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nicthong #51

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:06/26/2006 08:23:23Copy HTML

mrever_ready raises a good point: In thonging around areas people may recognise you, does having other thonging with you make it an easier prospect? I'm happy being the only thonger in a group on holiday (though I'd love it if others joined me) but I'm far less likely to thong in public in my locality unless I had thong company. Is this true for others too?
publicgirluk #52

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:06/27/2006 12:13:03Copy HTML

Not sure what the issue is nic. Is it the difference between holiday and home or that you don't what people who will recognise you to see you?

I can understadn the former but for the latter I don't mind if people see me, i don't feel I have anything to hide.

nicthong #53

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:06/27/2006 02:01:21Copy HTML

I think it's a bit of both for me: the work I do means that I need to be careful how others perceive me; it's not that I think I'm doing anything wrong (thonging feels perfectly natural to me) but not everyone would share my view so I tend to make sure people know me the person before they know I thong - it avoids prejudice getting in the way of my responsibilities and others' perceptions. Of course, the other issue is that attitudes on holiday tend to be different to attitudes 'at home' - people tend to have much more of a 'laissez faire' attitude when abroad, which makes it far easier to thong. Does that make sense? I'm happy to have another go at explaining if it doesn't. Can anyone else relate to any of this?
JM_Runs #54

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:06/27/2006 05:13:19Copy HTML

Yea, I'm with Nic on this. For many years I've gone nude or thonged on holidays here and abroad. and the comfort in doing so is that it is most unlikely that i'll bump into anyone I know. I've recently started thonging in my back garden which can be overlooked - I don't flaunt around the garden or do anything other than what could be interpreted as the normal things that people do in a gerden - but I am aware that if my neighbours see, one's a guy my age, the other is a retired lady of my Mum's age - they may well have a different impression of me. Now I'm of an age that i have a lot of confidence about myself and who I am, the fact that they may see me does not bother me in the way tha it might have done in my younger years. Hope that explains my take on it

publicgirluk #55

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:06/27/2006 03:25:50Copy HTML

Yes Nic I can understand where you coming from - guess I'm not lucky not have that sort of job. A few years ago I bumped into my teacher while thonging which made me feel embrassed which I guess was a bit similar
abczyxabczyx #56

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:06/27/2006 10:28:19Copy HTML

It's all about confidence.  Just do it.
beachfolks #57

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:06/28/2006 08:03:15Copy HTML

If you want confidence there are plenty of nude beaches in Europe and the air fares are lower to Europe than in the states.-
JM_Runs #58

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:06/28/2006 10:12:36Copy HTML

In my opinion, it takes less confidence to go nude among other nudists than it does to wear a thong on your backyard golf course.  In the latter instance, it is daring and not expected.  Besides, flying off to Europe is way beyond the premise of this thread -- thonging close to home.  I was doing it close to home, for instance, enjoying my morning coffee on our condo patio, where any neighbor could walk by, though none ever did, just as I thought none would.  I've stopped because my wife got bent out of shape -- image worries, it seems.  I loved it, the morning breezes wafting over my near naked body, but sometimes small sacrifices are necessary to maintain domestic tranquility.  She's accepting of my indoor exercising in my thong underwear and of my beach thonging and stringing, so I'll settle for those pleasures. 
barefischer #59

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:06/30/2006 11:33:37Copy HTML

I tan nude & in a thong in my back yard some neighbors have seen me but too bad for them life is too short to care what others think.
abczyxabczyx #60

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:07/02/2006 11:54:07Copy HTML

Barefischer, great attitude.
mrever_ready #61

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:07/03/2006 08:32:06Copy HTML

I'm sure we' re all in agreement with bare's thoughts about doing what you want to do.......as long as no one gets hurt or breaks the law, I guess.    And he's also right about getting to a certain age where you could care less about what others think of you.    In my case, it happened when I was really really young, I can't remember ever worrying about what others thought about me.    Maybe that's why I have no friends, lol.    
JM_Runs #62

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:07/04/2006 12:06:25Copy HTML

Hey mrever_ready! I'm your friend! LOL. You just can't worry about what everyone thinks.
ajm22 #63

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:07/04/2006 04:05:06Copy HTML

Aout a month ago when the weather started to really heat my pool to about 80+ degrees here in Southern California. Swim season started for my kids and I, I started to sport a Skinz bikini with 1/4" sides. No problem with the wife and kids. I only have one neighbor that can really look into my yard from above. As the time has gone by I have been more daring as not taking my towel or shorts off by the pool and just walking around the whole yard in my bikini. I am working on eventually wearing my thong out there and not giving a darn about the neighbors. Step by step. I love it and my wife loves my choice of swimwear.

The problem is that my neighbors know a lot of my friends and family, but they are an older couple and we are on the association together. But who cares, I am working it.

Thanks, I just wanted to tlwwl my story.
azcraig #64

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:07/04/2006 02:33:01Copy HTML

I wear very small bikinis all of the time around home. Out front, along the street, to other peoples pool parties, I even wore a micro bikini once while changing a flat tire along the side of the road a little over a mile from my house. ( See "Enjoying the Arizona Sun" post in the Personal experience section.) Wearing very tiny bikinis has become so normal for me I seldom think about it. I think it is like most other things in life, the more you do it the more routine it becomes. Somewhere on this forum I talk about getting down to wearing what you want in stages. That is one way to break the ice. One thing is for sure, if you don't start somewhere, you will never get anywhere
BeachBum413 #65

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:08/26/2007 11:42:38Copy HTML

I am probably not the only one that has had this issue but here is what I have done so far and hopefully it might help some others.At our cottage it's pretty quiet and generallymy small suits arepretty well accepted. I have worn Speedos there for years so, that's no problem (I'm probably the only one on the lake that does however).

About a year ago I decided that I really wanted to wear my thongs and G-strings, but knew that I couldn't just do it as the neighbors would complain. So I started wearing smaller and smaller suits all year long. Last weekend I finally made it! All summer I have been wearing my 3 inch low low Dore bikinis - these are basically wide thongs and they ride between the cheeks like a thong. They are also super comfortable. This weekend it was really quiet on Friday, so I wore my usual bikini. On Saturday I got my courage up and wore my sheer white 3 inch bikini (this is really quite see through) - again no problem - so on Sunday I went for the thong/g-string, again no problems.

I even helped my neighbor put his new fishing boat together in my Dore low low thong. I have one more good weekend before work interferes with my weekends and everyone will be there so it's probably mostly the 3 inch suit again - BUT we are staying over a couple of extra days so I'll try it again with the G string next weekend.

So here is what I have learned that may help others:

1. Tell the neighbors what you do - I told ours that my goal was to wear as little as possible to get as much sun as possible - I'm also a swimmer so that helped too. It interesting that of all the folks that live around the lake we are one of the few that really swim in the lake - both the wife and I are swimmers.

2. Go slow - start with whatfolks will accept and then slowly push the envelope. It took me 2 years to get comfortable and to make sure the neighbors accept me (and the wife is comfortable with my minimal swimwear).

3. Be flexible - if there are lots of folks around that are visiting - back off and be a bit more conservative, if it's quiet go for it. This may mean wearing 3 or 4 suits (Speedos to G-strings) in a weekend, depending on the conditions.Hopefully next year it will be mostly G-strings and thongs with the 3 inch bikinis for when there are folks about.
Cheeky Monkey #66

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:08/27/2007 06:32:55Copy HTML

Well here in the U.K we've had a fantastic weekend of great weather and decided to take advantage of sunning in my thong.  I have a garden which can be overseen by both of my neighbours.  However, over the past 3 years I have redesigned the garden to take full advantage of the sun and make it a pleasant place to be.  I built a deck at the bottom of my garden, planted shrubs and low level trees and a washing line.

The washing line was crucial as although the shrubs and trees blocked one neigbours view it didn't the other, so I managed to find lying in my house a white throw which I use sometimes over the sofa,  which when placed on the washing line blocked the neighbours view but wasn't high enough to bloke the sun.

I tanned my buns all afternoon, in complete privacy. very liberating.



trapking #67

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:04/17/2010 01:24:31Copy HTML

I was caught in my backyard!  My backyard is mainly private except for the backyard neighbors to the right and they were out of state, and the neighbors directly to the right if they are upstairs or right up to the fence seperating our yards but they were up north.  With my family gone for the day I had the yard to myself!

The neighbors are used to my bikinis anyway but I only thong if they are gone.  This was a nice August day and I decided with no one around I would slip out of my suit and just go nude.  I read for awhile and then dozed off.

I awoke to find the neighbors 16 or 17 year old niece from down the street mowing the lawn, right next to the fence, staring at me.  She quickly walked away when I opened my eyes, and I quickly covered up and waited for her dad or the police to come.

No one ever mentioned it and I talk to the parents quite often, but my heart was pounding that day.
JM_Runs #68

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:04/17/2010 02:39:20Copy HTML

I've been "caught" more than once, but the latest was painting the barn in a very skimpy 1/2 back/g-string. Later I saw the neighbor and brought the subject up, hoping he wasn't offended by my suit. He said it was my yard and I could wear any damn thing I wanted! Best neighbor I've ever had!
gog5150 #69

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:04/17/2010 03:10:53Copy HTML

Trapking....it is unfortunate that you thought about waiting for her dad or the police to show up.  Does'nt that just speak loads about our society?  If someones dad or the police showed up, I would be extremely furious.  You did not break any laws. 
Popeye1 #70

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:04/18/2010 11:49:11Copy HTML

Most people that Olive and I know, know we're nudists and also know that we generally wear thongs when we're at the beach. Many of our co-workers have seen us in thongs and since we're generally naked at home and in our very private yard, a great many have showed up when we're naked. It's not a big deal with any of our friends or family, however the occasionaly evangelical missionary has been more that a little surprised to see us working in the garden naked. The only way alternative dress and lifestyles will be tolerated is if folks who indulge in them are no longer embarrassed by them and no longer keep them secret. Peace Popeye
floboy #71

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:04/29/2010 12:38:01Copy HTML

Early this afternoon had gotten settled into my favorite spot in the back yard, the sun was so wonderful, there was nice breeze  dry no humidity. So am down  on  the ground on my quilt and feeling so good, so started pushing down my M/S thong a little further south, it was feeling real good, So after a bit what the heck let's go   the whole way, your flat behind a fence and hedge.  Just as I'm getting settled into the new situation I hear a gate open, not mine they are locked, then the clang of a ladder, there is an electrican up on my neighbors house doing some rewiring. So do you cover and run or play it cool? Well took the route ass up and pretend you never saw him, he was gone in less than a half hour.
luv2thong #72

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:04/29/2010 02:22:48Copy HTML

I was yard work in the back yard when I heard the door open and close.  Looked up and saw my Mother In Law that stopped by.  She was OK with my thong swimsuit.  Now she sees me in my thong when she comes over and even invited my wife and I to her house for a dip in her spa wearing a thong.

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:06/12/2010 03:41:30Copy HTML

I have been caught sunbathing in my backyard by my neighbors.  The homes are 2 story so I have been seen by multiple neighbors.  One incident, i was laying on my stomache when I heard a voice "Cute swimsuit" I looked up & 2 females were on the balcony watching me. We had a great conversation.  Also, I have been caught by my friends when my thong pops out the back of my jeans.  Its a great ice breaker.
abczyxabczyx #74

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:06/15/2010 12:15:30Copy HTML

She will get used to it.
JM_Runs #75

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:06/15/2010 02:51:52Copy HTML

Gstring, like the old addage goes...good fences make for good neighbors. I still wouldn't worry about her that much, your yard and you were doing nothing wrong. She'll live.
fltanman #76

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:06/15/2010 03:06:42Copy HTML

Summertime is finally here, and I've been looking forward to having the time to thong outside for a while.
My difficulty/: my house has a fairly shaded backyard, no privacy fence to speak of, and I live about 45 minutes away (with traffic) from the nearest thong-friendly beach.
I just know that with the amount of houses around my area that have pools, there has to be more than a few of them that are owned by people who enjoy sunning in thongs - or less, and may be inviting of others...
How do I find these people?
ithongit #77

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:06/16/2010 01:32:44Copy HTML

Detective work 101 --

1.  Google earth can show you a satelite picture of your neighborhood, and since most pools are opened to the sky, a quick way to see who has pools.

2.  Figure out the addresses of these properties at street level.  The best way is to walk around the neighborhood.

3.  Most cities have city directories or other guides (often available at the library) which list the owners or residents by address.  Get the names of all your neighbors, those with pools and even those without.

4.  Invite your neighbors over for a party, BBQ or whatever  Make it the party of the season.  Meet them and spend time with them on a one-on-one basis.  Spend time with all your neighbors, but try especially hard to spend time with your pool neighbors. 

At this time, things should come naturally.  Some of the neighbors should feel committed to asking you over for dinner, a pool party or whatever.  Become friends with all your neighbors, but become the best friends with those with pools, boats, or other places you can sun or swim.  In time, you can "admit" that you used to wear thongs where you used to live, but don't feel comfortable wearing them in the neighborhood with strangers as neighbors.  See what happens!

SusanaM #78

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:06/16/2010 02:11:22Copy HTML

Traci, that last contribution of yours here is quite the plan. I love how you've written it! It's a more well thought out plan than what we fell into place for us. Our backyard is close to 80' by 90' and we added an 8' private fence several years ago. We don't a have a pool but that fence is the best investment we've made in the house but we did it solely to be able to enjoy our yard to a greater degree, for the kids, for meals, and more serenity. Backyard thonging was possibly the last reason on the list.

Everyone who visits loves the backyard because of the fence and asks when we're going to put in a pool. We're always discussing it and it's definitely under consideration. But even without the pool the conversation with visitors turns towards thonging. We have an outdoor mobile shower and that allows the conversation to easily segue into "it's so private back here you can shower in the buff."

Of course we aren't shy about admitting I garden and sunbathe in a thong and we've had a variety of reaction to that admission.
fltanman #79

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:06/16/2010 08:15:15Copy HTML

 Wow, Traci - great thinking! I'll have to see what I can put together... maybe for the 4th of July...
Susana - Yeah I definitely want to fence up the back yard as well... one of the houses behind us is quite the eye sore anyway... was thinking of of moving some bushes/palm trees to kind of create some natural fencing...

JM_Runs #80

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:06/18/2010 12:38:35Copy HTML

Well Traci, we just happen to be the neighbors with the pool.  We moved into an established neighborhood last year and everyone knew we had the pool.  Shortly after moving into the house we met some of our neighbors and one jokingly asked if she could still come over to use the pool, because the last owners allowed her to come over at her leisure. I just said as long as you don't mind us being naked, and left it at that.  Nothing more was really said about the pool that evening and a few weeks later she was out in her yard and heard our outdoor sterio playing and decided to walk over and say hello.  So she walked up to our side pool gate and opened it because it was unlocked and walked in our back yard and said hello as she was walking around the corner of the house, and as you can guess my wife and I were both completely nude laying out on lounge chairs.  She said oh I'm sorry to interupt I just heard your music and wondered if it would be ok to stop by and take a swim, "I didn't think you were serious when you said you guys would be naked" After the initial shock she didn't have any problem with our state of undress and she hung out with us clothed for a few hours.
nicthong #81

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:06/25/2010 05:15:52Copy HTML

 Got back from work a little earlier today; the sun was out and I was aware the garden (back yard) needed some attention so I put on a thong and some small running shorts with a high side split as a cover-up, which I rolled at the waist to make them a little higher on my leg. The fence between our garden and the neighbour is a short open link fence so privacy doesn't really exist. I started weeding and heard my neighbour (whose door and windows were all open) talking to her visiting parents about going out for a walk.
Well I thought they'd gone so I rolled the shorts a bit more and got on with the work. Suddenly I was aware my neighbour was engaging me in conversation. At the same time I realised my shorts, given how small I'd rolled them and how high the split on the side, weren't covering any of my rear and the pouch of my thong was peeking out of the 'leg' of the shorts. (I guess they were pretty pointless as shorts but somehow I didn't quite have the guts to take them off completely).
Not caught in just a thong, I know... but it was pretty obvious what I was wearing. That said, my neighbour didn't seem too bothered and, having finished with the brief chat, headed back inside without even mentioning what I was (or wasn't) wearing.
BeachBum413 #82

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:07/19/2010 10:46:20Copy HTML

I've been wearing thongs at out summer cottage for a couple of years now. I try and be somewhat conservative and if there are lots of people around (like the 4th) I'll wear my Az reo or a Speedo, but generally it's the thong. Anyway I have never heard any comments until yesterday. As I was putting things away (I had on my yellow Dore thong) a car went by and I head "Oh my God - look what he has on." And then they drove on. I finished putting stuff away and put my shirt on and headed up to the house when they went by again. I didn't hear anything this time. I don't know if it was a compliment or just astonishment at seeing a guy in a thong, but it was a thrill.

ozarkG #83

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:07/20/2010 11:18:49Copy HTML

I only wear thongs for underware. When I am out doing yard work I wear a pair of cut-off jeans that are a couple sizes too big for me now. Since that, they ride down low and expose my thongs. There are usually 3 or 4 cars that go by. I have not noticed any comments or anything, other than the one I gt from a neighbor teen girl and her friends 3 years ago. But nothing recent.

  I don't try to hide it when they go by either. So either people don't pay attention t me, don't see my thongs, don't care, or keep their comments to them selves.
JM_Runs #84

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:09/21/2010 06:26:59Copy HTML

I've been caught by the lawn guy, delivery guys (who come around the back of the house to leave boxes), repair men, and the next door neighbors.  It surprises them the first time but they get used to it.  My lawn man I think enjoys knowing he may catch me in a next to nothing thong. 
barenow #85

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:01/22/2011 09:56:32Copy HTML

Sometimes you just get lucky, very lucky.  I have often though of just letting the neighbors catch me wearing a thong.  Unfortunately, where I live my back yard is partially exposed to a nearby street.  I would rather only keep something like this in the neighborhood.
azcraig #86

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:01/23/2011 03:54:07Copy HTML

  Somewhere in the Enjoying the Arizona Sun topic in personal experiences section, I think I talked about doing these things in stages. To let your neighbors adjust first start wearing a small bikini/speedo style swimsuit. After a while the shock value is gone for them and you can get a suit with less coverage. A few weeks later try the thong. By spreading it out over several weeks they will hopefully be somewhat used to you wearing very little. I know that worked for me several years ago. As an FYI last summer Nu-Parr was offering a special like this. You could order three suits in all the same color or pattern material but with varying amount of coverage. I think it was buy two and get the third one free. If all of your suits are the same color  your neighbors will lose track of the cut.
Every year at the beginning of the season it seems I have to spend a few weeks getting my neighbors and the passing motorists used to the fact that I don't wear much here in Arizona in the summer. They seem to get used to it after a while. One thing is for certain, if you don't try to make an effort to neutralize the neighbors reactions, you will never enjoy the freedom to wear what you want.
BeachBum413 #87

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:01/23/2011 04:08:43Copy HTML

 A cople of years ago I took azcraig's idea of wearing smaller and smaller suits. I have worn Speedo's at our cottage for years. I started wearing 3 inch back suits from Dore for quite a while and then thongs. Last summer it was almost always thongs (unless there was some reason not to and then it was the Speedo). So it works and I'll probably start with the 3 inch suit and progress to the thongs again this summer. This strategy doesn't work everywhere however as I have a neighbor behind me that is not thong tolerant. So I have to be somewhat careful when sunning in the back yard.
westbrom1 #88

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:07/31/2011 11:06:09Copy HTML

just wondered what you guys on here think about the situation.my garden is quite private with 6ft fencing surrounding it.my neighbour to the right is in her 30s and very atractive.i usually walk around the house in only my thong and to tell you the truth it doesnt really bother me if people see me or not,im 39 and have worked out for 18 odd years so ive not got a bad physique.yesterday i went into my utillity room to feed the dog the door was open and i had my back to the opening i had the dog bowl on the table which also has 2 pictures on it while i was doing this i looked at one of the pictures and could see my neighbour standing on her step about to walk in through her back door watching me,this is probabley the only point in her garden where she would be able to see into my utillity.i dont think she was standing looking into where i was standing i just think it was a coincidence.i know ive done nothing wrong and it kinda gave me a rush knowing that she had seen me in my tiny black thong,would it be wrong of me to perhaps let her catch me wearing it once again..do you think she may have liked what she saw,i saw her this morning and said hello to her and she seemed the same as usual,smiled and said hello..im toying with the idea of maybe sunbathing in my garden in my thong..would this be acceptable?
njbob1949 #89

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:07/31/2011 03:03:38Copy HTML

 Dear Westbrom1,Here is my suggestion.  The next time you casually meet, ask her if she saw you wearing your thong the other day. Perhaps it can lead to a conversation regarding thongs.  From her responses, perhaps you can go a step further and ask if she minds you sunbathing in a thong, or better yet, invite her to sunbathe with you.
JM_Runs #90

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:07/31/2011 03:45:45Copy HTML

 If your neighbor is in her 30's and reasonably attractive she's no doubt been hit on my quite a number of guys. Unfortunately, in this day and age boorish behaviour is the one that usually seems to "rise to the top". By age 30 this usually taints women's attitudes toward guys and many get hypersensitive about unwanted advances or conversations with even a hint of sexual innuendo. You have no idea what was going through her head when she saw you. I don't know the perspective or lighting conditions, but perhaps when she was watching you she was trying to tell if you were wearing anything to determine whether or not to call the cops. You just don't know. I wouldn't bring it up to her. If she happens to mention it, fine. But otherwise you run the risk of being "that creepy neighbor", and you still have to live next to this woman. Go about your business as you normally would and don't overdo it. People, especially attractive women, can see through that sort of thing. You also don't say whether she is married or not. If she's married, definitely cool it.
You said your garden is quite private.  Why not sunbathe in your thong then?  However, I'll repeat the caution to not overdo it or deliberately try to be seen or you may alienate your neighbor. I would not ask her to sunbathe with you.

westbrom1 #91

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:09/09/2011 09:14:59Copy HTML

Thanks for the feedback guys.have spoke to her many times since the incident and to be fair she has been great as if nothing had happened,she asked me yesterday for a carpenters phone number as she needs work carried out in her property so i would imagine our little thong encounter did not offend her....Thinking that maybe in the not too distant future she might spot me in the utility in one of my thongs once again...will keep you guys posted.. :)
JM_Runs #92

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:01/30/2012 07:50:11Copy HTML

 This past summer I was taking care of my neighbors pool while they were gone. Being it is secluded on three sides I decided to lay out in my thong suit to catch some sun. I planned on taking a swim afterwards. I was laying on my front by the side of the pool and talking to my wife on my cellphone when the neighbor on the other side pulled right up to the fence in a golf cart. Before I knew it he was through the gate and I jumped up still talking on the phone. I quickly waved hello and told my wife I would call her back. I pulled my shorts on over my thong just as his wife rounded the corner. I made small talk, although I couldn't tell you what I said. I must have been beet red. But he never said a word and was as friendly as could be. I'm sure he had a lot to say later to his wife.  ; )
JM_Runs #93

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:01/31/2012 10:35:55Copy HTML

Well, none of my neighbours have ever seen me in a thong, but I think some of them do know that I am a thonger. No one has said anything to me or reminded me about my thongs, but there was this one incident where my neighbors got to see my thongs.

So one night, I was doing my laundry in the laundry room. I put all of my clothes in one washing macine and all of my underwear in the other machine. After putting the detergent, I turned on the machines and left the room. I went back to my apartment to kill the time, but 10 mins later, I heard the fire alarm ringing. I kind of waited in my apartment, hoping that the fire alarm would eventually go off. But, I got frustrated with the continuous ringing, so I followed the 'standard fire alarm protocol' by going down to the lobby. When I got there, I saw fire trucks outside of the apartment building and  firemen in the laundry room. Soon, the fire alarm went off, and all the firemen were about to leave. I went to the laundry room to see what the problem was, but when I got there, I saw the two washing machines, that I had been using, half opened with my laundry still inside. Since I didn't think that the washing machines were the problem, I just turned them back on. When everyone was about to go back into their apartments, the fire alarm started ringing again. The firemen, who had not left yet, quickly went back into the laundry room to sort out the problem. I was in the lobby when this happened, and I saw two firemen going into the laundry room with all of their equiptment, but later coming out with a basket with my laundry in it. It seemed that they had dumped my clothes into the laundry basket first and then my underwear second, so most people got to see my thongs, which were on the top of the basket. Well, it was obvious that the washing machines caused the fire alarm, as soon enough, the fire alarm went off.

This is where it gets worse. My landlord made a radio announcement, saying that the laundry needs to be collected. I could have waited for him to stop the broadcast, but he kept saying the same thing over and over again. Since I was frustrated with the broadcast, I just went over to him and told him that the laundry was mine. I took the basket from him and headed straight for my apartment, without looking back at the people who were still at the lobby.
stanpuppy #94

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:02/01/2012 01:47:15Copy HTML

Our backyard is far from private (one of the thing i hate about our house).  Sometimes in the summer wife and I will lay out on chaise lounges on our stone patio.  She typically wears one of her more conservative wicked weasels (an oxymoron if ever there was one), and I wear one of my standard muscleskins poser thongs.   While we are semi-shielded by shrubs, trees, swing sets, etc, we can be seen (especially by our neighbor on the north side of the house).   We set up some artificial barricades to help obscure the vision of the norther neighbor.  While we probably care a little bit, we dont care alot, or else we wouldnt do it.  To date, nobody has mentioned anything to us, and I seriously doubt anybody would even if they did see us.  Next house I get has a private backyard!!!
hotbunz1969 #95

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:02/01/2012 04:46:20Copy HTML

The house that I used to live in was a semi with south facing rear garden, the patio, was very sheltered and was separated from the neighbours by a 6'6" fence, the only way we could see into each others gardens was from the upstairs bedroom window.
My then wife and I were laying out one hot afternoon tanning our buns, we could hear the neighbours in their garden but because of the high fence could not see them, (from previous sightings she was a thonger)  it was then that we heard the dad say to his 18yo daughter "you can't wear something as brief as that" to which the daughter replied "why not? It's not that much smaller than mums and not only that Paul and Jacqui next-door are both wearing smaller than this"
I guess we'd been seen!!! Now I'm not sure if he went up stairs to take a look but he would have got a view of my bum if he had!!! 
JM_Runs #96

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:02/01/2012 07:43:15Copy HTML

 The house we live in has a semi-private yard and our neighbor has caught us nude so many times, that it really isn't even like being caught anymore she just expects us to be nude when we swim or tan.  One day last summer I was laying out with a G-string on because we were expecting guest to arrive, and the neighbor came out and saw me and was completely shocked and ask "what are you now getting modest" to her reply I said no just waiting for guest, to which she said "so why cover up now?" I said these guest had never seem our home or pool and we didn't want to scare them.  Then she said the G-string is more offensive in her mind because nudity is natural.
thong_jock #97

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:02/02/2012 07:56:58Copy HTML

 I was in my Muscleskins the other day tanning by the pool in Palm Springs when the pool boy came by. I didn't flinch, nor did he. I got up and went for a swim before he added chemicals to the water. I wonder what he thought?
solargod #98

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:02/02/2012 03:49:52Copy HTML

Hi thong_jock, saw your photos you posted...sure the pool boy was drooling!
matchingthongs #99

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:02/04/2012 11:34:23Copy HTML

 Hotbunz,Like the story. I presume her dad wasn't that bothered really; after all she wasn't a child and it sounds like their garden was probably quite private too. She wasn't nude bathing, but I wonder if she pushed the boundaries further later?
hotbunz1969 #100

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:02/04/2012 02:10:27Copy HTML

Matchingthongs,     Although our houses were on an estate, due to there design and long gardens it was only us that could see into their garden and visa-versa, I used to be of the opinion if they wanted to stand in their upstairs window and look at us sunbathing all day that was up to them! Back then a skinz thong was the smallest I had, I think they would get a bit of a shock if I still lived there now and wore what I now wear to sunbath in!!!! 
 I had seen the mum tanning in a thong before but it was very moderate, more of a tanga pulled into a thong if you know what I mean, I have to admit I did pop upstairs and sneak a peak after about an hour, as did my wife, mum was in her usual tanga/thong and the daughter in a proper thong, not a style I recognised, and not too small, it was a black tie-sided affair with a small triangle in the back, no where near as small as the wifes WW that she had on that day. I did see her again out tanning (and no I wasn't checking out on her, the window that overlooked their garden was our bedroom window)  but always in the same suit, so no it never got smaller. 
Dad didn't say anything more after she commented on our choice of tanning suits, I'm pretty sure he knew anyway, it's their bedroom window that overlooked our garden, and being south facing we used to get out there early when the weather was nice, neither my ex or I ever wore more than a thong around the house and garden when the weather permitted! 
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