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AlanMartin #101

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:02/06/2012 05:09:48Copy HTML

I used to rent a terraced house (maisonette) with a patio/garden style backyard. Next neighbour was Sheila, who had the basement flat had the patio/garden belonging to that house. I had seen our neighbour Sheila tanning in a thong from our window, topless when lying down.

In the spring I would regularly sunbathe in a thong on the patio.  Our neighbours could only see into our backyard if they were standing at the walls either side (her side was higher than ours, I'd have had to stand on tiptoe). However, the steps down from our kitchen to the yard level in height with her wall. So I was always careful to wrap a towel around me or have a pair of shorts on when going up and down the stairs to the kitchen.

We regularly waved to each other and chatted a little. I could just see when she had her thong bikini on. 

One day I went out to tan and as I saw her coming from her garden, we exchanged the usual pleasantries. Anyway about half an hour later I heard my name and saw her leaning over the wall - she looked a little surprised as it was the first time she'd seen my bum - and we chatted.

A week or so later, I was out sunbathing when she popped her head over the wall and said hi, and introduced me to her adult daughter who was visiting. Both were topless. I stood up, shook hands. Sheila was in a thong as usual, her daughter in a regular bikini bottoms.

After that, I never bothered about wearing shorts or wrapping a towel around my waist to cover my thong when I went up or down the steps from the patio to the kitchen, as she obviously was not at all uncomfortable with a man in a thong.

I moved from there over 10 years ago, but we still bump into each other and chat. It was more awkward when we had language student lodgers later in the summer, but that was fine too.

flthongbutt #102

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:02/19/2012 07:48:48Copy HTML

You're missing the point. You WANT to get caught.....
NcknameInUse #103

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:02/19/2012 09:03:50Copy HTML

 Going back maybe 20 years or more at our old house I used to thong in our back yard on sunny days. The sunniest spot was down the far end of the 90ft long garden where my wife and I used to set up base.
We had a 7ft tall fence between our adjoining neighbours whom we were quite friendly with. They had a large extended family and had BBQ's on the nicer days of summer.
One summer the neighbour took out some of the fencing panels to repair them. He never rushed jobs like that so our garden was wide open to their view. It didn't stop me laying out in my thong nor walking to and from the house for drinks etc. even when they were right there along side us. I suspect that this was the first time they'd seen my thong but there were no comments, why should there be anyway?
That summer was the first time another family member saw me thonging. One day the wife's sister phoned to say she was coming round for a visit. My wife asked if I was bothered about being seen and I said no and she had no problem with that either. The sister in-law never made comment either, well not to me. The mother in law did mention my thong next time we saw her so it hadn't gone un-noticed :)
I go nude in the garden these days if the weather permits.
mack_back #104

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:02/19/2012 09:52:51Copy HTML

Few years ago don't remember when but i had a red cedar fence 6 X 8 with a upper lattice the wood panels were staggered in and out. So if you look at an angle you could see the next door neighbor's yard. 

 Decided to try on some older poser swimsuits that were small and take few photos of myself. As i stood in the middle of the yard in direct sunlight noticed the neighbor older women was hanging up her laundry. She was close to the edge of her home and she could view everything in my yard including me. Then i heard a loud, out of breath, sudden sound from her of what could be described as shock or fear with Uhh! 

Then i recognized that she could see me. Believe someone other then her was there, probably her daughter asking what's wrong? As the mother started to quietly mumble to her daughter and finishing her hanging of the laundry blocking any view of them and me. Heard the daughter loudly say, "WHAT! Huh", with slight gasp of air then seeing the daughter walking along her yard around the clothing line along the fence line trying to see me. 
During that time i felt uncomfortable and walked closer parallel to where they stood so the fence  boards would block anyone seeing me. Tried to figure out what the mother said to the daughter about me but think i may of heard the word naked from her mumbling. I decided to go inside seeing the daughter walking between the houses at the front gates of the yard trying to locate me. 
It shows me even a conservative poser swimsuit in my opinion, neighbors think it's obscene or shocking to be worn, thinking i'm virtually naked in my own private yard fenced in. Kind of depressing to think of, don't you think. Forget about wearing a thong or nude she probably would see me out her kitchen window?

You can see the picture of me knowing the back story of what was happening in My Beach Pix folder labeled posersuit.
westbrom1 #105

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:03/16/2012 09:10:48Copy HTML

hi guys..i recently posted a story about my neighbour catching me in my utility room in my thong..well today after id been to the gym i showered and put on a tiny black thong,i did a few bits and pieces around the house and took some washing into the washroom which is at the end of my utility room,when walking past the back door i could see my neighbours shed door was open and a bit of noise coming from in there,i waited a while and could see it was her looking for something,it had been a while since our last thong meeting so i thought why not!!! i threw the washing in to the wash room and turned my back as she had a good view of my barely covered ass.i opened the cupboard door and pretended to look for the opener for the dog food whilst looking in the picture on the wall which acts as a mirror across my patio to her back door which has a step so when entering she can see right into where i am standing.my heart was racing as i heard the shed door close and the sound of footsteps across the timber decking,as she came into view i slammed shut the wall cupboard door and grabbed the bowl off the side,i watched as her head tuned to see me once again in a tiny thong.she looked briefly then walked in to her house (i thought) while i was pretending to stir the bowl with the spoon her head peeked from around the door frame for what seemed ages,i then turned to my right and put down the bowl on the floor,as i got back up i looked into the pic again but she had gone in...wow what a sense of excitment and nervousness put together i could not believe that she was peeping on me..i am sooo hoping that she liked what she saw again..time will tell i guess,i will keep you all posted on what response/feedback i get next time i see her.....happy thonging folks!!!!!
32189 #106

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:09/15/2012 06:14:40Copy HTML

i have never been caught by neighbors that i know of but i do give them a chance.  i layout on my patio in my thong or walk around the house in my thong with the blinds open. 
ohiothonger #107

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:09/17/2012 09:36:42Copy HTML

 I park my car on the side street adjacent to our backyard gate.  One day this summer, during the 100 plus heat wave we had, I went to the beach for a few hours where I wore my thong as usual.  On the way there, the air conditioning in my car quit, so I chose to wear just my swimsuit on the drive home.  I had some shorts to pull on before I got out of the car, but there wasn't anyone around, so I decided to just hop out of the car and walk the 15 feet to the back gate clad in just my thong.  I carried my towel in on hand and keys in the other as I closed the car door.  Just then my neighbor across the street drove up!  There was no way I could hide, so I just proceeded towards the gate, pretending I didn't see her.  She, however saw me and called to me as I was about ready to enter the back yard.  I knew there was no way she could have missed my bare buns as I stood facing the gate working the latching mechanism.  I turned towards her, as she walked across the street.  "Cute swimsuit," she said when she got close.  "Thanks," I replied.  In some ways I felt a little uncomfortable knowing she was standing three feet in front of me fully clothed while I was wearing almost nothing at all.  In other ways, I found the experience exciting and a relief -- Now she knew, and I wouldn't have to hide from her any more.  She made some comment about it looked like I just got back from a swim, and I confirmed I had been working on my tan at the beach for a couple of hours.  "Now I know why you always have such a great tan," she said.  "And I love the way you are tanning your buns too."  We discussed the merits of thong swimwear and how they used to be more popular than they are now, and then she went her way and I went mine.

A few days later, I decided to wash the car.   Normally I do it on the grass in the back yard, but I hated to drive on the lawn when it was so brown and badly parched by the heat wave.  I could have taken it to the do-it-yourself auto wash (where I usually stripped down to my thong before washing my car), but decided to do it out on the side street.  I almost put on some shorts, but knowing how my neighbor felt decided that my thong would be sufficient for what I was going to do.  I proceeded to wash the car out in the street wearing just my thong.   A couple of people drove by, but I don't think most of them even noticed what I was wearing. 

Eventually, the lady from across the street came out to go someplace in her car.  As she walked to her car, I took the hose and held it over my head, showering my whole body with the cool water.  "That looks like a good way to keep cool," she said as she approached me.  "Maybe you could do my car next," she added with a grin. 
I turned the hose off, and we chatted for a couple more minutes the same way we chat all the time.  She was accepting me wearing a thong almost casually, and this was giving me a lot of confidence.  I knew people driving by could see my exposed buns, but everything felt so natural and I was actually relaxed in the situation.  Finally, she says she has to get going and headed towards her car.  A second later she turns back to me and says "Oh, i think I like that swimsuit even better than the one you were wearing the other day".  This really made my day!  I thanked her for her compliment and she added that she she had known I wore thongs for a couple of years.   She first noticed me wearing my thongs in the backyard when she had been in her attic and glanced out the window.  She admitted that she had more than once found an excuse to go up to the attic when she suspected that I might be laying out in the sun, and that she had always enjoyed the 'show' I was putting on.  I admitted that I had pretty much given up wearing anything more than a thong at the beach and never wore more when I was sunning in the back yard.  She said she liked the look, wished more men would be comfortable enough to wear thong swimwear, and complimented me again on my "nicely tanned buns".  At this point, she finally left, and I finished washing my car with a renewed confidence in wearing my thong out on the street.  While we had been talking, several people from the neighborhood drove by and I thought later how natural we must have looked as we stood next to each other, her fully dressed and me in my thong, discussing various topics.

A few days later she ask me if I wanted to go to the private pool where she had a membership.  She assured me that she had checked with the management and that I could wear my thong.  I had never been to this place before, but was surprised that hardly anyone seemed to mind me wearing my thong.  The (male) lifeguard even admitted that I was the first male thonger he had ever seen at the pool, and that he had been concerned that some of the other guests would find my swimwear offensive, but that to his surprise, nobody complained and hardly anyone gave me more than a second glance.  In fact, the day was pretty good with compliments from both women and men on and off all afternoon.
ithongit #108

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:09/17/2012 04:41:59Copy HTML

 "Caught by neighbors" would at first seem to me to indicate a negative encounter.  Like a bank robber is "caught" or a crooked politician is "caught on video" when they make some stupid remark.  But this thread also includes encounters which have resulted in neutral or even positive responses.  Perhaps the thongers did not know how their neighbors would react and were "hiding" for that reason.  We have been thonging for so long now that we don't even think twice about our swimwear most of the time.  Wearing thongs is so natural to us that we hardly think about what others think, and I think that this confidence helps us to be more accepted everywhere we go.  It isn't "can we get away with a thong" but "which thong or g-string should I wear today".

As far as our "neighbors" go, we have a different situation than many on this message board.  We live at the end of a cul-de-sac at the edge of a small village.  We actually have bought adjacent land and now own about 7 acres behind our "official" lot, which is great since we have horses and a few other "farm" animals you can't keep in the village (the adjacent land is not in the village).  The plat we live in had large lots to start with, and only about half sold, then the company selling the lots went under and people bought adjacent lots to their houses for a song.  The last straw was that the County came in and stopped new development since we have wells and septic fields, and say additional systems could cross-contaminate each other, and they will not extend the water mains or sewers out to our houses like had been originally proposed.  Where I am going is that we have very few neighbors, a total of only ten houses including ours and only one "close" neighbor.  This house is actually only about 30 feet from ours, and the lady who owns it and her kids learned we all thonged about a week after we started coming over to fix the house up (it had been abandoned for several years and still contained a horde of things from the previous owner).

In reality, both girls knew Randy my husband from when he had taught them swimming at they "Y" and had also seen him many times at the beach in his thongs.  It was actually one of the girls who ask if he would be wearing thongs at our new house, mentioning that her mom always tried to set up as close to Randy at the beach as possible, just to get a better look at his bare "bottom".  With the daughter "spilling the beans", their mom had to admit that she didn't have an issue with any of us wearing thongs, even though it was a year or more before she finally became comfortable enough to wear a thong swimsuit too.  After we stared wearing our thongs anywhere on our own property, it was only a matter of time before the others on the street learned about our swimwear preferences, and so by the end of the first summer everyone knew we were thongers, and nobody seemed to care.

I read the reports from those who live in what appear to be more city-type situations, and think my husband, Randy, would thrive in a place like that.  He loves to show off and pushed his "bun exposure" to as many situations as possible.  In a city, I would think there would be a turn-over in people, and a lot more people who just drove by who you could show off to.
BeachBum413 #109

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:09/18/2012 03:06:41Copy HTML

 I  think you are right. I wear thongs at our cottage all the time. We'll go up on Friday and I'll put on my thong. Sometimes it comes off on Sunday when we come home, but generally I just put on a long T shirt. No one seems to care as I talk with the neighbors all the time even their grand kids). I think that it is a matter of just being you and not trying to show off. One needs to treat the thong as just an ordinary swimsuit. I also wear thong underwear so I get my thonging in in the winter too. It's a shame summer is almost over here.
bikiniminaz #110

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:10/21/2012 09:14:27Copy HTML

Well, it was several years ago when I was watching after my uncle's house that I was caught.  I am pretty sure that it happened during summer(here in Arizona) where I had the house to myself.  Therefore I would spend my evenings online, in the chatrooms, having discussions about wearing bikinis and thongs and such.  I would usually swim at night, with the pool light off at my uncle's house so that there was almost no risk of being seen.  I did not know what my uncle's neighbors were like so I tried to make any and all risks minimal. 
One day, I decided to lay out in my black skinzwear thong during the day.  I had decided to ditch work by calling in sick.  Little did I realize that my uncle had notified his neighbors that he would be gone and that they could use his backyard and pool while he was out of town.  I was laying face up in my thong when the neighbors had unexpectedly shown up so I layed down, trying to pass it off as if I was only in Speedos or a pair of bikini briefs.  Luckily, they didn't seem to notice so I went into the pool and just kept my lower body submerged so that they wouldn't see what was going on. 
I guess I should mention that the neighbors were a man and a woman.  I assumed it was a man and his wife.  Anyway, i kept my lower body under the water, trying to hide what I was wearing.  It wasn't until I talked with the woman that I had realized that my uncle's male friend was checking me out.

75texasthong #111

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:05/12/2013 08:58:35Copy HTML

 Well happened about an hour agoI opened up our backyard and was feeling good about the seclusion.  Six foot fence all the way around where you would have to look over in order to see.  Well my daughters 8 yr old playmate and her mother rode by on horses. I happened to be standing by my shop but I know they saw me before I ducked inside. I just don't know how much. If it wasn't  the kid I wouldn't care but I did try to recover. Anyway we will see what the conversations over the next few weeks are going to be. I was looking forward to having all of this space to let loose in my thongs but the first day this is what happens. Guess it is better to get it over with. I kinda hope they saw me and then won't be surprised in the future. Wife will freak though. Oh well, maybe it is a good thing.
JM_Runs #112

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:05/13/2013 12:17:28Copy HTML

Kids of that age mostly don't care, you are a curiosity for about 30 seconds and then their attention moves on.

You got to admit, if people ride around on horses looking over fences they got to expect to see some unusual sites.

I would not worry about it. 
This girl has seen the thing that dangles between a male horse's hind legs. After that, you probably don't come a close second.

Kids raised around animals tend to have down to earth attitudes.
JM_Runs #113

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:05/13/2013 05:04:19Copy HTML

 Initially when I bought my current house I would always make an effort to see if the neighbors could see into our yard and pool area until one day while chatting with the neighbor she mentioned that the past neighbor used to swim nude and she would occasionally join him and his wife for swims, after that comment the modesty left and I went about as I pleased in my yard nude, then one afternoon my neighbor needed to borrow some yard tools and the sterio was on outback and we did not hear her come thru our gate. When she came around back I was lying on a chaise lounger and my wife was lying spread eagle nude on a raft tanning. After the initial shock she asked to borrow the tools and we figured she had already seen us so now we are always nude by our pool
DoreFan #114

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:05/13/2013 06:23:28Copy HTML

I'm normally naked throughout the summer when I'm at home. One day last year, I went out to my deck to fire up my BBQ. Just as I stepped out the door, I noticed my neighbor was outside  talking on his phone. He was at a gap in the trees where he had a clear view of my deck and as the door slammed, he looked up to see me naked. It was just a brief glance and I went about BBQing my dinner. He never mentioned anything about it. I also walk around my back yard in a thong and if any neighbors are looking out their windows, they would see me, but I don't care. No one has ever said anything to me.
JM_Runs #115

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:05/14/2013 12:42:39Copy HTML

I recently moved into a new house outside of Atlanta. When shopping for the house I made sure it had a 6 foot high wooden fence around the back yard. I have laid out nude and have worn g- strings on my deck and around my garden. My neighbors to the back and the neighbors to the side both have porches that if they are on them they can see into my yard. A couple of weeks ago I was in a new tiny pink g string checking out my fig tree and the neighbor came out on their porch. Don't know if she saw me. My first reaction was to run. But later I thought - I'm in my backyard and it does have a privacy fence - its not like I was naked in the front yard. I have worn just a pair of old retro short short gym shorts to cut my front yard. The neighbors saw me and had no reaction.
The neighbors behind me can't see into my yard now because the trees now have leaves, the neighbor on the side of me tends to be in his back yard more and more and he has young children, not that I'm afraid of children seeing me, but of their reactions. I put some boards covering the deck rails so I can lay out nude.
On another note- anyone wishing to half a years membership to Paradise valley- the clothing optional resort in Dawsonville, Ga- contact me
75texasthong #116

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:05/14/2013 08:58:31Copy HTML

Well that playmate came over and asked to play with my daughter. So all seems well at this point. Maybe she didn't even see me,Again I almost wish they had to make it known and I'd could be a little more relaxed.
I'm sure there will be other opportunities- ha
thong1066 #117

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:05/23/2013 03:47:35Copy HTML

I was laying out in my back yard and I new the neighbors were not home, they have not been there in 2 weeks don't know why. I heard a car door close out front but didn't think to much about it. I went in for a drink of water and noticed the cat sitter car there. I went back out and was laying on my stomach when I heard hello. I got up and she was like This is what Jamie was talking about!  I had no idea what she was talking about at first, she said Jamie said the view is really good on hot summer days. Well we live over looking the river, I turned and walked over to the fence. She said thats not what I am talking about. We talked for quit awhile and she told me she had no back yard at all, I told her every other week if it is sunny I will be laying out, you should join me. She said do I have to wear a thong, I said no a gstring. Then she got to what she came over for the cat tipped over a plant and she needed a vacume. As we walked around the corner of the house the lady and her friend were walking by. They said hello and she was amazed that people in this neck of the woods would be so excepting of a guy wearing a thong. Then she said what made my day, well you have a great ass and look good wearing a thong. She really made my day and I told her that. Positive reinforcement always feels good.And I really hope she joins me some day.
dobbybeach #118

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:05/28/2013 09:32:37Copy HTML

NudeNAz, I'm envious of your nude paradise resort backyard.  Did you find a wife who enjoys nudity on the first try at marriage?  Forgive me for asking.  I wonder if mine willever change, or if she'll regret her decision to settle down with me forever.
JM_Runs #119

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:08/16/2013 08:18:09Copy HTML

Couldn't sleep one night this summer it was so hot and humid even with air conditioning.  so at around 2 AM I went to sit on the back porch naked in the dark.  Heard the neighbors sliding glass door open - which was strange as there were no lights on in the house.  And out came their 16 yr old daughter carrying a blanket and wearing only a bra and panties.  My eyes had adjusted to the dark.  She walked out into her backyard, spread the blanked on the ground and took off her bra and panties and laid down.  I watched her for a while and decided that I would go back in the house but didn't quite know how to do that without making noise.  Was trying to be quiet but she heard me, then saw me naked.  She sat up and looked at me.  Said it's really hot tonight - to which I agreed - not wanting to talk to loud for fear of waking anyone else up.  She walked to our fence - about 4 feet high picket fence and so did I.  We talked for a bit - and it was great seeing her body and her looking at mine too.  We eventually said good night.
The Swan #120

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:09/05/2013 04:21:04Copy HTML

A few weeks ago I was sunning nude at my elderly friends house and she wanted to show me some ivy she wanted to have cut down. Knowing where we headed in her backyard I knew there was a place one neighbor might see me. I slipped on a thong and we walked over to the ivy. She showed me the work to be done and I turned around to go back to sunning; I saw the neighbor turning around in his garage to head into his house. He had come home and when he got out of his car He could look down the shared driveway right into the place I was standing with my backside to him. Don't know if he saw me but he could sure could have.

I attended a webinar at home one morning (work is so multitasked that the privacy I need to attend a webinar occurs only at home). As it was almost lunchtime when the webinar ended, I thought I would eat lunch outside in a tiny little thong. That way I could work on my tan before heading back to work. Knowing neighbors on either side of me work, I looked out the windows of my house to see if their cars were parked indicating they might be home. I did not see either car. Making lunch and taking it outside I layed out in my little thong. After about a half an hour I hear the lady neighbor calling for her dog in her backyard.  I know that the only way to her backyard is through her kitchen. The only window she can see into the backyard is her kitchen window. As it is lunchtime I'm thinking she had to have seen me. I stayed laying on my back. But after awhile took a peek out of the corner of my eye and saw her at the window. After another little while my time sunning was up so I got up, went into the house and dressed. Climbing into my truck to go to work I saw the lady neighbor's car was parked up next to her house, her tool shed was blocking the view of her car from her house, no wonder I did not see it. A day or two later I was doing some yard work and saw the neighbor lady at the kitchen window. Thinking her response would indicate what she thought of me sunning in that state of dress I called out "Hello" and gave he a friendly wave. She gave me a big smile and exaggerated overhead wave called "Hello!" back to me. I guess she is cool with me sunning in a tiny suit. 
barefootthong #121

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:09/13/2013 01:13:12Copy HTML

Not exactly caught by neighbors but early this summer the mail lady surprised me by driving up quickly to deliver a package. I had on a very brief swimsuit but not a thong. She seemed to be perfectly fine with that. After that I started going to pick up the mail when she came in just my brief swimsuits. A few weeks ago I had on my thong. Today when she handed me the mail I had on a thong and I asked her if she minded me picking up the mail in my skimpy swimsuits and she said "not at all". I then asked about a thong and turned to show her the back. She said "no problem, I am fine with that". I told her I used to try and not be seen until she surprised me one time!" Yesterday she stopped to deliver a package and I was again in my thong. 
32189 #122

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:09/14/2013 01:54:21Copy HTML

I live in an apartment complex and there is somewhat heavily used walkway just outside of my patio.  In the mornings I will go out onto my patio in my thong to feed the cat or to take in the morning air.  There have been occasions when neighbors would walk by with their dogs.  I do not think they see my thong because of the fence height but the fence does have little cutouts in it so it is possible they could tell.  I am not sure.  But the other thing I will do is check my mail or take out the trash in my thong.  I think a few people have seen me but no comments. 
tanlines2thin #123

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:09/15/2013 02:27:15Copy HTML

I don't like the title of this thread......it implies doing something wrong, and there is nothing wrong with thonging, and yes, I get the 'naughty' implication to using the word, 'caught'...........I would much prefer the thread being titled, 'seen by neighbors'

that said, I am certain that just about all of my neighbors have 'caught' my act........unfortunately, none of them are anyone who I would like to see me......when it comes to suits, I gravitate to the most minimal and micro Gee styles, and since I am addicted to maintaining a caramel tan, the neighbors have plenty of opportunity to 'catch' my sunbathing suit act........B-F-D.......I could care less.......after all, it ain't as if they got their lives totally together, and I absolutely abhor this business of F'ed-up society passing disapproving judgment on individual and harmless issues that does not involve or concern them.........

at the gym pool, I wear a very tapered rio back & narrow-front suit that definitely shows my Gee-string tanlines.......been doing it for years, and nobody has said squattola to me - neither a critical nor complimentary word - even when they see my c-ring while changing.........

32189 #124

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:09/15/2013 03:18:55Copy HTML

I agree tanlines.  I think "seen by neighbors" would be a better title.  Caught does in some way imply something wrong and in some jurisdictions thongs are totally legal. 
mack_back #125

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:09/15/2013 09:40:59Copy HTML

Agree with tanlines but we all have different views on acceptable clothing and tastes.  Many believe wearing a thong maybe vulgar or distasteful......... We all have different outlook on what people assume to be erotic or taboo thong swimwear/underwear...

Do i care what others wear of course not but certain individuals will complain to management so they won't see anyone in a thong swimsuit at a gym pool as was the case for me... Do i feel humiliated or my freedom of rights taken away being asked that i respect the complaint against me and do what is right in leaving or covering up...  Simply, yes i can't wear what i want because a selective few who believe it's wrong of me to swim in a thong have a larger voice. Useless to fight it, because i'm only person to dare wearing such swimwear, which i can be easily dismissed upon complaints. While a female complainers has a larger voice versus a male which will be given the benefit of the doubt of security and comfortable surroundings. While their are no  hard set rules against thong swimwear at a gym pool only because their were never incidence of someone wearing it and complaint being issued until me.

Does it solve the problem of the complainer doubt it could because many of my bikini bottom swimwear is much more revealing then a AC moderate front thong i worn. So the complainer will still have issues of me in the future voicing her opinion to take action of me but  gym management hands are tied.... While gym management only taking the complaint and nodding their heads in sympathy or understanding awhile i swim in a rio back swimsuit or seamed 3/4 cut back in unlined  colored white spandex sheer fabric that mimics a thong in everyway. 
B..F..D... as tanlines puts it... Until the front desk management males change guards when i decide to swim  and females take over i then can risk wearing a thong without management taking action upon me.... Only know that young employees females, don't mind looking at my body and what i show off. Last thing they look upon while walking smiling, grinning alongside me on the pool deck is my bare ass, if you no what i mean...... So any complaints seeing my bare buns isn't a issue in a moderate thong but wearing a skimpy bikini bottom revealing more of a profile upfront, seems to me the better of the two complainers should want me wearing a thong instead... My revenge is to show my big bulge in most provocative way possible even though my rear end is covered the complainers get to see a lot more of me then a thong ever showed.
tanlines2thin #126

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:09/16/2013 12:09:46Copy HTML

there's a big difference between enjoying the privacy of your home pool and being 'seen by neighbors,' as opposed to taking on the management / customer line at a gym pool........when I joined my gym, I point-blank asked the mgr if I could swim in a G-string......his reply: as long as you're covered......

eventhough that sounded like a green lite to me, I have never dared-2-bare more than my tapered rio......the basis of this decision on my part is to maintain my own self-respect and to extend common courtesy to my fellow gym patrons.......it's just that simple......believe me, I would love to wear my Gee at the gym pool, but the price I would pay for being incorrectly taged as a perv and laughingstock would be way too high a price.....I wouldn't like that.......it would lead to confrontation.......confrontation would lead to a fight......a fight would lead to my being canned from the gym.......that, in so many words, would be self-defeating.......

as I have said many times on this board, I personally like the fact that the sexi swimsuits we prefer are sub-culture......I am not one of the social crusader types, who desire to force-feed thongs on society by wearing them wherever and whenever...........as I see it, mainstream society has its' head up its' ass, so why in the world do I want to be a part of it anymore than I have to be?........

furthermore, why in the world would I want to give unappreciative and disapproving eggheads the pleasure of checking me out in a sexi Gee?.....logically, that makes no sense to me........consequently, when I used to go beaching, I did not go to family-type beaches, to push the envelope, as the saying goes.........instead, I found remote beaches to enjoy my own uninhibiting and liberating sexi Gee indulgement.........of course, now, getting to the beach is work, so I don't go........rather, when I want to socialize in a sexi Gee, I enjoy the privacy and company of a consenting adults, clothing op resort.........in this setting, I can enjoy the carefree pleasure of being semi-nude in a suit or totally nude........I am among soul-mates, so to speak, who enjoy the same self-expression, with no B-S, no crapola, no fine print, and no hair-splitting........that, to me, is much more rewarding than knocking my head against the wall of F'ed up mainstream society........
ithongit #127

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:09/17/2013 01:39:00Copy HTML

This thread seems to be going two ways at the same time.  Part are accounts of personal experiences (pro and con, but often pro) when people who think they are being discreet when wearing thong swimwear are discovered by others.  The other is more of a philosophical discussion of when and where thongs are appropriate and why they are accepted.  I agree with much of the philosophy expressed on this thread, and stated before (Post #49) that the title "Caught by neighbors" seems inappropriate for many posts. 

With regards to where and when thongs are appropriate, Randy and I usually thong wherever and whenever we can.  Unfortunately, not every place is "thong friendly" but we have both had a lot of success over the years -- both as individuals and as a couple.  Often places we thought would be anti thong turned out to be thong neutral, or even thong friendly.  Other places where you might expect others to accept thongs have turned out to be less accepting or even hostile. 

When my sister who also thongs or another thonger or two is with us, thongs seem to be even more accepted.  There is strength in numbers!  (My sister and I have found that going topfree often de-emphasizes the thong issue.  Be a woman, wear a thong, and go topfree and if you get any complaints, they usually are addressed to you being topfree.  People have said things like "we will let your bottom slip by today if you put your top back on" and stuff like that.)

I believe that thong acceptance is really a lot higher than most people realize.  If you only counted those who find thong swimwear to be so inappropriate that they feel the need to complain to a management or authority figure, or feel that they need to leave because of your bare behind, it probably is less than 5%.  I think at least half the non-thonging people out there accept the look on others and see nothing wrong with it.  They simply don't care one way of the other.  Probably another 25% or more might find the suits on the extreme side, and might even chat amoung themselves that you are showing too much -- but again, they don't see a need to confront you with their beliefs.  They don't feel they have a right to complain -- they just don't like the look.  The remaining 20% or so may find thongs too revealing or have other issues, but are still tolerant of thongers -- especially in situations or places where thongs are appropriate swimwear.  So at the beach or in a home-pool environment, these people will not complain either. 

Often the level of acceptance is closely tied to how often people wear thongs and other minimal swimwear.  At South Beach, for example, or even a thong-frinedly state park where thongs are seen almost every day, those who are witnesses to the thongers have some pre-conditioning.  As long as the thongers they have seen have not been too "up front" or pushy with the look, and were otherwise acting like or even better than a "normal" beach user, they have no basis to find fault with thongs.  The more people see "good" thongers, the more likely they are to be accepted in the future.

Delivery people, and others who deal with people one-on-one in casual situations (like motel employees) see just about everything, and are basically shock-proof.  Very few would object to a person in a thong answering the door -- especially on a warm day when it would be appropriate.  Many even have people answer the door nude!  Nikki, my sister used to get extremely good service from the pizza guy simply by mentioning when she called that she would be waiting for the delivery in her thong!

Where and when the "privacy" of your back yard ends is a vague concept.  A few years back, a lady in Ohio had to pay medical bills when a neighbor fell from his roof when he snuck out on it to watch her laying out in a bikini in her backyard.  Not even a thong, just a bikini.  Her house had appropriate privacy fences and plantings, and the area where she sunbathed was hidden from all neighbor's windows as well.  But some idiot somehow learned about her schedule and started climbing onto his roof to be able to watch and one day he got drunk and fell off, sustaining several injuries. 

We have a fellow thonger friend who lives in the city.  He has been sunning in his back yard, which is visible to several adjoining houses for years. His neighbors have come to accept him in his thong, and I have been over there and they have wandered by or even come over to the common fences to chat and seem totally indifferent to his swimwear choices. So acceptance I beleive is partly conditioning of those who see us in our thongs, and this requires us to use some good judgement on how far we push our minimal swimwear tastes if others are likely to see us.  

If you are confident enough to not act like there is something wrong with thonging, and people see you (and hopefully others) in thongs, you probably will be accepted some places -- perhaps many places.  Just use some discression and behave the same way another person in less skimpy swimwear would -- you will probably find more acceptance than you though was possible. 

Maxtlatl #128

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:09/17/2013 05:13:59Copy HTML

 Traci, do you have a reference for the bit about the lawsuit from falling off the roof? A quick google search didn't find anything for me. It just sounds so incredible I'd like to find out more.

JM_Runs #129

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:09/18/2013 11:49:04Copy HTML

 Tanline2Thin - That was the most reasonable post I ever saw on the thong board - I agree with all you say.

Grabeach #130

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:09/18/2013 09:28:49Copy HTML

Don't have clothing op resorts in my part of the world. A few nude beaches, but they're typically crowded, rocky and inconvenient to get to. I go to beaches, and these days more likely pools, that have nice surroundings and/or a view. If the occasional person isn't happy with my g, that's their problem. Doesn't worry me in the slightest. If they bother to complain to management, and if management bother to do anything about it and ask me to cover up, I'll go somewhere else next time. Easy.

Back to topic. Basically same thing applies at home. Nicest place to sun at home is on my balcony. Wife changed the balcony railing (I had no say in the matter) from semi shielded to virtually invisible. 'Caught' by two sets of neighbours. They didn't care and would often stop for a chat if they happened to be nearby when I was sunning. Recently one neighbour eventually moved out. Soon after I was talking to the replacement about balconies (they were thinking of redoing theirs) and she mentioned the obvious lack of privacy of our type. I thought it appropriate to mention I sunned nude on ours and asked if she minded. She said, with a laugh, that it would be a really good view.

If any of the neighbours had a problem then I would sun somewhere else on our property. Not as nice, but no real drama. As with public pools, why should I go to a 'second best' place because of some potential problem at the best place that in reality may not even exist.
mrhb2008 #131

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:09/20/2013 02:28:28Copy HTML

 Some of you guys & gals may get a kick out of this story. So, I'm out in my driveway, washing my truck in a Jovana 4D thong and a small SUV pulls into the neighbors driveway and the guy starts pulling out carpet samples.  That in itself is not strange, but the amount of time he took to pull out only 4 or 5 of the carpet "albums" was.  It took him about 15 minutes to take them out of his car & put them on the porch!!  Why he took so long is anyones guess, but I'm sure he went home with a fun tale (tail?) for the wife and kids!!!!
2xist #132

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:09/20/2013 04:06:19Copy HTML

 @mrhb2008-Hmmm I wonder why!? Lol. Would love to have seen that too!!
DesertThong #133

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:10/31/2013 09:32:43Copy HTML

I, a male, used to wear thongs in our backyard which is mostly pool. The only neighbors who can see in over a 5 foot block wall are an older couple. He rarely comes out but she swims in her pool every day when it is warm. She was very tan and I had never seen her looking over the wall at us. One day I was near the block wall and heard her swimming. I looked over and saw her swimming nude...where her bathing suit usually is, was lily white. She did not see me. I started feeling more confident about thongs and being nude and walking around in the yard. One day I was watering plants in pots and saw her doing a double-take when looking at me. I waved and she sort of acknowledged me and I went back to watering. I don't know how long she looked but a minute later, she was not there. It's happened both ways several times, both thonged and nude, since then and we are both comfy with each other as neighbors.
flthongbutt #134

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:11/03/2013 07:49:22Copy HTML

well, THAT sounds like the kind of neighbor to have. reminds me of a neighbor i had when i owned a pool. I would layout in small swimwear, and i would see her waving at me, etc. etc. She frequently would come over and have her shirt half buttoned, and would bend over and half of her ass would fall out.... she was very cool..
had other neighbors that liked to put on a "peep show" thru the windows with the curtains open.... totally naked, doing all kinds of freaky stuff...
when i moved to florida, i would layout in the mornings in the driveway since i didnt get any sun in the backyard that early. i would layout behind a car, sort of half in and half out of my garage... neighbors saw me, never said anything....i had a 2nd story balcony off my bedroom, and i would layout there all the time. One time i heard some yelling, and it was my female neighbor behind me waving and smiling..... also, very cool...
so, for me, it's usually really bland or sometimes very exciting.....

The Swan #135

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:11/06/2013 06:41:22Copy HTML

Grabeach #136

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:11/06/2013 08:04:23Copy HTML

Swan, I agree with your conclusion, but don't think your example is valid!

'Caught' in the context of the thread means being discovered. Whether it is positive or negative is pretty much up to the individual and circumstances. For an actual related example, when a neighbour first 'caught' me sunning nude on my balcony it was positive because she thought it was cool, whereas if she had complained to the police it would have been (like the speeding ticket) very negative. Hence I agree with your 'neutral' observation. However 'caught', as in "Caught the pass from the quarteback" means received, a different meaning which has no relevence to the thread.
Thongmad #137

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:11/11/2013 10:21:42Copy HTML

I have only one set of neighbours that can see into my back yard.
He is mid 60's and a speedo wearer, and she mid-late 50's, and wears bikini's.
They can see over to our pool from the small side landing off their laundry door. They don't often come out that way, but we can't hide when they do! Their pool and outdoor living area is on the other side of their yard.

Over the last eight years they have both seen me in the yard and pool in my thongs many, many times. There is no issue. They usually just call hello and wave, or we have the usual good-neighbour chat for a few minutes. There is no missing what I have on. I work in the yard all day in just a thong, cap, and sunglasses. I'm quite sure she likes to stop for a little look. Neither of them have actually ever mentioned my thongs ever.

A few neighbours can see our clothesline on the other side of the yard, and if they've looked, they would see the thongs waving in the breeze on an almost daily basis!
The Swan #138

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:11/13/2013 05:56:00Copy HTML

I see your point. I'll delete my reply.
JM_Runs #139

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:11/29/2013 02:02:04Copy HTML

 Typically I'm nude when I am home, or sometimes wear a gstring. My washer and dryer, etc. are in a separate building in my backyard about 150-200 feet behind my house. There's no privacy fence, just a hedge that has grown up high (on purpose) in places.  There's also a street light that shines in everyone's backyards in the neighborhood, whose house back up to each other. A few weeks ago, on a hot night, before going to bed I decided to make sure the building was locked. It was late at night, I was nude, so I figured what the heck - no one would see me. So out I went and got about half down the sidewalk when I heard someone cough. I looked over, and there was my neighbor (a guy a few years younger than me) that lives behind me sitting out on his back steps smoking. I froze a moment then proceeded on, covering my manhood with my hands as best as I could.  He said "great evening for this, huh?" And stood up to reveal he was naked too! He asked if I wanted a smoke. So, I ended up walking on over and had a couple smokes with him, both of us nude. It was a little awkward the first couple minutes but then we both eased up and enjoyed the cigarette and conversation. 
johny_b #140

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:01/27/2014 01:44:34Copy HTML

last summer it was SO hot out that i put on my purple tiedie thong bathing suit and went into my back yard, i was sitting in a chair at the patio table with my mom and granddad. i decided i would work on my tan for a few hours. im the type that doesn't care what people say. my bathing suit was a very modest one this time being in my backyard. oblivous to me my neighbour was have a work party, everyone was dressed in suits and dresses. all of the sudden i hear, the neighbour is outside sunbathing in a thong, i didn't care what i had on cuz i wasn't the one sweating my ass off. the neighbours party goers must have been talking about me in my bathing suit for what seemed like hours. 
i have never talked to any of my neighbours no matter where i lived, i like to keep to myself. the neighbours somehow seem to always want to talk to me now, they never acknowledged me prior to this situation.
JM_Runs #141

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:01/27/2014 05:15:39Copy HTML

I occasionally tan wearing a thong on the rooftop of the apartment building I live in, since there is a lot of apartment buildings where I live I was on the verge to be seen by one of my neighbors. Once there was this lady from the building across the street which she was hanging her laundry to set dry in the sun and she gave a few glances my way. Another time it was one of my neighbors from my own building, she keep doing what she was doing and avoided me.  I really don't mind if they see me, they never mention it when the see me with clothes on so I guess it isn't a big deal for them.
Thong_Flasher #142

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:01/27/2014 09:31:43Copy HTML

 Next door neighbour and ones across the street from me have caught me in my thongs.
Next door neighbour is an avid thong wearer and tans in them often, she is very comfortable with me and my thongs.
Neighbours across the road have caught me cooling off in our little blow up pool. First neighbour is an Asian man in his early 30s, I caught him sneaking peeks as he was loading his car. Second is an 40 something lady who lives across the road, once again I was soaking in the pool and stood up to get my towel revealing my thong, she did a double take and then went inside.

kmackhard #143

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:01/29/2014 01:39:10Copy HTML

Hi thereI also only wear G-strings or thongs or nude in my back yard. My yard is almost totally private except for a small part of it. It did;nt matter before as we had an old seniors couple next door and they were out in the yard very seldom and we didn't talk anyhow. They sold and moved and now we have a very nice couple around our age that moved in. We get along well and one day some other neighbor told them they have seen me parading around in my front yard in my thong. So of course they brought this up to me and I didn't confirm or deny it. Frankly the only time they may have seen me in the front yard in my thong was at night or near dusk I will go and turn off the sprinkler and usually at that time of night will not throw on my shorts. I just installed an above ground pool in my backyard this summer and no one can see me in it as it is totally blocked from any view of the neighbors. I do know from my neighbors spare bedroom window the can see me in part of my yard. So im pretty sure they have seen and know I wear them. Around mid august this year I got caught by her red handed. They usually work monday to Friday at their jobs. So one day on a wed I went out to put something in my boat which is at the side of my house right up against a very low fence right next to her veggie garden. I walked out not expecting anyone to be home, I was in a very tiny sheer G-string , I opened the gate and walked out  to my boat and she stood up from her garden and said oh hello and stared at me for a quick second and looked away quickly, she caught me off guard. So I just said hello and apologized and said did;nt think anyone would be home. She said oh no problem im just playing hookey today. She said she didn't feel like going to work. So I chatted with her a while, she finaly looked up at me again, looking a little embarrassed. She;s a lady in her mid fifties with a few extra pounds but she has no trouble being seen in her bikinis. Some are pretty skimpy (Like the one she had on that day) I told her to enjoy the day and I know she caught a look of me a few more times that day from her window. So I know they know and they seem to be fine with it. Personally I really don't care what I wear in the privacy of my yard is my business so im quite comfortable in what im wearing.
                                      Keep thonging kmackhard
steampowered #144

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:02/12/2014 07:27:58Copy HTML

 No elaborate stories here, just small gaps in the fence on one side and a neighbour getting veges from their garden which when they stand on, they clear the fence to look over. it's happened a few times now. only with one of our 3 neighbours. I freak out on the inside, but manage to keep my cool and close my eyes or keep reading while slightly rudely ignoring them (i'm normally a very friendly person to my beighbours).

we're currently digging up the back yard as it's mostly on a hill, to fully landscape and remodel the backyard. there will be many private spaces built in which to thong when i'm finished...
thereal_matt #145

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:08/18/2014 07:45:29Copy HTML

 The neighbor next door has moved and the realtor has been showing the house once in a great while.  More than showing, he comes over and swims in the in ground pool with his 2 dogs.  Taking a page from his book I grabbed a swim thong and some running shorts and made my way over after mowing my lawn this afternoon.  I checked the driveway and no one was there so I headed to the back, through the gate, dropped my shorts and jumped in.Glorious!About 10 minutes in the walkout basement door slides open.  To my surprise it was the realtor, to my delight he was not showing the house, just over for a swim himself.  I apologized for being there and he said it was ok, he recognized me from next door.  He jumped in and I imagine at some point during our 15 minute conversation realized I didn't have board shorts on.  He finally discovered it was a thong when we both decided to leave and I got out.He never said a word, we shook hands and parted ways.  I am always curious what others are thinking after these encounters but I was glad he didn't freak out.
Grabeach #146

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:08/18/2014 10:43:01Copy HTML

Realtors usually try and keep on good terms with the neighbours of properties they're selling. If he got you offside, there would be a number of things you could do that may affect the sale, and hence his income!
John Howard #147

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:08/18/2014 11:32:50Copy HTML

 @ thereal_matt,  good story.....  just wondering if the realtor jumped in the pool wearing a swimsuit, or did he maybe just pulled his pants down and went in his underwear....

as for the dogs swimming with him in the pool, that's bad;   whereas a neighbout sneaking in the pool wearing  a thong is simply cheeky......   I reckon dogs should not be allowed in swimming pools.

thereal_matt #148

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:08/20/2014 01:56:19Copy HTML

He had swim shorts on when he came out.  I should have said he comes over with his dogs and uses the pool.  His dogs did not swim, just yipped and ran around.
JM_Runs #149

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:08/25/2014 12:07:34Copy HTML

 My neighbour caught me a while back when I was wearing a bikini. It was a weekday and I had a free day, as well as the house to myself, so I felt like having a swim in the pool since it was a nice warm day. I also decided to put on my new Malibu Strings bikini in liquid royal blue with a g-string back, since it was my first real opportunity to wear it. So after a quick swim I climbed onto my inflatable lilo and laid on my front to have a bit of a relax. After a few minutes of being lost in thought, I heard someone shout my name. I looked over my shoulder and saw my neighbour looking out of his upstairs window!! I thought he was at work! He asked me if he could come around to borrow one of my dad's power saws. Even though I was embarrassed, I didn't want to say no and lose face. So I opened the gate for him, put on my t-shirt and shorts, and he came around. After a minute or so of talking he asked me "What on earth were you wearing in the pool?" So I just said "A bikini" in a sort of sarcastic but friendly tone. He then asked if my parents knew that I wore those sort of suits, and I said no, and that it doesn't matter as I'm eighteen; I can wear what I want. I was in my garden wearing it in private. I said that it's not like I flaunt myself in them or anything like that. I think he felt as if he should ask as he's known me for years, and was just looking out for me. I can understand why as it was such a tiny bikini I had on. He said that he had to go and get a saw as my dad didn't have what he needed, so I took my clothes off and got back in the pool. I felt a bit silly for a few minutes, but then quickly got over it.
skimpykini_sophie #150

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:08/26/2014 01:05:05Copy HTML

My neighbour caught me a while back when I was wearing a bikini. It was a weekday and I had a free day, as well as the house to myself, so I felt like having a swim in the pool since it was a nice warm day. I also decided to put on my new Malibu Strings bikini in liquid royal blue with a g-string back, since it was my first real opportunity to wear it. So after a quick swim I climbed onto my inflatable lilo and laid on my front to have a bit of a relax. After a few minutes of being lost in thought, I heard someone shout my name. I looked over my shoulder and saw my neighbour looking out of his upstairs window!! I thought he was at work! He asked me if he could come around to borrow one of my dad's power saws. Even though I was embarrassed, I didn't want to say no and lose face. So I opened the gate for him, put on my t-shirt and shorts, and he came around. After a minute or so of talking he asked me "What on earth were you wearing in the pool?" So I just said "A bikini" in a sort of sarcastic but friendly tone. He then asked if my parents knew that I wore those sort of suits, and I said no, and that it doesn't matter as I'm eighteen; I can wear what I want. I was in my garden wearing it in private. I said that it's not like I flaunt myself in them or anything like that. I think he felt as if he should ask as he's known me for years, and was just looking out for me. I can understand why as it was such a tiny bikini I had on. He said that he had to go and get a saw as my dad didn't have what he needed, so I took my clothes off and got back in the pool. I felt a bit silly for a few minutes, but then quickly got over it. This was written by me by the way. My old nickname was "bikinis_rock" and couldn't change it without deleting my account and starting again. :S So I'm reposting this under my new name. :)
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