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iowaboi65 #151

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:02/03/2015 04:44:00Copy HTML

Had a neighbor up a house from me who would always come out and sit and sun so she could be in view of me as unexpectedly i was of her.found out later when visiting i could see almost my whole deck from where she would sit, i would sun in a thong or a g stringthen i found a company who made sheer and semi see thru suits i would keep them on while laying on my stomachbut remove them while on my back it became a turn on for both of us .
NudeNArizona #152

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:02/05/2015 01:48:47Copy HTML

 My former neighbor caught me laying out nude the first time I swam in my pool, She just walked out her back door across her yard to my side gate, because she had seen us moving in a few days earlier.  She heard music coming from my back patio speakers and wanted to come over and introduce herself, so instead of announcing her presence she just opened the gate as she had done with the prior owner and entered my yard and walked around to the back where the pool and loungers were located and as she did I was laying out nude on a chaise lounger she came around the corner before I could react so I just acted as if nothing was out of the ordinary since it was my back yard, and stood up and walked over and said hello.  Then she said she was sorry to intrude and said she could come back later if that was better, I said since she already seen everything no reason to be shy now and introduced myself.  She also introduced herself and was a little embarrassed I said why you aren't the naked one and she just laughed.  So from that point on I didn't ever even bother to attempt to cover up going to or from my house to the pool and it never seemed to bother her, she would even come over to swim with my wife and I and she would be the only person dressed.
sailor250 #153

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:03/17/2015 01:49:55Copy HTML

 Here's a guy constantly caught by his neighbors hanging out outside his house nude, and the police are called, "can't do anything"!!http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2997888/Charlotte-man-stood-naked-door-ten-years-police-t-it.html
sailor250 #154

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:03/18/2015 01:20:36Copy HTML

Nude Dude cops a plea in Utah for sunbathing nude in his back yard, but visible from his new neighbors house and a church parking lot.
GAGUY30013 #155

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:04/07/2015 05:19:58Copy HTML

She wasn't my neighbor, but I got caught last year by a lady UPS driver. I must have left the gate open. I was laying on the patio in my Black thong. I didn't know she was there, and I heard excuse me sir. I was on my stomach, and when I looked up she was walking towards me. I had nothing to cover up with, so I just stood up and asked her is I could help her. She smiled and said, you sure can. I just need a signature. So I signed for the package, and she made eye contact with me, then gave me a good look over, then made eye contact with me a again and had a huge smile on her face, and said that sometimes I really enjoy my job!!!! 
She said to go back and enjoy that sunshine. 
ozarkG #156

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:04/10/2015 05:48:19Copy HTML

  As stated before, my back yard is fairly private, but over that past three years or so it has gotten more private thanks to the local bird population and the lay out of the power lines that are in my neighborhood. The power li e that feeds oir house goes from the fsr back corner to the garage wall side of the house. It runs over o e side of our fence for a bit. Some where the birds found a mulberry tree some where and have been dropping berries and crapping the seeds out along the fence line. So now we have two very healthy mulberry trees growing along the fence on one side. They provide quit a bit of cover from prying eyes. I have also been letting a few other trees grow along the other two fences. A couple happen to be directly behind our house, and block the view those neighbors have into our yard. They way our houses are layed out, mine is the corner lot house and the front of our house faces the the street that goes left at the corner. So the back of my house faces the side of the neighbors. Exiting the neighbors house, you can see my back yard. So before the new trees were there you could see into my back yard. The front of their house sits higher than my back yard.   So spring and summer when the trees have leaves, the view is completely blocked. We dont talk to them or anything. We've had some problems with them, and their kids. So now i can be on our back porch, in the pool, or out in the middle of the yard and not be seen by them. I know they would try use me being in a thong and being seen by them or either of their kids as a chance to cause problems with us. Not that it would go any where if they tried to report me for nudity or indecent exposure or something. They would have to deliberately try to look i  the yard to see me, so i know i wouldnt have a problem.   Any way, im hoping the weather keeps warming up. I can get the pool going and statt betting some sun on my cheeks. I really do like my tan lines, even though I'm Hispanic. 
32189 #157

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:05/23/2015 02:31:33Copy HTML

Once I was walking to my apartment in my thong after coming from the beach.  I hear a girl yell out, "those are some short shorts!".  I turn around in it is one of my neighbor friends walking her dog.  I told her that I was coming from the beach.  We talked for a few minutes as I stood there in my thong and she was not phased. I still see her around and we chat.  There have not been any problems with our friendship.  
kmackhard #158

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:07/05/2015 09:27:29Copy HTML

 I was out resurfacing my back yard sidewalks yesterday and I was wearing a very tiny see through G-string I had to open a gate on the side of my house. to properly roll the paint on my walks.. I thought my neighbors were out. After I open the gate and I am standing there in all my glory in my micro G-string painting away and I look up and see my neighbor staring at me from her garden. When I looked up and saw here , she looked away and awkwardly asked me if I would like some dill weed. I said sure and walked over to the fence and she handed me some looking away as she did. I said thank you and she said my pleasure and giggled. The next morning I was out again nude having a coffee and I looked up and she is watering her plants right up against the fence. I saw her staring, I waved and she waved back with a big smile on her face. So there is no secret anymore LOLkmack 
pikeman #159

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:07/08/2015 06:40:28Copy HTML

 This is too funny not to share. Yesterday I was home from work early and used the opportunity to do some back yard tree trimming. And I thought I'd wear a thong since I'd be piling the branches on the other side of my gate, which is between my house and the neighbors house. It's a narrow line-of-sight from the street, so I thought it would be OK.
It didn't take long to become a bit of a mess between the sunscreen oil and sweat, but at least I wasn't smelly. The chore proceeded quickly. I am busy sawing away and hear a "hello" and look up to see my late 60-ish neighbor smiling at me. 

After an internal "oh shit" I smile back and said "Hello". She apologizes and says she is locked out and would like my help getting into her house.

Turns out there is a window left open and she wants me to help her get through it. I agree, but observe that I'm a bit "icky", to which she shrugs and say's it's not an issue. At least I am able to towel-off a bit.

The window sill is at my shoulder-height. We decide the best way for us to avoid injury is to get her on the window sill and then she'll pivot through the open casement window. I should mention that she is 5' tall and about 180 lbs, and wearing a skirt. 

I only wish I had a video of this. Obviously I was slippery, and the more she slipped, the tighter she gripped me. At one point her arms were around my neck and legs crossed around the small of my back. I'f I'd become aroused and if she had been commando under that skirt. . . well, lets' not go there! To her credit she never let go of me, and didn't get either of her feet tangled in the thong, and she didn't kick me in the balls.

Once she was through the window she laughed and said something like "my goodness wasn't that an ordeal". I agreed and suggested that it should be our little secret. She nodded her head and gave me a big smile.
NudeNArizona #160

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:03/12/2016 02:07:32Copy HTML

 Recently I had new neighbors move into the house next to me, and they came by to introduce themselves and I offered to help them with learning how to run their pool equipment when the weather got warmer. 

A few weeks after moving in the weather started to get nice and I was out washing my truck in the driveway wearing a G-string like I had done many time before, since I live on a cul-de-sac and only one house the new neighbors could see my driveway I had never given it much thought since the house had sat empty for so long.

While I was washing the truck I heard a "Hello!!" from my neighbor as he walked over towards me. 

I started to get a little embarrassed and said "Sorry if I offend you but I forgot you had moved into the house next door and I always wash my cars early on Saturday mornings. I never had to worry about doing it in my swimsuit before."

He laughed and said do worry we are not offended by your G-string.  Then asked if I could help him get his pool figured out.

I said let me get dressed and I'll be right over. 

He said no rush just come over when you get a chance, and don't worry about how you are dressed you are fine the way you are, we bought out here in the country because we enjoy our freedom as well. 

So about an hour later I put on a shirt and shorts and walked over to the neighbors house and rang his doorbell and I heard his wife say Andrew was around back by the pool equipment from their back patio.

I walked around to the pool equipment and met with Andrew wearing just a pair of shorts and showed him how to run the filters and backwash the pool.  I wanted to teach him how to empty the filter baskets so we went into the backyard to the pool and laying next to the pool was Samantha his wife, laying out nude. She just said "Hello" and smiled.

Then she said "Andrew said he saw you washing your car this morning in a G-string, so I figured you are pretty open about personal freedoms.  I told him he should have told you that you were fine in your G-string you didn't have to get dressed just to come help with the pool."

 Then she asked if I ever laid out in my pool area nude, to which I said we are always nude in the pool but I wore the G-string for when I was outside of our wall so that I wouldn't get turned into the police.  She smiled and said you don't have to worry about that with us, as you can see we are nudist so feel free to be yourself.

After finishing with the pool lesson I said see you later and went back to my house. I decided it was still cool enough to wash my wife's car and since it was a nice day. So I went inside to get her keys and while in the bedroom I decided to take my shirt and shorts off and went out back to tell my wife I was going to wash the car and I would be in the driveway if she needed me.

She said "Aren't you going to put some shorts on, since we now have neighbors?"
I said "No they won't care."

I asked "Are you going to wear a swimsuit now since we have neighbors?"
She said "No I'm in my own yard! If they don't like it they don't have to look, but our driveway is visible from their front porch."

I said "Don't worry..."

So I took the car out to wash it and while I was washing it in my G-string I though to myself "Nobody has any reason to come down the cul-de-sac besides the neighbors and since they are nudist they wouldn't be offended by another nudist washing his car?"

Then I thought that the only reason I ever wore a G-string to wash the car in the first place was because I couldn't do it nude and a G-string was the next best thing. So when I went inside to get the car wash soap I removed my G-string and went to get a drink to take outside with me.

As I walked out of the kitchen I passed my wife and she said "I thought you were going to wash my car?"
I said I am!
She said "Why are you naked?" 
I said "Why are you naked?"
She said "Because I am going back out to the pool to work on my tan!"

"I said I am going to wash the car and work on my tan too!!"
Then she said "I hope I don't have to come get you from jail for being arrested for Public Indecency"
I said "Don't worry!" 

So while I'm washing her car not remembering that mail is delivered on Saturday, because in the past wearing a G-string wasn't illegal I never gave it much thought. Our mail lady pulls into my driveway to deliver a package and I don't even have as much as a towel to cover myself with so I stood on the opposite side of the car from her and she said sorry to bother you but I need a signature. 

I said "Sorry! but I forgot you delivered on Saturday and I have nothing to cover up myself with!"
She laughed and asked "What are you NAKED?"

I smiled and said "YES, sorry!"
She said "I don't get easily offended. I see naked people all the time! But usually it is at their door when a towel drops off when they reach for their packages or lift their arm to sign for something, but this is a first!"

Then she said "Is your wife home? I can have her sign for the package?" 
Not thinking I said "She is out back by the pool!" 

So she went around to our side gate into the pool area. Since I was out in the driveway my wife gave it no thought when she heard the gate open, so she continued to lay nude in her chair with her eyes covered. 
Then she heard a clearing of a throat! The mail lady said "Excuse me! your husband asked me to come around back and have you sign for this since he was busy hiding behind the car."
Then my wife embarrassed said "Sure I have nothing to hide! since whatever I have you have already seen if you wanted too!!"
Then she said "Sorry"
and the mail lady said "No problem. It happens all the time. Iit's part of my job. Don't worry I'm at your home unexpected. Chances are if you dropped by my house unexpected on my day off you would have found me the same way by my pool!"

Then she said "However seeing a guy washing his car in the driveway naked was a first for me."

So the mail lady left and a few minutes later my wife tied a sarong around her neck and came out to the driveway and asked "What did you think?"
"Sending the mail lady back when you knew I was laying out by the pool!"
I said "Sorry, but I wasn't thinking."
Then she said "I hope the neighbors call the cops on you!"

Just then I see my neighbors Andrew and Samantha walking to their mailbox to get their mail.  Then my wife comments "Their NAKED!!"
I said "Yeah I can see that!" 
Then she said, "How did you know they were nudists?"
I said "I helped Andrew with his pool and Samantha was laying out when I was showing him how the clean the traps. Samantha mentioned that she had seen my washing the car in my G-string and wanted to know why I wore a G-string to wash the car. I told her  because I can't wash it NUDE, so a G-string was as close as I could be to nude and still be legal. Then Samantha told me that they were nudist and I didn't have to worry and so I decided to wash your car in the nude."

My wife asked if they knew we were nudists as well. I said "No I didn't tell them we were nudist, since you are only nude in the house or by the pool, but if you would like I can tell them."

She smiled and said "I guess I don't really need this cover-up on anymore since the whole end of the cul-de-sac is walking around outside nude!"

She untied her sarong and let it drop to the ground on the other side of the car. As she bent down to pick it up Andrew looked over our way, and seeing us standing their nude and waived.
I waived back and said "Hi, Nice Day for a walk!"
My wife lifted her head and Samantha Said "HI" to my wife!
My wife said to me "Great now they know we are nudists."
I said YES they do, and waived them to come on over!

My wife walked around the car to stand next to me. We talked to our neighbors as we dried the car and ladies talked about lady stuff.  So far it seems to be a good friendship. Now my wife has a friend to lay out by the pool with. Since they have already seen her nude she is now more comfortable around the house nude. 

My wife isn't quite as comfortable nude as my neighbors wife because she still puts on a robe to get the mail most of the time, but I have since given up the robe for mailbox walks and taking the trash to the curb. 

However my wife has walked over to the neighbors house nude to sunbathe, just carrying a towel, and has run back to pick up something without covering up only to find out the mail lady or UPS guy just happen to show up right as she crossed the driveway.  They have gotten used to us being the nudist in the neighbor hood.

I am no longer embarrassed being seen by the mail lady and I'm now comfortable being out in the front yard doing yard work nude even with the occasional car coming by to turn around on our cul-de-sac.  I have noticed most don't even notice me being in the yard and if they do, the chances are they are lost and are looking for help, and say "Excuse me sorry to intrude, but can you tell me how to get to XYZ...",  and are happy for the help even from a nudist.
sailor250 #161

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:03/20/2016 05:32:04Copy HTML

While in Phoenix lately I was thinking it's a shame NuParr swimwear closed then I looked around and noticed something about the area.  Many homes in all price ranges have wall enclosed backyards, with or without pools.  It seems that many people are taking advantage of this privacy outdoors to swim and sun without a suit.  I've taken advantage to erase my tan lines!  

It seems in other areas it's not as common.  In S Florida it's common for high end houses to have pools facing waterways and bays so you usually are exposed to the public.

In Central Fla, and SW Florida many pools are on golf courses or in some developments are directly next to other homes pools with no privacy at all.

In Southern Calif private pools are more common but many homes have two stories meaning the neighbors can overlook your pool, but in Ariz. most are one story and the pools are completely private. In northern parts of the country we're not outside because of the cold most of the year.This privacy may mean that those who would wear a thong around their pool, or even another bathing suit are regularly nude in their pool- and that's hurt swimwear sales!  Cool trend as far as I'm concerned!!!  Home Nudists Unite!
Grabeach #162

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:03/20/2016 12:09:52Copy HTML

Can't resist asking. If people are, "taking advantage of this privacy ......", one assumes their out of sight. Hence how do you know what they're doing and wearing?
sailor250 #163

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:03/21/2016 01:47:48Copy HTML

 Can't say for sure, but I've had pool guys stop in unannounced and seem unfazed by nudity.  Should ask them how often they see it.
sailor250 #164

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:03/21/2016 02:56:15Copy HTML

 One other clue I've seen at many Arizona houses is efforts to seal up the view at all portals.  Like one house I stayed had fabric curtain on an iron gate leading from the car port/drive thru in front of the garage.  A lot of places have wooden or other means of sealing off iron gates from view, often you can see this driving by, even though you wouldn't be able to see right in- leads one to believe that they really want tight privacy probably to allow nude use.  The other advantage to the private pool is of course two or more people can have a lot of fun in the sun if you know what I mean!
NudeNArizona #165

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:03/31/2016 06:25:42Copy HTML

 I will agree with sailor250, many friends and acquaintances have joked about going naked in our pool because of the privacy, and when we told them anytime we are usually naked and they are welcome to stop by they usually are not surprised!  And on occasion I have come home to fine my wife and a few friends nude by my pool, and most get embarrassed when they see me walk out to the pool until I drop my towel and see I am also nude.

Like I said in the original post my next-door neighbor like us bought their house because of the privacy, not that they want to be completely secluded but so they can enjoy their property nude, and once they found they have neighbors who enjoy the same thing we have out nude together quite frequently. Since we live next-door at the end of a cul-de-sac we think nothing of walking between the houses nude.
sailor250 #166

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:04/02/2016 01:08:55Copy HTML

 In talking to people in Fla and Calif. I've turned conversations toward private pools and have heard a few stories about pool nudity mishaps, like an older lady told me her elderly female neighbor a proper lady was telling her she got caught in her pool one day nude by a new pool service.  I've heard some stories that are probably recycled in the third person and are probably actually the storyteller's experience....including accidental nude sunburns, older couples having accidents like falls around the pool while "not decent".I think more Americans than would admit would find skinny dipping in your own private pool about as scandalous as showering naked!
tanline #167

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:05/14/2016 12:05:30Copy HTML

 So, apparently I was "caught" but never knew it. I was helping the neighbor trim some trees between our houses the other day. She mentioned something about "improving the view" once the work was done. She said that now she'd probably have to spend the summer at her kitchen window- it looks directly into the area where I'm usually tanning in a Joe Snyder bulge thong. I really didn't think she'd ever seen me. Well, at least I don't have to be worried about that neighbor. Now I just need to be sure the other neighbors  are ok with my swimwear choice. 
RapidBlue #168

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:05/20/2016 06:01:24Copy HTML

 It appears that the new neighbor may have caught me on the deck sunning my buns in a black G-string today. I was out in the sun (still am) when I heard a voice. I looked up and saw the neighbors dogs but no sign of her. I put my head back down and continued to take in the sun. A while later I get up to get some water and notice her sitting on the deck behind her house. While it takes some effort to see me on my deck I am sure she spied me as her chair was turned in my direction. So if she got up and walked out a bit in her yard I would have been visible. Nothing was said so I can't be sure. Normally this time of day no one is home, so it was a bit of a surprise for me to see her there.
75texasthong #169

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:06/20/2016 11:44:38Copy HTML

 Pretty sure I was caught again.Neighbor was on his house and I think saw me. Actually it may have been a installer for dish or something.This is a new neighbor whoS wife I went to elementary school with from a family I was really close with.I bet that will be a fun conversation when she gets back to them. I can hear it now, has he changed etc....Well he lays out on the trampoline in a thong....Lol
JM_Runs #170

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:06/21/2016 07:49:17Copy HTML

 I recently bought my first muscleskins thong and decided to try it out in my backyard this afternoon.  My backyard is somewhat private, thanks to bushes, trees, etc.  I also recently bought a small above ground pool (kiddie) just to relax in on hot days.  So there I was, rocking my new red thong in my pool and working on a great tan when I heard voices.  Of all days, my elderly neighbor and her husband (who has alzheimers) walked over to see if I mind if they trimmed a few of the bushes on the property line.  They asked if I could walk over and make sure what they trimmed was okay, as well.  So, I got out of the pool, offered to put on a pair of shorts, but she said "no honey, you're fine just the way you are and we don't care" and paraded across my backyard in just my thong.
JM_Runs #171

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:07/04/2016 02:10:36Copy HTML

If this offends you, well i don't care, here goes: 
Just north east of Navasota tx i bought 40 acres of land i didn't want it all but it was buy it all or nothing. so that made me own all the land on the right side of the road. It dead ended into the river i even tried to buy that part of the river but it belonged to the state and wasn't for sale. 

I moved up about 300 feet from the river and started clearing land. i lived off a generator until i got enough land cleared so they could run lights to my camper at the time. The entire street was owned by two people me on the right and some guy named Byrd owned everything on the left, but he lived in NY or someplace. So no one was ever close for at least 3 miles any direction. 

It wasn't long before summer hit and let me tell you it got hot in a hurry. Then I started seeing cars come and park at the river. kids would swim at all times of the day and knight. party and even have sex. but sometimes they would leave a mess. it was starting to piss me off. I didn't own the road but i had to maintain it because i was the only one that lived on the road.

So one day i was out clearing land in shorts shoes and no shirt. when i car load of hot young girls. came by and i yelled at them to stop please and they did. i was nice and ask them if they would get word to their friends that if i put a trash can down there that they needed to start using it. i didn't care what the did. that i talked to the guy that owns the land across the street and i can put a fence up and block the street off if i had to. but really dont want to do that. (I LIED. ).

They said yes sir and they all said they would make sure the dick head boys picked up there mess from now on. I said thank you and started walking back to my tractor when i heard one of the girls say he can come skinny dipping with me anytime he wants to. i smiled turned around and she saw me looking and turned blood red. 

Anyways things went pretty good for the summer and i started putting up a privacy fence. and one day al the girls came running up to my camper yelling and i was in the back taking a shower nothing to really hide behind. So i more less stood in front of them for 30 seconds nude. They all took a good look and then yelled lacy was bit by a snake.

Cell phones didn't work there back in 2004 and still don't work good today out there. So i ran to the camper grabbed the house phone threw it to one of the girls and went and got dressed real fast. Went to check on the girl as they called 911. They killed the snaked and it was just a water snake. Non venomous. They took her in anyway just to check her out.

The next day the girls mom came to my house to thank me. MOM was hot. After she thanked me we talked about a hour. She just flat out ask if i run around my land nude all the time or just when kids are around. Damn i thought i was going to have a war on my hands. I got up and said follow me. We went behind the camper and a small building I had with a small shower built in it. Told her i was there when they came up, I wasn't running around nude.

She then ask why i didn't use the shower in the camper. So i showed her it was very small, and said that's why i only use it when i have to.
She laughed and said its ok. I was told you was the cool old hot man that lived down here. I laughed and said cool I can see, but hot, them days left me along time ago. 

Then she just came out and said your hot and your not that old. She then said these girls come down this road to go swimming and get pissed when they don't see you out here working. Then she ask if I had anything to drink and I said if you want beer its in the icemaker out front that's where the kids keep it. I never told them they could keep it there. Just one day the cops showed up and a boy came running through the woods and I hid them in there, and they have been just putting them there ever since. Sometimes i see them slip up here and steal my ice or hide there beer here.

Anyway she started coming by all the time and i guess we was kinda dating but not going anywhere. Then her and lacy started helping me clear my land. I found a 3 acre pound i didn't even know i had. After some treatment got it cleared up we started using it as out privet spot.

Then lacy said this is it. Right in front of her mom said i know you saw me naked before at the river and striped down and jumped in the water. Her mom Shelly said what the fuck and striped and then striped me.  From that moment on it turned into our little nudest camp.

Sometimes lacy would bring friends over all i ever ask her was to make sure they was 18. I know she lied about a few of them but they was close so i let it slide. I now have it all cleared a nice home built on it and its 100% fenced in me and shelly have been living together for 11 years now. Lacy is now married with 2 kids and we all still use it. Lacy still brings some friends over sometimes. Gives this old man a HARD attack every time.

I still have no neighbors and i'm still trying to buy all the land cross from me, but someone is still paying the taxes. But i will say from spring to fall. i haven't pulled in my driveway with out seeing someone walking around my place naked. and yes sometimes there is sex going on when i pull  in the driveway. yes i have had sex with lacy. but her mom wanted it and you know i did.

We have even had the law show up but they couldn't do anything its not open to the public no one pays to get in. The only children out there was family and thank god everyone was dressed that day.
String_guy #172

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:07/04/2016 11:43:15Copy HTML

 Great post rabbitman. I envy your freedom.
JM_Runs #173

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:07/06/2016 05:43:15Copy HTML

 A nudist's pipe dream. :)
rock_pile #174

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:07/08/2016 01:11:53Copy HTML

 Rabbitman has a great thing going!
A long LOOOONG time ago I delivered mail.  My route was in town and most of my customers were retirees.  Some people stayed nude (it seemed) whenever we had hot weather.  I'm a nudist and seeing people bare didn't faze me at all.
Nuwalket #175

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:07/13/2016 02:00:48Copy HTML

I haven't had much to add to the board as I live far from any beaches that are easy to reach but I do have a story to tell. Our little lane has a few houses on it and most take the week of July 4th for vacation. So needless  to say there has been very little traffic and our landscape bushes needed trimmed so why not take advantage of the quiet and sun and wear a thong? As expected no traffic at all and I would be done before the mailman made his rounds. That's when the wife came out to check on the progress and exclaimed "That's all your wearing?'. After inspecting the work and commenting me on a good job she said '"No wonder your no naked; it's hot out here!" and retreated to the comfort of the A/C. Soon after a car went down the lane and I got a thumbs up from the driver whom I assume was going to check on a residence. Even got a toot of the horn on her return trip back up the lane!  
Yogaone #176

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

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 I was working on friends boat yesterday again.  Doing some mechanical stuff in the engine room.  I had on a Nudie Bootie adjustable bikini front and back slide adjustment. It was a hot day and thought I would take a break and stretch out on deck in the sun. I adjusted my suit to minimal coverage and had a relaxing sunbath.  Returning to the engine space I went back to work.  Then I heard a "Hi" from the dock neighbor " I came to see how the work is going".   I had a nice visit, never adjusted the suit and basically my full butt was exposed.  The neighbor said I was doing a great job and should come work on his boat!
tradof #177

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

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 I have dacha where neighbors can see and talk with each other without any visual restrictions. So one day I went to dacha to mow a lawn and sun. When work was finished I took off shorts and stayed only in n2n bt g-strings in white color. After some time I heard "Hi neighbor!". She came to her dacha to take some rest from town. For me it was unexpectedly because I didn't saw her coming. I asked do I embarrass you and she said "No because I saw a lot of things in my life. So don't worry about anything".
Second time was on the same place. Next time I was cleaning my car and heard from another neighbor "Hello John!" He came to talk with my wife about  flowers but my wife was at home in town. So we talked little bit and he went to his dacha. No word was said about my g-strings and no strange looks.
So now I know at least two neighbors who saw me in g-strings.
sailor250 #178

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

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 I just had a funny thing happen that proves I guess I'm just an animal after all.Have a pool and patio in an isolated area where no neighbors can see so I sometimes take advantage and sun/swim without a suit.  This is just off the path to the garages and a path we walk a lot everyday.  There are often wild small animals walking/running around from birds to squirrels.  When they see me walking around they usually run off.

Well yesterday I went out there nude and with my all over tan I'm pretty dark this summer.  This squirrel that must live nearby usually will run away when I walk out there this time was walking toward me.  He stops, I stopped , he looked me up and down, then just walks past me a foot or two from my feet.   I guess I'm just not threatening to him without any clothes on!!!

Sometime I'll try to see if he finds a small thong suit in a bright color to be threatening!  don't know if they see in color, but my one tone skin must have been non threatening to him!! Now that I think about it I've had birds land an look around closer than I thought possible while I'm nude!
JM_Runs #179

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

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Not necessarily "caught by neighbors" but an interesting perspective from mine.  I went to the community pool in our townhouse complex today.  With most of the kids back to school already I had the pool to myself.  I planned on wearing the G-string instead of a thong since it's hotter than hot lately in Southern California.  I arrived to the pool, set down my stuff and then went to the changing room.  I came out in the G-string, and jumped right into the pool.  I heard my next door neighbor shout out Hello from the other side of the pool.  I swam over and told her I didn't see her when I came in so she must have just arrived.  She confirmed that and commented, "is that why you're wearing that tiny suit?  Because you thought you were alone?"  I said, I really didn't consider if anyone else was here, I just planned on working on the tan.  I asked if she was offended by my suit, if so, since we're next door neighbors, I would cover up a bit.  Her reply was hilarious.  She said, "I hate to break it to you but I've already seen you naked plenty of times through your patio fence.  You have nothing to hide from me."  
32189 #180

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

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LOL First Naked.  Good one.  I wonder how many of neighbors have seen me nude.  
pikeman #181

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

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 I've had interactions with the same neighbors when I'm out at 4:30Am running in a thong. Despite changing my route and times I have crossed paths with the same couple a half-dozen times in the last two years. In 4 miles they are the only people I've seen out at that hour walking their dogs. Thankfully the dogs don't freak out. I always wear black for the contrast so there is no doubt I am _not_ nude, and they nod back politely when I say good morning.There are several neighbors who know I'm usually nude in the back yard, and fortunately none of them cares. I have a new fence and plenty of trees and bushes although if you were motivated you could peep through a crack. But that's an offense, so if it's happened I guess it satisfied their curiosity. Most people just want to see the garden, so I try to keep the gate open when I'm clothed and hauling brush out to the curb or doing some other task that requires clothing.
JM_Runs #182

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

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I often thong in my front yard, when cleaning up, doing the grass, putting out the trash cans, getting the mail, etc.  This includes waking out on the road in a thong when putting out palm fronds or cutting the grass on the swale. However I normally don't go into my neighbours yards in a thong. 

Today I was sorting out stuff in the car parked in the driveway.  My neighbor across the street had a problem with her bike can called me over.  So I fixed her bike in her driveway. Nothing said about my thong, we talked about house prices and telescopes. So thongs are cool with most of my neighbors, on my property or theirs. 

There are a couple of newer neighbours who are a bit prissy and have never been very friendly, but have not said anything about my thonging. Everyone else is cool.

In addition to the regular yard men and service men who park on our street every day, we have a new house being constructed.  Added to the continuous stream of tradesman servicing the upper end houses and boats, we now have the builders, labourers and tradesmen working on the new house. They often do a double take but none have honked or said anything. 

 I have not been to the beach much in the last year, so I am quietly working on thong acceptance in the neighbourhood instead. 

75texasthong #183

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

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 well I was exposed again. We live in the country and the neighbor was.doing something on the roof of his barn. I was cleaning the pool and when I noticed him he was looking in my direction. I have no idea how long he was there before I noticed him. he is a roper and a cowboy and Im sure had his opinion about it, but hell I'm a cowboy too and had on a cowboy hat to fight the sun. Maybe this helped lol..
gog5150 #184

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

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 I am sure my neighbors know I thong as I am in a thong every time I am in the backyard poolside.  No one has ever mentioned it and they are all nice people.  When I go out front to check mail or take out trash rarely am I in a thong, usually my split seam coverup shorts from Skinzwear which I also use to run downtown at the convention center.  Pretty much when I am home I am in thong swimwear. It's comfortable for me.
NudeNArizona #185

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

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 Our newest neighbors are an older couple in their 70’s and one day while driving home they stopped me to ask about getting a pool put in. We talked for a few minutes and I told them they were welcome to come take a look at our pool. They agreed.
Since my wife knows when I normally arrive from work it wasn’t a reason for alarm hearing my car pull into the driveway. As I parked the neighbors walked over and met me at my garage. Then I walked them around to the side gate to show them the pool. As we walked thru the gate my wife was laying on a raft nude. I said maybe they should come back later, but the neighbours wife said “I grew up in the 60’s and was a hippie seeing a naked lady isn’t going to offend me.” 

So I called to my wife to let her know we we here and she just smiled and waved. Apparently she had already talked to the neighbors and told them we usually swim nude, and not to be surprised if they came over.  They just wanted me to explain the technical stuff.
Rhodesthong #186

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

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I think I was caught out in my back garden in a thong today and I'm feeling bad about it. I have been clearing a bamboo grove out about half way down our 700 ft garden. It was hot today - 30C at least - and I had on a pair of cut off jeans over a black and white swim thong. Later in the afternoon I wanted a break and realised that I was soaked through with sweat so I had a look about, nobody around, and took off my t-shirt and shorts. I placed the shorts and t-shirt in the sun to dry out. Then went off to collect the pine cones that had fallen on to my lawn from a neighbour's tree. I had picked up a few when I heard laughing and chattering from the garden the other side of my neighbour, so probably 150 ft away or so. I looked up and saw to my horror a bunch of kids looking directly over at me. Although we are separated by the width of a garden the fences are only wire mesh so they would have been able to see my thong.
I am disappointed to say that fear took hold, mainly because they were kids, and I quite literally dived behind a big pine tree. I sat on the floor for a few minutes looking discreetly to see if the kids had gone. They stayed for a few minutes looking for me but then went off back to their house. I think they are relatives of my next-door-but-one neighbour, probably visiting for the day. My behaviour probably made things worse because I behaved like a weirdo furtively trying to hide.
Had they been adults I would have been less concerned but now I'm worried that they may have gone running to my neighbour telling him that I was naked, which a smaller child might conceivably do - a bare butt could be construed as naked to a kid... That may cause my neighbour to call the Police, which would obviously be both extremely embarrassing and potentially get me in trouble with the law. An offence of (even if it is just alleged) exposing oneself to minors could result in serious trouble. i haven't told my wife about the encounter.
I'm not entirely sure what the law is in UK with regard to wearing a thong in your own garden is - anyone know the definitive position please? 
gog5150 #187

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

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 Two weeks ago the pool guy Terry showed up with his daughter who is home for the summer from college.  I was working on the pool scrubber in a thong.  Terry has seen me in a thong before but not his daughter.  I'm sure he warned her beforehand LOL!  It's just swimwear.
matchingthongs #188

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

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 Rhodesthong - I understand your concern and I know that in those unexpected encounters we do things out of character that don't make sense when you think about it later.Wearing a thong in your own garden certainly isn't an offence and neither is being nude. Providing you weren't behaving in a way that "disturbs the peace" or is indecent exposure (covering your privates in a thong certainly ISN'T indecent exposure). Try not to worry about it.Next time I expect you will remember to keep your composure and just walk away calmly. That is probably better than waving or talking to them.
Matt37 #189

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

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 > Wearing a thong in your own garden certainly isn't an offence and neither is being nude.
That is not universally true. There are plenty of places where it is indeed illegal to do exactly that.
Rhodesthong #190

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

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Thanks matchingthongs. Well nothing further has happened - no visit from either the neighbour in question or the police so they were obviously/hopefully not too bothered about it. It will be interesting to see what happens next time I run into my neighbour though.....!
gsj #191

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

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Re "...There are plenty of places where it is indeed illegal to do exactly that." But NOT in the UK where this report originated.
tobias5711 #192

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

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 Yesterday I went to the lake in a skinzwear adjustable g-string (neon green M1R2U ) I drove there wearing only it and didn't cover up to walk to lake from parking lot, then wore it home. When I got home, my new neighbor was in his yard working. He waved and said hello, so I walked over to his front yard and talked to him, still in just my g-string. I wanted to ask him about a few things. He was very friendly and didn't seem to care, how little I had on. We talked for ten minutes as cars drove past.  Later last night, still in g-string, I couldn't sleep and went out on front porch. Carlos the 20 yr old guy from across the street saw me and waved, saying something about how hot it was. Carlos has been over many times in past. He is friends with a former renter.  He has seen me in very short gym shorts many times, but never so exposed. I went across street and talked to him about his new job for several minutes. He was shocked a little, but okay. Didn't talk long since it was late. What I have come to realize, if you are friendly, confident and act normal, not trying to expose yourself - most neighbors today don't care if you wear a thong or g-string in your yard.
tobias5711 #193

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

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 Hi guys. This summer has been very liberating for me. I have worn thongs and g-strings to local lake and to public beaches for over 30 yrs, but never had the nerve to do so around my house in the back yard or front yard. My neighbors to the left of me moved and I had an opportunity to lay out nude on my deck for 6 weeks until the new neighbors moved in. The week before they moved in, I saw the dad in the front yard. I went over to introduce myself and welcome him. I told him his house was higher up and it overlooked my back yard over my 6 foot privacy fence and told him I didn't wear much in the backyard in the summer; if he wanted to raise my fence he could. 
Long story short, he did not raise the fence and I began wearing tiny g-strings to sun in. The dad, mom, 4 kids under 5, friends, family have all seen me in my yard in a g-string. Everyone of them wave and say hello. Especially the 5 yr old son. 

After my acceptance of them seeing me on my deck, I began going out onto my covered front porch during the day and evenings, most the time in a g-string. As my neighbors pass by walking their dogs, riding their bikes, or just taking a stroll, I will wave and say hello. Most the time I am sitting down, but sometimes, I am walking around or standing up. They all say hello and smile. 

The neighbors in two of the houses across the street have seen me in my thongs and g-stings. I have talked to the two college age guys who live in those houses with their families, both guys have talked with me, one even came over to my house and stayed 45 minutes playing with my home recording studio. I just happened to be wearing my smallest g-string at the time. I told Josh I usually go naked indoors, he said that was his plan when he got his own house and I could wear whatever or how little I wanted at my own home. He plans to record a rap-crap song.

Another lady neighbor saw me and drove into my driveway, got out of car and chatted for 25 minutes. I told her I hope you don't mind I'm in a g-string. She said it's hot - glad you are comfortable, I could care less.

Then last evening my new neighbors had concrete delivered to expand their driveway. Carlos promised me some concrete to go around the corner of my house, to correct a drainage issue. I was in a blue D/A protrude thong, the pouch is very small on me and the straps tend to fold over and look more like a g-string. I went over to talk to him, his workers and man delivering concrete. I helped with the concrete around my house, entire time I visible from street. 

Most of my neighbors have either seen me in a thong or g-string during this summer.  No negative comments. All are friendly and say hello and wave. I cut the grass on my riding lawnmower, trim the hedges and trees all while in a small thong. 

I have talked to salesman, one came inside for 45 minutes trying to sell me a new roof. He stayed and talked about thongs, his college life, his family. I have taken the trash to road, checked the mail every day in a thong or g-string. All my fears were unfounded. If I had known, that in a bible belt city outside Atlanta, I could wear a thong around my property without upsetting my neighbors, I would have done it 6 years ago when I moved in.

I know all my neighbors, but more importantly, they know me. If any of you want to do the same thing, I suggest be confident, be friendly, and don't act like you are doing something illegal, and enjoy your freedom. By the way, the kids next door always call me by name and yell hello and wave. 
JM_Runs #194

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

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For years I have cut my front lawn and the swale by the street in a thong.  I put the garbage cans out, and do anything I need in a thong. As a result some of the neighbors call me thongman. 

I don't water the grass and don't use fertilizer or weed killers. I have St Augustine grass that has been there for more than 30 years. But over the years I also got some invasive weeds. Finally I decided they had to go, as part of my ongoing cleanup and painting that I had put off for a long time, but was forced to start after my yard was trashed by last years hurricane.

I had two types persistent weeds that resisted manual removal. One has a thin top but just pulling the top off left a tuber underground from which it regrew. The other grows along under the grass and has a network of long woody tenderalls with intermediate roots at the junctions. Both very difficult to remove. I broke my rule of not using weed killers or poisions, and tried some 'weed and feed', but it did not work on these particular weeds.

So for the last few months I went out every day and did a bit of manual weeding. A good opportunity to spend an hour or two outdoors. Each day I cleared one or two square feet, or square meters, and then the next day, and then the next. They are creeping weeds so where the leaves are is no indication of where the root is. But once the tops were off and tenderals pulled out, any new growth had to be from a root. So daily re-weeding the "cleared zone" showed me where the roots were, that I could then carefully dig out without distroying the grass.

I did all this work in a small thong or g-string. There is always home owners driving by, and almost as many tourists just looking at houses. I live on the isles of Las Olas so tourist drive-bys are common. Then every day there is a procession of trucks for yard men, cable men, floor cleaners, car detailers, etc.  Meany of my neighbours have people who do everything for them, from tending the yard to everyday cleaning, or child care.

During the last few months there has been a fury of building activity. They are building a new mega-mansion down on the point lot, just completed a house across the street one door down, and demolished a house three doors down the other way. Today they are drilling holes to pour piles for a new house on that lot. Neighbour three houses down the other way is replacing his seawall, and the list goes on. So in addition to the regular daily traffic of service workers, for the last few months we have had an unusually heavy flow of builders, cranes and cement trucks.

Added to that a number of houses have recently gone up for sale. Our street is little higher than any on the south side of Las Olas, and with more affordable lots than the next two streets to the East, and the with the new construction, even more people than usual are starting to list their houses, just to see what they can get. Because Las Olas Blvd has high traffic realtors like to hold open houses on our side streets to suck in new clients, even if the house itself is not moving. So every weekend there are open house signs at the bridge and a continual stream of lookers driving up and down the road.  

When I am out doing yard work in a thong or g-string the neighbors stop to talk or say hellow.  (With the exception of the new neighbours who moved into the newly finished ultra modern house two doors down. I have not met them yet.)
I get friendly waves from some of the car drivers who pass by, some are people who live further down the street, some are tourists, and some of the regular trucks like the yard men.

I sort of expected a few comments, not that they phase me, but heard absolutly NONE. Not when I am bending over weeding, or up a ladder trimming ficus, or raking the street in a g-string. I'm a bit surprised that with all the traffic, and a lot of low wage day labours, nobody says anything at all negative. We live in a changing world.

mack_back #195

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:09/19/2018 05:17:28Copy HTML

Only because people keep quiet not shouting smart negative comments, don't mean they accept thong wearing male. Needing to be more observant to people's reaction to a male wearing unique non traditional clothes. Watching out when others chuckle, rolling eyes making sudden eye contact to a buddy about what they observed mumbling to another seeing you exposing more skin. Often silent non verbal interaction ignoring one in a thong is often indicative of people's beliefs opposing your right to wear what you want or just rude behaviour. Often then not my neighbours particular older females MILF's initial reactions is to respond to my female short shorts they observed finding it amusing and odd. Often is followed by instructing their young children staying clear of me or interacting whenever outside or wearing modest clothes. While i do lawn work out in the front using the mower, leaf blower, gas trimmer or electric hedge hog trimming umbrella berry shrubs shirtless and in short shorts they avoid staying outdoors..

Stopped water the lawn with a hose early evenings during the dry summer. Only because i get very odd looks or observe the MIlf's outdoors with there family being uncomfortable giving me the salty stares.  If looks could kill i be dead long time ago.   

Amusing part is seeing the MILF's walking out on there porch, notice me and quickly walk back into the home. When i'm finished from the front lawn i can overhear them back outside when i'm on my patio.

sailor250 #196

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:09/20/2018 01:06:51Copy HTML

Somebody get this guy a thong! Here's a story about a "nudist" couple in Stuart Florida who go outside their house in front etc nude and the neighbors are upset. The Sheriff Dept said they can't do anything? https://www.wpbf.com/article/stuart-neighbors-upset-about-man-doing-yard-work-in-the-nude/23310164
wearsthongs #197

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:09/20/2018 03:39:12Copy HTML

mack_back have you considered that the same demeanor that has you referring to them as MILFs might have more to do with them avoiding you than your attire?

XChip #198

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:09/20/2018 08:41:04Copy HTML

I'm a retired schoolteacher in a small town where I've lived for 45 years and taught kids for 30 of those years. I'm well respected and basically know everybody in town. I would like to feel free to work outside in a thong or g string, but you can imagine my hesitancy to do so. But . . . I've started. The bird feeder is close to the house and I'll re-fill it wearing a thong. I'll take the trash out to the street (long driveway) in a thong. BUT so far only after dark or in the very early morning when few if any cars will be coming by. It's a start, though, and I feel totally comfortable so far. The day will probably come (I sort of hope so) when a former student spots me in my stars and stripes thong and it'll be big news for a little while--like the day the kids discovered that my nips are pierced (wore a shirt to school that was tighter than I realized). That was big news in class for exactly one minute and then it was old news and nobody cared. I hope that'll happen with the thong. We'll see. Stay tuned!
tobias5711 #199

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:09/20/2018 12:03:57Copy HTML

Jm Runs, I have had pretty much the same experience in my neighborhood since I started working in the yard in a thong or g-string, mostly small thongs. I never hesitate to get the mail, take the trash out or talk to the trash men or meter reader. Most of my neighbors are very friendly and wave or say hello. I don't know if it is just my neighbors, but there are several asian families close to me who walk every afternoon and see me as I sit of my front porch doing work on my computer. All of them are extremely friendly and always go out the way to say hello and wave with big smiles. I do have 2 neighbors who are not very friendly. One stopped his truck and said man put on some jeans, the other gave me the finger. I had decided to wear shorts, very short shorts when on porch until he gave me the finger. I know I am legal, the police stressed that 4 times. I need to weed eat my yard and trim the bushes this weekend while it is still warm and can get a few minutes of sun. Of course I will be in a small thong.
mack_back #200

Re:Neighbors and Thongs

Date Posted:09/20/2018 05:00:55Copy HTML

mack_back have you considered that the same demeanor that has you referring to them as MILFs might have more to do with them avoiding you than your attire?

Wearsthongs: Doubtful, when the neighbours moved in never talked to and minded my business. When the MIlf and husband came piling a her family friends mini-van arriving on her driveway. She came out seeing me one house lot apart, washing a car on my driveway, wearing only  short shorts and flip flops. Her reaction was apparent chuckling, smirking and laughing out loud as she stared upon me ignoring everyone in the van. It became clear what her beliefs are with clothing worn by a male very modest like her husband dork shorts. While other newer neighborhood Milf initial reaction when walking along the sidewalk with her husband and baby buggy spoke out saying hello but smirked to her husband saying Wow while i washed my car on the driveway again shirtless and wearing flip flops. Much later after year the same neighbour walked with few female friends visitors passing by on the sidewalk. While i was wearing denim cutoff shirtless in the open garage working on something on the back of my car. The one female friend said to the MIlf neighbor is that the man who walks around the house naked? Her response was with a rolling eyed tone, good grief negative tone yah!

So my attitude of disrepecting and contempt for them comes because they have modest conservative values finding my choice of wardrobe funny amusing even uncomfortable to observe for various unknown reasons because of there kids. While i never name called them or interested in chatting only because find there overreaction indicative and contrary to my attire beliefs. No point in chatting if they find me offensive or odd because of the clothes i choose to wear. Only do know from second hand information people talking to the husbands of these neigbourhood  MILF's they are crazy, protective and possesive woman with there kids. Wouldn't surprise me they move out because family divorce once the kids grow older. 

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