a thong. So beach, beach road, and home are all thong comfort zones but on my road, and the highway to the beach, I feel undressed if I don't have the running singlet on top.  Go figure.

I am often in a thong or nude at home. If someone brings a delivery and I'm in a thong, I just answer the door. If nude scramble for the nearest pair of shorts. My friends tend to stick their head in the door and say "Put some cloths on, I'm coming in!". Most all seen me in a thong. If I'm in a thong I may, depending on the person, add a shirt, or possibly even shorts too. But if I am nude it's a different story, I scramble for a pair of shorts.

There is only one draw back with my house. (Apart from the termites, lack of storm shutters, no washer and dryer etc) That's that the best bedroom, there are only two, is in the front of the house and you have to near the window to get to the front door. My house is full of windows and I love the light. There is really no practical way to shutter that window due to the computer and all. So once in a while some one comes to the door while we are... well... making use of the bed. Most of the time they don't notice and there is a general scramble for the sheets. I have noticed the postman, if he has to leave packages at the door, tends to keep his eyes to him self.


Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:05/12/2005 01:40:28Copy HTML


The other day I was out raking the back yard Nude and wasn't expecting anyone. later that day I heard a"Oh My God" and looked up to see the lady that reasd the electric meter standing there with her mouth wide open. She said you got guts to be naked outside. I said that itwasn't unusual as I always do yard work nude. Then she said, I was just suprised to see a naked guy, it's usuall ladys that are out nude in their yards.
skelly24 #36

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:07/15/2005 11:30:13Copy HTML

My girlfriend and I were out on the balcony eating breakfast today.  She was in thong panties and a silk house robe.  I was in shorts and a T-shirt.  I was jealous she got to be so comfortable, so I went in for seconds and took off my shorts and put on a thong.  When I went out of the apartment onto the  balcony my girlfriend got really nervous.  She was afraid of what would happen if someone saw me.  I was in the middle of calming her down when our neighbor had a guest knock at her door.  He turned and looked up at us.  My girlfriend got really tense, but I just said hello and waited until our neighbor let him in.  He just said hi back and went inside.  No weird looks or anything.  My girlfriend said that she got so tense because of what SHE was wearing, and that my thonging did not even cross her mind at the moment of truth.

Anyway, we are both going thonging at Hippie Hollow in Austin next weekend!!

okidude2 #37

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

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I generally use my hot tub at night, since my back yard is quite open and can be seen by both the neighbors on either side of me.  About two weeks ago, as I got out of the tub wearing only a speedo thong, I did not notice that my neighbor to the right was also on his deck.  Needless to say I was rather startled when I heard his trash can lid close as I began to dry off shortly after stripping nude.

I have seen him since and have spoken cordially without any comments of having seen me.  I guess, as long as my neighbors don't mind, I will continue to enjoy my hot tub wearing a little as possible.

c-ring #38

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

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I like to wear some of the very exotic Koala string suits when I'm home alone in the backyard.  I can wash my car behind the garage, which is barely visibly over the stockade fence from my neighbors deck through some trees.  My 30something female neighbor always seems to come wandering over around my edge of the fence to talk when I'm wearing one of these string creations...these Koala suits have the steel rings, straps, etc. which serve to keep me very aroused.  I can't obviously run away from her when  she calls me over to talk.  She always comments on my current choice of suit and how hot it looks.  I even convinced her to sunbath with me in my backyard while she wore a Doubletake string.

She and I looked thru the Koala catelog together to pick a new suit for me.

thong bassist #39

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

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While most of these stories are probably true. However, I have a feeling some of the people on this thread are posting stroies of what they wished would've happened versus what actually happened. I'm not going to say which ones I think are BS, but two of them on here are something out of the Skinamax play book.
thonglover2005 #40

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:07/19/2005 10:49:18Copy HTML

Man, I've been caught so many times it aint funny!
matchingthongs #41

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

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It's your own property, you've covered your genitalia, what's the problem?
I don't understand America sometimes.

If people saw their neighbours nude (wearing a thong or being topless wouldn't even register) in this country it would be very, very unusual to complain. That's not to say that everybody accepts it or feels comfortable with nudist neighbours, but it is a lot more common than you might think. Anyway, the neighbour would be embarrassed and worried, they might get accused of being a "peeping Tom". The shame here is on the viewer, not the bather.
beachbroad1975 #42

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

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During high school and college, I lived on the east coast of Florida with my parents. They did not care that I went topless in our backyard near the pool. When they were both out of the house, I would sun naked by the pool. I did not think much of it until I noticed a few people in the audience on their roof-top decks. I felt a little naughty knowing that my neighbors were seeing me in my birthday suit. The wife of one of our neighbors told my mother and my mom had a little talking to me. I was a little embarrassed, but I was just a little more careful when I layed out in our backyard. I caught a few of the neighbor boys peeking out of their windows. I pretended not to notice. It was a turn on for me knowing that they were watching. I guess this is the exhibitionist talking in me. Yes, I've been caught, and I can't wait to get caught again. T!

thongbutt1 #43

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

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that's the spirit!
ARThongLover #44

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

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I've been caught a few times myself but only had one "close encounter." My back yard had a chain link fence so it was not private but I had one corner where I could lay out  and have no one see me unless they came right up to the fence. I was sunning my buns one morning, almost asleep, when the woman from next door came around the corner looking for her dog. I almost paniced because she worked at the same place as my wife and thought that she might tell those who would not be understanding. Somehow, I managed to keep a calm appearance as she looked right at me and asked if I had seen her dog. We talked a couple of minutes with my bare buns in plain sight but she never made mention of it then or any other time before she moved. My wife never heard anything either. I gained a lot of confidence that day when I realized that much of the negative attention I had always expected wasn't gong to happen. Wearing a thong has been easier ever since.
baabaagaloosh #45

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

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I was wondering if any of you thong around close to your home, like around the neighborhood, maybe at a park or somewhere within walking distance of your home. id really like to try it but im not sure if it would be a good idea. I have a pratice golfcourse right behind my house with a sidewalk running through it I was thinking maybe i could try it out over there but im still unsure what are your thoughts on this?
mendenfriend21 #46

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

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I have planted some flowers out front before, but I usually stick close out of respect for some neighbors and their kids.....oh yeah, and nudity laws that restrict me from wearing thongs in public.

I wish I could just go for a walk.
publicgirluk #47

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

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I thong in garden and local park
mrever_ready #48

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

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I have washed the car in the front driveway in my thong, and always do my backyard work in my thong.   I still haven't gotten up the nerve to cut the grass in my thong, maybe soon though, lol.   

I still think it would be a great rush to go rollerblading my my thong , does anyone want to join me ?   
nicthong #49

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

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I haven't thonged publicly in my locality - only on vacation or in the privacy of my Dad's back garden. I wish it was more acceptable publicly.

Mrever_ready: I'd also love to rollerblade in my thong. Have done it around my Dad's patio (hardly much space) but never in public. I'd love to blade in a thong along a beach boardwalk some time in the sun. If you're in Vancouver, you could try the path down by Spanish Bank and Kits Beach or the seawall in Stanley Park... though that would take serious courage!!!

mrever_ready #50

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

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Hi Nicthong:    I don't think I have big enough balls to go rollerblading wearing just my thong, maybe a tshirt kinda covering up would do.    I'm not sure.    Maybe I could convince my wife to join me, that would make it easier, since all eyes would be on her, lol.     Rollerblade to the beach, enjoy the sun then head back home still wearing only our thongs........this is something to consider !     You're welcome to join us on our blading adventure.

ps.....your patio must be a lot larger than mine, I'd get dizzy real quick , lol

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